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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 5,524 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 9. Chapter 9

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There may be descriptions of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

In Chapter 9, Chance and Diego will be taking Benny and JC to the Cactus Club for Teen Night. JC will be in for a surprise when he runs across two former classmates that he never knew were gay.

* * * * *

JC 9 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s Wednesday, July the 11th and the day that Chance and Diego had promised Benny and JC they would take them to the Cactus Club for Teen Night. Benny had requested off from OG that night, and come to JC’s place, dressed to party, and spent a couple of hours with JC. Diego returned home from work at 5:30 as usual and quickly showered and dressed in casual clothes.

They all planned to leave for the Cactus Club soon after 6:00 PM. Anna was prepared to have Benny as an overnight guest when the boys returned, sometime after 11:00 PM. Benny and JC were very excited, soon to experience their first visit to a gay bar. Neither Anna nor Chance had prepared dinner, as the boys were planning to have dinner together at the Cactus Club.

About 6:20 the four boys entered the front door, greeted by a man collecting the $2.00 cover charges. Chance, a bit apprehensive, forked over the $8.00, and asked if he and Diego were still welcome, as neither of them were still Teens.

“Of course,” the man replied, grinning, “the dining room is still open to all until 8:00 PM. You two can pretend, for the night, that you are still teenagers, and get down with the rest of the teens. Just be aware that no alcohol is served on Teen Night, and we close at 11:00 PM so as not to keep these teens out too late.”

Chance and Diego guided the younger boys to a table in the dining area, and they all enjoyed dinners together, Diego picking up the tab for all of them. There were four other tables of older, quite obviously gay and lesbian couples dining.

On Teen Night, the Cactus Club supplies bottomless glasses of soft drinks at no additional charge and the DJ starts spinning the music at 7:00 PM. JC and Benny quickly joined several other gay teen couples on the dance floor, getting down to the groove.

The DJ then slowed things down with a slow tune, and most of the teens corresponded to the slower music, holding each other tightly and swaying to the music. Chance and Diego, feeling a just a bit out of place, surrounded by all these teens, migrated to the dance floor, and also swayed to the music. A couple of the teen couples pointed and grinned, seeing this older couple dancing with them.

When Chance and Diego dance closely together, they have a tendency to both develop bulges in their crotch areas and wondered if any of these gay teenaged boys had that same effect on each other. This curiosity would soon be answered.

When that slow dance ended, Chance and Diego returned to their table, and a minute later Benny and JC joined them, both boys having a hand stuffed into their jeans, adjusting themselves! Chance and Diego glanced at each other, grinning, curiosity satisfied, but no mention made of it. They all took a break and sipped on their soft drinks. Just a couple of minutes later two husky Caucasian boys approached their table, staring at JC.

“JC?” One of them asked.

“Yeah,” JC replied, apprehensively.

“JC,” the other asked, “Don’t you remember us? Bobby Brown, and (pointing to the other boy) Jeff Kelly. We had some classes with you in our junior year, and then you just disappeared, and we never saw you again.”

“I kinda remember your faces,” JC said, “you guys were jocks, and I didn’t hang around with any of the jocks. I think you were both on the football team. Are you guys aware that this is a gay bar?”

“Of course we’re aware of that,” Jeff stated, “why do you think we like to come here on Teen Night?”

“But you guys are jocks,” JC replied, “and all the girls wanted to date you.”

“JC,” Bobby countered, “Just because we enjoyed playing football didn’t mean we had to be straight! Half of the fun of playing High School Football was to be able to shower with the other guys, and view their naked bodies!” Jeff grinned, as did Chance, Diego and Benny. “Are you going to introduce us to your friends?”

“Sure, Bobby,” JC said, “These are my next door neighbors, Chance Watson, and Diego Estrada, and this is my best and closest friend, Benny Smith.” Chance, Diego and Benny all stood and shared handshakes with Bobby and Jeff.

Jeff, grinning, “Best friend or Boyfriend?”

