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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way - 9. The Architect (Part One)

Okay, kiddos! It's taken nine chapter to get Jacob Anderson into Charlie's life. When I promised the spin-offs, I had no idea how tricky it was going to be to make sure the stories matched up!
But we did it! I loved writing this chapter!
Enjoy the first of many chapters focusing on Charlie and the man he was meant to spend his life with!

A beautiful boy. Plain and simple. Jacob Anderson is a beautiful boy. He looks to be about 5’10”, with dirty blonde hair that’s parted on the side. Wisps of hair occasionally drop down over his piercing green eyes. Contacts? Had to be. I don’t think God has that color in his color palette.


His cheeks look like they were sculpted by Michelangelo, setting off his eyes and sloping down to his square jawline. Jacob has this sexy cleft in the middle of his chin and these amazing, full, and pouty lips. I need to kiss those lips!


“Hi.” That’s all I could say to the beautiful boy standing in front of me. His mass of wavy dark hair was gently blowing in the light breeze. His eyes. Oh my God! Those eyes just drew me into his very soul! I have never experienced such complete peace in my twenty-two years.

His pale skin was as smooth and delicate as porcelain without a single freckle or blemish. Oh, how I wanted to stroke his beautiful face! His eyes were dark and inviting with a slight twinkle. His lips. Oh, fuck! His lips were full and sexy as Hell. I need to kiss those lips!


“You wanna sit down?” Jacob looked at me and just nodded. I went to where I was sitting when Jacob walked into the backyard and sat across from me. I could hardly breathe!

As we sat, Liz came to the table and set down two cans. “I can’t believe my two favorite guys both drink ginger ale. Such a strange drink.”

We both thanked her without looking away from each other.

“Okay, then! I think I’ll let you two be while I go and play with my third favorite guy. Of course, he won’t talk to me either. He just gurgles, smiles, and shits.”

I think Liz just walked away. I think I heard her laughing as she headed to Eli’s playpen.

“I’m Jacob. Jacob Anderson.”

“Yeah. I know who you are. I’m glad you and Liz were able to be there for each other through all the stuff with your sister.”

“She’s an amazing girl, Liz.”

“Yeah. Oh, I’m Charlie. Charlie Danner.”

“Yeah, and I know who you are. Liz talks about you all the time. But, how are you a part of this strange extended family?”

“Oh! I work with Cam at the tailor shop. What do you do?”

“I’m an architect. Well, almost an architect. I’m doing my internship and getting my master’s thesis together.”

“Nice. Maybe that explains part of this connection that seems to be happening here. We’re both creative types.”

“Yeah, maybe. But there definitely seems to be—”

“Soup’s on!” The dads shouted out at the top of their lungs, and everyone moved to the grill to load up their plates.

“You hungry?”


Jacob and I walked over to the grill, and we each got a cheeseburger and a brat. There were all kinds of salads and some made-from-scratch mac and cheese. We carried our plates over to the table and took our places.

Cam and Eli sat down beside us. Cam had Eli in his arms. I looked over and smiled at the kid and said hi. He practically leaped out of Cam’s arms, trying to get to me. Cam handed him over and told me that I could feed him his bottle as well.

Jacob smiled and told me I looked good with the kid. I told him I loved little Eli as if he were my own. My hands were full, and Jacob decided to help me. He picked up the cheeseburger and held it to my mouth so I could take a bite. How sweet was that?

So, lunch continued with Eli staring into my eyes as he sucked down his bottle. I would look up from Eli and right into Jacob’s eyes as he would feed me another bite of my lunch.

As we all finished our lunch, Cam took Eli into the house so he could change his diaper. Soon, Jacob and I were left alone once again.

“So, are you and your dad gonna hang around and watch the fireworks on the beach tonight?”

“That’s the plan.” He leaned forward from across the table and lowered his voice so only I could hear. “I mean, that’s the plan unless something more interesting comes up.”

I leaned into Jacob, and in the sexiest voice I could muster (Shut up! I’m trying to seduce this cute-as-fuck boy!), “I live on the beach. We could watch the fireworks from my balcony—my very private balcony. Of course, we could also try to make some fireworks of our own.”

Without missing a beat, changing his tone, or breaking his piercing gaze, he countered with, “Charlie Danner, are you trying to seduce me with cheap romance novel talk?”

