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The Hidden Ones: Resurrection - 44. The Love, the Fighting and the Laughter


As the coming days came and went the growth between Oliver and Ryder was incredible. It was something me and my parents couldn’t believe, something we never expected. When he was home Ryder was walking around the house laughing, smiling and joking! Ryder was doing that! He was bringing a light atmosphere wherever he went, and as his boyfriend, well I’ve never been happier. With a flip of the switch he could make me smile, or just want to be close to him. He’s matured so much since he came home from the hospital, since he wanted to give up.

Then there’s Oliver. He’s still got a big mouth, and doesn’t know what to say or when to say it. But I can’t believe how hard he seems to be working. How committed he is to this project. I know he’s Messiah’s biggest fan, but to step in and write the way he is while still going to school? It’s insane! Odds are his grades are dropping and he’s nearly falling asleep in class, but how good for him is school anyway?

I don’t mean that in an uppity way either! Some people, they just don’t learn from being in a class room all day. As someone who went to school for twenty-one years, it’s a little hard for me to accept, but now I see that’s true. I see the person he’s becoming, and how much pride he’s bringing into this house.

As I stepped through the basement doors from a long shift I couldn’t help but smile at the site. Mark’s head was lying in Oliver’s lap as their new friend Wendy sat on the floor between Oli’s legs. I’ve seen this site before. No, I’ve lived this site before. Enjoy it Oliver, being an adult is fun, but those innocent days of growing up. Well there’s nothing like them.

“It’s cool.” I dismissed as Mark went to raise his head. “Cuddle all you want.” As I grew closer I couldn’t help but ruffle Oliver’s hair. “Happy Birthday!”

He let out a long groan and tried to push me away. “It’d be happier if I was allowed to go to the studio.”

“You’ve been overworking yourself, a day off won’t kill you.” I warned. “Besides, you’re with your friends. Just relax and enjoy it.”

“He doesn’t know how.” Mark teased in a giggle. “His mind moves at a million miles a second.”

As I heard the garage door roar open I couldn’t help but smile wider. Talking about someone who can never shut off their mind. “Am I late?” The figure forced the door open. “I lost track of time and,”

“It’s fine, I just got home.” I waived as he grew closer, and pulled me in for a hug.

“EW!” A few groans from the group sounded as they saw our affection.

“Not in front of my friends.” Oli protested in a whine.

Ryder turned and raised an eyebrow, before tossing a think black box he had been holding on the cushion next to Oli. “Tommy said Happy Birthday.”

“This is from him?” Oliver gasped, reaching over and eagerly grabbing it.

“Yup.” Ryder nodded, still lightly holding onto me.

“I-I’m kinda scared to open it.” Oli giggled, shaking it lightly.

“Yeah, I would be too.” Ryder smirked, as the boy finally began to pry it open.

The second the lid came off I saw the expression on Oliver’s face change. “Woh.” He softly exhaled taking a pair of drum sticks out. He took a closer look as a black M decorated the side with a signature right next to it. “Woh.” He repeated in an excited laugh. “Tommy really gave you these.”

“Yup.” Ryder nodded in a smile. “Don’t worry, we gave him plenty of shit for it.”

“Like Oli hasn’t been trying to act like Tommy enough.” Mark sat up and rolled his eyes.

“Seriously.” Wendy supported. “He’s been all confident and rude.”

“Have not.” Oli argued. “I was never rude to you Mark.”

“No.” He blushed. “But to other people.” Mark whispered discreetly gesturing to the girl on the floor.

“How?” He pressured with a tilt of his head.

“You called Sammy ugly.” Wendy shrugged as Ryder and I eagerly watched the eighth grade drama unfold.

“He is.” Oli clicked, looking down at her. “You can do so much better.”

“You can do better.” Mark nodded. “But if he makes her happy,”

“We can get a hot guy to make her happy.” Oli provoked. “Like you.” He teased, beginning to tickle Mark.

