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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 5,306 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 12. Chapter 12

Note: Most sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a description of gay sexual activity and an oral sexual act between two seventeen year-old boys in this chapter.

Chapter 12 picks up with the BBQ dinner portion of the Labor Day Pool Party, an additional celebration of Michael’s Seventeenth Birthday and a surprising and shocking announcement by Michael.

* * * * *

JC 12 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

On the Sunday before Labor Day, Ellen Foxworthy had prepared huge bowls of Potato Salad and Macaroni Salad and stashed them into the backup refrigerator that was in the shop. About noon on Monday, she cut apart four full slabs of pork ribs and parboiled them on the stove so that Brian could finish them on the big gas grill, that was stored in the shop. Brian was planning to BBQ them about 2:00 PM, and they should be ready to eat by 4:00 PM.

Unbeknown to Michael, Ellen had picked up a large carrot cake sheet cake, which is Michael’s favorite cake and hid it in Brian’s and her bedroom. Sometime during the early afternoon, she had stuck seventeen candles into it, and was hoping the wind was calm after dinner was served. Today, Labor Day is the 3rd of September, but Michael’s Birthday is not actually until Friday, the 7th. She and Brian plan to celebrate his birthday today, while everyone is here.

About 1:30 PM, Brian approached the pool, where umpteen teens and young men were totally having a blast.

“Can I get a couple of rugged men to bring the grill up here from the shop?” Brian announced. Bobby and Jeff quickly volunteered. Brian led them to the shop, and the two jocks made quick work of it, grabbing the grill and taking it up to where the rented tables and chairs were set up. Brian left the shop unlocked, as there was still food in the refrigerator for the dinner, and the grill would need to be returned after the event was over. By 2:00 PM, the grill was hot and Brian loaded it with the parboiled ribs, coating them with his ‘special’ Texas BBQ sauce.

By 3:00 PM the tantalizing aroma of the grilling ribs was making everyone hungry, and anxious to eat. About 3:30 Ellen made two trips to the shop to bring the salads up, placing them on the ‘food table’ then brought a large baking dish of baked beans, fresh out of the oven, placing it on the table.

Brian, at exactly 4:00 PM, “OK EVERYONE, DINNER IS SERVED! CHILDREN FIRST.” The younger kids lined up to get their plates. Ellen was separating the heavy-duty plastic plates, handing them to Brian, and he placed two ribs on each plate, handing them to the kids. The younger boys, showing their politeness, pushed Randi and her friends to the front of the line, falling in place behind the girls.

Two of Brian’s coworker’s wives assumed positions by the ‘food table’ and placed spoonfuls of the salads and baked beans on the children’s plates, cafeteria style. The girls instinctively sat together to eat, as did David and his friends. Michael, and his two friends, Marvin and Heath brought up the end of the children and the three of them sat together. The adults got their own plates, and Brian placed three ribs on their plates, and they helped themselves to the salads and beans. Most of the adults sat together to eat and the six campers also sat together.

Many of the diners offered complements to their hosts, for the delicious food, and a few returned to the ‘food table’ for seconds on the salads.

Brian, as guests were cleaning their plates, “DON’T BE IN A HURRY TO LEAVE, I HOPE YOU’VE ALL SAVED A LITTLE ROOM FOR A SPECIAL DESSERT! THIS PARTY IS NOT OVER YET!” Everyone stayed seated, while Ellen returned to the house, and brought back the cake, setting it down. While Ellen used a propane lighter to ignite the candles, Brian made another announcement.

“MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE,” Brian said, “Ellen and I hope you’ve all enjoyed today, and we actually have three reasons to celebrate. First, we are celebrating the completion of our new swimming pool, secondly, we’re celebrating this Labor Day with some of our closest friends, and thirdly, we want to celebrate our eldest son’s birthday! Michael is turning seventeen this Friday, but we’re celebrating his birthday today, while his closest friends, and all of you are here. Let’s all wish Michael a Happy Birthday!”

