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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way - 10. The Architect (Part Two)

Our parallel stories continue. It is fun re-writing the story from Charlie's POV. Because of that, we don't have to spend a lot of time with Ian and Cam in the hospital! But we DO get to spend more time with Ian and Jacob as they grow closer and find some surprises along the way!

I called all over, trying to find out what had happened. No one knew anything. Of course, there were no answers when I called the Greenelys or Franklins.

So, I did what I always do when I’m troubled. I worked. I finished my part of the project in no time at all. I started working on Cam’s part of the project, and as I was nearly finished, there was a knock on the shop door.

It was Jacob, and he looked terribly worried about something. I unlocked the door and let him in.

“Jay, what’s wrong?”

“It’s horrible. Ian’s hurt bad.”

“Were you able to find out anything?”

“You didn’t see the text, did you?”

“No, I drained my battery calling and texting around trying to find out why Cam left so quickly. Do you know what happened?”

“According to Liz, Ian’s father drove his truck through the fence at the pool and into the lifeguard stand. Ian was thrown into the air and landed on the wreckage. Cam said he was in surgery to repair a wound from getting stabbed by a piece of wood and that there was a pretty serious head injury. His legs are fucked up, too.”

“We need to go to Boston. At least be there for Cam.”

“No. Cam said not to come. Ian would most likely be in ICU, and they were going to be staying there. They’re going to look for a hotel near the hospital as soon as Ian is out of surgery.”

“I’ll call Mom and have her take care of it. I’ll have her get a couple of suites. One for each family.”

I called Mom and filled her in on the details I could, and she said she would get right on it. She had Claire’s number and would let her know she would take care of the hotel for them. After that, I was just in shock. How could someone try to kill their own kid? What the fuck is wrong with people?

I just stood in the middle of the shop and started crying. Jacob came up and put his arms around me. I was glad he didn’t try to placate me with “everything’s going to be alright” or “don’t cry.” No, he just let me be where I needed to be at that moment.

After a bit, I got my senses back together and told Jacob I needed about twenty minutes to finish the job Cam and I had started that morning. We went to the back, and he watched as I did the hand-stitching on the last of the suits.

It was weird being watched while I sewed. It’s not exactly the type of thing that has an audience.

“Damn, Charlie. You are like a virtuoso, but with a needle and thread. Thanks for letting me watch you. It was really, really awesome!”

“Stop it. You’re just saying things people say when they are in love with silly, crybaby nerd boys.”

“No, baby. I already told you I would only tell you what I truly feel. I will never just say things.”

“I should make you a suit.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t have to. But it’s something I can do for you that would be like nothing else in the world. Someday you can design our dream house.”

“I think that’s an awesome deal. Do you need to take measurements?”

“Why yes, I think I do,” I said back with a sexy (as sexy as I can get) grin and a wiggle of the eyebrows. I grabbed my tape measure and had Jacob stand up on the measurement box.

“I knew I could get you to put your hands all over me!”

I started his measurements as I envisioned his suit. Oh! It was going to be stunning!

Of course, the fun started when I got to the inseam. I tortured my boy with my fingers and pressure from the palm of my hand.

When I finished, I entered his measurements into my laptop and asked him if he would like to come home with me. I didn’t feel like being alone right now. He agreed as long as he could fix me dinner. We stopped at the market on the way home so he could pick up what he needed.

As soon as we got home, we went upstairs and made love. After a hot sixty-nine, Jacob asked me to top this time. When I asked him if he was sure, he told me if I didn’t fuck him right then and there, he was going to explode!

He wanted to be on his back, so we could kiss and look into each other’s eyes. After rimming his sweet ass for about ten minutes, I lubed up my cock, pouring some extra on my dripping head so I could work that into his hole.

I was shocked at how easily Jacob took ten inches. I went slowly at first, but when I was about 3/4 of the way inside, he wrapped his legs around my ass and pushed me in the rest of the way.

Once I was completely buried inside my boy, I leaned down and started a deep and passionate kiss as I began to work up a long, slow rhythm.

