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The Hidden Ones: Resurrection - 31. Becoming Oliver


If a year ago someone would’ve told me Ryder Sullivan would become like an older brother to me I would’ve fainted. But today, well, it turns out rock stars are just like everyone else. He’s lazy, annoying and rude! If he’s not stealing my homework to show Teddy, he’s dragging me up into the sky! Yet, as I stepped out onto the back porch of his house and heard his voice filling the air I couldn’t help but be transported into another world.

I kicked off my shoes and took another few steps onto the beach. I watched on as Teddy and Ryder had pulled two lounge chairs as close as possible. Ryder was playing an acoustic guitar and singing to my brother, trying his hardest to make it as romantic as possible. Yet, it never really mattered how hard Ryder was trying, Teddy was already head over heels for him, and it was clear nothing was getting in the way of it.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of what my brother has. Sure, I don’t want the constant touching and laying on one another. But dating a rock star? Having him serenade you on a near daily basis? Come on? If that doesn’t sound amazing I don’t know what does.

I stayed quiet for a few minutes, trying my hardest to leave them alone but just like every time before I can’t stay away from Ryder’s singing.

“Uck.” I couldn’t help but let out as Ryder leaned in and kissed him.

“How long have you been watching us?” Teddy quickly turned around.

“Like a minute.” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t flatter yourselves, you guys aren’t that interesting.”

“I take it you want to go see the studio now?” Ryder sighed, as Teddy slightly moved away from him.

“Soon.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I kinda want to go swim.”

“Hell yeah!” Ryder jumped up, surprising both me and Teddy. “No one ever wants to go into the ocean.”

“Maybe because you don’t have a lifeguard.” Teddy began, killing the fun like he always does. “And with your heart? Hell no!”

“Oh please, there aren’t even waves on this part of the beach. It’s basically slow moving water.” Ryder rolled his eyes and threw his shirt off. “And my heart feels fine. I’ll stay near the dock and if it starts acting up I’ll come right out.”

Teddy rolled his eyes but before he could say anything else I took off my shirt and threw it at him. “Did you even ask mom?”

“Pfff.” I let out. “She’s sleeping.”

“Trust me, it’s safe.” Ryder nodded his head. “And if you need I’ll get a life guard for the rest of the week.”

“You better.” Teddy warned. “If anything happens to Oli my mom will kill you.”

“No she won’t.” I rolled my eyes as Ryder led me onto the long dock that stretched out to a rope that made a big U back towards the shore.

“Stay in the rope and you’ll be fine.” Ryder began to explain, ignoring Teddy’s words. “And if you start drifting towards the rope swim to the dock.”

“Got it.” I quickly nodded, eager to get into the ocean.

“Hold on.” Ryder began, looking back towards Teddy. “You’re not coming in?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his question. “I don’t go in the ocean.” Teddy rolled his eyes. “Fish, seaweed, bacteria. No thank you.” He shook his head. “I love the beach, but I’m not an ocean person.”

“Boring!” Ryder shouted before shoving me right into the Ocean.

“RYDER!” Teddy cried as I emerged out of the water. “What if he didn’t know how to swim?”

“Then it’s a good thing he did.” Ryder giggled, reaching into a bin on the dock and pulling out a tennis ball along with a few different rafts.

“Wait! Aren’t you not supposed to have rafts in the ocean?” Teddy called out, unable to let us go.

“What?” Ryder played dumb before pulling the auto inflate pins on two or three, throwing them in and jumping into the water himself. “Go long.” He instructed, pulling the tennis ball out of his pocket.

I quickly swam to the other side of the set pool as he let the ball fly. Neither of us were all that great at throwing the ball, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having fun.

“Absolutely not!” Teddy shouted once more as Ryder picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “No wrestling! Your heart!”

Your heart.” Ryder mimicked in a high pitched voice, throwing me into a laughing fit.

“I heard that!” Teddy yelped.

“What?!” Dad shouted as he stepped out onto the beach. “You guys are in the ocean and no one got me?!”

“Snooze ya lose old man!” I yelled as he quickly ran right into the ocean.

“Come on Ted.” My dad tried to encourage. “Fun won’t kill you.”

