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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 5,593 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 11. Chapter 11

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be descriptions of gay sexual activity in this chapter, and a lot of male nudity.

Chapter 11 picks up on Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day, and promises to be another fun chapter as a couple of real surprises occur on Sunday, including all six boys getting caught in all their naked glory and they have a chance to go skinny-dipping.

JC 11 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s Sunday morning, the day before Labor Day and the sun has come out strong, heating up the air well. With the slight breeze blowing, the boys were all very comfortable, dressed in nothing but socks and sneakers. The temperature was predicted to rise to nearly one hundred degrees today.

Chance had prepared sausage gravy for breakfast, saving the last of the bacon and eggs for Monday morning’s breakfast, and leaving one last tube of biscuits for tomorrow.

After breakfast, JC and Benny headed into the woods with a roll of toilet paper to answer nature’s call, and maybe have some sexual fun on that bed that nature had provided.

About 11:30 AM Chance fired up the charcoal grill, preparing to grill cheeseburgers for lunch today. Tonight, Chance and Diego were planning to grill the steaks to serve with baked potatoes and tossed salads for dinner. JC and Benny returned to the campsite shortly after Chance placed the burger patties on the grill. All six naked boys were just hanging around, waiting for lunch to be ready. Bobby and Jeff had really grown to enjoy this group nudity.
Just about the time that the burgers were ready, a strange voice was heard.

“It sure smells good around here!” Michael exclaimed, David at his side, and both boys grinning, viewing the obvious nudity of the campers. All six boys stood in shock, attempting to hide their nakedness with their hands.

“We have company!” Chance exclaimed, “I think we need to get some clothes on!” When Brian had visited their camp on a couple of previous occasions, they’d heard Brian’s jeep approaching and had a chance to dress before he arrived. Michael and David had arrived quietly on foot, and caught them totally by surprise.

“Relax, guys!” Michael remarked, “Do you think that we’ve never seen naked boys before? We see them all the time in the showers at school. We can’t stay long, Mom will be expecting us back soon for lunch. I’ll bet your lunch will taste better than what Mom will probably fix for us.”

“We’re just having cheeseburgers and potato salad,” Chance stated, “We have plenty, and I can throw more burgers on the grill if you boys would like to have lunch with us.” Michael and David glanced at each other, nodding.

“Let me call Mom and let her know that we’re having lunch with you guys,” Michael said, “and that we might hang around with you for a while, if it’s OK with you.” Michael pulled the cell out of his pocket, making the call. “She said it was OK,” he stated, smiling, and Chance threw two more burgers on the grill.

There was a shortage of chairs, and JC and Benny agreed to sit on the cooler, giving up their chairs for their guest’s. While enjoying lunch together, Michael unveiled the real reason for their visit.

“Guys,” Michael stated, “Mom and Dad are throwing a Labor Day cookout and pool party tomorrow. Dad suggested that we come up here and invite you boys to join us. We’ll have plenty of food, and lots of time to play in the new pool.”

“I think we’d feel like we were crashing a private family event,” Chance replied.

“Oh,” Michael answered, “It’s not just our family. Dad has invited a couple of the guys he works with, and their wives, and Randi has a couple of her girl friends coming, three or four of David’s friends and four of my closest friends are also coming. We’ll have a pool full of water lovers! You guys do swim, don’t you?”

“We do,” Chance replied, “and I told all of these guys to pack swimwear, and maybe we’d be able to check out the new pool.”

“Do you guys like to skinny dip?” Michael asked, totally surprising all of the boys.

“We’d like to do it,” Bobby stated, “but we don’t know of any place where we could do it.”

“I hardly think that your Dad and Mom would allow skinny dipping in your pool!” Chance remarked.

“That’s true,” Michael responded, “but there is a place, just the other side of the woods, not far from here where David and I have skinny dipped many times. We’d be happy to take you there.” The guys were all interested in finding this place.

