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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 3,412 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 14. Chapter 14

Note: Most sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a description of gay sexual activity and some oral sex acts between two seventeen year-old boys in this chapter.

In Chapter 14 Heath spends the weekend with Michael on the ranch. Surprise, the two girls that called Michael and Heath ‘fags’ at the bus stop befriend them, and inform them about ‘Teen Night’ at the Cactus Club. Word about Michael and Heath’s new relationship spreads around school like wildfire.

JC 14 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

Tuesday morning September 11th started out like any normal and typical school day but may not remain ‘normal’ throughout the day. Michael boarded his bus, anxious to tell Heath that he was invited to spend the weekend out on the ranch with him, probably at lunchtime.

Marvin stepped out of his home, sitting on the steps and waiting for Heath to come along so that he and Heath could walk together to the bus stop as normal. Heath approached, and Marvin joined him, and the boys headed toward the bus stop, chatting as they walked.

“Heath,” Marvin stated, “what you did yesterday morning was totally stupid!”

“What d’ya mean,” Heath replied, “what did I do?”

“You admitted that both you and Michael are gay,” Marvin stated, “and into a relationship! Now it’s all over school, I overheard some derogatory remarks yesterday afternoon, and a couple of boys even asked me if I was gay, like you two! I hope you know that I’m not gay, but it could threaten my friendship with you and Michael. I don’t want to be pegged as a gay boy, just because my two best friends are gay!”

“I’m sorry, Marvin,” Heath replied, “I know that Michael and I would both be hurting if we lost your friendship, after all these years. I know too, that Michael and I can’t hide our feelings for each other forever. Sooner or later other kids will realize that Michael and I are romantically involved, and are a gay couple. We’ll just have to accept that fact, we can’t help who we are and how we feel towards each other!”

“Heath,” Marvin replied, “as your best friend, I promise that I will never out you and Michael, but I know that some other students aren’t that discrete. I fear that yours and Michael’s reputations are already being flushed down the toilet, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it from happening!”

Entering the bus stop, Marvin and Heath ended their conversation and waited with the other students for the bus to arrive. None of the other students mentioned a word about what had happened yesterday, to both Heath and Marvin’s appreciation. Boarding the bus, Brenda and Mary Lou both smirked, making the boys wonder what these girls might be up to. The two boys shared their seat, as usual, for their ride to Fort Hancock high school, and nothing unusual transpired on the bus trip.

Arriving at the school, Heath and Marvin met up with Michael, the three bumped fists and all three headed to homeroom as usual. After sharing their fourth period class together, the ‘three musketeers’ headed to the cafeteria to share lunch together, all sitting on one side of a table, and everything seemed normal to all three boys. Until..........

Out of nowhere, Mary Lou and Brenda approached them, with their lunch trays.

“May we sit with you gentlemen?” Mary Lou asked. The boys had mixed feelings, Michael and Heath were still remembering the snide remarks from these girls at the bus stop yesterday, but Marvin was still wishing to hook up—with either one of them.

Marvin, standing up, “Be our guests, those seats have no reservations!” and proceeded to walk to the flip side of the table and sitting on the far end, encouraging the girls to sit across from Heath and Michael, and sliding closer beside Brenda.

“Guys,” Brenda stated, “I’m Brenda, and this is my best friend since childhood, Mary Lou.” Both girls offered their hands and the boys gingerly accepted them, shaking hands with them. Are these girls trying to put the make on them?

Marvin is observing, suspiciously, recollecting what Bradley told him about these girls being ‘cockteasers’.

“We owe you boys an apology,” Mary Lou stated, “for our behavior yesterday morning at the bus stop. We weren’t trying to out you guys, in front of the other students, but you boys did openly admit to being boyfriends!”

“Apology accepted,” Heath replied, “but nothing has changed. I’m Heath, and my farm boy here is Michael—and we’re still gonna be boyfriends! We can’t help who we are, or our feelings for each other.”

“No problem,” Brenda stated, “we do want to be friends with you guys, not girlfriends, just casual friends. Will you guys accept our friendship?” Heath and Michael shared a glance and smile.

“I see no reason not to,” Michael replied, smiling, “having a couple of descent girls to hang around with could take the heat off of our unique relationship. Thanks for having lunch with us today, it’s been—interesting!” Heath and Michael (and Marvin) prepared to leave the cafeteria.