“And they ew at us.” Ryder whispered, lightly squeezing my side.

“Cause you’re not as cute.” Oli smirked, overhearing our conversation.

“Teddy’s so much cuter than you.” Wendy defended before a blush quickly overtook her face. “Sorry.” She nervously giggled. “I just, I love the way you dress.”

“Thank you.” I proudly smiled. I haven’t gotten to know Wendy all that well yet, but if she’s Oli’s friend I know two things about her. She’s outspoken and loyal. “Everyone around here makes fun of me for it.”

“Because I nearly get blinded every time one of us opens our closet.” Ryder couldn’t help but tease. “You do know it’s after labor day right?”

“Sorry I don’t wear black all day.” I shrugged, taking a long look at Mark. “You look like you’d like bright colors.”

“No!” Oliver exclaimed in a loud voice. “You’re not going to come in here and Teddy up my friends!”

“We’ll work on it when they’re on tour.” I winked drawing a laugh from Mark.

“Can I come?” Wendy quickly asked. “I love shopping!”

Ryder couldn’t help but laugh at her excitement. “You’re so happy to have gay friends, aren’t you?”

“No.” She lied in a blush. “I just, if one of them happens to like shopping,”

“Wendy!” Mark yelped.

“What?” She cried out. “I like that you and Oli are real and straight forward, but I also like that I can talk to you both about guys and stuff.”

“Give her a break.” I defended as me and Ryder inched towards the stairs. “It’s kind of stereotypical, but girls can be a gay guy’s best friend. Besides, you need a girl in your life. She’ll help you not,”

“Be a stupid guy?” Ryder finished for me in a laugh.

“Yup.” I nodded as we finally made our ascent.

“Maybe I like being a stupid guy.” Oliver grumbled, looking at them both.

“You’re not stupid,” Wendy began to comfort as we shut the door behind us.

“Dude!” I yelped when I was sure they couldn’t hear me anymore. “Mark and Oli totally messed around together.”

Ryder rolled his eyes and hid his face. “Because they were cuddling?”

“Because they were cuddling and getting all handsy.” I corrected, trying to force eye contact. “I know my brother, he hates being touched. Something had to break there.”

“Maybe they’re just comfortable with one another.” Ryder shrugged, but as he turned back to me I could tell he was hiding something.

“You know!” I exclaimed. “How long ago was this? How do you know about it? Did he tell you and not me?”

“Relax, relax.” Ryder giggled, grabbing back onto me. “It, it was like five days ago. And he didn’t tell me, he told Tommy.”

“He told Tommy?!” I shouted even louder. “Tommy Walst?!”

“Yes,” Ryder quickly hushed. “Now stop, he’s going to hear you.”

“But how could he,”

“He’s getting really close to Tommy, okay?” Ryder tried to hush. “They work together for hours every day. It was bound to happen.”

“I don’t know if I like that.” I pouted.

“You just don’t like that he never told you.” Ryder sighed. “And I know Tommy is a bit on the rougher side. But he’s got a big heart. He was the first band member to get me to just be myself. He’s exactly who Oliver needs in his life right now.”

“Whatever.” I grumbled, walking over and taking a seat on the couch.

“Don’t do this.” Ryder sighed, taking the seat next to me. “It’s not personal.”

“No, please,” I dismissed, purposely getting overdramatic. “It’s bad enough Oli is growing up so fast. Now you and him are out of the house twenty-four seven.”

Ryder studied me closely before landing a kiss on my cheek. “I know you’re joking around, but I love you. This will all ease up soon. All the songs are written, now we’re just recording.”

I nodded my head but with a serious face turned back to him. “I meant it when I said I want the tours to be small.”

“We’re not talking about just Messiah anymore, are we?” He sighed, trying to prepare himself for whatever was coming.

“Nope.” I shook my head. “Because what’s going on downstairs, the love and the fighting and the laughter, it’s so much more important for him to experience than going on tour.”