Oh my God! His ass was just as amazing as every other thing I loved about Jacob. I guess it was from all the running he did, but the control he had over those muscles drove me fucking crazy! As I moved in and out of his ass, he would grip and release me as if he had a pair of hands down there.

“Baby, I don’t know what you’re doing with your ass, but if you don’t stop, you’re going to make me nut a lot faster than either of us may want!”

“Push all the way in and stay there, baby. I have a special treat for you.”

Of course, I had to obey my boy! I pushed myself all the in and, for good measure, made a couple of circular motions while I started kissing him. That caused earth-shattering moans that I swear caused my eyes to vibrate!

“Now, no matter what you feel happening, stay perfectly still!”

I wrapped my arms around Jacob and began kissing him with all the love and passion I could muster up. In the middle of that kiss, it happened. Jacob started working his ass muscles to the point that they were literally milking my throbbing cock. It was now my turn to give my boy an earth-shattering moan of my own.

“Come inside me, baby. I need your nut deep inside me!”

“Oh my God! Jacob! How are you doing—Oh my fucking God!!!!!”

I don’t think I’ve ever come as hard as I did that afternoon with Jacob. The intensity was so extreme my balls actually were sore when we finished.

“You know, you are a freak. A fucking sex-god freak. You need to teach me to do that so I can make you feel even half of what I felt!”

His reply? A growling stomach. My boy was hungry. Well, so was I. We hopped in the shower for a quick clean-up, threw on some clothes, and headed down to the kitchen.

What a dinner! Jacob made a delicious beef tenderloin and Pappardelle and roasted Brussel sprouts. We talked about our week ahead, and I told him that I would probably be watching the shop by myself all week while Cam was in Boston with Ian. Jacob was also going to be busy as he and his father put the finishing touches on a new home for a client in the city.

We ended up planning to get together for dinner Wednesday evening. We made wild, passionate love for dessert, got up early, ran a few miles on the beach, and then headed into work.

Everything went just as planned until Thursday afternoon. I got a call from a very relieved and relatively happy Cam. Ian had been taken out of ICU and now had a private room. I asked him if he would be able to have visitors on Saturday. Cam assured me that Ian would love to see us. He also told me Vic was going to bring Hayden with him as well.

“Hayden? Who is Hayden? Why is Vic bringing him?”

“Charlie?! You remember Hayden. He was the school paper geeky boy who graduated with us.”

That Hayden? Why is Vic bringing him to the hospital?”

“Ummm. I don’t know if—Oh, Hell—they won’t mind if I tell you. You’ll find out anyway! Vic met Hayden here at the hospital. It looks like they have a really nice thing going on.”

“Wow! I had no idea about either of them. Of course, I didn’t have any idea about you—or Jacob. Damn, I think I need to order a new gaydar!”

“And Charlie, thank you for covering the shop while all this has been going on. I don’t know what we would do without you.”

“Ummmm. Close the shop for a few days?”

“Smartass! I need to see you soon! I need some major smiles.”

“Well, you’ll see Jacob and me the day after tomorrow—that is if Jacob’s free.”

“Well, just send me a text and let me know if he’s coming. Mom wants to take care of lunch for everyone.”

That evening, I texted Jacob, and we decided to meet at the diner for a quick supper. I mentioned Saturday’s visit to Ian, and I got my latest Jacob-Anderson-never-ceases-to-surprise-me shocker. This must be good. He told me he would call me because he didn’t feel like typing all of it. I picked up the call on the first ring, of course.

“We gotta make this fast. I’m expecting a call from my extremely sexy, very hot, and absurdly jealous boyfriend.”

“He sounds like a real catch—especially that jealousy part.”

“Well, at least it makes me feel wanted.”

“I’ll make you feel wanted, sexy boy!”

“On the phone?? Kinky!”

I love the fact that Jacob picks up on my warped sense of humor and plays along without missing a beat. Okay, okay! I confess! I love pretty much every fucking thing about Jacob Anderson.

“So—Charlie, there isn’t much I haven’t shared with you about my life and my feelings and all—but there’s something I do every Saturday morning that I haven’t told you about. Something I really want to share with you.”

“Ooooh! Jacob Anderson has a secret life! This sounds intriguing! What is it?”

