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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 3,369 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 10. Chapter 10

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be descriptions of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

Chapter 10 picks up on Friday, August 31 as the boys prepare for their Labor Day Camp out. It promises to be a fun chapter as a couple of real surprises occur over the weekend, including all six boys getting caught in their naked glory.

* * * * *

JC 10 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

At lunchtime on Friday Diego and Cameron ate lunch together as usual, and Diego explained their plans for another camping trip with the boys over Labor Day Weekend. He told Cameron about JC having gotten re-aquatinted with two of his former classmates, and that they were also taking Bobby and Jeff on the campout.

“Do those boys know they’re going to be camping out with four gay boys?” Cameron asked.

“Oh yeah,” Diego explained, “they were high school jocks, and members of the football team. During their senior year they discovered they had more in common than just football, and have been dating each other for almost a year now.”

Cameron, grinning, “So those boys are also gay?” Diego nodded.

At quitting time, Diego stopped at the bank and cashed his paycheck, then drove by the outdoor store and paid the rental on the tent and picked it up, also picking up four more tanks of propane for the camp stove. He knew that they already had most of the other equipment needed, which they’d bought before the July Fourth outing.

Arriving home to enjoy a nice dinner, thanks to Chances culinary skills, they soon headed to the market to shop, primarily for the food they needed for the camping trip. This time they went alone, leaving JC behind.

At the market they selected about the same variety they had for the previous trip, buying six steaks and six leg quarters instead of four, and increasing the baking potatoes to twelve instead of eight.

While Diego tended to taking care of the grocery items, Chance drafted JC to help load the camping equipment into the back of the Pilot. Diego took a bag of the redskin potatoes, a cucumber and a jar of mayonnaise over to Anna so she could make the potato salad for them, and she immediately went to work on it.

Benny was working, and would be arriving about 9:00 PM to spend the night with JC. Bobby and Jeff were expected to arrive at most any time to spend the night with Chance and Diego, and would be sleeping in their new sleeping bag in the office tonight.

While loading the Pilot, Chance grabbed the short-handled sledgehammer that had belonged to JC’s Dad, remembering how awkward it was to use a rock to drive the tent stakes in the ground. Diego carried the coolers into the kitchen to pack the food in the morning. Diego also proceeded to cook up a big batch of Taco Meat, and made a large bowl of guacamole to take with them. He placed both in the refrigerator to cool overnight.

Chance and JC entered the kitchen door, having loaded everything they could load, except the food, and within five minutes all three boys got comfortable.

About 8:30 a knock at the door signaled that Bobby and Jeff had arrived. Chance answered the door, inviting the two boys to enter, Bobby carrying their overnight bags and Jeff with the sleeping bag. Both boys grinned, a bit surprised that their hosts were already naked. Chance led them to the office, where they could roll out their sleeping bag, and they rolled it out together. Five minutes later Bobby and Jeff returned to the kitchen, both of them now also comfortably undressed. This group nudity thing was totally new to Bobby and Jeff, but they were both adapting well, and enjoying it.

While awaiting Benny to arrive from work, Diego prepared a pot of Mexican Hot Cocoa, and poured them all mugs of it, which they all consumed along with some store-bought cookies. Benny arrived just in time to partake of the snack, electing to stay dressed, as he and JC would soon be heading to JC’s side of the duplex. After finishing the Cocoa, JC redressed, and he and Benny headed over to JC’s to spend the night together.

The other four decided to head to bed, as they will need to be up fairly early Saturday morning to head out on their camping trip.

“Guys,” Bobby asked, apprehensively, “We haven’t had a chance to be together for a while, would it be permissible for us to do something together?”

Chance, grinning, “We already told you, we don’t restrict! Hold tight a minute.” Chance left the room, returning with a large beach towel. “I don’t know or even care what you two do together, but if you play on this, it might keep your new sleeping bag from getting messed up.” Jeff happily accepted the towel with a grin.

“The bathroom is right next to your room,” Diego added, “I’ll lay out some clean bath towels and wash cloths, in case you have a need to take showers afterwards!” The two boys grinned, Chance and Diego are awesome hosts and they have all the bases covered. On the way to their bedrooms, Chance and Diego shared hugs with Bobby and Jeff, unable to resist giving both Bobby Jr. and Jeff Jr. a loving squeeze, causing both of the younger boys to grin.

