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The Hidden Ones: Resurrection - 28. Christmas Day!


It’s an odd feeling, seeing all your friends grow up without you. I feel so far behind them, so isolated. Cait has a fiancé and hasn’t stopped partying since college. Blake and Liz, well they’re Blake and Liz. They just had a baby together! And where am I? Sure, I’ve got a nice job, but is that all I want for myself? Guess I’m having my quarter life crisis a few years too late!

Ryder lightly rubbed my back as we made our way back into the room. “It’s dark red, and the whammy bar is super cool looking.” I heard Oliver try and explain. “Ryder said it’s the type Jimmy Page played.”

“Telling Blake about your new guitar?” Ryder asked, still staying close to me. New guitar? Do I even want to know?

“Yup.” Oli proudly nodded.

The conversation froze as a nurse slowly walked in carrying a small bundle. “She wants her mother.” The nurse explained, handing the small baby over to Liz. As Liz and Blake looked down at their child I swear I saw a level of pride and happiness I had never seen before. Ryder must have noticed it too because he pulled me in even closer.

“Do you want to hold her Teddy?” Liz offered, looking up at me. “If your hands are clean.”

“I, yeah.” I quickly nodded. “They are. We all should have washed our hands before we came in here.” I reminded Ryder and Oliver who slowly made their way to the door. I rolled my eyes, but began to focus more on the baby.

It was still too early to tell who she looked like, but somehow I could still make out both of them in her face. I gulped hard as Liz leaned over and handed me the child. I couldn’t help but smile as I held her tightly. Imagine that? From kindergarten to now, somehow we made it. Are we all ready to be adults? To be parents? As I looked up to Blake and Liz I knew they were. The look on their faces. The excitement in their eyes. They’re lucky to have her, and she’s lucky to have them.

“Do you have any names in mind?” I quietly asked, gently rocking the baby.

“Hayley.” Blake replied as he lightly grasped Liz’s hand.

“Hi Hayley.” I let out as Oliver and Ryder finally returned. “She’s so cute.”

“This isn’t good news for you Sullivan.” I heard Oli whisper.

Ryder rolled his eyes, and tried his hardest to get a better look at the baby. “Do you want to hold her Ryder?” Liz offered, surprising us both.

“I, no thank you.” Ryder quickly replied.

“Ryder doesn’t deserve to hold you.” I teased, watching the baby fall asleep in my arms.

“Scared of babies?” Oli provoked.

“No.” Ryder shook his head. “I just don’t like holding babies they’re too, fragile.”

“I don’t want to know what that means.” I groaned, slowly handing Hayley back to Liz.

“It means what it sounds like.” Ryder defended. “They’re fragile.”

“Should stop while you’re ahead.” Blake warned in a laugh.

“Especially since Teddy loves babies.” Liz chimed in, lying back on her bed.

“I don’t love babies.” I lied, still unable to look away from Hayley.

“You wouldn’t put Oli down when he was little.” Blake shook his head.

“You’re probably the reason he’s, well,”

“Difficult?” I offered, trying to finish the sentence for Liz. “He was such a cute baby though. I don’t know what happened.” I teased. He tried to escape me, but I reached out and grabbed him before he could. “I would hold you, and feed you, and change your diaper.”

“No you wouldn’t.” Oli pushed away, trying his hardest to keep it down.

“He would.” Blake nodded his head. “He would spend a day or two a week just taking care of you.”

“I was making up for all the time I would miss while I was at school.” I continued to tease, seeing how uncomfortable it was for Oliver.

“Still wasn’t enough.” He muttered, hiding on the other side of Ryder.

“Then I better start making up for it again.” I said, calling him out on his comment.

Oli rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything. Before anyone could say anything else the sound of crying began to fill the air. “I know what that means.” I sighed. “We’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Blake nodded but I could tell all their attention was on Hayley. Ryder and Oli quietly nodded and followed me, eager to relax again.

“What? You both hate babies or something?” I asked, as we made our way down the hall.

“No.” Oli quickly shook his head. “I just don’t like touching them.”

“Yeah.” Ryder supported. “Besides you probably have so many germs, that poor baby.”

