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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 8,481 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 1. Chapter 1

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is no sex in this chapter.

JC – A gay story by Doug Spencer

* * * * *

I guess the best way to start this story is to tell you a little about myself. My adopted name is Chance Watson, and I don’t even know what my birth name was. I was raised by a loving couple, in a small community in Western New York State, and they gave me their last name when they adopted me at the age of five.

The Watson’s were in their late fifties when they adopted me, and loved me as if I was their own child. Legally, and by adoption, I was their only child.

During high school I had more interest in boys than girls, and while most of the boys were dating girls, I wasn’t. A few boys noted that I was not dating girls, and accused me of being queer. A couple of them convinced me to give them a blowjob, which I did willingly, and even enjoyed doing it. That’s when I began to realize that it wasn’t just a phase, I was homosexual.

I dreamed of becoming a writer, and my parents paid the cost of sending me to college, where I gained a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. During college, I had several regular hookups with other boys for sex, but nothing meaningful.

Deciding that a small town in Western New York State was not a desirable location for a gay boy to live, I relocated to New York City, obtaining employment with a newspaper. My desire to be a free-lance writer was strong, and I was really sick of the cold weather up north, as well as the cold people in the city.

While I was living in NYC, my adopted parents both passed on, but they left me nearly a $200,000 inheritance, which I kept secret from everyone. I was a frequent flyer to some of the gay bars, always searching, but never finding Mr. Right. Yeah, I found it fairly easy to pick up tricks, but future husband material never came my way. I so wanted to meet a man to love me, marry me, and live HEA with.

Living in NYC was expensive. I made a decent salary at my job, but just the cost of my furnished apartment was $1500 a month, plus utilities. I needed to make a move now! I gave the publisher two weeks notice, and used almost $50,000 of my inheritance money and bought a new Honda Pilot. I didn’t previously own a vehicle, as living in NYC, it was easier and far less complicated to just use public transportation.

During my last week of employment, I spent every night packing boxes of my personal shit, and clothing. Friday morning I went to the Post Office, and asked them to hold my mail, until I could supply them my new address, which I had no f**king idea what it might be. I considered Gay Francisco, but the cost of living there discouraged me.

On Monday morning of my first week of unemployment, I carried all of the boxes to the Pilot and loaded them. After going to an eatery and getting some breakfast, I returned to the apartment, making certain I had gotten everything of importance. I locked the apartment, and turned the keys in to the rental office. I then went to the Pilot, sat in the driver’s seat and took off, heading west toward El Paso, TX. Why El Paso? Why not. Goodbye, New York! And good riddance!

Thursday night, May 3rd, I pulled into an area near El Paso, a smaller town on the outskirts of El Paso called Socorro, and checked into a motel that offered free WiFi, and a reasonable rate. I got online and started to search for houses to rent near El Paso. I didn’t really wish to reside in another big city—I just got out of the city! I found a two-bedroom duplex for rent, with photos, that looked decent, and was right here in Socorro, and I decided to contact the rental agent Friday morning.

The agent picked me up at the motel, and took me to the duplex. He explained that the other side was rented to a single Mom that had a seventeen-year-old son that was retarded. The home was all electric, and included all the major appliances. It had a back entrance with shared parking and a shared back yard, but separate back porches. I liked the home, and we made a deal, I paid the deposit and first months rent. The agent gave me the phone numbers to get the electric, water and cable turned on. I needed cable, mostly because I needed the internet. He handed me the keys, wished me good luck, and drove me back to the motel. I couldn’t wait to move in.

The electric and water companies told me they would be able to get them turned on later that same day. The cable company said it would be Monday before they would be able to get me connected. I checked out of the motel and drove to the apartment, backing the Pilot up to my back porch. That’s when I first saw JC, and it was somewhat of a surprise.

Getting out of the driver’s seat, and preparing to unload my stuff, I couldn’t help but notice this young and quite handsome black boy in our yard, lifting weights—but he was completely naked! Being gay and somewhat of a nudist myself, it was rather a pleasant surprise. He laid the barbell down and approached me, seemingly unaware, and unashamed of his nudity.

"Are you moving in next door," he asked.

"I am," I replied, "I’m Chance Watson, and I’m new to the area, I’m just moving here from New York City." I smiled and offered my hand to him, which he took, shaking mine. I wanted to hug this naked young man so bad, but controlled my emotions.

"I’m Jonathan Cortez, but most everyone just calls me JC," he said, "my Mom and I live next door. What should I call you, Mr. Watson?"

"Just call me ‘Chance’, and I’ll call you ‘JC’," I replied. I couldn’t help but admire his well toned body, and, of course, his very attractive, but not overly big boyhood, that I had a desire to hold in my hand! Just then his mother walked out.

JC’s mother was a black woman, seemingly in her mid-forties, and a couple of inches shorter that either JC or myself. Her hair was somewhat short cut, and she was wearing a housedress. She had a look of irritation on her face, probably due to JC’s nudity, which of course, I had no problem with.

"JC!" She exclaimed, "We have company, go put some pants on!"

"Yes, Mama," JC headed into the house.

"I apologize for my son’s behavior, sir," she stated, "he’s a little retarded, and he likes to be naked. I’ve always had a problem with him taking his clothes off. I’m Anna Marie Cortez, and I guess you’ve met my son, Jonathan. Most people just call me Anna."

