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  1. ahem, it's been 84 years.... Lol (11 days). The concept of soon enough is not soon enough!! Lol!
  2. I absolutely love how active you are recently, though in a planet that’s virtually closed, not surprised? Also what’s this doing to real Greek life across the u.s? stay safe and I’m sooooo excited for more 😛😛😛😛😛
  3. Mark M

    Chapter 75

    Love it!!
  4. Anyone else follow marks stories and the notifications are always just a chapter review......heh crossing my fingers one is a chapter!
  5. Honestly I posted so quickly after zyax, that I was hoping reviews generated emails to your personal email box and just maybe you’d come back because of posts so back to back randomly out of nowhere give or take months since your last chapter post! So excited for you to write again. I dread the day this story ends! Love it.
  6. wohoo! congradulations! ive been poking in every few months for that sliver of hope. SO EXCITED!!!
  7. Hi Mark M


    It has been a couple of very quiet years from you. I do hope that you are at least stopping by and just not sighing in. With luck we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from you this year (fingers crossed). Now for the really important part, wishing that you have a very Happy 28th Birthday, full of awesome celebration.


    Take care


    1. Mark M

      Mark M

      Awe! This was cute. I’m still here yep!!

  8. Happy birthday Mark! Looks like your boys eeked out a win yesterday for your Birthday Weekend Celebration :d


    1. Mark M

      Mark M

      Bahahahaha they sure did!!! Though I was a little intoxicated to really pay attention. Our kicker, defence, and special team is fantastic our offence is something to be desired. It was a great birthday! If you get a chance come to mosaic stadium! It’s such a beauty of a stadium and we’ve sold out the last few games where other provinces are having to drop prices to try and get people to come to a game!

  9. Happy Birthday Mark M!

  10. Been a while for a chapter, what’s up mark? Enjoying the summer heat wave I hope!
  11. So ya see! You are living proof that there is life after 25. I haven't heard much from you lately, I hope life is treating you kindly. I have to tell you, that of the billions of people on this planet, you are the only Saskatchewan Rough Riders fan that I know(of :gikkle:). So don't be a stranger, stop by and relax, take your shoes off stay awhile, there is always a comfy chair waiting for you here. Now before I forget, I just want to...

    Wish You

    :wizard::wizard::wizard::music:Mark M :wizard::wizard::wizard::music:

    A Very Happy Birthday today!!!





    Deep down, aren't all guys from the prairies cowboys at heart.


    A cowboy birthday - YouTube






  12. Whoa, thinks are sure different suddenly!

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