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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 12,894 Words

JC - 6. Chapter 6

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There are descriptions of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

Chapter 6 picks up just before the Fourth of July weekend, and the four boys will be heading for parts unknown to enjoy the weekend in the wilderness. During their camping weekend, they experience a surprising and unwanted visitor at their campsite.

* * * * *

JC 6 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

On Saturday morning, June 23rd, Diego and Chance enjoyed breakfast together before leaving for their weekly grocery-shopping trip. They planned to go by the Sporting Goods store to reserve the tent to rent for the next weekend. Just as they were getting ready to leave, JC and Benny barged in the door, just returning from an overnight stay at Benny’s home.

“Hi guys,” Chance asked, “What’s up?”

“We was kinda wondering if the plans for that camping trip are still on?” Benny asked.

“Most definitely,” Chance replied, “In fact, Dee and I plan to go by the Sporting Goods Store this morning, and get that tent reserved for next weekend.”

“Won’t we need sleeping bags?” JC asked, “I don’t have one.”

“Neither do I,” Benny added.

“The last time we were in the store,” Diego stated, “I spotted some two-man sleeping bags that would easily accommodate Chance and me, and I plan to spring for one of those. They were about half again the cost of a single bag but cheaper than buying two single bags.”

“JC,” Benny asked, grinning, “could you handle sharing a two-man sleeping bag with me?”

JC, snickering, “As close together as we sleep, I could handle sharing a single sleeping bag with you!” Benny grinned.

“We’re going to need some additional camping gear too,” Chance stated, “like a propane camp stove and a folding table, and maybe some campstools to sit on. I do have a good sized cooler that should hold all of our refrigerated food and drinks.”

“Why don’t we go with you to the Sporting Goods store,” Benny suggested. “I just got paid yesterday, and I’ve got a few extra bucks I can contribute to the cause.” Chance was impressed that Benny was so willing to help pay for some of their camping needs. As Dee and Chance were planning to go grocery shopping after leaving the Sporting Goods Store, Benny and JC followed them in Benny’s car.

Arriving at the store, Diego and Chance arranged for the tent rental, and paid for it in advance. Diego would pick up the tent on his way home from work on Friday evening. Both Chance and Benny grabbed shopping carts and headed first to the sleeping bag department where both Diego and Benny selected the two-man sleepers and dropped them into the carts.

Going next to the equipment area, Chance picked up a Coleman two-burner propane camping stove and three extra tanks of propane. Benny was looking at an oven that was made to fit on the stove.

“Look, guys,” Benny said, “I know we won’t have electricity to make toast, but if we pick up some of those refrigerated biscuits, we can bake biscuits in this oven! Maybe even some cinnamon rolls to satisfy our sweet teeth.” Benny placed the oven in his cart, along with a Coleman propane lamp and two more spare tanks of propane. “And this gas lamp should light us up in the dark!”

“Good move, Benny,” Chance said, “I’m sure we’ll make good use of that lamp, and the oven!” Looking at the camping toilets, “Maybe we should get one of these.”

“We’re all guys,” Benny stated, “Can’t we just walk away from the campsite and squat in the woods?”

“We’ll be in the wilderness, so I guess we can,” Chance replied, while picking up a stovetop coffee percolator and three dishpans, two of them tan and one black.

“Three dishpans?” Benny questioned.

“Yep!” Chance remarked, “We can use the tan ones for washing and rinsing our pans and utensils and the black one for personal hygiene. Consider that we’re going to be five days without the luxury of taking showers.”

“Gotcha,” Benny replied, “I’m sure we don’t want to smell each other’s stale perspiration.”

“We’ll need a couple of these too,” placing two blue six-gallon water containers in the cart. “We need to take water for washing dishes, and our bodies, and reserve the bottled water for cooking and drinking." Benny pulled one of the water jugs out of Chance and Diego’s cart and placed it in his, indicating that he was paying for one of the jugs.

Moving on to the other gear, Chance picked up a 2’ by 5’ folding table and slid it into the cart. Looking at the folding campstools, they all decided to spring for four of the folding canvas camp chairs, Benny placing two of them in his cart.

“What about cookware?” Benny asked.

“I have adequate cookware and utensils that we can borrow for cooking,” Chance answered. “We can pick up paper plates, cups and plastic flatware when we buy the groceries, and we won’t be hassled with washing extra dishes, we can just toss them into a trash bag. Speaking of groceries, Baby, we’re gonna need to shop Friday night next week to pick up the food for our camping trip. Benny, will you be available to help us shop Friday night?”

“I’m working late Friday night,” Benny responded, “part of my deal with OG in order to have the whole Fourth of July weekend off. I’ll have to trust my boy to select some things that I like.” JC smiled.

Moving on to checkout, Benny went first, placing his total of just under $200 onto his credit card. Diego and Chance checked out and Diego paid the first hundred with his debit card, and Chance put the remaining $190 on his credit card. The boys then wheeled their treasures to the Honda Pilot, placing everything in the back and remarkably it all fit, with some room left over.

It was approaching 1:30 PM, and Benny and JC headed back home, as Benny wanted to grab a shower and change for work, due at OG by 3:00 PM. Chance and Diego headed to the market to do their grocery shopping for the week. By the time they returned home, Benny had left for work, but JC was more than willing and able to help unload the Pilot and carry all the stuff into the house.

“Just wondering, Chance,” JC asked, “when we’re camping out, I know that we’ll be spending much of the daytime outside. Will we be able to be comfortably naked, or will we need to be dressed when we’re outside of the tent?”

Chance answered, grinning, “We’ll be out in the boonies, and the chances of being caught naked by another human being would be slim to none. We might be seen by an occasional deer or rabbit but it’s doubtful that either of them would care if we were properly dressed or not.”

“Cool!” JC exclaimed, smiling, “I can hardly wait to strip and let the sun and breeze land on my naked body.”

“That’s one of the biggest advantages of camping out in the wilderness. Nobody to control how you dress or if you dress. I know that Dee and I are looking forward to hanging around outdoors without needing to dress, and I think even Benny is taking a liking to our group nudity. We can lie in the sun and get full body suntans without worry.”

“That’s gonna be awesome,” JC replied, grinning.

“There are a couple of items we need that we didn’t pick up at the Outdoor store,” Chance stated. “We need to get a good supply of Suntan Oil, and some of those insect repellent candles, or we’ll get eaten alive in the evenings. I can pick those up later this week.”

* * * * *

Friday, June 29th was NOT a typical Friday. Diego went to work as usual and shared lunch with Cam as usual, while explaining to Cam their camping plans for over the Fourth. He told Cam that he’d been excused from work on Monday and Tuesday, and wouldn’t be returning to work until Thursday morning.

Is Benny aware that he’s gonna be camping out in the wilderness with two gay guys?” Cam asked.

“Hell, yeah!” Chance remarked. “He’s gay too, and he and JC are already into a relationship.”

Cam, grinning, “Sounds like you four are going to have a Gay Holiday together. You’ll probably all be running around naked!”

“That’s the plan!” Chance exclaimed, with a wide smile. “What better way to get a full body tan than to be ‘au natural’ in the sun.”

“Better you than me,” Cam replied, “I’d be mighty uncomfortable being naked with four naked gay guys around me.”

“I suppose that’s how most straight guys might feel,” Chance replied, “but we aren’t straight, and we are all quite comfortable being naked around each other.”

That afternoon when Diego clocked out, he stopped at his bank to cash his check then stopped by the Outdoor Store and picked up the rental tent. Arriving home, JC informed him that Anna had kindly invited him and Chance to have dinner with her and JC.

After Anna served them all generous portions of her homemade lasagna, salads and garlic toast, Chance and Diego were preparing to take JC to the supermarket to shop for the food for the campout.

“Anna,” Chance asked, “Do you mind if we take that charcoal grill with us on the camping trip?”

