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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 5,566 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 8. Chapter 8

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be descriptions of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

Chapter 8 picks up with their return home and a return to daily life. Chance and Diego will be treating the boys to a surprise adventure that will please both of them—a lot! Wait for it.

* * * * *

JC 8 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s the morning of July 3rd, and the last full day of the boy’s camping out adventure. Chance and Diego had prepared sausage and gravy over biscuits for breakfast.

“Baby,” Diego mentioned, “this gravy doesn’t taste quite as good as what you’ve cooked for us at home.”

“I know, Babe,” Chance replied, “I usually sprinkle in some Cajun Seasoning to spice it up a little, but I didn’t think to pack it.”

“It still tastes right good to me,” Benny added, smiling, “I’m not keen on a lot of spicy heat.”

While Diego and Chance cleaned up and prepared to wash up the utensils, JC and Benny prepared to enjoy their last naked hike together in the woods. JC grabbed the bag with what was left of that roll of TP, feeling that he was due for his daily constitutional.

Finding a suitable place in the woods, both boys squatted and emptied their bowels (and bladders). Between both of them they decimated the rest of that roll of TP and put the empty core back into the bag to add material for the campfire.

Heading back toward camp they came across the clearing, with Mother Nature’s ‘bed’ and decided to lie down on it for a while. While kissing and making out, both boys became aroused. With both of them wrapping a hand around the other’s stiff and leaking peckers, they decided to do a sixty-nine.

Benny lay on his back and the lighter JC lay on top of him. While JC hungrily took Benny’s boyhood into his mouth Benny guided JC’s sweet boyhood into his own. This has quickly become the boy’s favorite way of practicing sex and they’ve been working towards their desire to cum together.

JC’s body started to tremble, which told Benny that JC was fast approaching his orgasm. The first spurt into Benny’s mouth drove Benny over the edge and he also reached his orgasm, filling JC’s mouth with his boy cream. Both boys swallowed their treats, sucked out the last dribbles and pulled off each other.

Grinning at each other over their near success, they shared an embrace and tasted their own cream in each others mouths. Both boys now sexually satisfied, they held each other close and just relaxed in the afterglow.

After about half an hour, they got vertical and prepared to gather up the material for the campfire and head back to camp. JC returned with a bag full of dry grass and leaves, while Benny had an arm full of twigs and small branches. The shit-eating grins between both boys every time they glanced at each other told Chance and Diego that they had shared some sexual fun while they were out hiking. They likely spent more time playing than hiking.

Come lunchtime, Diego opened the last can of refried beans and placed them, along with the remainder of his taco meat on the camp stove to heat. Diego shredded part of the last head of Romaine lettuce, saving the outer leaves for the cheeseburgers at suppertime. There was only one tomato left, and Diego left that also, to slice up for their cheeseburgers tonight.

Lunch finished off the taco meat, taco shells and the tortillas. After lunch, Chance was looking for the bag with the TP and asked the boys where it was, and Benny told him they had used it all up. Chance retrieved the last roll from the tent and he and Diego headed into the woods to answer Mother Nature’s call.

After taking care of ‘business’ Diego opened a new topic. “If we get back in time tomorrow, I think we should take the boys down to Teen Night.”

“Teen Night?” Chance questioned, “What’s that?”

“You’re not aware of Teen Night,” Diego answered, “At the Cactus Club where we usually go?” Chance shook his head.

“On Wednesdays the club doesn’t even open until 5:00 PM. The kitchen is open and they serve dinners and snacks to anyone willing to pay until 7:00 or 8:00 PM. The teens can come in after 5:00 PM and pay a modest $2.00 cover charge to cover the DJ and can hang around until they close at 11:00 PM. On Wednesdays they don’t serve any alcohol, even to adults with ID.”

“Do very many kids show up for that?” Chance asked.

“The first couple of weeks they did that, only about Eight to Twelve kids showed up,” Diego explained, “but the last time I stopped in there must have been over fifty kids in there. I didn’t realize there were that many gay and lesbian teenagers around El Paso.”

“How do they control, to make sure the kids aren’t straight?”

“They don’t question them, and the owners don’t really care if a few straight teens come in, as long as they don’t cause trouble. Most of the straight kids stay away, just because it’s a gay bar, and they’re afraid someone will see them going in there.”

“I guess they don’t want to be pegged gay by association,” Chance stated, “tomorrow is July 4th, are you sure they’re open?”

“I have the number,” Diego said, “I’ll call them and find out, when we get back to the tent.”

