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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 13,612 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 3. Chapter 3

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There may description of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

Chapter 3 picks up on Monday morning, three days after JC’s birthday, and a week before Memorial Day. Chance and JC have a discussion, and JC plans to call Benny.

* * * * *

JC – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

* * * * *

Diego’s POV:

Gosh this car is a dream to drive, Diego is thinking, while piloting the Pilot, pun intended, up Horizon Boulevard toward Horizon City. He can’t believe yet that Chance so willingly allowed him to drive it to work. WTF is happening! Chance is the most loveable—oops—likeable boy he’s ever slept with. There’s no way a professional dude like Chance would ever fall for a working class stiff like himself. Why is Chance treating him so nicely. This must be a dream, I’ll wake up soon, and everything will be like it always has been.

He arrived at the shop, parked the Pilot, grabbed his lunch cooler and walked toward the shop, to clock in and start his workday.

"Dude!" one of the guys exclaimed, "you got some cool wheels, I didn’t think you could afford something like that!"

"Oh, it’s not mine," Diego stated, "it belongs to a really good friend, that let me drive it to work today."

"You must have given her some really good dick this weekend!" One of the guys said, grinning. Diego had never shared his sexuality with any of his coworkers, and preferred to keep it under wraps. Most, if not all of them, are straight, and what they don’t know about his sexual preferences is for the better.

Gosh how the time is dragging today. It seems like it should be time to go home, and it’s not yet even lunchtime! Four of the guys including Diego and Cameron were assigned to a site, an apartment complex, along with two push mowers, a weed eater and a leaf blower. Two of the guys rode in the front of the pickup, one of them driving, Cameron and Diego rode in the back, with the equipment. Finally it was lunchtime!

Diego grabbed his cooler out of the pickup and walked to a bench to eat. Thirty seconds later, Cameron plopped down next to him with his cooler.

"So, Dee," Cameron asked, "Who’s the hot guy you’ve hooked up with, that owns that Pilot?"

"Guy?" Diego questioned.

"Diego!" Cam exclaimed, "Look who you’re talking with, this is Cam, and I’m probably the closest and best friend you’ve got!

There isn’t a Swinging Dick in this gang that knows you any better than I do, and I know that you ain’t hooking up with any Chic!"

"I—didn’t know—that you knew," Diego said, "Cam, how long have you known?"

"For a long time," Cameron said, "maybe eight months. Dee, you and I started working here at the same time, the same exact day! I think, being the new guys, we developed a bond, and I’ve always felt kinda close and comfortable with you, and I still do. Just because you prefer poles to holes, doesn’t mean we can’t still be close friends."

Cameron, closing his cooler, "I guess we’d better get back to work, Dee, we’re OK aren’t we?"

"We’re fine Cam," Diego said. The two men shared a hug, and Cam even planted a friendly kiss on Diego’s cheek to prove it.

The afternoon dragged on, Cameron and Diego working mostly together. Diego is anxious to finish the day so he can return to Chance’s home for the promised dinner. He is really looking forward to going home to Chance, rather than to his lonely apartment.

So his best friend has him figured out, but Cam IS his friend. Diego is reasonably certain that Cameron will not ‘out him’ to the rest of the crew.

* * * * *

Chance’s POV:

I’ve wondered at times, what it might be like to have a live-in boyfriend. I’ve never even had a boyfriend before—wait! Idiot! I don’t even know if Diego has ever even considered having a boyfriend. We’re just trying something out for a few days! Yes, he’s gay, but a lot of gay boys just like to play the field, and pick up with guys for sex. I’m more relationship oriented—if I ever should happen to meet Mr. Right!

About 11:00 AM Chance lay four pork chops in the bottom of the crock pot, covered them with sliced onions, and peeled some potatoes and carrots, placing them around the meat, and set the temperature to medium. They should easily be cooked, and ready to eat, when Diego returns from work. JC was hanging around, watching Chance as he worked.

"Chance," JC asked, "Are you in love with Diego?"

"I don’t think so," Chance replied, "we’ve only known each other for two days. I like him a lot, and I do care deeply for him, but I hardly think that we know each other well enough yet to fall in love."

"Chance," JC asked, "are you and Diego still planning the cookout for Memorial Day?"

"Yeah, why?" Chance asked.

"I wondered if it would be okay if I invited Benny to join us," JC replied, "I had planned to call him today, anyway, but I didn’t want to invite him without your approval."

"It might be a good time for you and Benny to get to know each other a little," Chance said, "we’re keeping it simple, probably just hot dogs, and burgers, and maybe some salads. An extra mouth to feed will be no problem."

"Thanks, Chance," JC said, "I’m gonna try to get hold of Benny, I don’t know if he may be working today or not." JC left Chance’s kitchen and returned to his side, where his new phone was, in his bedroom. JC has not yet developed the habit of keeping his phone close.

Chance looked up at the kitchen clock, 4:45 PM, Diego should be arriving at any minute now. Chance can hardly wait for Diego to get home, so he can give his boy a hug! His boy? Chance is a bit uncomfortable, realizing that his feelings toward Diego are a little stronger than he would prefer at this point. He wonders if Diego has similar feelings toward him.

Diego finally pulled into the back yard and parked, and Chance ran out of the back door to greet him.

Chance, as Diego’s feet hit the ground, "Welcome home," as Chance wrapped his arms around Diego, and kissed his lips.

"Easy Baby," Diego said, "I’m pretty dirty." What was that? Did Diego just call him ‘Baby’?

Chance, smiling, "Nothing that a little soap and water can’t wash away. Let’s get you inside and ready for that shower."

"I’ve never been welcomed home from work before," Diego stated, "and what a welcome that was! It made me feel good."

Chance grinned, he’ll do most anything to make Diego feel good.

Diego grabbed the cooler, and both men walked toward and entered the kitchen. Diego instinctively sat on a chair and removed his work boots, while Chance pushed his sneakers off. Both men emptied their pant’s pockets, placing the contents on the dryer.

"Diego," Chance said, "dinner is ready, and in the crock pot, keeping warm. Do you want to eat first, or shower first and eat afterwards?"

"I think I’d like to wash this dirt off my body before eating," Diego replied.

"Fine," Chance said, as he grabbed Diego’s tee shirt, pulling it up and off, "we can drop our soiled clothes on the floor here in front of the washer." Both men undressed each other, and stepped out of their pants. Chance couldn’t resist giving Diego’s beautiful uncut cock a friendly tug, causing Diego to smile. They headed into the bathroom to shower together. Both men dodged around each other while shampooing their hair and washing their faces. Chance soaped up a washcloth really well.

"Turn around," Chance commanded, and proceeded to scrub Diego’s neck, shoulders, upper arms and armpits, and back, down to the back sides of Diego’s thighs, and his cute buns. Diego wore a constant grin, absorbing Chance’s attention like a sponge. Being bathed by another boy was a real treat for Diego, and he enjoyed every second of it.

Chance, sitting down at one end of the tub, "Sit your ass down." Diego, unsure why, sat at the other end, his legs straddling Chance’s legs and Chance’s feet right against Diego’s ball sack. "Give me your leg," Chance commanded. Diego lifted his leg, and Chance crossed his own thigh with his other leg, making a stool for Diego’s leg to rest on. Chance proceeded to wash Diego’s leg from his crotch all the way to his pinkie, then followed suit with Diego’s other leg. The gray dirt washed off, Diego’s legs returned to their natural golden color and Diego was in ecstasy

"Wow!" Diego exclaimed, "I haven’t been bathed like that since I was a little boy and Mama bathed me. That was awesome!"

"I’m glad you enjoyed it," Chance stated. "I hope I have the opportunity to bathe you again, I enjoyed getting my boy—oops—my friend cleaned up. Sorry, Diego, that just kinda slipped out. Let’s get dry, and we can eat." The two men finished drying off and headed into the kitchen, both men still naked.

"Maybe we should get dressed?" Diego suggested.

"Are you planning to go somewhere?" Chance asked.

"No, why?" Diego replied.

"I see no reason to get dressed," Chance replied, "until you have to leave for work in the morning. I kinda like us hanging around naked together. Diego, why don’t you dish up our dinners and I’ll start this load of laundry."

"Okay," Diego replied, as Chance started the water to run in the washer, added soap and dropped their soiled clothing into the machine. Shortly after, Chance joined Diego at the table to eat.

"This is nice," Chance stated, "sharing dinner with two of my closest friends."

"Two?" Diego questioned.