While Chance and Diego cuddled up and fell asleep in their bed, the younger boys had other ideas. Both jocks were over six feet tall, and rarely had the space to do a sixty-nine and lying on the beach towel decided not to waste the opportunity. Both of them had feet and calves extending over the ends of the sleeping bag and enjoyed giving each other head, and got each other off, with no mess on the towel, or on their bodies. Knowing they would not have an opportunity to shower again until after the camping trip, they shared a shower together, now having clean bodies to sleep in their brand new and clean sleeping bag.

Chance had set the alarm on his phone for 7:00 AM, hoping they could get breakfast out of the way by 8:00 AM and be on their way to their camp by 8:30 or 9:00 at the latest. They entered the office to wake the boys, both sporting morning wood, and noting the two tents at the center of the boy’s sleeping bag and grinned. They awakened Bobby and Jeff, announcing that it was time to rise and shine. Both boys attempted to crawl out, trying to hide their unwanted erections. An impossible task, with the size of peckers both of these boys sport.

“I hate this!” Bobby remarked, “I gotta piss like a race horse, and I’ve got this fucking morning wood!”

“You’re not alone!” Diego exclaimed, “but we’ve found an easy alternative to using a toilet, we just pee off the back porch. Care to join us?” Bobby and Jeff followed Chance and Diego, the four boys creating golden arches and watering the grass.

“Aren’t you afraid somebody will see us?” Jeff asked.

“Not really,” Chance replied, “there’s not too many people around at 7:00 AM on a Saturday morning. We do this all the time, and we’ve not been caught yet! Sometimes we pee out here even when we don’t have boners.” The boys all returned to the kitchen, Chance washed his hands at the kitchen sink and started coffee to brew. “Are you guys both coffee drinkers?” Chance asked.

“I am,” Jeff replied, “but I don’t think that Bobby does coffee.”

“If I may, could I have a Pepsi?” Bobby asked.

“In the fridge Bobby,” Chance replied, “Helpy Selfy!” Bobby pulled out a can of Pepsi and opened it, and while Chance turned his attention to preparing breakfast for the four of them, Diego started to pull stuff out of the freezer and refrigerator and stashing it in the large cooler, saving room for Anna’s potato salad. On the way out to Brian’s ranch, they would need to pick up some ice.

Diego took the two blue water jugs into the bathroom, and filled them with cold water from the tub faucet, bringing them back to the kitchen. The two strapping young studs, still naked, instinctively grabbed the water jugs and carried them to the Pilot, then returned and picked up the heavy food cooler and carried it out. Chance was impressed, these two boys definitely weren’t lazy and were eager to help in any way they could. The more he gets to know Bobby and Jeff, the more he likes them.

About 8:15 all four boys finally got dressed. Bobby and Jeff rolled up their sleeping bag and carried it out, along with Benny’s and their own that had been stored in the office closet. Chance gathered up the needed pots, pans and utensils as he’d done for the previous camping trip, adding two additional steak knives. Shortly after, Benny and JC appeared, Benny with their overnight bags and JC carrying the large bowl of Anna’s potato salad, and Diego rearranged the cooler a little to fit it in.

Chance, concerned about the boys, “Have you guys had any breakfast?”

“Oh yeah,” Benny replied, “JC’s Mama fed us pancakes and eggs, we’re good to go.”

“It’s nearly 9:00,” Chance stated, “and it’s a little over an hour to Brian’s ranch. It’ll take us at least a couple of hours to get the camp set up, and the tent assembled. I’m hoping we can get it all done by noon. There’s a Dollar General out in the middle of nowhere on the way, where we can pick up some more charcoal and some ice. I’m not sure that our grill is still in tact at the campsite, and we may need to buy a new grill.”

The boys all climbed into the Pilot, the two bigger boys next to the rear doors, and JC and Benny cozily squeezed in between them. They made the planned stop at Dollar General and picked up ice and charcoal, Diego stashing the two bags of ice in the small cooler, and Bobby grabbed a six-pack of Coke for his morning caffeine fix.