“We haven’t put a label on our relationship yet,” Benny stated, “but I think we are boyfriends. And what is you guys status?”

“It was pretty wild, how we got together.” Bobby said. “During our senior year of football season, Jeff and I were the last two boys still in the shower after a Friday night game. We were still enjoying our showers while most of the other boys had dried, dressed and left the locker room. I had an insatiable and uncontrollable desire to kiss Jeff. Wrapping my arms around him, my lips touched his. I expected Jeff to shrink back away from me, but instead, his tongue slid into my mouth and we shared our first passionate French kiss.”

“We also made each other’s peckers become totally stiff and hard,” Jeff stated, grinning. “We were glad that all of the other boys had left, not wishing for any of them to catch us with boners. That was the night we discovered that we had something in common besides our love for football!"

“We finished drying and got dressed,” Bobby continued, “and I asked Jeff if he’d like to spend the night with me, at my home. I knew that my parents wouldn’t have an issue with us sharing my bed for a night, and were aware of us being close friends and teammates on the football team. He accepted, and we slept together for the first time.”

“Did you do anything together that night?” JC asked. Bobby and Jeff glanced at each other, grinning.

“We don’t kiss and tell,” Bobby answered, grinning, while the DJ put on another slow song.

“Benny,” Bobby asked, “would it be okay if I borrow your boyfriend for a slow dance?” Benny nodded an affirmative, and Bobby led JC onto the floor. Instinctively, Jeff and Benny also headed onto the floor together, followed by Chance and Diego. All six boys, grinding against each other’s pelvises, soon grew spontaneous and undesired erections, which they tried to ignore.

Chance and Diego were accustomed to their own body’s reactions when they danced like this, but the reaction caught the teens off guard. All four of the teens became aware of their own, as well as their partner’s erections. The slow dance ended and they all returned to the table, all six boys with a noticeable bulge in their trousers. Diego got two more chairs from another table so that Bobby and Jeff could join them and have a place to sit.

“I’ve got a complaint,” Bobby stated, “JC, you made me get hard while we were dancing, and I wasn’t even thinking about anything sexy, and we weren’t even kissing!”

“No, you did that to me, Bobby,” JC replied, grinning, “and I’m still hard!”

“Chill, guys,” Chance stated, “When two boys slow dance together we tend to sometimes grind against each other, causing an arousal. It’s a perfectly normal reaction, and it even happens between Diego and me, see.” Chance stood up, his own boner still quite noticeable from dancing with Diego, just to prove his point. The boys all glanced at Chances bulge, and grinned.

“So JC,” Bobby asked, “When you left our school, did you go to another school?”

“No,” JC replied. “After I turned sixteen, in May of our junior year, some of the other students figured out that I might be gay, and started to bully me. The easiest way to get away from the bullying was just to drop out of school.”

“I wish we’d known that, JC,” Bobby stated, remorsefully, “Jeff and I are both pretty rugged boys, and not often challenged. Hell, back then we hadn’t even discovered our own sexuality’s, but I know we would have protected you, and set those bullies straight!”

“It’s a shame that you let them bully you until you quit school,” Jeff stated, “do you plan to go back and finish school?”

“No,” JC responded, “Chance bought me a computer and got me hooked up to the Internet. I’m currently studying online to get my GED High School equivalent.”

“Cool!” Bobby said, “After that night in the shower when we both realized we were gay, we became very close friends. Some of the other students somehow realized we were closer than just friends, and we sometimes overheard snide remarks behind our backs.”

“As Bobby mentioned,” Jeff added, “we are both pretty well muscled jocks, and nobody ever dared to bully us! We were always together, and bullying one of us meant they would be facing both of us!” All four of the other boys grinned.

“We managed to make it through to Graduation last month,” Bobby stated, “I only wish that you could have shared that stage with us to get your Diploma.”

While taking a break from dancing, JC and Benny told Bobby and Jeff about our campout over the July Fourth weekend—in detail! When JC told them about us all spending the weekend together, naked for the most part, both Bobby and Jeff grinned widely.