I turned towards Ryder and shot him a dirty look. “Do you have any idea how often I wash my hands?”

“You’re in for it now.” Oli giggled.

“And you’re not helping.” I warned, staring down the younger half.

Oli made a face and shook his head. “You heard Liz, you’re the reason I’m like this. You wouldn’t put me down.”

“And now I can’t get rid of you.” I sighed.

“Dr. Haner.” One of the head nurses approached with a clipboard. “Are you working Christmas or no?”

“I’ll let you know.” I repeated for the hundredth time.

“You have priority.” She shook her head. “So you better decide before someone else says no and you have to.”

“He’s not.” Ryder answered for me. “I don’t care what he says, he’s not working Christmas.”

“Ryder!” I scolded, but as I turned towards him I got flashbacks to my conversation with Blake. To how we spoke about all the things he and Liz did together. How he’s worried life is moving way too fast. He has all those doubts and yet he’s done ten times more than I’ve done! “I, fine.” I groaned, turning back towards the nurse. “I won’t work Christmas.”

“Okay.” She nodded her head. “Then you have the day shift Christmas Eve.”

“That’s fine.” I nodded my head. “And if you have the schedule I’m off,” I began turning towards Ryder for help.

“December 27th to January 4th.” Ryder quickly answered, making sure to capitalize while he could.

“Oh, Dr. Haner is finally taking a vacation.” She remarked. “Careful on your drive home, I think pigs will be flying.”

“Wait, wait, so we’re going to Florida?” Oli quickly asked, turning towards me in shock.

“Yeah.” I forced a nod. “Well, me and Ryder at least.”

Ryder mimicked my nod and stared down Oliver. “Yup, you’re waiting for if your dad can convince your mom.”

“She’ll never say yes!” He complained, throwing his head back. “Great! Another winter break in New Jersey!”

“Jerseys not so bad kid.” Ryder teased as we all finally made our way to the exit.

“It sucks.” He rolled his eyes as we split off from one another.

“I’ll follow you guys home.” I instructed, slowly making my way towards my car.

“Take your brother.” Ryder shouted, lightly pushing Oli towards me. “I’ve spent too much time with him today.”

“Alright.” I sighed. “Come on Oliver.”

“What? No!” He quickly shook his head.

“What’s the matter?” Ryder provoked. “Don’t like driving with Teddy?”

“Yeah what the hell Oli?” I continued, picking up where Ryder left off. “You heard I watched you a ton as a baby and this is how you repay me?”

“Uh! Fine!” He grumbled, walking back towards me. “But then Ryder has to give me guitar lessons when we get home!”

“After dinner.” Ryder shouted, climbing into the driver’s seat and slamming the door behind him.

Oliver let out another sigh before taking a seat in my car. “So he gave you a new guitar?” I asked, trying my hardest to start conversation.

“Yup.” Oli said as he took out his phone.

“What type?” I asked, as he tried his hardest to disconnect.

“Red.” He replied, barely even paying attention.

“So the type is red?” I sighed, glancing over to him.

“What?” He asked in a stupefied tone.

“Never mind.” I shook my head. “I forget you only talk to rock stars.”

“Don’t take it like that.” Oli rolled his eyes. “I just have more in common with Ryder.”

“I know.” I nodded my head.

“Don’t be mad.” He groaned.

“I’m not.” I shrugged, refusing to look over to him.

“You are.” He exhaled. “Come on man.” He pleaded, trying his hardest to avoid the situation. “Ryder didn’t take care of me as a baby, you did.”

“So?” I asked, not seeing the connection.

“So, I don’t know.” He forced out, starting to uncomfortably fidget. “You’re my older brother.”

“Aww, you love me.” I teased, looking back over to him.

“I take it back!” He quickly yelped.

I let out a short laugh and shook my head. “You’re going to have to get used to affection someday.”

“Not today.” He groaned.


The next few days felt almost normal. I’d make sure to visit Liz when I could, and sometimes Ryder and Oliver would even drop in. Hayley and Liz made it through completely healthy and happy. And as jealous as I am over Hayley, well the exhaustion in their eyes is telling me a different story! Maybe Ryder and I will wait a few years before even entertaining the idea of children.

