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    Doug Spencer
  • Author
  • 10,460 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

JC - 4. Chapter 4

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There are descriptions of gay sexual activity in this chapter.

In Chapter 4 we’ll be picking up with Chance and Diego falling deeper into the Rabbit Hole of Love, and doing their first grocery shopping trip as a couple. And then will be the Memorial Day Cookout, and perhaps Benny will spend the night with JC?

* * * * *

JC 4 – A gay love story by Doug Spencer

It’s Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend. Chance and Diego are naked in the kitchen, Diego was packing his lunch while Chance was cooking their breakfast. Diego was still getting used to this ‘nudity’ thing, but he really enjoyed being naked with his boyfriend in the privacy of their home.

Diego stepped behind Chance, who was busy at the stove, and wrapped his arms around Chance, giving Chance a loving hug, his pecker tickling Chance’s buns. Diego lowered his arm and gave Chance’s flaccid boyhood a playful cuff. Chance quickly spun around, returning the favor, and both boys snickered. Chance dished up their plates, and the two sat down to eat.

"Chance," Diego stated, "why don’t you take me to work today, so you’ll have the car to get some groceries, and pick up the stuff for the cookout? I get paid today, and I can pay you back for my half tonight."

"Nope!" Chance exclaimed, "We’re sharing this together, Baby. You’re off on Saturdays, and we can do our shopping together on Saturdays, and just split the cost at the checkout."

"Fair enough, Baby," Diego replied, smiling, "It’ll be fun, shopping together, like a normal couple."

"We are a normal couple," Chance stated, smiling, "we just happen to be a gay couple. I’m so happy that we are now living together, it's like a dream come true!"

"It’s pretty awesome," Diego replied, "going to bed every night, and waking up every morning with the boy I’m so totally in love with. If this is a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up!"

"Baby," Chance stated, "if we’re always there for each other, come hell or high water, no one can ever tear us apart. We can build an empire together, an Empire of Love. I never thought I would ever love anyone, as much as I love you, Baby!"

"Sweetheart," Diego stated, "if I don’t get to work, our financial empire might crumble. I need to leave, I’ll see you about 5:00. I’ll be a little later, I need to go by the bank and cash my check." The two boy’s shared a passionate kiss and hug, and Dee picked up his lunch cooler and left.

Chance went to the freezer compartment and pulled out a two-pack of chicken leg quarters to thaw, planning on Baked Potatoes and Baked Chicken for dinner tonight.

Diego is a bit uncomfortable, using the Pilot like his own to get to work, and leaving Chance with no transportation. Now, with the new living arrangement, he will have more expendable income, and believes the time has arrived to obtain a car of his own.

On most weeks Diego’s net pay is about $270, without rain days, and he plans to give Chance $100 a week toward the rent and utilities. That would leave $170 a week to pay for half the groceries, and make a car payment. This will work! He’ll discuss it with Chance over the weekend. Diego is determined to carry his share of the load. The next two weeks checks will be short, as Wednesday was a rain day, and the following week had Memorial Day, and he doesn’t receive paid holidays.

That Friday when Diego clocked out, he headed first to the bank, withholding $120 and depositing the balance of his check into his account. Now on home to greet his boy! Yes, Chance is his boy.

As usual, Chance ran out of the house to welcome his boy as soon as Diego parked the Pilot. After a loving and passionate kiss and embrace, the boys entered the kitchen, holding hands.

"Wow!" Diego remarked, "it sure smells good in here, I’ll bet you’ve been slaving all afternoon for dinner."

"I doubt nearly as hard as you’ve been slaving, baby," Chance stated, pulling Diego’s sweat soaked clothes off and dropping them on the floor. "You’re a sweaty mess! Go ahead and grab a shower, while I finish up our dinner." Diego sat on a chair and removed his boots and socks, and then headed to the bathroom. Chance didn’t offer to share the shower today, and Diego missed the joy of his baby bathing him.

Diego returned to the kitchen, naked, looking and smelling much better, just as Chance was placing their plates, each with a baked leg quarter and a baked potato on the table, along with a side dish of green beans. Chance loves to see his boyfriend in all his naked glory, and grinned.

"Maybe I should get dressed?" Dee asked.

"No need to," Chance replied, grinning, "No clothes makes my boy all the more hot, and attractive!" Diego smiled, and both boys dug in. Diego loves coming home, not only to his love, but also to a nice, home cooked meal. This is so much better than returning to his lonely apartment, usually with something from a fast food joint for supper. Diego could very easily get used to this routine!

Right after Diego finished eating, he arose from the table and fished in his soiled pant’s pocket, pulling $100 from his wallet. He returned to the table and lay the money in front of Chance.

"What’s this for?" Chance asked.

"Will $100 a week pay my half of the rent and utilities?" Diego asked.

"I haven’t asked you for any money," Chance stated.

"I know that!" Diego replied, "Baby, if we’re sharing everything, I’ll feel like a scumbag if I don’t carry my share of the load. How much do the rent and utilities cost a month?"

"Well, let’s see," Chance replied, bringing up the calculator on his phone and putting in some numbers. "There’s rent, Electric, Water, and Cable, and they come to—just about $800 a month."

"That only about $100 more than I was paying for them in my little apartment," Diego said. "Divide that by two, and it’s $400 a month, or $100 a week each. Not to mention the benefit of having my own wonderful boy to sleep with—every night!" Chance smiled, enjoying that same ‘benefit’ to the fullest extent.

"Baby," Chance stated, "if you’re comfortable with $100 a week to share the rent and utilities, and willing to split the cost of food, I have to consider that we are sharing equally. This will truly become our loving home to share. It won’t be my home anymore, it’ll be OUR home, a home full of love!" Diego smiled.

"Baby," Diego stated, "it’s Friday night, let’s go to the bar tonight and have some fun together, to celebrate our relationship. They sometimes have a live band on Friday night, and I can’t wait to get you back on that dance floor, even if it’s only a DJ."

"If we’re going out," Chance said, "I need to grab a shower, and shave."

"It’s only seven o’clock Baby," Diego stated, "and things don’t really pick up until about Nine. Go ahead and get that shower and I’ll catch these dishes. We’re gonna have a hot time tonight!"

Just as Diego finished the dishes, Chance walked out of the bathroom, naked, and approached Diego. The two boys shared a kiss and embrace. Diego Jr. and Chance Jr. also seemed to kiss, and the boys both snickered.

They entered the bedroom and dressed together, both pulling on clean boxers, and slim-fit jeans, sport shirts, and their best sneaks. Diego Jr. is a little larger than Chance Jr. and Chance admired the way Diego Jr. hung down into Diego’s pant leg, not leaving much to imagination. Chance couldn’t resist giving Diego Jr. a loving squeeze through the jeans and Diego grinned.