While Chance and Diego were gone, JC pulled the blanket from the tent and spread it on the ground, and he and Benny stretched out on it spread eagle to catch some rays of the sun on their front sides.

Chance and Diego returned with two arms full of wood that would burn well, and laid them down by where the campfire would be built. They grinned at each other, seeing the two younger boys dozing on the blanket, holding hands and with their flaccid peckers on open display. Chance slipped into the tent and grabbed his phone, returning, and taking a photo of the boys for memory sake without disturbing them. Showing the photo to Diego, he grinned.

Diego phoned the bar and was told that ‘Teen Night’ was cancelled for tomorrow because it was the Fourth of July, so Chance and Diego decided to take them the following week. Tomorrow night after dinner with Anna they would take the boys, find some celebrations and enjoy watching fireworks together.

Chance and Diego have a very unique relationship with JC and Benny. Chance, of course met JC the day he moved into the duplex next to JC and his Mom and quickly formed a bond. The first time that Chance ventured into a gay bar in El Paso he met Diego and the two of them clicked.
Neither of the men have ever had a sexual desire for black men. With JC’s Mama being black and his deceased father having been Hispanic, JC is a handsome black dude with Hispanic facial features, while Benny is pure African-American, but still quite handsome.

Both men have grown to love both boys, and treat them almost like sons. Although the four of them have hung around together naked on numerous occasions, neither Chance nor Diego have ever had sexual encounters with the boys, with the exception of Chances promise to give JC a blowjob on his Eighteenth Birthday. That was the same day that JC met Benny, and just a few days before Chance met Diego.

Chance poured some fresh charcoal on the grill and lit it, preparing to cook the eight remaining beef patties. The only food left in the cooler, aside from condiments, were eight eggs and a few slices of bacon, and one more tube of biscuits which was being saved for breakfast Wednesday morning.

The aroma of the grilling burgers hit the nostrils of the boys and they soon became vertical. They shook the dirt off the blanket and folded it, and returned it to the tent.

“Your timing is pretty good,” Diego stated, “you guys woke up just in time for supper.” The boys walked to the edge of the campsite and relieved their bladders and returned, hungry. JC walked behind Chance and wrapped his arms around his torso, his flaccid boyhood tickling Chance’s ass.

“Hey, that tickles!” Chance remarked, grinning, and the others all snickered. Chance announced that the burgers were ready and Benny and JC both offered him plates with open buns, and Diego with two plates. Although it was a bit on the skimpy side, they all sat and enjoyed their Last Supper together at the campsite, washing the cheeseburgers down with some of the last bottles of water.

After eating, Diego arranged the dead grass and leaves at the bottom, with the smaller twigs and branches above it and lit the campfire. As the sun was waning in the west, Chance brought out the last bag of Marshmallows. Reusing the sharpened branches from Sunday night, they roasted marshmallows in the campfire, also enjoying the warmth on their naked bodies.

By 9:30 the campfire was dying and they were all ready to call it a day. After taking a last chance pee they all slid into their sleeping bags, cuddled together and fell asleep.

Having gone to bed relatively early, Chance and Diego both woke up about 6:00 AM Wednesday morning, the Fourth. The weather had cooled and it was downright chilly outside of the sleeping bag. Chance and Diego braved the cooler weather and walked over by the edge of the camp and shivered while relieving their bladders. Returning to the tent, both of them pulled out sweatpants and hoodies and covered their bodies. It was too darned cold to try to prepare breakfast naked! JC and Benny were still cuddled together and sleeping comfortably.

Chance used the last of the bottled water to brew a pot of coffee, which seemed to take forever to perk. Diego got out four of the paper cups, and poured two cups for Chance and himself. Digging into the cooler, Diego brought out the sugar and creamer, and also set the bacon, eggs and the last roll of biscuits on the table close to the camp stove.

Previously to living with Chance, Diego had never been a coffee drinker, preferring hot cocoa. On this cool morning, hot coffee never had tasted better! The two men sat at the table together and enjoyed that first cup of coffee, just chatting.

Chance rose up, placed the coffeepot on the grill and replaced it with the oven, preparing to bake the biscuits.

“Dee, while I get these biscuits baking, would you like to wake the boys up?”

“Sure, Baby,” Diego replied, “I bet they won’t want to get out of that warm sleeping bag!” Diego went into the tent and rocked the boys’ shoulders, disrupting their beauty rest. They both started to crawl out and the cool hit their naked bodies and they slipped back inside.