“Just follow us,” Michael said, “no need to dress, ain’t nobody gonna see us.” Michael and David led the way into the woods, following the same trail that all of the boys were familiar with, then turned off the trail, through another part of the woods, all six of the boys following. Arriving at what seemed to be the other side of the woods was a small stream, and a man made dam.

Michael explained that his Dad had the dam built to capture the water from the stream, and make a watering hole for their cattle.

“It also made a good swimming hole,” Michael added. “David, shall we teach these boys how to skinny dip?”

“Sure,” David replied, grinning, and already starting to strip. Michael followed suit, and they laid their clothes on a log. Within two minutes, both boys were in the water, stark naked.

“Are you guys gonna join us,” Michael said, “or just stand there and watch us skinny dip?” That’s all it took for JC and Benny to sit on the log and remove their sneakers and socks, soon joining the younger boys in the water. The others soon followed, removing their shoes and socks, and also entering the waterhole.

At the deepest spots the water was just deep enough to cover Bobby and Jeff’s pubic hair when they stood up and the two jocks were the tallest of all the boys. It was deep enough to swim, but not deep enough for diving. The dam was about thirty feet long, and the boys could enjoy swimming across that width.

Although sexuality had not been mentioned, the six gay boys had to observe what Michael and David sported. Michael, at sixteen, had likely gone through puberty and sported close to five inches of flaccid boyhood while David, at fourteen was likely right in the middle of puberty and seemed to sport a constant erection about four inches long.

David, the youngest of all the boys, started ‘The Game’ when he reached down, a grin on his face, and cuffed at his brother’s flaccid pecker. Michael quickly returned the favor, cuffing at David’s stiff pecker, and David grinned.

Of all the boys, Diego is the only one that is uncut, and David took a curious interest in Diego’s pecker.

“Diego,” David asked, “How come your pecker looks different than any of the rest of us?”

“It’s because you all were circumcised at birth, and I wasn’t,” Diego answered.

“What’s circumcised?” David asked.

“David,” Diego explained, “circumcision is the removal of a boy’s foreskin, and most American parents have the foreskin cut off when baby boys are born. I’m Mexican, and in most Hispanic cultures, a baby boy’s foreskin is left intact, so I still have mine.”

“But, how do you pee, without a pee hole?” David asked.

“It’s easy,” Diego explained, demonstrating, “We just pull the foreskin back, like this, and Walla! There’s my pee hole.” David grinned, now having learned something new and unique.

“David,” Michael stated, “There are a couple of boys in my class that are uncircumcised, and I’ve watched them pull back that skin to pee, like Diego just showed you.”

Boys will be boys, and the game was on! For the next hour, the boys all alternated between swimming and playing grab ass or grab a pecker, all in fun, with nothing sexual in mind. As the swimming party ended, the boys all prepared to head back to the campsite.

“If I’d realized we’d actually be skinny dipping,” Chance stated, “I would have brought some towels so that we could dry off.”

“No sweat,” Michael stated, “we can use my tee shirt to dry our feet, so we can put on our socks and shoes. By the time we get back to your campsite, the sun and breeze will have dried our bodies.” After drying their feet, they all pulled on their socks and shoes. Michael and David grabbed their clothing and they all headed naked back toward the campsite.

Arriving at the campsite, Michael hung his damp tee shirt on the back of a chair in the sun to hopefully, dry it out a bit. For whatever reason, neither Michael nor David seemed in a rush to get dressed and both boys seemed totally at ease, hanging around naked with the older boys. Diego pulled bottles of cold water from the small cooler, and handed them out to all.

“I need to pee,” JC stated, rising from his chair to head to the edge of the campsite, and Michael followed him. The two boys formed golden arches, watching each other and grinning at each other. No, they didn’t hold each other’s boyhood, as JC and Benny would probably have done.

Michael, as the boys returned to the others, “So, are you boys going to join us tomorrow?”

“Do you guys want to partake of the party?” Chance asked.

“It sounds like a fun time,” Jeff replied, “and we’re not on a time line.” Bobby nodded in agreement, smiling.