Chance ordered them an UBER, feeling it would be safer, especially if they had a couple too many drinks at the bar. UBER was better than driving home, taking a chance on an accident, or maybe getting a DUI. They waited on the front porch for their UBER to arrive.

The car pulled up, Chance and Diego quickly piled into the back seat.

"I’m Josh," Josh stated, "the app says you boys are going to the Cactus Club?"

"Yes, sir," Diego replied.

"I hope you boys realize that the Cactus Club is a—gay club," Josh stated, "your chances of picking up any girls there is slim to none."

"We’re not looking to pick up Chic’s, sir," Chance stated, "we have each other." Diego’s face turned pink, and Chance took Diego’s hand in his. "It’s OK, Baby."

"I see," Josh replied, "Will you be returning, or are you getting a room downtown?"

"We’ll be returning, probably when the club closes," Diego said.

"Here is my card," Josh said, "with my cell phone. I’ll be driving until at least an hour after the bars close. If you give me a heads up, fifteen or twenty minutes before you put in your ride request, I can be parked at the club, and I’ll be the closest UBER driver, and I’ll get the request. I’ll be more than happy to deliver you boys home, safe and sound."

"Thanks, Josh," Chance replied, "we’ll call you." Chance and Diego exited the car, showed their ID’s to the doorman, and entered the club, Chance picked up the two $5.00 cover charges. The boys headed directly to the dance floor, and grabbed a table.

While the boys were watching the band, ‘The Pink Panther’s’ setting up on stage, Brad, their server, approached them for their drink orders, and Diego ordered them drinks.

It was still only about 8:55 when Brad returned with their drinks, and the place was filling fast, with only a couple of empty tables left. The boys sipped on their drinks, holding hands across the table.

At precisely Nine, the band started playing an up tempo tune and Diego led Chance to the dance floor, the first couple on the floor. They were soon joined by a few more gay couple’s, and two or three female couple’s. Everyone was grooving to the music, and getting down. Chance and Diego were having fun.

After the first two fast songs, the band slowed the pace with a nice slow song. Chance and Diego held each other tightly, swaying to the music, and sharing an occasional kiss. By the end of that slow dance, both Diego and Chance needed to adjust themselves, as both had bulges in their crotch areas. What is it about slow dancing with your sweetheart that causes erections to occur? They were probably not alone. Chance excused himself and headed to the John.

Another handsome man, approaching Diego, "Hi there, Handsome, I’m Drew, how about a dance?" Diego accepted, and went on the dance floor with Drew for the fast dance. Chance returned, saw Diego dancing with this other dude, and a twinge of jealously swept over him, as he sat down at their table.

Drew, as he and Diego left the dance floor, "I like you, Diego, could we maybe hook up for some action later tonight?" Drew followed Diego back to the table where Chance was sitting.

"Thanks for the offer Drew," Diego stated, "but no thanks. If I get into any action, it will be with my beautiful boyfriend, Chance. Baby, this is Drew, and Drew, my boyfriend, Chance. Drew and Chance shook hands, and Drew walked off.

"So who is Drew?" Chance asked.

"I don’t know Baby," Diego replied, "just some dude that asked me to dance while you were in the restroom. Are you jealous?"

"Maybe just a little," Chance replied, with a sheepish grin.

"Well, he did invite me for some action later, but you heard me turn him down." Diego replied. "Baby, I’m done with one night stands, and I value our relationship way to much to ever cheat on you. Don’t you see that I love you, and that’s forever. I don’t want to ever see us part."

"I’m sorry, Baby," Chance replied, "I guess I just over reacted a little. I’m just so afraid of losing the most wonderful boy I’ve ever known, and fallen hopelessly in love with!"

"Baby, I’m super glued to you," Diego stated, "The only way you’ll lose me is if you kick me out of your life! And that would shatter my heart! Without you, my life would be worthless!" The band played another slow song.

"Come on Baby," Chance said, "Sway with me!" Chance led Diego back onto the floor, and they slow danced, tightly in each other’s arms, to the tune of ‘Sleepwalk’.

During the rest of the night, the boys sipped drinks during most of the fast tunes, but didn’t miss a single slow dance. They both enjoyed swaying in each other’s arms. The club would be closing at 1:00 AM, and Chance called Josh about 12:30, and Josh drove to the Cactus Club to await their ride request, which came in about 12:45. The boys emerged from the club, at just 1:00 AM, spotted Josh’s car and stumbled in, both a little inebriated.

"One destination or two?" Josh asked, seeing the boys cuddled closely together in the back seat in the rear view mirror, and kissing.

"Just one," Chance answered, "we share the same house."

Josh, fishing, "Two bedrooms, I presume."

"We only need one bedroom, and one bed," Diego replied.

"I kinda figured that," Josh said, grinning, "so how long have you two been together?"

"Just a few weeks," Chance replied, "but we hope it’s permanent."

"I wish you luck," Josh stated, "I know some older gay couples that have been together for twenty, even thirty years, so I know that some gay relationships can last. You’ve got my card, and I’ll be happy to ride you boys again, if you need my service."

"Josh," Chance offered, "would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee with us?"

"I’d like to, but I can’t," Josh replied, "It’s a busy time of night, with all the bars closing. I gotta get back downtown and make those bucks! It’s been my pleasure, and thank you for using UBER. I hope to see you again."

Entering the house, Chance quickly made a pot of coffee, so they could sober up a bit before going to bed. After just one cup, they stripped and went to bed, sleep was more important than another cup of coffee.

"Baby, I had a wonderful time tonight, thank you," Chance said.

"It was a little different for me tonight," Diego stated, "I used to go to the club to try and pick up a trick for the night, and maybe meet Mr. Right. Tonight, I walked in with Mr. Right, and came back home with him! I love you so much, Baby!"

The boys shared a passionate good night kiss and hug, cuddled together and fell asleep, neither one of them even considered having sex. They were probably too tired and intoxicated for it anyway.

* * * * *

Saturday morning Chance and Diego slept in until about 10:00 AM, waking up with a serious need to pee, and both sporting morning wood. As usual, they stepped out on the back porch and created golden arches, watering the grass.

Chance quickly brewed a pot of coffee, and they sat at the table, naked, and enjoyed two cups each.

"Baby," Chance stated, "I had a really great time last night. I think we should make going to the club a regular routine, like maybe once a month."

"I’d buy into that," Diego stated, "I just wish they’d play more slow songs. It just feels so—romantic, when we slow dance together," then grinning, "even if we do get hard!" Chance grinned.

Chance, looking in the refrigerator, "Dee, we’re out of everything breakfasty, no sausage, no bacon, no eggs. This fridge looks like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard! Let’s go raid the Saturday breakfast buffet at Golden Coral, and then we can go to the market, and stock up."

