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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 2,961 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 15. Chapter 15

Note: Most sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a description of gay sexual activity and some oral sex acts between two seventeen year-old boys in this chapter.

Chapter 15 picks up on Saturday morning, with Heath spending the weekend with Michael on the ranch and Brian catches the boys hiking in the nude. WHOA! They explain to Brian and Ellen about their desire to attend Teen Night at the Cactus Club and make plans to do it.

* * * * *

JC 15 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s Saturday morning, September 15th and the newly proclaimed boyfriends were still sleeping peacefully together in Michael’s bed. Although they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, during the course of sleeping, they were still close together, but both lying on their backs.

David woke up with morning wood, needing to pee, slipped out of his bed and headed to the bathroom. After tinkling, his woody went away and he headed to the kitchen, where Brian and Ellen were sipping on their first cups of coffee.

Ellen, giving David a good morning kiss,” David, are Michael and Heath awake yet?”

“They weren’t, when I got up to go tinkle,” David answered.

“Why don’t you go and get them up,” Ellen replied, “so we can all have breakfast together.”

“OK Mom,” David answered, heading back to the bedroom, and mercilessly jumping up on Michael’s bed, and sitting on both Michael and Heath’s legs, causing both boys to awaken. Both of the older boys almost instantly grew morning wood, that created tent poles pushing up against their boxers and the bed covers, and David noticed the tents.

“You guys both have hardons,” David stated, “why don’t you guys jack off, and let me watch?” David had enjoyed watching Michael jack off a few times previously, and liked to watch Michael cum.

“David,” Michael explained, “maybe Heath and I don’t feel like jacking off right now. You’re starting to go into puberty, and you’ll soon be able to jack yourself off, and watch yourself cum.” In actuality, both Michael and Heath were horny, but had a desire to do something more advanced than jacking off. They weren’t about to practice oral sex in front of David!

“Mom asked me to wake you guys up,” David stated, “so we can all have breakfast together.”

“Thanks, David,” Michael replied, “Tell Mom we’ll be out in a few.” David left the room. “Heath, I’d love a shot of your protein about now, but I think we’d better wait until we’re alone.”

“No more than I look forward to tasting you again, Baby,” Heath replied, a grin on his face. This was the first time that Heath had called him ‘Baby’ and Michael loved the sound. The two boys shared a passionate good morning kiss, and exited the bed. Getting dressed, they lost their woodies, and headed to the bathroom, sharing a morning pee together at the toilet. After another shared kiss in the bathroom, they headed to the kitchen, where Ellen was already preparing breakfast for the family.

Michael, during breakfast, “Heath, would you like for us to take a hike in the woods this morning?”

“I’d love to take a hike with you, Michael,” Heath replied, smiling.

Brian, unable to resist a comment, “And maybe do some more—‘ experimenting’?” Brian asked, grinning. Heath and Michael glanced at each other, both of their faces turning red.

“No promises, Dad,” Michael replied, “At least we can kiss in the woods, without an audience!” Ellen and Brian glanced at each other, smiling. They know these boys are romantically involved, and sharing kisses with each other would only be expected.

“Son,” Brian asked, “if you get near the dam, please check and see that the water still flows. We don’t want the cattle to run out of water.”

“Will do, Dad.” Michael replied. Breakfast done, Michael grabbed two bottles of water from the refrigerator, handing one to Heath, and he and Heath headed out on foot. Before even leaving the driveway, the boys were holding each other’s hands.

Michael led Heath up the trail toward where the El Paso boys had had their camp set up. Showing Heath where they’d had their tent, the holes from the tent stakes were still visible.

“The day before our pool party and cookout,” Michael explained, “Dad sent David and me up here to invite the boys to our party.” Then, grinning, “When David and I arrived here, on foot, they didn’t hear us approaching, and we caught all six of them, bare ass naked!” Heath grinned.

“Cool!” Heath exclaimed, were any of them gay?”

“They all are,” Michael explained, “The two older guys, Chance and Diego, are planning to marry. Two of the younger boys, Bobby and Jeff, are jocks, and hung like horses! (Heath grinned) They became boyfriends during football season last year, and JC and Benny, the two black boys, are boyfriends.”

“Oooh!” Heath remarked, grinning, “Eye Candy galore, I wish I’d been there. Why were they all naked?”

“They’re just all close friends,” Michael replied, “and they enjoy hanging around together, naked. Of course they weren’t expecting company! David and I showed them the pool, where David and I have sometimes gone skinny-dipping. We all skinny-dipped together, and had a blast!”

“I’d love to hang around naked with you!” Heath remarked.

“Well—Let’s do it!” Michael exclaimed, sitting on a rock and untying his sneakers, Heath following suit. “We’ll need to put our shoes back on, it’s not safe to walk around here barefooted.” Two minutes later, both boys stood in front of each other, totally nude except for their shoes, and smiled. The two boys spontaneously shared a kiss and hug, their stiffening penis’s kissing each other.

“Even our pricks like to kiss!” Heath stated.