When my dad couldn’t convince my mom to go to Florida, well Oliver’s constant whining and complaining did. It’s funny, it was almost something we encouraged. But the truth is we were taking Oliver no matter what our mom did. It would have changed me and Ryder’s vacation completely, but I don’t think we’d be comfortable leaving him behind. Call us crazy but It just wouldn’t feel fair. And Oli’s not all that bad. Is he?

“Get up! Get up!” A young voice shouted as it pushed our door open. “Get up!”

“What is it?” Ryder jumped up. “What’s wrong? Is there a fire?”

“It’s Christmas you dope.” I forced out as I rolled over. “Give us five more minutes.”

“No!” Oli whined. “Come on! Dad said I have to wait for you two before I open any presents.”

“In that case definitely give us five more minutes.” Ryder teased, lying back in bed.

“Ryder!” Oli yelped.

“What? You’re getting coal anyway.” He shrugged. “You’re one hundred percent on the naughty list.”

“I don’t believe in Santa anymore.” He grumbled. “So come on!”

“Alright, alright.” Ryder caved, starting to push me off the bed. “The faster we get this over with the faster we can get back to bed.”

“I think you underestimate how loud Oli is going to be today.” I grumbled, throwing on a sweatshirt and slowly heading downstairs.

“Merry Christmas!” My dad shouted as he saw us both slowly heading downstairs.

“Merry Christmas.” Ryder and I grumbled, still barely awake.

“That didn’t sound too Merry.” My mom observed, leaning back into the couch.

“We barely slept last night.” Ryder muttered. “Someone brought their work home and stayed up until three doing it.”

“We’re leaving for vacation in two days. I need to get it all done.” I defended. “And aren’t you used to staying up until three?”

“Not lately.” He complained. “You really need to learn how to separate home and work.”

“Because you’re so great at that?” I asked, turning towards him. “I’ve seen you trying to write in bed.”

“That’s different.” He sighed with a shake of his head.

“No it’s not.”

“Boys!” Mom scolded. “No fighting on Christmas.”

“Sorry.” We both mumbled, neither wanting to cave on who was right or not.

Oli watched in concern for a moment or two before dropping it and looked back at his presents. “Go ahead.” Dad submitted.

Just like that he was off to the races. Like every Christmas before piles of Messiah merch, and different rock albums filled his list. Every now and again he’d open something like deodorant or socks and throw it by the wayside, but for the most part he seemed really excited with his gifts.

“That’s it?” My dad provoked, leaning back in his chair. “Guess you weren’t that good this year.”

“I was plenty good.” Oli defended.

“Then why don’t you go check your drum set?” Dad asked, sending Oliver right to his feet and flying towards the basement.

“Harrison.” Our Mom groaned as he chased after Oliver. “Please tell me you two at least had the common sense to get something on the quieter side?”

“Better invest in ear plugs.” Ryder shrugged as my dad disappeared down the stairs.

My mom rolled her eyes before handing us both presents of our own. “Merry Christmas boys.”

“You didn’t have to get us anything Mom.” I protested, slowly opening my box. As I pulled open the top I saw a picture of me and Ryder I had never seen before. I slowly pulled it out to find a candid of me sitting close to him at our family camp fire. He was focusing on playing guitar, while me, I was clearly infatuated by him.

“Wh-where did you get this?” I asked, unable to take my eyes off of it.

“One of your cousins sent it when Ryder first got big, and I kept forgetting to show it to you.” She shook her head. “I had to dig it up from my old laptop, but it’s one of my favorite pictures.”

“Yeah.” I shook my head. Ryder inched closer to me as he saw the picture. If there was any question of how obsessed I was with him, well, this proves it. Something about the way I was looking at him, it’s like it could’ve predicted how hard I would fall for him.

“You barely even knew me back then.” Ryder shook his head.

“I knew you,” I said, fighting off my emotions. “I just didn’t know it yet.”

I laid my head against him as he slowly opened his present. “I-I can’t take this.” He gasped, looking down at it. “You and Harry are out of your minds.”

“What is it?” I asked, trying to take a peak.