"We need to get the food for the cookout too," Diego stated, with a smile on his face." He is looking forward to grocery shopping with Chance.

"Oh shit!" Chance remarked, "I forgot to ask Anna if she would make her awesome potato salad for the cookout. Let me give her a call." Chance placed the call, and Anna answered with a ‘Good morning, Chance.’

"Good morning to you, Anna," Chance replied, "I’d like to ask a huge favor of you?"

"You know I’ll help you," Anna replied, "if I can, what do you need?"

"I’d like to bribe you to make a big bowl of your wonderful potato salad for the cookout on Monday," Chance replied.

Anna, chuckling, "Dear boy, you don’t have to bribe me, but I don’t have enough potatos or mayonnaise to make it. Are you going to be near the market today?"

"As a matter of fact," Chance replied, "Dee and I are going out for breakfast, and then doing our grocery shopping, and picking up the stuff for the cookout."

"Great!" Anna exclaimed, "If you’ll just pick up a five pound bag of redskin potatoes and a jar of mayonnaise I’ll be more than happy to make the salad. Oh, and a cucumber."

"No problem, Anna," Chance answered, "and thank you so much! We were going to buy the salad at the deli, but yours is so much better than anything we can buy. I hope you know that you and JC are invited to join us for the cookout."

"JC told me that you told him he could invite his friend, Benny to come too. Benny seems like a really nice young man, and JC really likes him a lot."

"Yes, Benny is invited, and Dee also invited his best friend from work, Cameron, and his girlfriend, Ginny to join us. I think we’re gonna fill up that picnic table with seven of us! I’m so looking forward to Memorial Day, with our best friends!" Chance and Anna hung up.

"I suppose, Baby," Dee stated, "if we’re going to leave the house, we need to get dressed."

"Shucks," Chance replied, "I suppose so, but I could stand to see Diego Jr. 24/7! I hate to see you cover him up!" Diego grinned and Chance affectionately wrapped his fingers around Diego Jr.

The two boys went to the bedroom and dressed in the same clothes they’d worn to the bar last night. Locking the back door, they left, on their way to Golden Coral.

After stuffing themselves with two plates of breakfast goodies each, they headed to the market to shop together, like a ‘normal’ couple, for the first time. Chance picked up the items he would normally buy, placing them in the cart. In the pasta isle, Diego added a bag of rice and a bag of Pinto Beans.

"What are those for?" Chance asked.

"Baby," Dee replied, "beans and rice are staples in Mexican cookery. If I’m going to teach you how to cook Mexican dishes I need to have the ingredients." Chance nodded, understanding. He is anxious to learn how to cook Mexican food, which he happens to be quite fond of, and it’s what his boy is used to eating.

"Let’s make a deal," Chance stated, "during the week, while you’re at work, I’ll cook what I know best. On the weekends the kitchen is yours, and you can teach me to cook Mexican."

"Deal!" Diego exclaimed, smiling. In the dairy department, Diego added a package of Jalapino Jack cheese for his sandwiches, a bag of shredded Mexican Blend cheese and a jar of Salvadorian sour crema.

"Salvadorian sour cream, Baby?" Chance queried, while grabbing a large package of sliced American Cheese for the cheeseburgers, a pound of butter, a half-gallon of milk, and two dozen eggs.

"It’s a lot tastier than American sour cream," Dee replied, "I think you’ll like it, Baby." In the international isle, Dee picked up a can of pickled Jalapino’s, "For my sandwiches," Dee explained. In the condiment’s isle, Chance picked up the jar of mayonnaise for Anna and a jar of Dill Pickles along with squeeze bottles of catsup and mustard, and a jar of pickle relish.

Arriving in the produce section, Chance added two bags of redskin potatoes, one for Anna and one for the house. He added a bag of red onions, a head of Romaine lettuce, and a few slicing tomatoes, and the cucumber for Anna. He then added a large head of broccoli, and a bunch of asparagus to have for a couple of their dinners this week. Dee quietly added some garlic, a bunch of Cilantro, and four fresh Jalapino peppers to the cart.

"What are the Jalapino’s for?" Chance asked.

"You’ll see, Baby," Dee said, "they’re necessario."

Entering the meat department, they added a 16-pack of frozen hamburger patties for the cookout and a package of hot dogs. Chance added a two-pack of chicken leg quarters, and some pork chops, and Diego added a small pork roast.

"That’s a pretty small roast," Chance commented.

"Big enough to make us a pot of Posoli," Dee replied.

"What’s Posoli?" Chance asked.

"It’s a Mexican pork and hominy stew," Dee replied, "we need to pick up a can of hominy too." Back to the international isle, Dee added a can of hominy to the cart. In the paper isle, they added a package of paper towels, and some paper plates and plastic flatware for the cookout.

Finally reaching the bakery isle, Chance added a loaf of bread, and packages of hot dog and hamburger rolls. Dee added two packages of Tortillas to the cart. Looking over the cakes, they decided to get a layered Carrot Cake to serve for dessert at the cookout. Hopefully everyone would like Carrot Cake, and Chance knew it would make JC very happy, as JC is especially fond of Carrot Cake.

They took their full cart to the checkout and the cashier rung it up. Wow!, almost $100! Diego paid half with his debit card, and Chance paid his half with cash, using the money that Dee had given him toward the household expenses. After loading their groceries into the Pilot, they headed home, stopping at the dollar store to buy a bag of charcoal.

Arriving home, they carried the groceries into the house, and busied themselves putting everything away. Chance took the bag of potatoes, jar of Mayo and the cucumber next door and gave them to Anna. Anna offered to reimburse him, and Chance told her not to worry about it, and that it was a small price to pay, to have her make the potato salad for the cookout.

By 5:00 PM the boy’s big breakfast had worn off, and they were starting to discuss what was for dinner.

"How about some Arros con Chorizo?" Diego suggested.

"Some who?" Chance asked.

"Arros con Chorizo," Dee answered, "a Mexican dish of rice with Chorizo sausage. I’ll teach you how to make it."

"Let the lesson begin!" Chance replied, grinning.

"Baby, chop up one of those red onions we bought, and I’ll get the Chorizo started." While Chance chopped the onion, Dee got out the large skillet and broke up a package of Chorizo into a small amount of olive oil. "Now add the onion, and sauté the onion and Chorizo over low heat. I’ll chop up a couple cloves of garlic, and a Jalapino. Keep it stirred, so it won’t burn." Dee seeded the Jalapino, dicing the green part and added the garlic and Jalapino to the skillet.

"Do we have some chicken broth, Baby?" Diego asked.

"It should down in that (pointing) cupboard," Chance answered.

Dee, finding it, "We need two cups of this, and a can of diced tomatoes." Dee measured out two cups of the broth, adding it to the skillet, and opened a can of tomatoes, adding it to the mixture.