Teddy rolled his eyes but stayed put. “At least come sit on the dock.” Ryder pleaded, slowly approaching the shore.

“Ryder,” Teddy began, balling up slightly. “Ryder don’t you freakin dare!”

“Just give me a hug.” He teased, as Teddy jumped out of the chair and tried to run from him.

“Think you’ll ever find your Ryder?” Dad pestered, seeing what he could learn.

“Ew! Why’d you have to say it like that?” I muttered, watching them closely as Ryder finally caught him. My dad shrugged and patiently awaited my answer. “Maybe I don’t want anyone.” I lied, knowing that the week away from Mark was going to be tough.

“That’s cool too.” My dad shrugged. “Just, whatever makes you happy, follow it. That’s all me and your mother ask.”

I happily nodded my head and watched as Ryder finally convinced Teddy to go sit on the dock with him. “Do you think they’ll get married?” I couldn’t help but ask.

My dad raised his eyebrows then quickly turned towards the horizon to hide his face. “I don’t know.” He lied, trying to hide something. “I hope so, but then again I was certain Ryder was going to propose when they were eighteen. You never really know what Ryder is going to do next.”

“Then why does Teddy love him so much?” I prodded watching them buck shoulders with one another.

“Your brother is, well, complicated.” He sighed, watching them carefully. “But he always sees the good in people. No matter how much Ryder used to scream at him, and shut him out, he never stopped. He saw how special Ryder was.” My dad tried to explain. “Teddy, he likes puzzles and Ryder, he’s the biggest puzzle of them all.”

“I don’t get it.” I confessed as Ryder jumped back into the water.

“One day you will.” My dad nodded. “But for now, I guarantee I can out swim you.”

“Yeah right!” I shouted, as we quickly raced to the other side.

That late afternoon in the ocean was exactly what the doctor had ordered for us. We were all having fun, goofing around and just enjoying life. At some point my mom even came out and sat with Teddy at the dock. The two kill joys, watching on to make sure everyone was “safe”. But somehow I could tell they were having fun in their own way.


As the afternoon wound down and we all headed inside to dry off I could see my parents working something over between them.

“Harrison! No!” My mom argued. “It’s their first day away together, we’re not asking them that!” She lectured, trying her hardest to keep her voice down.

“They both look exhausted, I’m sure they won’t mind.” My dad argued back.

“That’s even more of a reason not to ask!” She yelped a little too loud.

“Uh oh.” Teddy exhaled, from the other side of the room. “What do you want to ask?”

“Nothing!” My mom shouted.

“We were,”


“Were wondering if you two were going out to dinner tonight.” He said, trying his hardest to beat around the bush.

“I didn’t think so.” Teddy shrugged, turning towards Ryder.

“Up to you.” Ryder replied, not putting much thought into it. “Because I’m beat.”

“I’m good with staying home.” Teddy nodded. “Why what’s,” He began to ask, but stopped himself as he figured it out. “No way! You’re not doing that to us.”

“What?” I asked, looking between the two couples.

“It’s the only night we’ll ask for it.” My dad sighed. “Just, please?”

“What?” I insisted in a whiny voice.

“You can leave Oli with us.” Ryder said looking from Teddy to my parents “We’ll just watch a movie or something.”

“Ry,” Teddy protested, beginning to stare him down.

“It’s totally fine.” Ryder shrugged. “Not like we had big plans tonight anyway. I’ll cook something up for us and,”

“You cook?!” I shouted. “Mom, you can’t do this to me! I-I,”

“And put something on in the movie theater.” Ryder continued, starting to stare me down.

“Movie theater?!” I quickly repeated.

“It’s in the basement next to the studio.” Ryder nodded his head.

“You sure we can’t do this to you?” Mom giggled as she saw the blush on my face.

“Don’t you have dinner you should be getting ready for?” I turned away, ignoring her question.

“You owe us.” Teddy sighed. “We’re not babysitters!”

“This is the only night it will happen!” My dad said with a smile. “I swear!”

“Better be!” Teddy rolled his eyes as they quickly made their way upstairs to get ready. “So what type of food are we ordering?”