"I’m Chance Watson, and I’m just moving here from New York City, and I go by ‘Chance’," I said, then grinning, "JC is a beautiful young man, with or without clothes!" Anna grinned.

JC, returning, and now wearing shorts, "Chance, can I help you unload your car?"

"Why, thank you JC," I said, "your help is welcome, and appreciated."

JC was very helpful, and between the two of us, the Pilot was soon unloaded, and everything was now stacked in the kitchen. As I checked the boxes, JC carried the boxes of clothing to the bedroom and one to the bathroom, a couple to the living room and the rest stayed in the kitchen. The house was unfurnished, and I needed to buy some furniture.

"How much do I owe you JC, for your help?" I asked.

JC, a look of disappointment on his face, "Chance, I like you, I just wanted to help you, as a friend, I don’t want money." This young man is stealing my heart, and he’s growing on me, by the minute!

"JC, would you like to go with me, to help me pick out some furniture for this place, and I'll treat you to dinner." I said. The smile on JC’s face could have lit the world.

"I need to ask my Mom," JC said, "I don’t go anywhere unless she gives me permission."

"I think I better ask her myself," I said. I asked Anna, and she said he could go with me, but, understandably, she asked for my phone number, which I gave her. Anna and I exchanged phone numbers, and she quietly wrote down the license plate number on my car. I completely understood her precaution.

We headed to ‘Discount City Furniture Outlet’ and picked out furniture for my new home. JC selected the things for the living room and table and chairs for the kitchen, and I selected my new desk, and the bedroom suite. The store agreed to deliver it all on Saturday, sometime in the afternoon. I was relegated to spend tonight in a motel, as I wouldn’t have a bed until tomorrow night.

After leaving the furniture store, I took JC to dinner at Chipotle Mexican Grill, one of my favorite eateries, but it was new to JC, and he loved the place. Returning home, JC and I checked out my place, and the electric and water were both on. I couldn’t resist giving JC a hug, and he returned the hug, along with a kiss on my cheek. I’m elated that JC seems not only comfortable with me but also seems to like me, as I am liking this young man. It’s hard for me to understand why he was considered a ‘special’ student, and had been placed in ‘special classes’ at school.

JC returned to his side of the duplex, and I checked back in at the motel for the night. I hooked up the laptop, and did some writing, and fell into bed about 11:00 PM, wishing JC was sharing my bed. I wasn’t thinking so much about having sex with JC, I just had a strong desire to hold him close to me, and sleep with him. I wondered if that might ever happen.

Saturday morning I woke up, got dressed and checked out of the room. I had no idea what time the furniture store might deliver the furniture, and I needed to be home when they did. I went to Carl’s Jr. and picked up four Sausage and Egg biscuits and some coffee, then drove to the house. I had no intention to eat all four of the biscuits, but wanted to offer a couple to JC, should he be around.

Until the furniture is delivered, there is no place to sit. I placed the biscuits and coffee on the counter, and found a sturdy box to sit on to eat them. Since I wasn’t expecting the furniture delivery until sometime after noon, I got naked, and started to unpack some of the kitchen stuff and finding places to put it away.

About 10:00 AM the kitchen door swung open, and in walked JC, naked, and catching me naked. Seeing me naked, JC grew a smile on his face, and my face turned some shade of red.

"Chance," JC asked, innocently, "do you like to be naked, too?"

"I won’t lie to you, JC," I answered, "I love to be naked! I bought a couple extra breakfast biscuits, if you’re a little hungry, they’ve got your name on them, you may want to give them a few seconds in the microwave." JC placed them in the microwave, for one minute.

"Cool!" JC remarked, "You and me, we have something in common! It doesn’t bother you to see me naked?"

"Not at all," I replied, "You have a beautiful body, one that ninety percent of all males would envy. But you also have a very nice looking pecker, and that part of you bothers me."

"All boys have peckers," JC replied, while wolfing down the biscuits, "Why would it bother you to see my pecker?"

"Mostly because of our ages," I explained, "I’m pushing thirty years old, and you’re only seventeen. If I were to touch you, down there, and anyone ever knew that I did, I could be arrested, and thrown in jail, for inducing sex with a minor. I don’t want to see a jail, from the inside, looking out. It would also place me on a list of sex offenders, that would be published in all fifty states."

"How old would I have to be, for us to have some boy fun together?" JC inquired.

"Eighteen is the minimum age for two people to have sex, legally." I answered, "When will you be eighteen?"

"I’m close," JC replied, "only a few more weeks."

"You see, JC," I explained, "you’ve got that beautiful pecker, and I would love to take it into my mouth and make you feel good. Do you know what ‘gay’ means?"

"Sure," JC replied, "that’s when two boys, or two girls get together and have sex. Are you telling me that you’re gay."

"JC, I like you, a lot, and I think that you like me," I explained. "But if your Mama knew that I was gay, she probably would not allow you to get close to me, or for us to do anything together, like we did yesterday, and that would hurt both of us."

"Chance," JC stated, "I just enjoy hanging around with you, I won’t ever tell Mama what we just talked about. Chance, I love you, like a brother. When I turn eighteen, you can give me a very special birthday gift!"

"I think I’m almost afraid to ask," I said, "what would that special birthday gift be?"

JC, grinning, "My very first blowjob! I’m saving my pecker, just for you."

"As handsome a young man as you are, I’ll bet some girl is going to get to it first!" I exclaimed.

