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The Hidden Ones: Resurrection - 8. The Haner Boys


I felt my fist clench as the door slammed shut behind me. This is always like him! He never makes time for anyone! It’s all about him! It always has been, and it always will be! I’ve been stupid these past few days for thinking I was wrong. He was just pretending to be there for me so I’d take his side while he fights with mom and dad. After all, if he did care, he would’ve at least answered me but instead all I got was a ‘be good!’ and a slammed door.

“Your brother’s going to save someone’s life.” The tall women grabbing his chair let out. “You should be very proud.” I crossed my arms and refused to speak. “Want to help come make rounds with me? It’s really fun, I,”

“He can stay.” I heard Ryder insist. “All my therapy was this morning anyway.”

“You sure you don’t need time to rest?” She asked, looking from me to him.

“All I do is rest.” He sighed, letting his weight fall back into bed. “It’ll be good to have some company for a while.”

“And you’re sure Teddy is okay with this?” She asked, looking more to me than him.

“Trust me.” Ryder nodded his head. “It’s okay.” He seemed so certain as he said it. As though he and Teddy had some sort of hidden way of communicating.

She let out a deep sigh and slowly walked back towards the door. “If you need anything just come find me okay Oliver?”

I nodded my head but once more didn’t speak. “Don’t be so hard on your brother.” Ryder tried to comfort as the door finally shut. “It’s not like he blew you off for something stupid. He’s performing surgery right now.”

“He still could’ve answered my question.” I grumbled, letting my eyes fall to the floor. I get it, he’s a doctor, he saves people! But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have time to say yes! It doesn’t mean he could just blow me off! The answer was no, I know it was.

“Trust me, I know your brother, he loves you.” Ryder exhaled, trying to get more comfortable in his bed.

“Do you know him?” I forced out clutching the bottom of my seat. “Because everyone keeps saying he’s changed since he was a kid.”

Ryder slowly nodded his head and carefully thought it over. “That’s true, he’s not the Teddy I used to know.” He admitted. “But there are some things in life that never change. And for Teddy, that’s how much he loves his family and friends.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his answer. I can’t believe my brother even has Ryder Sullivan fooled! Teddy’s so full of shit! He makes you believe in him, makes you put all your hope in him just to let you down! “You don’t believe me?” Ryder asked, seeing the doubt in my eyes.

“No.” I pouted, crossing my arms even tighter. “I know my brother. He only cares about himself.”

“He’s saving someone’s life right now.” Ryder repeated, trying his hardest to draw my eye contact. “I’m not even being dramatic, he’s literally trying to save someone’s life right now.”

“Doesn’t mean he cares about them.” I forced out, still not looking up. “He just likes all the attention he gets after he does it.”

“I see.” He exhaled, staring up at the ceiling. “Did Teddy ever tell you about me?”

“Not until a few days ago.” I confessed, slightly looking up to see what he was playing at. “Why?”

Ryder shrugged his shoulders and turned back, finally getting the eye contact he was looking for. “Just wondering. How about I tell you about him?” I cautiously nodded my head, and scooted a little bit closer. “I used to hate your brother, like full on despise him. I’d avoid him in the hallway when we were in school and badmouth him any chance I got.”

“Why?” I couldn’t help but ask, now fully enwrapped in what he had to say.

“Because just like you I thought he only cared about himself.” He shrugged, nearly repeating me word for word. “I thought he used people to get whatever he wants.”

“He does!” I interrupted, too impatient to let him make his point.

“I thought so too.” He reminded me. “Until a few days after I first met him. How much have you listened to my music?”

I couldn’t help but force a nervous gulp as our eyes locked. “I-I know every single song.” I admitted. “I’ve heard them all a million times.”

“Then you know I have pretty bad depression.” I quickly nodded my head, hungry for more. “Well it can get really really bad. I’ve had so many people walk out in my life because of it, even after Messiah blew up.” He paused for a second thinking it all over. “But there was one day back when we were kids I’ll never forget. I was trapped in bed thinking about my first band,”

“Society!” I yelped, eager to show him how big a fan I was.

“Society.” He nodded with a forced smile. “And I knew we weren’t going anywhere. Everything just felt so pointless. I was getting bad grades in school, my music was failing, I had no friends, just, nothing was working.” I went to stop him, noticing how upset he was getting but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just need to know what he’s going to say. “Then suddenly my bedroom door cracked open and in walked a kid who looked just like you. When I get depressed, I don’t talk much. I just lay in bed and stare off into my own head.” He exhaled. “But that kid didn’t care. He sat down right next to me and talked his head off for as long as possible.” A smile slowly filled his face as he spoke. “And then before he left he crouched down in front of me, combed the hair out of my face and called me hot. That was the moment I knew I was wrong about your brother. That was the moment I fell in love with Teddy.”