“I know.” Ryder slowly nodded. “And I-I have things under control, I’ve got a plan and all.”

“And that is?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“A secret.” He smirked. “You’ll just have to trust me on this one.”

“Anyone ever tell you how annoying you are?” I asked as our foreheads slowly met.

“Only you.” He smiled, as our lips connected.

“Up here too?!” Oli shouted as they poured out of the basement.

“And there goes the quiet.” Ryder groaned. “How long until we move out?”

Mark and Wendy pushed past Oliver as he seemed to freeze at the question. “You’re joking right?”

“Yeah.” I quickly nodded before discreetly nudging Ryder. “Where would we even move? Florida?”

“I wish.” Ryder played along. “But your brother’s job at the hospital has us chained here.”

Oliver skeptically stared at us both before nodding his head. “Good.” He decided. “Because I’m not staying here alone with mom and dad.”

“Why?” Wendy prodded. “Your parents are soooo nice. They’re like the coolest people ever.”

“Thank you!” Dad happily accepted as he wandered into the room. “Is there any chance the coolest dad ever gets to hear some new Messiah?”

“Look what you did now.” Oli groaned as they all found places on the couch or chairs. “I already told you, you can’t hear any of it!”

“He can hear,”

“None of it.” Oli finished, staring down Ryder.

“I’ve already tried Mr. Haner.” Mark shrugged. “Oli isn’t giving any of it up.”

Ryder and Oliver shared a proud nod as their own bond strengthened. I never thought I’d be so happy about how close my fiancé and brother are, but it’s comforting. Ryder’s walked in and made my family his own. Maybe that’d be weird for some people, but for me, well it’s what I always dreamed of as a kid.

“It’s Harry.” Dad corrected Mark before lightly grabbing onto Oli. “He’ll give it up eventually, or he won’t be getting any of his cake or presents.”

“I’ll buy myself cake when the album sells. “ He happily held his head high.

“Because we’ll be making out the checks to Oliver Haner.” Ryder rolled his eyes.

“You better.” Oli warned. “Or we’re gonna have issues.”

“What? You don’t trust me?” Dad giggled, holding him tighter.

“Nope.” Oli broke free and leaned into Mark to dissuade my dad from grabbing onto him once more.

“What are you doing?” Mark giggled as he nearly jumped on top of him.

“Saying hi.” Oliver teased resting his head against his shoulder. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Mark smiled, trying his hardest to ease into the situation.

“Now you’re like Ryder and Teddy.” Wendy rolled her eyes.

“Fourteen years old.” Dad sighed as he headed back to the kitchen. “Where does the time go?”

The rest of the day I found myself asking the same question. Where did the time go? Where did that little fearless boy go? And who is this bold teenager who’s taken his place?

If you would’ve asked me a few years ago to project Oliver’s life, I never would’ve guessed it would take him here. Boyfriend on his arm, and countless music projects bouncing around in his head. I rested my head against Ryder as I thought it all over. I guess the potential was always there, it just took someone to come in and spark it.

As dinner rolled around the house had to readjust to the idea of seven people at the table, but we all found a way to fit in just fine. In a way it reminded me of when I was a kid. Of when Blake, Mike and Liz would come over after school to goof around. The faces and names have changed, but the love in the room is still the same.

I know Oliver keeps complaining about missing studio time, but the look on his face tonight was the happiest I’ve seen in a long time. And when presents rolled around, well there was no question about what good friends he had.

Wendy had gotten him a big black Messiah flag to hang in his room, something he immediately hung behind his drum kit in the basement. After all, he’s not just a fan of Messiah anymore. He’s a member.

Mark had given him a customized Unity t-shirt he had designed all by himself. I swear Oliver almost cried when he unwrapped it! The way those two understand one another. It’s something that only comes with years of being friends.

When his friends had finally left, it was time for me, Ryder and our parents to give our gifts. Our parents had given him a combination of nice clothing and some band t-shirts. Just normal parent stuff I guess.