“I can’t tell you!”

“Jacob! That is so not—"

“Just wait, baby! Let’s spend Friday night together. All your questions will be answered in the morning, I promise. And when we’re done at the library, we’ll head straight into the city and pay a visit to Ian and Cam.”

“Not even a hint?”

“Not even a hint. But I have a funny feeling this might just end up being one of your favorite things about me. Hell, it’s become one of my favorite things about me!”

“You do know that I’m going to drive myself crazy trying to figure this out.”

“Don’t try, baby. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

Although I was tempted to go to the library’s website and see what was going on Saturday morning, I held back. If Jacob wanted me to be surprised, I would let that be how things will roll Saturday morning.

Friday was a typically hectic Friday. I think that’s the day guys pull out their suits and tuxes for whatever event is coming up over the weekend and discover that emergency alterations and repairs are needed. I don’t mind that, especially with the $50 rush fee attached to each item. Hey, it’s my weekend spending money!

I got home from work, and the smell was amazing. Mom was home and fixing her fantastic pot roast. I told her that Jacob would be joining us for dinner, and she gave me a broad smile.

“I’m so happy that you and Jacob have found each other. I think he might just be the one, my darling boy. I wish you could see the way he looks at you when you aren’t paying attention. I’ve been waiting for a boy to be so smitten with you!”

“Mom, you should see the way I look at him when he’s not paying attention. I mean, I know I loved David, but this is different. Jacob consumes me—every part of my heart and soul. This is something I never even knew was possible. It’s so—so—complete.”

Just as I was letting out a girly sigh, the front door opened, and Jacob came into the house.

“Hi, baby! Mom’s making pot roast, and it should be done in about an hour. Let’s take your things upstairs.”

Mom walked over to Jacob and kissed him on the cheek. She then whispered into his ear, “Thank you, sweet boy. It’s nice to see my boy so happy and confident. You are so good for him. Now, head on upstairs, and I’ll let you boys know when dinner is ready.”

I followed my boy and his sweet ass up the stairs, and as soon as we got into the room, Jacob shut the door. He pushed me against it, holding my arms above my head. The kiss was so intense I thought I might pass out!

Jacob literally ripped my shirt open, and the buttons went flying all over the place. His assault on my mouth continued, and my moans filled him so deeply I know he had to feel them in his toes! My boy was an animal!

The next thing I knew, my pants and boxer briefs were down at my ankles, and Jacob’s mouth was swallowing my cock!

“Oh fuck, Jay! You’re driving me fucking crazy!”

His blowjob was so intense that my trembling legs literally buckled, and I fell to the floor, causing my wet cock to slip out of Jacob’s mouth. He stood above me and was completely naked in mere seconds. A trail of precum was making its way down to the floor.

Once he was naked, he bent down and pulled the rest of my clothes off my legs. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up, leading me to the bed.

“Get me ready, baby! Get my ass ready for your cock! I need you so bad!”

I grabbed my boy’s legs and got him ready, just as he asked. My tongue was pistoning in and out of his tight rosebud while his body writhed and twisted on the bed. I love these times when he needs me to be powerful and aggressive. It’s probably the only time I get to be this way, and fuck! It’s exhausting but a shitload of fun!

“Now, Charlie! Fuck me now, baby!”

So I did. I lubed up my cock and eased it in—slowly—but in one nine-inch thrust.

“You okay, Jay? You ready?”

“Fuck! You feel so good! Fuck me hard! Pound my ass!”

So I did. The sound of our bodies slamming together was drowned out only by the moans and dirty talk that came from both of us.

As much as I love bottoming for my boy, fucking him fast and hard is something like I’ve never experienced. I think what I loved most about it was that Jacob is the only person on the planet who has ever seen this aggressive side of me.

The faster I fuck him, the tighter he squeezes that amazing ass around my cock as I pull out. The only drawback to this kind of fucking? It never lasts long enough. That’s probably for the best, though. If these feelings lasted any longer than the five to ten minutes they do last, I’m pretty sure we would have to be institutionalized. And how the fuck do you explain that to your mother?