"Yep!" Chance exclaimed, grinning, "Diego, and Diego Junior." Chance tugged on Diego’s pecker.

"I thought you didn’t like uncut peckers," Diego said.

"I never said I didn’t like them," Chance replied, smiling and wrapping his fingers around Diego’s cock, "I’ve just never been close with an uncut dude before, but I’ve developed a pretty strong affection for Diego Junior!"

Diego, grinning, "I can relate, I like Chance Junior a lot too. Boy, did Cam drop a bomb on me today at work."

"Who is Cam, and what did he do?" Chance asked.

Diego explained about his friendship with Cam, and about their discussion they’d had at lunch today. Diego did tell Chance that Cam wants to meet him.


* * * * *


JC just left Chance preparing dinner for Diego, intending to call Benny and invite him to the Memorial Day cookout next Monday. He is hoping that Benny isn’t too busy to talk.

Getting to his bedroom, JC grabbed his phone and the note from Benny that contained Benny’s phone number, and placed the call.

"Hello?" Benny answered, not recognizing the calling number.

"Benny," JC replied, "you left me a note, the night of my birthday, asking me to call you. This is JC, do you have time to talk?"

"Oh, JC, I’m so glad you called. I always have time to talk on Monday’s, Monday’s are my day off. Can we maybe get together soon and get to know each other?"

"That’s partly why I called," JC said, "Chance is my next door neighbor that was with Mama and me the night of my birthday. He and his friend, Diego, are hosting a Memorial Day cookout next Monday, and Chance told me I could invite you to join us. Can you come?"

"That sounds great, and I’m off on Mondays," Benny replied, "who all is going to be there?"

"As far as I know, just Chance and Diego, Mama and me and you. Can I plan on you to join us? Please?"

"I’m already looking forward to it, JC," Benny said, "but I don’t want to wait that long to see you. Can I take you out to dinner tonight, so we can start to know each other?"

"I’ll have to ask Mama," JC replied, "I don’t go anywhere without her permission. Let me ask her, and I’ll call you back in a few." The two boys hung up.

JC, approaching Anna, "Mama, Benny wants to take me out to dinner tonight, can I go with him?"

"Honey," Anna answered, "I’ve already got our dinner in the oven. We’ve got plenty of food, why don’t you ask Benny to have dinner with us tonight, and I can get to know him a little better too."

"OK Mama, I’ll ask him," JC said, as he went to his phone to call Benny back. Benny agreed to have dinner with JC and Anna. JC gave Benny the address, told him he could come to the back and could park next to Chance’s Pilot. Benny was on his way, and JC was anxiously awaiting his arrival.

JC wanted to share the good news with Chance and Diego, and headed to the other side of the house, barging into their kitchen. Both men were sitting at the table, naked, and eating dinner together.

"Guess what guys!" JC exclaimed, excitedly. "Benny is going to join us for the cookout next Monday, and he’s on the way here to have dinner with Mama and me tonight! I’ll bring him in here to meet you guys when he gets here."

Diego, looking at Chance, "Maybe we should at least pull on some boxers? We don’t want to shock the boy too bad." Chance and Diego both went to the bedroom and pulled on boxers, and then returned to their meal. JC went back outside to wait for Benny.

A few minutes later Benny cautiously pulled into the back yard, spotted Chance’s Pilot, and parked next to it. JC literally ran to Benny’s car to greet him, with open arms.

"Benny!" JC exclaimed, "I’m so happy to see you!" The two boys shared a tight welcoming hug.

"JC," Benny asked, apprehensively, "May I—kiss—you?"

"Please do," JC responded, aligning his lips right in front of Benny’s and pursing his own lips. The two boys then shared a tender lip kiss with each other, still hugging tightly. "Your lips are even sweeter than I imagined they would be," JC stated.

"You just answered one of the most important questions I wanted to ask you," Benny said, "straight boys don’t kiss other boys on the lips!"

"You thought I was straight?" JC asked.

"Well," Benny replied, "I was hoping you weren’t straight."

"Oh, I’m straight, all right," JC said, grinning, "about as straight as a dogs hind leg! Chance told me to take it slow, that you may just be looking for a friend."

"Chance was partially right," Benny replied, "I am looking for a friend, a special kind of friend, someone who might become a boyfriend. That night I served you at OG, on your birthday, every time I looked at you, my heart skipped a beat—or two. Not very many boys that I meet affect me the way you did. I hoped and prayed that you would call me, I wanted so much to get to know you. Thank you for keeping my note, and calling me."

"Benny," JC stated, "before we go into my side for dinner with Mama, I want you to meet my neighbors, come with me please." JC led Benny into Chance’s side of the duplex without knocking.

"Guys," JC announced, "This is my new best friend, Benny, and Benny, this is my neighbor, Chance Watson, and his new friend, Diego."

"Benjamin Smith," Benny stated, offering his hand, "and I go by Benny."

"Benny," Diego said, ignoring Benny’s hand and giving Benny a warm hug, "Diego Estrada, I go by Dee, and I’m very pleased to meet you."

"Benny," Chance said, also giving Benny a hug, "we kinda met, the night of JC’s birthday. You’re an awesome server and you treated us like royalty." Benny smiled. "If you’re friends with JC I anticipate I’ll be seeing a lot more of you. As with JC, I hope you know you’re welcome in our home anytime."

Benny was feeling very welcome with JC’s neighbors, and Diego was feeling more comfortable, the way Chance referred to his home as ‘our home’. Is Chance thinking this living arrangement might become more permanent?

"Guys," JC said, "we hate to leave such great company, but Mama is expecting Benny and me for dinner, so we really have to part." Benny followed JC out the door and to JC’s back door. As JC opened the door, Anna welcomed them inside.

"Benny," Anna stated, "it’s good to see you again, thank you for accepting our invitation to share dinner with JC and myself." Anna gave Benny a warm hug. "You boys can go ahead and sit down, and start on the salads, I’ll have dinner on the table in about ten minutes." There were three place settings set, two on one side of the table and one at the end. JC and Benny instinctively took the two chairs on the side, sitting next to each other. Anna kinda expected that the two boys would want to sit together. The three enjoyed eating the tossed salads, and Anna picked up the empty salad bowls and dropped them into the sink.

Anna then placed a plate of garlic toast on the table, and then a casserole of home made lasagna on a trivet. Dinner was served.

"Wow!" Benny exclaimed, "This is some awesome lasagna, much tastier that OG serves, and it’s got mushrooms in it. That’s a nice touch."

"Thanks, Benny," Anna replied, "we try not to eat a lot of red meat, and this was made with ground turkey. Try to save some room for dessert." JC grinned, hoping that dessert might be carrot cake, his favorite. The boys thoroughly enjoyed dinner, and their companionship. JC got his wish. Anna picked up the plates from dinner, put them in the sink and brought out a square cake pan from the fridge containing a homemade carrot cake with, of course, cream cheese icing.

"Awesome dinner, Mrs. Cortez!" Benny exclaimed, "Thank you so much for inviting me to share it with you and JC."

"Benny, please just call me Anna," Anna said, "Mrs. Cortez is JC’s late father’s mama, and being called ‘Mrs.’ makes me feel old."

"OK, Anna," Benny replied, smiling, "it was still an awesome dinner!"

"I’m glad you enjoyed it Benny," Anna said, smiling, "I have a sneaky feeling that this was just the first time you’ve had dinner with JC and me, and there will be many more to follow." Benny smiled, evidently Anna likes him, and approves of his friendship with JC.

Anna prepared to clean up from dinner and do the dishes, while JC led Benny to his bedroom. The two boys lay on the bed, facing each other, and fell into a kiss, both boys exploring the other’s mouth with their tongues.

"JC, do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?" Benny asked, pulling JC’s hand down to his crotch and placing it on his very stiff pecker that was begging for release from his tight jeans.

"This is wild," JC replied, "I’ve got the same problem!" Benny reached down, lightly squeezing JC’s erection inside of his pants and grinned. Both boys snickered.

Benny, grinning, "Never underestimate the power of a kiss! Especially if that kiss is with a hot boy like you!"

"Do you really think I’m hot?" JC inquired.

"JC, you’re the hottest boy I’ve ever been this close to. You make me want to stay close to you, and never let you go. I do have to go, though. I need to get some sleep, and be at work by 3:00 PM tomorrow."

"Benny," JC asked, "if it’s okay with Mama, would you like to sleep over with me tonight?"

