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The Hidden Ones: Resurrection - 39. Renegades


As I looked off the small stage I couldn’t help but feel proud. And not just because I filled in for Tommy fucking Walst and showed Messiah how it’s done! But because my brother’s getting married! I felt Joe grab my shoulders as Brandon ruffled my hair and Zach gave me playful push. They liked me! Messiah liked me! Their horseplay fell away as their leader slightly turned and nodded to me. They’re all so talented, but him, he’s on a different level. He’s like a man playing with boys! The light funneled around his outline, creating a surreal image of him in front the small crowd.

He delayed for a second allowing me to catch up, before quickly leading me down the stairs to our awaiting boyfriends. I zoomed past my older brother and wrapped myself around the much younger teen next to him.

A giggle escaped his lips as I excitedly pulled him in close. “You did so good Oli!” He yelped with a smile. “You just fit up there!”

“Thank you.” I exhaled, as all my nerves quickly began to fade. “I’m so glad you came.”

“Me too.” He nodded as we slowly separated, so not to draw too much attention.

As I turned to look towards Teddy I saw him and Ryder sharing a lingering kiss and couldn’t help but make a face. “See.” I whispered to Mark. “I told you they’re always kissing.”

He reflected back the look my face before grabbing my hand and pulling me off into the crowd. “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” I instructed, quickly working my way back to Teddy and wrapping my arms around him. I don’t know what’s gotten into me right now, but I’m just, I-I’m so happy for him.

“Congratulations.” I exhaled, trying my hardest to hide my face as emotions began to bubble. “You-you deserve this, and I-I love you.” I shakily let out, trying my hardest to fend off tears.

“I love you too.” He happily embraced me.

“I love Ryder too.” I admitted in a sniffle. “And, I-I’m so happy he’s going to be my brother.”

“I am too.” Teddy comforted, looking down and trying to get a better look at my face. I held on for another few seconds before whipping the water from my eyes and rushing back towards Mark.

“You’re really happy, huh?” Mark giggled, as we slowly made our way to the dimly lit entrance.

“Yeah.” I forced a nod. “And not just because he’s marrying Ryder Sullivan, but, I don’t know, for the first time in my life he’s smiling and laughing every day.”

“You were worried about him?” Mark asked, trying to put the pieces together.

“No! I never,” I defensively began before catching myself. Its Mark, I-I don’t need to put on an act to impress him. “Yeah.” I confessed, switching tunes. “But not anymore.”

“Not anymore.” Mark agreed, as we sat down on the small bench. “What was it like up on stage?”

“Crazy.” I shook my head as the high began to fade from my body. “I’ve never done anything like it. I practiced with Colin’s band like a hundred times, and played with Ryder a bunch, but this, it was so different.” I exhaled. “Brandon kept coming up to me and just meshing, and then Joe or Zach would come head bang, I just, I felt like a freakin rockstar!”

“You are a rock star.” Mark reminded me in a laugh. “You get to do that with Ryder for the rest of your life!”

“Yeah, but it won’t be the same.” I tried to explain. “Even if we fill it with other musicians, we just, we won’t be that big bad metal band the way Messiah is.”

I could tell Mark didn’t understand but he nodded his head trying his hardest to support me. Before I knew it he leaned in and laid a soft kiss on my lips. “I’m so proud of you.” He began. “You went from getting detentions to being the most successful person in the school overnight! I’m pretty sure you’re even more successful than the teachers!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement. I went to give him a nudge but as I forced him away I felt all the energy draining from me. As he quickly fell back to my side I laid my head against his shoulder. “You okay Oli?” He asked, noticing the sudden change.

“Yeah, just tired.” I reassured as the feeling began to grow. Like a blanket it smothered me, and before I knew I was just, just, calm.

“Do you need like water or something?” He prodded, beginning to grow nervous.

“No.” I smiled. “I’ll be okay.”

“It’s from the adrenaline.” Brandon shrugged as he approached. “You’re talking about the comedown right?”

“I, I don’t know.” I shrugged, quickly picking up my head from his shoulder.

