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The Hidden Ones: Resurrection - 17. Oliver the Mad


I couldn’t help but smile as I looked over at the posters on my wall. I used to fall asleep dreaming of meeting Ryder Sullivan. Fantasizing about getting to play even one song with him. But now he lives here, and I’ve already played a song with him! Hell, I’m giving him albums of music to listen to!

However he’s not at all the man I thought he was. He’s not big and intimidating the way they make him look in his music videos and on T.V. He’s not all that wild either. He’s actually been really quiet since he got here this morning. I know he’s in recovery, but still! I thought shit would really kick off when he got here. But me, well I guess I’m still the loudest in the house!

“Oliver!” My mom shouted. “Dinner’s ready! Get Ryder and Teddy!”

“TEDDY! RYDER!” I cried out walking down the hall. “DINNERS READY!”

“I could’ve done that!” My mom disappointedly yelled back.

“Then why didn’t you?” I shrugged, hearing Teddy’s door open behind me.

Before I knew it a large hand landed on my shoulder. “Hey kid.” Ryder let out as we all walked down the stairs. “Eavesdropping on me and your mom wasn’t cool.”

“Sorry.” I quickly gulped looking up at him. “I didn’t mean to, I was just coming downstairs and well, I couldn’t stop myself.”

“We’ve already spoken about this.” Teddy groaned in a tired voice. “Remember our whole conversation about trust?”

“Yeah.” I quickly nodded my head. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.” Ryder exhaled letting go of my shoulder and ruffling my hair.

I couldn’t help but smile as he stepped in front of me. He’s so damn cool! My eyes seemed to zero in on the black ink that covered his right arm. Intricate designs of angels and demons fighting laid on it, while his left arm boasted three thick blank bands and designs of destruction and chaos all over it. The only color shining through was a small pride flag beneath all the destruction.

I felt a nervous breath escape my lips as I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother staring at me. “Oliver, have you apologized to Ryder?”

“He did.” Ryder answered for me before giving me a quick pat on the back to apologize to my mother too.

“Yeah, sorry mom.” I quickly nodded. “We talked about it on the way downstairs.”

She nodded her head but kept her eyes on me. “You’re on thin ice Oliver.”

I nodded my head but before I could say anything my father stepped into the kitchen. “Hey dad.” I quickly let out, knowing I could hide behind him for the rest of the night. “Ryder’s helping me become a better drummer.”

“That’s great.” He forced out in a monotone voice.

“You’re still yet to sing for me though.” Ryder spoke up, trying to ignore my dad’s tone.

“I totally sung for you.” I defended, thinking back to our performance together.

“You sung with me, not for me.” He teased with a forced smile.

“Okay, if you play a song with me tomorrow I’ll sing for you.” I negotiated with a devious smile.

Ryder turned towards Teddy who gave him a quick head shake. “Sorry kid, doctors orders.” He shrugged.

“Okay, but what if you just sit and play guitar?” I offered, trying my hardest to find a work around. “You were jumping up and down and singing this afternoon.”

“You were doing what?” Teddy asked in a strict tone.

“Like I told you, I just got a little carried away.” He shrugged, trying his hardest to escape Teddy’s wrath.

“I’m going to hide every instrument in this damn house if I need to.” He warned looking from Ryder to me.

“Okay, but in theory just sitting and playing wouldn’t raise my heart rate too much.” Ryder shrugged. “Besides doesn’t this thing on my wrist show me it? If it gets too high I’ll just stop.”

“I know the two of you, and I know that neither of you are mature enough to make that decision.” Teddy warned, staring us both down.

“Okay, but hypothetically if he says yes, what would you want to play?” Ryder asked, giving me a quick wink.

“Since your band for today is Dream Theater,” I began starting to think it over. “Let’s play Panic Attack tomorrow.”

My dad let out a short laugh as he heard my suggestion. “If you can play Panic Attack I will buy you that new drum set you’ve been asking for.”

“Harrison!” My mom reprimanded beginning to stare him down.

“He’s not going to do it.” Dad shook his head. “That’ll take him a good year to learn.”

“I already have the whole beginning down, I just need the rest of it.” I shrugged. “I guarantee I can learn it by the end of the month.”

“I don’t know.” Ryder joined in. “I’ve seen that song give grown men issues.”

“Alright,” I sighed looking over at him. “Then how do I learn it?”

“Keep running through it over and over again.” My dad suggested, slightly annoyed I wasn’t asking him. Ryder nodded his head along with the answer, but I could tell he was holding something back. “You disagree?” Dad asked, finally looking over at Ryder.

