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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 9,844 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 2. Chapter 2

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is description of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

In Chapter 2, Chance and Anna take JC to Olive Garden Friday evening, to celebrate JC’s eighteenth birthday, and their cute black server, Benny, makes a subtle pass at JC. On Saturday night Chance checks out a gay bar in downtown El Paso. He meets an attractive Mexican dude, Diego Estrada. Diego and Chance quickly become mutually attracted to each other. They may spend the night together.

* * * * *

JC – A gay story by Doug Spencer

Tuesday morning, May 15th, it’s now three days before JC’s birthday. Chance and JC woke up, having slept together again with no sexual activity. Both boys sported morning wood, and once again they shared a pee, standing together on Chance’s back porch. They shared another naked breakfast of bacon and eggs.

"JC," Chance stated, "your Mom and I have some business to take care of in the city, and we’re having lunch together. We may not be home until late afternoon, will you be OK on your own for a few hours?"

"Sure," JC replied, grinning, "I can get a good naked workout without Mom hollering about me being naked! If it’s OK, I might borrow your shower, and watch some TV."

"JC, you know you’re welcome in my home anytime," Chance said, "That’s why I gave you a key." JC smiled.

Chance made a quick call to Anna, and she soon appeared.

"JC," Anna stated, "Chance and I are going to have lunch together downtown, I made you a couple of sandwiches and put them in the fridge, for when you get hungry,"

"Thanks, Mom," JC replied, "I’m sure they’ll be gone before you guys get back. Have fun." Anna and Chance both gave JC a loving hug, climbed into the Pilot and Chance drove off. Seconds after Chance and Anna left, JC was comfortably naked and lifting weights in the back yard.

"Chance," Anna commented, "I haven’t the foggiest idea what to get JC for his birthday, that I can afford. I know I can’t swing a computer, I need help!"

"The computer is taken care of," Chance replied, smiling. "Best-Buy had an appropriate one on sale, and I ordered it a few days ago. They promised me it would be in by Wednesday or Thursday of this week, in time for JC’s birthday. While we’re out today, I do want to swing by one of the office stores, to try and get him a desk and chair."

"I know these things are costing you a lot of money," Anna said, "I didn’t realize that a writer makes these kinds of bucks."

"We don’t," Chance admitted, "I withdrew a few hundred from my inheritance money, to spend for JC’s birthday. I consider it an investment in JC’s education, and future. I’m sure that my parents would approve of me helping my little adopted brother out." Anna smiled, knowing that Chance really does care about JC.

"So if you’re taking care of his computer needs," Anna asked, "what do you suggest that I do for his birthday?"

Chance suggested getting JC his own phone, and adding it as a second line on Anna’s account. They went to the phone store, and Chance helped Anna select a phone for JC. The second line was pretty cheap, and the new phone would add another $20 a month until the phone was paid off, about a year later. While still at the phone store, Anna and Chance added their numbers to JC’s new phone, and saved his number into theirs.

Chance treated Anna to the unlimited Soup and Salad lunch at Olive Garden, and informed her that he was bringing her and JC here Friday evening to celebrate JC’s birthday. After lunch, they went to Office Max, and Chance bought another desk and chair for JC’s computer. They couldn’t really ‘sneak’ them into the house without JC’s knowledge, because JC is always home.

Returning, Chance solicited JC’s assistance to unload and assemble his second desk. Of course JC was willing, Chance can get JC to help him with almost anything!

"Why do you need a second desk?" JC asked, innocently.

Chance, fibbing a bit, "I like to keep my writing area separate from other essential things like my mail, and paying bills, so I really need two desks." JC bought Chance’s story, and about an hour later, the new desk, and chair were assembled, and put in place, right next to Chance’s previous desk.

Thursday night Chance told JC that he wanted to sleep alone, so JC slept in his own bed. The real reason Chance wanted to sleep alone was so he could sneak out Friday morning and pick up JC’s birthday gift at Best-Buy without JC realizing that he had left the house. JC would have wanted to go with him. Chance had given Anna a heads up, as to his plan.

Friday morning Chance awakened to the sound of his phone alarm at 8:00 AM. He got dressed and grabbed a spare blanket, taking off in the Pilot about 8:30. He had plenty of time, as Best-buy doesn’t open until 10:00 AM. He headed first to Denny’s and devoured a Grand Slam for breakfast.

At 9:45 AM Chance was parked at Best-buy, waiting for them to open their doors. Once inside, he went to Customer Service, and picked up his order, which was on a cart. He went to the parking lot and drove to customer pickup in the back of the store, placed the new computer and monitor in the back of the Pilot, and covered them with the blanket.

Chance then went to the supermarket, selected a layered Carrot Cake, and had the Deli write ‘HAPPY 18TH JC’ on the top. He then went to the Olive Garden, dropped off the cake, and a box of 20 candles, and made a reservation for a table for three at 6:00 PM. The hostess taped the box of candles to the plastic top on the cake, and fastened a note on it stating ‘Watson 6:00 PM’. One of the servers took the cake back to the kitchen and put it in the cooler.

About 5:30 PM the three were ready to go to Olive Garden. Anna was dressed very nicely, and JC looked like he was ready to go to Prom. Chance grinned, gosh JC was especially handsome tonight. Anna said she would ride in back, letting JC ride up front with Chance.

Arriving at OG, the hostess showed them to their reserved table, and informed them that Benjamin would be their server, and would be with them shortly. About two or three minutes after sitting down, this really handsome young black boy approached the table.

"Hi and welcome to Olive Garden," he said, "I’m Benjamin, and I go by ‘Benny’. I’m pleased to be your server tonight, may I take your drink orders?"

"Can we have a carafe of White Zinfandel, with three glasses, please?" Chance asked.

"Two things," Benny replied, "I need to see the young man’s ID, to prove he’s at least twenty-one, and I’ll need to ask another server to deliver it. I’m only nineteen, and I’m not allowed to serve alcohol."

"We’ll make it simple, Benny," Chance replied, "Let’s just skip the wine, and I’ll have unsweetened Iced Tea."

"I think sweet tea will work for Mama and me," JC stated. Anna nodded in agreement.

"Fine," Benny stated, "you folks can look over the menu, and I’ll be back with your drinks, salad and bread sticks." Benny left.