Whenever I fuck Jacob hard, he almost always ends up with a hands-free nut. It’s fucking awesome watching his face. Every time it happens, he gets this look on his face like he’s actually surprised. I’m not surprised. My cock is giving his prostate a non-stop pounding.

Just as it happened again, he tightens his ass around my cock even more, and that’s all it takes for me to nut deep inside him.

I finally collapse on top of my boy. Neither one of us can catch our breath, let alone speak. And just as we’re starting to come down from the intensity of our orgasms—bzzzt, bzzzt, bzzt.

I lean over and grab my phone from the nightstand. It’s Mom telling us dinner will be ready in ten minutes. I text her a “thanks,” and we slowly start to move. I drag myself out of bed and into my bathroom to wet a towel with some nice warm water and return to the bed to clean up my boy.

We get cleaned up and throw our clothes back on and head downstairs for dinner. I blushed when Mom raised her eyebrow and asked if we were okay. Damn, we have got to keep the noise down when others are in the house. I think it’s because we are alone most of the time and just get caught up in the moment and don’t think.

She was cool, though. We had a great time with Mom. She was happy to hear that Ian was doing better, and we were going to see him the next afternoon. She said she wanted to send a couple of plates of pot roast with us so the boys could have a nice, home-cooked meal. I’m pretty sure that would be more welcome than we were! Yes, it’s that amazing, her pot roast.

Saturday morning, We got up and ran a couple of miles on the beach, came home, and hopped in the shower. We grabbed a quick cup of coffee and hopped into Jacob's Acura for the short drive to the library.

“So Charlie, I guess this is the last place you ever thought you’d be spending Saturday mornings with me!”

“Well, maybe not the last place, but pretty darned close!”

Just then, from the sidewalk, I heard, “Good morning Mr. Jacob!”

“Mr. Jacob? What’s going on?”

“Before my mom died, she came here every Saturday morning and read a book to a group of kids. I used to come with her and sit with the kids so they would behave a little better. So, I’m going to read a story to the kids, and you get to be the grownup plant!”

“Oh my God! That’s so cool! My mom used to bring me here when I was little. Damn! You just keep coming up with more and more ways for me to love you!”

“That’s my devious plan. If I keep surprising you, I’ll never lose you!”

We hugged and giggled—and made our way into the library. We walked over to the children’s area, and Jacob was swarmed by about fifteen excited children. He was beaming as he welcomed each kid. He then told everyone to have a seat and had me sit in the middle of the group.

As soon as I sat, two adorable boys—twins—sat on either side of me.

“I’m Jonathan. That’s my brother Joshua. Can we sit with you?”

“Why I think that would be awesome! But how am I going to tell you apart?”

“I’m the smart one. Joshua’s the cute one.”

“But you both look exactly the same, so that would make both of you the cute one.”

“Oh—yeah—well, I’m still the smart one!’

We all giggled a little, and the boys seemed to take an immediate liking to me as they leaned in on either side, and I wrapped my arms around them.

“I wonder what Mr. Jacob is going to read today?”

“I don’t have any idea!”

“It doesn’t matter. He makes everything good.”

That little review just brought a smile to my face just as Jacob spoke up.

“Good morning, friends! Did everyone have a good week?”

After a chorus of yesses and a few no’s, Jacob was able to get their attention again.

“So today, I brought a friend of mine to sit with you and listen to our story. Can you say hello to Mr. Charlie?”

“Hello, Mr. Charlie!” How cute!

“I asked him to come with me today because I’m going to be reading you his favorite story from when he was your age! Mr. Charlie, do you know what that story might be?”

“Are you going to read Oh, the Places You’ll Go?”

“I sure am! Friends, do any of you know who wrote this story?” he asked as he held the book up for them to see.

A smattering of kids yelled out, “Dr. Suess!”

“That’s right! And does anyone know of some other Dr. Suess stories that we’ve read here?”

Jonathan (or was it Joshua?) yelled out, “Cat in the Hat!”

Joshua (or Jonathan) leaned into me, “See? He is the smart one!”

I was completely mesmerized. Jacob read the story, holding the book up so the kids could enjoy the illustrations. Every now and then, he would stop reading, ask a question, and the kids (including me) would excitedly shout out the answer.