Suddenly I felt small bumps line my arm as though it was cold outside, as though my body didn’t know what to do with itself. “Well he tricked you.” I forced out, not caring that my mind was telling me otherwise. “He’s selfish.”

I couldn’t help but freeze in my seat as Ryder let out a small laugh. “You’re certainly Teddy’s brother.”

“What’s that mean?” I grumbled, looking away from him and down to the ground.

“It means you’re stubborn just like he is. Once he started talking to me he refused to stop. No matter what I said he was just way too hard headed.” He explained, once more trying to get me to look at him.

“Because he’s annoying.” I muttered, finally looking back at him.

“Maybe he is.” Ryder shrugged his shoulders. “But if he wasn’t Messiah wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be alive right now.” I gulped hard once more as I heard those words. Teddy really did all that? Teddy really helped Ryder that much? There’s no way he’s talking about my brother. It just, it can’t be! “Anyway, enough about Teddy. What about you? I take it you don’t play lacrosse like he did?”

“Ew.” I let out. “My dad tried to get me to, but I hate it. Chasing around a ball just seems so pointless and stupid.” Ryder nodded his head in support of what I was saying. “I, um, I-I have a band.” I nervously forced out. “It’s stupid, I know but,”

“It’s not stupid.” Ryder quickly interrupted. “I wish I had a band.” I couldn’t help but laugh at his words. “What type of music do you play?” Did he really just ask me about my band? Does he really want to know?! “Well go on.” He nodded.

“We um, we play like, well I wanted to play metal like you but my friends don’t like it.” I finally managed, trying my hardest to fight through my nerves. What was that stupid thing Teddy said? Act like he’s one of his old friends? It’s just like talking to Blake, just like talking to Blake. “They don’t let me play my drums and they said my voice isn’t good enough to sing metal, so we play punk music.”

“Voice isn’t good enough?” He repeated, shooting me a confused look. “You’re only what? Twelve?”

“Thirteen.” I quickly corrected.

“Thirteen.” He nodded his head. “You won’t know what style works for you for years. The most important thing you can do is keep training it.” I anxiously mimicked his nod, shocked by the idea that Ryder Sullivan was giving me singing advice. “Sing for me.”

“Wh-what?” I forced out.

“Sing for me.” He repeated, but backed off as he saw the color disappear from my face. “What if I sing then you sing?” I fearfully shook my head no, scared off by the pressure of singing in front of my idol. “Well one day you’re going to sing for me, is that a deal?”

“Yeah.” I quickly smiled. “Can I ask you something about Teddy?”

“Mhm.” He hummed, but before he could say anything else I heard the door behind me open.

“Oliver!” My mom yelped, standing in the doorway. “Come on, we have to go.”

“But mom,” I tried to argue, but the second I turned around I realized she wasn’t in an arguing mood. “Goodbye Ryder.” I forced out, taking another long look at him. He’s so much bigger than I thought he was going to be and kind of immature too. The way him and Teddy teased each other, it was like they were still children. Yet still, he’s so much nicer than my Dad said he is. He’s so much more loving than they tried to tell me he was. Even here in a crazy house he’s more focused on talking to me than saving his energy. If he hurt Teddy it’s because he thought it was for the best, now I’m certain of that.

“Bye buddy.” He let out, reaching out and giving me a soft high five.

“Oliver! Now!” Mom shouted, not in the mood for games.

“Hi Mrs. Haner.” Ryder let out, as I dragged the chair towards the door.

“Mom!” I quietly scolded as she ignored his greeting.

“Come on.” She waived, but as I stood in front of her I refused to move. “Oliver! I’m not playing these games! Let’s go!”

“Go ahead Oli.” Ryder encouraged. “Your mom has every right to be mad at me. I really am sorry Mrs. Haner.” As I heard the creak of Ryder rolling over in his bed I couldn’t help but shoot my mom a death stare. How could she be this uncool! He just tried to kill himself last week. The least she could do is be nice to him!

“I thought we were supposed to forgive people.” I muttered as I walked past her.

“For your brother’s sake, you better hope that’s how this works.” She lectured, grabbing me by my ear as I put the chair in the waiting room.