“It’s a three-hundred dollar gift card to the most expensive steakhouse in the Keys.” I shook my head. “I-I can’t.”

“Mom!” I yelped, taking a look at it. “Are you crazy?”

“He’s taking us to Florida for Christmas!” She tried to defend. “The least we could do is give you guys an extravagant dinner on us. Plus we know how much Ryder loves greasy foods.”

“You’re going to kill him.” I sighed, taking another look at it.

“Oh please, a night out will do you both well.” She lectured.

“I, thank you Mrs. Haner.” Ryder shook his head, and stood up to hug her.

Before anyone could say anything the loud banging of drums filled the air. We better all get used to it! I have no idea what type of monstrous set Ryder and my dad picked out, but I get the vibe Oliver is having an amazing Christmas.

When things finally settled down Ryder gave my dad and brother their gifts. My dad’s, an exact replica of the guitar Ryder’s dad had left him. Oliver’s, every Messiah album signed by the band. Somehow, they were both able to get by with only a tear or two escaping from their eyes.

As the day worn on I noticed my mom starting to act strange, as though she was hiding something. “Everything okay?” I asked, as she glanced to me then away.

“Nothing.” She quickly shook her head.

“Mom.” I pressured in a sigh. “You can tell me.”

“I, not right now.” She shook her head.

“Ryder!” Oliver shouted, as I heard running up the stairs. “Where’s Ryder?” He demanded in an angry voice.

“Taking a nap.” I shrugged, looking from my mom to him.

“Oli! No!” My mom yelped, chasing after him. “Oliver!”

“What the hell is happening?” I asked, quickly following after them.

“He’s so dead!” Oliver cried out, forcing my bedroom door open. “Ryder!” Oli screamed but before he could jump onto the bed I grabbed him.

“Oliver!” I reprimanded, trying my hardest to hold him back. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting justice.” He yelped, trying his hardest to break free. “Your cheating ass is dead.”

“What?” Ryder forced out, still trying to wake up.

“You heard me!” Oliver continued to yell. “We know what you did! It’s all over the news!”

“What’s all over the news?” I gulped, accidently letting Oli free.

“This!” Oli yapped, shoving his phone in my face.

Breaking news: Nurse from St. James hospital in Paramus, New Jersey comes clean about affair with Ryder Sullivan. Click the link below to see the shocking allegation.” The notification read.

I felt my breathing begin to grow quick as the far too familiar feeling of pain began to break my heart. “What is it?” Ryder insisted but before anyone could say anything else an alarm on my phone started to sound.

“Ryder.” I shook my head, pulling me back into reality. “You need to breath.” I instructed, pushing past Oliver. “You’re going to damage your heart and put it back to square one.”

“I, okay.” He let out, grabbing my hand.

“Follow me.” I instructed trying my hardest to get both our breathing back on track.

“How can you do this to yourself!” Oliver demanded, giving me a shove from behind. “Don’t you have any self-respect?!”

“He didn’t cheat on me.” I defended, turning back towards him. “Trust me.”

“And how would you know?!” Oli questioned. “It’s happened before!”

“That was different.” I shook my head. “Just trust me on this.”

“I want to.” My mom began, trying her hardest to hide her shaking voice. “But how can we know?”

“Because his heart, just, trust me on this.” I pleaded, as he gripped my hand tighter.

“No! It’s all bullshit!” Oliver cried out once more. “How could you let us down like this Ryder? How could you,”

“His heart can’t even handle sex.” I interrupted, silencing the room. “That’s how I know it’s bullshit. You both happy now?”

“What?!” Oliver shouted in disgust.

“His heart is too weak, it, if he even tried with a nurse at the hospital I’m pretty sure he’d be dead.” I groaned. “It, it was a nurse I fired trying to get back at me.”

“I swear to god I didn’t do anything.” Ryder shook his head as he tried to piece it all together. “I would never, I, Teddy,”

“It’s okay.” I tried to comfort, seeing how upset he had grown. “I know you didn’t.”

“I swear it’s,”

“Ryder, breath.” I instructed, beginning to rub his hand. “Don’t let your anxiety get carried away.” I heard my mom let out a long sigh of relief as she looked at us both. “How long ago did you see that?”

