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  1. Lyssa

    Night Blooms

    Sending you my loving thoughts, Bruderherz.
  2. Lyssa


    Those poems work like a threshold someone is standing on. Seeing the room/life he is leaving, feeling sadness about an ending. relfecting on himself. But also having one foot ready to set it on new ways and somehow eager to take the first of many more steps. Amazing. Muha
  3. Lyssa

    A Kick in the Head, or...

    It is so great to read the story again. This is an magnificnet craftet piece, so subtle in it`s fine ways of progressing the characters connecting to the writing and a charming story. And I will always love reading it. Well the last thing I have to say is: I wait for the Movie version (Yes, there should be one) with the song of Max Raab, you know which one I mean. Muha
  4. Lyssa

    Bluegrass Symphony

    Your words are a like written symphony. πŸ™‚ I understand, what you say. I grew up in Berlin, only a few hundred meters from the Wall. Behind our house was a small forest, a very quiet place but lots of natural noises. Not many people used to be there except my friends and me playing in the afternoon. After living in different countries and cities I came back to Berlin and there is no place, calming me down more than the forest, when I am closing my eyes listening to its familiar sound.
  5. Lyssa

    Parting from Him

    An amazing translation, the pictures are beautiful and strong and touching. It is like hearing the departing voices as echo even after one has finished reading. Magnificent. Muha
  6. Lyssa

    Pi Day 2019

    Awesome peom! When life is a circle, Pi reminds us not only to enjoy its full circumference, but also to fathom and put its diameter into ratio, doesn`t it? πŸ™‚
  7. Lyssa

    Two Blue Poems

    Two very profound poems. Both hold thoughts, which touch me and to which I feel connected to. The plea of the loved person being able to carry on with life is so loving. And the ocean / sailing/ water motives of the second are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Lyssa


    Fascinating poem. πŸ™‚ So you found out that "the constantly changing" is some part of truth. Lyssa
  9. Lyssa

    Chapter 31 Dribbles

    In German we call this: Vom Weltschmerz gekΓΌsst (= kissed by the world`s woe) and I think all poets know the feeling and are blessed to be able to express that. My favorite stanza is this, it brings a very strong connection to the reader: "Sometimes I am the eagle And sometimes I’m locked in place Never am I the moon, though Just a man on an unsteady pace" Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚ Lyssa
  10. Lyssa


    Sometimes time does not seem to matter, if we meet someone, to which we really connect. It is just as we were out of the room for five minutes. A real timetravel maybe? I know this feeling and thank you for reminding me. I think I need to make a phone call right now and organize a little trip at easter. Thank you! Hugs Lyssa
  11. Lyssa

    Lyrics Poetry Prompt

    A very funny and origninal picture of the baby boy with Arrow and bow in the snow. hehe Hopefully, it snows so much, that he would not hit the deer. I like deers. πŸ˜„ Lyssa
  12. Lyssa

    what he could never do

    Very impressive poems! Questions which can not be answered are very hurtful. Probably just as much as questions, which one dares not to ask out loud. Thank you for sharing. Muha πŸ™‚
  13. Lyssa

    Poetry Prompt 3 – Lyrics

    Thank you, Molly. Nice to hear from you.
  14. Lyssa

    Poetry Prompt 3 – Lyrics

    Maybe one day I find time to write down the lyrics about the buying cloth/wedding lyrics we talked about. But for now: Our dear AC wrote us a quest, to write some lyrics fine. This task will be all for our best, and soon a rhyme will shine.
  15. Lyssa

    Twitch: a Pantoum

    I really like the form of the pantoum and I you made an amazing one. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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