"Bring that to a simmer, and after it simmers for a few minutes we can add the cup of rice. When the rice is cooked, we can add a can of corn, and dinner will be served!"

"I don’t think we have a can of corn, Baby," Chance stated.

Dee, looking in the freezer, "Never fear, this package of frozen corn that came from the apartment will work just fine." Dee measured a cup of rice and rinsed it in the strainer, dumping it into the skillet, and Chance stirred it in. "Now just cover the pan, and let it simmer until the rice is done. Then we can add the corn, and let that bitch simmer a bit longer, to cook the corn." Chance had to grin at Dee’s reference to the meal as that ‘bitch’.

While the rice was cooking, Dee chopped up some of the Cilantro, and added it to the mixture, along with a few shakes from the spice jar of cumin, which also came from the apartment. Cumin is a spice that Chance had not used before, and is essential in many Latin dishes, helping to give them a unique flavor.

About 6:30 the meal was done, and Dee pulled two plates from the cupboard to dish up dinner.

"Don’t give me very much," Chance said, "this might be a little too hot for me to handle." Dee placed a smaller portion on Chance’s plate and a full portion on his own. They sat down to eat.

Chance, gingerly placing a half forkful in his mouth, deciphering the flavor, "It’s not as hot as I thought it would be, but it’s good."

"You’re right," Dee stated, smiling, "it needs more heat!" Dee grabbed the bottle of Tapatio hot sauce and shook a substantial amount on his plate, and gave it a taste. "That’s better, try some?"

"No thanks," Chance replied, "it’s fine, just the way it is." Chance started to take full forks full and soon cleaned his plate. He rose from the table, picked up his plate, and returned to the stove, and dished himself a second helping. Diego grinned. He knew that first small portion would not fill his boy’s tummy. Yes, his boy, Diego is taking ownership of this wonderful young man. Actually Chance is nearly twenty-nine, and Diego is only twenty-four, but that’s only five years difference, and Diego is totally into Chance and loves him, regardless of the small age difference.

Chance, placing the remainder of the dinner into a storage container, "There’s enough left over to feed us another meal, if we have a salad to go with it."

"Or maybe," Dee added, "it would make a good lunch for you and JC to share one day, while I’m at work. I’ll just bet that JC would love to have some of that."

"You wouldn’t mind if I share it with JC?" Chance asked.

"Not at all, Baby," Dee replied, "I’ve really grown to care a lot for that incredible young man, and I’d share anything I own with him. Except, of course, for my boy’s body. That’s the one thing I want to keep for MY pleasure, and mine alone!" Chance grinned.

"Speaking of pleasure," Chance stated, smiling, "after that nice meal, I sure could enjoy some dessert!"

"Are you thinking of cutting into that Carrot Cake?" Dee asked.

"Nope," Chance replied, grinning, and glancing down to Diego’s crotch, "the dessert I’m starving for only comes from Diego Jr." Chance took Diego’s hand and led him into the bedroom. Both boys started to unbuckle each other’s belts, and remove each other’s clothing. They both removed their own socks and shoes.

"I’m a little surprised," Diego stated, "that we got through dinner, still dressed!"

Chance, snickering, "I know, right?" Three minutes later the two boy’s faced each other, and shared a loving kiss and embrace, their quickly erecting cocks rubbing against each other’s. Chance pushed his boyfriend onto the bed, knelt between Diego’s legs and started to attack Diego Jr. with his mouth. While licking the steady stream of precum from Diego’s pee slit, he used his tongue to slide under the foreskin and around the head of Diego Jr. He then took most of the length of Diego Jr. into his warm and anxious mouth.

Chance had been a little apprehensive about doing Diego, when he first found out that Diego was uncut, but now he really loves this beautiful uncut cock and wouldn’t want it any other way.

He used his fingers to slide the foreskin down, uncovering the head, and allowing his tongue to really work the most sensitive head of Diego’s cock.

Diego was totally relaxed, enjoying the treatment he was receiving from his wonderful boy. After about six or seven minutes, Diego felt his orgasm rising, and started to pant. Chance heard Dee panting and knew that his dessert was soon to arrive. With no warning, Diego Jr. started to pulse, and ropes of tasty sperm rolled into Chance’s waiting receptacle. God how Chance loves the flavor of his boyfriend’s orgasm, so sweet and just a bit tangy!

Diego had not experienced receiving very many blowjobs. Most of the tricks he’d turned had accepted his BJ’s but usually were shy about returning the favor, realizing that he was uncut. He’d probably dropped his load in more asses, than mouths, or his partner had just gotten him off by hand.

Chance sucked out those last few precious drops, and used his tongue to completely lick Diego Jr. clean, especially under the foreskin.

"Now I get MY dessert!" Diego announced, swapping positions with Chance. Dee started by licking up the precum that had streamed from Chance Jr. and run down on Chance’s thigh, while Chance was pleasuring Dee, and then took Chance Jr. inside.

While Dee was starting to skillfully work on Chance’s cock, Chance was happy that Dee was somewhat experienced. Dee is the best cocksucker that Chance has ever been in bed with—and Dee belongs to him! Chance was still highly aroused, and didn’t think he would last very long.

After only about five minutes of Dee’s nursing, Dee felt that Chance’s orgasm was close. He sensed Chance Jr. starting to pulse and was totally prepared for Chance Jr. to feed him, and Chance Jr. wasn’t about to disappoint Diego. The first spurt hit the back of Dee’s throat like a bullet, then came the rest of Chance’s orgasm, flowing so smoothly into Dee’s mouth. Dee rolled it around in his mouth, like one might enjoy the taste of a milkshake, and then gulped. Returning to Chance’s manhood, Dee sucked out those last drops, then the two boys shared a kiss, tasting their own orgasms in each other’s mouths.

They cuddled together for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow, and then arose. Walking naked into the kitchen, they shared the chore of washing the dishes. They then settled on the sofa and watched TV for about an hour, then retired into their bed, this time, to sleep.

Sunday morning the boys slept in until about 8:30 AM, awakening to natures call. Being Sunday, there was no rush for anything, except to relieve the pressure on their bladders. Both men were blessed with morning wood, so they slipped onto the back porch and took care of business, as usual. Chance brewed a pot of coffee and they sat together, naked, at the table. Just as the coffee finished, the back door swung open, and in walked JC, without bothering to knock.

"You’re just in time for coffee, JC," Chance stated, "Grab yourself a mug."

"Thanks, Chance," JC replied, noticing that both men were still naked, as usual for early morning. "Let me get more comfortable first." JC quickly dropped his shorts and boxers, laying them on the washer. On JC’s way to the cupboard, Diego couldn’t resist giving JC’s flaccid pecker a friendly cuff, and JC grinned. Pouring himself a cup, JC sat at the table with the other two.