Jacob showed these kids that reading was fun. By the time Jacob had finished reading the book, the kids were still as engaged as they were when he began. It was apparent the kids adored Jacob, and he adored them right back.

As we got up to leave, my twins each grabbed a hand and led me over to the woman waiting for them.

“Mama! Joshua and I made a new friend today! His name is Charlie.”

“Did you boys behave and pay attention today?”

“They were great! They listened and paid attention to every word.”

She looked down at her boys and, with a mock stern look, said, “Who are you, and what have you done with my two trouble-makers?”

Jacob walked up and saved the day. “Hi Barbara, the boys were awesome today. I brought Charlie along with me, and they latched on to him like flies to honey! Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince him to come more often!”

“Are you kidding? This was so much fun! And the boys are just a delight to hang with!”

“You comin’ back next week?”

“Yeah! Can me and Josh sit with you again?”

“Boys, I usually have to work on Saturday mornings. But if I’m free, I’ll make sure I come. And I will for sure sit with you guys. Okay?”

“Okay.” In a disappointing unison, as only twins can do, the boys seemed to understand. I then knelt down and spoke to them as privately as I could.

“Guys, do you remember how nice it was to have my arms around you? And how well you behaved when I did that?”

The boys nodded as I continued.

“So, if I can’t be there, let’s make a deal, okay?”

The boys nodded again.

“How about you put your arms around each other so you can still pay attention and have someone special put their arms around you.”

Once again, the boys nodded.

“I’ll ask Mr. Jacob to remind you about our deal before he gets started next time, okay?”

One final nod and a couple of fist bumps had me standing up.

“As much as I would love to stay and talk, Jacob and I have to make our way to Boston and visit a friend at Mass Gen.”

After saying goodbye to the kids and their parents, we were soon on the way to the city.

Jacob decided to drive us into the city, and I was totally good with that. Once we were on the highway, I started fiddling with the radio to find some decent music. Jacob likes the classic 80’s and 90’s stuff. I’m more into the metal and punk shit. This is the only thing we totally disagree on. Not bad, but Jesus! His music sucks!

We found a compromise with an alternative rock station. I sat back in the seat and looked over at my boy. God, he is a stunning specimen of a boy! Of course, the longer I looked at him, the hornier I got.

I put my hand on his lap, and lucky me! His cock was falling to the right. Well, of course, that’s where my hand settled! It took about ten seconds for my favorite plaything to get hard! Yay! What to do?

Well, I had to open Jay’s pants and slide them down a bit so I could pull his cock out! Yep! My boy was going to get him some highway head!

“Just concentrate on your driving, Jacob. I’ll take care of the rest!”

“Oh fuck, Charlie! What are you—you can’t—oh FUUUUUCK!”

My head was bobbing up and down on Jacob’s throbbing cock. A couple of minutes into our fun Jacob honked his horn and told me to look who was driving next to us. I sat up and saw Vic Greenely giving me an “I-know-what-you’re-doing” look. I just wiggled my eyebrows and smiled back.

Then, out of the blue, Hayden sat up in Vic’s car and looked into ours. The look of shock and embarrassment was priceless! He looked at me with his mouth hanging open. His face went crimson red, and he then disappeared as Vic pulled him back down to his lap. I just smiled at Vic once again and went back to my fun time with Jacob’s cock.

Before long, I was swallowing another dose of my boy’s sweet nut. I was proud that there was no spillage at all. I put everything back where it belonged and refastened Jacob’s pants.

“Wow, Charlie! I totally like this new side of you. This confidence looks soooo sexy on you, baby! I mean, can we talk about yesterday before dinner! Holy shit! You were a fucking animal!”

“Let’s not talk about it since we’re almost to the hospital. I won’t be able to walk in if I get another boner!”

We both laughed because we knew it was true!

“I love you, Charlie. Every day, I learn more about you that makes me love you even more than the day before.”

“Jay, I never knew this much love was possible for one person. I love you more with every new thing I see in you. I mean, this morning watching you read my favorite book to those kids—Oh my God! My heart was swelling. You are so good with them. I know your mom is proud.”