“Twenty minutes ago.” She shook her head. “I almost had a heart attack myself. But I-I wanted to talk to Ryder about it before I showed you.”

“Did you think it was real?” I gulped, scared of what her answer might be.

“At first, but then I thought about it.” She exhaled. “And I knew something had to be up. I just didn’t want to ruin Christmas.”

“It’s not ruined.” Ryder shook his head. “That’s what that little bastard wants.”

“He’s such a dick.” I sneered. “I can guarantee the hospital goes after him for it.”

“I probably should too.” Ryder growled as his anxiety turned to anger.

I nodded my head and clutched onto his hand. “After vacation.”

“After vacation.” He nodded.

“Still want to beat him up?” I teased, turning towards a stunned Oliver. Oli bit his lip as a feverish blush engulfed his face. He went to say something but quickly ran out of the room before he could.

“I’ll go,”

“No, we will.” Ryder interrupted. “It just, it’ll be easier on him if he can talk to us about it.”

“Okay.” She nervously nodded her head. “I’m sorry I even believed that rumor for a second. It just, I,”

“It’s okay.” I quickly nodded my head. “I understand it.”

“Are you okay?” Ryder asked as she slowly left the room.

“I’m fine.” I lied, trying my hardest to throw on a brave face.

“You sure about that?” Ryder asked in a concerned voice.

“No.” I confessed as the bedroom door shut. “I-for a second I believed it myself. I, it was like I was seventeen.” I shook my head. “Like I could hear that phone call all over again.”

Ryder grew quiet as he heard my words. I went to wipe a tear from my eye but Ryder’s hand got there before I could. “I swear for as long as I live, I will never cheat on you.” He let out in a broken voice. “You have all of me. Only you.” He shook his head as tears began to fall.

“I know.” I exhaled, as he pulled me in close. “I love you Ryder.”

“I love you too.” He let out.

We held each other for what felt like an eternity. People can try all they want. They can lie and speculate until they’re blue in the face, but nothing is going to break us apart. We’ve learned what life without one another is like, and neither of us want to return to that.

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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Ryder’s been a very busy boy! First he’s apparently sleeping with a teenaged boy! Then he’s sleeping with a (male) nurse – the proof, of course, is that the nurse can describe, in detail, Ryder’s genitalia and any birthmarks or scars! Has washed up former rock god Ryder Sullivan no shame?  ;-)



But Ryder gets his holiday wish to take the entire family on vacation! It took Blake to convince Dr Theodore. And it took Oli to convince pester his mother into agreeing!  ;-)


In most other Gay fiction stories, an abandoned and abused baby or young child would turn up in the hospital emergency room just after Teddy returns to work after the vacation. Or maybe it would be a Gay teen who was beaten and kicked out of his home on Christmas Day because he Came Out or was Outed. Noble Doctor Theodore would naturally bond with the child and pull every string possible (and then some, if necessary – bribery is possible with Ryder’s money!) to adopt the child (probably a boy).  ;-)

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7 minutes ago, glennish said:

Did we ever extinguish the sacrificial fire we had lit before for Nate?   If not stoke them up we have a jackass to fry!!!  I’m just saying Nate must die. 

No the embers still burn hotter than before! 

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3 minutes ago, Israfil said:


No! If you give in to that formula you’ll lose your soul! (Is what a friend of mine told me when I had my own brush with a typical gay fiction trope).

Haha, all I'll say is it's a more simple approach

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droughtquake is well aware that we are entering that dangerous zone: death, darkness or happily ever after. With you Ace, anything is possible

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Charge that snake with attempted murder! Poor Ryder. Ruining their first Christmas.

Hey Blake, I’ll apply to be your babysitter. 😉

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16 minutes ago, Rndmrunner said:

droughtquake is well aware that we are entering that dangerous zone: death, darkness or happily ever after. With you Ace, anything is possible

We are in the final stretch! Last 12? chapters. Hopefully more, but we'll see. 

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some unwanted gift or unpleasant surprise . I  wouldn’t want to experience Nate’s New Year , he better start planning his resolutions to include lots of large damages payments and a new career. 