“What?” Ryder shook his head. “I said I’ll cook.”

“I heard you.” Teddy nodded. “I just figured that was to make my parents feel better.”

I couldn’t help but cackle as Ryder shook his head, clearly aggravated by Teddy’s words. “I’m not helpless you know?” He asked. “I know how to cook. I’m going to grill us up some burgers.” He stood up and raised a hand as Teddy went to say something. “And you a salad.”

“Ohh, I’ve never seen Ryder angry.” I couldn’t help but push his buttons.

“Shut up Oli.” He snapped, causing me to laugh a little more.

“He’s always angry.” Teddy rolled his eyes. “He just hides it from you because he thinks you’re a little kid.”

“Or because he never really does enough to piss me off.” Ryder said, beginning to stare down Teddy.

“Alright, alright.” Teddy raised his hands. “I’m sorry. You can take care of yourself.”

“Damn right.” Ryder said, turning and heading towards the kitchen, but the second he turned around me and Teddy exchanged concerned looks.

Watching Ryder try and grill was something else. I always assumed he was really patient when it came to things like that, but boy was I wrong! Every time Teddy would try and help Ryder would lose his cool and snap. I get that Ryder wanted to prove his point, but the burgers looked either really under done, or really over done! The only thing that got done right was the fries, and that’s because Teddy did it!

“Food looks great.” Teddy lied as we sat down to eat. I went to say something but Teddy lightly kicked me before I could. “You did a good job Ry.”

“Told you I could cook.” He shrugged, putting together a burger for me. I looked down at the dripping meat as Ryder began to make himself one. No wonder Teddy barely eats meat! This is gross!

I picked at my fries and anxiously waited for Ryder to bite into his before I tried mine. Without warning he slammed the burger down on the table and raised his hands to his head. “It’s burnt as all fucking hell!”

I couldn’t help but jump at his sudden outburst. “How’s yours Oli?”

“Fine.” I shook my head, not wanting to piss him off more.

“I won’t be mad.” He grumbled, patiently watching me.

“I think it’s still kind of raw.” I confessed, holding it up to show him.

“Do you want me to throw it on the grill more?” He asked, taking a good look at it.

“No!” I quickly answered, seeing how black his was.

“You could both just have salad.” Teddy offered, more than happy with his dinner.

“Shut up Teddy.” Ryder groaned, pulling his phone out of his pocket. “What do you guys want to order?”

“Chinese!” I quickly shouted.

“Chinese it is.” He groaned, admitting defeat. He angrily searched up a local place and placed his order before slamming his phone down.

“You need to relax.” Teddy advised, reaching over and lightly grasping his hand. “I’m not enjoying this.”

“Oh please, you always enjoy being right.” Ryder rolled his eyes.

“Not when it means you’re wrong.” He shrugged as their gaze slowly met. Ryder let out a deep breath as Teddy began to stroke his hand. It blows me away that they can never stay mad at one another. It’s like no matter what they always know the right words to say to diffuse the situation. It doesn’t matter how cheesy those words may be, they forgive one another like it’s nothing. I wonder how badly Ryder must’ve hurt him for Teddy to have been so mad for so long. And how hurt Ryder must’ve been to do it to Teddy.

As my phone suddenly began to ring out I jumped up and ran out of the room. “Ohhhhh!” Teddy shouted, happy to change the subject. “I bet that’s Mark!”

“Mark and Oli sitting in a tree,” Ryder childishly began.

I escaped to the back porch and shut them both out as I finally answered the call. “What’s up?” I asked, feeling my heart beginning to beat faster.

“Nothing.” Mark sighed. “I just miss you is all. I was hoping we could hang out a bunch over break.”

“I know.” I said, taking a seat in the sand. “But Ryder really wanted us to go away as a family and all.”

“He’s all over the news again.” Mark giggled. “They think you’re his son. Someone took a picture of you with him at the airport.”

“That’s stupid.” I shook my head. “Aren’t my parents in the picture?”

“Nope.” Mark replied. “They cropped it so it’s just you and him.”

“Of course they did.” I rolled my eyes.

“Besides, you don’t even look like Ryder. You look like Teddy.” Mark teased, knowing it would get under my skin.