“Of course not,” Anna replied, with a slightly sad expression on her face, “I’m not planning a July Fourth cookout for me and myself. I didn’t know what you guys had planned to eat over your camping trip, but I stirred up a large bowl of potato salad that you’re welcome to take with you, if you have room.”

“Oh, Anna, that’s awesome!” Chance replied, “We’ll make room for that. You know we all love your potato salad, and it’s so much better than what we could buy at the Deli. Thank you so much.”

“Mama,” JC stated, “Benny has his clothes packed for the camping trip, and is coming here to spend the night when he gets off from work. That way he’ll be here to take off tomorrow.”

“You know that’s fine, JC,” Anna said, smiling, “So I’ll have both of my boys here for the night and breakfast tomorrow.” Chance liked the way Anna referred to Benny and JC as ‘her boys’.

After finishing dinner and graciously thanking Anna for dinner, Chance and Diego gathered up JC and headed for the supermarket to shop for the food for their camping trip.

In the meat department, Chance picked up a 16 pack of frozen quarter pound beef burgers, an eight pack of hot dogs, a four pack of chicken leg quarters, and a four pack of rib eye steaks. JC threw in a couple of packs of luncheon meat that he believed both he and Benny would like to make sandwiches. Diego added a two-pound package of lean ground beef.

“What’s that for?” Chance asked.

“I’m going to cook up a big batch of Taco Meat tonight, while I have the seasonings handy,” Diego replied, “so all we need to do is reheat it, and Walla, Taco’s or Burritos!”

“Great idea, Baby,” Chance said, smiling, “We’ll probably be getting pretty tired of Cheeseburgers after the second day!” Heading to the Dairy section, Chance picked up two tubs of whipped butter, four tubes of ready to bake biscuits, a tube of cinnamon rolls, a 16-slice pack of American Cheese and a gallon of milk. Diego added a tub of sour cream and a package of shredded Mexican Blend Cheese and JC added a family pack of string cheese for snacking.

In the produce department, Chance bagged up eight baking potatoes to go with the chicken and steaks, while Diego picked up a three-pack of Romaine Lettuce Hearts, red onions and several slicing tomatoes. He then added a couple of Jalapino Peppers and some avocado’s and some fresh cilantro, planning to make some guacamole for their Mexican meals.

In the Hispanic section, Diego picked up a couple cans of Refried Beans, jars of hot and mild Salsa, Taco Seasoning, Taco Sauce and packages of crispy taco shells and soft tortillas. He then thought to add a large bag of Nacho Chips to dip into the guacamole.

In the paper isle they added a six pack of paper towels, a four pack of toilet paper, paper plates, plastic cups and plastic flatware. Diego thoughtfully added a twin pack of Salt and Pepper shakers.

Finally, in the bread isle, they added two loaves of Multi-grain bread, two packs of hamburger rolls and a pack of hot dog buns.

Checking out, Diego and Chance split the cost between their Debit Cards as usual and wheeled the cart out to the Pilot and headed home. Soon after arriving home and unloading the groceries, Diego started cooking up the taco meat and made the guacamole, placing both in the refrigerator to cool overnight.

While Dee was cooking, Chance and JC filled the two water jugs and carried them to the Pilot, and unpacked the rest of the camping gear, stashing it in the Pilot as well. The only thing they would need to load in the morning was their clothing and the refrigerated food. Chance stated that they could pick up a bag of ice and dump it in the cooler on their way out of town in the morning.

While still having the luxury of running water, Chance scrubbed and dried the baking potatoes. Coating the potato skins with butter he wrapped each potato in aluminum foil ready for baking, and placed the eight spuds all in a plastic bag.

Benny arrived from work shortly after 9:30 PM and after spending just a few minutes with Chance and Diego, the younger boys headed to JC’s side of the duplex to sleep, after snacking on some cookies and milk. Chance and Diego also headed to bed right after the boys left, all four of them excited to start their camping trip.

Saturday morning both Chances and Benny’s phones awakened them all at 7:30 AM. Chance brewed a pot of coffee right away, and Anna was already up, and had bacon frying on the stove before JC and Benny wandered into the kitchen in their boxers. After eating the healthy breakfast that Anna prepared for the boys, JC and Benny finished dressing and headed over to Chance and Diego’s side of the house, catching them both naked, as usual.

Chance and Diego were just finishing breakfast, and Chance tackled the dishes while Diego started to pull food from the fridge and pack it into the cooler. Chance selected some pots and pans, and some utensils, including four steak knives, and packed them in plastic bags to take with them.

“Do us a favor, JC,” Chance said, “take the charcoal grill over to the Dumpster and empty the ashes. We don’t need to take the old ashes with us, but we will need the grill.” JC and Benny left out of the house, and took care of the chore, placing the grill by the back of the Pilot. While the boys took care of the grill, Chance and Dee got dressed.

It was about 9:00 AM when they got everything loaded and were ready to leave Socorro. Anna was standing by.

“Guys,” Anna stated, “I anticipate that you will have a wonderful and enjoyable camping trip.” She took both JC and Benny into her arms in a group hug, kissing both boys on their faces and causing Benny to blush. “I guess I’ll see you all when you return on the Fourth. You’ve got my phone number, so please don’t fail to contact me if there is an emergency. I have utmost trust in you guys, and trust that you’ll keep my boys safe.”

“Safety first,” Chance replied, smiling, “and I’m sure we are all going to enjoy this experience together, and have a great time. Bye for now, we need to get on our way.” Anna watched as Benny and JC climbed into the back seat of the Pilot, and they drove off.

Stopping by the first Convenience Store / gas station, Chance filled the tank. While he was pumping the gas, Diego went inside and bought a cheap, Styrofoam cooler for the bottled water and two bags of ice. Returning, he put several bottles of water into the Styrofoam cooler, and dumped one bag of ice into it, and the other bag into the food cooler, setting the drink cooler on top of the other cooler. The rear of the Pilot was totally filled!

Pulling away from the gas station, Chance turned onto Alameda, which turns into Texas 20, heading east. After passing through Clint, then Fabens they stayed on 20 east through Fort Hancock. Someplace east of Fort Hancock Chance turned onto an inviting dirt road.

“Just where are we going to Baby?” Diego asked.

“I don’t really know,” Chance answered, “I’m just driving, and looking for an area that looks suitable for us to set up a camp, hopefully with some woods nearby.” A few minutes later, after passing a homestead with a mobile home on it, Chance turned onto another dirt road that was little more than a trail, but he could see a small patch of woods on it. Unbeknown to Chance and Diego, the owners of the mobile home were watching as the Pilot pulled onto that trail, which is on their property.

Chance drove up the trail towards that small cluster of woods, and drove along the edge of the woods to a level area that he believed to be a suitable location for their campsite. Just as Diego pulled the coolers out of the back of the Pilot, a man driving a Jeep pulled up and parked behind the Pilot. When he exited the Jeep, the boys all noticed that he sported a holster on his belt that contained a handgun, and were immediately frightened. Was he going to shoot them all, then and there? Or maybe just rob them?

As the man approached the boys, all four of them had feet that were glued in place. JC, already needing to pee, lost control of his bladder and wet his shorts.

“I’m Brian Foxworth,” the man stated, extending his hand in friendship. “Do you boys know that you are on private property?”

“No Sir,” Chance replied, “We were looking for a decent place to camp out for the weekend in the wilderness. We thought this part of the desert was unclaimed, and didn’t realize that it was private property. We’ll go look somewhere else.” Diego loaded the coolers back into the Pilot and closed the back tailgate.

“Hold up!” Brian exclaimed. “Who are you guys, and where are you from?”

“I’m Chance Watson, and this is my close buddy, Diego Estrada, that is my next door neighbor, Jonathan Cortez, he goes by JC, and his best friend Benny Smith. Diego, JC and myself all live in Socorro, and Benny lives in El Paso.”