"Boy," JC said, "I sure like hanging around naked with you guys!"

"I think," Chance stated, grinning, "you’re just a typical gay boy, and most all gay boys like to see cock. Even us older gay boys enjoy seeing cock, its just part of being gay." Diego nodded.

"After the cookout tomorrow," JC said, "I’m asking Benny to sleep over with me. Maybe I can get to see Benny’s pecker, and maybe even play with it! I’d love to have Benny play with my pecker!" Diego and Chance exchanged glances, and grinned. They’re both wondering if JC and Benny might just become boyfriends.

Sunday was a laid back day, as neither Chance nor Diego had anything pressing to do. Diego decided it might be a good day for Chance to learn how to make Pozole. Chance was eager to learn. The three boys were all still hanging around, happily naked.

Diego pulled that small pork roast from the fridge and cut it into bite sized chunks, and put them into a pot, browning them. He instructed Chance to dice up three cloves of garlic and a large onion, adding them to the pot with the pork, and turning the heat low, allowing the onion and garlic to sauté with the meat. Diego added a generous portion of cumin, oregano, basil and cayenne pepper, announcing each.

"Now Baby," Diego instructed, "add four cups of water, and bring it to a boil, and then add these two cubes of tomato bouillon, and then we can let it simmer, covered, for a couple of hours."

"Wow, Dee," JC stated, "it smells good already! Can I have some?"

"Sure, JC," Dee replied, "but not until suppertime, this will be our supper tonight, along with some tortillas. You’re invited for supper." JC smiled.

While the Pozole was simmering, all three boys pulled on some shorts, Chance grabbed three cans of Pepsi from the fridge, and they headed out to the picnic bench and sat down. Diego opened a new topic.

"You know, Baby," Dee stated, "I get lots of exercise on my job, but the only exercise you get is your fingers on the keyboard. Did you ever consider getting a membership at one of the fitness clubs, and working out two or three times a week?"

"Not really," Chance replied, "I’d feel like a fish out of water, going there all alone." JC is getting an idea.

"Baby, I want my boy to be healthy, and strong. I’m afraid you’re on the road to become old and weak, just skin and bones. I’ll get a membership with you, and we can go together, and work out, at least some of the time. Maybe you might even meet a dude that could become a workout buddy."

"Chance," JC said, "If I could afford a membership, I’d be happy to be your workout buddy. I’ve seen ads on TV, and those clubs have all kinds of neat machines to work out with. Much better than lifting weights in the back yard."

"Baby," Dee stated, his eyes wet, "Even if you’re not inclined to want to better your health and physique for your own benefit, please—do it for me?"

Chance sat in silence, contemplating. Seeing the tears in Diego’s eyes, he knows that Dee really wants him to take this step.

"Okay," Chance finally spoke, "I’m convinced! JC and I can check out the fitness clubs on Tuesday, and maybe get memberships."

JC, excited, "Let me go and ask Mama if she can afford me a membership."

"JC," Chance said, "don’t worry about it. If you’ll be my workout buddy, I’ve got our memberships covered."

"AWESOME!" JC exclaimed, grinning ear to ear. "I can hardly wait for us to get started!" Then, "I don’t suppose we can work out naked."

"I think that’s a given, JC," Chance replied, grinning, "there are some girls that work out too, so we’ll have to be properly covered." Diego couldn’t help grin from JC’s comment.

"We’d better check on the Pozole," Diego said. The three boys all headed back inside.

"Chance," Dee instructed, "grab what’s left of that Chicken Broth from yesterday and pour it in, and then take about half of the remaining Cilantro and chop it finely." Dee opened the can of hominy and drained it.

After Chance added the Cilantro, Dee dumped the Hominy in, and stirred it all up. Then, sticking a spoon in, gave it a taste test.

"Needs a little salt," Dee stated, sprinkling some salt, then stirring again. Now satisfied with the taste, he stuck the same spoon back in again, holding it in front of Chance’s lips. Chance opened up, and Dee shoved the spoon into Chances mouth. Chance held the spoonful in his mouth, tasting it, and swallowed, smiling.

"Pretty tasty, Baby," Chance said.

"Now you know how to make Pozole," Dee stated, "Next time you can do it all by yourself!" Chance smiled. "We’ll give it another hour to simmer, and let the Hominy absorb the flavor, and supper will be ready."

Chance called Anna to let her know that JC was having supper with Diego and himself, and that she was also welcome to come try the Pozole. Anna said she wasn’t fond of spicy food, and declined. She also told Chance that the potato salad was made, and in the refrigerator, ready for tomorrow.

About 6:00 PM the Pozole was done, and the three boys prepared to devour it. Dee wasn't certain that JC would like it, and served him a smaller bowl than he ladled for himself and Chance.

"Is that all there is?" JC asked, noting his smaller portion.

"There’s more," Dee replied, "it’s spicy, and I wanted to make sure you liked it."

JC blowing on the first spoonful to cool it, and then taking the first spoonful in his mouth, "UMMMMM! This is really good. It’s just spicy enough to really taste great!"

"Tortilla, JC?" Dee offered.

JC, pulling a tortilla from the package, "What do we do with this?"

"Most people fold it in two, or four," Dee replied, "and eat it like bread, with the stew." JC followed Diego’s suggestion.

JC, two tortillas and an empty bowl later, "Can I have more?"

"Sure, JC," Chance said, picking up JC’s bowl and ladling a second helping of Pozole, a little bigger than the first. After ten more minutes, JC was rubbing his stomach.

"Whew!" JC exclaimed, for soup, it’s really filling. I’m stuffed!"

"I guess you won’t go to bed hungry tonight," Dee said, grinning.

"Speaking of bed," JC asked, "can I sleep over with you guys?"

Chance and Diego glanced at each other. They’d enjoyed some good sex the night before, and likely would not be doing anything tonight, needing to rest up for the cookout tomorrow.

"It’s cool with me, Baby," Dee said, "if it’s okay with you."

"OK JC," Chance said, "and then you need to take a break for a couple of weeks. I’ll call Anna, and let her know you’re sleeping over with us tonight." JC beamed, and Chance made the call. Of course Anna gave her approval. Even knowing that Chance and Diego are gay, she has unlimited trust in both of them. She is also well aware now, that JC is also gay, likely the reason that JC is so closely attracted to the two older boys.

The three boys sat together on the sofa, all naked, and watched a movie on Netflix, JC happily snuggled between Diego and Chance.

During the movie, JC’s hand slipped across Diego’s thigh and his fingers wrapped around Diego’s flaccid pecker.

Diego, grinning, "JC, if you want to feel a pecker, feel your own!"

Chance, suddenly realizing what just occurred, "JC, I’ve warned you, about touching my cock!"

"I wasn’t touching yours," JC stated, "and Diego’s is so much fun to play with!"