“No.” Ryder lied with the shake of his head. “That works.”

My dad rolled his eyes and moved back slightly in his chair. “Go ahead Ryder.” Mom interjected. “Harry could use being taken down a step.”

Ryder uncomfortably shifted in his chair before finally looking back at me. “Break it into pieces.” He finally began. “Like practice the first bridge over and over again until you’ve got it down perfect then move onto the next.”

“And that helps?” I asked, narrowing in my eyes.

“It’s how I learn hard songs I want to cover.” He nodded his head. “It’s always helped make it doable.”

My mom laughed as a smile began to overtake my face. “Uh oh.” She let out. “That’s all he needed to hear.”

I saw my dad roll his eyes at the conversation as he slowly began to tune everyone out. “Will you help me practice tonight?” I asked, trying my hardest to bring him back into the conversation.

“Me?” He asked, slightly surprise.

“Yeah.” I quickly nodded.

“If you want.” He agreed fighting off a small smile

“Will you help too Ryder?” I spit out hoping that I could somehow bring them together.

“I think I’m going to hang out with Teddy tonight.” He shrugged. “Maybe I’ll come down to check out your progress though.”

“Wow.” Teddy let out, faking surprise. “My boyfriend picked me over my brother? I thought I was going to have to wait a few days for that to happen.”

“Oh shh.” Ryder hushed lightly elbowing Teddy. “You’re the one who told me to go play with Oliver before.”

I rolled my eyes and looked down at my food. I don’t get it. What does Ryder see in Teddy? How could he fall for such a killjoy? But still, I’ve never seen Teddy smile this much. It’s like they’re always having fun together. Even when they fight it’s like they’re just teasing one another. If this is what they’re like when Ryder’s trying to get better, what are they like when he’s healthy?

The rest of dinner dad stayed quiet as mom tried her hardest to make Ryder feel welcome. I don’t get it. How can mom be so cool with him and dad be so angry about it? I mean I thought my dad was the relaxed one! What the hell is happening?

Before I knew it I was sneaking off to the basement to escape into my own world. “Give me good rhythm old man.” I instructed as my dad took one of his guitars off the rack. “Something aggressive to warm up to.”

“You got it.” He nodded as I slowly began to loosen up. A sinister fast paced riff filled the air fueling my arms and feet as I began to drum away.

I can’t explain what this small kit means to me. No matter where I go noises distract me. It can be anything from the chirp of a cricket all the way to the pounding of a jack hammer. It doesn’t matter how loud or quiet it is, it just rips my thoughts away from where I want them to be. Yet when I’m drumming, when I’m the one making noise, no one can distract me. It’s too loud for my mind to wander. Too loud to think about anything else.

As I followed Ryder’s instructions I could feel myself starting to improve. Before I knew it I was moving faster than I ever had before. The loose grip allowed the sticks to jump to life in my hand without ever actually coming loose. And when I was ready to practice my new goal, well I still ran into problems! But hey, at least I feel more comfortable. At least I feel like I can nail this!

My dad couldn’t help but laugh as I kept messing up the same part over and over again. There’s just something about this song as it leaves the first chorus. A point where I have to smoothly transition from hitting the snare to a double ride on my cymbals then right to more cymbals and toms, but I just can’t do it! There isn’t enough space on my kit! I swear there isn’t!

“Double ride giving you headaches?” Ryder teased as he led Teddy down the stairs.

“Kind of.” I shook my head pushing one of my headphones off my ear. “I just can’t transition off it smoothly! And my dad’s riff isn’t helping! I just need to put the song on or something.”

“I’m playing the song.” My dad defended. “You just need more practice.”

“No, I need more pieces.” I complained. “Plus I’m out growing this one. The new one has so many octobans and cymbals! It’s like twenty pieces!”

“It’s also like extremely expensive.” My dad reminded me. “So until you prove you can play it properly you’re just going to have to make do.”

I threw my head back and let out a long groan. “A good drummer doesn’t need a bunch of pieces.” Ryder spoke up. “All they need is rhythm.”

“That’s a bunch of B.S. and you know it.” I shook my head. “If I had more cymbals I could learn sooo much.”

“What do you even need cymbals for?” Teddy asked. “I thought you wanted more actual drum stuff.”

“Drum stuff?” I repeated in a grown. “Ryder, how can you date him?”

“I don’t know. I have the patience of a saint.” He teased lightly bumping Teddy with his shoulder. “But I get what he’s saying. Going from three cymbals to six can make a big difference.”