Whereas Ryder and I tried our hardest to step up the game. With a proud yet shaky hand I gave him the envelope Ryder and I had worked so hard to make happen. It’s been weeks of planning and sneaking around, but it’ll all pay off, I know it will.

The second he opened the envelop he shot us a confused look.





610 W. 56 ST, NYC



“I-I don’t get it.” He quickly looked back up at us. “Is this like, is it supposed to be motivation?”

“No, it’s a reward.” Ryder shrugged with a growing smile. “Get writing. We have a show to put on.”

“Wh-what?” He gasped, looking back down at the ticket.

“You’re playing Terminal Five in February.” I smiled. “That’s the first ticket to the show.”

He shook his head in disbelief before nearly tackling Ryder to the ground. “Thank you! Thank you!” He cried out. “Thank you! Thank you!”

“It was Teddy’s idea.” Ryder shrugged, happily hugging him back. “I simply picked out the other bands, reached out to my contacts then Teddy did most of the work on it from there. I was too busy writing with you.”

“Yo-you’re okay with this?” Oliver asked, letting go and turning back to me.

“You deserve it.” I nodded my head. “I don’t love the idea of Ryder back on stage, but he’s playing Metlife a month before, so I have to get used to it anyway.

“I won’t make you regret it!” He yelped, quickly embracing me. “You’re the best big brother ever!” His hug seemed to linger as he tried his hardest to wrap his head around the idea.

“Wait!” He called out as he let me go. “We only have one song released and another that we’re still recording! And I still have to learn how to make beats on computers!”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ryder laughed. “We’ll record a few others before the concert, and we’ll do covers. The most important thing is for you to perfect how you want the band to look and feel.”

“Oh!” Oliver shouted. “I want, I want bright colors and streamers and smoke and,”

“Bright colors?” I interrupted.

“It’s ironic.” He dismissed. “But I also want fire and sparks and,”

“Okay, okay.” Ryder laughed as proud tears formed in our parent’s eyes. “I don’t think we can do all of that, but we’ll work on it.”

Oli proudly nodded his head before clutching the ticket tightly and turning towards our dad. “Here.” He offered extending the ticket.

“What?” Dad forced out, not understanding.

“I want you to have it.” He happily nodded. “I want you to have the first ticket to my first concert.”

“Me?” Dad asked, slowly taking it.

“Yeah, you, you’re the one who showed me music and taught me the drums.” Oliver began in a shaky voice. “You started all this and I, I really want you there.”

As the tears finally fell from my father’s eyes he reached out and grabbed Oli. “I’m so proud of you.” He exhaled, as they both held one another tightly.

I couldn’t help but pull Ryder closer at the site. If only Oli knew how much that small gesture meant to our father. How long he’s been waiting for a son who loves the same music. How long he’s waited to see his son perform on a stage. And not even a big one either! Dad nearly started crying at battle of the bands! Sure, maybe he didn’t always do right by Oliver, but he’s still his father. He still loves him more than anything else in the world. He’s still more proud than all of us combined!

I think I could live in that night for the rest of my life. It’s been a long time since we all just sat around and talked as a family. Even when we go out to dinner someone’s always distracted. Always on their phone trying to talk to other people. Trying to be somewhere else.

But not tonight. We sat around listening to Oliver detail out his perfect elaborate concert. Everything from the introduction to the big explosive conclusion. I just hope Ryder can handle all of this. I hope he can take being back up on a big stage. The spotlight is unforgiving. It takes and it takes until nothing is left. But if anyone is up to that battle, well it’s Oliver Haner.


When the night finally came to an end I couldn’t help but hug Oliver goodnight. I know he doesn’t like it, but how long until I can’t force hugs anymore? How long until he’s big enough to out muscle me? Or even worse, taller than me!

The next morning was chaotic just like all the others, but the love behind it, it was evident.

“You okay there?” Cait asked, snapping me back to reality as we both grabbed coffee from the cafeteria.