I couldn’t help but cry out in pain as she started walking me away. “There’s a cop right there, isn’t he supposed to stop this!” I let out, trying my hardest to escape her hand.

“Sorry mini-Haner.” The cop let out, overhearing my comment. “I was best friends with Teddy growing up so I know better than to mess with your mom! You should probably learn that too!”

“Does everyone know Teddy?!” I exclaimed as she pushed me into the elevator. I could see flashes of anger in her eyes as she anxiously tapped her foot. “It’s not his fault.” I forced out, looking away. “I asked to see Ryder.”

“Doesn’t mean he had to listen.” She mumbled, grabbing my hand instead of my ear and pulling me out of the lobby and into the parking lot. “I can’t believe he would be this stupid! Leaving you alone with him! God!”

“It’s not his fault!” I repeated in a louder voice. “I-I threw a tantrum.” What the hell am I doing? Why am I lying? “I refused to leave the car until he took me to meet him, and then when he got called into surgery I did it again.”

“Oliver!” My mom shouted as we both stepped into the car. “Phone! Now!” She reprimanded as I hesitantly pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to her. “Why would you do that to him? Did all the things me and your father told you about Ryder Sullivan and your brother go over your head?”

“But they were nice to one another.” I insisted. “They were teasing and laughing! Teddy even knew what he was going to say! Ryder said,”

“Enough!” She cut off as I shrunk in my seat. “I don’t care what it looked like to you. Ryder really hurt your brother, and you forcing him to sit with him on his day off, it’s just cruel Oliver!” I let out my head slam against the window as she pulled out of the lot and headed home. “Are you even listening to me?” She asked but once more I stayed quiet. “Oliver!” She shouted. “You’re on my last nerve lately, do you understand that? Me and your father really don’t know what to do with you anymore!”

“Sorry.” I finally forced out, not know what else to say.

“Sorry isn’t good enough!” She lectured. “You always say it then go ahead and,” Her words turned to noise in my ears as she began to shout. Yell, yell, yell, that’s all people do to me! My teachers, my parents, my brother, no one ever just sits me down and talks! I’m so sick of it! The only person that’s tried is Teddy, but even then he lost his patients with me! I don’t get it! I just want to talk to people. “And you’re not to say a word of this to your father!”

“I won’t.” I forced out, trying my hardest to pacify her.

She shook her head and quickly walked from the car to the house. Whatever, I don’t need her right now! I can take care of myself.


The second I was sure she was upstairs I ran into the basement and to my drum kit. Teachers, parents, bullies, brothers, they can all go fuck themselves! I threw on my ear protection and quickly picked up my sticks. No matter what they say to me, no matter how much they call me a problem child or pussy, they can’t touch me when I’m behind this kit. No one can.

As I began to drum away I felt all my worries fade. Everyone can hate me as much as they want, I don’t care! I am loud! I am a problem! I don’t know where the line is! But you know what? I don’t give a fuck! No one knows how to talk to me! No one knows how to listen to me! But behind these drums I can make them listen. No one can ignore me. No one.

“Hey little drummer boy!” My dad shouted slowly walking down the stairs. “Why don’t you take a break so we can talk?”

I begrudgingly let my sticks fall into their holder and took off my headphones. “Why?” I asked, skeptically staring at him. I thought mom said we weren’t supposed to tell him!

“Your school called about your incident in detention today.” He sighed, taking a seat on the couch and staring me down. “You and your brother think you can cover it up?”

“He was going to tell you.” I lied. Why do I keep taking his side! He left me! “It’s really not that big of a deal.”

“Watch the attitude Oliver.” He scolded, preparing himself for a fight. “You beat up a kid then bragged about it. I don’t know about you, but in my book that’s a big deal.”

“He was trying to take my headphones!” I yelped a little louder than I intended.

My dad let out a long sigh before standing up. “Oliver.” He disappointedly shook his head. “Why does everything have to be a fight with you?”

“I didn’t mean to yell.” I quickly let out. “I was just excited. I-I’m a loud person!”

“You’re grounded for the weekend.” He decided with a nod of his head. “It’s always excuses and lies with you, and I’m just not getting into an argument about it tonight.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, throwing on my ear protection so I wouldn’t have to hear any of his words as I went to my room. The second I reached it I slammed the door behind me. This is exactly what I’m talking about! I didn’t mean to yell at him, I swear I didn’t! I can never do anything right. I’m just too much of a fuck up.