“Especially for me!” I yelped looking over at my dad. “Can’t you just get me the new kit and then I can prove I know how to use them.”

“Absolutely not.” My dad shot down. “We have a deal. So unless you want to wait for your birthday you better get learning.”

“But Christmas is in a week and a half!” I yelped. “Can’t I just put it on my list.”

“Nope.” He shook his head. “That’d be a thousand dollar item Oliver, and I know for a fact you haven’t behaved well enough for Santa. You’re just going to have to earn it.”

I let out another long groan but this time Ryder took a few steps towards me. “You know, growing up I didn’t have much. I had two guitars and a hand-me-down keyboard from a cousin, until I could finally pay for my own stuff.” He sighed looking into my eyes. “You don’t need all the fancy stuff to be a good musician, and sure, like I said having cymbals makes a difference but you have a crash, a ride and a hard hat. I know you can play something good on it.”

“I still don’t get it.” Teddy shook his head.

“Show him.” Ryder shrugged taking a step back towards Teddy.

“Yeah me and my three cymbals will show him alright!” I bitched before sitting up and starting to ride away on the bigger one. I quickly switched between them to force as much variety as possible before I finally started tapping away at the kick drums.

Before I knew it I was starting to play something a bit hip hop then quickly reversed it to eighties rock before going all in with my normal progressive rock style. With a devious grin I looked up at Ryder and began to effortlessly play one of Messiah’s biggest hits. The more I wanted to show off the sloppier I could feel myself growing. My stick twirls soon became a hazard as they nearly escaped my grip.

“We get the idea!” My dad shouted, noticing how much my technique was dropping off.

“Understand now?” I asked, looking right at Teddy.

“I guess.” He shrugged, still not sure what to make of it.

“Your brother is a very smart drummer.” Ryder began before I could complain more. “He was using those cymbals to imitate other styles and give himself a dynamic sound.”

“But he loves heavy metal.” Teddy shook his head. “Why do you want to play other styles? I thought you wanted to be a rock star.”

I let out another groan before shaking my head. “Because drumming isn’t just one genre.” I let out. “I want to be able to change it up constantly. I want to be able to play whatever I want. If you were an artist you wouldn’t use only one color right?” I asked trying my hardest to get Teddy on my side. “So why would I only play one genre?”

“Is this the same kid who can’t stop getting detention in school?” Teddy teased as he faked surprise.

“That’s because school is boring but drumming,” I let out starting to pound way at my kick drums. “It’s freakin’ art.”

Teddy shot our dad a cautious look before shaking his head. “He’s totally playing it up so you’ll cave and buy him what he wants.”

“Maybe.” My dad swayed his head. “But he’s always talked about his style like that. It’s why his band won’t let him drum. He switches it up too much on them.”

“So you’ll get me the new set?” I asked trying my hardest to shoot him a puppy dog look.

“Nope.” He shook his head. “Not until I see you play Panic Attack.”

“I’m trying to ride on a crash symbal here!” I yelped confusing Teddy even more.

“Alright this is way over my head.” Teddy surrendered. “I’m going to go watch House Hunters or something. You coming?” He asked looking toward Ryder.

“Yeah, but real quick Oli.” Ryder began as he stared at me. “Play me the style you would play if you were famous.”

“I mean like I told Teddy, I don’t want one style.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Not even if you were in a metal band?” He pressured seeing what he could draw out from me.

“I mean I mostly play a progressive style so it would work.” I sighed. “But they’d have to deal with me drawing stuff from pop or hip hop or rap. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is as good as metal, but why not change it up a bit?”

Ryder nodded his head but patiently waited for me to give him one last solo. I took in a breath and closed my eyes but this time when I played I let myself get lost in it all. I didn’t play any one genre, no, this time I mixed them like I had been talking about. I let my sound prove what I wanted to do. Prove what a good drummer I was.

As I finished up I couldn’t help but smile at the look on Teddy’s face. That’s right. Contrary to what you think I’m actually a good drummer. This is actually something I understand. A field I’m actually smart in.

Ryder gave Teddy another bump as they both turned and headed up the stairs. “I don’t get it,” I let out as the door shut behind them. “What’s your problem with Ryder?” My dad rolled his eyes at the question but stayed quiet. “How can mom be so cool with him while you hate him?”

“Because your mother is letting herself be blinded by hope.” He shook his head. “Hope that everything will work out. Hope that Ryder’s learned his lesson. Hope that they’ll somehow get a happy ending.”