"That’s a loaded question!" Benny remarked, "One side of me says ‘yes’ but I don’t trust my hormones and my emotions. I’m afraid that if we slept together, we’d go too far. JC, I like you a lot, but I want our relationship to build on love and trust, not just on sex. Maybe next week, after the cookout, I can sleep over with you. For tonight, I need to head on home."

"I’ll walk you to your car," JC stated, as both boys rose from JC’s bed, and Benny thanked Anna for a wonderful dinner. Arriving at Benny’s car, JC pinned Benny against the car door, and the two boys shared a passionate hug and kiss. Both boys grew boners again, and ground against each other’s erections, while they kissed and hugged.

"OH, FUCK!" JC exclaimed, "I just cummed in my pants! I didn’t even touch my pecker, and I shot my load."

"You’re not alone, JC," Benny stated, grinning, "I just soaked my boxers too! That was fantastic, but I REALLY need to leave now. I need to shower when I get home, and do a load of laundry. I can’t wear these jeans to work until I wash them. We’ll talk soon." Benny and JC shared one more kiss, Benny slid into the drivers seat and drove off. It was completely unintended, but both boys were sexually relieved.

JC returned to his house, hoping that Anna doesn’t notice the large wet spot on the front of his jeans. He also plans to take a shower immediately, if not sooner! If Anna noticed the wet spot, she was discrete enough not to mention it, and cause JC embarrassment.

Actually, Anna did notice, and smirked. Seeing JC’s ‘wet spot’ sent her into reminiscence, remembering when she and Juan were first dating. She and Juan would get into some heavy petting, and vaginal juices would soak her crotch, and on several occasions Juan had creamed his jeans. She’d had never realized that boys making out together could have that same effect, and wondered if Benny had also creamed his jeans.

JC took his shower, put on clean boxers and settled in the living room with his Mama, and they watched some TV together. After a couple of programs, they both headed to bed for the night.

* * * * *

Benny’s POV:

Benny returned to his apartment that he shared with Angelo, one of the chefs at Olive Garden. Angelo was twenty, a year older than Benny, and the two boys had rented a two-bedroom apartment to share together several months earlier. They both agreed to maintain separate bedrooms, in case either of them wished to entertain some overnight company. Benny assumed that Angelo was straight as he had been dating Elaine (Laney) for several months. He had never come out to Angelo, feeling that Angelo would likely be uncomfortable with their living arrangement, if Angelo knew that he was gay.

Angelo, as Benny entered the apartment, "Welcome home, bud," then, noticing the large wet spot on the front of Benny’s jeans, and grinning, "Whoa, it looks like my roomy found a hot dude to make out with!" Benny’s face suddenly turned from brown to crimson.

Benny, as he removed his sneakers and jeans, and dropping his jeans by the washer, "What makes you think it was a dude?"

"Better drop those cum soaked boxers, too," Angelo stated, stepping behind Benny and wrapping his arms around him in a hug from behind. "Benny, we’ve been roommates for nearly a year. Did you really think that I wasn’t aware of your sexuality?"

"I was afraid to tell you," Benny replied, "how did you find out?"

"Oh, little things," Angelo explained, "like the way you stare at my cock whenever you see it, and the fact that you’re nineteen and show no interest in girls. And at work, you’re always excited to serve the cute boys and young men. So who is the boy that made you cream your jeans?"

"His name is Jonathan, but he goes by JC. Angelo, now that you know about me, does it bother you to have a gay roommate?"

"Benny, I was pretty certain that you were gay when we rented this apartment together. If I ever had an issue with your being gay, I would never have agreed to share an apartment with you. You’re both a cool co-worker, and I consider you a very close friend. Just not a bed partner!" Benny smiled, and understands completely.

Benny started to draw water into the washer to wash his cum soaked jeans and boxers. He dropped them into the washer, and Angelo surprised him, stripping off his own jeans, tee shirt and boxers and adding them to the washer. Both boys stood together, naked, and grinning. Of course Benny had to admire Angelo’s nice cock, and Benny gave it a friendly cuff, making Angelo grin. Angelo was tempted to return the favor, but declined, knowing that Benny’s pecker was still covered in cum.

Benny headed to the bathroom to take his badly needed shower, and Angelo slipped into his bedroom to pull on clean boxers. The wash cycle ended before Benny finished his shower and Angelo placed the freshly washed clothing into the dryer and started the drying cycle.

While the clothes were drying, both boys, now dressed in clean boxers, sat together on the sofa.

"Benny," Angelo stated, "we share this apartment equally. If you have the desire to bring a boy home for the night, I’m cool with that. I would only ask the same respect from you, should I decide to bring Maria home for the night."

"That sounds like a workable agreement," Benny responded, smiling, "isn’t that why we have separate bedrooms?"

"My man!" Angelo remarked. "We may have some major differences, but we always arrive at an agreeable solution. I’m really happy to have you for a roommate."

"I’m happy too," Benny replied. The buzzer on the dryer buzzed, and both boys shared pulling the dry clothes from the dryer and folding them, then shared an affectionate hug together (but no kisses). They carried their clean clothes to their bedrooms and put them away. Returning to the living room, they shared a goodnight hug together, and headed to their bedrooms for the night. Benny is pleased that he is finally out to Angelo, and Angelo had made it so very easy for him. He’d never realized before that Angelo had known of his sexuality for so long, and is completely cool.

Both boys fell asleep, hugging a pillow, Angelo imagining he was hugging Maria, and Benny pretending his pillow was JC, wrapped in his arms.

* * * * *

Chance’s POV:

Dinner finished, Chance gathered up the dishes preparing to wash them. While the dishwater was running, the buzzer on the dryer sounded. Diego opened the door on the dryer and proceeded to pull out the dry clothes, folding them and making two piles, his, and Chances. Chance was pleased, noting that Diego seemed quite willing to share in the common household chores.

Chance finished the dishes, including the crock-pot and the two men settled on the sofa to watch some TV together. Their arms were around each other’s shoulders, and Chance placed his leg between Diego’s legs, his right leg over Diego’s left leg. Diego smiled, seeming to enjoy their closeness. About 10:00 PM they decided to go to bed.

Chance turned out all the lights and both men headed to the bedroom. Chance slipped into the bed first, wearing his boxers.

Diego, looking micheviously at Chance, "You’ve got too many clothes on!" Diego grabbed Chance’s boxers, sliding them down and off, with no resistance from Chance. Diego then slid his own boxers off, and crawled in beside Chance. The two instinctively hugged, kissed and started to make out, both men became erect.

Diego, wrapping his fingers around Chance’s erection, "I want this!"

Chance, returning the favor, "No more than I want Diego Junior!"

"I wish we could do each other at the same time," Diego said.

"Maybe we can," Chance replied, "have you ever done a sixty-nine?" Right at this moment Chance is pleased that he had decided to buy a queen size bed, instead of the full that he’d intended to buy. The furniture salesman talked him into spending the extra hundred and getting the queen size.

"What’s a sixty-nine?" Diego asked.

"It’s like pole to hole and pole to hole, each of us with a cock in our mouths. We should have room in this queen bed to do it, wanna give it a try?"

"Sure," Diego replied, "it sounds like fun, and exciting too." With Chance’s guidance, the two men lay cornerwise across the bed. Chance straddled Diego, his dripping pecker over Diego’s face, and took Diego’s beautiful uncut cock into his mouth. Diego opened his mouth and, using his hands on Chance’s butt cheeks, pulled Chance’s cock down and into his mouth.

Within just a few minutes, both men were moaning in pleasure. Another two or three minutes and Chance was feeling his orgasm approaching.

"Dee! I’m really close, I’m gonna flood your mouth if you don’t let me pull out!" Diego pulled Chance in, even closer, holding Chance’s cock tightly inside his mouth.

Diego, letting Chance pull out for just a few seconds, "Let it come, baby, I’m ready for the flood!" then pulled Chance’s raging cock back inside, sucking it even harder. Damn, Diego just called him ‘baby’ again. Chance could hold off no longer, and started to release his orgasm into Diego’s waiting mouth. Right behind Chance’s orgasm, Diego’s cock started to spurt, filling Chance’s mouth with his tasty sperm.

Chance swallowed, and then milked out the last few drops. Gosh, Diego tastes good. Chance could get addicted to Diego’s beautiful uncut cock as well as his tasty sperm. Chance used his tongue to carefully clean the head of Diego’s manhood, and under the foreskin. Using his tongue this way is actually kind of fun.