"Not a chance, Chance," JC replied, smiling, "no pun intended, I’m going to share a secret with you. Please don’t tell anyone, but, I like boys too. I used to love to shower with a bunch of boys after gym class, and see all their nice peckers, and there were three or four of them that I dreamed of being in bed with."

"Don’t worry, JC," I replied, "your secret is safe with me!"

"Thanks, Chance," JC replied, "I think you’re my best friend, I love you!" JC gave me a hug, and kissed me affectionately, on my lips! Yep, JC is gay, no straight boy kisses another boy on the lips. JC left my kitchen and headed back to the yard where he’d been lifting weights, and successfully pulled on his boxers and shorts, before his Mama caught him naked. God, I love this young man!

About 1:30 PM the delivery guys arrived with my furniture, and set my new bed up in the bedroom, and placed everything else as per my instructions. They were done and gone in about forty-five minutes, and my house now looked like a home. I had the desk placed in the smaller of the two bedrooms, planning to use that room like an office. I didn’t plan or expect any overnight company that wouldn’t be sleeping in my bed with me.

About 3:00 PM JC walked in without knocking, catching me naked, again!

"Chance, get dressed!" JC remarked, "Mama’s coming over to check out your new furniture." I quickly pulled on my boxer-briefs and jeans, about 30 seconds before Anna entered through the kitchen door.

Anna, walking through the house and taking in the view of each room, "JC told me he picked out some of your furniture."

"I picked out my desk, and the bedroom suite," I answered, "JC selected the kitchen set, and the living room is all JC!" JC was smiling proudly, and I was totally pleased with JC’s choices. "I think JC could become an interior designer! I could not have chosen any better, he has a knack of visualizing what goes well together."

"Chance," Anna stated, "We’d be honored if you will have dinner with us tonight. It’s nothing fancy, just good home cooked food, please?"

"Well, being that I haven’t done any grocery shopping yet," Chance said, "I was planning to go out for supper, but dinner next door with my new best friend and his Mama sure sounds good!"

"GREAT!" Anna exclaimed. "Most of dinner is in the oven, and it probably will need another hour to finish. Why don’t you come over now, and you and I can chat while dinner finishes baking."

Chance, apprehensively, "You’re not serving chitterlings are you?"

"Chance!" Anna retorted, "We may be black, but we don’t eat chitterlings!"

"Sorry," Chance replied, embarrassed, "I didn’t mean to offend you."

"You didn’t," Anna replied, "you just showed a bit of your ignorance. Do you eat meatloaf and scalloped potatoes?"

"Sure," Chance responded, "and I’m fond of scalloped spuds."

"Well, that’s what’s in the oven," Anna replied. JC went to his bedroom and put on his headphones, getting into some music, and leaving his Mama and Chance to talk, and get to know each other. Anna invited Chance to sit at the kitchen table with her.

"Anna," Chance asked, "am I being too personal to ask where is Mr. Cortez?"

"No, it’s not too personal, but it’s a story with a sad ending. Juan Cortez started dating me over twenty years ago. We dated for a couple years, and decided to marry. As you might surmise, from our name, Juan was Hispanic, and due to his family’s traditions, his family wouldn’t even attend our wedding, but my parents did."

"I’m not sure I understand, about his family," I commented.

"From his family’s view, Juan was not only marrying an American woman, but a BLACK American woman. Anyway, we got married, and three years later we became parents to a beautiful baby boy, and named him Jonathan. For nine years we were a happy and loving family. Juan was a faithful and loving husband, and a loving father to his son."

"Juan was a construction worker, he made a good income, and was an excellent provider. Eight years ago, there was a terrible accident on the work site, and Juan was crushed by a big machine."

Anna and Chance were both starting to cry, and Anna grabbed some napkins, for both of them. Sobbing, Anna continued the sad story.

"In seconds, I lost my—husband and—JC lost his father. Chance, try—to explain—to a nine year old boy—that his Papa—is—never —coming—home!"

"Anna," Chance stated, with tears running down his face, "I can feel the pain in your hearts, I’m sorry I even asked—about JC’s father. Please forgive me?"

"Chance," Anna stated, "I can feel the closeness that has developed between you and JC, and I’m glad I could share this story with you. I think it’s good that you now know, what happened to Juan. I see Juan every day, when I look into JC’s face, he carries so much of Juan in his features."

"I noticed that," Chance replied, "the first day I met JC, I could see the Hispanic features on his face. Couple that with the name of ‘Cortez’ and I was certain that JC was the result of a mixed race marriage. It’s just a part of what makes JC the handsome and loveable young man that he is. Not to mention that JC also has a magnetic personality that I find irresistible!" Anna smiled.

Anna, excusing herself from the table, "I hope that you like broccoli, it’s one of the few vegetables I can get JC to eat." She placed the steamer pan on the stove.

"I do," I replied, "I like almost all food, and broccoli is one of my vegetables of choice. What grade is JC in?"

"No grade, anymore," Anna explained, "JC was slow, and was in a class for ‘special students’. At sixteen, his reading, writing and math were at a sixth grade level, and he dropped out of school. He hated school, except for Physical Education. As you may have noticed, he likes to exercise, and work out. He’s obsessed with a desire to have a perfect body."

"I think he’s succeeding," I replied, smiling, "not many young men have as beautiful a body as JC has."