A few hours passed of me just lying around and listening to music until I saw my door slowly open. “Oli?” I heard the voice of my older brother let out.

“No!” I shouted, waving for him to leave. “Go away!”

“I’m sorry I left you.” He exhaled, ignoring my cries. “Can we talk?”

“No!” I repeated as he began to approach anyway. “I don’t want to talk to you!” I tried to kick him as he took a seat on my bed but he caught my foot and let it go.

“Mom apologized about your tantrum at the hospital today.” He began, trying his hardest to get me to look at him. “That’s pretty cool of you to lie for me.”

“I just did it so you’d take me to meet Ryder again.” I lied, refusing to look up at him.

“You’re such a bad liar.” He laughed, laying a hand on my arm. “Sorry they found out about what happened in detention. I told them I would handle it.”

“Dad grounded me anyway.” I grumbled. “So consider it handled.”

“He grounded you because you yelled at him.” Teddy sighed, squeezing my arm then letting me go.

“I didn’t mean to.” I confessed staring at the posters on my wall. “I just, I get excited then I get loud.”

“Trust me, I know.” He laughed. “You’re the loudest person I’ve ever met in my life.” I forced my face even further from him as I heard those words. “It’s not a bad thing. Before you Liz owned that crown.”

A few seconds of silenced passed before I finally looked back at him. As our eyes met I saw a combination of pain and exhaustion on his face. A look he only shows after long heartbreaking shifts in the E.R. “I don’t want to be a problem.” I let out. “I, why don’t mom and dad know what to do with me?”

“Where’d you hear that?” He asked as surprise entered his face.

“Mom.” I muttered, quickly turning back away from him.

“Well me and mom need to have a talk.” He decided as he rose to his feet. “You’re not a problem Oli. You’re loud and crazy and just, all over the damn place. But you’re my little brother and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I stayed quiet as he slowly reached the door. “And for what it’s worth, Ryder was right. You are important to me.”

I couldn’t help but clutch my pillow tightly as I heard the door shut behind him. Stupid Teddy. I don’t care if I’m important to him, he-he’s not important to me. I, none of that matters to me. I looked over at the only picture I had of us and shook my head. Yet as I looked at his face I saw exactly what Ryder was talking about. There he was, holding four year old me with a proud look in his eyes. I wiped away a stray tear and buried my head in my pillow. Stupid Teddy! Just, stupid Teddy!

“What is it dear?” I heard the muffled voice of my mom let out followed by the door of Teddy’s room closing. I quickly jumped to my feet and snuck out of my room and across the hall, desperate to hear how they planned to handle their little ‘problem’.

“What’s the matter with you?” I heard Teddy let out in an angry voice.

“Excuse me?” Mom asked, matching the intensity in his voice.

“You heard me.” He doubled down, too old to still be afraid of his mom. “How the hell could you tell Oli you don’t know what to do with him?”

“I was mad okay? He’s not like you were.” She sighed. “He doesn’t listen when we yell, or respond to being grounded. No matter what we say or do, he just does whatever the hell he wants.”

“It doesn’t matter what you were, that’s going to stay with him forever!” He shouted, instantly silencing her. “You know what I had to do at work today? I had to save a woman from a car accident only to tell her her husband didn’t even make it to the hospital.” I could hear emotion crack in his voice as he spoke. “What if that was Oliver? What if you lost him and the last thing he thought was that he’s a burden?” She grew quiet as the gravity of his words hit. “I would never forgive you for that.”

“I’m not going to sit here and get lectured by you.” She finally argued back. “You’ve barely done anything with him over the past thirteen years. You treat him like he’s some sort of plague.”

“You’re right, I’m not innocent.” He confessed. “But the last thing I’d ever do is make him think he’s worthless or a problem. I, sure he hates me,” Teddy sighed. “and he knows I haven’t been around for him, but I’ve tried my hardest to make him know that it’s a problem with me, not him.”

“I really hope you’re enjoying riding on your high horse.” Mom barked, trying her hardest to drag Teddy down. “But do I have to remind you that you left him with a suicidal drug addict?”

“I know what I did.” Teddy confidently let out, not backing down. “I left him with Ryder because I had to, and I knew the hospital staff would keep checking in on him.”

“That doesn’t make it okay.” She argued, refusing to give up. “God only knows what Ryder told him!”

Teddy let out a long groan as he heard those words. “Didn’t you just tell me I should pursue Ryder?” I felt my heart skip a beat as I heard those words. Pursue? Pursue! I knew there was something between Ryder and Teddy today! I just knew it!