Their sex over, and both men sexually satisfied, Diego turned one hundred and eighty degrees, now lying even in bed with Chance. Chance’s arms reached around Diego, pulling him close. Diego’s head was resting comfortably on Chance’s shoulder. Never before had a boy’s head felt so wonderful on his shoulder, Diego is stealing his heart.

The two men shared a romantic kiss and hug, and prepared to go to sleep. The two men were facing each other, arms wrapped around each other’s torsos and Diego’s head was on Chance’s shoulder, again.

Suddenly, Chance realized that Diego was softly crying.

"Dee!" Chance asked, highly concerned, "What’s wrong?"

"Probably nothing," Diego replied, "I’m just afraid of something."

"I hope you’re not afraid of me," Chance stated, "I care deeply for you, and I would never harm you. What are you afraid of?"

"This is gonna sound stupid, I know," Diego replied, "I’m afraid that I’m falling in love with you! I’m sorry, Chance, maybe you should take me home tomorrow, after work."

"Dee, I have a secret," Chance stated, with tears starting to flow, "I didn’t plan to tell you this, just yet, but I think I need to share it with you, now! Diego Estrada, this boy is madly in love with you, and wants nothing in the world any more than to make you my boyfriend! My live-in boyfriend."

"Chance!" Diego exclaimed, "Are you serious?"

"Sweetheart," Chance said, "I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life! I love you Dee, and I totally want you to be mine!"

"Oh, Fuck!" Diego exclaimed, "I’m at a loss for words. Can we sleep on it tonight?"

"Sure, Baby," Chance replied, "I can wait until tomorrow for your answer." Somehow the term ‘Baby’ now seems the right term. The two men cuddled together, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

* * * * *

Diego’s POV:

Tuesday morning the alarm sounded at 6:30 AM, disturbing Chance and Diego’s peaceful sleep. Both men pulled their carcasses out of bed, and they became vertical, with horizontal morning woodies. As on the previous morning, they slipped out to the back porch and watered the grass. Returning to the kitchen, Diego faced Chance with a smile on his face.

"Good morning, Boyfriend!" Diego exclaimed.

"Back atcha, Baby," Chance replied, "I guess you’ve made a decision?"

"I think so," Diego replied, "I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but I really like the idea, especially if that boyfriend is you."

"In all honesty, I’ve never had a boyfriend before, either. I dated quite a few boys when I lived in New York City, but I never loved one enough to want them for a boyfriend, until I fell in love with a certain Diego Estrada! God, I love you Baby!"

"I’m happy," Diego replied, "I’d hate to think that I was in love all by myself. I love you too, Chance, more than you can know."

Tuesday morning was a lot like Monday, except that JC didn’t show up to work Diego’s pecker to orgasm like he did on Monday.

"I’m taking you to work today." Chance stated. "When I pick you up we can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get a picnic table so we’ll have it for our cookout."

"Cool," Diego replied, "maybe either this morning or this afternoon you can meet my best friend, Cameron. I told you he wants to meet you, and I think you will like him too."

Chance, while driving Diego to work, "Did you and Cameron ever, you know, do anything together?"

"We’re best friends," Diego said, "but not THAT kind of friends. He’s straight, and got a regular girlfriend. I’ve seen his cock a couple of times when we’ve pissed together, and it’s a nice one, but I really doubt that any boy could ever get Cam in the sack!" Chance grinned.

Chance drove Diego close to the shop. The two men were tempted to share a goodbye kiss, but thought better of it.

Diego, grabbing his lunch cooler, "See you about 4:30 Baby?"

"You bet, boyfriend," Chance answered, smiling, "have a good day." Chance then headed back home and Diego clocked in to start his workday.

Diego and Cam ate lunch together, as usual. Cam reminded Dee that he still wanted to meet the boy that has turned Diego’s world upside down. Cam and Dee have been close friends for nearly a year, and Cam senses that Dee is the happiest he’s ever seen him. Cam is certain that Diego is a boy in love, but Dee hasn’t yet admitted it, even to his best friend.

At 4:25 PM Chance drove to the building where he knew that Diego would be exiting and parked. Chance climbed out of the driver’s seat and stood on the passenger side of the Pilot, waiting for his boyfriend to clock out and come out. Finally, about 4:32 Diego walked out with his lunch cooler, with another boy hot on his tail. Both of them headed to the Pilot.

Chance, noticing the young man with Diego, "Hi Diego, I think introductions are in order here."

"I’m Cameron," Cam stated, "Cameron Spaulding, and I go by Cam. You must be the boy that has set my best friend’s heart on fire!" Cam said, smiling.

"Cam, this is my boyfriend, Chance Watkins." Chance was surprised that Diego introduced him as his boyfriend. He offered his hand to shake with Cameron.

Cam, grinning, "Boyfriends deserve more than just a handshake!" and proceeded to give Chance a warm hug. "I’m really happy to finally meet you, Chance. You’ve done wonders for my best friend. I’ve known and been best friends with Dee since we both started to work here, nearly a year ago, and I’ve never seen Dee as happy as he’s been since he met you. I think Dee is truly a boy in love!"

"That makes two of us, Cam," Chance replied, "I never knew how much love my heart could have for a boy, until I fell in love with Diego! He’s the most wonderful, and lovable boy I’ve ever met."

"So how long have you two been boyfriends?" Cam asked.

"Not long," Chance explained, "we discussed it last night, as we were about to fall asleep. When we woke to the alarm this morning, Diego told me ‘Good Morning, Boyfriend’ and I knew that we were now boyfriends! I only hope that it doesn’t end as quickly as it began."

"It might last," Cam stated, "Ginny and I declared Boyfriend-Girlfriend status after our third date, and we’re still strong after three years. By the way, her real name is Virginia, but most everyone calls her ‘Ginny’. She’s waiting for me to return from work, so I guess I better run, I don’t want to keep my girl waiting."

* * * * *

Chance’s POV:

Cam headed to his car and he took off, waving to Diego and me as he left. I can’t help but like Cam, and I was pleased that his attitude toward Diego’s and my relationship as boyfriends seemed to have no negative reaction. If anything, he seemed happy that Diego and I had found each other.

Diego and I went to Home Depot, and found a decent picnic table with attached bench seats that would seat at least eight people. We split the cost, as we’d agreed, with our debit cards. We had to lower the back seat to accommodate the large box, and then headed to Chipotle for dinner, as I wasn’t at home to fix dinner for my boy—yes, Diego is my boy! Only God knows how much I love my Diego, shit, It might be a bit early to think of him as mine.

Arriving at home, my boy and I unloaded the picnic table, propping it up against a tree. We mutually decided to wait until Wednesday to get it assembled. Entering the kitchen, we both grabbed a soda from the refrigerator, and sat together at the table.

"Chance," Diego asked, "when do you plan to take me home?"

Chance, looking at Diego straight in the eyes, "Never, if I can have my way!"

"Oh, shit," I thought this arrangement was only for a week or so."

"Dee, do you really want to go back to your lonely apartment?" Chance asked.

"When you put it that way," Diego replied, "no, but I feel like I’m becoming dependent, and a burden on you. I’m not carrying my weight."

"We need to talk, seriously," Chance stated, "When does your lease expire on your apartment?"

"It already expired, three months ago," Diego explained, "I’ve been staying there, on a month to month extension. I can continue indefinitely, as long as I pay the rent each month. June’s rent will be due on the first day of June. What are you thinking?"

"Baby, I’m thinking we need to get you out of that apartment, and here with me! How does that sound to you?"

"Oh, fuck!" Diego exclaimed, "You want to share your home with me? Even with my uncut cock?"

"And my bed, and my love, and my life!" Chance exclaimed, "Diego, I’m in love with you, and if you love me, like I love you, you’ll say ‘yes’ and we can live our lives together, in harmony!"

"Diego, that beautiful uncut cock is just one thing that makes you the most wonderful man I’ve ever been close to, it’s just part of what makes you you! I love you Diego," Chance said, grinning, "foreskin and all! I want us to live and love together!"

"I can’t believe this is happening." Diego stated, "If it’s a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up. I can’t believe I finally met Mr. Right, and Mr. Right actually wants to be with me!"

"I’m not Mr. Right," Chance said, "You’re Mr. Right, and I finally got to know you, and love you!"

"Maybe," Diego stated, "we’re both Mr. Right in the other’s eyes, and I don’t think two Rights can make a Wrong! Let me sleep on it, and I’ll try to give you an answer tomorrow.

