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  1. Mark M

    Chapter 75

    Love it!!
  2. Anyone else follow marks stories and the notifications are always just a chapter review......heh crossing my fingers one is a chapter!
  3. wohoo! congradulations! ive been poking in every few months for that sliver of hope. SO EXCITED!!!
  4. Hi Mark M


    It has been a couple of very quiet years from you. I do hope that you are at least stopping by and just not sighing in. With luck we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from you this year (fingers crossed). Now for the really important part, wishing that you have a very Happy 28th Birthday, full of awesome celebration.


    Take care


    1. Mark M

      Mark M

      Awe! This was cute. I’m still here yep!!

  5. Happy birthday Mark! Looks like your boys eeked out a win yesterday for your Birthday Weekend Celebration :d


    1. Mark M

      Mark M

      Bahahahaha they sure did!!! Though I was a little intoxicated to really pay attention. Our kicker, defence, and special team is fantastic our offence is something to be desired. It was a great birthday! If you get a chance come to mosaic stadium! It’s such a beauty of a stadium and we’ve sold out the last few games where other provinces are having to drop prices to try and get people to come to a game!

  6. Happy Birthday Mark M!

  7. Been a while for a chapter, what’s up mark? Enjoying the summer heat wave I hope!
  8. So ya see! You are living proof that there is life after 25. I haven't heard much from you lately, I hope life is treating you kindly. I have to tell you, that of the billions of people on this planet, you are the only Saskatchewan Rough Riders fan that I know(of :gikkle:). So don't be a stranger, stop by and relax, take your shoes off stay awhile, there is always a comfy chair waiting for you here. Now before I forget, I just want to...

    Wish You

    :wizard::wizard::wizard::music:Mark M :wizard::wizard::wizard::music:

    A Very Happy Birthday today!!!





    Deep down, aren't all guys from the prairies cowboys at heart.


    A cowboy birthday - YouTube






  9. Whoa, thinks are sure different suddenly!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. I was wondering! Best wishes mark! We will wait for whatever happens happens.
  12. I could throw vlista, in the mix as well.

  13. On another note where is mark abour? I miss him too

    1. glitteryantlers


      According to reliable sources he is fine but busy.You find it on the last page of Black Widow story discussion.

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