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Love Of Family - 2. Night Talk

Jay and Troy explore their feelings of Levie not living there. Greg talks to Brandon about the nights events, and Greg and Levie strengthen their bond.

Damn it, that’s the second time I’ve gone to his room since we got back.” Troy flopped down on the couch, and fell against his amused looking husband. “I can’t help it Jayce, Lev really made me realize just how much he means to me.” Wiping his tears, Troy laid his head on Jaycen’s lap. “Babe you do realize he’s been as much my baby bro as he is yours since his birth? I still remember being at the hospital with you and Papa Mark waiting for him." Troy ran his fingers through his medium brown hair. "Is this what empty nest syndrome feels like? If so, it sucks.”

Jaycen shook his head, and smiled at his lover. “You’re such a Mom.” His chuckles and comment earned him a flipped bird and glare from the distraught lover. “Babe, it’s ok, I’m just teasin’. Believe me, I’m as lost as you without the kid living here. I keep remembering how we’ve always looked out for him just like he was our kid. In many ways he is our son. I think that's part of the reason Mom and Dad gave us custody before they died; as well as putting it in their Wills. That way, there could be no mistaking their intentions or sanity. Lev nailed it, when he said we’re a combo of parents and brothers.” Jaycen stopped to wipe his own tears before wrapping his arms around Troy.

I can’t believe it’ll be our tenth wedding anniversary next month. And also twenty-five years of being friends.” Jaycen looked down lovingly at Troy.

You’re the only man I want to be with, present, and future. You know, you’re my first and only lover.” Gently, Jaycen lifted Troy’s chin and shared a slow passionate kiss that set off fireworks.

Damn! Ya know, I just might keep ya if the rest of the kisses are that amazing.” Troy yelped and burst into hysterical laughter as Jaycen’s fingers kneaded the brunette’s sides.
“No fair. I’m sooo gonna get you.” Troy’s laughter increased as Jaycen’s index finger dipped and twisted in the deep belly button crevice. “No, not my belly button." The tickle induced laughter turned to shrieks, as Jaycen's scruffy chin lightly grazed Troy's sensitive neck. "Ok! Uncle, uncle I give.” Jaycen smirked, as he threw his ticklish lover over his shoulder and carried him to their bedroom. He chuckled, and lightly smacked Troy's plump cheeks along the way.

Hey, don’t spank my ass.” Troy squealed as he was tossed on the bed, and cuddled by his playful lover.

Why not? It’s what asses were made for. Well, that and being rimmed and of course for intercourse.” Jaycen wagged his eyebrows and giggled.

Troy chuckled. “Yeah, and I think yours needs some exploring tonight, after this.” Grinning evilly, he reached over, and trapped his lover's ankles. Troy started nibbling and slipping his tongue between and along the bases of the plump toes. Immediately, the room filled with Jaycen’s high pitched giggling and squeals. “Aww, my little Jay’s so cute.” Troy teased before he lightly scratched his nails up and down the soft creamy soles.

Fuck! Not the nails.” Jaycen managed to get out between the boisterous laughter. Troy rolled him on his stomach, straddled his lower back, and began kneading between his victim's ribs. Jaycen’s laughter became silent gasps, and his legs and fists pounded the mattress.

Leaning down, Troy’s warm moist tongue slowly traveled up and down the center of Jaycen's sweat soaked back. Troy loved feeling Jaycen's body as it writhed and trembled under him. After a few soft kisses and gentle bites, Troy slowly and lovingly rimmed the sweet hot ass. Thus causing his lover to softly giggle and moan in ultimate pleasure and ecstasy.


After he called his brothers to say goodnight, Levie grabbed a towel, and got in the shower. While letting himself get lost in the cleansing water, he mentally went over the next few days. Tomorrow was a full day off, and Monday he had his first day of work at the real estate office. He’d be handling the rural properties and empty farmland. The company quickly realized his potential having been raised for eight years on a very successful horse ranch. Reaching down, Levie turned the water off, and got ready for bed. Even though it was a bit early, the emotional day took it’s toll on him.


Greg had just finished brushing his teeth, when the phone rang. “Hey B. How’s your night been?” Sitting back against the headboard, Greg stretched and flexed his toes before applying their nightly coating of lotion. He wasn’t big into fashion, or the hottest tracks, but he did want his feet to be smooth. Especially since Levie was now living there. The more he pictured the adorable red head the harder he got. The harder he got, more he zoned out until he heard Brandon practically screaming to get his attention.