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7 minutes ago, Aceinthehole said:

Oli needs a baby sitter! ;)

Don’t look at me when you say that!  ;-)


Besides he already has Ryder!  ;-)

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37 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

Don’t look at me when you say that!  ;-)


Besides he already has Ryder!  ;-)

 To quote Teddy “he’s not that bad, is he?”

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Nate, all you succeeded in doing was driving Teddy and Ryder even closer together!  Can't wait to see your face when you're hit with two separate lawsuits and revocation proceedings for your nursing license.  


Maybe the best Christmas present of all, Teddy has regained his trust in Ryder completely.

Edited by travlbug
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You know if the nurse described anything or traits of Ryder in detail he could be sued for a HIPPA violation.  Additionally there was an armed guard outside Ryder’s door the entire time that heard almost everything; the other nurses have been suspicious and complained about Nate for ages; his contact was limited to certain occasions (a supposed trauma or ER nurse shouldn’t spend a lot of time on the psychiatric ward aside from transport even if they are short staffed); they all have an ally in Cait who is against Nate; and to top it off he gave Ryder a marijuana pen and the hospital board wanted to report him  to the authorities but Teddy backed them down.


As a side note if Ryder’s heart was so bad Teddy is now monitoring him with that watch thing wouldn’t Ryder have been hooked up to a monitor in the hospital? If he was they’d for sure be able to tell if he had any form of sex or performed any types of acts (even if he himself didn’t cum). 


5 hours ago, Aceinthehole said:

We are in the final stretch! Last 12? chapters. Hopefully more, but we'll see. 


Did you not once say this was going to be a three book series?


Finally, I am no longer getting email updates when new chapters are posted for this story or any other. However I do get comment reactions.  

Edited by Hunter of Porn
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9 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

That gd mf'ing little sob! I want to to shove my size nine so far up his poop chute he tastes the toe jam! 

Work together on this, just got new steel boots(bro's hand-me-downs) feel like helping me break them in?:thumbup:

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8 hours ago, glennish said:

Did we ever extinguish the sacrificial fire we had lit before for Nate?   If not stoke them up we have a jackass to fry!!!  I’m just saying Nate must die. 

Still have my resources at the ready just when and where. And what snacks, seriously can't hide a body with no energy.

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11 hours ago, Aceinthehole said:

We are in the final stretch! Last 12? chapters. Hopefully more, but we'll see. 


you wrote "Last 12? chapters" initially i read "Last 127 chapters!! :D

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omg for a second i almost beleive it myself. My heart stopped for a second, i think i read the rest of the chapter in a minute! You know how to capture an Audience thats for sure Ace :) Anyway, this chapter, how to put it into words?! hah, just kidding. I liked it alot. The emotion, the pure looks on the parents faces. When you go to visit new parents, you almost want one yourself, but then you leave and you're like nah not for me. 


Oliver screaming at Ryder for another scandal. That kid one day will give someone a heart attack i believe that LOL Teddy is right, Ryder's heart cant take that abuse right now. If he could they would have had sex already. And Teddy would be even more in love with Ryder. :) The next few chapters will be Ryder trying to make his fans and friends believe him, i hope he is successful.


Keep'em coming, I look forward to reading every chapter as they come <3 Hugs

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7 hours ago, Rndmrunner said:


you wrote "Last 12? chapters" initially i read "Last 127 chapters!! :D


Ha, I wish I could keep it going that long.

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13 hours ago, Hunter of Porn said:

Did you not once say this was going to be a three book series?


Finally, I am no longer getting email updates when new chapters are posted for this story or any other. However I do get comment reactions.  


I don't remember saying three books but if I did I misspoke. Right now the plan is to wrap it up in 2 books, then go back and finish Tales of the Underground: Blinded, then give you guys a whole new story I've been working on. But hey, you never know what can happen. These two have become some of my favorite characters. 


Not sure why you're not getting email updates. I've seen the issue before though and I believe the reader fixed it by unsubbing to the story then resubbing. Hopefully that helps! If not, one of the admins should be able to help you a lot better than I can. Keep my updated though! It'd be nice to know the fix!

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