“It sounds like you guys had a really fantastic experience,” Jeff stated, “I wish we could have been there with you!”

Chance looked at Diego, as if to ask his opinion.

“Go ahead Baby,” Diego said, “The more the merrier!”

“Guys,” Chance stated, “We’re planning another camp out over the Labor Day Weekend. Maybe you two would like to go with us?”

“Are you serious, Chance?” Bobby asked. “You would consider taking Jeff and me with you?”

“That’d be awesome, Chance,” JC quickly added. JC has taken a liking to Bobby and Jeff, as have Benny, Chance and Diego.

“If I wasn’t serious,” Chance replied, “I would not have suggested it.”

“We’d probably need to pick up sleeping bags,” Jeff said.

“Benny and I both got the two-man sleeping bags at the Outdoor Store, for about half again the cost of single sleepers. I have a feeling that you two would be quite comfortable sharing a double sleeping bag together!” Bobby and Jeff shared a grin, and agreed.

“If we rent the same tent that we did for the Fourth,” Chance said, “I know we can fit another two-man sleeper in it, but we’ll be mighty cozy with six guys!”

“Will the park charge extra for two more campers?” Jeff asked.

“We don’t camp in a park,” Chance said, “Brian Foxworthy has given us permission to camp out on his ranch land. It’s like wilderness with no one else around.”

“That’s how we can get away with running around naked,” JC stated, grinning, “There’s no one around to see us!” Bobby and Jeff liked that idea. The only times they’ve ever been naked around other naked boys was in the locker room at school. This will be different, and fun.

“With the exception of the extra sleeping bag,” Diego stated, “we have all the needed camping equipment, and we’ll cover the tent rental. Would you guys be willing to chip in, say about $25 each to cover the extra food we’ll need?”

“$25 is a cheap price to pay for the fun we anticipate having,” Jeff said, “I guess Bobby and I now have plans for Labor Day! We really appreciate you asking us to camp out with you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Chance replied, “we sense that you boys care for JC much the same as Diego and I do. I expect that we’ll be spending a gay weekend together.” (Bobby and Jeff grinned at Chance’s selection of wording) “We still have about six weeks to finalize plans. We all need to exchange phone numbers so we can stay in touch.” Chance quickly gave Bobby and Jeff his number, and saved theirs in return.

“If either of you boys have jobs,” Diego stated, “you may want to give them notice about that weekend. You’ll need the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September off.”

“We’re both looking for jobs,” Bobby replied, “but nothing yet. We want to share our own apartment, for obvious reasons. Neither of us have come out to our families yet, and we’re quite restricted on what we can do together when we’ve occasionally slept over together at my parent’s house.”

Chance, grinning, “We’re not your parents, and I promise that when we do that camp out, you won’t be restricted!” Bobby and Jeff glanced at each other and grinned.

It was now after 10:00 PM and Teen Night would soon be over. The DJ cranked up another up-tempo number and Chance and Diego headed back onto the dance floor, leaving the four younger boys alone.

“JC,” Bobby spoke, “I know that you stated that you had never hung out with any of the jocks back in school, but there are a couple of jocks that would be very happy to hang out with you and Benny, if you would like to be friends with us.” Benny and JC glanced at each other, both boys smiling.

“Can we assume those smiles mean a ‘yes’?” Jeff asked. Benny and JC both nodded. “Let’s seal this contract appropriately!” Jeff leaned over in front of Benny, and Bobby’s lips met JC’s, and the four boys shared lip kisses and hugs, sealing the contract. Immediately afterwards, they all swapped phone numbers.

“I think we need to Double-Date some night,” Bobby suggested.

“And do what?” Jeff asked.

“I don’t know,” Bobby replied, “maybe we could take in a movie, or go bowling, or maybe check out that new miniature golf course that opened this spring.” The boys made two decisions. They would double-date, and they would do it on Monday night, as it was Benny’s only night off from work next week. None of the other boys had a job to get in the way.