“But you don’t think that?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Not a snowball’s chance in hell.” He denied. “Even if he does get better, they’re different people than they were. They’ll see that and break up.”

“Well I don’t see it that way.” I let out. “I think they’re gonna make it.” He rolled his eyes once more but began to play guitar before I could say anything else. I think mom’s right. I think he just feels guilty from whatever happened back when they dated. He’ll get over it soon enough. After all, I’ve never seen him hold onto anger for more than a day or two!

As my practice wound down and I went back upstairs I couldn’t help but study Ryder and Teddy on the couch. As Teddy yawned Ryder discreetly reached over and pulled him closer. It looks so natural to both of them, just like it does with my parents. And my mom, she didn’t even bat an eye. I guess Ryder and Teddy were right. My parents won’t care who I bring home.

“Oliver.” My mom called out finally noticing me. “Go shower and get ready for bed, it’s a school night.”

“But mom, I,”

“Now.” She sternly let out sitting up in her chair.

“We’re going to bed soon anyway.” Teddy nodded. “You’re really not missing out on anything.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, slowly starting to climb the stairs.

“Good night Oli.” Mom called out, trying to get me to turn around.

“Night.” I forced out instantly receiving it back from the other two in the room.

That night I slept like a baby. Maybe it was all the drumming or the excitement from the day, but whatever it was I was worn out! When I finally woke up and got ready for school I could hear a small fight breaking out from downstairs.

“I’m not a damn babysitter.” My dad argued in a strong voice.

“I’m not asking you to babysit.” Teddy replied trying his hardest to match our father’s intensity. “I just need you to check on him once an hour. He’s going to be asleep all day anyway, he doesn’t feel good.”

My dad went to say something else but as I stepped in the room everyone grew quiet. “Just check on him dad.” I finally chimed in, refusing the let the debate stop just because I was there.

“No.” He stubbornly shook his head. “I don’t want to.”

“Fine, then I’m not going to school.” I shrugged. “I don’t want to.”

“Do you see the example you’re setting.” My mom yelled walking over to my father. “You’re going to check on Ryder once an hour or you’re sleeping on the couch. And you,” she began looking over at me. “You’re going to school or you’re sleeping outside.”

“I was just trying to prove a point.” I sighed as I heard my bus pull up outside the house.

“Oliver.” She began again. “You missed breakfast because you slept in.” She groaned forcing a brown bag in my hand. “Now go, your hunger will teach you your lesson.”

“I don’t even like breakfast.” I muttered as Teddy stood up and began walking me to the door.

“Don’t fight with her, you’ll only get yourself grounded.” He quietly warned. “And thank you, for helping with dad.”

“I wasn’t doing it for you you butt.” I teased as he opened the front door. “I was doing it for Ryder.”

“Matters all the same to me.” He smiled, giving me a push out the door. “Have a good day at school.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I forced out slowly heading to the yellow vehicle and climbing on.

“You’re late Oliver.” The bus driver scolded. “Next time I’m leaving you.”

“Sorry.” I forced out, biting my tongue and starting to walk towards the back of the bus.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She started up again. “You know you’re not allowed to sit in the back of the bus.”

“Come on, I’ll behave I just want to sit with my friends they’ll,”

“Sit in the first row or get off.” She warned beginning to stare me down.

“Whatever.” I groaned sliding in the booth and throwing on a pair of headphones. I hate adults! They’re all the same! Always yelling at me without actually listening. Always making snap judgments and ordering me around because I’m young. One day I’ll make them regret it, I swear I will.

When we finally pulled up to the old school building and headed to homeroom I couldn’t help but walk right up to my bandmates. “I think you guys should consider making me drummer.” I boldly started. “Ryder Sullivan is working with me on drumming, and I’m learning a lot.”

“Okay Oli.” Tyler rolled his eyes. “I’m sure he is.”

“He is.” I insisted. “My brother’s dating him.”

“Yeah and Beyoncé is my grandma.” He teased drawing laughs from the rest of our band.

“Come on.” Colin chimed in. “We’re a week away from battle of the bands. It’s too late to change anything up. If we don’t come in first then we can talk about changing things up.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, realizing it probably was too late to start changing things around.

“And you don’t have to lie to impress us.” He let out. “It’s not like you aren’t a part of the band already.”

“I’m not lying.” I argued feeling frustration boil. “My brother is dating Ryder Sullivan. You saw the press conference where my brother talked about saving his life and then walked off when they talked about them dating.”