Anna, dishing up dinner, "Wanna get JC out of his room so we can eat?" I nodded, arose from the table and headed toward the bedrooms, finding JC, and told him to come out for dinner.

It felt good, sharing a tasty dinner with JC and his Mama. Anna had made some of the best meatloaf I’d ever eaten. Being gay, I have no romantic interest in women, but Anna has grown on me as a friend, and I like her a lot.

Rising from the table, "Anna, thanks so much for dinner, I almost felt like a part of your family, having dinner with you and JC. I have some things I need to take care of online, and my cable won’t be connected until Monday. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to Starbucks, and use their WIFI. I expect I’ll see you and JC tomorrow."

"Thank you for having dinner with us, Chance." Anna stated, smiling, "I think JC has already adopted you as his big brother. He has nothing short of admiration for you, and I’m beginning to think of you as family also. Have a good night, and we’ll see you tomorrow."

Just as I was ready to walk out the door, JC wrapped his arms around me, in a warm hug, which I, of course, returned. Anna observed, and smiled, I suspect that she knows more about JC’s and my feelings than she is letting on. I went to Starbucks and ordered coffee, and settled at a table with my Laptop, checking out some things on the web. On the way home I stopped at a convenience store and picked up some ground coffee and creamer, and some pastries to have with coffee in the morning. It was after 11:00 PM when I arrived back home.

I located the box with my bedding, and made up my new bed with clean sheets, and crawled in, naked and tired, and fell asleep.

Sunday morning I woke up about 9:00 AM and after using the toilet, I started some coffee to brew. I wanted to do some writing, and realized that my Laptop was still in the Pilot. I pulled on my sneakers, and headed out to the Pilot, still naked, to retrieve the Laptop. Suddenly, as I opened the door on the Pilot, I felt hands and arms around my naked torso. Turning, I was face to face with a naked and grinning JC.

"Mornin’ Chance," he stated. We shared a hug, and a morning kiss, on our lips. Our flaccid cocks touched, and we both snickered. JC, reaching down and wrapping his fingers around my flaccid cock, "Can I touch this?"

Chuckling, "You already are!" I replied. It’s been quite a while since I had felt another’s hand on my cock, and the sensation was nothing less than wonderful. My hand instinctively wrapped around his beautiful boyhood, and we both started to erect. "Let’s go inside," I said. JC followed me inside my kitchen. I placed the Laptop on my desk, and returned to the kitchen.

"Do you drink coffee?" I asked.

"Sometimes," JC said, "you got sugar?"

"Not yet," I replied, "I need to do some grocery shopping, but the French Vanilla coffee creamer that I picked up last night is presweetened, wanna give it a try?"

"Sure," JC replied, grinning, "I’ll try anything once," then, giving my pecker a friendly tug, "and if I like it, I’ll come back for more!" The indication was that he was referring to something more than just coffee, but he’s is still only seventeen!

JC and I shared coffee and pastries together, initiating the new kitchen table and both of us butt naked, mutually enjoying our nudity.

"JC, would you like to go with me, grocery shopping?" I asked.

"Of course I would," JC replied, smiling, "I’d go anywhere and do anything with you, I just like being close to you! Let me go and get dressed, and tell Mama that I’m going shopping with you." JC left my kitchen, stopped by his back porch and pulled on his shorts, and entered his home. I got dressed and went into the back yard to await JC’s return.

About seven or eight minutes later, JC returned, fully dressed and with Mama on his heels. I had noticed a charcoal grill in the yard, but wasn’t sure who owned it.

"Chance," Anna asked, "did you ask JC to go shopping with you?"

"I did," I replied, "It’s OK, isn’t it?"

"Yeah," Anna said, "If JC outwears his welcome, or becomes a pest, just tell him to take a break, and go home!"

"Anna," Chance responded, "I don’t see that happening. I was raised alone, with no siblings. Having JC close to me is like having the kid brother that I never had, and I love him like I would love my younger brother. I’m happy to have him hang with me. Who owns that grill?" JC is beaming.

"The people that lived in your side left it behind when they moved out, so I guess it’s up for grabs. We’ve used it a couple of times."

"It’s a nice Sunday," I said, "and I need to get some groceries. I’m thinking of grilling some bar-be-cued chicken for our dinner tonight. While we’re at the market, we can pick up some potato or macaroni salad to go with it, and of course, you’re invited!"

Anna, smiling, "I think I can top that, I don’t have the potatoes, but I have the ingredients to make some macaroni salad. I can make it while you boys are out shopping."

"Cool!" Chance exclaimed, "I know that would taste a lot better than anything we could buy at the market." JC kissed Anna goodbye, and climbed into the front of the Pilot, and I drove us to the supermarket. In the meat department, I picked up a three-pack of chicken leg quarters, perfect for grilling, BBQ sauce, and some fresh corn on the cob, in addition to some staples, like cereal, eggs, bacon and bread, butter and milk—and Ice Cream, a flavor that JC and I both liked. I hadn’t brought any food, per se, from NYC, but I did bring my array of herbs and seasonings. On the return trip home, we stopped at the dollar store and got a bag of charcoal, and some grilling tools.

Returning home, I started some charcoal burning, and got into Chef mode, grilling the chicken, and a little later some water boiling to cook the corn. Anna’s pasta salad was very tasty, but different, it had diced ham and pineapple in it. We all enjoyed dinner together sitting at my new table.