“You all seem like nice, respectable young men,” Brian stated, “and I’ll give you permission to camp out on my property. I only ask that you be respectful of the property and not let any fires get out of control. We don’t need any wildfires to burn the brush or set that patch of woods on fire. I have about 16 head of beef cattle grazing on the property, so don’t be surprised if they pay you a visit. We try to raise about 8 head a year, and 8 head of them will be going to market in the fall. When do you guys plan to leave?”

“We’ll need to pack up and return to Socorro on the afternoon of the Fourth,” Diego said, “I have to be at work at 8:00 AM Thursday morning.”

“Do us a favor,” Brian said, “when you get on the road from this trail, just a few hundred feet up the road on the left is our mobile home. Stop by and let us know when you are leaving. You know now where we live, and if you decide to return for another campout, please stop by the house and let us know you’re here. I’m sorry JC,” pointing at JC’s wet shorts, “about the wet pants.”

“It’s OK sir,” JC replied, his face turning red, “I have dry clothes I can change into. When I saw that gun at your side it scared me, and I thought we were gonna die!”

“Guys,” Brian explained, “when we live out here in the boonies, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves. When we see someone entering our property, we have to investigate, and I rarely come out here on the range without my sidearm, just in case I need it. I’ve only had to use it once, and that was to shoot a coyote that was about to kill one of my livestock. I’m heading back home now, and I hope you guys have a great camp out. I won’t bother you anymore. Please be safe.” Brian was smiling as he backed his Jeep around and headed back, honking his horn as he drove off.

“Brian’s a really cool guy,” Chance stated, “and he actually gave us permission to camp out on his property.”

“True that,” Diego said, “I think we’d better get that tent set up, or we won’t have anyplace to sleep tonight.” JC stepped off a few feet, stripped down to his socks and sneakers, and lay his wet shorts and boxers on a sunny rock to dry, his tee shirt next to them. He returned to the others, butt naked.

“Hey Babe,” Benny stated, “this isn’t a nudist camp, you know!”

“It can be,” Chance said, as he and Diego both stripped to their socks and sneakers and piled their clothes on some rocks.

“Fuck it!” Benny remarked, grinning, “I guess I’m back in Rome,” as Benny removed all but his socks and sneakers.

“Heads up, guys,” Chance stated, “I wouldn’t recommend anybody walk around here bare-footed outside of in the tent. There are too many things to step on and maybe get a cut or punctured foot. Other than our feet, we can be comfortably naked.” JC grinned.

Diego walked over the area where they planned to set up the tent, and used his sneakers to kick away a few small stones that would cause hard lumps under the floor of the tent.

“I’ve got a question,” Benny said, “Am I the only one here that is about to die of starvation?”

“I think we’re all feeling like we haven’t eaten since yesterday,” Diego stated. “I’m in favor of getting some food in our tummies before we try to get this tent set up.” The other three boys uttered expressions of total agreement.

Chance pulled out the folding table from the back of the Pilot and pulled out the legs, setting it in an area a few feet from where they planned to set up the tent, so it wouldn’t be in the way of construction. The younger boys carried the coolers over and set them both on the table, and also got the camp chairs out of the Pilot, and opened them up near the table.

Chance located the bag with the paper products, Paper plates and plastic flatware, and set them on the table, along with a loaf of bread. Digging into the large cooler, he pulled out the squeeze bottles of Mayo, mustard and catsup and set them on the table, along with the variety package of cold cuts and the sliced cheese.

“OK Guys,” Chance stated, “lunch is served. I hope everyone is capable of making their own sandwiches.” With no hesitation, the boys all pounced on the materials and created their own masterpieces, along with servings of Anna’s potato salad. Benny opened the Styrofoam cooler and handed out bottles of water to all.

By 2:00 PM the hunger growls from their stomachs had been put to rest. Chance taped a trash bag to the end of the table, and threw the used paper plates into it, and used paper towels to wipe down the table.

Diego pulled the box with the tent and poles from the Pilot and dropped it in the center of the area where they were going to set up the tent. He brought the assembly instructions over to the table and spread them out, using the condiment bottles as paperweights to keep the breeze from blowing them away.

As Chance and Diego studied the instructions, they realized they didn’t bring a hammer to drive the stakes into the ground.

“What would the cave men have used for a hammer?” Chance questioned, “a rock maybe? It might be a bit awkward, but we are surrounded by plenty of rocks.” They looked around, and found a long, flat rock they believed they could use as a hammer to drive the stakes into the ground.

It worked. With a man on each of the four corners of the floor they pulled the floor of the tent into a square and drove the shorter stakes into the ground with the rock, securing the bottom of the tent. Once the bottom was secured, they returned to the instruction sheet and assembled the tent poles. The sections of tent poles were identified by the letters A, B, C or D.

Chance started to notice that his skin was starting to burn from the intensity of the sun. Glancing at his friends, they too were starting to broil. Even JC and Benny, both having darker skin, were starting to show signs of redness.

“Be right back,” Chance announced, retrieving a bottle of Sunscreen Oil from the Pilot. “We all need to get some of this on our skin for some protection from the sun.” With the exception of Diego, none of the others had spent a lot of time in the sun and even Diego’s tan line ended where he was normally covered by a tee-shirt. All four of them had a lot of skin that had been previously unexposed to the sun.

Chance opened the bottle and squirted a generous amount onto Diego’s back, handing the bottle to Benny, who followed suit on JC’s back. Using their hands, and passing the bottle around, they all coated each other’s bodies with Sunscreen lotion, including those body parts (the juniors) that tended to stiffen a bit while getting the treatment.

Without going into detail, the boys worked together, and by 4:30 the tent was up and secured. The size of the tent floor was Eight foot by Eight foot, which gave both couples a Four foot by Eight foot area, plenty of room for the two double sleeping bags and space for their clothing and other necessities such as toilet paper, paper towels and some non-refrigerated food. The front of the tent had a four foot wide double zipped door, one door canvas, and the other was made of mosquito screening to allow at least some air to enter the tent, without those pesky mosquito’s.

The inside of the tent was unbearably hot in the daytime when the sun was beating down on it. There was a six-foot by eight-foot rollout canopy, supported by tent poles that gave them some shade from the sun and some protection when and if it should rain. That canopy also would help to keep rain from coming in through the doorway, and into the tent.

“Let’s take a break and cool off,” Chance stated, pulling one of the camp chairs into the shade of the canopy and sitting down. The other three followed suit.

Diego, getting up again seconds later, and heading to the cooler containing the bottled water, “Anybody else need a bottle of nice cold H2O?” All three answered in the affirmative, and Diego returned with four bottles of water, passing them around.

For the next half an hour, the boys just sat in the shade, chatted small talk, relaxed and chilled, sipping the water.

“Fuck!” Benny exclaimed, “I gotta take a shit!”

“That sounds like a personal problem,” Chance stated, grinning.

“Why does everyone say they need to take a shit?” JC asked, “I’d prefer to give a shit!”

“What do we use for toilet paper?” Benny asked.

“Toilet paper,” Chance replied, “I’ll go and get it from the Pilot, I know right where it is.” Chance went and retrieved the package of toilet paper and brought it to the tent, opening the package and handing a roll to Benny.

“Come with me JC,” Benny said, “and you can hold the roll while I do my job.” JC rose from his chair and walked with Benny into the woods. Benny found a desirable place and squatted down to poop, JC standing about four feet in front of him. JC watched as Benny also drained his bladder on the ground between his feet.

“Why is it that I can never poop without peeing?” Benny inquired.

“I think that’s something that all guys do,” JC replied, “I’m glad it’s not the other way around, or I’d be messing my pants every time I pee!” Both boys snickered. JC held the roll of TP while Benny ripped off three consecutive wads of paper and wiped his ass clean. When Benny was done, and stood up, they headed back to the campsite, met by Diego.