“He walked off because he didn’t want to fuel false rumors.” Tommy Anderson chirped in from a row over.

“No one’s talking to you.” I spit, not even bothering to look at him.

“It doesn’t matter, we’re all sick of you lying all the time.” He taunted standing up at his desk. “No one here even likes you. You’re such a fucking loser.”

“Because you have so many friends Tommy.” I let out, giving it right back to him.

“I do actually.” He smirked. “Unlike you. What do you have? These three pussies who don’t even like you and Mark Roberts? What an army you’ve built.” I went to speak but before I could he started laughing. “Oh and your buddy Ryder Sullivan.” He mocked drawing laughs from the class.

“You’re just jealous because you wish you got to meet him.” I shrugged, trying my hardest to blow him off.

“Why would I be jealous that your brother’s a fudge packer?” He asked finally starting to strike a nerve. “There’s no way he’s dating Ryder Sullivan, and even if he is I bet Ryder’s just using him. I bet Ryder fucks him in the ass all night long. I bet he fucks you in the ass too you faggot fan boy.”

“Why don’t you come over here and say that to my face?” I asked, jumping to my feet. “I’ll fuck you up just like I did last week!” I shouted, looking around at the class. “Or did you all forget that? I beat him so bad he was crying for his mommy.”

“Yeah well it’s a new week.” Tommy let out rising to his feet. But still, I could see fear in his eyes. His face still wore scratches and cuts from where my fists had landed. Reminders that he should stay in his lane.

“Then come get some.” I dared matching his anger.

“Oliver Haner!” Mr. Jacobs shouted walking into the room. “Do you want to go to the principal’s office again?”

“Me?” I let out in a shout. “Tommy started it! You should’ve heard what he said!”

“It’s not polite to point fingers.” Mr. Jacob’s lectured. “Both of you sit down and behave or you’ll both be out of here.”

“Fine.” I grumbled falling back in my seat. I kept my head down until finally I saw my best friend Mark finally enter the room, no doubt late from talking to his stupid girlfriend.

“You look pissed.” He teased grabbing the seat right next to mine. “What happened?”

“Tommy Anderson ran his mouth.” I grumbled. “I swear to god I’m going to kick his ass when lunch rolls around.”

“Don’t do that.” Mark shook his head with a smile. “You’ll just get suspended again, and I hate not having you around.”

“What does it matter, you have Jess.” I grumbled, refusing to look at him.

“So, you’re still my best friend.” He shrugged. “Just, relax. For me?”

“Fine.” I caved finally looking over at him. His light brown eyes and freckles always found a way to get to me. They just, it, it confuses me so much! I-I’ve seen so many girls I like but it’s so much different with Mark, he’s just, just, different.

As class finally began I tried my hardest to focus but just like all the days before every little noise distracted me. Tapping of pencils, whispers from class mates, lockers shutting in the hallway, it all just got to me.

“Mr. Haner.” Mr. Jacobs let out. “What do you think?”

“Uh.” I let out zoning back in and realizing I didn’t even hear the question. “I think you’re right.”

“So you think animals and plants use energy the same way?” He asked in a sigh. “Boys and girls this is exactly why you need to be paying attention. Education is only as worthwhile as you make it.”

I began to shrink in my chair as stifled laughter and eyes fell one me. Once again for the people in the back, I HATE adults!

“Oliver the retard.” I heard Tommy spit to a few people in the back row.

I grew quiet and angrily bit my lip as I waited for the first locker break of the day to roll around. As the bell finally sounded and we made our way into the hallway I felt my anger finally break. “Hey Tommy.” I let out, unable to fully control myself.

“What do you want you pussy?” He asked but as he finally turned around I caught him across the face with a punch.

“That’s for calling my brother a fudge packer.” I let out in anger. “And this is for calling me a faggot.” I shouted jumping on him and catching him with another fist.

I may not be Teddy’s biggest fan, but no one, and I mean no one talks shit about my older brother except for me. As the red in my eyes finally began to fade I saw blood dripping from my hands and covering Tommy’s face. Before I knew it large hands pulled me off of him. Tommy went to stand up but quickly fell back down. Before anyone else could do anything I made sure to spit right on him.

“Oliver Haner!” My teacher shouted, shoving me away from the scene. “Principal’s office NOW!”

“You caused this.” I let out turning to him. “You told me not to point fingers, so I didn’t. I took it into my own hands.”

“That’s enough!” He yelled. “Now go!”