I thought I was gonna die. I just dropped my head to the table in shame and muttered, “Fuck me. I’m such a dork.”

“I think you might just be the cutest dork I’ve ever seen, Charlie.” He reached down, lifted my head, and smiled at me. “And since your bare feet have been all over my bare feet for the last half hour, I can’t get up and leave with you right now. But I think once things settle down, maybe we should talk about where we are going to watch—or make—some fireworks later on.”

I just groaned and smiled at Jacob. “Oh, you’re bad. And I mean that in the best way.”

Liz walked over, holding Eli, who smiled and flailed his little arms when he saw me. “Well, you boys seem to have hit it off!”

“So, do you think it would be okay if I went with Charlie and watched the fireworks from his house?”

“Jacob Anderson, if you don’t get your ass up and go with Charlie, I’ll never speak to you again!”

“What about Dad?”

“Are you kidding me? We can all see the chemistry between the two of you. He’s totally expecting you not to spend the evening with us! And just so you know, he’s thrilled to see you happy again. Now—get your cute little asses out of here!”

And so we did. I took Jacob’s hand and walked over to Cam and Ian. “We’re gonna head on out to my place and watch the fireworks from there. Thanks for a great time!”

Ian had a huge grin on his face. Cam did as well, but with a hint of evil. “We’re glad you guys came. Have fun!”

I led Jacob out the gate that led to the side of the house and the street. I popped the car locks open, and we got into the Civic. I turned the key and put the AC on max. While the car started to cool off, I leaned across the console and pulled Jacob into me.

I looked into his eyes as our faces got closer. Our lips met, and we were soon kissing. I ran my tongue across his lips, and he opened them, greeting my tongue with his. Wow! What a kiss! There was an almost electric charge between us, and we were both moaning into each other’s mouths.

When we parted, I could barely breathe! Jacob Anderson had literally taken my breath away. “I’ve wanted to do that the moment I looked into your eyes for the first time.”

“I felt it, too. But I have to be honest, I’ve had more than kissing on my mind. You are, without a doubt, the most beautiful boy I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

What the fuck? Why are tears welling up in my eyes? I mean, I’ve been called cute, a twink, and I’ve heard all about my so-called beautiful hair. But being called a beautiful boy? Those are words reserved for Ian Greenely and his type. Why the tears? Probably because when I looked up at Jacob, I could tell he truly meant what he said.

A single tear escaped my eye and started rolling down my cheek. Jacob reached up and wiped it away from my face. “Charlie, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It’s not that, Jacob. It’s – It’s just that I’m not used to hearing stuff like that. And to hear it from you—well, I don’t know—it just—"

“Shhhh. You are a beautiful boy, Charlie. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about you from Liz. I’ve heard that as beautiful as you are on the outside—it’s a hundred times that on the inside. But the most important thing, for the first time in weeks, I’m happy. Truly and completely happy. That’s because of you, Charlie. That’s what makes you beautiful.”

“I can’t breathe. You’ve literally taken my breath away.”

“Need a little mouth-to-mouth?”

I couldn’t help but giggle. “Jesus, Jacob. Are all your lines this goofy? I mean—oh, fuck—yeah, kiss me again.”

And boy, did he ever! It was tender, and at the same time, so full of passion. Holy fuck! I felt that kiss down to my toes! I had to break the kiss.

“Fuck me! We gotta get home!” I looked over at Jacob’s lap, and he had a huge wet spot forming on his shorts.

I put the car in gear and started the drive to my place. “Got a little problem there, mister?”

“Fuck, no! There’s no problem at all. I’m just happy the plumbing still works after all this time!”

The nicest thing about Barnstable being a small town is that it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. I pulled into the garage, and we entered the house and into the kitchen. Jacob kept looking around and then stepped into the great room.

“Wait a minute. This is so cool!”

“What’s so cool?”

“I know this house! I used to come here a lot with my dad.”

“Huh? What? I’ve lived here since I was six. I think I would have remembered you of all people!”

“Dad was the architect that did the remodel. I used to come here with him when he would check out the contractor’s work. And I remember meeting you when you were just six. You were terribly shy and pretty much hid out behind your mom.”

I just smiled at the memory. “Yeah, I was such a mama’s boy. I still am, I guess. I just don’t hide anymore.”

“Thank God for that, right?”

We both laughed a bit.

“Hey, would you like some wine?”

“That sounds great!”

“What do you like?”