“It’s alright.” The scrawny man reassured. “I was around Ryder and Teddy enough as teenagers to assume you’d act the same way with a date.”

“They were all over each other back then too?” I asked, but kept space between Mark and I.

“Oh yeah.” Brandon sighed. “But they’re getting married so they must be doing something right.”

I nodded before thinking over his words. “What did you mean by comedown?”

“It’s like the drop back to earth from a high,” Brandon began to explain. “And performing on stage, man that’s the best high you can ever get.”

“When will I feel better?” I nervously asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” He smirked. “You just asked your body to do a lot man, give it some time.” He stretched out his hand and ruffled my hand just like he had on stage. “You’re a killer drummer, it was like Tommy wasn’t even gone.”

“Is he going to be okay?” I suddenly asked. I know I tell Ryder that he’s not that great a drummer but I’d be lying if I said he doesn’t inspire me. He may not have the technical skills from drummers like Neil Pert or John Bonham, but he has that flair I love!

“I don’t know.” Brandon confessed. “He wanted to come tonight, he just needs to save his strength for the last album and concert. But hey, you’re a worthy successor if worst comes to worst.”

“Really?!” I exclaimed, feeling energy pump right back into me.

“Yeah.” Brandon laughed. “You’re not like Teddy too much are you?”

“Not at all.” Mark giggled, knowing enough about Teddy to see clear differences in us.

“Crazy.” Brandon shook his head before reaching into his pocket and tossing me a plastic triangle. “Catch you around kid.” He dismissed before stepping outside for a smoke.

I nearly fainted as I looked down at the small pick and saw an “M” covering it. “You just played with them.” Mark giggled. “Are you really that much of a fan boy?”

“Yeah.” I proudly confessed, clutching it tightly. “That’s Brandon Sewart! He’s like, the best!”

“You say the same thing about Ryder.” Mark provoked, enjoying the mood I was in.

“Not anymore.” I shook my head. “He’s old news.”

“Yo!” The man called out, as though he had heard our words. “Your parents said you both need to come eat.”

“Okay!” I quickly yelled back before jumping to my feet.

“Such old news.” Mark rolled his eyes. “I swear he’s the only person you actually listen to.” He teased as we caught up to the man and followed him back towards our table.

“Look what Brandon gave me.” I bragged showing him the black pick.

“So now you’re all about Brandon?” Ryder instigated with a smile.

“He’s nicer than you.” I shrugged, but as our eyes connected I saw the same exhaustion I was feeling. “Brandon said there’s not cure for the comedown, is that true?”

“The comedown?” Ryder repeated in a laugh. “Brandon needs to pick his words around you better, but if you mean the concert comedown, no, there’s not.”

“So I’m just going to be exhausted all night?” I asked in a groan.

“It’s okay Oli.” Mark tried to comfort in a light voice.

“I like the feeling.” Ryder shrugged. “It’s calming. Everything in your head is just, quiet.”

“Everything in his head is quiet anyway.” Teddy couldn’t help but tease as we sat down at the table.

Mark gave me a nudge before I could bite back, and guided me into my seat. “I’m glad you can join us.” Mom suddenly let out, taking a long look at Mark.

“Thank you for having me.” Mark politely nodded as a waiter came through for our orders. In typical Ryder fashion he picked a menu full of greasy foods with a few healthy options for Teddy, and probably only Teddy!

Mark’s eaten dinner with my family a million times before, but this time things just felt different. Every now and again one of my parents would glance at us to see how we were acting, or Teddy would try and talk to him. They were trying their hardest to make sure he felt welcome, and that we both felt comfortable.

As dinner wound down and a slow song began to play over the radio I watched closely as Ryder smoothly picked up Teddy with nothing more than a few words. Just like always, Teddy tried to hide how hard he had fallen for Ryder, but before I knew it they were both out on the dance floor slow dancing.

Blake and Liz quickly followed, then my parents and a few of our cousins. I took in a deep breath and felt my heart beginning to race. “D-do you want to dance?” I finally forced out.

Mark shifted in his seat as he thought it over. “People won’t stare?” He asked.