At 10:55 the DJ played the last song, a slow ballad, and all six boys were swaying on the dance floor. Many of the younger teens were leaving, some of them had parents picking them up out front. Chance and Diego were somewhat surprised at the ages of some of these kids. About 10 or 12 of them appeared to be as young as 12 to 14 and apparently already aware of their sexual orientations, and totally pleased and preferring to dance with others of the same sex. A few of these youngsters even sneaked lip kisses while dancing.

As the music faded, the DJ made his announcement. “Thank you everyone for joining us here at the Cactus Club for another Teen Night and we hope that everyone had an enjoyable evening. A few months ago, we here at the Cactus Club went out on a limb and decided to create a Teen Night.”

“We knew there were a number of Special Teens in the area that really had no safe and alcohol free place to hang out and meet up with other like minded teenagers. Believe me, you boys and girls are special, we love you and care about you. One thing we know for certain is that no one walks out of here on Wednesday nights intoxicated, but if you do drive, please drive safely. Good night everybody, and we hope to see you again next week.”

The group of six walked out to the parking lot together. While JC and Benny climbed into the back seat of the Pilot, Diego and Chance gave Bobby and Jeff affectionate goodnight hugs, and the later two then headed to Bobby’s car.

JC, on the way home, “What did you guys think of Bobby and Jeff?”

“They seem like exceptionally nice young men,” Chance replied, “but I didn’t really get to know them in the short time that we were together tonight.”

“My first impression,” Diego said, “was very positive. I’m sure we’ll get to know them a lot better when we all camp out together. I’m happy that they wanted to go with us.”

“They really surprised me tonight,” JC stated, “I never knew, until tonight, that they were even gay, and then they surprised me again when they asked us if we wanted to be friends with them.”

“They even asked us to double-date with them,” Benny said, “and we’re planning to do something together Monday evening.”

“That’s cool,” Chance stated, smiling, “You guys are starting to build a social network. It’s nice to have gay friends that aren’t just looking for sexual contacts. I have a gut feeling that those boys are quite satisfied with their own sexual relationship and just want to expand their social life with other like-minded boys. I’ve never really had any gay friends, just a few one-night stands just for sex. That was, until I met MY boy, the one I fell in love with!” Diego grinned, happy to be Chance’s ‘boy’.

Returning to Chance and Diego’s home, Diego fixed a blender of Mexican Hot Cocoa and the four enjoyed cups of it together. Benny and JC headed to JC’s side of the house to sleep together, and Chance and Diego soon went to bed.

* * * * *

On Friday afternoon, August 24th, Diego came home from work, and Chance met him at his car, as usual, to welcome him home with a loving kiss and hug. Entering the kitchen, Diego’s appetite skyrocketed, smelling the aroma of Chances culinary skills. Diego washed his hands and Chance served up their dinner, and they ate. Diego has quickly adapted to the pleasure of coming home from work and enjoying a tasty, home cooked meal. Sometimes Chance surprises him with a Mexican dinner as he is gradually learning to cook Mexican cuisine, and getting quite accomplished at it.

After dinner, Chance stripped Diego of his work clothes, and stripped himself, preparing to give Diego his bath. Chance enjoys bathing his boy just as much as Diego enjoys receiving it. After getting dried, they rarely get dressed, unless planning to go out somewhere. While Chance tacked the dishes, Diego loaded the washer with soiled clothes and started the wash cycle. Diego tries his best to help Chance with the domestic chores.

About 6:30 PM Chances phone rang. Looking at the screen, it was Bobby. “Hi Bobby,” Chance answered.

“Chance,” Bobby answered, “Jeff and I have the money to pitch in for the groceries for the camp out. We’d be glad to come by your place and drop it off, if you give me the address.” Chance had a sudden thought.

“Do you guys have plans for tonight?” Chance asked.