“It’s too fuckin’ cold to get up yet,” Benny stated.

“We have to, Benny!” JC exclaimed, “I’m about to start leaking, and I don’t wanna pee in the sleeping bag, or on you.” The boys quickly crawled out, pulled on their sneakers and headed out to take a morning pee.

JC, returning to the campsite, “I’M FREEZING!”

Chance, grinning, “JC, as much as you like not wearing clothes, you may want to consider covering your body this morning. As you can see, Diego and I both have.” The boys both ran back into the tent and donned similar outfits. JC put on his new matching sweatpants and top that he’d never worn before and Benny put on a matching outfit that he’d worn several times over the last two years. They both came out and got cups of still quite hot coffee.

Biscuits done, Diego split and buttered them, putting them into a bowl and covering them with a towel to try and keep them warm. Chance had the large frying pan on the camp stove, frying the bacon. As he’d done Sunday, Chance fried the eggs, four at a time in the bacon grease. When done, Chance placed two eggs and two strips of bacon on each of two plates and served the boys their breakfast while dropping the last four eggs in the pan for Diego and himself. The two men ate while the pan cooled off on the grill.

Having used all of the water from both jugs, Chance placed the soiled pans and utensils in a bag, stating they could be washed up after they returned home. This was the last meal they would enjoy eating at the camp and they were now totally out of food except for two partial boxes of cereal and a few condiments.

About 10:00 AM C&D (Chance and Diego) prepared to start breaking down camp. While C&D packed up the camp stove and folded up the table they asked the boys to roll up the sleeping bags.

“How will we know which sleeping bag is whose?” Benny asked.

“They’re identical,” Chance said, “does it really matter?”

“I suppose not,” Benny replied, “I think we’re all pretty clean most of the time.”

“The inside liners of those bags can be laundered,” Diego mentioned, “We’ve slept in them for four nights, if we launder the liners, they’ll both be clean as new.” Benny smiled, satisfied.

“Would you guys be willing to take JC and me on another camping trip in the future?” Benny asked.

“Would you guys be willing to go with us again?” Chance replied, “Diego and I had a very enjoyable and fun time with you two, and I think we’re both looking forward to the next time. We both care for you guys a lot and we do have some things in common.”

“At first I thought it was pretty weird, hanging around naked with you guys, and I was afraid you might want to take advantage of me,” Benny admitted. I’ve learned to trust you, and now I actually look forward to our group nudity,” then, grinning, “even if you do cuff my pecker once in a while!”

“Benny,” Diego stated, “we’re all gay, and most all gay guys like to see cock. When a young stud has a cock as nice as yours the desire to touch it is nearly irresistible. I’m not making a pass at you, I’m just satisfying the urge to touch it. I have no desire to have sex with you, when I have a boy close to my age, that I love as much as I do Chance, and that gives me his love in return.”

“Well spoken, Baby,” Chance said, “you two boys are still wet behind the ears, you’re what, 20, Benny and JC just turned 18. I suspect that, like most young guys, your relationship is primarily based on having sex.”

“Back when I lived in New York City,” Chance explained, “I was frequenting all the gay bars, looking for a special man, one that I could maybe fall in love with. Every night it was a different dude, and I tricked with a lot of different boys. Nothing substantial ever happened, I maybe went to bed with the same boy two or three times but they were all one-night stands. No one I ever met was interested in a meaningful relationship, they just wanted sex.”

“I had to move here to find a real man. The first Saturday night I went to the Cactus Club and I saw Diego, I bought him a drink. He came to me, and we introduced ourselves. After a few more drinks I was not feeling fit to drive home. We walked to his apartment, and spent the night together. Somehow, I just knew that he was the man I’d been searching for.” Diego smiled.

“Come Sunday afternoon,” Chance continued, “I was preparing to leave for home. Diego approached me with tears in his eyes and begged me not to leave, and I had a brainstorm. I asked him to try an experiment with me. I told him to pack what clothes he needed for three days, and spend the next three days living with me, and see how we got along for more than just one day. I told him I could get him to work, as he doesn’t work far from our home, and I would return him back home Wednesday evening.”

“That was a promise you broke, Babe,” Diego stated, grinning, and picking up the story. “On that rainy Wednesday I asked Chance when he was taking me home, and he said ‘Never’ if he had his way. He said he’d fallen in love with me, and asked me to share his home and his life with him. I also had developed really deep feelings for Chance, and I couldn’t fight him, and I agreed to give us a try.”