While Ellen slowly carried the cake, candles burning, over to set it in front of Michael, the rest of the mob sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Michael. Michael, totally surprised, had tears leaking from his eyes, and a smile on his face. Taking a deep breath, Michael successfully blew out all seventeen candles, and everyone clapped.

“Michael,” Brian asked, “Would you like to share some words?”

“I would, thanks Dad,” Michael replied, and began his speech.

“Everybody, I’d like to thank you all for attending our Pool Party and Cookout today, and thanks for all the Birthday wishes. None of you have ever known the real Michael Foxworthy. I feel this is the time and opportunity to share my deepest and darkest secret with everyone. What I’m about to share will likely cost me my friends, and perhaps my family!”

“A couple of years ago, I discovered something about myself, that I’ve never dared to share with anyone. I’ve kept this discovery hidden within my soul, but the burden has become to heavy to bear, and I have to release it. It’s something I’m compelled to do.”

“What I discovered is that my emotional, romantic, and sexual interest is for other boys, rather than girls. In other words, I’M GAY!” Brian and Ellen looked at each other, both totally shocked, and their faces turning red.

“Oh my god,” one of Brian’s coworkers said to his wife, “I feel so sorry for Brian and Ellen!”

“I can’t believe this!” Marvin said to Heath, “Michael just publicly came out as gay!”

“Michael told me he wanted to come out,” Chance said to Diego, “when we had a chat earlier today, and I cautioned him not to be to anxious. I’m worried about how his parents will take this. I gave him my phone number, just in case things don’t work out, and he needs a place to stay.” Diego nodded, sharing Chance’s feelings.

Brian, approaching Michael, “I’M SORRY EVERYONE, I DON’T THINK MICHAEL KNOWS WHAT HE’S SAYING!” Brian took Michael into his arms.

“Dad, it’s not yours or Mom’s fault,” Michael said, “it’s just how I am, and I just need to be me! I’m tired of trying to live a lie, and pretending to be someone I’m not.”

“Son,” Brian said, “maybe we can get you with a sex therapist and get you some help.”

“I don’t need help, Dad,” Michael replied, “there’s no fix to being gay, I just need understanding, and acceptance.” People were starting to disperse, and Brian got busy shaking hands with some of the departing guests. Marvin and Heath approached Michael.

“Hey, buddy,” Marvin stated, “you really let it all hang out today! We’ve been close friends, like forever, and just your coming out and admitting that you’re gay won’t break us up. Heath and I are still two of your closest friends, and you aren’t losing us!”

“If word gets around school that you’re gay,” Heath said, “bullies may come out of the woodwork. Marvin and I will do our best to protect you, even if it means we might get into trouble for fighting. Michael, can we go someplace to talk, privately? And I want to show you something”

“I guess we can go down to the shop.” Michael said, leading the way, Heath following.

Heath, once inside the shop, “Michael, do you like to suck dicks?”

“I don’t really know,” Michael replied, “I’ve never done it, yet, but I would like to try it, with a boy that I like.” Heath shoved his swimming trunks down, exposing his boyhood.

Michael, grinning, “You’ve got a nice pecker, may I touch it?”

“Be my guest!” Heath replied. Michael took Heath’s nice boyhood into his hand, fondling it, and Heath quickly became erect, sporting about six inches of attractive hardness. “Do you like it?”

“What’s not to like about it,” Michael said, grinning, “it’s even prettier when it’s hard!” Michael was excited, and also grew an erection in his own swimming trunks.

“If you want to try sucking it,” Heath stated, “I’d be happy to be your guinea pig.”

“Shit, Heath,” Michael said, “I want to try it, but not here, today. There’s too many people around, and if anyone walks in on us, it would be really embarrassing—for both of us.”

“You’re probably right,” Heath replied, “Can you maybe sleep over with me, on Friday or Saturday night, and we can have some fun in the privacy of my bedroom?”