Bro! Where the fuck are you?” Brandon’s frustration was undeniable. “I’ve been trying like hell to find out about your new roommate.

Oh shit. I’m sorry Bran. I kinda got lost actually thinking about tonight. Umm Levie and I decided to start a relationship and to let things progress slowly as we get to know each other. And I’ve kinda been adopted by his older brothers.” Over the next hour Greg filled Brandon in on everything and how he felt. “I mean on one hand, I know it seems quick and impulsive, however on the other hand it really makes sense. By living together as we get to know one another it takes the b.s. out of dating. And he said he’d be monogamous even if I wasn’t.”

Brandon was doing his job as Greg’s honorary brother and best friend by pointing out any pros and cons he thought of. What they both realized were the cons were very few and insignificant. “Dude, my take on it is go for it. From what you’ve told me, he is your soulmate. I soo can’t wait to meet him.”

Greg chuckled “You will soon, and I’m sure you’ll end up with three new brothers in the process.” Just as he was about to say goodnight, Greg turned his head from hearing a faint cry of distress. At the same time something in his heart and gut told him Levie needed comforting. “Umm Brand, I can’t really explain it, but I gotta go. I just heard something from Lev’s room, and I’ve got this weird feeling he’s emotionally hurting. After a promise to call the next day, Greg quickly threw on his green boxer/briefs, slipped on his white ankle socks, and headed to Levie’s room.

Slowly, Greg opened the door. “Lev, you ok?” He turned on the bedside lamp, and gasped as the sight broke his heart. Greg was frozen momentarily, all he could do was helplessly watch this guy he’d started falling for shiver, and clutch a worn puppy blanket as tears streamed down his angelic face. Finally, he after forcing himself to move, Greg slowly pulled back the covers, slipped in beside Levie, and wrapped the frightened boy in his arms. “Lev wake up sweet boy. It’s ok, I got ya.” Greg’s soft voice, loving words and warm touch woke Levie from his troubled sleep.

Levie gasped and sat up, not sure of where he was until his mind realized he wasn’t alone. Turning his head slightly, he saw Greg looking at him with nothing but pure love and concern in his glistening eyes. “Thank you” Levie whispered as he buried his head in the warm chest. Neither one cared about their vulnerability showing. Greg sent as much love and devotion as he could to the smaller man in his arms.

I’m here for you baby. You don’t have to talk, just know I’m here no judgment.” Greg smoothed the sweat soaked hair, he leaned over, and gently kissed Levie's forehead. “I’m gonna go make some tea, I can bring it back here If you’d like.”

That’s ok babe, I want to sit with you on the couch and cuddle. I need to get my feelings out.” Levie smiled as Greg lightly wiped his tears and gave him another kiss on his cheek before heading to the kitchen. Levie sighed, wiped his forehead, and went to the bathroom. After washing his face, Levie slipped on a pair of grey socks and joined his boyfriend.

Greg had just finished stirring the honey in the chamomile tea when he felt Levie’s arms wrap around his waist. He was amazed how just that simple act made his heart soar. The two young men joined hands, and carried their tea to the living room.

I talked to Brandon tonight. He’s the foster brother I mentioned earlier.” Greg sipped his tea, and leaned his head against Levie’s placing his arm around his waist. “Together, we went over the pros and cons of starting a relationship and living together so soon after meeting.”

What was the outcome?” Levie set his teacup down, and reveled in the comforting embrace.

Brandon told me to go for it, and that from what I told him, he believed you’re my soulmate. And he sooo can’t wait to meet you. I told him he’d probably end up with three new brothers.”

Levie leaned back, and looked into Greg’s eyes. “Sweet, I get to adopt another brother. Hot damn! My dream of world domination by building an army of my brothers is gonna come true.” The two burst out laughing at the proclamation. “Greg, in all seriousness, my heart and gut is telling me you’re my soulmate too. Even though we just met, you holding me, and seeing me at my most vulnerable felt right. Your love and protective nature made me feel safe. In your arms I had no fear of you hurting or making fun of me and my old puppy blanket.”

Just the thought of someone hurting or making fun of Levie made Greg shiver in disbelief. He couldn't imagine that anyone could be so cruel to a guy so loving. “Baby boy, I’ll never hurt or maliciously make fun of you. You know why I was in your room tonight?”

Levie looked up at Greg and shook his head.