"But it’s MY FUN!" Chance remarked. "JC, Diego’s cock belongs to me, just like my cock belongs to Diego. You need to learn to keep your hands at home, at least around us! If you don’t, we won’t let you sleep over with us anymore."

"Okaaaaay, I’m sorry," JC apologized.

"JC," Dee added, "when you have a boyfriend of your own, you’ll get upset too, if another boy tries to touch him, in a sexual way. We care about you, and we don’t mind you sleeping with us once in a while, but please, keep your hands at home! Fondling, or playing with our cocks is off limits!"

The movie ended, and Chance turned off the TV, announcing it was time for bed. Diego turned out the light in the living room, and kitchen and they all headed to the bedroom. Nobody had to undress for bed, as they were all already naked.

JC, apprehensively, "Am I still OK to sleep with you guys?"

"You’re fine, JC," Chance stated, "just keep your fingers away from our genitals!" The three boys went to bed, much like the last time that JC slept with them, JC the filling between two Oreo cookies. Both Chance and Diego wrapped an arm around JC’s torso, snuggling close. Both boys care deeply for JC, but neither of them desires to have any kind of sexual activity with him. They prefer to think of JC like a kid brother. In less than half an hour, they were all asleep.

It’s 10:00 AM on Monday morning, Memorial Day, and the day of the cookout. All three boys arose from bed, all three with a need to pee, and all three sporting morning wood. They all walked together out onto the back porch and created golden arches, watering the grass.

JC, viewing Chance and Diego’s nice erections, so wanted to hold both of their peckers in his hands, but after last night’s discussion, he resisted the strong temptation. Chance’s threat of not letting him sleep with them anymore had some sharp teeth! JC so much loves to sleep with his ‘Big Brothers’.

For a change of pace, Chance didn’t brew any coffee. Instead, Diego whipped up a blender full of Mexican Hot Chocolate, and the three boys enjoyed that, along with some pastries. Instead of cooking up a normal breakfast they finished breakfast with just bowls of cold cereal.

After breakfast the boys just lounged around naked until almost 11:30. The cookout was scheduled to start at 2:00 PM, but Diego mentioned that Cam had said that he and Ginny would probably come earlier to socialize, and get to know everybody. JC had also told Benny that he could come early, so that he and JC could have some time together before the cookout, and you never knew when Anna might just pop in, unannounced.

They mutually agreed that they should all be properly dressed by noon, just so that they wouldn’t be caught naked. JC headed back to his side of the house, wanting to shower and change into some clean duds—just in case. He wanted to be clean, and smell good, hoping to get close, very close, to Benny today. The boys’ decision to get dressed early paid off.

About 12:30 Cam and Ginny pulled into the back and parked next to the Pilot, and Dee and Chance went out to greet them.

"Ginny," Cam stated, "you’ve met Diego’s boyfriend, Chance Watson, and you know Diego." Chance shook hands with Ginny and bumped fists with Cam, and Cam and Diego shared a warm and tight hug.

Ginny, grinning, "Why don’t you two just kiss each other?"

"Ginny!" Cam exclaimed, "I’m not into kissing boys!"

"But I am," Dee replied, sharing a quick lip kiss with Chance, and Ginny and Cam both grinned. "I’m glad you two were able to join us today, for our cookout."

Just a couple of minutes later, Anna and JC appeared.

"Ginny, Cam," Diego stated, "these are our next door neighbors, Anna Cortez, and her son, Jonathan, he goes by JC." The four shared handshakes, "Anna, JC, Cam is my best friend from work, and Ginny is his girlfriend." Anna and Ginny seemed to have an immediate liking for each other, being the only women present with these (mostly gay) guys. Anna and Ginny sat together on the picnic bench, and got into a conversation.

About five minutes later, Benny pulled in and parked, and JC ran to his car to greet him. Benny and JC shared a romantic hug and kiss, and Anna was a bit surprised, witnessing JC kissing another boy for the first time. JC and Benny were holding hands as they walked back and joined the rest of the group.

"Hey everybody," Chance stated, "this is JC’s best friend, Benny Smith. Benny, this is Diego’s coworker, Cam, and his girlfriend, Ginny, and you know the rest of us. Welcome to our Memorial Day cookout."

Benny, while shaking hands with Cam and Ginny, "Thanks, Chance, for letting JC invite me."

"You’re very welcome, Benny," Chance replied, giving Benny a warm, sideways hug that made Benny really feel really welcome.

"If you all will excuse me," Diego stated, "I think everyone is here, and I’m gonna get the grill fired up." Dee went into the house, returning with the bag of charcoal, and charcoal lighter fluid. While Diego got the fire going, JC and Benny went inside, and sat closely together on the sofa, holding hands and chatting.

"Benny, when do you have to be at work?" JC asked.

"4:00 PM tomorrow, why?" Benny asked.

"I was thinking," JC answered, "if it’s OK with Mama, maybe you could sleep over with me tonight?"

"Oh, JC, I would love to," Benny replied, grinning, "I was so hoping you would invite me, I even brought my uniform for work, just in case, so I could go to work from here."

"I need to clear it with Mama," JC said, "but I think she’ll say it’s OK. I so want to cuddle up with you to sleep!" Benny grinned, and he and JC returned outside.

By this time, Diego had the burgers on the grill, and the aroma was making everyone hungry. Chance brought out the paper plates, plastic flatware, plastic cups and condiments, including a plate of sliced onions and tomatoes, and Romaine lettuce leaves.

"Baby," Dee said, "can you man the grill for a few, I need to make my special hot dog and burger topping."

"Go for it," Chance said, "I’ve got this." Diego returned to the kitchen, chopped two onions, two tomatoes, some Cilantro and a Jalapino, mixing them all together. Anna asked JC to get the potato salad from the refrigerator and bring it to the picnic table. Benny followed JC, and held the door for him.

Diego returned with his ‘special topping’, placing it on the table, and retook the grill. Chance returned inside and got the gallon jug of Iced Tea and brought it out.

"Does everyone want cheese on their hamburgers?" Dee asked.

"None on mine please," Ginny stated, "I’m lactose intolerant." Dee placed cheese on all of the burgers, except two.

"OK everybody!" Diego announced, "Grab a plate and your buns, come to the grill and I’ll put the meat on them." The short line quickly formed, buns open ready to receive the filling.

"This isn’t Burger King," Chance announced, "all the trimmings are on the table, and you can fix them up—your way!" That got a snicker from several people. The condiments were all at the end of the table, and everyone trimmed their burgers and dogs, then found a place to sit. The potato salad was in the center, where everyone could reach it.

Cam is particular about potato salad, and took just a tiny portion of it, about two bites, on his plate.

"Where did you get the potato salad from?" Cam asked, reaching over and taking a large spoonful of it.