Jacob’s eyes started to glisten a bit. “You know, I started doing it because it felt like something I had to do—well, for Mom. But after the first time, when I would look out and see all those kids watching—and listening—they were so into it. And I couldn’t help but get into it, too. I fell in love with the connection I got with those kids.”

“I get it, babe. It shows.”

“So, when I see you with little Eli and how you and he have connected, I get it—and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. You would be such a great daddy, Charlie.”

“Yeah, I know. I love that little kid. I can’t wait to have one. Can we try when we get home? I wanna have your baby, Jacob!”

We were still laughing as we pulled into the parking garage at the hospital. Vic and Hayden were walking out of the garage as we were pulling in. Vic waved, and Hayden blushed. Silly boy. I need to talk with him.

The guys waited for us at the garage entrance so we could all walk in together. When we made it inside to the hospital lobby, Cam was there waiting for us. He gave us all a hug and then stood back.

“Dudes, why do I smell sex? That is so not fair!”

Vic and Jacob answered together, “Highway head!”

“You guys suck. It’s going to be a long time before I get any—anything!”

Cam took us all in his arms for a group hug. “I’m so glad you guys came. Ian has no idea you’re here. He’s going to piss his pants from the excitement—well, gown.”

We all made it to the room, and Ian was grinning from ear to ear when he saw his buddies walk into the room. We had a great time visiting, but it only lasted about fifteen minutes as they had loaded him up with pain meds after his walk up and down the halls.

We were enjoying spending some time with Cam when I heard my favorite squeal. Eli! Ian’s aunt brought him into the room to visit his dads, but that boy knew what he wanted. Me! I walked over to Claire and took the baby into my arms.

Cam just smiled and said, “You know you’re eventually going to have to get one for yourselves!”

I took Eli and sat in the corner chair by the window and was soon lost in our strange but sweet world. He immediately started cooing and giggling as he would grab on to my hair. He may be only six months or so, but he has definitely developed his own little hair fetish. The kid loved the faces I would make every time he grabbed onto my hair.

Vic and Hayden offered to go down to the cafeteria to get drinks for everyone. It was a good call as there was just not enough room for seven-and-a-half visitors. Claire sat in the chair by the bed, Sam went to Ian’s wheelchair, and Cam sat on the closed potty chair. Jacob stood beside me and watched, mesmerized, as little Eli and I played our silly game.

Claire looked over at us and commented on how I need a baby of my own.

Afraid of what I might say, Jacob jumped on that right away. “Well, we have talked about it—especially over the last week. We’ll probably see what our options are. But we’ve only been together a couple of months. While we intend to be together for a long, long time—I would just like to enjoy my time with Charlie before we bring a little one into our lives.”

“I’m ready when you are, babe!” I couldn’t help but giggle

“I know, I know. It’s just—it’s so scary! I don’t know what to do. I mean, there’s this little life that depends on you, and I’m afraid I would mess it up for the kid.”

Cam spoke up next. “Jacob, I totally understand where you’re coming from. But let me tell you something. The minute that little baby is put in your arms and he looks up at you—and he wraps his little fingers around yours—you know, all the rules you’ve tried to learn—and end up stressing over—they go out the window. It’s right at that moment when you realize there is only one rule—love that new life with all your heart. That’s it—and it’s the easiest rule to follow.”

The room went silent for a minute. I looked down at Eli and said, “You know, little man, you are one lucky kid!”

Jacob had tears welling up in his eyes as he watched our special bond.

Cam put his hand on my boy’s shoulder and looked him in the eye. “Jacob, do you remember the first time you looked into Charlie’s eyes?”

“Yeah, I’ll never forget it.”

“What did that feel like?”

“The world seemed like it just stopped. The only thing that existed—or mattered—was the amazing boy sitting across from me. I remember in a matter of just a few seconds, I had this clear vision of a lifetime with him. And I knew that as long as he was in my life, it would be wonderful.”

My boy just took my breath away—again. “Oh, Jacob—that’s beautiful!”

“And that’s exactly what happened with Eli. I just knew that as long as we had each other, nothing would ever stop us from an amazing life.”