"I’m thinking we need an appetizer," Chance suggested, "do you both like fried shrimp?" Anna and JC both nodded, approvingly. When Benny returned with the bottomless salad, the endless bread sticks and the drinks, Chance ordered the large fried shrimp appetizer, with extra dipping sauces. Benny left to put the order into the system. Chance, aware that many waiters are gay, had strong feelings that Benny was gay, and caught the glances that Benny and JC were swapping with each other.

"Chance," JC asked, "what is the price limit on dinner?"

"JC," Chance replied, "Tonight is all about you, don’t worry about the cost, just order what looks good to you, eighteenth birthdays only happen once in a lifetime!" JC smiled, and when Benny returned with the appetizer, they had all made their choice, and gave Benny their orders.

Benny was an excellent waiter, but Chance couldn’t help notice that Benny was taking especially good care of JC. At this point, Benny didn’t know it was JC’s birthday, but when he refilled JC’s glass, his other hand rested lightly on JC’s shoulder, and JC was soaking up these little affectionate touches like a sponge.

The three totally enjoyed their dinner together, and Benny offered them desserts, which Chance stated they didn’t need.

Chance, rising from his chair, "Benny, can I see you a minute, privately?"

"Sure," Benny replied, apprehensively, thinking he might be in trouble.

Chance, getting Benny to the side, "Benny, there should be a birthday cake in the back somewhere, this is JC’s eighteenth birthday. Can you get the cake for us?"

"Of course," Benny replied, smiling. "I’ll get your check!"

About six or seven minutes later, Benny returned, carrying the cake, with eighteen candles burning, and a host of other employees following, and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to JC. At first, JC’s face turned pink, and then his eyes sent streams of tears down his face. This was turning into the happiest birthday of his life! Benny set the cake in front of JC, and grabbed a napkin to blot JC’s tears.

"Dude!" Benny stated, while wiping the tears from JC’s face, "You’re supposed to blow out the candles, not drown them!" JC mustered a smile, took a deep breath and blew out all the candles.

"Good man!" Benny said, while pulling out the partially burned candles and placing them in a bowl. "Do you want me to cut the cake for you?"

"That would be cool," JC answered. Benny started by cutting the cake in two, then cut off a slice, placing it on a small plate.

"Do you want the end slice, with all the icing?" Benny asked.

"Benny, if you’d like it," JC replied, "I’ll give it to you."

"I’ll accept it," Benny replied, smiling, "I love the cream cheese icing they put on Carrot Cakes! I’ll take it in the back, and eat it when I take my break. Thank you so much!"

"You’re very welcome, Benny," JC replied, "you’ve helped to make my birthday really special!" Benny grinned. He can’t say anything, as he wants to keep his job, but he does have a desire to know JC better. Benny cut three more slices, handing the first one to JC, and then slices for Chance and Anna. Benny picked up the heavily iced end slice and carried it to the back.

Anna dug into her large purse and brought out a small box, handing it to JC with a ‘Happy Birthday, Son!’ JC quickly tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box, uncovering the brand new Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

"Oh, I have my own phone now!" JC exclaimed, "This is awesome, can I assume this is from both of you?"

"Nope," Chance stated, "that’s just from your Mama, I have a gift for you, but it was too big to wrap and bring in here. I’ll give it to you when we get back home. We took the liberty to save our numbers into your contact list, and we’ve both saved your number into our phones."

Benny returned to our table with the check, and Chance gave him his Credit Card to pay the tab. When Benny returned with the card and the receipt, Chance signed the receipt, and added a $25.00 tip.

"That’s a very generous tip," Benny stated, "Thank you very much. I’ve enjoyed serving you folks, when you come back, I’ll be more than happy to serve you again. I usually work just on weekends, Friday night, Saturdays and Sundays. JC, I would have picked up a birthday gift for you, but I didn’t know you were coming. I hope you might find a use for this." Benny handed JC a folded up note, which JC stashed in his pocket.

Anna placed the plastic cover back on the remainder of the cake, and they all headed back home. Chance backed the Pilot up to his back porch, as he did the day he moved in. Only Anna knew why.

As JC was planning to spend the night with Chance, (and collect his promised birthday blowjob) JC carried the rest of the cake into Chance’s side, and stuck it in the refrigerator.

"JC," Chance said, "those boxes in the back of the Pilot are your birthday present, let’s bring them in here." Chance grabbed the box with the computer system and JC carried the flat screen monitor, and they took them into the office.

"Chance," JC inquired, "I hope you didn’t spend money on a computer, just for me, did you?"

"Why wouldn’t I?" Chance responded, "You need to learn how to operate a computer, and I don’t like to share mine with anyone. The obvious solution was to get you your own computer."

"The school said I was too slow to learn computers," JC replied.

"JC, your school is wrong!" Chance remarked, his eyes getting wet, "you may be a little behind in the three R’s, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, but don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re too stupid or too dumb to learn how to operate a computer. Give us a couple of months and you’ll be flying around the Internet like an eagle soars across the sky!"

"Do you really think I can learn, about this?" JC asked.

"I don’t think so," Chance replied, "I know so! JC, I’m a strong believer in fate, and I believe you and I crossed paths for a reason. I would not have spent this money on a computer system for you, if I didn’t think I was capable of teaching you how to use it. JC, I have confidence in you, and in us!" JC smiled, a little.

The boys were in for the night, and soon got comfortably naked.

"JC, what was that paper that Benny handed you, just before we left Olive Garden?"

"I’m not sure, my reading skills aren’t that great," JC replied, "maybe you can make more sense of it." JC pulled it out of his dress pants pocket and handed it to Chance, and Chance read the note, and smiled.

‘I would like for us to get better acquainted, and maybe become friends, maybe even close friends. I have a feeling that we have something in common, besides our skin color. Please call me. If I’m busy at work, I’ll return your call when I can. My cell number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. XO XO XO, Love, Benny’

"Well JC," Chance stated, grinning, "it looks like you have an admirer."

"What’s an admirer?" JC questioned.

"Someone that admires you, or at least likes you. Let’s read this together," Chance said. Chance carefully and slowly read the note to JC.

"What do you think of Benny?" Chance asked.

"He’s pretty cool," JC replied, "and cute too! Do you think he might be gay, like us?"