“Sounds good to me,” Michael replied, grinning, really desiring to take Heath’s nice boyhood into his mouth and experience giving his first blowjob. Heath is equally excited to maybe get to feel his penis in Michael’s nice warm mouth, and receiving his first BJ. Heath pulled his trunks back up and the two boys shared a best friends hug and returned to the rest. Michael is happy to know that he hasn’t lost his two closest friends.

The three boys all shared grabbing a second piece of the carrot cake, and Marvin’s parents arrived to pick up Marvin and Heath to take them home. Marvin and Heath live only two doors away from each other, and often get together to jack off. They asked Marvin’s parents to give them a few minutes to change back into their street clothes, and headed to the boys’ changing room to do so, removing their still wet swimwear and putting them in plastic bags. Boys being boys, they both cuffed each others peckers, grinning.

Marvin and Heath gave Michael a goodbye hug, and said they’d see him at school on Wednesday. On the way home both boys were silent about Michael’s coming out today, not wishing their parents to be aware of their best friend’s sexuality.

Chance and company all went to the ‘boys changing room’ and dressed back into their shorts and t’s. After thanking Brian and Ellen for an awesome party and BBQ, they headed back to Socorro and discussed Michael’s coming out on the way home.

“I have to admire Michael,” Bobby said, “I know it took a lot of courage to come out the way he did!”

“For real,” Jeff stated, “Bobby and I have been boyfriends for almost a year, and neither of us has yet come out to our family’s”

“I’m not certain if it was courage, or stupidity,” Chance said, “I knew he was dying to come out and I advised him to wait, at least until he finished his senior school year. I hope that Brian and Ellen are able to accept his sexuality, and don’t do anything rash. I gave Michael my phone number, just in case. Diego and I are prepared to give Michael a home, if his parents should do the unthinkable.”

Back at the Foxworthy home, while Ellen cleaned up the pots and utensils from the Party, Brian needed to have a serious talk with Michael. Sending David and Randi to bed, Brian took Michael to the Den to have a Father and Son talk.

“Son,” Brian stated, “do you realize how much embarrassment you caused your Mom and me, with your little speech today?”

“I’m sorry Dad, that was not intended,” Michael apologized, “I just had this heavy burden on me, and I needed to vent. I needed to be the real me, and I thought that was the best way to let everybody know my true feelings.”

“Why did you never discuss your feelings that you might be gay with me, instead of just dropping it like a bomb?” Brian asked.

“I was too scared to even talk about it,” Michael replied, “I’ve heard about teen kids getting kicked out of their homes and even disowned by their parents, when the parents found out they were gay. I’m covered, Chance told me I can live with him and Diego, if you and Mom kick me out.”

“Chance knew what you were going to do?” Brian asked.

“Not really, Michael said, “remember when I showed Chance the shop? That was really an excuse to have a chat with Chance—in private. I believed that Chance was gay, and could maybe give me some needed advice. Actually, Dad, all six of those boys are gay. The two big guys, Bobby and Jeff, have been boyfriends since last years football season, JC and Benny are boyfriends and Chance and Diego are planning to get married in the near future.”

“So Chance thought you should make that announcement?”

“No.” Michael answered. “I told Chance I thought I might be gay. He asked me a bunch of questions, and between his questions and my answers, we determined that I probably am gay. He advised me to wait until after I graduate before telling anyone that I was gay, but I didn’t want to wait that long. I’d be wasting my whole senior year, living a lie.”

“I think you should consider finding a girlfriend, like I’m sure some of the other seniors are doing. Get a descent girl and maybe you’ll get over this ‘gay phase’ you’re going through.”

“I don’t want a girlfriend, Dad,” Michael retorted, “I want a boyfriend! I’m sure there are some other boys in school that feel like I do, and maybe I can hook up with another gay boy, and have a boyfriend. I just want to meet and find another boy that I can kiss, and hug and love, and maybe even have some sex with.”

