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  1. PaulPobeP

    Hunt: 8.4

    Great chapter. I have a feeling that James might have to choose between Cody and Charlie in the future 🤔🤔 possibly in a conflict, a fight or a rescue mission 🤔🤔🤔
  2. PaulPobeP

    Chapter 6

    The more I read this story, the more I think about the series Riverdale. All the mystery and conspiracy... Ugh!
  3. PaulPobeP

    Care: 6.2

    Father is really an interesting character. His intentions are good but his mind somehow is twisted. The last speech of James probably shows that he accepts the weird relationship between Father and Casper whenever Casper doesn't get hurt... And the conversation between those 2 young boys, I guess, somehow convinced James to accept it since Casper wants to help Father... Will Casper be able to help Father to find the right way?
  4. Great chapter to take a break after tensed things. I ship James and Cas as a couple but if they end up being best friends instead, that's still fine but I'll pout every time I read your story!
  5. Man! What a cliffhanger! Now you get me so excited about when James tells the truth to his parents or ojiisan
  6. PaulPobeP

    Chapter Four

    Wow! That was intense! Liam has to do more if he wants his friend back. Hope he won't fall apart after this conversation
  7. PaulPobeP


    I honestly hope that there would be another book for this series but that clearly seems hopeless now considering it's been 7 years since the last comment he wrote... I read the comments on the forum of this story and if it's true (which I hope not but as time goes by that hope seems less hopeful...), there would not be another book because he might not be in this world anymore... And if one day you decide to contradict that news, please just post another story, just a short one could be enough to know that you'd be able to write...
  8. I first knew you through the 3rd book and i was hooked by your writing so tbh I've read all of your stories but the 1st book of this series. I really enjoy Golden City, but The Hidden Ones is still my favorite. Please keep going!
  9. I don't know whether I should be glad for not reading the 1st book. I first knew about it through your 3rd book, and that was Eli was getting better but it's still too painful when he briefly retold the story... I postponed the idea of reading the first 2 books, especially the first one because it's too dark, too tragic and I guess I am right after reading this chapter. It's not that I don't like your story. Your writing is great, really great that can touch my emotions deeply and I am afraid I might break down... I am glad I decided to read the 2nd book so I can know and understand the situation better and still have a bright future ahead. Great work!
  10. PaulPobeP

    Chapter 5

    I really like your story so far. I'm looking forward to the next things in the future and the interaction with Dancing 's characters as well. Maybe I'm a little fastidious but I hope you can find someone to edit your chapters. It's just about the punctuation, not the grammar so don't worry. I usually read the lines and its emotion based on that as well... This is your first story so problems like that are not unusual. Hope my feedback is useful for you.
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