"I would guesstimate that probably over half of the male servers are gay, so there is probably a good chance that he is gay. Servers also don’t normally give out their phone numbers, unless they really desire a call from someone, and he did give you his number. Benny made the first move, so if you want to get to know him, the next move is yours."

"I need to call him," JC stated, grinning.

"Don’t be too anxious, JC," Chance suggested, "you may wish to wait until after the weekend, as we know that he works mostly on the weekends."

"What are the X’s and O’s for?" JC asked.

"That’s a kind of code, indicating he’s sending you kisses and hugs," Chance explained, "I think your boy might be romantically inclined." JC grinned, he can almost feel his lips meeting Benny’s luscious, succulent and tempting black lips! Just thinking about Benny, JC’s beautiful boyhood stiffened, and was sticking straight out from his pubes. Chance observed, but he didn’t comment.

"JC, are you ready for us to get this unpacked, and get your new computer set up?" Chance asked.

"Can’t we just go to bed tonight," JC said, "and we can set up the computer tomorrow?"

"I guess we can," Chance answered, "I’ve had a long day today."
The two boys slipped into bed, and Chance wrapped his arm around JC, as he usually did, spooning him. JC pulled Chance’s hand down, placing it on his stiff erection.

"When can I get my other birthday gift?" JC asked, "I’m eighteen now, and you promised me something special." Chance couldn’t resist fondling JC’s erection, and felt precum seeping out of JC’s pee slit. JC was highly aroused and was no longer jailbait. Chance had lusted to take JC into his mouth since the day they had met, while JC was lifting weights, naked.

"Do you think you’re ready for your first blowjob?" Chance asked.

"CHANCE!" JC exclaimed, "Just feel me, I’ve never been more ready! You’ve made me wait all these weeks. I want it NOW! Please, Chance, do me!" JC shoved the covers down, exposing their naked bodies. JC lay on his back, with his handsome six inches of hardness standing tall.

In his several years of dating boys, Chance had never had sex with a black boy—until now. WTF, it’s only skin color, and this isn’t just any black boy, it’s JC! Chance is ready, and anxious to taste JC! Chance spread JC’s legs apart and knelt between JC’s calves, lowered his head and open mouth, and took JC’s stiff boyhood into his warm mouth.

"OH FUCK!" JC blurted, "That feels awesome!" JC placed one of his hands lightly on the back of Chance’s head and started to caress Chance’s neck and shoulder with his other hand. JC’s tender touch felt good to Chance, and the feeling of JC’s boyhood in his mouth was wonderful.

Within a few more minutes, JC was starting to moan with pleasure. Chance knew that this was JC’s first time to be sucked off, and he wanted to make JC enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. The excitement of giving JC his first oral pleasure was causing Chance to leak a steady stream of precum that was dribbling onto the sheet and onto JC’s thighs. He dared not even touch his own throbbing cock, a touch would cause his balls to erupt all over!

"CHANCE!" JC exclaimed, "I’M GONNA CUM! PULL OFF NOW!" Of course Chance wasn’t about to pull off, he wanted to taste JC’s boy cream. JC’s cock pulsed, and spurted several ropes of sweet creamy sperm into Chance’s waiting mouth.

"I’m sorry, Chance!" JC apologized, "I tried to warn you." With no warning, JC wrapped his hand around Chance’s cock, and with only a couple of strokes, Chance spurted his load all over JC’s genitals, abdomen and some even on JC’s chest, not to mention that JC’s hand was covered with Chance’s nut. "Oops! I didn’t realize you’d cum that quick!"

"Me either, JC, you had me turned on pretty strong," Chance replied, "It’s OK, we both dumped some pretty good loads."

"Where did you spit out what I came?" JC asked.

Chance, grinning, "I swallowed it, and by the way, you’ve got some of the sweetest boy cream I’ve ever tasted. I think it could become addicting."

"You swallowed my sperm?" JC asked, "Is that safe? It won’t give you a disease?"

"JC," Chance asked, "how many people have you had sex with?"

"Just you," JC replied, "if getting a blowjob is considered having sex. I’ve never done anything sexy with anyone else."

"Then we can be certain that you are clean." Chance stated, "I get myself tested regularly, and I got tested just a couple of weeks before I left NYC, and I was clean. I haven’t had sex with anyone since then, until just now."

"Do all gay boys swallow cum?" JC asked.

"No," Chance answered, "Some of us are cum gobblers, and some guys just do anal sex, and some do both. I’ve always preferred oral sex to anal, but I have been penetrated a few times."

"Penetrated?" JC asked.

"Yeah, a clean way of saying I have been fucked," Chance explained, "but I’ve never fucked a guy. If it was dangerous to swallow cum, I’d probably be dead by now."

"What does cum taste like?" JC inquired.

"It’s hard to explain," Chance said, "different guys taste different, sometimes it depends on what guys eat or drink. You’ve got some of my cum on your hand, give it a taste, if you want, I promise it won’t hurt you." JC gingerly licked a small amount of Chance’s cream from his hand, and, after tasting, swallowed the few drops.

"Not too bad," JC stated, "if it kills me I’ll never speak to you again! I think we kinda made a mess on our bodies."

"Yup!" Chance replied, grinning, "Let’s shower together." Chance turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, and they enjoyed a shower together, and totally cleaned each other’s bodies. While drying off, JC dropped to one knee and took Chance’s pecker into his mouth.

"JC," Chance stated, "I’m not ready to get off again, it’ll take me a few hours to recharge, and if I meet someone of interest tomorrow night, I don’t want to be totally drained."

"Understand, Chance," JC said, "I just wanted to see what it feels like to have a cock in my mouth. I think I could give a boy a blowjob, maybe Benny would like me to suck his dick."

"JC, get to know him a little at first," Chance said, "don’t try to get him in the sack on the first date. He may not even be gay, he might be just looking for a friend. If he offers to kiss you, that might be the start of a romantic relationship. If you offer to have sex too soon, he might think you’re a slut. He seems like a really nice young man, but take it slow."

It was approaching 11:00 PM, and Chance and JC decided to hit the sack, cuddling together as usual. Both boys really enjoy sleeping together, and it’s not so much a sexual thing, as much as it is a loving closeness to each other.