“Not really, aside from bringing you that money,” Bobby replied, “why?”

Do you guys like gay movies?” Chance asked.

“You mean like gay porn?” Bobby inquired.

“No,” Chance answered, “these aren’t porn, they’re mostly drama, but with a gay theme. Have you seen ‘Brokeback Mountain’?”

“We went to see that, when it was playing at the cinema,” Bobby said, “and they wouldn’t let us in because we were still just sixteen. They said we had to be at least eighteen to see it. Do you have it?”

“We do,” Chance replied, “When you bring the food money over, we’ll be happy to have you guys watch it with us.”

Bobby, excited, “Give me your address so I can put it in the GPS and we’ll be on our way!” Chance gave Bobby their address.

“See you soon,” Bobby said, “Bye.” And he hung up. Chance told Diego that Bobby and Jeff were on their way to their home to watch ‘Brokeback Mountain’ with them.

Diego, grinning, “Shall we give them an introduction to our group nudity?”

“Why not,” Chance replied, with a smile on his face. Chance and Diego decided not to get dressed.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the front door. Chance cautiously looked through the eyeglass and viewed Bobby and Jeff standing at their doorway.

Chance, opening the door, “Come on in guys, and welcome to our home.” The boys stepped in, and both of their mouths fell open, seeing both Chance and Diego in their naked glory.

“You guys are naked!” Bobby exclaimed, obviously shocked.

“It’s a pretty common practice in this household,” Chance responded, “we like to hang around au natural. If our nudity bothers you, we can put something on.”

“I think,” Jeff said, “that we’d be quite comfortable if we were dressed, or undressed, like you two are.”

“Be our guest,” Chance replied. Bobby and Jeff glanced at each other and simultaneously started to strip, dropping their clothes on the floor. They also both became semi-erect. Chance and Diego gave the boys a welcome hug, and their peckers touched the two younger boys now fully erect and attractive boyhood’s. Chance reached down and gave Bobby Junior a tender squeeze and Diego gave the same to Jeff Junior. Both boys grinned, and returned the favor. The two boy’s initial shock had turned into pleasure and they both now felt quite comfortable with Chance and Diego.

“This is so much better than back in school,” Bobby commented, “being on the football team we had a zillion chances to see the other boys dicks while showering or changing, but we never had the balls to reach out and touch one.”

“True that,” Jeff added, “touching another boys pecker in school would have been social suicide! I sure did desire to fondle some of them, though!” Chance and Diego grinned, having both felt that desire, and feeling it now!

“You two have nothing to be ashamed of,” Chance stated, “you both sport really nice and attractive cocks! You’re both bigger than either one of us. I can see at least one attraction that you guys have for each other!” Chance accepted the fact that Bobby has at least two inches on Diego, and a larger diameter, but Diego is a very comfortable mouthful and he totally loves Diego’s foreskin. “May I touch you?” Chance asked Bobby.

Bobby, grinning, “Whatever cranks your engine, go ahead and feel me up!” Chance took the opportunity to hold that big cock in his hand, Bobby’s pee slit drooling precum. Using his precum as lube, Chance slowly stroked that big cock. Glancing up into Bobby’s face, Bobby had a happy smile.

Bobby, after about three minutes, “Chance, that feels great, but you need to stop. I don’t want to shoot my load, not now! I’m saving it for later!” Just a couple of feet away, Jeff was fascinated with Diego’s cock.

“Wow!” Jeff exclaimed, “you’re uncut!”

“Circumcision is not often performed in Hispanic Culture,” Diego explained, “unlike how Americans usually do it. I was born here to Mexican Parents, and they elected to leave me with my foreskin, following our tradition.”

“It’s tough, being Hispanic and gay, especially when a boy likes oral sex the way that I do, both ways. Many of my earlier hookups were one-sided, because so many boys were reluctant to take my uncut penis into their mouth. And then I met Chance! Early on, in our relationship, I offered to get circumcised for his benefit, and he forbid me to do it. He said that my uncut cock was just one of the many things he loved about me.”