“Wait up guys,” Mary Lou asked, “Do you guys know about Teen Night, at the Cactus Club?”

“Never heard of it,” Heath replied, “what is it?”

“Cactus Club!” Marvin exclaimed, scowling, “That’s a gay bar downtown. I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in there!”

“It is a gay club,” Mary Lou explained, “but on Wednesday nights, from 5:30 until 10:00 PM they open the doors to the younger gay teens from around El Paso. They charge a modest buck and a quarter cover charge, and it gives the gay teens a place to go, to dance and have some fun. They offer snacks and drinks, and have a DJ to play dance music, and it’s totally alcohol free. The bar isn’t even open for alcohol. I think that you two boys would like it.” Heath and Michael glanced at each other, grinning.

“How do you girls know so much about it?” Marvin asked, thinking about what Bradley had told him, and the rumor that these girls are Lezzies.

“We’ve—been—there!” Brenda replied, “Sometimes Mary Lou and I go there, just to have some fun in a safe atmosphere, without a bunch of boys trying to get into our pants!”

“Do any of the boys dance—with other boys?” Michael asked?”

Mary Lou, snickering, “Most all of the boys dance with other boys, especially on the slow songs, and most of the girls dance with other girls too. It’s nice to party with a bunch of like-minded teens, where we can all be ourselves!”

“Gosh Michael,” Heath stated, “I’d love to dance with you, in a place where we wouldn’t be called bad names!” Michael smiled.

“There at the club,” Brenda said, “nobody calls anyone bad names. We’re all there for fun, and we’re all in it together!”

“Brenda,” Michael asked, apprehensively, and in a low voice, “Did you and Mary Lou just come out to Heath and me?” The girls both looked into each other’s faces, and smirked.

“I suppose we kinda did,” Mary Lou replied. “We discovered each other over a year ago, and have been dating each other ever since. We couldn’t get enough of each other and kinda gradually fell into an even closer relationship. Neither of us have ever dated boys, or ever really wanted to—we have each other!”

“We discovered that two girls could actually fall in love,” Brenda added, “we gave each other love and emotional support, and we learned that we could even satisfy each other, sexually. We don’t need boys!”

“I think you do need boys,” Heath countered, “maybe not just any boys, but boys like Michael and me. You offered your friendship, and we accepted it, with no ideas of anything—like—romance. We have each other for that, and WOW, Michael really has lips like honey, he’s an awesome kisser!” The girls giggled, while Michael’s face turned more red than white.

“I think,” Michael stated, “that you girls have more in common with Heath and me, than we do differences. I believe that we can become great friends. As friends do, we’ll always have each other’s backs. We’ll have your backs, and I would hope that you’d have ours. We need to leave, or we’ll be late for class.” All five of them arose from the table, and both girls gave Heath and Michael a warm and affectionate hug, which the boys returned.

Mary Lou, while they all walked out of the cafeteria together, “How ‘bout tomorrow, same time, same table?” Michael and Heath shared a glance and Heath gave Michael a nod.

“Sounds good to us,” Michael replied, “we’ll save your seats.” The three boys, all seniors, went to their next shared class, and the two girls, being juniors, went to theirs. During last period study hall, Michael and Heath completed their plans for the weekend. Heath would be bringing his overnight bag to school on Friday morning, and they would ride Michael’s bus out to the ranch on Friday afternoon to share the weekend together.

The boys were both antsy to attend Teen Night at the Cactus Club, wanting to go there together. With Michael living so far out in the boonies, getting together on a Wednesday evening would be a challenge. They plan to discuss it this weekend, with Michael’s parents.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the newly formed friends enjoyed sharing lunch together every day. The two boys and the two girls have total respect for each other’s sexuality’s and relationships.

Marvin was beginning to feel like a bump on a log, and chose to eat lunch with other classmates, rather than his long time friends. Some of the other students thought that Heath and Michael were gaining some ground with the two girls. What they don’t know won’t hurt them!

* * * * *

Friday morning, September the 14th arrived, and Heath and Marvin walked to the bus stop as usual, Heath with his overnight bag. Heath explained to Marvin that he was spending the weekend with Michael out on the ranch.

Marvin has mixed feelings about this ‘change of status’ between Heath and Michael. On one hand, Marvin is happy that his two closest friends have become boyfriends, but on the other hand, neither of them wants to hook up with him anymore to jack off together. They’re too busy doing whatever gay boys do with one another, and he really doesn't want to know. He just assumes that they probably do suck each other’s dicks.