“That doesn’t mean leave your teenage brother with him! Tantrum or not, you need to be more responsible than that!” She pointed out, refusing to let him find a way out.

A few minutes of silence passed as I heard a few squeaks between their chairs. At first I thought I just couldn’t hear what they were saying until finally I heard Teddy let out a deep breath. “Leaving him with Ryder was the most responsible thing I’ve done in years.” He finally spoke. “You should’ve seen them. I-I’ve never seen Oliver listen to anyone the way he listened to Ryder. I haven’t seen Ryder smile as much as he did since we were kids. You want to label Oliver a problem child. Fine. But Ryder is the king of problem children. He knows how to handle them, and today you admitted you don’t.”

“I don’t need to take this!” She shouted. I went to run but before I could get away the door swung open and slammed me right in the head. “OLIVER!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. “Yo-you’re out of control today! Were you seriously just listening in on us?”

“I-I don’t know.” I let out, pretending to be injured. “The door hit me so hard I just,”

“Drop it.” Teddy exhaled, leaning over and seeing right through my act. “Get your ass in here.” I let my head hang low and slowly made my way into his room. “Why don’t you go take a break mom?” Teddy asked as our mother followed close behind me.

“Are you kidding me?” She asked in shock. “What you don’t think I’m a good mother?”

“I think you’re a great mom, the best out there.” He sighed, looking up at her. “But all you’re going to do is yell at him and look where that’s gotten us.”

“I won’t yell.” She surrendered, taking a seat at his desk. “I’ll just sit here and observe.”

Teddy slowly nodded his head and patted right next to him on the bed, signaling for me to take a seat right next to him. “Come on.” He forced out as I slowly made my way next to him and sat. “You want to explain what you were doing?”

“I was listening to you two.” I confessed, not daring to look up at either of them. “But you guys were talking about me. I should get to know what you’re saying.”

“We were talking about you.” He nodded his head. “But we were talking about how to help you. It’s not like we were saying mean things about you. I wanted to talk to mom in private, and some of it had to do with you, but some of it didn’t. Do you kind of see why it’s wrong to listen in on us?” I shook my head no, genuinely not understanding what he was saying. “Well think of if you wanted to talk to your best friend Mark in private but I sat outside your door and listened to the whole thing, how would you feel?”

“I guess I wouldn’t like it.” I sighed, finally beginning to see his point. “But if it was about you, I wouldn’t blame you.”

“I think you would.” He pressured, trying to get me to look up from the floor. “Like I said we weren’t talking crap about you, we’re trying to figure out how to help you. We all want what’s best for you, but we can’t get to that point if you’re eavesdropping on us. It means you don’t trust us.”

“I do trust you.” I quietly forced out.

“What’s that?” He asked, lightly tapping the bottom of my chin with his finger.

“I do trust you.” I finally confessed looking up at him. “But I-I don’t like being yelled at.” I nodded my head and looked towards my mom. “All you do is yell at me, and I don’t like it. It just makes me angry.”

“Oh.” She exhaled, carefully observing me. “I’ll try not to yell at you from now on, but that means you have to start listening, okay?”

I nodded my head but as I looked back at Teddy I could tell he knew it wasn’t going to last. I’ll try my hardest, but some rules are just stupid. Sometimes I just have to push the line to see what will happen, and sometimes I have no idea I crossed it in the first place! It’s just who I am. “What did you mean pursuing Ryder?”

As soon as I asked that question I felt a still tension fill the air. Mom looked to Teddy to answer, but Teddy quickly deflected it back to mom. “A few days ago your brother asked if he should try and be friends with Ryder again. And I-I told him that if he thinks that’s what’s best for the two of them that he should go for it.”

“Then why’d you yell at him for leaving me with Ryder?” I asked, my curiosity already starting to get the best of me.

“Because even though your brother is learning to trust Ryder again it doesn’t mean I will.” She exhaled, looking over at Teddy. “And yes I support them being friends, but that doesn’t mean I want you alone with him.” She explained shifting back over to me. “Because I don’t know what he’ll do or say, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Why are we lying to him again?” Teddy suddenly let out. “Just so he can find out the truth on his own and get mad at us again?” My head instantly shifted to Teddy as my mom began to sternly stare him down. “I’m sorry mom, but he’s not a little kid anymore.”

“We just had to explain eavesdropping to him, you really think that,”

“I knew what eavesdropping was.” I interrupted, folding my arms. “I just didn’t know why it was wrong if you’re talking about me, and now I do.”