It was just 10:30 when Chance pulled the Pilot into Brian’s drive. Brian heard them pull in and came out from the back of the mobile home, followed by Michael and David, and all wearing swimsuits.

“Welcome back guys,” Brian stated, smiling, “I guess you can see the obvious, the pool is done, and we’ve had water in it for two days now. It took three truckloads of water to fill it!”

“You don’t have a water supply?” Chance asked.

“We have a well,” Brian replied, “but I didn’t want to tax it to fill the pool. I think the well can supply water to replace the water that evaporates, but I’m not even sure the well would have had enough water to fill the pool and still have water for domestic use. Clean safe water is scarce in these parts. Do I see a couple of new faces?” Bobby and Jeff both exited the Pilot.

“Brian,” Chance said, “I hope I’m not over assuming your hospitality. These are Bobby Brown and Jeff Kelly. They’re former classmates of JC’s and they recently became reacquainted with JC. Diego and I invited them to camp out with us this weekend.”

Brian, extending his hand, “Brian, Brian Foxworthy, and welcome to Fox Ridge Ranch.” Then, eyeing the two boys, “You guys could pass for football players.”

“We are, or were,” Bobby stated, “we were both players on our high school football team.”

“That’s how we met,” Jeff added, “and became very close friends. We both graduated in June, so football is now in our past, but we’re still the closest of friends.” Jeff avoided using the term of ‘boyfriends’, which is really what they have evolved into.

“These are my sons,” Brian stated, “Michael, and David. My daughter, Randi, has gone to El Paso with my wife, Ellen, to do some shopping.” The four boys shared handshakes. Just then a soaking wet Prince came around the corner, and shook, spraying water on the boys. “Sorry ‘bout that,” Brian said, grinning, “Someone else likes the new pool a lot too.”

“Prince!” Brian reprimanded, “You need to learn to shake by the pool, and not give everyone else showers!” The boys all grinned, at least the water was clean.

“Chance,” Brian asked, “did you tell these boys to pack swimwear if they want to swim in our pool?”

“He did,” Bobby answered, “and we did. We’re looking forward to having some fun in the pool this weekend.”

“Brian,” Chance stated, “Thank you for everything, but we need to go on up to the campsite, and get the tent set up, and our camp in order.” Brian wished them a happy camping experience, and they all piled back into the Pilot and Chance drove them up the trail to the campsite. Diego and Chance both spotted the old grill, right where they had left it on July Fourth.

The tent was either the same one they had rented over the Fourth of July weekend, or one just like it. Assembling it was a lot easier and quicker than before, and they didn’t even need the instructions. Within an hour Chance and Diego, with the help of Bobby and Jeff had the tent up and secured. While the four boys were setting up the tent, JC and Benny, already comfortably naked, except for socks and sneakers, retrieved the rest of the camping equipment from the Pilot and set up the other essentials, table, camp stove and brought down both of the coolers.

Once the tent was completed, Chance and Diego both got comfortable. Chance advised the new boys to not walk around barefooted outside of the tent, for safety precautions. Bobby and Jeff, feeling a bit out of place still dressed, soon removed their clothes as well.

Benny carried the case of bottled water, placing several bottles into the smaller cooler, and covering them with ice, then dumped the other bag of ice into the food cooler. JC retrieved the bags containing dry goods, like bread, canned items and plastic ware, paper plates, paper towels and toilet paper, setting them on the table, until they can be placed inside of the tent.

Diego, his stomach growling, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally ready for some lunch!” Walking to the table and opening the food cooler, he dug under the ice and retrieved the jar of mayonnaise, squeeze bottles of mustard and catsup, a pack of cheese singles and two packages of cold cuts, setting them all out on the table. He then opened a roll of paper towels and took a plastic knife out of the plastic ware, sticking it into the Mayo.

“I’m not making your sandwiches,” Diego stated, “you guys can make your own, and put what you want on them.” Opening a loaf of bread he removed two slices and made a sandwich for himself and the others followed suit.

Bobby and Jeff had noticed the others walk to the edge of the campsite and pee on the ground, and quickly picked up the practice, but Bobby now has another pressing issue.