"Anna was kind enough to make it for us," Chance answered.

"That’s the best damned potato salad I’ve ever tasted!" Cam said, "Thanks, Anna."

"I’m glad that you like it, Cam," Anna modestly replied.

"Cam," Chance stated, "you can’t buy potato salad in a deli that can hold a candle to Anna’s, that’s why I asked her to make it."

"Anna," Cam said, "you should consider marketing it, ‘Anna’s Potato Salad’, America’s Favorite Potato Salad!"

"That’s quite a complement, Cam," Anna said.

"I’d love to have some to pack with my lunches," Cam stated.

"Well," Anna replied, "if there’s any left over, maybe I can put some in a plastic container for your lunch tomorrow."

"That’d be great, Anna," Cam replied.

Chance, as everyone was cleaning his or her plates, "We have dessert!" Chance went to the house and returned with some smaller paper plates, a large knife and the Carrot Cake, with, of course, cream cheese icing."

JC was ecstatic when he saw the Carrot Cake, as he has a real affinity for Carrot Cake. Chance cut wedges of the cake, and passed plates of it around.

"I don’t think the little bit of cream cheese in the icing will upset me," Ginny stated, sliding some of the icing off her slice."

"Mama," JC said, "can I talk with you a minute, privately?"

Anna rose and she and JC walked over to their back porch, away from the rest of the group. Benny’s eyes were glued on Anna and JC.

"Mama," JC asked, "can Benny sleep over with me tonight? Please?"

"Doesn’t Benny have to work?" Anna asked.

"Not until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon," JC stated, "Please?"

"Sure, Sweetheart," Anna replied, smiling, "I like Benny, and he seems like a really nice boy. If he want’s to sleep over with you, I think it will be fine. I know how you like to sleep with other boys."

"Thanks, Mama," JC answered, giving Anna a kiss, "I’ll tell him it’s OK." JC, looking at Benny, gave Benny two thumbs up, and Benny grinned.

Anna entered the house, returning with a small plastic container, and scooped the remainder of the potato salad into it, and handed it to Cam. Cam smiled, and thanked her graciously.

Cam, as he and Ginny arose to leave, "Guys, this has been a great afternoon, Ginny and I had a really good time. We’re taking off to share some private time together, thanks for inviting us. Dee, I’ll see you tomorrow at work. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do."

Diego, grinning, and giving Cam a hug, "I’m sure we might do something that you wouldn’t ever do!" Cam grinned, totally getting Diego’s meaning, and he and Ginny took off. Diego is very happy to have Cam as his best friend. Cam totally accepts Diego’s sexuality and his relationship with Chance, and is happy that Chance and Diego have found each other. A gay boy couldn’t ask for a better straight friend than Cameron.

Diego got a trash bag from the house, and dumped all the used paper plates, and other trash into it, and carried it to the Dumpster. Chance carried the leftover food and condiments to the kitchen and put them away. JC and Benny settled in the office, lost in some game on JC’s computer.

Chance and Diego felt that the cookout was very successful and that everyone had enjoyed a good time. It was too early to go to bed, only a little past 6:00 PM, so Chance and Diego decided to watch a movie while the boys were playing on the computer.

The movie ended about 8:00 PM, and Chance and Diego decided to see how the boys game was going, and walked into the office. HOLY SHIT! They weren’t playing a game. They had a porn site up, and were viewing photographs of naked boys and men.

JC, just as the next photo appeared on the screen, "Holy fuck, Benny, look at the dick on that dude!"

"It’s not real, JC," Benny said, "they take a photo from right close to the dick, and it makes the dick look bigger than what it really is. I’ll bet he doesn’t have more than seven or eight inches. Notice how big his thighs look, and his head and arms look like a little kids."

Chance and Diego stood behind the seated boys and viewed a few more pictures with them.

"JC," Chance stated, "I didn’t get you that computer to view porn. You boys are still teens, and neither of you should be getting into something like that!" JC quietly closed out the site, and turned off the computer.

"What do you think, Benny," JC asked, "are you about ready for bed?"

"Anytime that you are," Benny replied. The boys arose from their chairs, both of them with tented shorts. Dee and Chance both noticed and glanced at each other and grinned. Most of the boys in the photos were shown with erections, and likely caused arousal for both boys—and for Chance and Dee as well.

"Is it okay if we each have another slice of that Carrot Cake for a bedtime snack?" JC asked.

"Sure, JC," Chance replied, "you know where the plates are, help yourselves." JC got two small plates from the cupboard, and grabbed two forks from the draw. He got the cake and a jug of milk from the fridge, placing them on the table, and two glasses from the cupboard. While JC cut two slices of cake, Benny instinctively poured milk into the glasses and returned the jug to the refrigerator. The boys went to work on their snack.

Finished, JC rinsed the plates and glasses, adding them to the other dishes to be washed, and they headed to JC’s side of the house to go to bed. Anna was occupied, watching TV.

"Are you boys going to bed already?" Anna asked.

"Yep," JC replied, "Benny has to work tomorrow, and needs his beauty rest. Goodnight, Mama," JC kissed Anna goodnight.

"Goodnight, Mrs. Cortez," Benny said.

"You probably will want to close your door," Anna suggested, "so the sound from the TV won’t keep you awake. Goodnight Boys."

Once inside JC’s bedroom, JC closed the door, and locked it, to Benny’s satisfaction. The boys undressed, to their boxers. For a minute they just stood in front of each other, viewing each other’s nearly naked bodies and both still wearing their boxers.

Benny, feeling JC’s pecs, and giving his upper arm a squeeze, "You’ve got some serious muscles, JC."

"I work out a lot," JC replied, "and Chance is getting him and me memberships at one of the gyms, so we can work out together."

"That’s pretty cool," Benny said, "I admire your body.

"Benny," JC asked, "can we play a little show and tell?" JC is dying to see Benny’s pecker.

"Why not," Benny replied. Both boys grabbed the waistbands of each other’s boxers, and slid them down to the floor, and both of them glued their eyes onto each other’s cut peckers.

"You’ve got a sweet looking cock, JC," Benny stated.

"Yours looks pretty nice too," JC replied, reaching towards Benny’s cock, "May I feel?"

"If I can feel yours too, Benny said, his hand reaching out. The two boys investigated each other with their fingers, and shared a grin.

"Benny," JC asked, "do you ever sleep naked?"

"All the time," Benny replied. "I sleep best, without clothes."

"Then I guess we’re both dressed for bed," JC stated, "Lets crawl in." JC turned off the ceiling light, leaving the table lamp on, and they slid into bed. They both continued to explore each other’s bodies for a few minutes, and both became highly aroused, Benny could feel the precum leaking from JC’s pee slit and wiped it off with his finger and tasted it. It was sweet.