“I think that would depend on the time frame,” Chance replied, “We need to break down camp and head back to Socorro by late afternoon, Diego is due at work at 8:00 AM Tuesday morning.”

“I’m not sure of the time,” Michael said, “let me call Mom and find out.” Michael reached into his short’s pocket and got his phone out, making the call and getting the details. “The pool party is planned to start at 2:00 PM, and dinner is planned for about 4:00 PM or a little after. I hope you guys have swimsuits, we can’t skinny dip in our pool—as much as we’d like to!”

“I guess we can just wear our swimsuits,” Chance replied, “and then just wear them home after the party.”

“No need for that,” Michael replied, “David’s and my room will be the boys changing room, and Randi’s room will be the girls changing room. You guys can just lay your outside clothes on our beds, and we’ll have plastic bags to put your wet swimsuits into before you leave.”

“Michael,” Chance stated, “please tell your parents thank you for inviting us to your party, and we’re all looking forward to a fun day with your family. I think your parents are pretty awesome and really friendly folks. We’ve gotten to know your Dad a little over the summer, and we really appreciate what he’s done for us.”

“I think Dad has taken a liking for you guys, and almost feels as if you’re part of our family. David and I like you guys a lot too.”

“Thank you for showing us that pool today,” Chance said, “I wish we’d known about that pool when we were here over the July Fourth weekend. We had a lot of fun, skinny dipping with you guys today.”

“No more fun than we also had,” Michael replied, “but we can’t tell our Dad what we did! He might not approve of it. It’s 3:00 PM and David and I need to get dressed and return to the house. I know we’ll look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow.” The two boys pulled on their clothes, and prepared to leave.

All six of the naked boys gave Michael and David sincere and loving hugs, which both boys seemed to enjoy, from the looks on their faces. While getting hugged, Michael gave both Bobby Jr. and Jeff Jr. a tender squeeze, finally getting a chance to touch those big peckers. Both of the big boys grinned, while Michael felt a growing bulge in his pants. Why did just touching those peckers cause him to get hard?

Waving goodbye, Michael and David took off on foot, heading home, and Michael’s erection soon disappeared. If David had noticed it, he’d had the discrepancy not to mention it. It wasn’t like David had never seen him with an erection, as both boys typically wake up with morning wood, and usually pee together.

Sharing the same bedroom with separate twin beds, his younger brother had caught him jacking off more than once, and Michael had to explain to David why boys do that. David bribed Michael, promising he wouldn’t say anything to Dad, if Michael would let him watch. David was fascinated to watch Michael cum.

After the brothers went home, the rest of them discussed the day’s events. They were all in agreement that today had been a really good day, and had totally enjoyed skinny dipping together, even with the young brothers joining them. They all had avoided kissing their partners in front of Michael and David, not wishing to expose their sexuality. They assumed that Brian thought they were straight, and didn’t wish to propagate a negative image.

“I think that Michael just might be gay,” Jeff commented.

“What makes you think that?” Chance asked.

“Well,” Jeff explained, “when the boys first showed up and caught us all naked, Michael told us not to worry about getting dressed. He seemed to be quite comfortable being around all of us naked guys. When we were skinny dipping, I caught him staring frequently at all of our cocks. Then, when we gave the boys goodbye hugs, he gave both Bobby’s and my cock a tender squeeze. Straight boys will never touch another boy’s cock.

“I think Jeff might be right,” JC added, “when we gave the boys those goodbye hugs, Michael put his face in front of mine, acting like he wanted to kiss me, on my lips, and I let him. Straight boys just don’t kiss other boys!”

About 4:00 PM, dinner on his mind, Chance fired up the charcoal grill, and lit the camp stove, placing the oven on top. He soon placed the eight remaining baking potatoes into the oven and got out the steaks, and seasoned them. Chance had special plans for the extra two potatoes. As they had done on the previous campout, Chance took care of the grilling, and Diego prepared six bowls of tossed salads, using the last of the lettuce, cucumber and tomatos.