Sam and Claire were dabbing their moist eyes. It was the ordinarily quiet Sam who broke the silence in the room. “Cam, you never cease to surprise me with your insight and perception. No wonder Ian is so happy and content. I’m proud to have such a wonderful young man be a part of our family.”

Eli started to get fussy, and Cam asked Claire if she had a bottle handy. She grabbed one from the bag and took it down to the nurses’ station to heat up.

I fed Eli, and he was soon fast asleep on my chest. Thank God the conversation became light and less sentimental. About a half-hour later, Ian started to stir.

When Ian rejoined the living, Cam told him that Mom and made up some pot roast for them. The rest of the family were going out to eat, and from the twinkle in Cam’s eyes, it was pretty obvious what was going to be for dessert!

We soon said our goodbyes and headed back to Barnstable. There was no highway head on the way back, but I sure felt my heart overflowing with love for the boy at the wheel!

Today was the first time he talked about a future together—and the possibility of children. I know he loves kids after watching him at the library. I think I’ll ask Cam about having Saturday mornings off whenever possible so I can watch my boy read stories to the kids.

I was still handling things at the shop for the next ten days when I got a call from Cam. They were bringing Ian back, but he had about ten days in a rehab center before he could finally head home. Cam also said he’d be returning to work once they got back in town, but he would be coming in late in the morning and leaving early in the afternoon so he could spend time with Ian. That was fine with me. I was happy Cam would be back. I missed the fucker!

After a few days back at work, Cam asked if I wanted to join him for the afternoon visit to Ian. It had been pretty slow, and he had no problem closing up the shop a little early.

Cam told me that Ian’s roommate was an older gentleman named Walter. His daughter would probably be there with her son Timmy. Cam told me that Timmy was a beautiful kid but had a lot of challenges, being on the Autism spectrum. I didn’t think much more about it as Eli had just woken from his nap and was ready for a bottle.

Cam decided to do the end-of-day books while I fed Eli his bottle. He just looked up at me while he sucked away at the bottle. God, I love this kid. I talked to him about going to see his daddy later on and how he was such a good boy. He just looked at me listened. I love this kid!

Soon we were pulling into the rehab center. I got Eli out of his car seat, and we made our way to Ian’s room.

When we walked in, the second most adorable kid on the planet (Sorry, Eli will always be number one!) looked up as Eli reached out to Ian with a “Da-da-da-da-da-da-da!” I put the baby in Ian’s arms. Timmy got a big smile on his face and said, “Mama! A baby! Can I go see him?”

I smiled at the boy and held my hand out to him. His mother looked shocked when Timmy took my hand and let me lead him over to Ian’s bed. I knelt down so I could look Timmy in the eyes.

“Hi there, I’m Charlie.”

“I’m Timothy. But I let my friends call me Timmy.”

“Well, Timothy. I sure hope I get to call you Timmy someday!”

“You can call me Timmy now. You’re nice. Can I talk to the baby now?”

“Oh my, I’ve never seen Timmy take to someone so quickly! This is—it’s—I have no idea what just happened!”

Cam keeps saying I have a gift. Maybe I do. Who knows? We all just watched Timmy talk to the baby.

“Hi, baby. I’m Timothy. But you can call me Timmy if you want.”

“Ga-ga-ga (Gurgle)” Eli reached out and grabbed Timothy’s finger.

“Mama, he wants my finger!”

“Timmy, that means he likes you!”

“I like him, too.”

“Hi, Timothy. I’m Ian.”

“Is he your baby?”

“Yes. Cam and I are his daddies.”

“He has two daddies. I have one mommy. Does he have a mommy, too?”

Ian looked at Cam with a how-do-I-answer-this-one kind of look. I put my hand gently on top of Timmy’s. “Eli had a mommy, but she got hurt real bad and went to heaven when Eli was born.”

“I had a daddy who went to heaven. Maybe they’re playing together.”

“Yeah, that would be cool, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah. Cool.”

And just as quickly as Timothy let Eli and me into his world, he was finished and went back to his mother’s lap.

“Miss Evans, you have a beautiful son. I’m honored that he let me in.”