"JC, have you ever had a blowjob?" Benny asked.

"Just one time," JC replied, "Chance promised me one for my eighteenth birthday, and kept his promise. It was a wonderful feeling, but he wouldn’t do it again. And then soon after, Chance and Diego became boyfriends, so I guess Diego gets them now. What about you?"

"I’ll be honest, JC, I have received a couple of blowjobs, and I’ve sucked off five or six guys. I’ve never wanted suck off any boy as much as I want to suck you off. I so want to taste your boy cream! Would you like for me to suck your sweet pecker?"

"Oh yeah!" JC exclaimed, "I’d love to feel my cock inside your nice warm mouth!" Benny slid the top sheet and blanket down to the foot of the bed to give them some room.

Unlike how Chance did it, Benny didn’t kneel between JC’s legs, and instead turned 180 degrees and told JC to lay on his side, facing him, and shuck down on the bed. Benny also lay on his side, facing JC, the boys were nearly in a sixty-nine position, both laying on their sides.

Benny, holding JC’s ball sack in his hand and feeling JC’s balls, "You’ve got big balls, JC, I’ll bet you can shoot a big load!" Still holding JC’s scrotum, Benny slid JC’s nice cock into his mouth and started to nurse on it, tasting the stream of precum that was coming from JC’s pee slit. JC was relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Benny’s mouth on his pecker.

Benny was excited, his own cock streaming precum. JC couldn’t resist fondling Benny’s stiff cock, just inches in front of his neck.

Benny, pulling off for a minute, "JC, please don’t touch me right now, I’m too hot, and you’re gonna make me shoot all over us!" JC removed his hand and Benny continued his assault on JC, who was starting to feel his climax approaching. Benny had JC softly moaning.

"Benny!" JC exclaimed, "I’m gonna cum, do you want me to cum in your mouth?" Benny, his mouth full of JC, didn’t answer, he just sucked harder, waiting for his reward. Seconds later, JC gasped, and he came to orgasm inside Benny’s mouth, filling it with his creamy load. Even after JC came, Benny continued to suck, draining out every last drop of tasty ejaculate that he could get from JC, and swallowing it.

Benny, still hard and hot, knew that three or four strokes would cause him to cum. He didn’t dare to touch his own cock, for fear of making a big mess.

JC, catching his breath, spontaneously prepared to take Benny’s boyhood into his mouth.

"JC, have you ever done this?" Benny asked.

"No," JC said, "but I want to give it a try! I want to make you feel as good, as you did me. Benny, help me learn to be a good cocksucker! I’m not afraid, not with you."

"Have you ever tasted cum?" Benny asked.

"Yep, Chance made me taste my own that night," JC replied, "I think I can do this, Benny, let me try."

"OK, go ahead, JC," Benny stated, "just watch the teeth, and try not to scrape my pecker with them. I’m pretty hot, it probably won’t take very long for me to cum."

JC took Benny’s cock in his mouth, the first time he’d ever experienced having a boy’s cock in his mouth. He was happy that is was Benny’s beautiful cock. He made the mistake of trying to take too much of it, and the head of Benny’s cock touched his throat, making him gag.

"Easy dude," Benny stated, "don’t try to swallow the whole thing! Just try the first two or three inches. You need to learn to walk before you can run. You’ll get more comfortable, with practice."

"Do you think I can make you cum," JC asked, "if I only suck part of it?"

"You’ve got me so hot, JC," Benny replied, "you’ll probably get me off, just sucking the head of it. The head of a boy’s dick is the most sensitive area." JC returned to Benny’s cock, only working the first three or so inches. After just three or four minutes of JC’s mouth on his cock, Benny’s orgasm was fast approaching.

"Get ready, JC," Benny warned, "I’m about to nut!" JC was ready to accept his first mouthful of Benny’s orgasm. Seconds later, JC felt Benny’s cock pulsing, and a stream of creamy boy’s milk streamed into JC’s mouth. At first, JC thought he wanted to spit it out, but he rolled it around, deciphering the taste, and swallowed. If Benny could swallow his cum, he could swallow Benny’s.

Benny asked JC for a tissue, and squeezed those last drops out, into the tissue.

"We didn’t do that with mine," JC commented.

"Because I sucked out those last drops from yours," Benny said.

"Maybe the next time, I can suck them out of you," JC said.

"If we have a next time," Benny stated, "I like you, a lot, JC, and I’d hope that we might have lots of ‘next times’."

"I like you a lot too, Benny," JC stated, "Could we maybe become boyfriends?"

"JC, we don’t really know each that well yet," Benny replied, "let’s get to know each other really well, and maybe our ‘likes’ for each other will turn into love for each other. If that happens, maybe we could become boyfriends."

"Benny, is sucking each other off the only way that boys have sex together?"

"No," Benny answered, "some boys like to fuck."

"You mean like—in the—ass?" JC asked.

"It’s called anal intercourse," Benny explained, "we gay boys sometimes use our asses as pussy’s for another boy to fuck."

"Have you ever been—fucked, like that?" JC asked.

"No," Benny replied, "my ass is virgin, just like yours. I’m saving my boy pussy for someone special, the boy that I fall in love with, that also is in love with me. Right now, you and I are just friends, good gay friends. If we continue to see each other, and date, we might develop into a loving relationship, but that doesn’t happen overnight. We need time, lots of time, to really get to know each other. We need to find other activities to share, things that we both can enjoy doing together. We can’t build a relationship on just a sexual attraction."

"Right now," Benny stated, "I just want to hold you in my arms, and go to sleep with you. Tomorrow is another day, Goodnight JC."

"Goodnight, Benny," JC said, "I’m so happy that you’re here with me tonight." The two boys cuddled closely, shared a romantic kiss, and with arms around each other, fell asleep.

To be continued.................


As this chapter comes to a happy closure, Chance and Diego are just falling deeper in love with each other, and Diego is no longer feeling like a guest in their home. Everyone had a great time at the Memorial Day Cookout. JC and Benny spent their first night sleeping together, and also had their first actual sex. They’re not boyfriends—yet, as Benny wants to take it slow, and find other things to do together, besides just having sex. In Chapter 5 Chance and JC start their workout regimen at a fitness center, and Diego will take steps to buy a car. JC will spend a night at Benny’s home and the boys will discuss experimenting with Anal Sex. Will they try it?

I :heart: comments!  We authors depend on comments to have the drive to keep writing.  Please don't be stingy with the comments.

I :heart: you guys and sincerely hope you're enjoying my tales.  Thanks for reading.


Copyright © 2019 Doug Spencer; All Rights Reserved.
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Big BooBoo!  I had Chapter 5 over half written--and I lost it!  Dunno what happened, but it's GONE!  I'm gonna have to start Chapter 5 all over again!  Sorry for the delay.

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