About 5:30 dinner was ready, and the six boys enjoyed the meal of char-grilled steaks, baked potatoes and tossed salads. Who could ask for anything better!

After dinner, Chance and Diego cleaned up, and Chance carried the trash bag to the Pilot to keep Mr. Bear from getting to it, should he make another visit. By 7:30 the sun was slipping behind the horizon and cooler air was surrounding them. Chance and Diego were regretting they’d not gathered materials to have a campfire, and they’d neglected to pick up any marshmallows.

About 8:00 PM they all went to the edge of the campsite to pee before returning to the tent to slip into their nice warm sleeping bags, and cuddling together with their boyfriends. By 9:00 PM they were all asleep.

* * * * *

It was 8:00 AM on Monday, Labor Day, when Chance and Diego awakened, both men with morning wood and bladders about to burst. They quickly pulled on their socks and sneakers to brave the cool morning air and go out and relieve the pressure.

Diego playfully grabbed Chance’s manhood, Chance returning the favor. Both men grinned and snickered, while playing with each other’s pee streams, like a couple of playful teenagers. It was cool, and they quickly returned to the tent, donning fleecewear pants and hoodies.

Venturing back outside, Chance prepared the coffeepot while Diego fired up a burner on the camp stove and pulled out the two packages of cinnamon rolls, setting them on the table.

While waiting for the coffee to brew, they returned into the somewhat warmer tent and lay together on their sleeping bag, kissing, cuddling and enjoying their closeness. These two men have gone past the point of no return! Having developed unending and unconditional love for each other, they are destined to become loving husbands, perhaps in the not too distant future.

Having taken JC and Benny under their wings, Chance and Diego almost feel like Dad’s to the two boys. They are likely the closest to being Dad’s to JC, as JC’s birth father had met such an untimely and tragic death, leaving Anna to raise JC by herself. They really know little about Benny’s family, but care deeply for both boys.

Believing the coffee was ready, Chance and Diego became vertical, preparing to return outside to enjoy coffee together. The other four boys were still sleeping.

“Watch this,” Chance said, just above a whisper, with an evil grin on his face. “RISE AND SHINE, COFFEE IS READY!” he yelled, in his loudest voice. Eight eyes opened wide totally startled, and four bodies sat upright in their sleeping bags.

“Okay, Okay!” Bobby exclaimed, “We’re up!” As Bobby and Jeff became vertical, both of them with massive morning woodies.

“In more ways than one!” Jeff added, grinning, and giving his boyfriend’s erect cock a friendly cuff. JC and Benny were soon to follow, also with morning wood. The four boys pulled on socks and shoes and strolled out of the tent in single file, headed to the edge of the campsite to pee.

Bobby, as they approached Chance and Diego, “It’s fucking cold this morning!”

“You guys might want to put on something warmer than just your Birthday Suits,” Diego suggested. Between relieving their bladders and the morning coolness, all four boy’s peckers now were flaccid.

“No shit!” Jeff exclaimed, “It’s a wonder we didn’t pee yellow icicles. I think my poor cock is frozen!”

“I’ve got a way to thaw it out,” Bobby stated, smiling, “having a Popsicle for breakfast might be a pleasant change!” The guys all enjoyed a good laugh. Bobby, Jeff, JC and Benny all retreated to the tent to dig out some warmer duds.

Returning outside, it seemed too cool to sit around, and the boys all just stood around, eating cinnamon buns and sipping hot coffee.

“I think we’ve got a pretty full day ahead of us,” Chance stated. “I’m planning a later breakfast than usual, and maybe a little heavier than normal. Hopefully, these cinnamon buns will keep us from starving while we start to break down camp, and a bigger, later breakfast will hold us over until we can eat at Brian’s party this afternoon. If we have everything loaded before we head to Brian’s we can be ready to head home right after the cookout.”