“We have to talk to him, if we don’t he’ll always be confused.” Teddy urged looking from my mom to me. I watched as he slowly stood up and went through a few of his draws until finally he handed me an old photograph. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw an old picture of my brother in front of the ocean holding Ryder closely. Teddy was wearing his normal bright colored outfits while Ryder wore a black shirt with a bright blue bathing suit. I mean I know how close they were but still, seeing them together, it just blows my mind.

“This was taken in twenty-seventeen and that’s the Ryder Sullivan I knew.” Teddy began once more in a brave breath. Even through the pain and exhaustion of his day he’s still going to go down this rabbit hole with me. He’s still going to try and help me understand. “When I first met him he was painfully shy and quiet. We would fight every damn time I tried to talk to him.” Teddy laughed in an almost sad voice. “Then one day he came over to apologize for a fight we had, and before I knew it I was teaching him lacrosse and falling head first for him, and he was falling head first for me.”

“Oh! He told me a story like that! He said one day he was depressed and you called him hot, and that’s when he knew he loved you!” I blurted out, too excited to keep it in. “Sorry.” I quickly apologized, realizing I had already started to misbehave.

“It’s okay.” He nodded as a soft smile overtook his face. “If that’s the night I think it was, that’s the fight he apologized for. I um, he never told me that.” Teddy confessed, smile growing stronger. “That summer we learned a lot. He learned how to talk to new people, and I learned not to care what people had to say about me. It wasn’t just a summer fling like dad says. Like I told you before we were really talking about getting married.” I started to impatiently kick my feet, not because I wasn’t interested just because it’s all stuff he’s told me before. “You already know he cheated on me, and I already told you it was because he was sick. But it hurt a lot Oliver.” He exhaled as our eyes met. “I wasn’t the same for a long time after it, I still don’t know if I am.”

“Then why go after him again?” I asked. Teddy couldn’t help but let out a short laugh at my question, knowing how hard I’d been pushing for him to give Ryder a chance. But now that it’s actually happening, now that I actually know how much he hurt him, I don’t know if I get it. Don’t get me wrong I want it to happen, and I know Ryder isn’t that evil person they say he is, but I don’t want Teddy to get hurt anymore.

“Because I’m starting to think I’m not the same person, not because he hurt me, but because I don’t have him with me.” Teddy confessed, shocking both me and my mom. “The relationship we had back then wasn’t healthy. He, he was very sick, he still is, and as a result he heavily depended on other people, and now that the people are gone he depends on drugs.” He began to explain. “But I’m not much better than he was. Mom and Dad tried to warn me but I depended a lot on him too. I was almost as bad as he was, I still don’t understand why, but I just, I need him with me.”

Teddy stood up and crouched in front of me. “There’s going to be a time in your life when you meet a boy or girl that will flip your entire life upside down. It, you’ll love them more than anything else in the world. When you find that person, never ever let them go, understand that?”

I slowly nodded my head shocked by everything I was hearing. “So you’re forgiving him?”

“I’m trying.” I softly nodded my head. “And he’s trying his hardest to help me get there. I-I can’t promise anyone I will, but I know I have to at least try. Holding onto anger isn’t healthy Oliver, and neither is lying to yourself about who you love.” I felt his hands slowly begin to wrap around mine. “So now you know everything. You heard me say I loved Ryder, and you heard Ryder say he loved me.”

“He said he still loves you.” I couldn’t help but let out freezing him in his tracks.

Teddy slowly nodded his head, trying his hardest to wrap his head around my words. “What do you think of him?” He asked, but I could tell he knew what was coming.

“He is the coolest person ever!” I let out, not bothering to hold anything back. “He, he’s so sick but he was so nice to me. He spent all his energy telling me about you and him, and then he asked me about my music! He even wanted to hear me sing!” Another smile grew on Teddy face as he heard those words. I don’t know why, but I could tell it was important that I liked Ryder, and that Ryder liked me.

“What’s going on in here?” Dad asked, slowly opening the door. “Having a family meeting without me?”

“Just talking about my detention.” I sighed, trying my hardest to throw on a sad face. “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I really didn’t mean to.” I let out, not even needing to be told to keep Ryder a secret from him.

Dad proudly smiled and nodded to Teddy, figuring he played an important role in the apology. “It’s okay buddy. We’ll do a better job of communicating with one another from now on, sound fair?” I quickly nodded my head along to his words. “Good, now come on dinner’s just about done.”