“Do not.” I grumbled.

“Do too!” He insisted in a laugh. “But that’s okay, Teddy’s totally good looking!”

“Mark!” I yelped.

“What? He is!” He laughed a little more. “But nowhere as hot as you.”

I felt a bright red blush engulf my face as I heard those words. “You’re hot too.” Was all I could manage in a nervous breath. “Sorry.” I exhaled, knowing how lame that must’ve sounded.

“It’s okay.” He happily replied. “I saw you looking when I was getting changed after gym before break.”

“I did not!” I gulped as my blush grew even brighter. “I must’ve just,”

“It’s okay.” He repeated in the same tone. “I’m glad, it means you weren’t looking at anyone else.”

“Why would I look at anyone else?” I exhaled, caught red handed. “I like you.”

“I like you too.” He confidently said.

“But sorry, I, next time I won’t,”

“You don’t need to apologize.” He interrupted. “You’re my boyfriend, and it was just changing out of gym clothes. It’s not the end of the world. Besides, I totally looked back.”

“Mark!” I yelped, trying to play with the sand to distract my mind.

“What?” He giggled once more. “You started it! And I-I like your butt.”

“Oh.” I exhaled, not knowing what else to say. I couldn’t help but squirm as the topic began to move into new-found territory.

“Sorry, I,”

“It’s okay.” I forced out. “I uh, I just don’t know how to do this.” I confessed. “You’ve had a girlfriend, but you’re my first anything.”

“You’re doing a good job.” He tried to encourage. “I’m already way happier with you.”

“You sure you don’t just like my butt?” I teased in an attempt to relieve the tension.

“I like that, but I like your face and personality the best.” He nervously began. “I like that you’re crazy and loud. I like that you say things like they are, and you don’t let any teacher stop you.”

“Even when it gets me suspended?”

“I don’t like that part.” He admitted. “But only because then I don’t get to see you for a few days.”

“Yeah, I don’t like that either.” I agreed in a sigh. “Like right now, I-I just miss you too I guess.”

“Good.” I could tell my words had made his smile grow. “I dreamed of you last night.”

“Really?” I gulped, thinking back to my dream of him. Is he thinking of me like that too? Is this okay? Teddy said we’re too young for stuff like this, but, but what if we’re both thinking about it?

“Yup.” He replied. “We were back at six flags and riding all the rides together. It was so cool. We even got to ride Kingda Ka!”

“Oh.” I exhaled. So it was just a normal dream then. Good. Right?

“Why do you sound disappointed?” He asked, as concern began to enter his voice.

“No reason.” I quickly blurted out, but as an ‘Oh’ escaped his lips I could tell he had put it together.

“Oli.” He nervously giggled. “You’ve got a dirty mind.”

“No I don’t! I wasn’t thinking about stuff like that!” I tried to defend, digging a hole so deep in the sand I couldn’t dig any further.

“It’s okay, you can think about that stuff if you want.” He offered, freezing me where I sat. “My dad told me it’s healthy to think about boyfriends or girlfriends that way.”

“Yeah but, I don’t know.” I sighed, way out of my comfort zone. “Teddy told me it’s normal too, but he also said I’m really young.”

“So you don’t do any of that stuff then?” Mark asked in a nervous breath.

I wanted to stop the conversation right then. I wanted to change the subject and talk about anything else, but a small part of me begged to ask him the same. “Not really.” I confessed, shocking even myself. “I-I had a dream once but that’s it.” I whispered. “Do you?”

He grew quiet for a few seconds as he thought it all over. “Maybe.” He giggled. “Sometimes I get bored and I’m home alone.” A few more second of silence filled the air as we let our confessions soak the air. “I’m not freaking you out, am I?”

“No.” I tried to reject, but the truth was the topic still makes me slightly uneasy. “It’s just new to me is all.”

“So that dream just happened then?” He tried to pry. A few seconds of silence passed as I tried to figure out how much to share. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“A week or two ago.” I finally answered in a gulp.

“Oh, my first happened a few months ago.” He explained, trying to help me ease into it.