“Jeannie. Please call me Jeannie. And that was a miraculous thing that just happened. Normally he would bury his face in my shoulder, but there was something about you that he just connected to.”

“It’s nothing really. I just opened up to him like I would for any friend.”

“Mommy, can Charlie be my friend?”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, Timmy.”

I had to smile as Timmy caught my eye from his mother’s lap. Little did I know how much this beautiful child would change my life. Timmy—my newest unexpected friend.

Some of you have been wondering about Timmy. He is going to have a much larger role in Charlie's story. That beautiful child does change Charlie's life! I am loving Charlie and Jacob more and more as they get closer and more in love. Hell, I'm just a hopelessful romantic!
I can't wait to hear what you think about the surprises from this chapter! Keep those comments and reviews coming!
Copyright © 2017 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
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Charlie is so caring and such a wonderful person despite any of the heartbreak he has endured.  The fact that he is humble and doesn't even realize how caring and compassionate he is makes him even more likable.  Jacob seems like his perfect match, he is just as giving.  I was glad to see the interaction with Timmy from Charlie's view, and can't wait to see the promised revelation about the changes due to Timmy. 


Great story and looking forward to more, Thanks!!

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I think maybe someone should introduce Charlie and Jacob to Ryder Sullivan and Messiah!  ;-)



First 5 California* runs TV PSAs that promote reading and singing to children – and not necessarily just in English! They suggest counting things with your children too. Interacting with kids rather than occupying your (or their) attention with electronics.  ;-)


My neighbors speak Spanish at home and rely on their oldest kids (teenagers) to translate for them. I don’t know how much English their youngest toddler understands, but she responds to my very bad Spanish better than when I speak to her in English. in 2016, I gave them a set of die with pictures on them that are designed to be used to generate story ideas – kids or parents create a story based on what images come up. This past holiday, I gave them Uno, hopefully that will get them to teach their baby sister numbers in both English and Spanish! I also gave them Trouble because counting is an important part of the game and would possibly be a little more interesting for the older kids than most counting games for young children.  ;-)



Timmy. I love how Charlie is able to interact with him. Kids on the Autism Spectrum typically don’t interact with others they don’t know.  ;-)


Charlie has several very special gifts! A very lucky young man! Most people don’t have even one gift as special as Charlie’s.  ;-)



* The funding comes from a tobacco tax and the idea was spearheaded by Rob Reiner.

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<<sigh>> if it wasn't for the fact that I consider the Cape to be a circle of Hell, I'd jump in my car and head down to find these guys. Love the library thing. I will admit I am not a kiddie person, but I am ALWAYS on board with literacy programs.:2thumbs:

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Charlie and Jacob are awesome. Not only are they a cute couple, they are giving and compassionate. Driving to the hospital. Jacob volunteering at the library. People like that make the world a better place.

Joshua and Jonathan are just totally adorable. Charlie is a kid magnet.

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Charlie is just... Amazing near kids. So sweet! 

12 hours ago, droughtquake said:

I think maybe someone should introduce Charlie and Jacob to Ryder Sullivan and Messiah!  ;-)


I loved this comment. Yeah, since he is immature, maybe the "kid whisperer" could help him :gikkle:

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16 minutes ago, Sweetlion said:

I loved this comment. Yeah, since he is immature, maybe the "kid whisperer" could help him :gikkle:

That works too! But I was thinking Charlie and Jacob might both enjoy Messiah’s music…  ;-)

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yeah we all know the magic that is Charlie Danner, his ability to connect with people and in particular kids is surprising considering his supposed shyness. His devotion to baby Eli and the way he attracts kids in general shows what a great dad he would make. Until I got to see Charlie in his own story, I never really appreciated him fully till now, he sure is something special. Another beautiful feel good chapter, Thank you.

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4 hours ago, Goodie said:

yeah we all know the magic that is Charlie Danner, his ability to connect with people and in particular kids is surprising considering his supposed shyness. His devotion to baby Eli and the way he attracts kids in general shows what a great dad he would make. Until I got to see Charlie in his own story, I never really appreciated him fully till now, he sure is something special. Another beautiful feel good chapter, Thank you.

Im glad you like Charlie so much! He's a big part if book 4 as well!

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