At lunchtime Michael and Heath shared their weekend plans with the girls, avoiding any sexual details. After lunch, both Mary Lou and Brenda wished them a happy weekend together. Come the end of the school day, and week, Michael and Heath boarded Michael’s bus, Michael explaining to the driver that Heath was spending the weekend with him at his home.

Sharing a seat on the ride to Michael’s house, the two boys held each other’s hands, inconspicuously, between their thighs. Both boys were dying to share a romantic kiss, but thought it best not to do so in front of a busload of teenagers.

Exiting the bus at the end of Michael’s driveway, and as the bus pulled away, out of sight, the boys made it halfway to the house and could wait no longer. Heath dropped his bag, and the boys shared the long awaited kiss and embrace, alone at last!—or so they thought, but they were observed.

Ellen was preparing dinner in the kitchen, and saw the boys exit the bus, and stop to share their embrace, and kiss. She thought it a little unusual, even for boys that are best of friends, to share a kiss. She shook her head, grinned and returned to her prepping for dinner. Of course Ellen knew that Heath was spending the weekend with Michael but is unaware of their new relationship as boyfriends. She’d picked up just a few extra groceries, planning to feed an additional teen for the weekend.

Just a couple of minutes later, Michael and Heath bounded in through the front door with their backpacks and Heath’s overnight bag, and headed directly to Michael’s bedroom. (Which he shares with his younger brother, David, both boys having twin beds) Heath dropped his bag on the floor, and they stashed their backpacks next to Michael’s desk, then entered the kitchen.

Michael and Ellen shared a Mother and Son hug and kiss, and Ellen then gave Heath a warm and loving welcome hug.

“It’ll be well over an hour before dinner time,” Ellen stated, “would you boys like some Chocolate Chip Cookies and milk to tie you over until dinner?” Ellen should know better, boys this age have bottomless pits, and they’re always hungry!

“That’d be great, Mom,” Michael replied. Ellen placed two glasses of milk in front of the boys, and opened up a tub of freshly baked cookies, setting it between the boys. Michael grabbed a cookie, holding it in front of Heath’s mouth, Heath biting off a chunk of it, then Michael biting off another chunk, from the same cookie. Heath followed suit with a second cookie. In five minutes the boys had fed each other six cookies, three each. Neither of the boys seemed to have a problem eating bites from the same cookies. Ellen couldn’t help grinning. She doesn’t know that these boys have tasted each other’s tongues sometimes when kissing. Until today she didn’t even realize that they ever even lip kissed!

After eating their snack, the boys walked outside to the pool. They lusted to take a dip, but with the air temperature only about sixty degrees decided it was too cold for swimming.

A half-hour later, the bus dropped off David and Randi. Ellen only allowed them one cookie each, as it was too close to dinnertime, and she didn’t want to spoil their appetites. About 5:45 PM Brian pulled in from work. After giving the younger children hugs and kisses, and sharing a loving hug and kiss with Ellen, he then gave both Michael and Heath a loving hug.

At 6:00 PM Ellen announced that dinner was served. Michael and Heath instinctively sat together on one side of the table, David and Randi on the flip side, their usual seats, and Ellen and Brian assumed the end chairs. Ellen served the dinner of baked potatoes, golden fried shrimp and coleslaw. Dinner ended with dishes of warm Cherry Cobbler, topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.

After dinner, Brian told David and Randi to scram as he and Ellen wished to have an adult chat with the boys. Michael and Heath glanced at each other, wondering what Brian had on his mind.

“I’m a bit surprised,” Brian stated, “that you two boys are even still friends, after Michael’s shocking announcement at the BBQ!”

“It WAS pretty shocking!” Heath remarked, smiling, “But it was the best shock of my life!” Brian had a questioning expression on his face, and a frown. “I knew that Michael and I had some serious issues to discuss, and invited him to spend last weekend with me.”

“We went to the football game Friday night,” Michael stated, “and watched the Wildcats beat our Mustangs. Later Friday night we went to bed together like normal, as best friends. On Saturday morning we went to the school and played some basketball, but on Saturday afternoon, and until we fell asleep Saturday night, we did a lot of talking—I mean a LOT of talking.”