“Did you and Jess talk about this stuff?” I couldn’t help but ask, desperately trying to figure out how normal I was compared to everyone else. Am I weird for getting nervous about these things? Is something wrong with me?

“Promise not to tell anyone?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I quickly answered.

“She would bring it up every now and then.” He confessed. “She, she wanted to see my, um, thing.”

“Oh.” I gasped as another blush filled my face.

“I never let her.” He quickly clarified. “That, it-it’s too much, ya know?”

“Yeah.” I nodded my head, but couldn’t help but fidget as my pants seemed to grow tighter.

“I wasn’t even comfortable talking about it with her.” He continued. “But with you, it’s just easier. I just know you better I guess.”

“Me too.” I shrugged. “I-I don’t know. Can I be honest?” I asked as my heart began to race.

“Yeah.” He nervously agreed.

“I-this kind of stuff scares me.” I confessed. “But you, you’re making me feel better.”

“Really?” He excitedly asked.

“Yeah.” I forced a nod as a smile spread on my face. “It’s just new to me I guess.”

“That’s okay.” He tried to comfort. “It’s new to all of us, being nervous about it doesn’t make you weird or anything.”

“Promise?” I couldn’t help but ask. I’ve never been this open with anyone but family before. Never this vulnerable.

“Promise!” He replied in a confident voice that made my smile spread. “And you, you can ask me about it whenever you want.”

“Okay, you too.” I offered, fidgeting a little more. I’m not alone! I have someone to go through this with! And best of all I don’t have to talk to Teddy about it anymore! “I really like you, you know that?” I let out, once more surprising myself.

“I really like you too.” He happily responded. “We should ask Mrs. W if we can be science partners!”

“She hates me though.” I groaned. “And you’re so smart. She’ll never let us be together.”

“I’ll tell her you want me to tutor you.” He offered. “And you can tell her that if you misbehave she can break us apart.”

“So then we’ll be partners for like five minutes!”

“No, because I won’t let you misbehave.” He announced. “Besides, is goofing around really better than being my science partner?”

“No.” I quickly agreed. “I wish you could’ve come here.” I suddenly began. “It’s really cool. Ryder’s house is right on the beach, and he has a studio and a movie theater!”

“No freakin’ way!” Mark exclaimed.

“Yeah!” I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll send you pictures. Oh, and his platinum records are here!”

“Send me a picture of those! I’ve never seen one!” He exclaimed.

Our conversation turned to yelling as we both eagerly shared things with one another. It didn’t matter how big or how small it was, it all seemed to matter the same. It was like talking about our bodies had broken down some sort of wall. Like it had connected us, showed we trusted one another. Do Teddy and Ryder talk about that stuff? Is that why they’re always touching one another?! EW! They’re so gross!


“Oli!” Teddy called out. “Food is here!”

“Be right there!” I shouted back, slowly getting to my feet. “Can we text later?” I asked, reluctant to hang up.

“Yeah.” Mark agreed. “And make sure to snap me the views and what the house looks like, and-and what you look like.” He sheepishly let out.

“Okay.” I nervously laughed. “I will. I, um, bye Mark.”

“Bye.” He said but refused to hang up. We spent the next minute refusing to be the first to end it until finally Teddy called for me again.

Ryder and Teddy spent all of dinner watching me carefully. They could tell me and Mark had somehow grown closer over the phone but weren’t quite sure how. Teddy went to bring it up, but Ryder quickly changed the topic, making sure to give me as much privacy as I needed.

“Help clean up.” Ryder ordered as I tried my hardest to slip away from any sort of chore.

“Sure thing dad.” I teased, causing Ryder to turn and shoot me a grossed out look.

“Don’t call me that.” He shook his head.

“Why not dad?” I cackled, enjoying how much it was bothering him. “That’s what the media thinks you are.”

“What?!” Ryder demanded, turning around and staring at me.

“Mark said they posted pictures of us from this morning.” I shrugged. “He said they think I’m your son.”

“I’m not even going to think about that right now.” Ryder waived off, too uncomfortable to talk about it. But the second the words connected in Teddy’s head he couldn’t stop laughing.

“They-they think you’re his son!” He cried out, falling right back into his chair. “That’s amazing!” He squealed in laughter. “You don’t even look like him.”