Saturday morning the boys arose, and Chance prepared them some breakfast. With Chances expertise, they got the new computer set up, and Chance went into instruction mode, teaching JC how to get the machine fired up, and get onto the Web. Chance assisted JC in downloading some fun, but educational programs to start preparing for getting his GED. The biggest reason Chance got JC the computer was to help him get his GED so that he could obtain employment, and start earning his own spending money.

While JC was investigating the web, Chance shaved and dressed casually, preparing to go into the city and check out the gay bars. JC asked if he could tag along, and Chance explained that the bars were off limits to anyone under twenty-one years of age, mostly because of the serving of alcohol.

"JC," Chance explained, "I have no idea what time I might be home, or even if I’ll be coming home tonight. If I meet a man of interest, I may go home with him for the night, or maybe bring him home with me. I’m going to ask you to sleep in your own bed tonight, just in case I have overnight company."

"OK," JC replied, "I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, have fun!" Chance gave JC a loving hug, hopped into the Pilot and headed toward downtown El Paso. He’d searched the web, and written down the addresses of three gay bars that looked promising. Entering the one that advertised Saturday night drag shows, Chance walked in, headed to the bar and ordered a drink.

Chance viewed the array of men at the bar, most were good looking and the majority appeared to be in their twenties and thirties, his preferred age bracket. Chance’s glass was half empty, and the bartender placed a full one beside it. Chance questioned it and the bartender pointed to an attractive Hispanic dude, about six stools down. The man smiled at Chance, and waved. Chance swallowed the rest of the first drink, picked up the full one and approached the man.

"Hi, I’m Chance, thanks for the drink," Chance said, extending his hand.

"You welcome, me Diego, I have not see you here before," Diego stated, ignoring Chance’s hand, and giving Chance a hug instead.

"It’s my first time here," Chance explained, "I just moved here, to Socorro, from New York City."

"Let me give you proper welcome to El Paso!" Diego said, grabbing Chance’s head and planting his lips on Chance’s. Gosh can this dude kiss! What a welcome! Diego’s tongue slipped between Chance’s lips, and their tongues searched each other’s mouths. Both men felt a tightening in their pants.

"Dance?" Diego asked, taking Chance’s hand and leading him to the dance floor. The DJ was spinning some uptempo music, and the two men got down, dancing together. Then came a ballad, and Diego pulled Chance into his arms, holding him tightly, as they swayed to the music. Diego was making a play for Chance’s heart, and doing a damned good job of it. It has been a long time since Chance has felt so comfortable with another man, but he is feeling very comfortable with Diego.

It was time for the drag show. Chance and Diego secured a table, and ordered drinks. During the show, Diego took Chances hand and held it in his own. Diego was ready to order them another round of drinks.

"No," Chance stated, "no more, I have to drive home, I don’t need to get any more intoxicated."

"Chance," Diego said, "I live five minutes walk from here, you can sleep with me tonight, please?"

Diego is growing on Chance, Bigtime! Chance cannot turn down Diego’s offer. Is it just to sleep, or for more?

"OK!" Chance remarked, smiling, "I guess we can have another drink or two." Diego summoned the waiter and ordered more drinks. After the show ended, they returned to the dance floor for another slow dance. The bar would be closing soon.

While dancing together, and sharing a couple of kisses, both boys, well, men got hard. Diego pulled Chance close, and their cocks rubbed against each other, separated by their clothing. Diego reached down and gave Chance’s erection a loving squeeze, and Chance returned the favor. Both of them grinned. The bar was closing, and they left the bar together, holding hands as they walked down the sidewalk toward Diego’s apartment.

"I need to piss," Chance said, "I hope I can make it to your place."

"Quick, in here," Diego stated, pulling Chance into a small alley between two buildings that was just wide enough for their two bodies. "We can go here!" With their backs to the street, they unzipped and pulled out their peckers. "Let’s hold each other," Diego suggested, grinning, "Pull my foreskin back!"

"How?" Chance asked, being unfamiliar with uncut penises.

"Like this," Diego said, wrapping Chance’s fingers around his uncut cock, and pulling the foreskin back, and then placed his own hand around Chance’s pecker. The two men snickered, while letting their bladders drain, the streams of yellow liquid mixing and making an even bigger stream that ran between their feet. They shook out the last drops, and put their junk away.

"I’ve never touched an uncut cock before," Chance admitted.

"Is that a problem for you?" Diego asked.

Chance, grinning, "No problem, just different." A few minutes later they arrived at Diego’s apartment, and Diego unlocked the door, inviting Chance to enter. After locking the door, Diego’s fingers were starting to unbutton Chance’s shirt. Diego’s intentions were now clear! Chance took the hint and unbuckled, and unzipped Diego’s trousers, meeting zero resistance. Pulling up the bottom of Diego’s polo shirt, Diego raised his arms, allowing Chance to completely remove it. Diego pushed Chance down to lay on the sofa, his legs over the arm, and untied Chance’s sneakers, removing them, and his socks. Unbuckling Chance’s belt, Diego pulled off Chance’s jeans and boxers in one swift pull. In less than five minutes, both men were totally naked, their clothes piled on the sofa.

"Let me show you around," Diego said, pointing, "kitchen, bathroom, bedroom," and pulled Chance into the bedroom. Diego pulled the covers down on the bed, "Time for bed?" he asked, while showing that infectious smile that Chance was learning to love.

"Sure," Chance replied. The two young men slipped into bed, and shared an embrace.

"Chance," Diego explained, "I rarely bring a boy home to spend the night with, I’m not like that, but I really like you, a lot. When you walked into the bar tonight, I knew I wanted you. I want us to be friends, for more than just sex."

"I think that feeling is mutual," Chance replied, "I totally enjoyed being with you, and everything we did together. I’m looking forward to us spending more time with each other. Diego, I want to get to know you, really well. You’re one of the most amazing, and sweetest men I’ve ever met!"

"Chance, did you expect us to do something, you know, sexually, together?" Diego asked.

"If you want to," Chance answered, "you lead, and I’ll follow."

"Chance," do you have to leave early tomorrow?" Diego asked.

"Not really," Chance replied, "I’ll leave when you kick me out."

Diego, chuckling, "I don’t see that to happen, what I would really like is for we to go to sleep tonight with you in my arms. If we want, we can have sex tomorrow, when we rested and sober."