“Michael and I totally opened our hearts to each other,” Heath said, “and we shared our innermost thoughts and feelings with each other, especially our feelings towards each other. By the time we went to sleep Saturday night, we had mutually agreed to become boyfriends.”

“Dad,” Michael stated, tears leaking from his eyes, “the boy I so desperately needed, and wanted, was right there all the time! I just never knew—until last weekend.”

Heath, grabbing a napkin to wipe the tears from Michael’s face, “It’s alright, sweetheart, I think the hardest part is behind us now. Mr. Foxworth, I have fallen in love with your son, and my best friend!”

“Heath,” Ellen asked, “do you have intentions to tell your parents about this, and how do you think they will take it?”

“It’s already happened,” Heath replied, “last Sunday I finally got the nerve to come out to Mom and Dad, and told them that Michael and I were now boyfriends. I can’t say they were happy about it, but they did accept my sexuality, and our new relationship as boyfriends. Mom said that she expected to see a lot more of my boyfriend over the coming weeks.” Ellen smiled, having similar feelings.

“Dad,” Michael stated, “that night after the party on Labor Day, we had a good talk. You told me that when I met a ‘boy of interest’ to bring him around so that you and Mom could get to know him. Well, I didn’t know that night that Heath would become my ‘boy of interest’ and I never knew until last weekend that Heath was even gay. I had planned to re-introduce Heath as my boyfriend this weekend, but somehow the cart got ahead of the horse!”

“So you boys have been romantically involved for some time now?” Brian asked.

“Not really,” Heath replied, “I’d been aware of my attraction to other boys, but I’d never shared my feelings, even with my two closest friends, until after Michael came out publicly on Labor Day. We made plans to share the next weekend at my house, with plans for some sexual experimentation.”

“On Saturday morning,” Heath continued, “I woke up, looked down on Michael’s sleeping face, and had an insatiable desire to taste his sweet lips. I’d never kissed anyone before, not even a girl, let alone another boy! Michael kissed back, and, oh, my gosh, the thrill and feeling was indescribable! Chills ran down my spine, and my whole body just tingled! That was our first really romantic and passionate kiss, and after that we became more romantically involved with each other.”

“I see,” Brian replied, “I’ve never had an inclination to want to kiss another boy, but I was once a teenager. I’m well aware how a boys’ body reacts, when kissing someone they care deeply for.” Michael and Heath shared a knowing glance and grin.

“I wish we could offer you boys a spare bedroom, but all three of our bedrooms are occupied. I would hope that you boys have the integrity not to do any ‘experimenting’ in front of David.”

“No sweat, Dad,” Michael replied, “I don’t think that either Heath or I are exhibitionists, and we’d both prefer not to have witnesses!”

Being a Friday night, with no school the next day, David and Randi were allowed to stay up until 9:00 PM before being sent to bed. Brian, Ellen and the boys watched a TV movie together in the living room, Brian sitting in the recliner and Ellen on one end of the sofa.
Brian observed Heath and Michael sitting closely together on the other end of the sofa, comfortably holding each other’s left hands, while Michael’s right arm was affectionately wrapped around Heath’s shoulders, holding him close, and Heath’s head was resting on Michael’s right shoulder. These boys quite obviously have no shame in showing their affection and love for each other and Brian couldn’t help smiling. They all headed to bed after the 11:00 PM news ended.

Entering the boy’s room, Michael and Heath undressed for bed, down to their boxers. They had a desire to sleep naked, but with David sleeping in his own bed, only about four feet away, they crawled into Michael’s bed still wearing their boxers. Michael turned out the bedside lamp, leaving them in total darkness. Under the cover of darkness, they quietly kissed and made out for a few minutes, both boys becoming highly aroused. Somehow they managed to fall asleep without any sexual gratification. They’ll surely find a way to have some sex over Saturday and Sunday.

To be continued................


Chapter 15 picks up on Saturday morning, with Heath spending the weekend with Michael on the ranch. They explain to Brian and Ellen about their desire to attend Teen Night at the Cactus Club. On Thursday afternoon, they take part in the Basketball Tryouts and discover the downside of being boyfriends in a predominantly heterosexual world. As always, your comments are welcome and desired--and READ! I luv you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Awesome chapter. It's great to see Heath and Michael make friends with Mary Lou and Brenda. Both sets of parents seem supportive of the boys relationship.

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