“Teddy.” Ryder groaned.

“Come on Ry.” Teddy heavily breathed. “That’s hilarious! Could you imagine? You wouldn’t even be able to handle him!”

“I could too!” Ryder insisted, as his emotions swung from uncomfortable to upset. “I’m gay! They know I’m gay! How could they possibly think I have a son?!”

“Drugs make people do crazy things.” Teddy shrugged. “And the media will push anything, whether it’s believable or not.”

Ryder frustratedly nodded his head before quickly turning towards me. “If you even think about calling me dad again I will box you up and ship you back to Jersey myself.”

I turned towards Teddy but the second our eyes connected we both broke out into laughter. “Our band name could be Ryder and son!” I exclaimed causing Teddy to nearly fall out of his chair from laughter.

“It’s really not that funny.” Ryder insisted through clenched teeth.

“Come on Ry, relax a little.” Teddy tried to comfort through laughter. “You’re on vacation, they’re going to say what they want anyway. We might as well have fun with it.”

“I liked you better when you had work twenty-four seven.” Ryder grumbled, finally putting the last of the left overs in the fridge. “Let’s go watch a movie.”

“Okay.” Teddy exhaled. “We can even watch R rated movies if you’re okay with it.”

“Really?” Ryder asked, shooting him a cautious look. “Isn’t Oli a little young for that?”

“That’s up to you. You are my dad after all.” I quickly nodded, picking up on Teddy’s joke and sending him into another laughing fit.

“I hate you both.” He muttered with a shake of his head.

“I’m sorry.” Teddy forced out, trying his hardest to regain composure. “I couldn’t stop myself.”

“So is this your revenge?” Ryder asked as me and Teddy began to follow him into the basement.

“You wish Sullivan.” I shook my head.

He rolled his eyes as we slowly descended the stairs into an unexplored part of the house. “You guys are lucky.” He delayed as we stood in the dark. “All that teasing, and I still take you to paradise.” He let out, flicking the light switch and leaving me in a state of shock.

What seemed like the rest of his platinum records covered the walls as a trophy case holding Grammies and other prestigious awards sat in the corner. I felt my jaw drop as I tried to take it all in, but as I kept looking around the room only grew more and more impressive.

A giant technical lay out sat up against a glass window that lead to a recording booth on one side of the giant basement, as the other had double doors which lead to what must’ve been his movie theater. Naturally my body started to pull me towards the booth but Ryder grabbed me before I could get too close.

“Not yet.” He teased, pulling me towards the theater. “Right now we’re in relaxation mode. Later this week we’ll try and write something.”

“Really?!” I exclaimed, looking at the rack of guitars and drum set that stood just a few steps away. All those guitars he had shipped home, and he still has more?! How rich is this guy?!

“Yup.” He nodded his head. “But for now, it’s movie time.”

I rolled my eyes and patiently followed them into another impressive room. I guess this works too! Four rows of nice leather seats and couches scaled the incline as a giant projection screen sat on the other side.

They made sure to grab one of the couches as I took the seat next to them. It took them forever to decide on a movie, and of course my suggestions were too crude or violent! Dad lets me watch rated R movies sometimes! I don’t get why they won’t! By time they had finally decided on some new super hero movie I was already more interested in texting Mark.

I guess the day had really gotten to me because at some point I passed out hard! But hey! Today was a big day for me! First time actually leaving New Jersey! First air plane trip! First time having a, well, adult discussion with my boyfriend. But I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I’m slowly starting to learn who I am, and I’m ready to dive head first into exploring it!

*In My Life- The Beatles (Rubber Soul, 1965)

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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2 minutes ago, Aceinthehole said:

He seems to be behind his peers in many areas. By babying him I think his parents have done more damage than they think.

That's my feeling about him, I think that specially now that the home environment will became better, he might grow to be an awesome guy, but he is very immature now. If he can learn to control his wild streak, Marc is will probably be good for him.

Thanks Ace, I liked The Tales, but I am loving The Hidden Ones.