JC and I annihilated most of the macaroni salad, it really had a ‘more-ish’ taste, and we both helped ourselves to seconds—and thirds! Anna also contributed a pitcher of Southern Iced Tea. (For those of you not knowing, Northern Iced Tea is unsweetened, and Southern Iced Tea is sweet)

After eating, I gathered up the plates, sliding the chicken bones into the trash, and rinsed them off to wash later. We all sat around the table, sipping Iced Tea.

"Mama, can I sleep over with Chance tonight?" JC asked.

Anna, a bit shocked, "JC, Chance might not want you sleeping with him, I think you should ask him if he wants you to."

"Anna," Chance stated, smiling, and wrapping his arm around JC’s shoulders in a sideways hug, "I’d love to have my little brother sleep over with me, if he wishes to." JC grinned.

"What time do you have to be at work?" Anna asked.

"I’m a self employed freelance writer," Chance replied, "I work from home, and I work when I feel the urge to be creative. Right now I’m a bit incapacitated, until the cable company gets me hooked up tomorrow, and I have internet access again."

"Okay, JC," Anna stated, "I guess you can sleep over with Chance. Go home and brush your teeth, and maybe get some clean boxers to sleep in."

"Thanks, Mama," JC said, "Chance, I’ll be back in a few!" JC took off, with a grin on his face.

"What kinds of things do you write about?" Anna asked.

"Mostly the private lives of Celebrities and Athletes. Things like, ‘Revealed, Mr. X’s latest romance is a ‘Mister!’ or ‘What nobody ever knew about Miss X!’ or ‘What Superstar is hiding!" Things I research on the web that fans want to know about, and it sells magazines, and supermarket tabloids, and brings me income! I don’t get rich from it, but it pays the bills."

"I see," Anna stated, as JC returned. "I hope you boys have a good night, sleeping together, don’t do anything too naughty!" She picked up the empty salad bowl and headed back to her side of the duplex. Anna’s last comment haunted Chance. Just what is ‘too naughty’? Has Anna perceived something between JC and Chance that they haven’t wanted to reveal to her? Seconds after Anna left, both boys got rid of their clothes. It was only about 7:30 PM, a little early to go to bed.

"Let’s watch some TV," JC suggested.

"We can’t, yet," I answered, "they won’t be connecting the cable until tomorrow, but maybe we could watch a DVD movie."

"Whatcha got?" JC asked.

"That box has all of my DVD’s, you can look through them and see if there is anything of interest." JC started to shuffle through them, and suddenly held one up.

"Avatar!" JC exclaimed, "You’ve got Avatar—let’s watch it!"

"It’s my newest movie," I said, "I just bought it a few days before I left NYC, and I haven’t even seen it yet." Lacking a TV stand, we moved the coffee table against the wall, and placed the 40" flat-screen TV on it. I unpacked the DVD player, and connected it to the TV. We were ready! I put the movie into the DVD player, grabbed the remote, and JC and I settled together, naked, on the sofa and prepared to get into the movie.

JC snuggled as close as possible to me, and I wrapped my arm around his shoulder, holding him close. I was in ecstasy, just having this wonderful young man so close to me. Several times throughout the movie, JC touched my flaccid cock, and looked into my face for my reaction, the grin that I could not conceal. I avoided returning that touch, as much as my hand wanted to go there. He is still only seventeen!

It was after 10:00 PM when the long movie ended. While JC put the DVD back into it’s case and turned off the player and the TV, I went to the kitchen and scooped us dishes of Ice Cream. We sat at the table and playfully fed each other spoons full of Ice Cream from each other’s dishes. The bowls empty, I rinsed them and put them into the sink to be washed tomorrow, along with our dinner dishes. It’s bedtime.

Both of us needing to release second hand Iced Tea, we stood together at the toilet and peed. Being that we were both already naked, we just crawled into bed. After sharing a loving hug, and lip kisses, we cuddled together for sleep. We were both on our left sides and I wrapped my right arm around JC’s torso. JC snuggled up, his back against my chest, and I spooned him. JC’s smooth body is nearly hairless, except for the tufts in his armpits, and his black pubic hair.

I have never felt more comfortable in bed with another boy, or man, as I did with JC. I have nothing but a heart full of love for this incredible young man. I soon fell asleep.

When I awakened Monday morning, our positions had changed overnight. We had both rolled over while sleeping, and now JC was spooning me. My back against JC’s ultra smooth chest felt wonderful, and I could feel JC’s morning wood pressing against my butt cheeks, which made me grin. Gosh, how I wanted JC’s beautiful meat in my mouth! But JC is still only seventeen!

I slipped out of the bed, needing to pee, and also sporting morning wood. I started to prepare coffee, and was wishing my ‘stiffness’ away so I could pee more comfortably. Just as I flipped the switch on the coffee maker, I felt JC’s arms around my torso, and his morning wood poking my ass. Turning to face him, our lips met, we hugged, and both of our stiff peckers poked into each other’s pubes.

"I gotta pee," I said, "this darn morning wood makes it hard."

"Me too," JC said, "Sometimes, when I’m like this, I slip out the back door and just pee off the porch. Come on, Chance." JC took my hand and led me out to my porch. We stood together and made golden arches that watered the grass. Glancing at each other, we both grinned. Bladder relief felt good, now maybe our bones will go away.