“Fine.” I nodded my head. “Last night was Oli’s fourteenth birthday, so I’m just,”

“Reflecting?” She smiled. “You’re totally going to wind up with like eight kids.”

“No.” I lied in a blush.

“You love kids, and your fiancé is loaded.” She teased. “It’s okay, big families are fun. Maybe Ryder can make a band with them too.”

“Stop.” I giggled with a shake of my head. “We agreed the limit is three. Plus, we barely have time together as it is now, I can’t bring a kid into this madness.”

“You could if you took your seven days a month like you should.” She provoked, but this time in a serious voice.

“Okay.” I rolled my eyes. “And next people will actually start taking the full fourteen.”

“No one’s dumb enough to do that.” She sighed. “Just because you take the seven days off a month you’re given,”

Dr. Haner to surgery! Dr. Haner to surgery!” The intercom voice interrupted.

“Saved by the bell.” I happily smiled before making my exit.

“You’re going to have to take a break eventually Teddy!” She shouted back.

I rolled my eyes and kept moving. Me? Take a break? Sure. When I’m dead maybe! It’s really not that big a deal anyway, when the time comes I’ll take time off just like I promised. But for now I enjoy what I’m doing and Ryder isn’t even home!

“What’s the rundown?” I asked stepping into the prep room.

“All we know is it’s a teenage boy who suffered thirteen stab wounds and is in critical condition.” The head nurse sighed causing my heart to skip a beat.

“We don’t know how it happened?” I gulped hard, throwing off my white coat and starting to get dressed.

“Officers were responding to a domestic abuse call.” She elaborated, instantly relieving my racing mind.

“Always hard to see.” I groaned as we made our way into the surgery room.

“Yup.” Another doctor agreed as we anxiously waited. “But lucky for him he’s got Doctor Theodore Haner in his corner.”

I nodded but stayed quiet as I heard the shouting of paramedics and the squeaking of gurney wheels fill the air. I promise you kid. I’ll make sure you get better. I’ll treat you just like you were my own brother. I’ll make sure you survive this.


Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

My impression was that Mark’s dad was okay with LGBTQ people. I hope the impression wasn’t wrong. But would a father attack his son – or the person he might blame for causing his son to be disciplined at school? I really hope I’m wrong.


Even if it’s not Oli or Mark, they probably know the kid!



Maybe Ryder can get his house remodeled quickly. There might be an abused teenager who needs two dads! Teddy & Ryder will need their own home when they foster or adopt those three (or eight!) kids!  ;-)

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It's either Mark or a kid that's been abused, has no where to go and needs a home. Boom: Teddy & Ryder are now parents.

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3 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

My impression was that Mark’s dad was okay with LGBTQ people. I hope the impression wasn’t wrong. But would a father attack his son – or the person he might blame for causing his son to be disciplined at school? I really hope I’m wrong.


Even if it’s not Oli or Mark, they probably know the kid!



Maybe Ryder can get his house remodeled quickly. There might be an abused teenager who needs two dads! Teddy & Ryder will need their own home when they foster or adopt those three (or eight!) kids!  ;-)

Yeah, from Mark's dad talk I thought he would be ok with a gay kid, so hope it is not them. But still... A young teen... Not the young kid or baby that Teddy wants and deserve, it might be hard for them to start with a teenager. But it will be someone that truly needs help... Crazy hypothesis... Oliver's enemy, that bad mouthed Teddy, it's Tommy right? That would be strong twist.

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3 minutes ago, Sweetlion said:

Yeah, from Mark's dad talk I thought he would be ok with a gay kid, so hope it is not them. But still... A young teen... Not the young kid or baby that Teddy wants and deserve, it might be hard for them to start with a teenager. But it will be someone that truly needs help... Crazy hypothesis... Oliver's enemy, that bad mouthed Teddy, it's Tommy right? That would be strong twist.

