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  1. jimkev68

    Chapter 18

    i gave a like would give a heart but it ended too soon. lol
  2. i smile every time i see a new chapter
  3. how often do you plan on releasing a chapter ... patiently waiting while chomping at the bit
  4. jimkev68

    Chapter 1

    im so happy to see this story continued
  5. jimkev68

    Chapter 1

    so far i like i just hope you keep going
  6. i keep reading it over and over. i really love it
  7. jimkev68

    Forget the Moon!

    i like it will there be crossovers from crossing the moon characters?
  8. jimkev68

    Lovers at Odds

    really am enjoying it so far
  9. jimkev68

    Chapter 27

    really am loving the story keep it up
  10. jimkev68

    Chapter 15

    just keep swimming
  11. jimkev68

    Chapter 21

    loved it wish it wasn't over
  12. God please keep going I'm already hooked
  13. at 6.6 and 280 (and no it not muscle) i find it hard to find any xxlt and if i find a xxl it will usualy show the bottom of my belly
  14. i need my sloth stories back im having withdrawl
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