Returning to the kitchen, I grabbed two mugs from the cupboard, "Coffee’s done," I said, and poured coffee for JC and myself. "I’m sorry I didn’t think to pick up some pastries, but we’ll have some bacon and eggs soon." JC smiled, and sat next to me at the table."

"JC, do you have any plans for today?" I asked.

"If it’s OK with you," JC replied, "I just want to spend my whole day with you. What do you have planned for today?"

"I have to hang around, at least until the cable guy gets here to hook up the TV and my Laptop. Aside from that, I just need to go to the post office and send an address change to my old post office, so that my mail will be forwarded to me here."

"Can I go with you?" JC asked.

"I guess so," I replied, "if it’s OK with your Mama. I’m hungry, let’s get some breakfast cooking." I got out the big frying pan and placed it on the stove to heat, and retrieved the bacon and eggs from the refrigerator, placing eight strips of bacon in the pan. "How do you prefer your eggs, JC?" I asked.

"Cooked," JC replied, grinning, "I like eggs cooked any way."

"Cool," I replied, "you’re not escaping all of the work, you can make the toast, and butter it, and pour us some orange juice." Together, JC and I prepared breakfast, and sat naked at the table to eat. Just about the time we finished eating breakfast, there was a knock at the back door. JC looked through the window.

"Wait a minute, Mama," JC yelled, "we’re not dressed!" JC and I hustled into the living room, and quickly pulled on the clothes we’d worn yesterday. Returning to the kitchen, JC opened the back door and Anna stepped in.

"Good morning, Anna," I stated, "Can I offer you a cup of coffee?"

"Thanks, Chance, I’d like that." Anna gave JC a hug and a kiss on his cheek, while I poured a mug of coffee for her, and refilled my mug. Anna, sitting down, "I trust you boys slept well?"

"I think we both slept very well, thank you," I replied.

"I think we need to discuss a couple of things, Chance." Anna stated. "Can we talk, candidly?" I’m on alert, where is Anna going? Has she figured out that I’m gay?

"I guess so," I replied, "What’s on your mind?

"Chance, it’s been eight years since—the accident." Anna stated. Because of JC’s special condition, we get a monthly check from SSI, a part of Social Security. It’s not a lot, about $500 a month. We also had received a considerable amount from Juan’s accidental death, but those are what we’ve been living on. The money from Juan’s insurance is slowly shrinking, and after JC turns eighteen, he will no longer be receiving the SSI payments."

"I think your Mom and I have some adult things to discuss," I said, "it might be a good time for you to go outside and exercise."

"Okay Chance," JC replied, smiling, "catch ya later." JC left.

"I hope he doesn’t get naked," Anna said.

"Anna," I explained, "our yard is quite secluded, and nobody is apt to see him working out, with no clothes on. I understand his desire to exercise naked, and it doesn’t bother me at all. I think it should be his prerogative, to strip if he desires to. It’s not like he’s walking down a public sidewalk naked. Please continue."

"I feel that I need to get a job, to pay the bills that his SSI checks have been covering. JC is no longer in school, and if I work, that’s quite a few hours that JC would be completely unsupervised. I hate to ask"—I cut Anna off.

"Of course I’d be happy to be JC’s caretaker, while you’re at work!" I remarked, smiling, "He’s kinda like my little brother, and I care very deeply for him."

"Thanks so much, Chance," Anna stated, "I think you might just be an angel in disguise!"

"I’m not too sure about that," I replied, grinning, "I don’t think I’m perfect enough to qualify as an Angel. But there isn’t a whole lot that I wouldn’t do for JC, I think he’s stolen my heart."

"Chance," Anna explained, "there are so many things that boys his age want, and desire, but I don’t have the financial resources to help him. It takes everything I have to pay the rent, utilities and keep food on the table."

"JC is nearly eighteen," I stated, "maybe he should get a job, and would have his own money for some of those things."

"He has tried," Anna replied, sadly, "nobody will hire him because he doesn’t have a high school education."

"That can be fixed," I stated, "I can help him get a GED. Could you maybe swing a low-end computer for him, maybe even a good used one, so he could get online to study?"

"We don’t have much extra room to set up a computer, and adding internet to the cable would cost extra," Anna said.

"I think I have a solution," I suggested, "I have plenty of room in my office for another desk, and if he needs to print anything, I can network my printer with his computer. I can do my research and writing, and he can do his studying. We’ll only be a few feet apart, and we can even be naked, (grinning) if we wish."

"What’s so great about being naked?" Anna asked.

"It’s just something that JC and I have discovered, that we have in common. We both like our nudity, and we’re comfortable around each other, clothing free."

"It’s a strange habit," Anna stated, "Don’t expect me to come walking in, unannounced! I’ll bet you two even slept together naked last night!" I declined to respond to that remark. Shortly after Anna returned to her side of the house, the cable guy showed up.

Anticipating JC having his own computer, I asked the guy to install a splitter in the office, and he connected the TV in the living room. While I was occupied with the cable guy, JC, without a word from me, tackled the dishes. What a pleasant surprise! It would seem that JC is not the least bit lazy.

Right after the cable guy left, I phoned Anna and told her I had a couple of errands to do, and JC was going with me. She was OK with it. I have a feeling that I am winning Anna’s trust.

We went first to the Socorro Post Office, and I filled out the card that would go to my old P.O. with my new address. We then found a hardware store, and I had an extra key made for JC, as he may need to get into my house when I might not be home. Do I trust JC with a key to my home? Absolutely!