Teens are less time-intensive than infants or young children. A teen can be very difficult, but it’s usually more emotional and intellectual in nature than with a younger child. The issues are very different, but they’ve had recent experience with Oli to get them accustomed to what they might need to deal with.  ;-)



Eight! Eight! Eight! Eight! Eight! Eight! Eight! Eight!  ;-)

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Oh no I worried. I see trouble brewing. Teddy honestly he believes he can save all. He has an excellent track record, but 13 stab wounds could spell the end for the teen. How will Teddy handle it if the teen doesn’t make it.  Time will tell. I liked the upbeat feeling the rest of the chapter. Of course Oli told Tommy. Tommy had been encouraging him and Oli wanted to let him know the advice was put into action. 

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I would've loved the chapter but for that cliffhanger, so it only got a like.


Mark's gift to Oliver was so touching and perfect. 💞

Oliver's gift to his Dad was so touching and perfect. 🎟 💕

The vibe of the chapter was so radiant, I know you're setting us up, 😂.

Thank you, anyway.  :worship:

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1 hour ago, Sweetlion said:

Damn, most of the chapter was actually nice and uplifting, just what I needed after sad news. But the last part was troubling... Hope is not Mark, that's the only one we know... Maybe some stranger that Teddy and Ryder will help. 13 stabs, that's more than a domestic abuse call. That's for kill. Poor kid.

Sorry to hear you had sad news.  I hope there was more to cheer you than this story.

Peace and Blessings to you.

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3 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Please don't let it be mark!!!!! 



That at was my first thought too. 😪

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Eyes squeezed shut. Fingers crossed (both hands). "Please not a kid we know! Please not a kid we know! Please not a kid we know!"

Otherwise an amazing chapter for all the reasons already discussed. Thanks.

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2 hours ago, FanLit said:

Sorry to hear you had sad news.  I hope there was more to cheer you than this story.

Peace and Blessings to you.

Thanks, you can check the blog section or the activity thread... Someone regular in the site and that I used to interact died, and it made me sad. :,(

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Show me the love:  If you'll pardon the pun, Ace does it in spades!  Teddy notes the incredible growth between Oli and Ryder.  He also sees the new intimacy between Oli, Mark, and Wendy, with Mark's head in Oli's lap, and with Wendy sitting between Oli's legs. True intimacy is revealed when Teddy learns from Ryder that the boys have become more than good friends.  Not only that, Oli told Tommy first, as the bond  between the drummers continues to strengthen. Tommy gives a pair of Messiah drumsticks to Oli as a gift. Teddy and Ryder give Oli the first ticket to his first concert, and Oli promptly gives the ticket to dad , who is now cool - - at least, according to Wendy. Oli thinks so too, as he praises his father to the point where Harry sheds tears; and a poignant embrace follows. Oli also embraces Teddy, saying that he is the best Big Brother ever. Share the love? You can't get away from it!


However, then comes the Hate: A teenage boy is stabbed 13 times in a crime of domestic abuse. The question now becomes, can love overcome the hate? (I hope Ace is in a good mood....)

Edited by travlbug
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I don’t believe it’s Mark , his father from the little we know of him seems to love and be protective of him. So Teddy’s and Ryder’s first prospective child is my favorite, but knowing how sinister @Aceinthehole can be I’m sure that we are all in for a surprise and maybe not a pleasant one . 

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Teddy is still the work-a-holic.  I hope he isn't making a promise that he can't keep.  Mark was my first thought as well, but the consequences of that are just to much to think of.  Especially if Teddy finally fails.  I think it will be a classmate of Mark and Oli's.  13 stab wounds is just gruesome to think about.  Even if that boy does survive, he could be messed up physically and mentally for awhile.  The family time and Teddy flashing back to his youth with his friends over visiting was great.  Thanks for the chapter Ace.

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14 hours ago, Sweetlion said:

Thanks, you can check the blog section or the activity thread... Someone regular in the site and that I used to interact died, and it made me sad. :,(


I'm sorry to hear that. Condolences to you, their friends and their family.  

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