"I like the way you think, Baby," Chance said, "Let’s just go to sleep in each other’s arms, and dream of our future, together."

"It’s too soon, baby," Diego stated, "I’m still dirty from work, and I need a shower. Go on to bed, and I’ll join you in about fifteen minutes." Chance decided to forego the shower, as he really had done nothing today to require one. A few minutes later a fresh smelling Diego joined his boyfriend in bed, and the two soon fell asleep in each other’s arms without any sex.

* * * * *

Diego’s POV:

Wednesday morning Chance and Diego woke not only to the sound of the alarm, but also to the sound of thunder. Diego jumped out of bed and ran to look out the window.

"I don’t think we’ll be working today," Diego stated, "it’s raining like puppies and kittens!" Just then Diego’s phone sounded with a text, ‘Rain Day, No Work.’ "At least they usually send us a text when we’re not working, like today."

"Let’s stay in bed for a while and just cuddle," Chance replied. Diego quickly crawled back into bed with his boyfriend, since there is no hurry to ‘Rise and Shine.’

Five minutes later JC barged in the back door, soaking wet and dripping. Not seeing either of his friends, he walked to the bedroom doorway.

"You guys are still in bed?" JC said, the obvious in plain sight.

"It’s raining, JC," Diego stated, "so we’ve got the rain day off."

"I’m freezing," JC said, "can I crawl in with you guys and get warm?"

Chance and Diego glanced at each other and grinned.

"Not like that," Chance stated, "drop those wet shorts in the bathroom, grab a towel and come on back."

By the time JC dropped his wet shorts and grabbed a towel, Chance and Diego were sitting on the side of the bed. They both grabbed one end of the towel and proceeded to dry the cold, wet JC from head to toe.

"Now you can get into bed with us," Chance stated. Diego was already lying on one side of the bed, and JC climbed over his body to the center of the bed, giving Diego’s pecker a friendly cuff on the way. Chance entered the other side, and they sandwiched JC tightly between them. JC found a slice of heaven, lying between these two warm and loving bodies.

Both Chance and Diego caressed JC’s arms, legs and torso, helping to warm him. After a few minutes, all three boys fell back asleep, naked, close and comfortable. Diego doesn’t know JC as well as Chance does, but he has quickly developed a strong liking for JC.

Chance’s phone sounded. "Baby, can you hand me my phone?" Diego grabbed Chance’s phone from the bedside stand, and handed it to Chance. It was Anna. "Morning, Anna."

"Hi, Chance," Anna replied, "Is JC over there with you guys?"

"He sure is," Chance answered, "Diego’s got a rain day off, and we’re all still in our bed, keeping each other warm and cozy on this cold rainy morning."

"I was going to fix JC some breakfast, and realized his bed was empty," Anna said, "he wasn’t out back, and I hoped he was with you."

"Anna, don’t worry about JC’s breakfast," Chance said, "once we all get vertical, I’ll cook enough breakfast for all three of us. I don’t think any of us are ready to get up yet, we’re just too cozy and comfortable, cuddled together here in bed."

"OK," Anna replied, "I guess I’ll see you all later, I was just checking up on JC, Bye." Anna hung up and smirked, picturing the three boys cuddled together, probably all naked! She totally trust’s Chance and Diego, certain that they would never harm JC. If anything, they may both be roll models for JC.

The boys finally decided to rise and greet the day. Both Diego and Chance were now sporting flaccid peckers, and they stood together in front of the toilet and relieved their bladder pressure. JC had already watered the grass outside before he came in, and didn’t need to pee.

Chance, while preparing a pot of coffee to brew, "JC, wring out what water you can from your wet shorts and put them in the dryer." Diego pulled out a package of Chorizo, eggs, cheese and tortillas, starting their breakfast. Mexican breakfast, JC is suddenly excited, something different for breakfast! While Diego was crumbling the Chorizo into the frying pan, JC wrapped his fingers around Diego’s flaccid, but nice uncut pecker and Chance observed.

"JC!" Chance exclaimed, "Hands off! Diego and I are now boyfriends, and that pecker is MINE to play with, ALL MINE!"

"But," JC responded, "it’s so much fun to play with." Diego is grinning.

"How well I know, JC," Chance stated, "but it’s MY fun. Wait until you get your own boy to play with, and leave my boy for me." Diego suddenly realizes that Chance is a bit jealous, and very protective of him. Chance is openly taking ownership of Diego, and Diego is about to melt. He’s never been ‘owned’ by another boy before, and the feeling of being ‘owned’ by a terrific dude like Chance is overwhelming.

Seeing what Diego was preparing, Chance instinctively got the Salsa and sour cream from the fridge and set them on the table.

Diego prepared nine Huevo con Chorizo burritos on three plates, setting them on the table, and the three boys dug in.

"Awesome breakfast, Diego," JC stated, "I think I’d like to live with you."

"Hey!" Chance remarked, smiling, "JC, don’t you even dare to try to steal my boyfriend!" JC and Diego both grinned.

"I think JC’s just in love with my Mexican cuisine," Diego said, "After I get moved, we’ll have to invite him to share some meals with us. Baby, I’ve thought it over, what we talked about last night, and I’ve made a decision. When do you think we could get me moved in?"

"Oh, Thank you!" Chance exclaimed, jumping up and giving Diego a tight and loving hug. "Since you’re off work today, how about today? I’m willing to bet that JC will be willing to help us."

The buzzer on the dryer sounded, and JC pulled his now dry shorts and boxers out, pulling them on.

"I think I need to put on some more clothes, and my sneakers," JC said, "Don’t leave without me." JC headed over to his side of the house.

"There may be a drawback on moving today," Diego stated, "I’m supposed to give my landlord a thirty day’s notice before I move, and I’ll probably still have to pay June’s rent."

"Do you have the money for the rent?" Chance asked.

"Yeah," Diego replied, "but that won’t leave me any money to help you with expenses here, until my next weeks payday."

"Oh, Diego," Chance replied, "we’ll be fine. It’s gonna be so wonderful, having the boy I love living here with me! How much stuff do you have to move?"

"Just clothing, and some stuff from the kitchen. I have a TV that’s a little smaller than yours, maybe we can mount it on the bedroom wall, and we can watch TV in bed."

Chance, grinning, "If we’re in bed together, I don’t know how much TV we can watch, not with Diego Junior so close to me!"

"I think Diego Junior has fallen in love with Chance Junior, and so have I!" Diego remarked, smiling, and wrapping his fingers around Chance’s pecker, and making a grin appear on Chance’s face.

"If we’re gonna get this job done today," Chance stated, "we probably need to start by getting dressed. I’ve still got some empty boxes that I used to move here from New York. I’m glad I kept them, because today we have a use for them."

The two men got dressed, and Chance pulled the empty boxes out of the closet. Diego stuffed the empty Hefty bags he’d used to bring the clothes he’d brought for ‘a few days’ into one of the boxes. They carried the boxes, stacking them by the back door.

When JC arrived back, fully clothed, Chance went out to the Pilot and backed it to the back porch. They put the empty boxes in the back of the Pilot, JC climbed into the back seat, Diego in the front passenger seat and they drove to Diego’s apartment, downtown.

Chance parked in front of the apartment, turned on the 4-way flashers, and Diego and JC quickly took the empty boxes into the apartment. Chance drove to the parking lot, parked, grabbed his umbrella, as it was still raining, and walked to the apartment.

The next two hours was a flurry of activity. Diego set JC to work in the bedroom, packing his clothing into hefty bags. Diego had very few ‘dress’ clothes in his closet, mostly work clothes and casual clothes, like shorts, jeans and t-shirts, and the usual array of underwear and socks. JC grinned, while packing several pair of sexy, bikini style briefs, picturing them on Diego’s body and wondering if there was really room for his pecker inside those briefs..

Diego and Chance started to pack the kitchen stuff, the blender was the very first thing to find a space in one of the boxes. Diego didn’t even own a coffee maker or a toaster, as he normally ate tortillas as bread, and didn’t drink coffee. The dishes and flatware would easily fit into Chance’s cupboards and draws, adding to what Chance already owned, which wasn’t a lot.

The biggest item that Diego had to move was the TV and Chance disconnected it from the cable and set it beside the front door. It took Diego all of five minutes to empty the medicine cabinet and place his toiletries into a small box.

Diego took a small bag into the bedroom, opened the draw on the nightstand, and placed the pile of condoms and two bottles of lube into the bag. He was, evidently, prepared for any kind of sex. So far, he and Chance had never even discussed having anal sex, and Diego’s bottom is still virgin. If Chance wants his Cherry, Diego loves Chance enough to let him take it.