“Maybe,” Diego suggested, “we should all dig out our swimming suits, and put them in this bag now, so we don’t need to be looking for them later. We don’t want them to get buried under all of the other stuff.” Diego went into the tent and retrieved his and Chance’s swimsuits from their shared bag, and the other boys all got theirs out, placing them in the bag. JC carried the bag to the Pilot, placing it on the passenger’s side floorboard.

Benny and JC rolled up all three sleeping bags, and carried them to the Pilot. Diego, with Bobby and Jeff’s assistance, lowered and folded up the tent. While the others were taking care of those things, Chance pulled the two baking potatoes from the cooler and sliced them up for home fries, and placed the remaining bacon into the large frying pan to fry.

Shortly before 11:00 AM Chance placed the last two cans of biscuits into the camp stove oven to bake. Transferring the bacon onto a sheet of foil, he placed it into the oven to keep it warm, placing the hot oven on the grill. He utilized the bacon grease in the large frying pan to fry the sliced potatoes, and placed the smaller frying pan on the other burner to fry the eggs, four at a time.

Chance and Diego had planned well, breakfast would use up the last of the bacon, biscuits and the last dozen eggs. Yesterday’s lunch had used up the last of the burgers and potato salad, thanks to the unexpected but enjoyable visit from Michael and David.

About 11:30 breakfast was served. The six boys sat at the table to enjoy their last meal together at the campsite. They filled up on the bacon, eggs, biscuits and the addition of the tasty homefries, which were really good, having been fried in the bacon grease, and delicately seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper.

After breakfast, Chance used the last of the water from the blue jug to wash and rinse the pans and utensils, and wiped down the table. After folding up the camp stove, table and chairs, and loading them all into the Pilot, all that remained was the grill and their luggage. Bobby and Jeff emptied the ashes from the grill onto the area where Chance and Diego had previously had the campfire over the July Fourth campout.

The sun was strong and the temperature rising, already way too warm for sweatpants and hoodies. The boys all reverted to more casual and normal attire, their birthday suits! Bobby and Jeff, both needing to answer Nature’s Call, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and headed into the woods.

When they returned, they found the other four now dressed in tee-shirts and shorts. Digging into their bag, Bobby and Jeff donned clean underwear, tee-shirts and shorts. Placing their luggage into the Pilot, they were ready to go to Brian’s, as it was now 1:40 PM.

It was no more than ten minutes from their campsite to Brian’s driveway. Parking the Pilot, they were not even out of the Pilot before Michael, David and Randi, the unofficial welcoming committee ran up to them, already wearing swimsuits. Randi quickly threw her arms around Chance, giving him a hug. Chance lifted her up into his arms, and she quickly gave chance a kiss on his cheek. The other boys all gave Michael and David warm and loving hugs.

“If you guys have your swimsuits,” Michael stated, “I’ll take you to the boys’ changing room.” Diego had the bag containing all of their swimsuits, and Michael led them into the house through the front door. Leading them to his bedroom, Michael opened the door, inviting them inside, and exposing two boys that appeared to be about the same age as Michael, stark naked, and in the midst of changing.

Michael, ignoring the fact that the boys were naked, “Guys, these are two of my closest friends, (pointing) Marvin, and Heath. Guys, these are the cool dudes that have been camping out on our ranch. This is (pointing) Chance, Diego, Bobby, Jeff, Benny and JC. The six boys offered their hands, and Marvin and Heath shook them in friendship. After JC shook hands with Marvin, he accidentally-on purpose dropped his hand down, bumping the back of his hand across the head of Marvin’s semi-hard pecker, and Marvin grinned, showing no offense. Introduction’s now completed, Michael left the room.

Diego pulled their swimsuits out of the bag and the boys all started to strip, lining their sneakers and socks along the wall with the others, and laying their clothes on one of the beds. For whatever reason, Marvin and Heath seemed in no rush to pull on their swimsuits, and for a couple of minutes all eight boys were naked, and viewing each other’s anatomy.