I shrugged my shoulders but happily walked away from the scene. Like I give a fuck. Like anyone would care if that was me lying there. I did what I had to to make sure the bullying stops. The first time I kicked Tommy’s ass people were quiet for days, now they’ll be quiet for years.

As the principal saw the blood on my hands she let out a deep sigh and waived me to the bathroom. When I finally got back to her office I refused to speak until one of my parents got there. I’m not going down for this. I’m not getting in trouble for what Tommy started, or for my lazy ass teacher not doing his job.

“Oliver,” My mom let out as she entered the room. “What did you do?”

“Stood up for myself.” I proudly held my head, finally breaking my silence.

“You call concussing another student standing up for yourself?” The principal asked in a furious tone. “This is your second fight in two weeks Oliver.”

“It’s Tommy’s second fight too, but let’s keep acting like he’s innocent.” I shrugged, refusing to show any remorse.

“Do you see what I’m talking about Mrs. Haner?” She asked. “He constantly gets himself into trouble then refuses to be sorry about it.”

“Are you even going to ask me what happened?” I asked with a shake of my head.

“Watch your tone.” My mom grunted pinching my ear then letting it go.

“What happened Oliver?” The principal dismissively asked.

“Tommy called my brother a fudge packer and me a faggot.” I explained, crossing my arms. “Then he said my brother gets fucked in the ass all night and I probably do too.”

“I-I don’t believe that.” The principal exhaled, finally starting to take the situation seriously. “If it did happen you should’ve told Mr. Jacobs.”

“I tried to.” I calmly let out. “He told me pointing fingers is rude.”

“Well I don’t believe that for a second.” She repeated looking towards my mom. “I think it’s time for Oliver and River Edge Middle School to split ways.”

“Absolutely not.” My mother shook her head. “You’re just going to reject his story off a whim? You’re not going to call in any other students and get their side? You’re not going to talk to his teacher about this? My son is a lot of things, but he is not a liar. I mean really? Fucked in the ass? They’re thirteen years old! They should have no idea what that means!”

“I will but,”

“But nothing.” My mother exhaled finally reaching her breaking point. “I have a grown man stuck in bed at home because his bullying was so bad in this school system it still has him all messed up. I’m sure he would hate to see that it’s still happening. Actually I’m sure he would love to go to the press with it.”

“The school has perfect standing with the local press, they won’t take such slander they,”

“I’m not talking local press.” She interrupted once more. “Because I’m talking about Ryder Sullivan, and we both know he hasn’t shied away from putting this school and Hudson in the spotlight.”


“Oh I’m not done yet.” My mother shook her head. “If you do not do my son justice we will be suing this school on grounds of hate speech. I know for a fact Oliver didn’t make up the name calling, and the f-word is not something that’s allowed anywhere in my household.”

“I’ll talk to other students.” The principal quickly nodded her head. “But for now Oliver is suspended for three days. I-I’ll call when we have all the information and update you, but I think its best you leave before the Andersons get here.”

“Do your job.” My mom warned as I stood back up. “And Jacobs better be reprimanded for not doing his job. If he would’ve stepped in none of this would’ve happened.”

“I’ve got it handled.” She sighed eager to get us out.

“You better.” Mom scoffed, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me out of the small office and to the front doors.

“Just the woman I wanted to see.” Tommy’s mom let out as we walked out of the school “Your child is an animal. You should lock him in a cage.”

“Yeah well your child isn’t exactly an angel.” My mom shook her head.

“At least my child’s never concussed anyone!” She shouted back. “We will be pressing charges.”

“Be my guest.” Mom angrily laughed. “Because we’ll be countering with a hate speech suit. I don’t know what kind of household you run, but your son shouldn’t even know the word faggot.”

“You’ve always been such a bitch.” Tommy’s mom let out walking right past us.

“At least my boobs are real!” My mom fought back as I had to choke back a laugh.

“Now I see where Oliver gets his charm.” The other woman sneered, slamming the door behind her.

I stayed quiet as we got in the car and began the slow trip home. “Am I in trouble?” I finally spoke, scared to know the answer.

“Were you telling the truth?” Mom asked. “And be honest, because we’re going to find out either way.”

“Swear to god.” I nodded my head. “He also called me a retard when I didn’t know the answer to a question. I-I had to do something. He can’t just talk about me and Teddy like that.”

She let out a long sigh before glancing over to me. “You and your father will have a long conversation about it back home, but if what you’re saying is right I don’t see any need to punish you.”

“So what I did was good?” I asked as a small smile overtook my face.