Michael, snickering, “I can think of another place I’d rather have your nice prick!” desiring to have it in his mouth. Shall we hike on?” Offering his hand, Heath took it and Michael led Heath into the woods, Heath tightly holding onto Michael’s hand. Walking hand in hand felt so natural to both boys, and so right!

Arriving at the stream, and the dam, Michael explained that his Dad had the dam constructed to hold water for the livestock. It also made a cool place for skinny-dipping, and this is where he and David had skinny-dipped with the City Boys from El Paso on Labor Day Weekend. The boys considered taking a dip, but it’s now autumn, and, testing the water, mutually decided the water was too cold for swimming. At least Michael could give his Dad a positive report on the water supply.

Heading back, Heath noticed the natural bed, created by nature, where JC and Benny had enjoyed some sexual fun. Lying down together, and making out, it took them all of five minutes to decide that THIS bed was big enough to try doing a sixty-nine, for the first time. Repositioning themselves, they assumed the position, and started to nurse on each other’s totally erect boyhood.

Their experience was successful, but not perfect. Perfection would have been the two of them cumming together, but as it was, Heath fed Michael about a minute before Michael reached his own orgasm and fed his boyfriend. Resuming their former positions, the boys wrapped arms around each other and spent about fifteen minutes just basking in the afterglow of their sex.

Back in the mobile home, Ellen was preparing lunch, expecting the boys to return from their hike by around noon, but it was now almost 12:30. She tried to call Michael’s cell twice, and got no answer. She shared her concern with Brian, and he decided to take the jeep and see if he could find them.

Driving up to the area where the El Paso boys had set up their camp Brian parked the jeep. This was also one of the frequently used trails into the woods. Glancing around, he spotted the boy’s clothing, piled on a rock. Checking closer, Michael’s phone was in his shorts’ pocket, and their clothes even included their boxers. Wherever the boys are—they’re naked! He sat on a rock, hoping they would show up soon. He wouldn’t need to wait very long.

Michael and Heath, now sexually satisfied, decided that they probably needed to return home, as it was likely time for lunch. Neither of them had watches, or their phones with them, and could only guess at the time.

They headed back toward the campsite, where they’d left their clothes, still holding hands. They were totally unaware of Brian’s presence. Brian watched the boys emerge from the woods, and walk, casually, hand in hand toward the rocks where he and their clothing were both sitting. Happy to see the boys, Brian stood up and started to approach the boys.

Michael, spotting Brian, “Oh my gosh! Dad’s up here!” The boys instinctively turned to head back into the woods for cover.

“HOLD UP GUYS!” Brian hollered, and the boys stopped in their tracks, their backsides toward Brian. “Turn around, look at me.” The boys faced Brian, both of them attempting to cover their genitals with their hands. "Don't worry about those, you boys don’t have anything that I’ve never seen before!”

“Are we in trouble, Dad?” Michael asked, apprehensively.

“I don’t think you’re in trouble,” Brian answered, “but I would like an explanation as to why you’re running around here naked.” The boys glanced at each other, then Michael tried to explain.

“Dad, remember when the boys were camping out here, and you asked David and me to come up and invite them to our pool party and cookout?” Brian nodded. “Well, we were on foot, and kinda sneaked up on them, and they were all hanging around naked—all six of them. They told us they were all friends, and just liked to hang around naked together.”

“And?” Brian asked.

“I was telling Heath about that,” Michael said, “and he said that it sounded like fun, and he’d like to hang out naked with me. I agreed, and we decided to finish our hike into the woods—naked. We were just returning, to get dressed and return home, and you were here, and caught us.”

“You guys must have spent a lot of time in the woods,” Brian said.

“We were alone,” Heath added, “nobody around but us. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do a little more ‘experimenting’ and just lost track of time.” Brian grinned.

“You should have taken your phone with you,” Brian stated. “You told us you’d be back about noon for lunch. You weren’t back by even 12:30 and Ellen got concerned. She tried to call you, but there was no answer, so I decided to come and look for you guys, just to make sure you were OK. Had you answered your phone, I wouldn’t be here now.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” Michael responded, “When we decided to take that naked hike in the woods, I had no place to carry the phone, so I left it with my clothes, and never heard it.”

“So how was your naked jaunt into the woods?” Brian asked.

“It was great,” Heath replied, “I think we both totally enjoyed it. There’s something about walking naked in the woods, that kinda makes a body feel connected with nature.” Finding the boys roaming around naked is something Brian doesn’t plan to share with Ellen.

“We did make it to the dam,” Michael added, “there’s still plenty of water in the stream, and the livestock has plenty of water in the pool. We were tempted to skinny dip, but the water was too cold for swimming, so we stayed dry.” Brian grinned.

Brian, pulling both naked boys to his breast in a group hug, “Guys, I think you might both be just a little bit crazy, but I do love and care deeply for both of you.” Brian’s warm and loving hug caused both boys to feel truly loved.

“Go ahead and get your body’s covered,” Brian stated, “and I’ll give you a ride back to the house so we can have lunch.” Brian watched the boys get dressed, grinning and shaking his head. Gay Teens! Entering the jeep, which has no back seat, Michael sat in the passenger seat and spread his legs so that Heath could sit between them. Michael secured the seat belt around both of them, and Brian headed the jeep back toward the house.