By 1:00 PM everything was packed, and stacked by the front door, with the exception of the frozen and refrigerated items that were still in the refrigerator. Between the food that Chance already had at the house, and the food that Diego had to contribute, the boys wouldn’t need to purchase a lot of groceries over the next couple of weeks. They are looking forward to doing their future grocery shopping together.

It was still raining, and they all sat on the sofa together, JC sandwiched between his two best friends, and hoping the rain would ease, making it easier to load Diego’s stuff in the Pilot.

Diego took the opportunity to phone the water and electric companies, as well as the cable provider, to have them cut off ASAP, and giving them his new address to mail the final bills.

He then phoned the rental agent, informing him that he was vacating the apartment, as of today. The agent stated that he’d be over within half an hour to check out the apartment, and if everything was satisfactory, he would be getting his $300 deposit returned.

About twenty minutes later, Mr. Jenkins, the rental agent, knocked at the door, and Diego invited him inside.

"Mr. Jenkins," Diego stated, "This is my new roommate that I’m moving in with, Chance Watson, and this is his neighbor, JC. They are helping me move today."

Jenkins, pointing at the pile of boxes and bags by the door, "Is this trash that you’re leaving behind?"

"Oh no sir," Diego replied, "that’s my stuff, and we’re just waiting for the rain to let up, so we can load it into Chance’s SUV without getting soaked."

"Hold tight a few while I check out the apartment," Jenkins said. Mr. Jenkins went into the bedroom, then the bathroom, and finally the kitchen. He returned to the living room about ten minutes later.

"Mr. Estrada," Jenkins stated, "I’ve got good news and bad news. For a single working man, you’ve also been a great housekeeper, and I’m very pleased with the cleanliness of this apartment. I’ll be able to rent it out again without sending a cleaning crew in, so I’ll be able to give you full credit on the deposit. The bad news is that you didn’t give me thirty days notice, so I will need to charge you next months rent." Diego was almost expecting this.

"I understand, sir," Diego replied.

"Okay," Jenkins stated, "we can do this one of two ways. If you’re prepared to pay the next month’s rent of $500, and I’ll mail you a refund check for the security deposit of $300, or we can take the deposit off the rent, and you can pay the $200 difference today, and we’ll be done."

"I have the cash to pay the $200 today," Diego said, "and I think that would be best for me, as I won’t have the $500 until after next payday."

"Fine, give me the $200 and I’ll write you a receipt. Can I ask a personal question?"

"I suppose so," Diego replied.

"Are you and Chance, like, romantically involved?" Jenkins asked.

Chance, wrapping his arm around Diego’s shoulder, "We are, and I want my boy living with me!" Diego’s face turned crimson.

Jenkins, smiling, "It’s OK Mr. Estrada, and I hope you two have a wonderful and loving future together. If things don’t work out, and you need an apartment again in the future, I’ll be happy to have you as a tenant again. I wish only the best for both of you."

"Thank you sir," Chance said, "I truly love this amazing young man, from the bottom of my heart! After years of searching, I think I finally found Mr. Right!" Jenkins smiled, convinced that these two young men are made for each other, and in love.

"Mr. Estrada," Jenkins said, "when you get everything moved out, can you please lock the apartment and drop the key off at the office?"

"Will do, Mr. Jenkins," Diego replied, "and thank you for everything." Mr. Jenkins left, heading back to the office.

Finally, after about another hour, the rain became just a light sprinkle. Chance headed back to the parking lot and brought the Pilot to the apartment, parking as close as possible, and putting on the four-ways. The three boys started to carry boxes and bags to the Pilot. Diego filled the remaining box with the contents of the refrigerator, and it was the last thing to be placed in the Pilot. Not just the back of the Pilot was full, but also the back seat.

Diego locked the apartment, and the boys headed to the Pilot, but there was no room for JC in the back seat.

"Where am I gonna ride?" JC asked.

Diego, grinning, "Right here, just sit your ass between my legs." Diego spread his thighs as far apart as possible and JC squeezed his butt between Diego’s thighs. Diego wrapped the seat belt around both of them and secured it. Chance drove to the office, and Diego, rather than disturb JC, just handed the key to Chance, asking him to return the key, which he did.

The ride back to Chance’s house was cozy. JC has grown on Diego, and Diego is very comfortable being close to JC. He’s grown to love JC, not in the same way he loves Chance, but more like a little brother. JC is in ecstasy whenever he is physically close to either one or both of these older boys, like he is right now.

While the car bounced along the not so smooth street, JC was being bounced on the seat between Diego’s thigh’s and one of JC’s ass cheeks was inadvertently rubbing against Diego’s pecker, causing Diego’s pecker to become erect, just from the friction.

"JC," Diego said, "I need you to slide to the front edge of the seat for a minute so I can adjust. Where things are right now, you’re making me hard!" JC and Chance both grinned.

JC, grinning, "I could play with it, if you’d like." JC reached down and gave Diego’s semi a squeeze."

"Sorry, JC," Diego replied, smiling, "If anyone plays with my pecker tonight, it’s not going to be you! I’m saving it for my boyfriend to play with." Chance grinned, and JC displayed a look of disappointment on his face. Diego shoved his hand down into his pants, and crotch area, adjusting his semi to where JC’s ass wouldn’t be rubbing against Diego Junior. By the time they arrived home, everyone’s peckers were flaccid, again.

After Chance backed to the back porch, the boys went to work unloading all of Diego’s things and carried them into the house. Diego put the refrigerated and frozen things into the refrigerator, which pretty well filled it. It had been a long day for all three boys, and neither Chance nor Diego felt up to cooking dinner. They mutually decided to order pizza to be delivered, and of course they ordered an extra large one, planning to feed three, or four, should Anna decide to join them. Chance phoned Anna and invited her to join them for pizza, and she accepted their offer.

"Can we all get naked now?" JC asked.

"No way!" Chance exclaimed, "Your Mama is coming to have pizza with us, and there is no way we’re all going to be naked in front of her." About five minutes later Anna walked in, and in another twenty minutes the pizza was delivered at the front door. Chance signed the ticket, and Diego brought the pizza to the kitchen table, and they all sat down to enjoy.

JC, just as they killed the pizza, "Can I sleep over with you guys tonight?" Chance glanced over at Diego, looking for an answer.

"If it’s OK with you baby, it’s fine with me," Diego said, "I’m too tired to do anything, anyway, and I have to go to work in the morning. I just want to get some sleep. Having JC sleeping with us is almost like having our own kid sleeping with us."

WHOA! Diego’s last statement hit Chance like a ton of bricks. They hadn’t discussed it yet, but it seems that Diego is family oriented! In Chance’s mind, that’s a great big plus. Chance has dreamed of meeting the right partner, and raising his own family.

"OK, Anna," Chance said, "I guess we have a bed partner tonight, to help keep us warm. Dee and I will make sure he gets a decent breakfast in the morning, and I know we’ll all sleep well tonight."

Anna told the boy’s goodnight, all three of them, and headed back to her side of the house. Within the hour, Chance and Diego went to bed with JC sandwiched between them. Chance and Diego both have a lot of brotherly love for their ‘little brother.’ Anna has trust in and respect for both Chance and Diego, and trusts them sleeping with JC. She will sleep well also, knowing that her son is in safe hands.

* * * * *

Chance’s POV:

Diego and Chance shared a loving goodnight kiss, their lips meeting right over JC face, then both men simultaneously gave JC a kiss on his cheek. Both men wrapped an arm around JC’s torso, as the three boys snuggled together tightly. JC was in seventh heaven, with his two best friend’s bodies against his own.

Chance has a whirlwind of thoughts on his mind. He had hoped to have some hot sex with his boyfriend tonight, but JC became a spoiler! There was no way that he and Diego were going to do anything sexual, not with JC sharing their bed! He is certain that JC never even considered that he and Diego might want to spend some intimate time together, alone, with just each other. Chance needs to have a chat with JC, to explain how boyfriends are, and how they need their private times.

At the same time, sleeping with JC also has its rewards. He loves the feeling of his body close to JC’s super smooth body, even though it’s a totally non-sexual thing. Before long all three drifted off to slumberland.

Thursday morning was a lot like Monday. The three boys arose from bed, all with morning wood and a need to pee. All three slipped out to Chance’s back porch, and made three golden arches to water the grass. This was becoming a daily habit.