I waited a little bit for both he and my mom to begin walking so I could stay next to Teddy. I couldn’t help but give him a push as we both walked out of his bedroom and into the hallway. Stupid Teddy! Trying to help raise me. What does he think he’s going to do? Make me behave? An involuntary laugh escaped my lips as he returned the shove. He’s big, stupid and mean, but that’s my older brother, that-that’s my hero.

To hopefully get a jump start on a question I know a few of you will have, I don't know how many Oliver chapters there will be. This is still Ryder and Teddy's story, so I don't imagine that many, but sometimes the chapters flow very easily into his perspective, and I think it's good to see an outside perspective on the two of them. Especially from someone who didn't experience their relationship.

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

2 minutes ago, mrbossmant said:

How many chapters from Oliver's perspective are we going to get? :P

Every single one from here on out ;)

Edited by Aceinthehole
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Oliver is almost the kid Teddy & Ryder should have had after Teddy graduated from high school and they got married. Explaining things to Oli helps them begin to understand things better themselves. Oli is a catalyst for changes in Teddy & Ryder’s relationship. (Kind of like how your car’s catalytic converter transforms toxic gasses into cleaner air.)  ;-)

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2 minutes ago, mrbossmant said:

Sorry could not resist 

No worries, it’s all in good fun!

Edited by Aceinthehole
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Lord help us. These are some pathetic parents who need to be parented. Absolutely no communication skills. Mrs. Haner broke rule #1, you don’t say he’s not like you. Teddy has been a crappy brother, but he has a handle on situation. Oliver needs structure and people who listen. I’m losing patience with these reject parents. Time to pull your heads out of your asses.

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Oliver's POV for this chapter was ideal.  Both Teddy and Ryder got to hear how the other feels about them from an unbiased source, and Oliver found out some information about his brother he didn'r know.  Loved the "mini-Haner" comment from Mike.  It sounds like Oliver may be hearing about another of Teddy's friends, I wonder if he will put 2 and 2 together and connect what Ryder said last chapter about a "civil war" with Mike?? 


Now to the parents!!!!  Utterly Clueless.  If I were to hazard a guess I would almost believe that Teddy was parenting them while he was growing up instead of the opposite.  You cannot be best friends with your child, you have to parent and these two are horrible.  Especially comparing Oliver to Teddy, It was bad enough last chapter when the teacher did it. 

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1 hour ago, Wesley8890 said:

Mrs. Haner needs a freaking Valium or something. While she's at it she needs to give one to Harry too. Seriously Teddy is being a better parent than both of them. I loved the Ryder and Oliver scene.

By my guess, Mrs Haner is mid 50s now. Having a teenager at 40 and 55 is different especially if that teen is Oli at 13. The trouble with teens is sometimes they act there age, sometimes well beyond their years and sometimes they still need to be a kid and have a suck attack. And you never know which version you will see.


You nailed Oli. 

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27 minutes ago, BlindAmbition said:

 Teddy has been a crappy brother, but he has a handle on situation.

Teddy has been a horrible brother, but he has also been incredibly broken during Oliver's life.  I was very pleased to see the evolution of Oliver's feelings for his brother in this chapter though.

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Oh really liked the Oliver's view, it is interesting to see the crazy duo by a third person's eyes.

Still don't get what's wrong with Oliver, seems to me that someone's missed a slap or two when he was younger. I get not having everything you want, bit he admitted, even if only in his mind, that he does it on purpose, trying to stretch it a see until where he can go. Their parents aren't great now, but my guess is that they were overprotective and spoiled him when he was younger, trying to compensate for watching they're other son suffer. It happens, specially when there is such a difference in age and major events occured meanwhile... The parents see that things weren't great to the oldest and then treat the younger very different, so that he will never "get hurt, he is so young"... Sometimes the older can even resent the younger brother fire what he sees as a different treatment, although I don't think Teddy feels that.

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So happy to see bridges being mended in a more healthy way. It was good to get more insight on Oliver and why he acts the way he does sometimes. Cheers 😁

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1 hour ago, BlindAmbition said:

Teddy has been a crappy brother,


36 minutes ago, glennish said:

Teddy has been a horrible brother, but he has also been incredibly broken during Oliver's life. 

I am not sure I agree.. true, he was not the best or most present brother, but so what? With that age difference most kids would probably not even have the brother at home, or a closed relationship, as Teddy would be in a very different place in is life... He could be living half world across the country and only see the family on Christmas...