“No.” I tried to comfort. “We’ll look like every other couple up there.”

Mark timidly nodded his head, but I could tell by the look in his eyes he wanted this. I softly took him by the hand as I led him out to the dance floor. I looked over to Ryder and mimicked the way he was holding Teddy as Mark nervously reached his arms around my neck.

At first my hands started at his upper back but as we swayed past the Messiah table a few of the guys quietly waived for me to lower them. With trembling arms I slowly dropped them until I reached his hips. I felt his head fall into my shoulder and before I knew it we blended in with all the other couples on the floor.

“Nice.” Ryder mouthed, glancing over to me with a proud smile.

The longer we stayed out there the more comfortable I felt. I tried my hardest to hide my smile, but I just couldn’t! It felt good to just hold him and sway for a while, like I was living in some kind of fairy tale. I let out a disappointed sigh as the song finally came to an end, but to our delight another one came over the PA system.

“Can I?” Teddy asked, stepping in slowly.

I let out a short groan but knew it was important they got to know one another better. I reluctantly handed him over to Teddy as I felt Ryder lightly grab me. “Want to dance?”

“Fine.” I grumbled as he held me much higher than he had held Teddy. “This isn’t weird for you?”

“Why? I can’t dance with my little brother?” He smiled causing me to blush.

“Nothing’s going to change between us right?” I forced out in a gulp.

“No.” He shook his head. “Why would it?”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to make sure.” I said in a nervous voice. “Do you think Brandon can join,”

“Nope.” Ryder laughed predicting what I was going to say. “What if, what if the band is just us. We can have touring musicians standing off to the side if you want, but I, I think it’d be cool if it’s just us on stage and in the studio.”

“I think so too.” I couldn’t help but smile at the idea. “I mean we fought enough writing two songs anyway, we don’t need more people to fight with.”

“Exactly.” He laughed. “But I’m glad you like Brandon, maybe if you’re lucky he’ll even teach you how to play bass.”

“Really?” I excitedly asked.

“Sure, you’re joining us in the studio this week right?” Ryder prodded, as excitement surged through me.

“Yup.” I quickly nodded, trying my hardest to play it cool.

Ryder let out a laugh as he glanced over to his fiancé goofily swaying with a teen. “They’re totally plotting against us right now.”

“I know.” I sighed “I-I want them to be friends though, that way, that way when we’re away he has someone to remind him of me.”

“He won’t forget you.” Ryder comforted. “I don’t think anyone could.”

We swayed for a few more minutes until finally Teddy switched back with me. “What’s the big idea?” I teased. “Trying to swap me for the older Haner model?”

“Not a chance.” He giggled. “I’d miss your smile too much.”

A feverish blush overcame my face as I heard those words, without warning I landed a short peck on his lips. “What was that for?” He giggled as my blush spread to him.

“For being such a good boyfriend.” I smiled as his head fell back on my shoulder.

The rest of the night was paradise, as we danced, ate and goofed around for a few more hours, until finally it was time to go home, it is a school night after all! Yet as excited as I was about everything that took place the second my head hit the pillow I passed out.


As the next morning came around my mom shook me awake in frustration. “You’re running late!” She shouted, trying her hardest to get me out of bed.

“Can’t you just drive me?” I grumbled, sitting up.

“No, maybe Teddy can, but, but please at least try and make the bus.” She pleaded.

“Fine.” I exhaled, slowly rising out of bed.

“Mark rides it.” She reminded me, immediately waking me up. “You don’t want him worrying about you, do you?”

“No.” I shook my head, kicking it into a higher gear. She couldn’t help but laugh as I shooed her out of my room and started to move at twice the pace.

As the yellow bus pulled over I rushed out of the house and onto it. “Oliver Haner!” The driver exclaimed, causing me to groan. What the hell did I do now? I haven’t even rode the bus in a week and a half! “How are you doing this morning?” she asked.

“Fine.” I uncomfortably forced out, but the second I entered the aisle I saw everyone staring at me. I made a face before sliding into the first booth I was damned to ever since that bus fight at the start of the year.