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TMZ was reading my previous chapter Comments! They just forgot to mention Oli’s other ‘father’, Teddy! I keep saying that Oli is almost the kid they could have had if they had gotten married when they were teenagers!  ;-)


My headline could still happen, paparazzi could have gotten a few shots of the three guys together on the beach before Harry came out of the house!  ;-)

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I vote with Teddy: If you work an insane schedule, sitting on a beach doing nothing can be paradise.


I'm glad to see it finally confirmed: Rock stars can't cook (but they can order Chinese).


I find it interesting that Oli, prickly as he usually is, has no real problem being photographed with Ryder at the airport or being mistaken as his son.  Rather, he teases Ryder about it, and Ryder has the thinner skin. (Of course, Oli has no idea that the picture may have been published coast to coast and that he may now be recognized--and questioned--wherever he goes. He may be in for a lesson in privacy loss very shortly.)

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Oh, and thank you for In My Life! A song I recognize and remember well! Probably more Teddy’s taste than Ryder’s, but the Beatles are kind of universal, aren’t they?  ;-)

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“He’s all over the news again.” Mark giggled. “They think you’re his son. Someone took a picture of you with him at the airport.” 

“That’s stupid.” I shook my head. “Aren’t my parents in the picture?” 

“Nope.” Mark replied. “They cropped it so it’s just you and him.” 

“Of course they did.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Besides, you don’t even look like Ryder. You look like Teddy.” Mark teased, knowing it would get under my skin.

When has looking like your father been an issue for TMZ and everyone else? Do Michael Jackson’s kids look even slightly like their father? I’m almost surprised the Jackson kids weren’t blond like mini Macaulay Culkins!  ;-)

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Teddy and Ryder and Ollie again , while the parents gallivant , who knows where! Oliver definitely is becoming , he’s embracing it instead of reacting with anger. 

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45 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

When has looking like your father been an issue for TMZ and everyone else? Do Michael Jackson’s kids look even slightly like their father? I’m almost surprised the Jackson kids weren’t blond like mini Macaulay Culkins!  ;-)

*Mean gossip moment* that would probably be more to Jackson's liking :gikkle:


Now seriously, since this story is supposed to be in the future, and I don't see the use of social media going back in 13 years, I really think that Ryder should be more active/responsive in it. And he could have so much fun making TMZ look like idiots. Imagine a tweet/Instagram response to the son story with a photo of Teddy and him saying "here is the other dad, don't they look the same?", Followed by " they are brothers, so I guess you took a pic of my brother-in-law, you morons". I am laughing just thinking about it... Probably he doesn't know how to do it, but Oliver would definitely help him :gikkle:

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1 hour ago, droughtquake said:

Oh, and thank you for In My Life! A song I recognize and remember well! Probably more Teddy’s taste than Ryder’s, but the Beatles are kind of universal, aren’t they?  ;-)


I keep forgetting to cite the lyrics! But yup you got it! I mean, who doesn't love The Beatles?! In my opinion they're the best band to ever live! 

2 hours ago, droughtquake said:

TMZ was reading my previous chapter Comments!

Hehe, I saw that comment and almost had to scrap the idea! You guessed it perfectly!

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3 hours ago, Aceinthehole said:

Hehe, I saw that comment and almost had to scrap the idea! You guessed it perfectly!

That’s because tabloids are so predictable! They take anything that’s even remotely interesting and exaggerate it way beyond believable. They’re not above using Photoshop to ‘enhance’ the point they are trying to make! How many celebrities have been photographed having ‘gained’ 100 lbs? How many have been photographed on death’s beds doorstep? And then there’s the faked shock, pretend disgust, and disguised glee over naked celebrity pictures!  ;-)

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Wow Oli as his son? So desperate.

Oli growing up in front of our very eyes 😪

And they finally have fun as a family!

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3 hours ago, droughtquake said:

That’s because tabloids are so predictable! They take anything that’s even remotely interesting and exaggerate it way beyond believable. They’re not above using Photoshop to ‘enhance’ the point they are trying to make! How many celebrities have been photographed having ‘gained’ 100 lbs? How many have been photographed on death’s beds? And then there’s the faked shock, pretend disgust, and disguised glee over naked celebrity pictures!  ;-)

Fake news really exists? 

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