JC, getting his two cents in, “Boy, I remember that day like it was yesterday! Diego got a call that morning from his boss that it was a rain day, and no work. Chance asked me to help them and by Wednesday evening we had Diego all moved in.”

“It was a big life change for me,” Diego stated, “Giving up my apartment and moving in with Chance I lost much of my independence but in the process, I gained an awesome boyfriend. To this day I’ve never once regretted making that move.”

“Chance,” Benny asked, “Why do you think our relationship isn’t real?”

“I didn’t say that,” Chance replied, “I said that I feel that your relationship is mostly built on sex. You’re both still young, and either one of you, or both could become attracted to another boy and that could spell the end of your relationship. There is much more to a successful relationship than just having sex. What if one of you became sick or injured, and wasn’t able to perform?”

“I would hope that nothing like either of those cases would ever happen,” Benny replied, “but I could never turn my back on my Baby!”

“Maybe your relationship is stronger than I think,” Chance stated, “Only time will tell. We’d better get packing, or we’ll never get back home.”

The next two hours was a flurry of activity. The boys rolled up the sleeping bags and carried all of the contents from inside of the tent up to the Pilot. C&D pulled out the stakes from around the tent, and removed the supports, dropping the tent on the ground, and then folded it up, ready to return it to the outdoor store.

By noon the Pilot was loaded and all that remained were the two notorious bags of trash, and the evidence of the campfire.

“Can’t we just leave those bags of trash here?” JC asked.

“Nope,” Chance replied, “we need to take those with us, we’re not leaving them on Brian’s property. We need to stop by his house and let him know we’re leaving, and maybe we can drop them in his Dumpster.”

They left the campsite about noon with a fully loaded Pilot, and both boys in the back seat holding a bag of trash on their laps. Stopping by Brian’s home, he told them they were welcome to put their trash in his Dumpster, and the boys quickly dropped the stinky bags into it.

“Brian, I think the only noticeable thing we left behind was where we had the campfire,” Chance stated.

“I hardly think that’s a problem,” Brian replied, smiling, “in a year or two it will have disappeared. If you boys come back later this summer, you can probably use the same spot for another campfire. I trust that you boys had a pleasant camping experience?”

“I think we all had an awesome weekend,” Chance replied, “Thank you so much for allowing us to camp out on your property.”

“You’re very welcome,” Brian replied, “Do you boys swim?”

“I think we all know how to swim,” Chance answered, “but we really don’t have anywhere to go swimming.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed the backhoe in back of our house,” Brian stated, “we’re having an in-ground pool installed. We’re hoping it will be completed by Labor Day Weekend. We have three kids, two teens and one preteen, and are having the pool installed, mostly for their benefit.”

“It’s not a public pool, but if you guys decide to do another campout on Labor Day Weekend, and it’s finished by then, you guys would be welcome to use it, as long as I or my wife are home. You might want to pack some swimsuits if you come back then, just in case.”

“Thanks for the invitation, Brian,” Chance replied, “we’ll keep that in mind, you know, you’re really an OK guy, in our view!”

Brian, grinning, “You boys have made a positive impression on me, and I’ve taken quite a liking to you. Can you hold up a minute?” Brian walked to the front door and called his family out. The family exited the house, along with the family’s German Shepherd dog.

“Guys,” Brian said, “This is my wife, Ellen, my eldest son, Michael, 16, my next son, David, 14, my daughter Randi, spelled with an I, 11, and of course Prince,” pointing to the dog.”

“These are the young men that have been camping out on our farm this weekend,” Brian said, pointing, “This is Chance, Diego, JC, and, and,”

“Benny,” Benny helped Brian out. Prince was sniffing the boys out and when he approached Benny, Benny backed away in fear.

“He won’t bite you,” Brian stated, “He’s just checking you guys out.” JC likes dogs, wishing he had one, and dropped to one knee in front of Prince, and Prince kissed his face while JC stroked his fur. All four boys shook hands with Ellen and the kids. Randi, shaking hands with Chance, gripped two of his fingers and seemed reluctant to let them go. The other three boys were already in the Pilot, and Randi looked up to Chance’s face.

“Chance,” Randi asked, “Can you give me a kiss goodbye?”

Chance, glancing over at Ellen and Brian, both grinning, “Sure, Sweetheart!” Chance dropped to one knee and gave Randi a warm hug and a kiss on her cheek. Randi beamed. “Till we meet again!” Chance slid into the driver’s seat and drove them off.

“It looks like Chance found himself a new girlfriend,” Benny said.