As I slid in I was stunned to find a curly haired teen already sitting by the window. “There room for me up here?” He teased as I sat down next to him.

“But don’t you want to sit in the back with everyone?” I asked shooting him a confused look.

“Not when you’re up here.” He smiled, pulling a headphone out. “Music?” He offered.

I nodded my head and slipped it into my ear. I felt his head lean against my shoulder as we began to take off and closed my own eyes to try and catch up on whatever sleep I could. I don’t know what’s changed with him, but suddenly he’s not ashamed of our relationship. Of being seen as my boyfriend. I mean I know that most people on the bus can see us, but that doesn’t mean word won’t get out! It may not sound like much, but in eight grade sharing headphones and falling asleep on one another is a big deal!

When the bus finally pulled into the school lot and we slowly got off the bus I saw a few people standing on the town field off property, all decorated with big cameras.

“Quickly!” Principal Flores demanded trying her hardest to create a wall with other teachers. “Keep it moving!”

“What’s happening?” I asked as me and Mark rushed into the school with students following behind us.

“You’re happening.” Mark giggled. “Did you forget you’re not just Oli anymore?”

“I guess so.” I shrugged. As we headed towards our homeroom students who were standing around waived or said Hi to me. At first I waived back, but after the first two or three I began to ignore them. I don’t like this. I don’t like attention. I liked when no one really spoke to me. I liked when I was just another student.

“Oliver!” Mr. Rose exclaimed as me and Mark stepped into the room. “That was a killer song you wrote over the break.”

“Yeah.” I mumbled, keeping my head down and walking towards my seat.

Mark couldn’t help but laugh at how uncomfortable I had grown. “Teacher’s pet.” He teased.

I rolled my eyes and discreetly faked like I shot myself, causing him to laugh even more.

“Hey Oliver.” Tommy Anderson began, walking up to me. “I’m having a birthday party this weekend and I wanted to if you could come.”

“No.” I quickly shot down looking at him. “You hate me.”

“I don’t hate,”

“Well I hate you.” I interrupted, waiving him away. “Now go.”

“Ouch.” Mark remarked, making sure it was loud enough that Tommy could hear him.

“Can you believe that?” I sighed, looking over at him.

“Yeah.” He nodded his head. “You’re famous now. Everyone’s going to want to be seen with you.”

I gulped hard as I thought it all over. Is that why the bus driver was so nice to me? Is that why Mr. Rose gave me a big hello? Is that-is that why Mark was okay with being seen with me?

“I, yeah.” I nervously began. “Is, is that why you laid your head on my shoulder in front of the whole bus?” I forced out, not even wanting to know the answer myself.

Yet as I looked over I saw pain entering his eyes. “No.” He quietly shot down. “Is that what you think?”

“I-I don’t know.” I shrugged. “Everyone already being so weird to me today.”

“Oh.” He exhaled, looking down at his desk. “So you think I’m like them?”

“No!” I quickly tried to recover. “I’m just, it’s just, today’s confusing.” I tried to comfort. “I’m sorry Mark, I just, I wanted to make sure.”

“It’s okay.” He forced out, but I could tell my doubts had hurt him. “I promise I’m not.”

“I’m so sorry.” I continued, as guilt seeped into my mind.

“It’s okay.” He nodded but the look in his eyes told a different story.” I get it.”

“I-I need to pee.” I grumbled, stepping up and walking to the door. “Mr. Rose, can I use the bathroom before homeroom starts.”

“Sure thing, just make it quick.” He shrugged with a forced smile.

“But Mr. Rose you never let anyone go before,” Another student began to protest as I walked out of the room.

I anxiously made my way down the hallway but before I could slip into the bathroom a girl’s voice called out for me. “Oli!” She continued. “I just spoke to Mrs. W and we got an A on our science project.”

“That’s great Wendy.” I dismissed with a waive.

“Aren’t you excited?” She teased. “You like never get A’s.”

“Yeah.” I rolled my eyes. “Shouldn’t you go to homeroom before Mr. Rose blows a gasket?”