Just before I hung up with Bran, I heard a faint sound of distress. Right after, my heart and gut felt your emotional pain. I told B I had to go to you. When I saw you in the fetal position clutching your blanket, soaked in sweat and tears, it broke my heart so bad I was frozen momentarily. You were so frightened and alone, I had to hold you close to me.

Levie gasped hearing the depth of Greg’s feelings. Unable to hold back anymore, Levie pulled his man into a strong embrace, and landed a kiss that bound the two lonely souls together. Both boys finally pulled back heavily panting.

D-did you feel that?” Greg asked as the power of speech finally returned.

Yeah, I still want us to take things slow, but I have no doubt we’re meant to be together. Please don’t freak out, but I love you Greg Wilmont.” Greg passionately kissed Lev.

I love you too. I’m not freaked out, I’ve been wrestling with the desire to say it out loud, and was afraid you’d think it was too soon. You don’t have to answer, but are you close to your parents?”

My parents were killed in an accident when I was ten. They gave Jaycen and Troy full custody of me before they died, and put it in their Wills that they were to be my guardians. Mom and Dad were older when I was born. Honestly, they were more like Grandparents than parents to me. When they asked me what i wanted, they told me to be completely honest about how I felt about them and how I viewed their placement in the relationship. I told them I felt as if Jayce and Troy were my parents and they were Grandparents. I was shocked when my Dad looked in my eyes and told me, if I ever felt the desire in my heart to call my brothers Dads, he and Mom would completely be ok with it. He then told me how much Troy and Jay deserved that honor, and he was proud to share the title with them. They also told me their reasoning for what they were planning in regards to my future and who'd take care of me. Their main concern was they didn't feel like they had the energy to fully raise another kid. Plus, they wanted to move to the city, sell their farm, and do some traveling. They knew how much I loved my Bropop’s, working on the ranch, and with the horses. That's why they worked it out with Troy and Jayce. It really was the best decision for everyone.”

"Wow! Your parents were really cool. It's awesome they were willing to put your wants and needs ahead of their own. I mean parents always say they only want what's best for their kids, but their actions contradict the words. Your Mom and Dad actually matched their actions to the words." Greg began chuckling. "Umm what are bropop’s? I know what blow pops are but never heard of bropops.”

Levie snickered. “Umm because the bro’s have always been a combination of big brothers and parents, when I was younger, I came up with the nickname Bropops.”

Greg smiled, wrapped his arms around his boy, and kissed his cheek. “I think that’s an awesome and genius name. Do you think they’d be ok if I used it?”

I think they’d love that.” Levie stated as he returned the loving kiss.

If you’re up to another tough question, I’d love to know what your nightmare was about. If you’re able to talk about it and ok with sharing.”

Levie sighed. “I have a white stallion named Triton, when he was born his mom was attacked by a bobcat. I killed it before Triton was harmed. Since then we’ve been connected. I dreamed this time I was too late.”

Wow! I fell in love with a real prince charming.” Levie looked at Greg in confusion.


You own a white horse, and have a heart of gold. Didn’t you read fairy tales?” The two shared a look and started laughing.

Well, why don’t you hold your prince charming as we go to sleep.”

Nothing would make me happier. Just know, I’m not the damsel in distress.”

That remains to be seen.” Levie giggled and ran for the bedroom only to be caught and flung over Greg’s shoulder.

Looks like the prince is in ticklish distress.” Greg chuckled as he fingers wiggled and kneaded between Levie’s ribs, causing the hysterical boy’s squirming and squeals.

I just wanted to give a little insight into part of this story. 21 years ago, I moved into an apartment with the man I would end up having a commitment ceremony with the following year and two of his friends. Last Oct. was the 20th anniversary of our meeting and living together and the 19th year of our ceremony. Oct 2020 also marked 8 years since we went to NY and made everything legal. The strangers moving in and starting relationship the same night is my true story. As is both boys being Wiccan. My husband introduced me to Wicca.

Blessed Be

Copyright © 2021 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Greg and Levie are meant. I'm glad they have talked the pros and cons with there big brothers.

It's sad that Levi appeared to be having a nightmare, but good that Greg was there to comfort him.

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3 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Greg and Levie are meant. I'm glad they have talked the pros and cons with there big brothers.

It's sad that Levi appeared to be having a nightmare, but good that Greg was there to comfort him.

Lev's nightmare really gave Greg the chance to back up his words and feelings with actions. They're an adorable couple. 

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Soulmates, eh?

Greg and Levie seem very adorable, and I love how they've connected. Onward, to chapter three!

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