While Diego told his tale to Jeff, his hand was fondling and stroking Jeff’s big pecker. Diego was enjoying handling that big cock, but Jeff was approaching orgasm and pushed Diego’s hand off, giving the same reason that Bobby gave to Chance.

It was movie time, and while Diego fired up the DVD player and pushed in the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ DVD, Chance got them all drinks from the fridge. Bobby and Jeff cuddled closely on one end of the sofa and Chance and Diego on the opposite end. The four were like sardines in a can, their naked bodies all touching.

Just as the movie was starting, JC and Benny barged in through the back door and entered the living room (They never knock).

“You guys are just in time to watch ‘Brokeback Mountain’ with us,” Chance stated. The two smaller boys, noting the four naked boys sitting on the sofa, instinctively returned to the kitchen and got comfortable, dropping their clothes on the dryer. After helping themselves to sodas from the fridge, they returned to the living room. Even though Benny is 20 and JC is 18, they are both smaller in size than either Chance or Diego, and considerably smaller than Bobby and Jeff.

With no room left on the sofa, JC and Benny sat on the floor between Bobby’s and Jeff’s knees and calves, their backs against the front of the sofa. Bobby and Jeff both spread their legs a bit to give the boys room to sit. Both Benny and JC used the bigger boys’ thighs as arm rests, neither of them objecting. JC was sitting between Bobby’s legs and Benny between Jeff’s. If either of them laid their head back, they’d be using a big flaccid cock as a pillow.

About a half-hour into the movie, JC playfully slid his arm across two thighs and lightly wrapped his fingers around Jeff Junior while looking up into Jeff’s face to see the reaction. The reaction he got was a wide grin on Jeff’s face, and a growing stiffening of Jeff Jr. What else would be expected when another boy is playing with your pecker?

The movie ended and they all became vertical. Bobby and Jeff asked to use the bathroom and Diego told them it was right behind the kitchen. While Bobby and Jeff shared a pee in the toilet, Benny and JC, not wishing to wait, stepped naked out onto the back porch and watered the grass. Returning, JC and Benny redressed preparing to go to JC’s side of the house to sleep.

Bobby and Jeff, both still naked, gave the smaller boys affectionate hugs, and they all agreed to see each other Monday night for their double date. Bobby told the boys to sleep tight.

“We always sleep tight,” JC replied, snickering, “as tight together as we can!” Benny and JC headed out.

The big boys returned to the living room and dressed, also getting prepared to leave.

“I’m sure glad that we ran into you guys at the club Wednesday night,” Bobby stated, “we had wondered whatever happened to JC after he disappeared from school. We never had gotten very close to JC back in school, because he was strongly suspected of being gay, and we were afraid of being pegged as gay by association. During our senior year, many of the students were aware that Jeff and I were close friends, but being jocks, most didn’t realize that we were in a relationship. We never had the balls to come out to any of them as a gay couple, or even being gay. Now that we have graduated, we don’t really care anymore, and we can be more open about our relationship.”

“Except for our parents!” Jeff remarked. “Neither one of us has been able to come out to our parents, yet. We don’t know how they will react. We’re both still living with them, and we’re trying to get jobs so that we can afford to share our own two bedroom apartment, like you two do.”

“Do you really need a two bedroom place?” Chance asked.

“Don’t two guys need two bedrooms?” Bobby asked.

“Come here guys,” Chance replied, “and check out our bedrooms.” Chance led the boys and opened the door to the first bedroom. “Here is our bedroom, where Diego and I sleep, and play! And here,” opening the door to the second ‘bedroom’ “we’ve converted this bedroom into an office. There is JC’s computer and over there is my desk and computer.”

“This is where JC and I do our work,” Chance explained, “I’m a freelance writer, and I write articles for several publications. That’s how I earn my money. JC is studying online to get his GED. Both computers are connected to the Internet, and we share the printer. We often work here together,” then grinning, “usually naked!” Both Bobby and Jeff grinned at the last two words.