“Gosh, Baby,” Diego added, grinning, “you sure do pick ’em young!” They all had a good laugh. It had been a long time since breakfast and the boys were complaining about being hungry, and it would be a considerable time before dinner. Arriving in Fort Hancock, Chance turned onto the road toward I-10 and pulled into the gas station/convenience store. They all picked up some snacks and drinks. While stopped, Chance called Anna, and told her they should be returning home in about an hour.

“That would be about 3:30,” Anna replied, “Do you want dinner that early?”

“Not really,” Chance replied, “I think maybe about 5:00 would be better. After dinner Dee and I are taking the boys out to find some festivities, and a place to watch fireworks.”

“You and Diego really go out of your way to treat those boys well,” Anna said, “I don’t know about Benny, but I think that JC regards you almost like the father that was stolen from him way too soon. I think that you and Diego are good mentors for JC, and maybe for Benny too. OK, I’ll plan dinner for between 5:00 and 5:30. See you when you get back.” Anna and Chance hung up, and Chance entered the I-10 onramp heading west toward Socorro.

About 3:45 Anna heard the Pilot pulling in and went out to welcome all of the boys home.

“I just started dinner cooking,” Anna stated, “it should be ready by 5:00 or a bit after.”

“Great,” Chance responded, “I know we’re all ready for it, especially these two!” (pointing at JC and Benny)

“Hey guys!” Chance stated, “we’ve got about an hour before dinner, let’s get the Pilot unloaded.”

“Baby,” Diego asked, “Where are we going to store all this shit?”

Chance, unlocking the shed, “We can stash the bulky stuff, like the camp stove, cooler, and the table and chairs in this shed. Benny, are you taking your oven and lantern home?”

“We don’t really have much space in the apartment to store them,” Benny replied, “can’t I just leave them with you?”

“Sure Benny, just stack the oven on top of the camp stove. If you want to leave your sleeping bag here, you and JC can stash both of them in the office closet. Leave the liners in the hamper by the washer, and I’ll get them laundered.”

Diego carried the cooler into the kitchen and put the condiments into the fridge, then brought it back out, drained out the water, and placed the small cooler inside, dropping them on the floor of the shed.

Chance, putting the leftover charcoal in the shed, “Do you know what we forgot to load? The charcoal grill.”

“Baby,” Diego stated, “It’s not a big deal, it was old and messy. Maybe in the next week or two we could spring for a new Propane Gas Grill. I’m sure we could make more use of that, right here.”

“Sounds good,” Chance replied, “I’ve been desiring one of them for a while. You can even roast a roast or a whole chicken in one of those. Some of them even have a rotisserie.”

Anna stepped out of her back door and announced that dinner was ready. The four boys and men came into Anna’s kitchen and washed their hands at the kitchen sink and dried them on a hand towel.

Anna had five places set at the table, each with a tall glass of iced tea. In the center of the table was a bowl of Anna’s delicious potato salad. JC and Benny sat on one side, C&D on the flip side. JC quickly guzzled his iced tea and refilled his glass. Anna pulled a baking dish from the oven, and placed a large baked pork chop and a serving of steamed broccoli on each of five plates, setting them on the table. The boys all helped themselves to a helping of potato salad, and they all dug in.

After eating, C&D thanked Anna graciously for the tasty dinner and headed back to their side of the house to change into clean outfits to go out. JC and Benny slipped into JC’s bedroom to change, preparing to go with C&D to celebrate the holiday and see some fireworks. About 6:45 the boys all piled into the Pilot and Chance drove them off.

Chance spotted a sign reading ‘Festivities’ with an arrow and turned off the main drag, following the signs and a string of cars in front of them. Approaching a large open field, Sheriff’s Deputies were directing traffic and directed them to a parking spot. Once parked, the guys exited the Pilot and just followed the crowd to the Festival area.

It was much like a carnival midway, but with no rides. There were a number of game booths, sponsored by local organizations, and plenty of vendors selling everything from hot dogs to funnel cakes. Two of the local Mexican Restaurants were selling tacos and Nachos and Papa John’s had a booth selling pizza. Within five minutes, both JC and Benny had bought Cotton Candy on a funnel shaped paper stick.

“Hey look guys,” Chance stated, “We’re not going to make you guys stay with us, like little children. It’s just 7:30 now, and the fireworks are supposed to start at 9:30 in that big field down there on the other side of the portajohns.”