Finally, they all had pulled on their swimsuits and headed out through the back door to the pool. Most of the boys, including Bobby and Jeff wore tight fitting, bikini type swimsuits, and the two jocks were unable to hide the bulges created by their rather large boyhood’s.

With the mixture of girls, boys, and adults, the desired fun of boys just being boys together was hindered, and there was little fun, such as the fun the boys had enjoyed yesterday, skinny dipping.

After about a dozen dives, and nearly an hour of swimming, Chance took a break, sitting on a bench next to the railing, and was soon joined by Michael, sitting down next to him.

Chance, putting his arm around Michael’s shoulder and drawing him close, “How’s it going buddy?”

“OK, I think,” Michael answered, “Chance, can we talk, about something kinda personal?”

“Sure, Michael,” Chance replied, “What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t want to talk about it here,” Michael stated, “Can we go someplace to talk, just you and me? I trust you Chance, and I think that you may be able to give me some good advice.”

“Where would you like to go?” Chance asked.

“How about the shop,” Michael replied, “I can tell Dad that I’m going to show you the shop, but I need to get the key.”

“I’ll wait here for you, do we need our shoes?” Chance asked.

“Nope,” Michael replied, “It’s a sidewalk from here to the shop, and we keep the floor swept and clean.” Michael approached Brian, telling him he was going to show the shop to Chance. Brian returned inside the house, retrieving the key, and handed it to Michael. Brian is proud of their shop and pleased that Michael wants to show it off.

Returning to Chance, Michael informed him that they had built these benches and the other pool chairs in the shop. Michael led the way and Chance followed him, wondering what was on Michael’s mind. Chance is fearing the worst. Has Michael or his Dad figured out that they are all gay?

Michael unlocked the side door, and Chance followed him inside.

“OK Michael, what do you want to talk about?” Chance asked.

“Chance, please don’t tell Dad about our talk, I need to know something kinda personal, before I can go further. Are some of you guys—like—gay?” Chance chuckled.

“Michael, I won’t lie to you,” Chance responded, somewhat apprehensive. “We’re all gay, but we’ve tried to hide it, especially from your Dad. We’re afraid that if he knew we were gay, he wouldn’t let us camp out on his ranch anymore.”

“Dad already thinks you guys are gay, but he’s not a homophobe.” Michael stated. “When you were here over July Fourth, he noticed that there were four of you, but only two sleeping bags, and he put two and two together. He said that straight boys wouldn’t be willing to sleep with another boy. I know he still likes you guys, or he wouldn’t have invited you to our party today.”

“That’s good to know,” Chance replied, “but we still don’t wish to flaunt our sexuality in front of others.”

“So,” Michael asked, “are you just gay friends, or are you boyfriends?”

“Bobby and Jeff have been boyfriends since football season last year,” Chance explained, “Diego and I are in love, and have plans to marry in the not too distant future, and JC and Benny have now admitted to being boyfriends. So I guess we’re just three gay couples that have become very close friends.” Michael smiled.

“That’s pretty cool! I have a problem,” Michael stated, “and I don’t really have anyone I can talk with about it. I feel that maybe I can talk with you and you can maybe give me some good advice.”

“You’ve taken the first step,” Chance said, “accepting that you have a problem! Before we can come up with a solution, we both have to know and understand what the problem is.”

“Chance,” Michael replied, looking down, “I think I’m gay, and I don’t have any idea what I should do about it.”

“Oh, shit!” Chance exclaimed, whispering. “What makes you think you’re gay?”

“Several things,” Michael answered, “I’ll be a senior when I go back to school in a few days. Most all of the other boys either have a girlfriend, or they’re trying to get one. All they talk about is girls, girls, girls, and which girls have nice titties or a hot pussy. I don’t even want a girlfriend, I want a boyfriend!”

“What else?” Chance inquired.