While Chance started to prepare breakfast of bacon and eggs, Diego pulled the blender from the box, and made some Mexican hot cocoa. Chance decided to make coffee after breakfast that he and JC could enjoy after Diego left for work. While Chance worked on breakfast, Diego packed his lunch.

As on Monday, Chance handed the Pilot key to Diego, so he could drive himself to work. Chance ‘drafted’ JC to help assemble the picnic bench today, which JC was more than willing to assist with. One thing that Chance has learned about JC is that he is anything but lazy, and always willing to lend a helping hand. They decided to tackle the picnic bench after lunch.

Diego dressed for work, grabbed his lunch cooler, shared a goodbye kiss and hug with Chance and headed off to work. Chance and JC shared cups of coffee. After coffee, Chance started to unpack Diego’s kitchen stuff, putting it into cupboards and draws, and JC, without even a suggestion, tackled the dishes.

After that, they refilled their coffee cups, and headed into the office, both of them still naked. Chance settled at his laptop, to finish a couple of articles, and JC brought his computer to life and worked on his studies.

About 11:30 Chance received a phone call from Anna, informing him that she planned lunch for both of them, and it would be ready about noon or shortly after. JC and Chance decided it was time to get dressed. After lunch, Chance and JC would tackle the picnic bench.

* * * * *

Diego’s POV:

At lunchtime on Thursday Diego and Cameron shared lunch together, as usual, and Diego has an idea.

"Cam, do you have plans for Memorial Day?" Diego asked.

"Not really," Cam replied, "we’re off that day. I suppose Ginny and I will just hang around together, maybe go to a park and spend some time there, and maybe find some place to go and fuck. What are you doing?"

Diego, chuckling, "Like I really needed to know that! Look, Chance and I are hosting a small cookout, and since you’re just about my closest friend, I’d like to invite you to join us."

"Could I bring Ginny with me, and who all’s gonna be there?" Cam asked.

"Of course you can bring your girlfriend!" Diego exclaimed, "It’s just gonna be Chance and me, and our next door neighbor, Anna and her son, JC and his hopeful boyfriend, Benny, and, I hope, you and Ginny. It’s nothing fancy, just burgers and dogs, and salads."

Cam, grinning, "Sounds like a Gay-day to me!"

"Are you afraid of being around a few gay boys?" Diego asked.

"DEE!" Cam exclaimed, "If I was afraid of being around pole lovers, you and I wouldn’t have become friends. Ginny should fit in well, she’s a pole lover too. Two of her closest friends in high school were gay boys, so I know she is comfortable around gay boys, but she likes my pole, the most!" Diego grinned.

"So can we count on you and Ginny to attend?" Diego asked.

"It sounds like a fun get-together, you can count on us." Cam said, "What time and what’s the address?"

Diego told Cam they would probably start grilling around 2:00 PM and gave him his new address. He also told Cam that he is now living with his boyfriend. Cam smiled, happy for his best friend.

Diego is pleased that his best friend is not a homophobe, and is so accepting of his lifestyle. What an awesome friend Cameron has become. He can’t wait to get home and tell Chance that Cam and Ginny are coming to their Memorial Day cookout.

* * * * *


JC and Chance enjoyed a nice lunch of homemade potato soup and ham salad sandwiches with Anna, and then prepared to assemble the new picnic bench. They peeled off the still wet cardboard and lay out the pieces of the bench. Chance looked at the instructions, and the list of tools needed.

"CRAP!" Chance exclaimed. "I don’t have any tools, JC, we’re going to need to run to a store and buy some, to put this thing together."

"Maybe not," JC replied, "See that shed? Papa had all kinds of tools, and after Papa died, Mama stored all of his tools in that shed. I’ll bet everything we need is in there. Let me ask Mama if we can use them." JC quickly went into his home. Just a couple of minutes later JC returned, with Anna, holding a key in her hand.

"JC tells me you need to borrow some of Juan’s tools to put the bench together," Anna stated. "I locked all of his tools in this shed after Juan died, planning to sell them, but I never got around to it." Anna inserted the key in the padlock and opened the door.

Inside the shed looked like a Handyman’s Dream! Hanging on hooks were several heavy-duty electric cords. Sitting on a shelf was an electric drill, a reciprocating saw, and an eight-inch circular saw. On the other side was a large red cabinet with draws full of wrenches, hammers, pliers and screwdrivers. Chance was impressed, and shocked at the array of tools.

"Chance," Anna said, handing the padlock key to him, "you can keep this key, I have a spare, and please feel free to use any of these tools any time you need them. I’m sure that Juan would be pleased to know that someone could make use of them."

"Oh, Anna," Chance replied, "Thank you so much. JC, we have no reason now to procrastinate, let’s get to work." Chance grabbed the tools he thought they needed, and he and JC started to assemble the picnic bench. By 3:00 PM, the job was done. Chance ran into the house and grabbed two Pepsi’s from the fridge, and he and JC sat on the new bench together, sipping on the drinks, smiling and admiring their accomplishment. Chance pulled JC close, in a sideways hug, god he loves this young man.

"Thanks for letting me help you, Chance," JC stated.

"Thank YOU for your help, JC," Chance replied, "I could not have done this without your assistance. We need to discuss something, JC. Diego and I have a lot of love for you, and we really do enjoy you sleeping with us—but not too often. Diego and I are into a loving relationship, and we do need our times of privacy. We can’t feel comfortable trying to do anything sexual together with a third person sharing our bed!"

"I’m not saying that you can no longer sleep with us," Chance explained, "but we need to limit it to once or twice a month. When Diego and I are in bed together, it’s the time that we can enjoy some intimacy, and maybe some sex, and we want to be alone. When you have a boyfriend of your own, you’ll understand."

"Can we still hang around naked in the daytime?" JC asked.

"Yeah," Chance replied, "I think we all enjoy our nudity, even Diego, but keep your hands off his pecker—that’s MINE to play with!" Chance gathered up the tools and returned them to the shed, locking it behind him.

* * * * *

Chance’s POV:

About 3:30 JC decided to spend some time working out, and Chance returned to his home to start dinner for his boy, and himself. Cooking for his boy has become his favorite chore, and he so looks forward to his boy returning home from work. He is beginning to feel a bit like ‘Mrs. Estrada’ and wonders if Diego might someday become his husband.

Looking in the refrigerator, Chance pulled out a package of ground beef that was nearly thawed, and stuck it in a pan of cold water to finish thawing. Chance has decided to make some chili for supper, and hopes that Diego likes chili. So far, Diego has been willing to eat anything that Chance has placed in front of him. He knows that Diego prefers Mexican cuisine, but his culinary skills for Mexican food is lacking. He’s gonna have to get Diego to teach him how to prepare some Mexican food.

While the chili was cooking, Chance mixed up some corn muffin batter, and fired up the oven to make corn muffins to go with the chili. He slid the muffins into the oven to bake just as Diego pulled into the back yard and parked. Chance ran out the back door, and met Diego half way and the two men shared a loving kiss and embrace. Holding hands, they walked to the house and entered the kitchen.

"Mmmmm! I smell chili!" Diego exclaimed, grinning. Diego grabbed a spoon from the draw and dipped it into the pot, and after blowing on it to cool it off, gave it a taste. "It’s good, baby, but it lacks some heat!" Diego reached into the spice cupboard, grabbed the cayenne pepper and sprinkled some into the pot. After stirring, he stuck the spoon back in and gave it another taste. "Better!" He dipped the spoon in, again, and held it in front of Chance’s lips. Chance blew on it and opened his mouth, allowing Diego to shove the spoon in.

"Pretty warm, baby," Chance said.

"You’ll get used to it," Diego said, "you know, hot and spicy food is really good for the digestive system. We gotta keep each other healthy! Man, I’m starved, let’s eat first, and we can shower later."

"Works for me baby," Chance replied, "the corn muffins should be about done." Chance opened the oven, and the muffins looked perfect, just lightly browned on the top. Chance pulled them out, and cut off the heat.

"Oh, god baby, I love corn muffins!" Diego exclaimed, smiling. Chance dropped the muffins into a bowl, setting them on the table, and Diego grabbed a ladle from the draw, two soup plates from the cupboard and dished them up bowls of chili. Diego went to the kitchen sink and washed his hands, and the two men sat down to eat. Diego, rose again, picked up the cayenne pepper and sprinkled even more on his bowl of chili.

Both men grabbed muffins, cutting them in two, and spreading butter on them, quickly taking a bite.