“My turn,” Diego said, taking the roll of TP from JC’s hand, and heading out to the woods alone, while Benny and JC returned to the shade of the canopy.

“While Diego is taking care of business,” Chance suggested“ we can maybe unload the rest of the gear and bring it into camp.” The three of them returned to the Pilot.

Chance handed the charcoal grill to JC, the propane stove to Benny, and he tackled one of the water jugs. Returning to camp, Chance lay the water jug on the table, with the spigot pointing downward, and Benny also placed the camp stove on the table. On the second trip, Chance gave JC both sleeping bags, Benny picked up the oven and the gas lantern, and Chance gathered up the pans and utensils, and the three dishpans. By the time they returned to the campsite, Diego was returning from the woods, job done.

“It’s nearly 6:00 PM,” Chance stated, “we need to consider what we’re having for supper.”

“What are the choices?” both Benny and JC asked.

“It’s kinda late to have either the chicken or steaks tonight,” Chance stated, “I think we need to consider something more simple, like maybe some grilled cheeseburgers.”

“It wouldn’t take long to reheat that taco meat and some refried beans,” Diego said, “if you guys would enjoy some tacos or burritos.”

“That sounds tasty,” Benny said, “I’m always good for Mexican food.” JC and Chance both agreed.

“I just came back from the woods,” Diego said, “and I need to wash my hands before handling any food.”

“Me too,” Benny added.

“OK guys,” Chance stated, “Get your hands wet under this spigot, there’s a pump bottle of soap right here, and I can run a small stream of water to rinse your hands, and you can use paper towels to dry them.” Chance assisted the two boys in washing their hands.

“Do we have a cutting board?” Diego asked.

“We do,” Chance replied, “and a good slicing knife.” He dug them both out of plastic bags and handed them to Diego. Diego dug into the cooler and got a head of Romaine Heart and shredded it, then chopped up an onion and a tomato, placing all of them into some paper bowls. He then opened a can of refried beans, placing them into a small pan to heat on the camp stove, and got the taco meat out of the cooler and placed some of it in another pan to heat on the second burner. When they were hot, Diego set the hot pans on the charcoal grill, and placed the oven on the camp stove to warm up the tortillas and taco shells. He turned one burner off and the other one low.

“Baby,” Diego said, “can you please look through the groceries and find the Salsa and Taco Sauce, and the tortilla chips?” Chance quickly found the requested items, setting them on the table. Diego placed some soft tortillas on a sheet of foil along with the taco shells and slid them into the oven to warm up.

Dee got the guacamole, shredded cheese and sour cream from the cooler, and uncovered them and opened the bag of shredded cheese, placing them all on the table. Chance opened the Salsa, and stuck plastic spoons in the Salsa and sour cream, as well as in the chopped onions and tomatoes.

A few minutes later, Diego announced that supper was ready and JC and Benny quickly appeared.

“The tortillas and taco shells are in the oven,” Diego stated, “the taco meat and the refried beans are sitting on the grill, and the fixings are on the table. Everyone can fix their tacos or burritos how they like. Dig in guys!”

Benny grabbed a paper plate and passing close to Diego, gave Diego Junior a playful and friendly cuff. Diego grinned, the same as Benny had grinned the day that Diego cuffed Benny Junior on his way out to work a few days earlier. It was all in fun.

JC and Benny both started with the taco shells, filling them with refried beans and taco meat, then adding a variety of trimmings. Chance and Diego both elected to start off with burritos. All four of them grabbed handfuls of the tortilla chips, and dipped them into the guacamole to munch on along with the main courses of burritos and tacos.

“Wow, Baby,” Chance stated, “this Guac tastes just as good as Chipotle’s!”

“It should,” Diego replied, “I used their recipe to make mine. Chipotle has posted the recipe for their Guac on YouTube.”

“What are we having for dessert?” JC inquired.

“I don’t know about you guys,” Chance responded, grinning, “but I fully intend to get MY dessert after we go to bed tonight!” Diego smiled, and JC and Benny just glanced at each other and grinned.

After finishing their supper, Chance heated some water on the camp stove, preparing to wash the pans and utensils, and Diego placed the lids on the condiments and returned them to the cooler. Having drunk a considerable amount of water, all four boys migrated to the edge of the campsite and drained their bladders together, JC and Benny holding each other’s peckers, and grinning.

Returning to the tent, they unrolled the sleeping bags while they still had some daylight. They discussed who was sleeping where, and decided that Chance and Diego would share the bag on the right side, and JC and Benny would sleep on the left. All four were looking forward to cuddling together with their partners, or maybe even having a bit of sexual fun.

“Just a suggestion,” Chance stated, “if we take it easy on the water between now and bedtime, we might all be able to sleep all night without needing to get up in the middle of the night to pee.” They all agreed, and it would save needing to pull on their shoes to go outside to pee in the dark.

The boys all pulled their chairs into a circle, and Chance lit one of the Citronella Candles to keep the insects at bay, placing it in the center between them. The sun was sneaking down behind the woods, soon to be replaced by moonlight.

“I think we need a campfire.” Benny stated.

“I wholeheartedly agree,” Chance replied, “but it’s too dark now to gather up materials from the woods to build one. We need to make that a priority for tomorrow, so we can have one tomorrow night, and maybe roast some marshmallows.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun!” Benny exclaimed.

“I hate to be a spoiler,” JC stated, “but I need to poop, and there is no way I can hold it off until morning!”

“I’m in the same position, JC,” Chance stated. “I’ll get the flashlight from the Pilot, and you grab a roll of TP, and we’ll take care of business.” Five minutes later Chance and JC headed into the woods to tend to their immediate needs. Finding a suitable location, Chance held the TP and flashlight for JC, and then JC returned the favor. They then returned to camp, both feeling better, and much relieved.

While JC and Chance were gone, Benny had lit the propane lantern and hung it from the top of the inside of the tent.

“I don’t know about you guys,” Chance stated, “but I’m about ready to call it a day.” Without comments, all four boys entered the tent, removed their sneakers and socks and prepared to crawl into the sleeping bags. Chance was still desiring his protein dessert. Benny reached up and turned off the propane lantern, leaving the only light in the tent the moonlight coming through the screen door. It shed adequate light that the boys could see enough to navigate around the tent without stepping on each other.

Cuddling together inside the two sleeping bags, both couples started to make out, and all four of them were soon blessed with spontaneous erections.

Chance whispered in Diego’s ear, “I need my dessert,” and opened up the sleeping bag, exposing Diego’s beautiful uncut and erect penis.

“We can’t do this now!” Diego whispered back, as Chance and Diego had never practiced anything sexual in the presence of anyone else. “The boys will see us.”

“I’m not sweating that,” Chance whispered, “it’s not like we’d be doing anything they wouldn’t do with each other. I so need you Baby,” as Chance positioned himself, kneeling between Diego’s legs, and starting to nurse on Diego’s fine uncut manhood.

Diego, for just a few seconds forgetting to whisper, “Oh god Baby, that feels so good!” Diego’s voice caught the attention of Benny and JC, and suddenly they were alerted to the activity transpiring on the other sleeping bag. Even with just the moonlight it was easy to see that Chance was giving Diego head.

Benny, whispering into JC ear, “Let’s do a sixty-nine!”

“Here, now, in front of them?” JC whispered back.

“If they’ve got the balls to have sex in front of us,” Benny stated, “I’ve got the balls to have sex with my boy in front of them.” Benny slid down, his lower legs extended off the sleeping bag, close to the doorway and JC straddled over Benny as JC took Benny’s pecker into his mouth. Benny pulled JC’s lower body down, sliding JC’s boyhood into his mouth.

“Your pecker tastes just like sunscreen lotion,” JC said, snickering.