“I’m not even going to ask how two boys would have sex,” Brian said, “I think we may already know. Just so you know where your Mom and I stand, Michael, we’ve raised and loved you for almost seventeen years, and we still love you, unconditionally! I fail to understand what one boy can see in another boy, but I know that it happens. I can’t say that we’re happy to learn this about our son, but speaking for myself, I’ll accept you as my gay son, and I’m sure your mother will too. I love you Michael, more than you can ever know!” Brian stood up, taking Michael into his arms and drawing him close.

“I love you too, Dad,” Michael replied, “and thank you for making my coming out to you a lot easier than I expected. Can you explain all this to Mom?”

“Will do, Son,” Brian commented, “and just to set your mind at ease, we’ll never kick you out of your home, or disown you, over your sexuality! Oh, and when you do have a boy of interest, that you care about, bring him around so that we can get to know him.”

Leaving the Den, Brian joined Ellen in the living room, and Michael headed outside, cell phone in hand, anxious to make an important phone call.

Back in Socorro, Bobby and Jeff helped unload the camping gear from the Pilot, and then settled in the living room with Chance and Diego, watching another gay-based movie, all four comfortably naked. (of course) Shortly after 7:00 PM Chances phone sounded, and Chance answered it, not recognizing the number.

“Chance, this is Michael, and I’ve got good news!” Michael stated, excitedly. “Dad and I had a good talk tonight. He’s accepted me as his gay son, and told me that he would never kick me out or disown me because of my sexuality!”

“That’s great, Michael!” Chance exclaimed, “Bobby and Jeff are still here, watching a movie with Diego and me. I’ll pass the good word on to them, and I’m really happy that things are working out well for you. Be careful, and stay safe, and know that we are your friends, and we all care for you. Thanks for letting us know.”

“I love you Chance, and thanks for talking with me today. Goodnight now.” Chance and Michael hung up and Chance passed the good news along to the other three boys, and saved Michael’s cell number into his phone. All of them were happy that Michael’s ‘coming out’ came out well.

* * * * *

Wednesday, September 5th is the first day of the new school year. Heath, Marvin and Michael are all seventeen and all members of the senior class at Fort Hancock High School. Recall from Labor Day Monday, Michael won’t actually be seventeen until Friday.

None of the three boys are into playing football, but they are all staunch supporters of the Mustangs and try to at least watch all of the home games. The first home game is this Friday night. Both Heath and Michael plan to try out for the Mustangs Basketball Team later this fall, as returning seniors.

“Mom,” Heath asked on Wednesday morning, “Michael and I have hardly seen each other all summer. I’d like to ask Michael to spend this whole weekend with me. We can go and watch the football game on Friday night, chill out on Saturday and Sunday, and he can ride my bus to school Monday morning. Can I have your permission to ask him?”

Mrs. Simmons thought for a minute, considering how tight Heath, Marvin and Michael have been—for years, and she does like Michael a lot.

“I know you boys are going to want to sleep together, but you’ve both grown older—and bigger.” Mrs. Simmons stated. “Your twin bed might be getting kind of small, maybe you should use the spare bedroom for the weekend, and you’ll both have room to sprawl and sleep without being packed like sardines.” (Not that Heath would really mind being that close to Michael. They might even sleep naked!)

“So I guess I’ve got the OK to invite Michael for the weekend?” Heath asked.

“Yes, Son, you’ve got my approval,” Mrs. Simmons replied. “When I do my grocery shopping tomorrow, I’ll plan on an extra teenager to feed for the weekend.”

“Great, I’ll tell him today,” Heath replied, “so he can make plans, and bring his school clothes to wear on Monday morning.” Shortly after breakfast Heath headed to the bus stop to hook up with Marvin, sharing a seat on the bus together, as usual. Michael rides a different bus so they won’t see him until they’re all at school.