Then we went into El Paso, to a Goodwill Store, looking for a decent computer desk and checking the possibility of a used computer. We came up empty on both, but did find a decent TV stand, so we could get the coffee table back, as a coffee table. We had to lower the back seat to get the TV stand in the Pilot. I was getting hungry, and I knew that if I was hungry, so was JC.

"JC," I asked, "where are we going for lunch?"

JC, smiling, "Can we go back to Chipotle?"

"Good choice, JC, let’s go!" I exclaimed, bringing up ‘Maps’ and the GPS led us to Chipotle. JC ordered a steak burrito and I ordered a steak bowl, along with a side of Chips and Guac to share. JC had never eaten guacamole before, but he liked it. Before leaving, I got another order of Chips and Guac to take home for a snack later.

Arriving back at my duplex I noticed a note taped to my back door.

‘Dinner is ready when you guys get back, just come on in. Love, Anna’

"JC," I stated, "It looks like your Mama plans on feeding me again tonight, shall we go to your house?" JC smiled, and we headed to their home, and I followed JC inside.

"Oh!" Anna exclaimed, "you’re back already?"

"Anna, I don’t think we’re very hungry yet," I said, "we just left Chipotle, only about an hour ago."

"I didn’t expect you back so soon, dinner isn’t ready yet," Anna said, "Can you hold off for about an hour?"

"No problem," I said, "that’ll give JC and me time to unload the TV stand, and get the TV set up on it, and recover the coffee table." The two returned to Chance’s side, and tackled the job at hand, both boys keeping their clothes on! (for now) JC and I got the TV all set, and checked out the TV, making sure the cable was working properly.

"Thanks, JC," Chance stated, giving JC a hug, "Are you sleeping over with me again tonight?"

"Chance," JC replied, smiling, "I’d like to sleep with you EVERY night! I feel so warm, safe and secure, when I’m in your arms." JC initiated a loving kiss on Chance’s lips. When JC offers these spontaneous affections, it causes Chance’s heart to melt. The boys headed back to Anna’s side of the duplex for dinner.

"I hope you can handle some warmed up meatloaf," Anna stated.

"No problem," Chance replied, smiling, "you make the best darn meatloaf I’ve ever eaten, maybe you can teach me how you make it."

"Or maybe I’ll just make it more often," Anna stated, smiling, "I have a feeling that the three of us are going to share many more dinners together." Chance and JC both smiled. Chance seems to be winning not only Anna’s trust, but her heart as well. After the dinner of warmed up meatloaf, with Mac and Cheese and green beans, JC excused himself and went into the living room to watch TV. Anna took the opportunity to pick Chance’s brain, out of JC’s hearing range.

"Chance," Anna stated, "I’m a little concerned about JC. He’s never shared his feelings with me, but he’s going to be eighteen in just a few more days, and he has never shown any interest in girls. Most boys his age are obsessed with girls, and he’s never even had a date. I’m wondering if he might—be—gay?"

"I suppose that’s a possibility," Chance answered, "Not all kids are straight, and some are attracted to the same sex. Have you ever asked him, how he feels about this?"

"I’ve been afraid to," Anna said, "if he is, what could I do about it?"

"Anna, gay people are born that way," Chance replied, "and there is not really anything you can do about it, except to accept them, and love them just like you always have. A person’s sexuality is determined by God, at the time of inception, and it cannot be changed. It’s not a choice that a person makes, some of us are just born gay, and we have to live with it, just like the color of our skin. You and JC are black, and you’ll be black for the rest of your lives. You cannot change how you were born, you just accept it, and move on with your life."

"You seem to be well informed about this topic," Anna stated, "are you closely connected with someone who is gay?"

"Very close," Chance replied, looking down. "I was afraid to come out to you. I have developed deep feelings for JC, and I was afraid that if you knew that I was gay, you would not let JC be friends with me, or let him do anything, or go anywhere with me. That would hurt both of us, deeply."

"Does JC know," Anna asked, "that you are gay?"

"JC has become my best friend," Chance admitted, holding back the tears, "As a friend, I felt that I needed to come out to him, and I did tell him, a couple of days ago. He said that it didn’t matter, and that I was still his best friend. Anna, I don’t want to lose JC’s friendship, I think our friendship means too much, to both of us."

"I think teenagers, especially teen boys, all need role models," Anna said, "someone they respect, and can look up to. JC has placed you on a pedestal, all I hear is Chance this or Chance that, JC worships you, and I believe you have become JC’s role model."

"Even if I’m gay?" Chance asked.

"Chance, I can’t hold your sexual orientation against you," Anna said. "I’ve learned to trust you, and I’ve seen how you react toward JC. I just can’t believe that you would ever harm a hair on that boy’s body. JC! PLEASE COME HERE!" Anna hollered.

JC, breaking away from the TV in the living room, "Yes, Mama?"

"Chance tells me that he told you that he was gay?" Anna asked.

"So?" JC replied, "I still like Chance, and I don’t care if he’s gay! Chance, can we talk privately, for a minute?"

"Sure," Chance replied, standing up, "Let’s go outside and talk." JC followed Chance outside to the back yard.

"Chance," JC stated, "I almost told Mama my secret! Do you think Mama would kick me out of the house, if she knew I was gay? And I’d be living on the streets!"

"JC," Chance replied, "my gut feeling is that your Mama would accept your sexuality. If push came to shove, and she did kick you out, you won’t be living on the streets, because you can live with me."