“Well, the best thing about gym class, is getting to shower with the other boys. I feel like I want to kiss three or four of the cute ones, and several of them have really nice dicks, that I would like to touch, but I don’t dare. Sometimes, when I look at their dicks, I get a hardon, and a couple of the other boys have accused me of being queer, or a faggot. Maybe I am.”

“Those are derogatory words,” Chance stated. “School kids can be pretty mean, especially the boys. I know, I’ve been there, many years ago. One time, back in high school, when I was showering with the other boys, I touched one of the boys’ cocks, and he punched me in the face. Fortunately, there was no serious damage, but I never tried it again.”

“So what should I do,” Michael asked, “if I think I’m gay?”

“I’m not sure, Michael,” Chance replied, “Have you discussed your sexual feelings with your Dad?”

“HELL NO!” Michael exclaimed. “I don’t know how he would handle finding out that his son is gay. I’ve heard some stories about some parents kicking their children out of the house, just because they were gay!”

“Michael,” Chance explained, “our sexuality is decided soon after we’re conceived, and growing into babies in our mother’s belly. Those of us that are gay are born that way, and there is no fix to being gay. We either are gay, or were not. Have you ever had a sexual experience with another boy?”

“You met my friend, Marvin,” Michael stated, “I’ve spent three or four nights sleeping over with him at his house, and we jacked off together. That’s about it. I so wanted to kiss him, but I didn’t dare, afraid I might lose his friendship.”

“That’s not too serious,” Chance replied, “all teenage boys jack off, and doing it with a friend is pretty normal. That doesn’t mean that either one of you are gay.”

“What if I wanted to take another boy’s pecker into my mouth, and suck on it?” Michael asked.

“Now THAT would be gay!” Chance remarked, “Have you ever done that?”

“Not yet, but I’ve seen a few boys that I would like to try it with,” Michael replied, grinning, “I think it would be fun.” Chance grinned, knowing first hand just how much fun it can be, especially when that boy tastes as good as Diego!

“I think our chat has come to an end,” Chance stated, “from what you’ve confided in me, I believe that you are, indeed, gay. You need to play it smart, and try to keep your sexuality under wraps. There are a lot of boys out there, especially in high school, that have a strong dislike for gay boys, and might bully you. You’re a nice kid, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“What do you think my Mom and Dad would do, if I was to tell them that I’m gay?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know them well enough to second guess them,” Chance replied, “I was fortunate enough to have parents that accepted my sexuality and even sent me to college.” Then, grinning, “And boy, did I have some fun in college with some of the other boys! I wouldn’t be in a rush to come out. You’ve still got another full year of high school, and I think you’ll know when the time is right to come out.”

“Chance, this protective armor I wear is too heavy!” Michael stated, “I want to shed it, and let the real Michael Foxworth, the gay one, escape, and be myself.”

“Michael,” Chance said, “If and when you decide to come out is your decision. I would hope that your parents would accept your sexuality, but if things go south, I want you to have my phone number. I would make certain that you have a roof over your head and a safe environment in which to live.”

“Chance,” Michael replied, “Thank you so much for talking with me today, I feel a lot better. I love you Chance, like a big brother.
I think you just may be the best friend I’ve ever had.” Chance wrapped his arms around Michael, giving him an affectionate and warm hug, Michael also hugging Chance, and turning his head upward and kissing Chance’s lips. Michael is most definitely gay.

The two boys left the shop and returned to the swimming pool, both of them diving in and joining another eight or ten swimmers. Unlike the skinny dipping pool, this one is deep enough to dive in.

To be continued..............


Chapter 12 will pick up with the BBQ dinner portion of the Labor Day Pool Party, an additional celebration of Michael’s Seventeenth Birthday and a surprising and shocking announcement by Michael.
























Chapter 12 will pick up with the BBQ dinner portion of the Labor Day Pool Party, an additional celebration of Michael’s Seventeenth Birthday and a surprising and shocking announcement by Michael.

Thank you guys for reading my stories. Like a broken record, Please don't forget to leave your comments comments comments comments whether positive or negative, I 💓 comments! And I love you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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