At lunchtime, the three friends ate lunch together in the cafeteria, and Heath gave Michael the invitation to spend the weekend with him at Heath’s home. Michael gave Heath a tentative acceptance, depending on if his parents will allow him to. He would have an answer for Heath tomorrow.

Marvin, on the trip back from school that day, “Are you going to let Michael sleep in bed with you?”

“Of course,” Heath replied, “we’ve always slept together.”

“I’m not sure I’d be very comfortable sleeping with a gay boy,” Marvin said.

“You’ve slept with Michael before,” Heath said, “lots of times.”

“That was before I knew he was gay,” Marvin replied, “and all we ever did was jack off together. What if he wants to do something more—gay?”

Heath, grinning, “He’s already told me he wants to try sucking my dick, and I’m really looking forward to THAT! I’ve never been sucked before, but if he’s willing to suck it, I’m willing to let him. But I can’t return the favor!”

“I wouldn’t let just any boy suck my dick,” Marvin replied, “but Michael is one of our closest friends. If he wanted to suck my dick, I think I’d let him, too. Heath,” Marvin commented, smiling, “we just might have a best friend—with benefits!” Heath grinned.

* * * * *

Thursday morning the boys all arrived at school, Michael arriving on a different bus of course than Heath and Marvin. While preparing to enter their homeroom, Marvin and Heath were approached by a smiling Michael.

“Heath, I’m good to go for this weekend,” Michael stated, smiling, “Mom and Dad gave me permission to spend the weekend with you!”

“Great,” Heath replied, “I need to call Mom and let her know I’ve got company this weekend before she goes shopping.” Grabbing the phone from his pocket, Heath quickly made the call.

Brian Foxworthy, In addition to running the ranch, also works a full time job at a warehouse. Most of the ranch work was done on the weekends. On Thursday, when Brian returned from work, he arrived with his flatbed trailer, loaded with bales of hay. Before having dinner, Michael helped his Dad unload the trailer and stacked the hay bales, covering them with plastic to keep them dry. In the winter, there was little for the cattle to graze, and they supplemented the cattle’s feed with the purchased hay.

After dinner, Michael packed his overnight bag, looking forward to an exciting weekend with Heath. This wouldn’t be just an ordinary weekend, as he and Heath had plans to do something they’d never done before! Both Heath and Marvin had spent overnights with Michael but they couldn’t comfortably even jack off together—with David sleeping in the same room!

Friday morning Michael kissed his Mom goodbye, telling her he’d be home Monday afternoon. Grabbing his backpack and his overnight bag, he walked up the driveway to await his bus. David and Randi’s bus wouldn’t be along for about another forty-five minutes. Arriving at school, and hooking up with Heath and Marvin, Michael placed his overnight bag on its end in his locker.

At lunchtime, the three boys shared lunch together as usual. Friday afternoon the schools clocks were moving at snails pace for Heath and Michael. Both boys were anxious for bedtime to do their ‘experiment’. Finally, school was over for the day, and week. Boarding the bus, Heath explained to the driver that Michael was spending the weekend at his house, and she allowed Michael to board. The bus arrived at the bus stop, about half a block from Marvin’s and Heath’s homes, and the three exited the bus, along with about five other kids.

Stopping in front of Heath’s house, the three shared a best-friends hug. Heath and Michael entered the house and Marvin walked on to his home. Just inside the front door, Mrs. Simmons greeted the boys, sharing a kiss and hug with Heath, and then giving Michael a warm and welcome hug.

“I’m planning dinner for about 5:30,” Heath’s Mom stated. “Marvin’s Mom is going to take you all down to the school about 6:30 for the game, which is supposed to start at 7:00. Heath, give me a call when you boys are ready to come home and I’ll come and pick you all up.” Talk about teamwork, these boys Mom’s have all the bases covered. It would be about an hour before dinner, and the boys had some time to kill.