"You made these from scratch, didn’t you?" Diego asked.

"I did," Chance replied, "do you like them?"

"Oh yeah," Diego said, "they’re much better than the ones from a mix! The chili is great too, Baby, you’re gonna make some man a wonderful wife—or—maybe, a husband?"

"Dee," Chance queried, "I know it’s early, and we have a lot more to learn from each other, but would you consider marriage, somewhere down the line, if we decide to make this arrangement more permanent?"

"Maybe," Diego said, tears running down his cheek, "I never thought my heart could hold so much love for another man, but I have fallen totally in love with you!"

"Baby," Chance replied, "There’s no way that you can love me any more than I love you!"

"I see a problem, though," Diego stated, "I’ve always dreamed of having children, and two men can’t make babies."

"I’m not certain how Texas laws are," Chance stated, "but I know that in some states, same sex married couples can adopt children. I have a feeling that we could be some awesome daddies!"

"Oh, not to change the subject, but Cam and I had another brief discussion today." Diego stated. "You know that Cam and I are really close friends. I hope you don’t mind that I invited him to our cookout on Memorial Day. He asked if he could bring his girlfriend, Ginny, and of course I told him that she was welcome."

"Oh," Chance replied, grinning, "So we’ll have a token straight couple sharing our gay cookout party! Baby you know that it’s fine with me. I just hope that Cam and Ginny don’t feel too uncomfortable around all of us gay boys."

"Cam told me that if he was uncomfortable around pole lovers, he and I would never have become good friends." Diego stated, "Cam and I completely accept and respect each other’s sexuality."

"It’s good that you two can be so different, and still be such close and good friends," Chance said. "The last time I had a close friend that was straight, was in high school, and his name was Mario. I think the only reason we were close friends was that I was always willing to give him a blowjob whenever he was horny, but it was always just one way. Once he got a regular girlfriend, that was giving him her pussy, he didn’t hang around with me anymore."

While Chance gathered the dirty dishes and placed them in the sink to be washed, Diego stood by the washer and stripped, preparing for his shower. A couple minutes later Chance also stripped, and joined Diego in the bathroom, ready to give his baby his bath.

Who likes what the most? It’s hard to tell. Chance loves to bathe his baby, and Diego loves the feeling of Chance’s hands cleaning his entire body. Once both men were rinsed, they took turns drying each other off, each giving the other’s pecker a loving kiss, and creating a smile on each other’s faces.

After getting dry and without dressing, Diego started a load of laundry and Chance washed up the dishes. While the laundry was in the dryer, they cuddled naked together on the sofa and watched a movie. After the movie ended, they folded the laundry, carried it to the bedroom, and called it a night, cuddled in bed together.

Lying in bed with Diego, Chance was overwhelmed with a feeling of complete euphoria. He’d been to bed with other boys, but this was different. With other boys, it was all about having sex and getting each other off. With Diego, sure, they’ve enjoyed some sex together, but just lying next to Diego he was at peace with the world.

Chance couldn’t comprehend the love he had developed for this wonderful young Mexican dude that was now in his life. Fuck, ‘in his life’ is an understatement, Diego has become his life, and Diego’s happiness is Chance’s number one priority. He just hopes that Diego’s feelings toward him are even close to his feelings, and love for Diego.

The last thing Chance remembers, before falling asleep, is facing Diego in bed, with his arm around his boys’ torso, and Diego’s head resting on his shoulder. What a beautiful way to fall asleep!

* * * * *

Diego’s POV:

Lying next to Chance, with Chance’s arm around him, Diego is thinking over the last couple weeks. That night in the bar when he bought Chance a drink, just hoping to meet him. Yes, he was very much attracted to Chance, never dreaming how things might go.

Now, less than two weeks later, he is actually living with the man of his dreams! Diego is used to being independent, having been on his own ever since his parents sort of kicked him out, when they learned he was gay. With this move, from the apartment into Chance’s home, he’s lost some of his independence.

He had been in a habit of visiting the bar, which was only a ten minute walk from his apartment, about two or three times a week. He was not a heavy drinker, and his primary reason for going to the bar was to meet, and maybe hook up with a boy for the night. After meeting Chance, the whole game changed. Yeah, he did get Chance into the sack that first night, but Chance was a different kind of dude. Chance was looking for more than just a one-night stand, Chance wanted someone to love, and build a relationship with. It was an aspect of gay life that Diego was previously not really aware of.

His awareness of the gay lifestyle was going to the bar, meeting someone, going to one of their homes, having sex and Wham! Bam! Thank you man!

That Sunday, after he and Chance had slept together, he had some very foreign feelings toward Chance, and didn’t want Chance to leave him. Fortunately, Chance was having similar feelings, and insisted that he spend a few days living with Chance, at Chance’s home. The social experiment.

What Diego didn’t know, or even realize, was that two boys can actually share love, real love, not just sexual attraction. What Diego and Chance were experiencing was the very beginnings of falling in love with each other. Now, a few days later, Diego snuggled a little closer to Chance and wrapped his free arm around Chance, his head on Chance’s shoulder, and fell asleep, a very happy boy, totally in love with his boyfriend.

Friday morning the two men awoke to the alarm at 6:30 AM. Since both of them were sporting morning wood, they slipped out on the porch and watered the grass with golden arches. Returning to the kitchen, Diego made some Mexican hot cocoa to share with Chance. Chance forewent the coffee, for now.

Diego, while they sat at the table sipping on the hot cocoa, "Baby, when are you going to get the food for the cookout?"

"Babe," Chance replied, "since you’re off on Saturdays, Saturday will be our grocery shopping day, and we’re going to shop together. You tend to buy some different foods than I would buy, and that way we can both get what we need."

"But you do most of the cooking," Diego stated. "and you probably wouldn’t know how to fix things that I might buy."

Chance, grinning, "That’s why you’re going to teach me how to cook Mexican dishes! I love Mexican cuisine, but I have never learned how to cook it."

"Mister," Diego said, grinning, "you just made yourself a deal! Are we gonna buy salads for the cookout, or are you going to make them?"

"Anna makes some really good potato and pasta salads," Chance stated, "I’m gonna ask her today, if she’d be willing to make them for the cookout. Otherwise, we’ll probably buy them at the market."

"Today is payday," Diego said, "After I cash my check, I’ll have money to help pay for our food, and the food for the cookout. Chance, figure out what the expenses are for our home. Since we’re sharing everything, I want to help. I don’t want to be a freeballer!"

"Diego," Chance asked, grinning, "do you know what a freeballer is?"

"Yeah, someone who is dependent on someone else to pay for everything," Diego answered, "I want to carry my share of the load."

"I think what you mean is a freeloader," Chance explained, "a freeballer is a guy that goes commando, and doesn’t wear any underwear beneath their trousers."

"Oh," Diego replied, "I stand corrected, thanks, Chance."

As on most previous mornings, Chance prepared breakfast for Diego and himself, while Diego packed his lunch. Chance handed the key for the Pilot to Diego, and Diego headed to work.

While driving the Pilot to work, Diego is thinking. With this new living arrangement, he will have a little more expendable income. He would like to have his own car, and not be dependent on using Chance’s all the time, leaving Chance without transportation.

To be continued...........

* * * * *

Authors Note:

I apologize to my wonderful readers. It’s been said that we should learn from our mistakes, but some of us old fools never seem to learn! I have made the same mistake again, starting a new story, "JC" while I still have one or two other stories in progress. After this chapter of JC, I’m taking a break, and working on new chapters of both "Watergame" and "DJ", which I’ve neglected while writing these first three chapters of "JC." I wish my fingers could travel on the keyboard half as fast as my mind travels.

Never fear, there will be future chapters of JC, but it will be some time before I get back to this story. I highly suggest that readers who enjoy certain authors or certain stories "follow" that author, or story, and you will be notified when new works or chapters are posted. Please make certain that you have notifications turned on, on your account.

So ends this chapter. As we move into Chapter 4 we’ll be picking up with Chance and Diego falling deeper into the Rabbit Hole of Love, and doing their first grocery shopping trip as a couple. And then will be the Memorial Day Cookout, and perhaps Benny will spend the night with JC? I think it’s wonderful that Diego’s best friend, Cameron, and Benny’s roommate, Angelo, both of them straight boys, can brush aside their sexuality differences and still want to be close to their gay friends. Warning! As mentioned above in my note, it will be a while before I can write Chapter 4. Please be patient, and as always, Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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