"Thanks, Chance," JC stated, initiating a hug and kiss with Chance, "you really are my best friend, and I love you! Let’s go back inside, and face the music." Chance followed JC back inside and they both rejoined Anna at the table.

"Mama," JC stated, apprehensively, "when Chance told me that he was gay, I admitted to him that I like boys too. I ‘specially like THIS boy!" JC leaned over, and kissed Chance’s forehead. "Now that I’ve told you this, am I still welcome to live here?"

"Of course, sweetheart," Anna replied, "I’ve suspected for quite some time that you might be gay. Son, nothing has changed between us, and I still love you, as I always have!" Both mother and son stood and shared a loving hug, and Anna planted an affectionate kiss on JC’s face. JC and Chance both smiled.

Anna, now sitting again, "I know that you boys have enjoyed sleeping together, I would hope that you would practice safe sex."

"Anna," Chance stated, "I’m not a pedophile, and I made a promise to JC, and to myself, that I would never do anything, sexually, with him while he is still a minor. Promises are sacred to me, and I don’t break them easily."

"Mama," JC added, "the sexiest thing we’ve done is to kiss, but going to sleep with Chance’s arms around me is a wonderful feeling. I’ve never felt so warm and secure before."

"Well," Anna stated, smiling, "you boys won’t have to wait too much longer. Today is May 7th, and JC’s Eighteenth birthday will be on May 18th."

"That’s the most important birthday a boy ever has," Chance stated, "that’s the day a boy leaves the boy behind and becomes a man!" JC is grinning, ear to ear, It’s also the day that Chance had promised JC his very first blowjob!

While Anna gathered the dishes from the table and prepared to wash them, she and Chance discussed what they might do, to celebrate JC’s birthday. They made arrangements to have lunch together on Tuesday (tomorrow) to discuss JC’s birthday gifts, and wanted JC to be out of hearing range. Soon after that, Chance and JC went to Chance’s side of the house to get naked and spend the night together. After watching a couple of TV shows together, they cuddled in bed together, Chance holding JC close in his arms.

"Chance," JC asked, "could we maybe become, like, boyfriends?"

"I don’t think so," Chance replied, "I love the hell out of you, but my love for you is like a brother, rather than a lover. I’m eleven years older than you, and I really want to meet a man closer to my age. I need to get out, and see what El Paso has to offer for nightlife. You and I are best of friends, and I don’t see anything changing there, but you need to find a gay friend to hook up with, that is closer to your age, just like I do. Goodnight, JC, I love ya."

"I love you too," JC replied, "Night." JC cuddled even closer to Chance and the two boys drifted off to sleep.

To be continued.........…
















This was supposed to be only a One-Chapter short story, but there is too much yet to happen. Chance and Anna take JC to Olive Garden Friday evening, to celebrate JC’s eighteenth birthday, and their cute black server, Benny, makes a pass at JC. Saturday night, Chance checks out downtown El Paso, and meets an attractive Mexican dude, Diego Estrada, and Diego and Chance click. Hang on for the ride, and thank you for reading my tale!

Love to all,


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Awesome chapter to start the story. Chance has found himself a great place to live. JC has found himself a perfect role model. I look forward to seeing what happens next with the guys.

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Sorry, but you lost me at this point. As a writer you have many other words but you chose this.

seventeen-year-old son that was retarded.



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1 hour ago, davewri said:

Sorry, but you lost me at this point. As a writer you have many other words but you chose this.

seventeen-year-old son that was retarded.



That was the word the rental agent used to describe JC.  Chance was questioning why JC had even been placed in special classes.  Chance cares deeply for JC, and will do everything in his power to help Jonathan become a normal and productive young man.  If you'll hang with me through the next chapter, wait until you find out what Chance is giving JC for his birthday, besides his first blowjob!

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17 hours ago, Bill Christiansen said:

Age of sexual consent in Texas is 17 not 18


Thanks for the info, I thought it was 18 most anywhere.  To late now, he's turned eighteen. Good to know for the future.

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It varies from state to state, some as low as 16. Some two stage for example Illinois which is 17 unless the older person is in a position of "power"  teacher, clergy, etc. when it is 18. Easiest is to google the state's age of consent. :)   So now waiting for the next chapter 

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Nicely written dialogue with solid editing. 

A few comments:

- $50K for a new Pilot is a bad deal and poor financial decision, but many in late 20's would do the same!

- Age of consent in Texas is 17, so legally, you are good to go now!   (there may be exceptions for vulnerable populations in some states)

- "retarded" is cool with me.  It is from the French word for 'slow'. It was introduced as a friendly euphemism for imbecile, moron & idiot.  It's funny how peoples heebie jeebies escalate over time.  I will continue to use 'retarded' because intellectually challenged sounds silly to me.

- Texas schools would keep JC all the way through age 19 regardless of progress.  They would never dismiss someone at 16 or 17 in our current age.

- Regardless of age of consent, there are some serious moral questions regarding sexual relationships with vulnerable persons.

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Well I truly believe Chance is looking out for JC's best interest and his Mother also believes that!  Retarded is a strong pejorative term and was previously used as a medical term until the late 1960's when social concerns related its negative meanings.  However, the author is correct - it was the rental agent not Chance who used that word!! Great story Doug - I am - thoroughly -  enjoying the ride, David!!!

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