"Sound’s good to me," Chance said, "goodnight Diego, and sleep tight." Chance initiated a goodnight kiss with Diego, Diego wrapped his arms around Chance, and the two men fell asleep, both somewhat buzzed from the alcohol. Chance loved the feeling of being held in Diego’s arms.

Sunday morning Chance woke up before Diego, with sunlight coming through the window. His eyes fell on Diego’s handsome face. Gosh, Diego has the face of an Angel! Diego was sleeping on his back, and Chance couldn’t ignore the fact that Diego had morning wood, tenting the covers.

Chance was experiencing serious pressure on his bladder, and he quietly slipped out of bed and into the bathroom to relieve the pressure. It wasn’t easy, as he also was sporting morning wood, but he managed to push his pecker down far enough to pee into the toilet, and then slipped back into bed.

Curiosity killed the cat! Chance had to see what Diego’s uncut penis looked like, when it was hard. He slowly lifted the covers, exposing Diego’s erection. In all of the years since Chance had reached puberty he’d sucked literally dozens of cocks, but never one that was uncut.

He thought that Diego’s pecker was kinda cute, the head of his erect cock was peeping out from under the hood, but was mostly covered by Diego’s foreskin. Diego, still sleeping, was sporting morning wood, but was likely not aroused, nor was any precum visible at his pee slit.

What does it feel like to suck an uncut cock? No time like the present to find out. Chance got up the nerve to take Diego’s penis into his mouth. It most definitely felt different inside Chance’s mouth, not bad, just different. Chance ran his tongue under the hood and around the head, believing that Diego was still asleep. After a few minutes, Chance glanced up to Diego’s face. Diego was watching Chance nursing his pecker, and had a shit-eaten grin on his face.

"Bien diaz, me Gringo Amigo," Diego stated, smiling.

"Oops, I’m sorry, I should have asked," Chance apologized, caught, and pulling off, "good morning, Diego."

"Hey," Diego said, "Don’t stop now!" Diego shifted, spreading his legs apart. "Get up here," pointing to the area between his legs, "it’ll be easier." Chance kneeled between Diego’s legs, and returned to the task at hand. "Oh, Yeah! That feels wonderful!" Diego was anything but upset, and Chance wanted nothing more than to make Diego feel good.

While Chance continued to work Diego’s cock with his mouth, Diego was stroking and caressing Chance’s body, anywhere he could reach with his arms, and moaning with pleasure.

"I’m close," Diego said, "do you want it in your mouth?"

"Um hum," Chance replied, his mouth full of Diego, and anxious to taste his friend. About a minute later Diego’s body stiffened, and he really groaned, loudly, sending his orgasm into Chance’s mouth and throat, and Chance swallowed it. Chance then used his tongue to clean every last bit from the head of Diego’s cock, and under the foreskin, sucking Diego dry.

Chance then lay next to Diego, and the two men just lay together, and caressed each other’s bodies. Diego’s hand found Chance’s flaccid cock, he fondled it and it soon became erect.

"My turn!" Diego exclaimed, while kneeling between Chance’s legs. "I want to taste you too!" Diego took Chance’s now erect cock into his mouth. Chance had suspected that Diego had never sucked a cock before, but within the first minute, his talent showed some experience. Diego was not a newby, and Chance was pleasantly treated to some great head. While nursing on Chance’s manhood, Diego was also tenderly massaging Chance’s scrotum and testicles. This Hispanic dude knew how to give a man pleasure!

After about ten minutes, Chance, feeling his orgasm coming on, "I’m gonna cum, if you don’t pull off, I’m gonna fill your mouth!" Diego continued, and soon felt Chance’s cock starting to spasm, and accepted Chance’s gift. He swallowed, and grinned, then milked out the last few drops. The two men then just lay together, sharing a kiss and tasting their own semen in each other mouths.

"Chance," Diego asked, "did no one ever tell you how good you taste?"

"No," Chance replied, "you’re only about the fourth man that ever took my load in their mouth."

Diego, chuckling, "I guess some guys missed out on a tasty snack. Speaking of snacks, how about some breakfast?"

"Sure," Chance answered, "where would you like to go?"

"My kitchen," Diego said, "I can cook." Diego led Chance to the kitchen.

"Got coffee?" Chance asked, "Maybe we should dress?"

"We can dress later," Diego stated, grinning, "I like to see you naked! As for the coffee, I don’t drink it, and I don’t have any in the house, but I’ll be happy to make us some Mexican Hot Cocoa."

"That sounds tasty," Chance replied.

Diego, while the milk was heating for the hot cocoa, "Chance, get your phone, we need to swap numbers. Now that I’ve found you, I don’t want to lose touch of you." They handed each other their phones, and put in their information, and saved it. Chance noted the name, Diego Estrada.

The two men sat naked at the table, and learned more from each other. Chance told Diego about his self employment as a writer, and Diego worked for a landscaper, doing yard work, except for the rainy days. It was obvious to Chance that Diego must work a lot bare topped, as he was quite tanned from the waist up, and nearly as white as himself from the waist down to his thighs.

It seemed that both men were quite comfortable, being naked around each other. Chance’s hand slid across Diego’s thigh, and wrapped around Diego’s sheathed manhood, and Diego grinned.

"You like it?" Diego asked.

"This morning was the first time I have ever had an uncut pecker in my mouth," Chance stated, grinning, "but I think THIS ONE could be habit forming!" Diego smiled.

"I so happy we met, Chance," Diego stated, "I so much like being with you, and I want to be more with you. Let me cook us some breakfast." Diego brought some meat and eggs from the fridge, and placed a large frying pan on the stove to heat.

"What are we having?" Chance asked.

"Huevos con Chorizo, with Tortillas," Diego replied, and noticed the confused expression of Chance’s face. "Scrambled eggs with Mexican Sausage, I hope you like it."

"I’ll try anything once," Chance answered, smiling, "I guess this is my weekend to try new things, I tried uncut cock for the first time, and I liked that, well, I liked YOURS anyway." Diego grinned, and Chance’s phone rang, it was JC. "Hi JC."

"Chance!" JC exclaimed, "I was worried, it’s after 10:00 AM and you’re not home yet, are you OK?"