“Grab your bag and backpack,” Heath stated, “and we’ll take them upstairs.” Michael followed Heath up the stairway. “This is our guestroom, you can put your bag in here, and we can put our backpacks in my room.”

Michael, as the boys entered Heath’s room, “We’re not sleeping together?”

Heath, noticing the disappointment on Michael’s face, and grinning, “Of course we are, silly! Mom said we’re getting too big to share my twin bed, and said that we can sleep in the full size bed in the guestroom.” Michael’s face returned to normal, now with a smile. Half the fun of these boys sleeping over is to sleep together, not to mention that Heath and Michael have some special plans.

“We’ve got some time before dinner,” Heath said, “Let’s try to knock out some of our homework, and give us a little more free time for the weekend.” The Boys picked up Heath’s desk, setting it by the bed and sat on the bed together, attacking their homework.

Heath’s father, returning from work, and noting that the table was set for four, “Is Marvin having dinner with us?”

“No Hun,” his Mom replied, “I told you that Michael is spending the weekend with Heath. Dinner is about ready, will you go upstairs and get the boys? After dinner, Maggie is going to take them all to school for the football game, and I’ll be picking them up after the game to bring them home.” Heath’s father headed up the stairs to Heath’s room, looking in and viewing both boys sharing the desk and into their studies.

“Mom says that dinner is ready, boys,” Mr. Simmons stated.

“Hi Mr. Simmons,” Michael said, smiling and standing up.

“Come here, boy!” Mr. Simmons stated, opening his arms and giving Michael a warm and affectionate hug. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you.”

“Too long,” Michael replied, “thank you for allowing me to spend the weekend in your home with Heath.”

“Michael,” Mr. Simmons replied, “There’s never been a time that you, and your other friend, Marvin haven’t been welcome in our home. We’re happy that Heath has chosen such wonderful boys for friends, like you and Marvin. Let’s go downstairs and fill our bellies.”

After enjoying a tasty dinner with Heath’s family, the two boys donned their ‘Mustangs’ hoodies and walked over to Marvin’s house to get their ride to the game, with Maggie Chase, Marvin’s Mom.

Even as the Mustangs had the home team advantage, with bleachers full of Mustangs supporters, they lost to the Fabens Wildcats by one lousy point, final score 9 to 8 in the Wildcats favor.

Heath’s Mom, receiving the call from Heath, took off to pick up the three sad boys, unhappy that their beloved Mustangs had lost. She made things a little better, treating the three boys to homemade brownies and hot cocoa.

About 10:00 PM the boys finished their tasty snack, gave Marvin a hug, and he went on home. Heath and Michael weren’t all that sleepy but quickly offered to go to bed, with no encouragement from Heath’s parents. Retiring to the guestroom, Heath closed the door and locked it, just for a little security. Heath turned on the bedside lamp and turned the ceiling lamp off.

The two boys both stripped to their boxers, Heath already sporting a serious tent in his, as they stood beside the bed. Heath, with his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers, “Shall we go the last step?”

“Why not?” Michael replied, grinning. Both boys slid their boxers down and off, Heath’s pretty erection standing straight out from his pubes, and Michael also growing one. For about thirty seconds the two boys just viewed each other’s boyhood’s, both smiling.

Heath pushed the covers down to the foot of the bed, and lay on his back, his erection pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Michael climbed onto the bed, noticing a couple drops of Heath’s precum at his pee slit, glistening in the light from the lamp. Lying on his side beside Heath, Michael reached over, took Heath’s erection in his hand and ran his finger over the tip of Heath’s cockhead, and feeling the slipperiness of Heath’s precum.

Both boys are familiar with the oozing of precum, having jacked off together a number of times. Tonight the boys had plans to go where they’d never gone before! Heath reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out some paper towels, in case they were needed.

“I’m so ready for you, Michael,” Heath stated, “and so is he,” pointing to his erection.