“Who cares.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Are you and Mark Roberts really dating?” she disappointedly asked.

“Look Wendy.” I began to lash out. “It’s cool you like my song but,”

“Wait, you think I’m talking to you because of your song?” She asked. “That song sucks! My dad likes it and that’s, uck!” I rolled my eyes and went to slide into the bathroom but she grabbed my arm before I could. “Did you forget that I chose you as my science partner before you got all famous? When not even Mark Roberts would!”

“That’s cause he had a girlfriend.” I rolled my eyes. “Besides Mrs. W doesn’t let us work together anyway, she’s worried I’m going to get him in trouble.”

“Yeah, well I chose you just the same.” She warned me.

“Only because you have a crush on me.” I grumbled.

“Nuh uh!” She insisted with a blush. “well kind of, but also because you’re cool.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes once more and pulled away from her grip.

“I’m serious!” She swore. “I’m so sick of the girls in our class. They’re such, such, bitches! They always talk behind my back and I’m sick of it!”

“So then what do you want from me?” I sighed.

“Something different.” She shrugged. “You don’t’ talk behind anyone’s back. You say whatever pops into your mind and I, I want that.”

“But I’m dating,”

“That’s fine, we can just be friends.” She offered with a smile.

“Okay.” I nodded my head. “But that means you’ll get in trouble every now and then.”

“Good.” She smiled. “I need a change of pace.”

I nodded as she began to walk away and I finally was free to enter the bathroom. I quickly entered one of the stalls and wiped my phone out, before calling Ryder. Come on! Come on! Just pick up already!

Oli?” He grumbled, clearly just waking up. “Aren’t you at school?”

“Yeah.” I forced out. “I just,”

Is everything okay?” He interrupted, as his voice suddenly jumped awake.

“I don’t know.” I admitted. “I, everyone’s treating me differently.”

“Oh.” He sighed. “Everyone’s heard the song?”

“Yeah.” I sighed. “Can you come pick me up?”

“Nope.” He decided. “I had to deal with the same thing, and it, it gets easier. You just have to grin and bear it at first.”

“Is there anything I could do to make it easier?” I asked as he thought it over.

“Teddy freaked out at everyone.” He giggled. “Stood up on stage at homecoming and cursed out the teachers and students. Now I’m not,”

“Thanks Ryder!” I clicked off, rushing out of the bathroom and back to homeroom. “Mr. Rose,” I bravely began. “Can I talk to the class?”

“Sure.” He quickly nodded, figuring it had to do with music. “Boys and girls, Oliver Haner has an announcement for us all.”

Everyone in the room grew quiet and quickly sat down, eager to hear what I had to say. “So you guys have probably heard my song Revival,” I began as heads began to nod. “Well unless your name is Mark Roberts or Wendy Fuller, don’t talk to me!” I announced. “I don’t have time for all your fake shit! None of you liked me before, and most of you made fun of me for my music anyway! So leave me the fuck alone!”

“Oliver Haner!” Mr. Rose shouted.

“You too!” I began turning to him. “You don’t even like me, but one song hits the radio and it’s ‘Hi Oliver!’” I mimicked causing the class to laugh.

“Principal’s office! Now!” He shouted as things quickly fell back to normal.

I happily held my head high but before I reached the door heard a clap starting. “Mark Roberts!” Mr. Rose began in a strict voice. “Stop that now, or you’ll be joining him!”

I stopped and watched as he bravely held his head high, before I knew it Wendy stood up and followed him. “That’s it!” Mr. Rose shouted, starting to lose control. “Now you both get to join him!”

I slid around the corner and patiently waited for them both. The second Mark stepped out I embraced him in a big bear hug. “I’m so sorry I doubted you Mark.”

“It’s okay.” He giggled, hugging me back. “How much trouble do you think we’re in?”

“You guys will just get a detention.” I shrugged. “But I used the f-word so I’ll get two or three and a call home.”

“You know the system pretty well, huh?” Wendy teased as I let Mark go.

“Why did you help?” Mark asked, turning and staring her down.

“Me and Oli are friends now.” She shrugged. “He’s funny and I like him. Why? Afraid of a little competition Roberts?” She teased causing him to blush.