“Gosh, I wish Bobby and I could live here with you,” Jeff commented. “I think we could easily get into this group nudity thing, it was really fun, hanging around naked with you guys tonight. Thank you for inviting us to watch that movie with you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Diego stated, “It was our pleasure to entertain you guys tonight. We have more movies of that genre and we’d welcome you back some other night to do it again.”

“Guys,” Chance stated, “JC told us that you have asked Benny and him to be your friends. Diego and I have taken a liking to you, and I would hope that you might also want Diego and me to be your friends, if you don’t mind having a couple of old farts as friends.”

“You’re not THAT old!” Bobby exclaimed. “We’ve enjoyed every minute that we’ve spent with you, all of you. I loved watching you guys get down with all those teens at the club. You’re both still young at heart.”

“I feel like you’ve become family,” Jeff stated, “our loving gay family!” That’s all it took to get warm and loving hugs from both Chance and Diego. Chance and Diego have really grown to like these two young men, a lot.

Just before leaving, both boys pulled out $25 each and handed it to Chance, their contribution to the grocery fund for the campout.

“Thanks, guys,” Chance said, “We’ll be picking up the tent Friday evening and getting the food for the campout. We’ll need to load what we can on Friday night, and try to leave by around 8:00 AM on Saturday morning.”

“Wow! That’s kinda early for us,” Bobby stated, “maybe if we stay at my house Friday night, my old man can wake us up early. My folks know we’re going camping this weekend.”

“Wait,” Diego said, “did you guys get your sleeping bag?

“Yeah, we picked it up Thursday,” Bobby replied, “it’s in my trunk.”
“We don’t have a spare bed,” Chance stated, “but if you guys don’t mind sleeping on the floor Friday night, you can roll it out on the office floor and get it initiated and you’ll already be here Saturday morning. We’ll have a decent breakfast here, finish loading the Pilot and take off.”

“What all should we pack to take with us?” Bobby asked.

Diego, grinning, “If you guys dress like we DON’T while at the campsite, you won’t need many clothes! Probably one change, and maybe a pair of fleecewear pants and a hoodie, in case the weather cools.”

“And if you guys like to swim, pack swimwear,” Chance added.

“There’s a pool where we are camping?” Jeff asked.

“Not exactly,” Chance explained, “but Brian, the rancher whose land we’ll be camping on, is installing a pool at his home. He told us that if the pool is finished when we returned we’d be welcome to use it. Brian’s a really cool guy.”

“I don’t guess we could skinny-dip,” Bobby said.

“Not hardly,” Chance replied, “Brian has a wife and three kids. Could either of you guys bring a couple of folding chairs, we only have four camp chairs, and there will be six of us.”

“Not a problem,” Bobby said, “I can borrow a couple from home.”

“When you return Friday evening, you might want to come down the alley behind our house and park in the back. It’s a safer place to park your car than on the street in front. You’ll see Diego’s Red Civic, and if we’re back from shopping, my Pilot. If we’re not back yet, we’ll leave the back door unlocked so you can come into the house and wait for us.”

“Thank you so much for everything,” Bobby said, “and thank you for being our friends. We’re both excited about camping out with you all next weekend. I guess we’ll see you Friday evening.”

The four boys shared hugs, and since Chance and Diego were still naked, the younger boys gave Chance Jr, and Diego Jr. a loving squeeze. The boys left through the front door, and Chance and Diego soon went to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday, and they plan to go by the Outdoor Store to reserve the tent, and do their weekly grocery shopping.

To be continued............











Chapter 10 picks up on Friday, August 31 as the boys prepare for their Labor Day Camp out. It promises to be a fun chapter as a couple of real surprises occur over the weekend, including all six boys getting caught in their naked glory.

I wish to thank you guys for taking the time to read my tales, and having the patience to wait for the next chapters. We authors always appreciate and welcome your comments. I 💓 you guys!


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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