“So does yours,” Benny returned, as both boys got into their sixty-nine activity, sucking each other’s cocks.

“I’m about to nut!” Diego exclaimed, feeling his orgasm approaching.

“Go ahead and cum, Baby,” Chance replied, “I’ve never been more ready for it than I am right now!” Seconds later, Diego Junior filled Chance’s mouth with its creamy load, which Chance swallowed hungrily.

Sitting up on their sleeping bag, Chance and Diego’s attention was drawn to the activity happening on the other sleeping bag, pointing it out to each other and grinning.

“My turn,” Diego said, pushing Chance down and positioning himself between Chance’s legs to return the favor, taking a precum covered Chance Junior into his mouth, and starting his assault.

While Diego was working on Chance’s dick, the younger two boy’s both finished each other off, swallowed each others gifts, kissed and cuddled up in their sleeping bag. Both boys now sexually satisfied, they were ready for sleep.

Shortly thereafter, Diego drained Chance’s balls, and got his ‘dessert’, and they too fell asleep in each other’s arms.

About 7:30 AM Sunday morning, Chance awakened with a serious need to pee. Slipping out of the sleeping bag, Diego also woke up. Both men pulled on their socks and sneakers, and exited the tent to go and get some morning relief, leaving the two younger boys to sleep. Walking to the edge of the camp, Diego playfully grabbed Chance’s morning wood, Chance returning the favor, and they held each other’s manhood’s, draining their bladders, and grinning, while making golden arches with their pee streams.

Returning to the tent, Chance retrieved the coffeepot and coffee. Diego returned to the Pilot and grabbed two bottles of water and poured them into the percolator while Chance measured coffee into the basket. Lighting a burner on the propane camp stove, they started the coffee to brew, and settled into camp chairs to wait. Just about the time the coffee was ready, the younger boys made an appearance, both of them sporting morning wood.

“Coffee is ready,” Chance announced.

“Sounds great,” Benny replied, “but we both need to get rid of the liquid already inside of us, before we drink anything!” The two younger boys followed their stiff peckers to the edge of the camp and, as Diego and Chance had done, held each other’s peckers while they emptied their bladders. Chance and Diego noticed, and both men grinned, wondering if this habit of holding each other’s peckers while peeing was something only gay guys seem to enjoy.

A couple of minutes later, having relieved themselves, JC and Benny returned to Chance and Diego, now sporting only flaccid peckers. Chance got out four paper coffee cups, and filled them all with freshly brewed coffee and Diego pulled out the creamer from the cooler. All four of them fixed their coffee with cream and sugar to their pleasure, and settled down into the camp chairs around the table.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” JC asked.

“Nothing, really,” Chance replied, “we do need to gather up some burnable materials from the woods, in order to build a campfire for tonight.”

“Can Benny and I take a naked walk in the woods?” JC asked.

“Of course,” Chance responded, “if that’s what your little hearts desire. We are out here to have fun, and enjoy the wilderness. Taking a naked walk in the woods sounds like fun, Diego and I might also partake in that adventure!”

“What if we get caught by someone,” Benny asked, “running around naked?”

“I suppose we might be seen by a rabbit or a deer,” Chance replied, “but the chances of getting caught by another human is slim to none. We’re only surrounded by nature, and that’s what we wanted, isn’t it?” Both younger boys grinned and nodded. “I guess some breakfast would be in order, how does some bacon and eggs sound?”

“Awesome,” Benny replied, “I’m totally starved!”

Diego placed the oven on the propane camp stove, and opened one of the tubes of biscuits, placing the biscuits on a baking sheet and sliding it into the oven. While the biscuits were baking, Chance filled the large frying pan with slices of bacon, ready to start frying it as soon as the oven could be removed from the camp stove.

Once the biscuits were baked, Diego placed them into a bowl to try and keep them warm, covering it with a towel. He then used the handles on the ends of the oven to place it and the baking sheet down under the table, and Chance placed the frying pan of bacon onto the burner of the stove. The aroma of the frying bacon only whetted the appetites of all four boys.

When the bacon was cooked, Chance transferred the bacon onto a paper towel on a paper plate to drain, and used the bacon grease to start frying eggs, breaking the eggs, four at a time into the pan.

“Does everyone want their eggs so we can dunk the biscuits into the egg yolks?” Chance asked, to a 100% approval. Chance placed two eggs on each of two paper plates, and handed them to JC and Benny, then broke four more eggs into the pan for Diego and himself. Diego opened the tub of whipped butter and placed it on the table so everyone could butter their own biscuits. There was enough bacon so that everyone could have three slices, along with two biscuits each.

The two younger boys had nearly demolished their meals by the time Chance placed the last four eggs on paper plates for Diego and himself, and turned off the burner on the camp stove. He placed the lid on the frying pan to prevent any insects from getting in, and since the only things soiled was the frying pan, a spatula and a butter knife, decided to wait until later to wash them up. They all used paper plates and plastic wear to eat, and dumping them into the trash bag, cleanup was a piece of cake.

“Great breakfast!” Benny exclaimed, “That really hit the spot, thanks Chance.”

“You’re very welcome, Benny,” Chance replied, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

The four all stayed seated for a while, letting their meals settle in their stomachs.

After about a half an hour, JC got antsy and asked Benny to take a hike in the woods with him. Of course, JC didn’t have to twist Benny’s arm, as Benny was willing to do almost anything with the boy he loved, including a naked hike in the woods.

Chance, as the two younger boys were preparing to leave for their naked hike, “Don’t come back empty handed, bring back some burnable stuff for our campfire tonight. Diego and I will go out a bit later and also gather some burning material.”

Diego and Chance watched as the two younger boys headed toward the woods, holding hands. Seeing both of the younger boys’ naked backsides, they agreed that it was kinda cute watching their buns wiggling together in unison as they walked. It seems that Benny has lost all traces of his modesty, not only accepting the group nudity but also actually enjoying it.

Walking further into the woods, they approached a small clearing covered with dead grass, and new growth pushing it’s way up through the dead grass.

“Look, Baby,” Benny stated, “Mother Nature made us a bed out here in these woods.” Lying down on the ‘bed’ Benny encouraged JC to lay down with him. The two boys instinctively started to kiss and make out and both of their penises responded by becoming stiff and leaking precum.

“I wonder why just a simple kiss always seems to make us get aroused and horny?” JC asked.

“I don’t know, Baby,” Benny replied, “but it sure whets my appetite for a taste of your sweet boys milk!” Benny repositioned himself between JC’s legs and lowered his mouth, taking JC’s erected pecker into his mouth, starting to give JC head.

“Don’t you ever get tired of sucking my pecker?” JC inquired.

“Nope!” Benny remarked, letting JC’s boyhood slip out of his mouth, “and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve sucked a few guys off in the past, but never have I found another boy that has cream as sweet and delicious as yours, Baby.” Benny quickly returned to the job in mouth.

A few minutes later JC’s panting told Benny that he was about to receive his protein snack, and he was ever so ready to accept it. After reaching his climax, and shooting his load into Benny’s mouth, Benny milking every last drop from his boy’s pecker, JC prepared to return the favor.

“You don’t have to do this, Baby,” Benny said, “I can rub it off by hand!”

“What!” JC exclaimed, “And cheat me out of MY SNACK? You know darn well I like the taste of your cum just as well as you do mine.” JC continued to enjoy sucking his boyfriend off. Benny was as hot and horny as a two-pecker’d Billygoat and Benny knew that he wouldn’t last too long with JC’s now skillful mouth treating his stiff and leaking penis. JC had become much better, more skillful and confident than he was the first time he’d sucked Benny off.

“Heads up, Baby!” Benny warned, “I’m about to shoot my wad!”