"I couldn’t be better, JC," Chance replied, "I met the most fantastic dude last night, his name is Diego, and he invited me to his house for the night. (Diego is smiling) He’s cooking us up a Mexican breakfast right now. I should be home about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. I’m gonna stop at the market, and pick up some steaks to grill for our dinner tonight. JC, can you ask your Mama if she would mix up a bowl of tossed salad, to go with the steaks?"

"Will do," JC replied, "I’m sure she will. Chance, I missed having you to sleep with last night."

"I kinda missed you too, JC," Chance said, "but I still had a really nice bed partner, and I slept like a log. Bye." They hung up, and Diego served up their breakfast, which they enjoyed eating together.

Diego, a little concerned, "So who is JC, and what is your relationship with him?" That question opened up a whole new can of worms. Chance spent the next hour explaining the story of JC, including the tragic accident that took JC’s Papa’s life. Chance told Diego that he has no romantic interest in JC, but considers JC to be more like his little brother. Yes, Chance loves JC, but he is not ‘in love’ with JC, and Diego understood, maybe. Chance just realized that Diego, the man he just met last night, is a bit jealous of JC. If Diego is jealous of JC, then maybe Diego has deeper feelings toward Chance than Chance had realized.

About 1:30 PM Chance separated out his clothes on the sofa, dressed and prepared to leave.

Diego stepping behind Chance, and wrapping his arms around Chance’s torso, "Chance, please don’t leave me!"

Chance, turning and facing Diego with tears streaming down Diego’s face, "Diego, I have obligations, I have to leave."

"It’s happened before," Diego stated, "I meet a super nice guy that I learn to really care for, we have a few wonderful hours together, and then they leave me, and I never see them again!"

Chance, wiping the tears from Diego’s face, and hugging him tightly, "Sweetheart, I still need to leave, but you’re coming with me! I’m not leaving you behind!"

"I have to catch the bus at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, to get to my job by 8:00," Diego said.

"Where is your job?" Chance asked.

"The shop, where we meet every morning, is just off Horizon Boulevard, in Horizon City," Diego said.

"My house" Chance stated, "is just off Horizon Boulevard, in Socorro. Where you work can’t be more than about twenty minutes from home. You don’t drive?"

"I have a license, but with rent and all the other expenses, I’ve just never had money to buy an auto." Diego replied.

"Diego," Chance asked, "would you be willing to try a social experiment with me?"

"Maybe," Diego said, "What would that be?"

"Do you have enough clean work clothes to last for a week?" Chance asked.

"All of my clothes are clean," Diego responded, "I just did laundry yesterday. Why?"

"I’d like for us to try living together for a week," Chance replied, "It would give us more time to know each other, and see if maybe we’d like to make it more a permanent arrangement. I’ll make sure you have a way to and from work every day."

"Would we be—sleeping together?" Diego asked.

Chance, smiling, "That would be one of the fringe benefits, unless you wanted to sleep on the sofa, cold and alone."

"I already like sleeping with you," Diego replied, grinning, "can you give me fifteen minutes to pack some clothes?"

"Sure," Chance replied, "I’ll help you." The two men shared a kiss and hug.

"I don’t have a suitcase," Diego said, "but I have clean trash bags."

"Cool!" Chance exclaimed, "Let’s get your shit packed!"

"Chance," Diego stated, "please get my lunch cooler in the kitchen, and put those blue ice packs from the freezer in it, so I can pack my lunches for work. I’ll get my toothbrush and toiletries from the bathroom, and then we can pack my workclothes."

Fifteen minutes later, everything that Diego thought he needed for a week was stacked by the front door. Chance and Diego walked, hand in hand, to the parking lot near the bar, to get the Pilot. Chance parked on the street in front of Diego’s apartment, turning on the flashers, and it took all of five minutes to carry everything from the living room and pack it in the back of the Pilot. Diego locked the apartment, and they headed to the market.

Arriving at the market, Chance made a phone call to Anna. Seeing Chance’s name on her phone she answered, ‘Hi Chance.’

"Hi Anna," Chance replied, "We just got to the market to get the steaks for dinner, is there anything you would like me to pick up?"

"Why, yes," Anna replied, "Could you pick up some Cherry tomatoes, and a cucumber for the salad? And who is this ‘we’?"

"Oh, Diego and me," Chance replied, "Diego and I met at the bar last night, and I stayed over at his place last night. He’s going to be spending a few days here with me this week."

"Oh, okay," Anna said, "I guess JC and I will meet him when you get here. See you soon." Anna and Chance hung up.

While at the market, Chance picked up four nice T-bone steaks and four large baking potatoes, and Diego picked up some cold cuts for sandwiches, and some fruit drinks, and they headed to Chance’s house.

"Does JC and his Mom know about you?" Diego asked.

"You mean about that I’m gay?" Chance responded, "They know, JC’s gay too, and Anna is cool, you’ll like her, and JC will steal your heart." Diego grinned.

Chance and Diego arrived at Chance’s home, and Chance backed the Pilot to the back porch. They took the groceries inside to the kitchen, and JC walked in a minute later, without knocking.

JC, giving Chance a warm hug, "Welcome home, Chance, I’ve missed you."

"Diego," Chance stated, "This is my best friend, and next door neighbor, Jonathan Cortez. JC, this is my new friend, Diego Estrada. Diego is going to be staying with me for a few days."

Diego offered his hand to JC, and JC ignored it, instead, giving Diego a warm hug. "I’m happy to meet you, Diego," JC said, "I go by just ‘JC’."

Chance, pulling the tomatoes and cucumber from the grocery bag, "JC, please take these to your Mama." JC took them, and walked out.

"This is kinda weird," Diego said, "a black boy with a Hispanic name?"

"JC’s mama," Chance explained, "Anna, is black, but his deceased papa, Juan Cortez, was Hispanic."

"His papa is dead, already?" Diego asked.

Chance, tears escaping his eyes, "It’s a sad and tragic story, I’ll tell you when we are alone, I don’t want JC to see me crying." Chance tore a paper towel off the roll, and blotted his tears.

"Chance," Diego stated, pulling Chance into a hug, "I can tell that you have a very tender heart, and I admire that. I think that some men don’t even have a heart!" Diego initiated another kiss on Chance’s lips, and Chance was instantly feeling better. Diego is a very affectionate and loving boy, that is stealing Chance’s heart!

