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  1. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 2

    “Bakelite” You’re showing your age! How many readers today know that is the original “plastic “? When I was in elementary school a guy up the street was an electronics repairman. He would regularly supply me with cast offs to spur my imagination and interest in electronics. Not hing like junk to excite a boy (no matter the age of the boy!) Thanks for sharing your writing. Bryan
  2. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 7

    Nooooo, it can't be over already. I love these characters and I was so looking forward to their relationship developing more. Thank you for sharing your writing. Bryan
  3. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 3

    Thanks for referring everyone to DABEAGLE. I follow it and read the stories there, but like to react and comment here on GA.
  4. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 3

    I love the Sanitaria Springs stories. Thank you for sharing them. Bryan
  5. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 4

    Why do I keep feeling that we are going to learn that Brandon is the friend of Zack’s who came out?
  6. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 5

    Another great story. Thanks for bringing these characters to life. Bryan
  7. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 15

    I have the same reaction at the end that I had the first time I read this story: Why does it have to end? I want more of these characters. Thank you for sharing your writing. Bryan
  8. amBIguoustwo

    Chapter 16

    “That would be a much more credible reason than the others you have cited,” For a moment I thought JP had traveled back in time.
  9. amBIguoustwo

    Road Trip

    My recollection of my teen years is that I was no more mature at 18 than I was at 16. Nor were my friends. We thought we were. But we weren’t.
  10. amBIguoustwo

    2-7 - Rivers

    "But, then again, I'm a nihilist, and I don't know if I'd recognize a higher plane of existence if it bit me in the ass." Laughed out loud! Wonderful line. Bryan
  11. amBIguoustwo

    2 - 5 - The Toll

    Eight days to write this! Amazing. It was just inside you trying to get out.
  12. amBIguoustwo

    2-1 - The Cave

    This is not my usual genre, but I started reading the story because I enjoy Cynus' writing. I have been well rewarded for doing so. A great, compelling story. Thanks for sharing your writing. Bryan
  13. Another great story. Superb writing.
  14. amBIguoustwo


    Brilliant! Another great story, with a twist I didn't expect. (As someone noted above, we all should have seen it coming.)
  15. amBIguoustwo


    So happy Kenney is down. I've been very worried that Scott's chance at happiness would come to naught.
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