“I don’t need a warning, Baby,” JC replied, “I’m ready, I’ve been ready, and looking forward to feeling and tasting you cum!” Seconds later Benny was moaning, as he shot his load into JC’s anxious and waiting mouth. JC held Benny’s ejaculate in his mouth for a minute before swallowing it, and then he returned to Benny’s cock and milked it dry with his mouth.

After finishing their sex, the boys lay back down on nature’s ‘bed’, wrapping their arms around each other and just basking in their love and appreciation for each other. It wasn’t in their plan, but both boys unintentionally fell asleep on nature’s bed, facing each other, both with an arm around the other’s torso.

Back in camp, Chance and Diego were debating on something to do, to occupy the time.

“I think we could take a lesson from the boys,” Diego stated, “we rarely have an opportunity to be naked outside of our home. Let’s take a naked hike in the woods, like JC and Benny are doing.”

“That resonates well with me,” Chance replied, “and when we return, we can bring some materials from the woods for the campfire, and kill two birds with the same stone. I’m ready if you are.”

“Let’s went!” Diego said, taking Chance’s hand and leading him into the woods. Just a few minutes into the woods, both men stopped to drain their bladders of the morning’s coffee, holding each other’s cocks, JC-Benny style, and grinning. It was a little different, but fun.

Hiking forward, they came upon the clearing where JC and Benny were sleeping so peacefully.

“Shhh,” Chance whispered, “Let them enjoy their nap.” The men walked on to where their voices were out of range of the boys. “I’ll make a bet, Baby,” Chance said, grinning, “I’ll bet they had some sex in the woods, and they’re sleeping it off now.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that one,” Diego replied, smiling, “having sex in the woods sounds like fun to me!” Chance grinned in agreement.

Walking on further into the woods, they came upon a somewhat smooth barked tree that had fallen, and decided to take a break from their hike, and sat down on the trunk of that tree, which was only a few inches above the ground. Diego spread his legs apart, letting his flaccid pecker hang down over his scrotum, which was lying on the trunk of the tree.

“Come here, boyfriend,” Diego said, “and stand in front of me, between my shins.” Chance responded, unsure of Diego’s request. Diego leaned forward and within seconds he sucked Chance’s flaccid pecker into his mouth.

“OH, FUCK!” Chance remarked. Chance Junior, feeling the warmth and moistness of Diego’s mouth surrounding him, quickly rose to a full erection, dribbling precum into Diego’s mouth. Diego placed his hands on Chance’s buns, holding him close, while he started to nurse on Chance’s manhood. Chance was helpless to resist, as there is not a feeling in the world that feels any better to Chance than his boyfriend giving him a blowjob.

Glancing down, Chance noticed that Diego Junior was also at full mast, and streaming precum onto the ground between their feet. It wasn’t long before Chance was feeling his orgasm approaching, and a few seconds later, he shot his load into Diego’s mouth.

Diego swallowed, grinned, sucked the last few drops out of Chance Junior, and then licked his lips. Without any words, the two exchanged places and Chance licked the bulk of Diego’s precum off of Diego Junior, and took Diego’s beautiful uncut manhood into his mouth.

When Chance first started to date Diego, dealing with an uncut pecker was something Chance was apprehensive about. Over time, he has not only accepted, but has learned to love Diego’s uncut penis. When he gives Diego head, the way he runs his tongue under the foreskin and swirls it around Diego Juniors head drives his boyfriend crazy!

Getting good head was something Diego had been deprived of before meeting Chance, as most previous tricks were reluctant to have oral sex with Diego’s uncut penis. Chance is aware that Diego keeps his manhood ultra clean, and after they have oral sex, Chance uses his tongue to make certain that Diego’s foreskin and the head of Diego Junior are well cleaned for the next time. Diego’s penis never has a bad taste, which is something that some uncut guys don’t consider keeping as clean as Diego does his.

A lot of uncut guys just let the pee dribble through the foreskin when they take a piss but Diego always pulls the foreskin back and shakes those last drops off. At home he uses a sheet or two of TP to wipe that last drop or two from the pee slit so that pee won’t get under the foreskin.

Like Diego had done while nursing on Chance’s manhood, Chance did with Diego, holding his hands behind Diego’s buns, and making sure that Diego Junior stayed inside his mouth. Diego’s body has a tendency to shiver just as he reaches his orgasm, and soon Chance felt Diego shiver and knew his reward was coming.

Diego let out a loud groan, just as he released his orgasm into Chance’s mouth. Chance of course pulled every drop of cum he could out of Diego Junior and swallowed, then returned to Diego Junior to milk the last couple of drops out, and, as usual, licked Diego’s cock and foreskin squeaky clean.

The two men then sat together on the tree trunk, and shared some loving hugs and kisses, both men sexually pleased.

“That was the first time I’ve ever had sex in such a wonderful environment,” Diego stated, “having sex in the open outdoors just seemed so natural. Baby, I loved what we just did.”

“I think the feeling is mutual, Baby,” Chance replied, “of course, it was different than any sex I’ve had in the past with other men. It wasn’t just sex for sex’s sake, it was sharing sex with the one man that I am totally and hopelessly in love with. I would hope that we are together forever, and you will never leave me.”

“I think,” Diego replied, “we have passed the point of no return. If you want to be rid of me, you’ll have to boot me out of your home and your life. I’m not going to leave willingly!”

Chance, smiling, “I don’t see that happening, Dee. I don’t even think of you and me anymore, I think of US and WE. You have become the most important person in my life.”

“I’ve gotten pretty attached to you, Baby,” Diego replied, “I don’t think I could handle life alone anymore, and I can’t even imagine my life without you in it. I’ve known I was gay for a long time, but I never dreamed that I would someday meet that someone that I would want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Dee continued, with tears escaping his eyes, “Chance, I may be a little late with this, but I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone! If you told me to go, and be on my way, it would shatter me like a broken plate.”

“Oh God, Baby,” Chance replied, wrapping his arms around Diego and pulling him close, now having tears running down his own cheeks, “I could never wish you out of my life! My biggest fear is that you might tire of me, and leave me alone and broken hearted. I had—still have hopes that someday we might become happily married Husbands.” That comment brought a smile to Dee’s face.

“You would actually consider making me your husband, and sharing a married life together?” Dee asked.

“And maybe,” Chance added, smiling, “we might even adopt a couple of rug rats and raise our own family. Wouldn’t you like to have one or two children calling you ‘Daddy’?”

“I’d love that, Baby,” Diego replied, smiling, “Being gay, I just assumed that I could never be a daddy, and I love children. If we had kids in the house, we may need to change some of our habits!”

“I’m not sure of the laws in Texas,” Chance stated, “but I know that some states allow married gay couples to adopt children. If it made the difference of being able to have our own children, I’d be willing to move to another state where we could adopt children.” The two men shared another embrace, and prepared to head back to camp.

On the way back they discussed what to have for dinner tonight, Chicken or Steak. They decided to let the younger boys choose. They gathered up some dry branches to carry back to camp.

Arriving at the campsite, Chance and Diego couldn’t resist smiling at the scene that greeted them. Benny and JC had spread out a blanket and were lying on it, spread eagle, both of their bodies glistening in the sun from the coating of suntan lotion and/or sweat. The only parts of their bodies touching, were their hands. Chance and Diego both grabbed bottles of water and settled into a couple of the camp chairs in the shade under the canopy to relax.

It was about 12:30 PM and soon after Chance and Diego returned the boys became vertical and approached the men.

“We’re hungry,” JC stated, “what’s for lunch?”

“How does char grilled cheeseburgers sound?” Chance asked.

“That sounds great,” Benny replied, “I’m starved!” Chance pulled himself out of the chair, poured some charcoal in the grill, and lit it. Once the charcoal was ready, Chance pulled the now thawed burger patties out of the cooler and placed eight of them on the grill to cook. While Chance manned the grill, Diego rinsed some Romaine lettuce leaves, sliced an onion and a couple of tomatoes, and brought the condiments out of the cooler. Chance asked JC to grab a package of burger buns from the tent.