“Suppose you guys meet up with us at the Pepsi booth at 9:00 and we can all go to that field together to watch the fireworks. There’s at least 4000, maybe even 5000 or more people here, and trying to find you guys in this crowd would be like trying to find the needle in a haystack.”

“Cool,” Benny said, “we’ll see you at 9:00.” The boys took off, leaving Chance and Diego alone.

C&D were preparing to spend some quarters on the Roulette Wheel, hoping to win a $10.00 prize, and heard their names called, “DEE, CHANCE!” Turning toward the voice, Cameron and Ginny were approaching them. Meeting together, the four shared a group hug.

“How did your camping trip go with JC and Benny?” Cam asked.

“Fantastic!” Diego quickly responded. “The boys had a blast, and we totally enjoyed spending the time with them. We may do it again on Labor Day Weekend.”

“It was the boys first experience camping out,” Chance said, “and I think they learned a lot.”

“Mine too, Baby,” Diego added, “and I know I learned a lot. I’m so ready for another campout!”

“Things were pretty tough at work while you were gone, Dee,” Cam stated, “They hooked me up with a new boy, and I had to tell him every move to make. I’ll sure be glad to have you back as my work partner tomorrow. I really missed you, Dee, but I’m glad you all had a good time together. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Cam and Ginny took off and Chance and Diego headed to the Roulette game. Both boys bought $10.00 worth of quarters to play and they both won some smaller cash prizes but no $10 ones. By 8:50 they’d both squandered their supply of quarters and headed toward the Pepsi booth to meet up with JC and Benny, arriving there at 9:00 PM sharp. The boys were there, waiting on them.

Heading toward the football field, where the crowd was gathering to await the fireworks, they passed the line of portajohns and Chance observed the waiting lines of 10 to 15 people in front of each one. After the fireworks, those lines would probably be even longer. He and Diego were pleased that they hadn’t had any drinks since the iced tea at dinner, and likely could wait until they got home to pee.

A typical sports field, there were six towers of lights, lighting up the field, almost like daylight. Hopefully they would turn off those lights when the fireworks started. The boys worked their way nearly to the rope that was to keep the crowd a safe distance from where the fireworks were launched. Being close to the front, they should be able to see the displays that were close to the ground.

It was still about 15 minutes before the fireworks were to start and JC was starting to do a pee dance, shifting his weight between his feet.

“Chance,” JC stated, “I think I drank too much iced tea, I need to pee, BAD!”

“JC, you know where the portajohns are,” Chance replied, “and we’ll stay right here so you can find us when you return. Just a heads up, it looks like the lines at the johns are about ten or fifteen minutes long.”

“There’s no way I can hold it for THAT long!” JC exclaimed. “I’ve already lost a squirt in my pants!”

“Okay guy’s,” Chance stated, “we have an emergency. We need to form a huddle, like a football huddle, so we can shield JC and he can pee.” The guys formed the suggested huddle, and JC opened his zipper.

“You guys are gonna see me peeing right in front of you.” JC complained.

“Like we’ve never seen your pecker countless times before?” Chance said, chuckling. “Just aim it straight down to the grass, and don’t pee on our pants or sneakers.”

In desperation, JC quickly pulled out JC Junior and immediately started to water the grass in the center of the huddle. Relieved, he wrung it out and tucked it back into his pants and zipped up.

“Thanks guys,” JC said, “I was out of time and you guys just saved me the embarrassment of wetting my pants.”

“Just helping out a friend in need,” Diego replied, smiling, and pulling JC into a sideways hug.

After enjoying the fireworks, they headed, along with hundreds of others, to the parking area. It took over half an hour just to reach the road home. Finally, arriving in Chance and Diego’s back yard about 11:30 PM, the other three boys watered the grass there. After JC and Benny thanked Chance and Diego for a happy time, they headed to Anna’s side of the house to spend the night together in JC’s bed.

Diego is due to work at 8:00 AM Thursday morning. He and Chance wasted little time stripping and crawling into their own bed with no time or desire for sex and happy that they had been able to entertain the boys for the last five days. If and when they decide to get married and have their own family, they’ll be great Daddy’s.

To be continued..................

* * * * *

So ends this rather exciting, interesting and fun chapter of our story. The camping trip is over and the boys had a fun time over the Fourth of July.

Coming up in Chapter 9, Chance and Diego will be taking Benny and JC to the Cactus Club for Teen Night. JC will be in for a surprise when he runs across two former classmates that he never knew were gay. As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. You never know when one of your comments might just alter my story line. I'd like to thank you guys for taking the time to read my tales, and I 💓 you guys.


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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