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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! From one short person to another!

  3. daffy106


    This was a great story. Cannot wait for further adventures from CJ's mind! Daffy106
  4. Oh my! I admire and embrace in my own stories, your enlightened approach to human consensual sexuality and morality, and I understand how you are injecting Nicotolianism into the story, but the exact interpetation of it seems to be a minefield. As I am not a biblical scholar, I googled Nicotolian heresies and some of the straight up definition pages defined the way you use it, although some commentators seem to interpet your approach to consensual intimacy as Nicotolian also. (I don't!) Enlightenment was specifically mentioned as edging on Nicotolian heresy by some of the commentators. But the loudest sites were "Christian" sects who accuse all the mainstream religions as Nicotolians because they celebrate Christmas and Easter!!! Apparently these people believe any joy or pleasure at all is to be condemned as un-Christian, that the more we suffer, the better chance of "salvation". What a horrible way to live. I am greatly enjoying this story and look forward to its continuation. daffy106
  5. daffy106


    Delicious ending!!!
  6. How does one write a critical review in the "LIKE" society we have today? Many of the reviews I read seem to be only praise, even for very unexciting and rather dull stories. If I recall, GA once had an "I DON'T Like it button" that disappeared without comment, as if there should never be a negative word on a story a person was uninspired by. I read a lot; we have a 5000+ book library in our home filled with books I have re-read because they were good. There were some where I have read a chapter, and put it on the shelf to donate to my local library; maybe someone else would like it, but not me. I like to think I have a good sense of what works in writing and what does not, but I am terrified to write any comment whatsoever, lest I hurt someone's feelings and get myself severely trashed for doing so. (Yes, this has happened to me!) Right now, I have been reading a story I really do not care for, just to check on where I am in liking or not. The story, after 25 chapters, is still less than excellent to me, and the author, one of GA's "Signature" writers, seems to have a limited comprehension of male sexuality, as I, a very sexually active male, understand it. In all of the decades I have been having sex, and talking to others about it, I have never met or heard about another male with such an approach to his own sexuality. This makes the central character less "believable" to me. How do I say this? Many of the reviews, mostly by one reader, are vanilla praise. As for my own praise, the story is well written, the English is stellar, and the flow is fine, but....
  7. This is an exciting start. I'm very much looking forward to the next chapters.
  8. daffy106

    Chapter 1

    Well here it is a year later and the justices took the easy way out. That's OK, I'll take all we can get right now and the door is still open for a sweeping decision later. Here in California, I'll be marrying my partner of 26 years very soon, something I thought could not happen in my lifetime. I was a friend of some of those Stonewall drag queens and I still love them for their courage and heart. Daffy106
  9. This story seems to be blazing ahead! Kudos! daffy106
  10. What a beautiful, sensitive story. I am looking forward to reading more of your writings. daffy106
  11. Happy Birthday and savor each and every day!

  12. I'm so pleased to wish you another HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOMEday and a MAGICAL year :)

  13. Well all other things aside---- Have a great sabbatical----Or trip or journey. Learn some new things----See new views of Being. Love someone----The ability to do this is the Universe's greatest gift to mankind. Make some love to someone in some way----With the body; with the heart...who cares? Rest when you can----Perhaps the hardest thing for passionate humans to do. Be refreshed----Let it happen! Find some happiness----Easy, just look for it. Appreciate the Good in our world! Come back to our community whole. Daffy106
  14. Hi Mark. I have been following this story all along, and am enjoying it immensely. I hope you continue it to it's fullest extent rather than stop with the next chapter. I would suggest that the very long length is putting off some people from continuing to write feedback to you. I, however, like very long stories, and hope you continue to like to write them. I would like to point out I have devoted many hours of my time reading your story. I have a story on a minor site, (World of Slash) and I am thrilled that a just few people have read it, and just a couple of them have given feedback, both praise and critical. I appreciate their time spent to enjoy my story. I wish I had the time to write more, but my life, even at 74, is very crowded. Yet I still read, the passion of my life. If you decide to finish this story for just fans, please include me on your list! I encourage you to keep going!! At least one person cares a lot. Daffy106
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