Half an hour later, they all pounced on the Cheeseburgers, and between them they polished off the rest of Anna’s potato salad.

After lunch Chance heated some water to wash and rinse the few dishes and utensils. While doing the dishes, Diego grabbed the empty bowl from the rinse water and dried it, planning to reuse it. While Chance finished the dishwashing, Diego cut up a head of Romaine, more onion and tomatoes and a cucumber, mixed them all together and stashed the bowl back into the cooler. Salad for tonight’s dinner was prepared.

Chance, checking the ‘Best by’ dates on the chicken and steak, “I think we’d better do the chicken tonight, as it should be used by July 2nd, which is tomorrow, and the steaks are good until July 4th.”

“I’ve got bad news, Baby,” Diego stated, “the ice in both coolers has nearly all melted. One of us probably needs to make an ice run.”

“I think there is a store at Fort Hancock that’s not too far from here,” Chance said, “why don’t you grab one of the boys and make the trip. I’ll stay here, as I may need to start dinner before you get back.”

“OK Baby,” Diego replied, as he placed the four cold water bottles into the large cooler and emptied the water from the small cooler into the water jug, conserving their water. “Benny, wanna ride to Fort Hancock with me to get some ice?”

“Sure,” Benny replied, “I thought you would probably ask JC to go with you. I guess we’d better put on some clothes.” Diego and Benny both entered the tent and donned shorts and tee-shirts.

“I live next door to JC,” Diego answered, “and I know him quite well. I thought that taking you, maybe you and I could get to know each other a little better.” Benny smiled and Chance handed the keys for the Pilot to Diego. Placing the smaller cooler in the back of the Pilot, Diego took the driver’s seat, and Benny climbed into the passenger seat, and they took off, heading to Fort Hancock.

“Can I ask you something kinda personal,” Benny asked.

“Sure Benny,” Diego replied, “ask away.”

“Do you sometimes get the urge to, you know, hook up with other guys, for some fun?” Benny asked.

“That was the old Diego, Benny,” Diego responded. “I used to go to the bar every weekend, and take a different man home for the night, almost every night. The night I met Chance was like any other Saturday night at the start, but Chance was different. I had feelings for Chance that I’d never experienced before, and when he was leaving my apartment on Sunday, I didn’t want him to leave. I didn’t want Chance to be just another one night stand.”

“Well, Chance talked me into doing an experiment to see how we would get along if we spent more than just one day together. He asked me to pack enough clothes for three days, and to spend the next three days at his house. He was supposed to take me back to my apartment Wednesday night after work, but that never happened.”

“We woke up to a Thunderstorm Wednesday morning, and I got a text from the boss that we were taking a rain day off. Later Wednesday morning, I asked Chance when he was taking me home. He answered ‘NEVER! If I have my way.’”

“I told him I couldn’t just stay there and freeload off him. That’s when we sat at the table and discussed the possibilities. He took my hand in his and told me he wanted me to share his home, and his life with him. That’s when I realized that, evidently, Chance also had some deeper feelings for me. He told me that he had fallen in love with me, and I finally admitted that I also had fallen in love with him.”

“Benny,” Diego continued, “After entering into a relationship with Chance, I’ve never once had an urge or desire to hook up with another man. Chance is everything I’d ever dreamed of in a man. All I ever wanted was to meet a man that I could love, that would give me his love in return, and Chance is that man!”

“I’ve been around you two quite a bit,” Benny replied, “and I can feel the love that you both have for each other. I’ve never once heard either of you spit out an ugly word to the other. You two get along better than a lot of married couples.”

“Hee hee,” Diego chuckled, “Just this morning, when Chance and I were out in the woods, Chance happened to mention his desire to eventually marry me, and make us a married couple, and maybe even raise our own family.”

“That’d be awesome,” Benny said, smiling, “I would hope that you would invite JC and me to your wedding. I’ve never seen a gay wedding.”

“I’m sure that if we marry, you and JC would be at the top of the invitation list,” Diego replied, grinning.

“Before I met JC,” Benny admitted, “I used to get on grinder to find guys to hook up with. I so remember the night that Chance and Anna brought JC to Olive Garden to celebrate his Eighteenth Birthday, and I had the privilege of being their server. Oh God, how I wanted that beautiful boy, I had a semi-hardon all night long! (Diego grinned) Since JC and I have become boyfriends, I haven’t touched another boy, or even wanted to.”

“That happens,” Diego stated, “when you meet someone that you really care for, like Chance and I care for each other. You and JC are still quite young, and probably sharing puppy love, but it may grow into a more serious relationship in time. Only time will tell.”

While Diego and Benny were gone to Fort Hancock, Chance placed the oven on the camp stove, lit it, and placed four of the previously prepared baking potatoes in the oven to bake. Shortly afterwards Chance fired up the charcoal grill, giving the potatoes a head start, and placed the chicken leg quarters on the grill when the charcoal was ready.

Diego and Benny arrived at the store in Fort Hancock and picked up two bags of ice, placing them both into the small cooler, and returned to camp.

Arriving back at camp, Benny and Diego were met with the tantalizing aroma of grilling chicken, which caused both of their stomachs to growl.

“Wow, Baby!” Diego exclaimed, “I didn’t realize how hungry I was until the smell of that chicken hit my nostrils. How much longer before Din-din?”

Chance, grinning, “Probably about twenty to thirty minutes.” Diego pulled the ice from the cooler and emptied one bag into the food cooler, placed more water bottles into the small cooler, and buried them with the other bag of ice. Chance used the tongs to turn the chicken over again, and used a toothpick to check the potatoes, which were almost done. “Just a few more minutes on the potatoes, Baby, and we can eat.”

Diego pulled the bowl of salad out of the cooler, along with the tub of whipped butter, the tub of sour cream, and bottles of Bleu Cheese, Ranch and Italian dressing.

Diego, placing four of the paper bowls on the table, “I need to use those tongs for a minute, Baby.” Chance handed the tongs to Diego, and he used the tongs to divide the salad into the bowls, and returned them to Chance. Chance gave the potatoes another toothpick test, and turned the camp stove off, leaving the oven door open.

“Okay guys!” Chance announced, “Everybody get two plates, and dinner is served. It’s gonna be kinda heavy, and I don’t trust a single plate to handle it.” Benny and JC were quick to respond, and Chance placed a leg quarter and baked potato on each of their plates and they returned to the table and sat down, ready to attack. Diego carried four plates over, two in each hand, and Chance placed the same on those, which Diego balanced and set them on the opposite side of the table.

Sitting together, they all poured their dressing of choice on the salads, unwrapped the potatoes and added butter, salt and pepper and all but Benny topped them with sour cream. Benny is not a fan of sour cream on baked potatoes.

Half an hour later all of their plates were cleaned except for the chicken bones. Diego, Benny and JC all graciously thanked Chance for a delicious dinner, and paid their complements to the Chef. Chance smiled, pleased that everyone liked it.

Benny then made a surprise move placing the oven under the table, and drawing water out of the blue jug into the large pot and heating it.

“You guys slaved to prepare us an awesome meal,” Benny stated, “it’s the least we can do to clean up and wash the utensils.” JC retrieved the dishpans from the tent, and he and Benny washed, rinsed and dried the salad bowl and the other utensils. Diego and Chance glanced at each other and smiled, appreciating the break from cleanup.

While the boys were cleaning up from dinner, Chance and Diego took the leaves, grass and smaller twigs, forming a pile, and made a teepee with the larger branches over it. They set it up far enough from the tent that sparks wouldn’t be likely to damage the tent.

Chance and Diego both felt the need to answer Mother Nature’s call, and they excused themselves, going into the woods with a roll of toilet paper, and squatting, while it was still daylight. While in the woods, Chance broke off four small branches about three or four feet long from a living tree and took them back to camp. He then used a knife to peel the bark off and sharpen the small ends.