"I need to get the grill fired up," Chance said, as he pulled the lighter from a draw, and grabbed the bag of charcoal that was still on the porch, from the week before. Chance opened up the steaks, while Diego put the refrigerated items into the fridge. Chance sprinkled some seasonings on the steaks, and stabbed them with a fork to tenderize them. He then scrubbed the potatoes, wrapped them in foil, and placed them in the top of the grill to bake.

While waiting for the charcoal to settle down into red coals, Chance, Diego and JC unloaded the back of the Pilot and carried Diego’s stuff into the bedroom. JC’s cooperative spirit and warm attitude was starting to melt Diego’s heart! Chance was right, Diego is starting to love JC.

Chance used a toothpick to check the doneness of the potatoes, and when it pushed in easily, threw the first steak on the grill. Anna had said she wanted her steak well done. Diego and Chance wanted theirs medium rare, and of course, JC would follow Diego’s and Chance’s preferences. Anna brought the bowl of tossed salad into Chance’s kitchen, placing it on the table, and Chance pulled bottles of Blue Cheese, Ranch and Italian Dressings from the fridge, and placed them on the table, along with a bottle of steak sauce and a container of sour cream.

Chance took plates out to the grill, and, using the tongs placed a Baked Potato and steak on each plate, and they all sat at the table to enjoy. The steaks were tender and juicy, except for Anna’s, which she claimed was perfect, but Diego and Chance considered it ruined. They all put butter, salt and pepper on their potatoes, and Chance and Diego both added sour cream. For dessert, they finished off the remainder of JC’s birthday carrot cake that was left from Friday evening.

While eating, Chance and Diego mutually decided to spring for a picnic table, splitting the cost. A week from tomorrow is Memorial Day, and they want to have another cookout, and eat outside in the back yard. JC is thinking it may be a chance to invite Benny to join them. He will ask Chance, and get his opinion. JC planned to contact Benny tomorrow, anyway.

While Chance slid the steak bones into the trash, JC mentioned that it was such a shame to toss those perfectly good steak bones away, and they needed a dog to enjoy them. Was that a hint that JC wanted a dog? After all, every good boy deserves to have a dog!

While Chance tackled the dishes, JC asked if he could sleep over with Chance and Diego. Chance told him that he and Diego had a lot to discuss, maybe another night he could sleep with them. The truth was, Chance has Diego in his bed tonight, and neither of these men wanted JC hanging around, and being a spoiler! JC went home with his mama, to sleep alone tonight.

Right after Chance finished the dishes, the two men tackled the bedroom. Chance was really happy that the new bedroom suit had a large, six-drawer chest, and a dresser with two shallow drawers on top and two deeper drawers below. Chance didn’t have a ton of clothes, and he’d only used one of the shallow drawers for his boxers and socks, and only the top three drawers in the chest.

They didn’t bring all of Diego’s clothes, mostly just his work clothes, and some boxers, and socks. Diego placed his work clothes in the bottom draw of the chest, and his socks and boxers in

the other top draw of the dresser. The trash bags are empty!

Diego left his toiletries in the plastic grocery bag, and placed it on top of the toilet tank for now. He placed his toothbrush in the holder on the wall in back of the sink. Chance’s toothbrush is blue, and Diego’s is red, so they won’t get mixed up.

Chance came into the bathroom, removed the towels from the rods and dropped them into the hamper, then pulled out clean sets, and hung them on the rods. "Do you want red or black?" Chance asked.

"I get pretty dirty at work sometimes," Diego said, "so I’ll take the black." Both men returned to the bedroom, and stripped, then walked to the kitchen, naked, and grabbed soda’s from the fridge.

"If you have to be to work at 8:00 AM," Chance said, "we need to leave here about 7:30. Do you want to shower before you leave?"

"I sometimes get quite dirty and sweaty at work," Diego stated. "I usually shower after I get home."

"I might have to change my habits," Chance said, "I’m more used to showering in the morning, but I can learn to shower in the late afternoon, in order to shower with my friend!" Diego grinned.

"You’d want to share a shower with me?" Diego asked.

"Diego," Chance returned, "There’s not much of anything I wouldn’t like to do with you. I think I’m getting hooked on you. I’m looking forward to cooking a nice meal, and feeding you, when you get home from work!"

"That would be nice change," Diego said. "By the time I get home from work, I’m usually too tired to cook, and I end up just eating some fast food."

"That’s not good for you, or anybody." Chance remarked. "How long have you lived here, in the US?"

"Twenty-six years," Diego replied, "I was born here, right here in El Paso. My parents are Mexican, and they speak very little English, but I went to school here, graduated, and I’m bilingual. Mama and Papa don’t understand me. They encouraged me to get a job, and move out on my own, which I did, right after graduation. They didn’t want me living with them, just because I liked boys!"

"Oh, gawd!" Chance exclaimed, "What is wrong with some people. I guess I was fortunate to have had parents that instilled an attitude of acceptance in me from the time I was a child. Everyone has the right to live, and some of us are born certain ways. We cannot change our sexuality, any more than we can change the color of our skin. I was raised to be prejudiced against prejudism."

Diego, pointing toward the bedroom, "Shall we?"

"It’s only 9:00," Chance said, "Or are you wanting sex again?"

"Not really, we just got each other off this morning," Diego said. "I just like to be close to you, and we can’t get much closer than being in bed together." Chance cut off the lights, and the two men headed into the bedroom.

"I’m setting the alarm for 6:30 AM to give us time for a decent breakfast, and to leave here by 7:30," Chance stated, turning off the table lamp. The two men snuggled together, hugged tightly and shared a romantic kiss. Between their shoulders and their feet, there wasn’t room for a sheet of paper between them.

"This is so beautiful, Chance," Diego stated, "I’ve never felt so comfortable in bed with anyone before."

"I’m glad," Chance replied, "I would be uncomfortable, if you were not comfortable with me, and I know damned well that I am extremely comfortable with you." The two men relaxed, and fell asleep.

The alarm sounded at 6:30 AM on Monday morning, waking both Chance and Diego. They arose from the bed, both sporting boners.

"Damn!" Diego exclaimed, "I hate waking in the morning with a bone and needing to pee."