“No, no it was not.” She shook her head. “I didn’t see Tommy, but from what I heard it couldn’t’ve been good. You can’t solve all your problems with your fists, but I am proud you stood up for yourself.” She explained, trying to show me where the line was. “Like I said your father can talk to you about that.”

Okay, maybe I didn’t handle it perfectly. But I’m still damn proud of what I did. I’m Oliver Haner. I’m crazy, and out of control but I’m not going to be anyone’s victim. I’m not going to let anyone make fun of me. I’ve seen what it did to Ryder Sullivan, and I’m not letting history repeat itself with me.

Quickly link I almost forgot. Since I mentioned the song like ten times here is the drummer who wrote it showing how it's played. As always I just share it for fun so you can have a real look at what I'm trying to describe.


Dream Theater- Panic Attack

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Mom steps up again! She wasn’t going to let the Principal scapegoat Oli. She knew how to threaten to use Ryder Sullivan’s notoriety against the Principal. And she knew using Ryder was not an empty threat either! Ryder could still bring unwanted international attention on Hudson’s poor track record on protecting LGBTQ students.  ;-)


Has Oli been tested for ADHD or ADD? Being easily distracted is a symptom of several things including ADHD/ADD. There might be therapy strategies or medication that could help Oli with his concentration.  ;-)

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Oliver and Tommy are like oil and water they just don't .They just ignite and blow up. Apparently it's like mother like son.lol

Edited by Bushman60
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Oli's viewpoint is a bit frustrating: While Teddy has already said that Oli is a "pretty incredible" drummer and while Ryder (in this chapter) says that Teddy encouraged him to play with Oli, Oli himself feels that Teddy doesn't appeciate his talent ("contrary to what you think, I'm actually a good drummer").  He doesn't understand what Ryder sees in his brother but defends their relationship to Harry. He doesn't seem to respect Teddy as a doctor and discounts the nice things that Teddy does for him, but he'll become fiercely protective and fight in his brother's defence at school. Deep down, I'm sure that he loves Teddy, but their relationship is still broken.  I sure hope that Ryder can help to fix it.

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16 minutes ago, travlbug said:

He doesn't seem to respect Teddy as a doctor and discounts the nice things that Teddy does for him, but he'll become fiercely protective and fight in his brother's defence at school. Deep down, I'm sure that he loves Teddy, but their relationship is still broken.

Isn’t everybody’s 18-year-older brother the head surgeon of the local ER?  ;-)

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Travlbug Said:

He doesn't understand what Ryder sees in his brother but defends their relationship to Harry. He doesn't seem to respect Teddy as a doctor and discounts the nice things that Teddy does for him, but he'll become fiercely protective and fight in his brother's defence at school. Deep down, I'm sure that he loves Teddy, but their relationship is still broken.  


Oli's relationship with Teddy doesn't seem broken to me. Fighting when you are together and standing up for each other to others - seems downright solid to me. Oli has lived in the shadow of the family dealing with Teddy's pain from Ryder without ever understanding that pain. He is right to feel a righteous resentment and anger but every chapter has shown that in spite of it all they care deeply for each other

Edited by Rndmrunner
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Omfg! Go oliver! And Mrs. Haner  you go girl! I bet that principal was wetting herself as soon as Ryder's name came up. I'm sorry to say this but, if Harrison doesn't get the stick out of his ass I'm going to shove my size nines up there! Seriously, he's being a douche! 

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I don't kno how Teddy survives under the same roof as Oliver! He was right to stick up for himself, but his overall smart ass attitude is really getting on my nerves. I would have had to move out a long time ago! Oliver's parents let him get away with so much for so long, its a little late to try to change him now. Maybe if they hadn't given him everything he wanted his whole life, he wouldn't be such an ass. Yeah, he's only 13, but that's no excuse for lack of respect. .

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hey ace,


found you and this series a few weeks ago and very much enjoying it - that you have been adding such good content so quickly is amazing!


from travlbug:

"Oli's viewpoint is a bit frustrating..."


i just point out that oli is 13 years old where a lot of changes are going on, physically, socially and emotionally often resulting in males, especially, at that age not being exactly stable ;-). while oli has supportive parents and a (much) older brother for a role model, working out his sexuality can be quite confusing for those who don't fit into the stereotypical heteosexual standard.


while it may be a good thing to have oli go through some psychological testing feeding the kid drugs as a first step is concerning. i get that if oli does have add or ahd that medication may be the only way to re-align his brain chemistry and prevent any noise from distracting him, though there will be side effects - maybe unintended but likely undesired. 'modern' medication often ends up treating symptoms, not root cause, creating an expectation that drugs are the answer to everything. especially here in the usa, many dont want to put any effort into changes (stop smoking, lose weight, lower cholesterol/blood pressure, etc) and expect a pill to 'fix' the problem. ryder's abuse could be seen as self medication to escape his issues and providing drugs for oliver now could set his expectation that substances fix problems, no personal effort, sacrifice or changes required.


thank you for sharing your worlds with us!