“What are those for?” Benny asked, curiously.

“Toasting marshmallows in the campfire tonight,” Chance replied.

“That sounds like fun,” Benny said, “I’ve never done that.”

“Its just part of the fun of camping out,” Chance stated, while both JC and Benny grinned.

A little after 8:30 PM the sun was starting to slide behind the horizon, and darkness and coolness was descending upon them. Diego used the propane charcoal lighter to light the campfire. A few minutes later, the coolness of night attacked their naked bodies and they all pulled their chairs around the campfire, enjoying the warmth from the campfire on their bodies. Periodically one or another of them stood up facing away from the campfire to warm their backsides.

By 9:30 the campfire was dying and was more coals than fire and Chance announced that it was marshmallow time. Getting the bag of Giant Marshmallows from the tent, Chance showed the boys how to push one of them onto the sharp end of the branch.

“The trick,” Chance instructed, “is to just toast the marshmallows, and not burn them. If you hold them too close to the flame, they will catch fire and burn. Hold them just a few inches from the glowing coals, and check them often. When they are toasted a golden brown, like this, they’re ready to eat, but be careful,” he warned, “ ‘cause they will be hot, and can burn your mouth.”

While Chance was waiting for the marshmallow to cool, Diego got the remaining three branches from the table, handing one to each of the younger boys. Even though Diego was older, toasting marshmallows was a new and fun experience for him.

The bag contained eighteen of the giant marshmallows, and they all enjoyed four each. Diego and Chance generously let the boy’s have the last two.

“Keep the branches,” Chance instructed, “we have another bag of marshmallows for another night, and we’ll still be here for two more nights after tonight.” The younger boys both grinned.

By 10:00 PM the campfire was dying, and the temperature was falling rapidly, bathing their bodies with rather cool night air. The thoughts of cuddling together in those nice, warm, sleeping bags was universal, and they decided to call it a day.

Shortly after setting up camp on Saturday, Chance had suggested that they all turn off their phones to conserve the batteries, in case they might need them for an emergency. With no electricity, the only way to charge a phone was from the Pilot, and Chance was concerned that charging the phones from the Pilot might drain the battery in the Pilot, causing more problems. None of them were expecting any important phone calls and they had all turned off their phones.

They all took a last chance pee and headed into the tent assisted by the light from the propane lamp. Clouds had moved in, and there was no light even coming from the moon. Diego used a hook on the propane lantern to hang it up on one of the metal tent supports. The four proceeded to remove their sneakers and socks, preparing for bed.

“I’ll bet Mama is worried about us,” JC stated, “I’ve never been away from her for this long before.”

“Maybe we should give her a call,” Chance said, reaching for his phone, and turning it on. Checking for missed calls, “Holy Shit!” he remarked, “There are no less than ten missed calls, all from your Mama. JC, what time does your Mama usually go to bed?”

“Usually after the 11:00 o’clock news,” JC stated.

“I think we’d better call her,” Chance replied, making the call.

Anna, seeing Chance’s name pop up on her phone, answered on the second ring, “Chance! It’s so good to hear from you, I’ve been trying to call you and I keep getting the message that you’re unavailable. Is everything OK?”

“Sure, Anna, everything is fine,” Chance answered, “I’m sorry you got those messages, but we turned our phones off to conserve the batteries, as we can’t plug them in to charge them out here.”

“Chance,” Anna asked, “Exactly where is ‘out here’?”

“I’m not certain,” Chance replied, “We’re on a rancher’s private property, someplace east of Fort Hancock, in Hudspeth County. We found an ideal location to camp out, believing that we were on public lands. Five minutes after choosing a great spot to set up camp, the rancher, his name is Brian Foxworth, approached us, and informed us that we were on his private property.”

“He was pretty cool,” Chance explained, “and after introductions, Brian gave us permission to camp out on his land, not just this weekend, but anytime we want to. He just asked that we respect his property, and let him know when we leave, and if we return some other time, to let him know that we are here again.”

“He seems pretty friendly, and reasonable,” Anna replied, “Aren’t you guys getting tired of the Cheeseburger and sandwich diet?”

“Oh, no,” Chance replied, “We have other food, this morning we had bacon and eggs with biscuits, and tonight we had barbecued chicken with tossed salad and baked potatoes. Either Monday or Tuesday night we’ll be grilling steaks, then Wednesday we’ll be packing up and returning home. Would you like to talk to JC?”

“Sure, Chance, just for a minute,” Anna replied, and Chance handed his phone to JC.

“Hi Mama, are you doing okay?” JC asked.

“Aside from missing my boy, I guess I should say my boys.” Anna said, “Since you and Benny have gotten so close, I feel like I have two sons, and I miss you both. Did you pack enough clothes to last until you get back?”

JC, snickering, “Since we got camp set up, we haven’t really needed any clothes, except socks and shoes. You know I don’t like wearing clothing, unless I have to.”

“Unfortunately, I think my son is a wannabe nudist,” Anna stated. “I’m surprised the other boys don’t make you get dressed.”

“What can they say, Mama,” JC replied, grinning, “‘cause they’re all naked too, even Benny. We’re in the wilderness, and it’s an awesome feeling to be able to hang around naked in nature, to let the sun bathe our entire bodies, or to take a naked hike in the woods.”

“I think I’m glad I’m not there to see you,” Anna said, “I’d be totally embarrassed!”

“If you were to walk up on us like this,” JC replied, “I’m sure we’d all be totally embarrassed too. It’s not like a public campground, and there is nobody around but us.”

“So can I assume that you boys are having an enjoyable weekend?” Anna asked.

“Mama, we’re all having a blast!” JC responded, “This has been one of the happiest weekends of my life. I’m so very thankful and happy that Chance and Diego invited Benny and me to share this weekend with them. We’ll have memories to last a lifetime.”

“OK son,” Anna stated, “I’m going to hang up now. Please tell Chance and Diego to let me know what time you guys will be arriving on Wednesday and I will plan dinner for all of us.”

“Thanks, Mama, I’ll relay that message,” JC said, “and please don’t worry about me, I’m with wonderful company, and I’ll be just fine. Goodnight, now, and I love you.” Both of them hung up.

JC, handing the phone back to Chance, “Mama said to let her know what time we’ll be arriving Wednesday and she’ll plan dinner for all of us.”

“Invitation accepted!” Chance replied, smiling. “That’ll be July Fourth, and maybe we can take in some fireworks between dinner and bedtime that night.”

There was no moonlight that night as clouds were covering the moon. Just as Benny reached up to turn off the lantern, a loud clap of Thunder sounded, followed by a flash of lightning.

“I sure hope this tent doesn’t have any holes,” Chance stated, “or we may wake up wet. We’re on a slight knoll and the rain should drain away from the tent.” Seconds later, they heard the rain starting to pound on the tent.

As the four slipped into the sleeping bags and cuddled together, the pounding eased, and turned into normal rain. The sound of the rain on the tent was comforting, and they all fell asleep soon to the sound of the rain on the roof. All of them having enjoyed some sex out in the woods earlier in the day, having some sex before sleep was not even a consideration.

To be continued.........

* * * * *

Sorry folks, I had hoped to get this chapter uploaded over the weekend, but its now Thursday morning. It’s been a fun chapter to write, but grew to be one of my longest chapters, at 44 pages in Word. I will be uploading this chapter this morning.

Chapter 7 will pick up with the boys awakening to a rainy Monday morning and the pitfalls of camping out in the rain. On Tuesday they will receive an unwelcome and unwanted visitor and Wednesday, July Fourth will be packing up and returning to a life of ‘normalcy.’ As always, comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading.


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.

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Awesome chapter. The guys have a got a brilliant spot for there camping weekend.

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