"I have a solution, we can piss off the porch," Chance said, "Come on." Chance opened the back kitchen door, and invited Diego to join him.

"We can’t go out there!" Diego remarked, "We’re naked."

"Don’t sweat it," Chance said, "it’s cool." Diego reluctantly followed Chance out to the back porch, and stood beside Chance, both men making golden arches and watering the grass. "JC taught me this trick."

"It does make it easy to piss with a morning hardon," Diego said. Returning inside, Chance proceeded to start a pot of coffee brewing. "Do you have a blender?" Diego asked.

"No," Chance replied, "that’s one appliance I don’t have, can you handle some coffee this morning?"

"I guess," Diego said, "I picked up some chocolate at the market, but I really need a blender to make it, guess I should have brought mine. If we happen downtown for anything, we can swing by my apartment and get it. When do you plan to take me back home?"

Chance, grinning, "I don’t plan to, not until you beg me to. I like having you hanging around here with me." Diego smiled. Diego won’t admit it, but he also likes hanging around with Chance and he is really in no hurry to return to his apartment. These two men are gradually falling for each other.

While the two are sipping coffee, Chance started to prepare breakfast of bacon and eggs for the two of them, needing to ensure that Diego didn’t go to work hungry. While Chance was fixing breakfast, Diego made sandwiches to take to work, both men still naked. Suddenly the door swung open and JC entered, in all his naked glory, surprising (or shocking) Diego.

"Oh!" Diego exclaimed, attempting to cover his penis with his hands.

" Mornin’ guys," JC stated, immediately approaching Chance and sharing a hug with him, then turned to Diego, and gave him a hug. Diego, realizing this was evidently a normal practice, let his pecker dangle, wrapped his arms around JC in a hug, and the two men’s peckers touched. Both Diego and JC snickered. JC had never seen an uncut pecker, until now, and he stared at Diego’s cock. The tip of Diego’s penis was under his foreskin hood, which made the tip end look flat, instead of pointed.

"Diego!" JC exclaimed, "What happened to your pecker?"

"Nothing that I know of," Diego replied, "Why?"

"Most boys peckers are pointed at the tip of the head," JC explained, "yours is flat, like the head was cut off."

"Watch, JC," Diego said, grinning, as he pulled the foreskin back, exposing the head of his penis, which was, of course, pointed.

"Wow!" JC exclaimed, "Your pecker wears a jacket!"

"It’s called foreskin, JC," Diego explained. "Most American born baby boys have their foreskins cut off at birth. It’s a practice that’s called circumcision, and that’s why you and Chance don’t have any foreskins, they were stolen from you at birth. In our Hispanic culture, very few boys are circumcised, so most Hispanic boys, and men, still have their foreskins attached. In gay slang, guys like me are called uncut, and guys like you and Chance are cut."

"May I touch it?" JC asked, with a grin on his face. Diego glanced at Chance, as if to get his approval, and Chance just shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess so," Diego stated, grinning, "if you wish." JC instantly wrapped his fingers around Diego’s penis, feeling the softness of Diego’s foreskin. He instinctively pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times, causing Diego’s pecker to become very erect. "I think you’ve felt it enough, JC," Diego said, "if you don’t stop, you’re gonna make me cum!" JC grinned, but continued to jack Diego’s cock. Diego could feel the inevitable release approaching.

"JC," Chance warned, "If you make Diego cum, I’m gonna make you clean it up off the floor." JC didn’t care, he was having fun with Diego’s penis! His own pecker was also hard and standing straight out from his pubes. About 30 seconds later, Diego groaned, and started to shoot several ropes of semen, most of it landing on the floor in front of both JC and Diego. JC was grinning, ear to ear.

"If you’ll excuse me," Diego said, "I need to clean myself, and get dressed for work." Chance tore off about three sheets of paper towels and handed them to JC. JC accepted the paper towels, and noticed some of Diego’s orgasm on his finger. Chance noticed that JC licked off his finger and swallowed it, before wiping up the mess on the floor. Looks like JC is going to be a cum-gobbler too.

Diego returned to the kitchen about five minutes later, fully dressed for work. Chance placed two plates of food on the table and commanded Diego to eat! Chance sat close and also devoured his breakfast, still naked, and JC sat down with a mug of coffee.

"Chance," Diego stated, "it’s almost 7:30. You need to get dressed and take me to work." Chance was not quite done with his meal but he rose from the table and went into the bedroom. A couple of minutes later he returned to the kitchen, still naked, but with the keys to the Pilot.

"Chance!" Diego exclaimed, "We need to leave, and you’re not even dressed yet."

"Change in plans, Diego," Chance stated, smiling, "I’m not taking you to work," then handing the keys to Diego, "you can drive yourself to work today, I don’t need the car for anything today. What time do you get done?"

"We get done at 4:30," Diego said, "I should be back here about—maybe—a little before 5:00 PM. I can’t believe you’re trusting me with your Pilot!"

"Why shouldn’t I?" Chance said, "If we’re going to be close friends, like I’m hoping we will be, we have to be able to trust each other, completely. I’ll have our dinner ready when you get home from work."

"Dude!" Diego exclaimed, "You’re awesome, thank you so much for everything!" The two men shared a romantic kiss and a departing hug, Diego picked up his lunch cooler, placed it behind the driver’s seat, started the Pilot and left for work, waving at Chance and JC who were both standing on the back porch, naked.

(Author’s Note: My apologies go out to Chance and JC. One of my readers informed me, in a comment, that the age of sexual consent in Texas is seventeen, not eighteen as I had thought. I made you guys wait until JC’s eighteenth birthday to have some sexual fun together—sorry about that, now I know.)

To be continued...........


































Chapter 3 picks up on Monday morning, three days after JC’s birthday, and a week before Memorial Day. Chance and JC have a discussion, and JC plans to call Benny. My style of writing is probably a little different than most authors. I never have an outline to follow, and quite often, my characters determine the story and I just go with the flow. Ride with me, as we slide into the next chapter and see what transpires.

If you like my story, please leave me comments. Comments are always welcome and appreciated, even if negative.

Thanks, Doug


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Awesome chapter. JC had a great birthday and met a potential admirer in Benny. Chance meets Diego and they start a relationship together. Everything is going well for our guys. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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