“I hate to sound stupid guys,” Bobby stated, “but I seriously need to take a shit, where is the toilet?”

“Most anyplace out in those woods where you feel like squatting,” Chance replied, handing Bobby a roll of TP, “but don’t do it on the beaten path. None of us wants to step on anyone’s poop!”

“I’ll go with you Bobby,” JC said, “I need to go too.” The two boys left camp and disappeared into the woods. “How about there, behind that bush?”

“Works for me,” Bobby replied, “I’m running out of time!” The two boys squatted, side by side, and emptied their bowels. Then, holding the roll of TP for each other, they wiped their asses clean. “I’d hate to be the guy that has to clean up this shit!”

“Mother Nature takes care of it over time,” JC stated, “a year from now no one will even see where we pooped.”

Back at camp, while JC and Bobby were gone, Chance had fired up the camp stove with the oven on top, and placed six of the prepared baking potatoes in it. Jeff and Benny had dumped the old ashes out of the grill, and Chance had started new charcoal to burn.

Once the grill was ready, Chance lay the six chicken leg quarters on it, and sprinkled them with Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Poultry Seasoning. While Chance manned the grill, Diego prepared six paper bowls of tossed salad. Jeff and Benny gathered the four camp chairs, plus the two borrowed chairs from Bobby’s house and brought them to the table, unfolding them.

Returning from the woods, the aroma of the grilling chicken caused both Bobby and JC to become instantly starved! Chance suggested that while dinner finished cooking, the boys could retrieve the sleeping bags and all of their overnight bags from the Pilot and take them into the tent, the boys were quick to respond.

A few minutes later Chance announced that dinner was served. The boys all grabbed paper plates, and Chance used the tongs to place a baked potato and a chicken quarter on each of their plates. They all grabbed a chair and enjoyed dinner together as one big and happy gay family. Chance and Diego were pleased that they had invited Bobby and Jeff to join them.

It was now September 1st and the days were getting shorter and darkness would soon be descending upon them. The plates, bowls and bones were dropped into the trash bag. Chance thoughtfully placed the bag into the Pilot, hoping to keep it away from Mr. Bear, should he return.

While still having some daylight, they rolled out the sleeping bags, with a bit of confusion. The three bags were identical, and nobody could determine whose was whose, and they finally decided that it didn’t really matter. Chance had washed the liners for his and Benny’s bags, and Bobby and Jeff’s bag was brand new, having only been used last night after Bobby and Jeff had showered.

What matters the most is that they are all able to sleep with their preferred partners. They laid the bags out beside each other, heads toward the end where the screened window is and the foot ends toward the door. There was just about a foot between the bags, just adequate to allow a boy to walk between the bags without disturbing their neighbors.

It was decided that Chance and Diego would share the bag on the right side, Bobby and Jeff would share the one on the left and JC and Benny the one in the center. The tent was likely filled to maximum capacity.

The boys all returned outside and gathered their chairs into a small circle, all sipping on bottles of cool water. Darkness was falling all around them, and so was the temperature, and they were starting to shiver. What a great night for a campfire, but alas, neither Chance nor Diego had made plans or gathered material in the woods to have one. Maybe tomorrow night they would have a campfire.

Even as it was a bit early for bed, the thoughts of cuddling up in those nice warm sleeping bags took control. They all walked to the edge of their camp and took a last chance pee before going back inside the tent. Benny hung the gas lantern from the top support in the tent and they all removed their sneakers and socks and crawled into their sleeping bags.

Still wide awake they discussed the possibility of donning their swimwear and visiting Brian’s home Sunday afternoon and checking out the new pool. Benny rose from the comfort of the sleeping bag and killed the lantern. All three couples shared some kissing and making out, but set aside having any sex and soon drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...........

Chapter 11 picks up on Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day, and promises to be another fun chapter as a couple of real surprises occur on Sunday, including all six boys getting caught in their naked glory and they have a chance to go skinny-dipping. Thanks to you guys for taking the time to read my stories, and a special thanks to those who are kind enough to leave comments. Your comments are a barometer that let's us authors know how we're doing. I 💓 you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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