I mean, I want their brotherly relationship to get better, and yes Teddy can be better, but up to now, from what we know, Oliver hasn't been a great kid either. I am actually curious to know a bit more about him.

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Great chapter! It was good to have a chapter from Oliver's perspective. U could hear in Ryder's words how much he still loves Teddy. I think Oliver might also play a role in Ryder's recovery and sobriety. They definitely had a connection. Their mom really needs to chill out. It was really unfair for her to accuse Teddy of being irresponsible for leaving Oliver with Ryder. They were in a hospital full of doctors and nurses for god's sake! Its obvious that Teddy AND his parents have a lot of healing to do.

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This is going to come out in a jumble, no flow to it. They are just things I wanted to say:

a. I am practically expecting some thing really bad to happen to someone, but I am sending every 'Please Ace' I have that it not be Oliver,

b. I think everyone is being a bit harsh on the Mum. Yes, she is a Mother, but she is so many other things as well. I am not saying I like what she said or how she treated Oliver, but she is allowed to be Human. Look around. Hell, look in the mirror. No-one is perfect...and before you decide to jump in JT, I know that Ace said Teddy was perfect, but he really wasn't was he? We didn't have to get too far into the story or scratch to far below the surface before that became obvious. That's why it '...takes a village...', or in this case a Family. Teddy came in to balance things out

c. I really like that Nurse. Can't remember her name right now

d. Not sure how I feel about the whole Family keeping any type of secret at all from poor Harry. I know that sometimes the specific secret may warrant it, but this particular secret and with Harry? Just doesn't seem right

e. keep waiting to see what's up with Mike? There has got to some reason he is back and so close to the action...

Loving this story. Thanks!

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13 minutes ago, Sweetlion said:


I am not sure I agree.. true, he was not the best or most present brother, but so what? With that age difference most kids would probably not even have the brother at home, or a closed relationship, as Teddy would be in a very different place in is life... He could be living half world across the country and only see the family on Christmas...

I mean, I want their brotherly relationship to get better, and yes Teddy can be better, but up to now, from what we know, Oliver hasn't been a great kid either. I am actually curious to know a bit more about him.

Oliver is 13 years old and Teddy didn’t know that parents weren’t honest about Ryder. That shows lack of communication. Sure Teddy has a demanding job, but he’s still in the house.

The mother would have been about 36 when Oliver was born. Oliver is the way he is because the parents checked out after Ryder. It’s clear that Oliver hears Teddy this and Teddy that. acknowledge the poor kid as his own person. Be present for him.

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1 hour ago, glennish said:

Teddy has been a horrible brother, but he has also been incredibly broken during Oliver's life.  I was very pleased to see the evolution of Oliver's feelings for his brother in this chapter though.


Bear in mind he’s a great deal older than Oliver. Older siblings tend to have their own lives and that can take them out of the equation to a degree - it’s different than growing up together.  Teddy has been pursuing his own goals and career while dealing with emotional fallout.  Sure he could have made more of an effort but “horrible” and “crappy” are a bit much, in my book. 

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I’ve been thinking: if we took Ryder out of the equation, how many parents would want their thirteen-year-old being left in a patient’s room in the psych ward?



But their mother’s reaction to finding her baby boy, Oli, in Ryder’s room was justified in her mind because that only multiplied that discomfort! She wouldn’t have been happy with Teddy no matter who the patient was! She would have wanted her baby to be doing his homework in Teddy’s office or at least a quiet lounge or waiting room.  ;-)

Edited by droughtquake
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Teddy’s parents did a great job with him , but they were so much younger , and not dealing with seeing their son put his life together again and the changes that wrought in him. Seems the honesty they shared with Teddy , took a backseat with Oliver and now the consequences are coming due . Teddy is at least 13 years older than Oliver , went to Med School , did  internships , residencies etc , where would he find the time , energy or inclination to be the perfect brother and best friend to Oliver? Despite all the water under the bridge , it seems Teddy , Ryder and Oliver may just be good for each other . I have a feeling too , that  Mike is not merely a meaningless placeholder in the developing story . 

Edited by deville
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20 minutes ago, deville said:

 Teddy is at least 13 years older than Oliver , went to Med School , did  internships , residencies et.al , where would he find the time , energy or inclination to be the perfect brother and best friend to Oliver?  


This.  So much this. Factor in Oliver being...Oliver.  But I don’t want to be super hard on him either - is there a possibility there’s some kind of emotional issue or is it just lack of social skills/awareness?

Edited by Israfil
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