“I really want to do this, Heath, but I’m scared,” Michael said.

“I want you to try it,” Heath replied, “I’ve been looking forward to this time since Monday. If it doesn’t work out like we hope, I won’t hold it against you. I’ll try to help you learn how to be a good cocksucker!” Michael grinned.

“Here goes,” Michael said, leaning over from the side and taking Heath’s awesome six inches into his mouth for the first time. The position was rather awkward, and both boys soon realized it.

“Michael,” Heath stated, “I think it will work better if you kneel between my legs to do it.” The boys rearranged, Michael kneeling between Heath’s legs, and taking Heath Junior back into his mouth. “That’s much better,” Heath commented, “watch the teeth, I don’t want you to bite it off!” Michael jabbed Heath’s ribs and Heath snickered.

Heath probably wouldn’t be considered well hung, sporting about four inches soft and about six inches erect, and only about an inch across with a slightly larger helmet. With Heath’s pleasantly long and slender cock, Michael was pleased that Heath isn’t hung with a choker, like Bobby and Jeff!

Michael enjoyed the pleasure of having Heath’s boyhood in his mouth as much as Heath liked the feeling of Michael’s warm mouth sliding up and down on his excited cock. While Michael nursed on Heath’s cock, Heath affectionately stroked Michael’s hair and caressed his neck and shoulders. Both boys were very comfortable in their first real sexual adventure.

After a few more minutes, Heath was feeling his orgasm approaching and wondered where to shoot it. He was unsure if Michael would want to take it in his mouth, or have him release it into a paper towel. Deciding on the later, Heath grabbed a paper towel, planning to push Michael’s head off just before he shot his load and catching it in the paper towel.

Heath, down to seconds, “Michael! I’m gonna cum!” Heath tried to push Michael’s head off, but Michael’s mouth held onto Heath’s cock like glue.

Michael felt Heath’s cock start to pulse and prepared to take Heath’s sperm into his mouth. Michael received Heath’s healthy donation, wondering what to do with it. To swallow it or spit it out are the only options. Pulling off of Heath’s now deflating pecker, Michael couldn’t talk, with Heath’s cum in his mouth.

Heath quickly handed Michael a paper towel, and Michael spat out Heath’s boy juice, mixed with his own saliva, into it. Heath used another towel and squeezed those last few drops out from his now flaccid penis. Taking the saturated paper towel back from Michael he dropped both into the wastebasket beside the bed, and Michael slid back up on the bed, lying next to Heath.

Michael still had the rather pleasant aftertaste of Heath’s cum in his mouth, and quickly decided that Heath tasted good. He couldn’t really compare, having never tasted another boys’ sperm.
He had a question on his mind that he knew Heath couldn’t answer and had a strong desire to call his new friend Chance.

Heath, rolling onto his side and facing Michael, “Michael, that was simply awesome!” and gave Michael an affectionate kiss on his cheek. “How was it for you?”

“Exciting, and different,” Michael replied, “I can’t describe how great it felt to feel you shoot your stuff into my mouth! Thank you for helping me to get through my first time, and I hope we can still be friends.”

“Michael, our friendship is set in stone,” Heath replied, “if anything, I think our friendship will be even stronger! Just for the record, you can suck my dick anytime you please. I really did enjoy it, and I hope it wasn’t just a one-time experience.”

Michael felt somewhat relieved. Heath walked over and unlocked the door. Returning to bed he turned out the lamp, and, for the very first time, he wrapped his arms around Michael, cuddling closely with his friend, and the two boys soon fell asleep.

To be continued...............













Ahead in Chapter 13, Michael is spending the weekend with his close friend, Heath. On Saturday, the boys experiment with a little more oral sex, and on Saturday night Heath comes out to Michael and they discuss the possibility of becoming boyfriends. Thanks for reading my stories, and I hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. As always, COMMENTS, whether positive or negative are greatly appreciated. I luv you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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