“No!” He cried out.

“There’s not competition.” I comforted in a giggle. “She is kinda funny though.”

“Thanks.” She nodded as we began the short walk to what felt like our doom. “You’re not so bad yourself Haner.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her words. I’ve been sent to the principal’s office a lot of times in my life, but this time is by far my favorite. I looked over to my two friends and felt my smile grow even wider. There are going to be a lot of fake people coming out of the wood work, but I have a feeling these two won’t be part of them. I finally have friends to call my own. I finally have a family outside of my family.

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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You did it again, great chapter. I hate sounding like a broken record, but I really enjoy your writing and you character development. Just to set the record straight, I am an avid reader. Right at this moment in time I am t adding 5 stories on here as well as two books on kindle. That might seem a bit extreme, but that’s me. As well as reading I have also written two plays and have a book I need to get published and stump. I hope that puts more  credibility in my comments. You are a good writer. Again you tied up some loose ends and gave us answers to some questions. This story does not need to ever end, you may have a full time job, carrying the story forward with Olie and Ryder and Teddy and on and on. I appreciate all the postings you have been making recently. I hate having to wait for the next installment. You are keeping my frustration at a medium :-)

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What a contrast between The Barn, an adult venue, and school, a bastion of immaturity led by an ineffectual Principal.  ;-)


As has been mentioned, it should be interesting to see how said Principal treats Oli after he name-dropped her on national TV. It’s a good thing that Mark and Wendy will be there too. Witnesses in case Ms Flores behaves badly!  ;-)

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I loved this chapter... Us Jersey boys keep it REAl! Oli had every right to call out the fake sh*t. ✌️ 

I love the dance. My baby Oli is becoming a man. 😂

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1 hour ago, Wesley8890 said:

Omg she is totally the new Liz!!!

I was gonna mention the same thing.  Oli has his Teddy and his Liz.  Now he just needs to find a Blake and he will truly be Ryder Jr. 😆 

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6 minutes ago, glennish said:

I was gonna mention the same thing.  Oli has his Teddy and his Liz.  Now he just needs to find a Blake and he will truly be Ryder Jr. 😆 

No mini-Mike?  ;-)

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Dammit Ryder...good advice for the wrong person lol.

But props to Oli for calling the class/school on their shit

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Oliver’s been growing up/ changing rapidly of late . So it’s good to see him back in his element , at what he does best ( besides his music ) namely , detention. For a good cause though and with real friends by his side.

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I look forward to reading each chapter! I'm happy that Oli has a group of friends he can trust. Cant wait for the next chapter!

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I think I'm becoming addicted to Oli chapters. (Ryder, Teddy, please help me!)


 If anyone felt concern that Oli would experience stage fright, think again: He shows Messiah "how it's done" and "felt like a freakin' rock star" while doing it. 


 I love that Mark is on the menu for dinner, as the  Haner family scrutinizes him at the table. He is no longer just Oli's childhood friend, he is  Oli's boyfriend, and they want to know him better.


I love Oli's growing confidence:  Not only does he kick ass on stage, but he also kicks up his heels off stage, as he has the courage to ask Mark to dance in public (with a little help from the band on hand placement).


 Wendy is a great addition to the cast:   She liked Oli before he became famous, and she is willing to talk back to him--which is really what he needs at this point in his life. (Yes, I concede that she's a mini Liz.)


 Has fame changed the way that Oli thinks?  Not on your life! He is actually uncomfortable with the attention. He also does not suffer fools gladly, and his speech to the homeroom was classic Oli. Kudos to Mark for giving him a standing ovation, and kudos to Wendy for her show of solidarity. At least now, Oli realizes that he has some true friends going forward--to the principal's office and beyond!

Edited by travlbug
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I don’t like his political views, but I was imagining Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear saying:

2 hours ago, travlbug said:

…to the principal's office and beyond!


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Your last paragraph says it all. We all need a friend, or friends, who likes us for us and family who loves and supports us. Lucky Oliver to realize he has that. Thanks.

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