“Welcome home, guys,” Ellen stated, “go ahead and wash your hands and I’ll get lunch on the table. I already fed David and Randi, and they’ve gone outside to play.” The boys headed to the bathroom to wash their hands, Brian holding back a couple of minutes.

When Brian entered the bathroom, the boys were both standing in front of the toilet, sharing a pee together. Brian washed his hands, trying to ignore the scene. The boys finished tinkling, washed their hands and soon appeared at the table.

Ellen had filled the table with bowls of Taco Meat, Refried Beans, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, chopped tomatoes and containers of sour cream, salsa, Guacamole and a large bowl of tortilla chips. As the boys took their usual seats Ellen pulled some warmed up crispy Taco shells out of the toaster oven, placing them on the table.

“TACO’S!” Heath exclaimed, excitedly, “I love Tacos.” Brian was already pulling tortilla chips from the bowl and dipping them into the guacamole.

“You guys are gonna have to fill your own shells,” Ellen stated, “That way you can put whatever you want in them.” The boys each quickly grabbed a Taco Shell and started to scoop and spoon fillings into them, then started to munch.

“WOW!” Heath exclaimed, “These are even better than Taco Bell! I think I just found a better Mexican Eatery.”

“I would hope that home cooked food would be a cut above what you can get from a fast food joint,” Ellen replied, smiling, “I don’t claim to be an expert on Mexican Cuisine but I’m glad you like them. I try to feed my family a variety of nourishing meals, so that no one gets tired of the same old—you know.” The boys grinned, mentally adding the four-letter word that Ellen avoided. After lunch, Michael brought up a new topic.

“Dad,” Michael stated, “Heath and I have become friends with a couple of girls at school, Brenda and Mary Lou. They told us about Teen Night at the Cactus Club. Heath and I would like to go there together, but it’s on Wednesday evenings, and it would be really hard for us to hook up on a week night, especially with me living way out here in the boonies.”

“I’ve driven by the Cactus Club,” Brian said, “but I don’t drink, and I’ve never been inside the place. So what is Teen Night?”

“The Cactus Club is a gay club, but on Wednesday evenings, they open the doors to the Gay Teens in and around El Paso. They offer food and soft drinks, and have a DJ and a dance floor. They don’t even serve any alcohol on Teen Night. I’d love to get my boy on that dance floor with me!” Heath grinned.

“Baby,” Heath stated, “I think I have a solution. Pack your overnight bag and bring it to school Wednesday morning. We can catch my bus home, and then I can use my Dad’s UBER account to get to, and home from the Cactus Club. You know that my parents will welcome you to spend the night with me. Then on Thursday morning we can catch my bus back to school.”

“Heath, are you aware that we have basketball tryouts Thursday afternoon after classes?” Michael asked.

“Oh, shoot!” Heath remarked, “That totally slipped my mind! I guess you need to also pack your basketball shorts—and a towel. After tryouts, and showers, we can catch the activity bus home.”

“The showers might be pretty full,” Michael commented, grinning. “The football team will also be getting their last practice in before their game on Friday night, and we’ll probably need to share the showers with them.” Heath grinned, more Eye Candy to view!

“It seems you guys are planning a busy week,” Brian stated.

“It’ll be even busier,” Heath replied, “once we start our regular basketball practice sessions, and get into Basketball Season. We’re both returning seniors, and I’m quite certain we’ll both be selected for first string on the team.”

Brian smiling, “I think Ellen and I, your number one fans, will be trying to make it at least to the home games, so we can root you guys on.” Michael and Heath both displayed smiles. Brian is pleased that these boys, even being gay, can be happy participating in a manly sport like basketball.

Neither of the boys sport the classic ‘football jock’ bodies as both are lean and long, Michael being just six foot tall and Heath about an inch taller. They have ‘basketball bodies’ and are both looking forward to basketball season.

It was pleasantly warm today and after lunch the boys retrieved their backpacks and went out to the picnic table to knock out their assignments, leaving them Saturday evening and all day Sunday to enjoy each other’s companionship.

Saturday night, they crawled into bed, and speculated on how much fun they would have at the Cactus Club on Wednesday night. Cuddled closely they fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued....................

Ahead in Chapter 16, on Monday morning the boys board Michael’s bus to ride to school. At lunchtime, the boys share their plans for Wednesday evening with their ‘girlfriends.’ Then on Thursday they learn what kind of assholes boys can be. (Uh-oh) Thanks to my readers for taking time to read my tales. I 💓 Comments and your comments are always read and appreciated. Please don't be so stingy with them, I like to know what my readers are thinking! I hope you all enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy creating them. I 💓 you guys.


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  I'm finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with my three stories that are all still in progress, with all these beautiful boys in three regions of the country.  Effective immediately, I am placing 'Watergame' and 'JC' on the shelf to continue at a later time.  I am continuing to write and upload chapters of 'DJ' and once that story ends, I will be picking up the others.  I'm sorry to likely be disappointing some of my readers.  If you're not already following me, I suggest you do so and you'll be notified when I upload new material.

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