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Fantastic chapter.... Oliver is just like his brother let me tell you. How do you think Teddy got so popular? By doing whats best for him and others. Maybe Tommy should think before he speaks?! However, there is other ways to resolve a issue. And fists only get you so far, Oliver will learn that. 


I also think that Oliver has some kind of disorder; dyslexia, maybe? Anyway, his parents should get him tested to see where he falls on the spectrum. But, even then pills will not fix what is wrong with Oliver. My mother's side of the family, they have all been on one pill or another to fix their mental disorders, or to help with cope with life. I'm not saying all medications are bad, but before you give a kid a pill make sure it will help them, not harm them.


Oliver is confused about Teddy and Ryder. He just doesnt understand how they got together, and why they are together again after all this time. If he were alive back then, and saw them together. He would understand better, but he wasnt. And no body really gave him the information, until recently..


Lovely chapter, keep'em coming <3



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I can mess with my family all day long.  Let somebody else try it and all bets are off.  Good job Oli stand proud!

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Oliver did the right thing standing up for himself as neither the class teacher who was biased and refused to listen nor the principal who should have known better and had a zero tolerance policy in place also failed her duty of care.

    You can bet your bippies that if it was a favourite student or one of their own kids  it would have been dealt with properly before it got to this stage. The school should be taken to court as even at the end of it all they are still be ing reactionary and not dealing with either side in a positive way. Plus Tommy's mum seems to be quite the piece of work also wanting to blame everyone except darling precious Tommy who does no wrong. Oh for shame!

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One other thing,Oliver wasn't supposed to tell anyone Ryder was staying there to recover etc; but he has told and let the cat out the bag which could cause trouble for them down the track. Keep a weathered eye out for cyclone or hurricane media shortly. lol

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Thankfully Oli has his drums. Without them, he could have shot up school by now. Everyone disregards him. They talk at him and don’t listen.

Of course the kid would rebel. I also feel Oli shows characteristics of ADHD. Ryder was able to let things roll off his back when he was young. Whereas Oli lets things fester.

I am so happy to see signs of the old mother. Oli is the healing catalyst for the family. The mother will be the glue to keep them together.

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1 hour ago, BlindAmbition said:

Thankfully Oli has his drums. Without them, he could have shot up school by now. 


Powerful words, but they show why music means so much to Oliver and why he idolizes Ryder so much. He sees someone who went through a similar struggle. No two people's stories are the same, but to be able to relate on a level like he and Ryder can is a potentially powerful thing.

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4 hours ago, BlindAmbition said:

Without them, he could have shot up school by now.

Metaphorically! I don’t see Harry as the type who keeps guns around the house. Especially not accessible to a thirteen year old with anger issues!


4 hours ago, BlindAmbition said:

They talk at him and don’t listen.

Isn’t that what most kids, especially teenagers, would say about almost all adults?  ;-)

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Although any level of violence is wrong , unless in self defense. I probably would have told Tommy , once I’d finished beating him , to tell everyone he and his big mouth were put in their place by a faggot !! I would sue the school anyway , threatening it is not enough , if you don’t bite no-one ever believes you have teeth. Thirteen years later and the school still seems to follow an apathetic , half arsed and blinkered policy of willful ignorance and pseudo-tolerance. I’d slap a suit on Tommy too after all ‘ offense is often the best form of defense ‘ , just ask Oliver!! 

Edited by deville
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I would agree with you suing the school but I do think the mother has a lot to answer for. Olie should have had  his mobile on record sliely as Tommy's mum was worse than an outraged mother hog gone wild. You can also bet the father isn't any chop either. So my thoughts are the mother and Tommy should be sued and so should the school as the school on both accounts should be a child safe zone.

   Tommie's Mum should have been the bigger person and not risen to the bait by the other mother. That would have looked better if she had quietly told the other woman a thing or two with loosing her cool. Plus it would have been a get lesson in how one should act when one side has no manners or what use to be called etiquette and deportment. Since it has been tossed out behaviour generally speaking has gone over the top. It begins at home but also it needs to be reinforced strongly at school and in the public.

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