“Whatever you’re having.”

I walked over to the wine cabinet and picked a nice Pinot Noir. I opened the bottle, poured a couple of glasses, and handed one to Jacob.

“A wonderful Pinot Noir. Pairs very well with a hot, sexy boy.”

“Oh? Do you have one coming over?”

I could only giggle. “Nope. I don’t have any coming over, so I guess you’ll have to do! Maybe the more we drink, the hotter we both will become?”

“Dude. You get any hotter, and I might just explode! Follow me. Let’s go upstairs.”

I let Jacob follow me up the stairs to my third floor. When we got into the room, Jacob told me that he told his dad to make sure he put this room in because he knew it would be a perfect room for any boy.

I opened the French doors that led to my balcony. We sat down in the double chaise lounge, took in the view, and sipped our wine. It sure was sweet sharing my space with the boy who thought it up!

I reached under the chaise and pulled out my carved wooden box—full of joints. “You wanna?”

“Wow! Those are like perfectly rolled joints! They’re beautiful, but I haven’t smoked since college. And, full disclosure, pot makes me extremely horny.”

“And that’s a problem, how?”

I kissed him and then lit the first joint. We passed it back and forth, and Jacob coughed a bit at first.

When we finished, I lit one more, and we only took a couple more hits. I tossed what was left back into the box and turned onto my side, facing my sexy boy. He turned on his side, facing me, and slowly ran his fingers through my hair.

I slowly ran my fingers along his sturdy jawline. We just looked into each other’s eyes and caressed. There were no words.

Jacob then leaned in for a lovely, very gentle kiss. “I like the privacy you have here.”

He then proceeded to remove my clothes. I began to remove his. Soon we were lying on the chaise, completely naked, with our cocks throbbing and doing a little dance with each other.

“Damn, Jacob! I’ve been undressing you with my eyes all afternoon, but holy shit! This is even better than I imagined!” I reached down and began stroking his amazing cock. I was seven or eight thick inches and perfectly straight. I couldn’t wait to get that in my mouth—and my already twitching ass!

“Charlie Danner—I’ve been dreaming about your body all afternoon. Fuck! Your skin is amazing. So smooth—like porcelain. But this cock!” Jacob began gently running his hand up and down, sending shivers through my entire body!

We started kissing again. So fucking hot. We were both moaning like crazy people. Well, at least I was going crazy for this hot boy!

“Wow! You are stunning, Charlie! Really, babe. You are the sexiest boy I’ve seen in a long, long time—maybe ever!”

That started the tears flowing. God! I’m such a baby! Jacob pulled me into him, so our naked bodies were pressed together. We were lying on our sides, facing each other and kissing lightly.

“You’re just not saying that so you could make me feel—"

“Charlie Danner.” He interrupted me. “I want you to listen to me. First, I will never lie to you or say things to you to make you feel one way or the other. I will always tell you exactly how I feel—and I hope you do the same for me. Second, a very wise friend once told me that everyone, regardless of their body type, shape, or color—will have someone come into their life who will find them to be their perfect match—and will find them to be the sexiest thing they have ever seen.”

“Yeah, Liz has told me that for years.” We both giggled. “I could so easily fall in love with you, Jacob Anderson—oh, shit! Way too soon for that!”

“Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll let that happen when it happens. But right now, why don’t we make our way into that very nice bed and see what happens there?”

We kissed again, this time deep, passionate, and hot as fuck! I broke the kiss and stood—taking Jacob’s hand and led him into my bedroom.

“I think I need to properly thank you for suggesting this amazing room to your dad.”

I pulled the covers back, and Jacob crawled into the bed. Fuck! He is gorgeous. I got into the bed and sat on my knees, admiring his body. I loved his smooth skin. He had a nice tan and a sexy tan line. Yes, it’s obvious he wears Speedos!

He also had a muscular body—but not super-cut and defined. He had a sweet six-pack, but again, not ripped. His blonde bush was trimmed into a small patch just over his cock. Oh! What a cock! I loved the thickness. I could barely get my hand around it completely.

Jacob obviously worked out but didn’t overdo it. He had the lithe build of a runner—or a swimmer.

I moved over and sat between his legs. The long lines of his quads had a light dusting of blonde hair. His calves were strong and shapely, which I discovered as I lifted his leg. Now, I’ve never been into feet all that much, but Jacob’s were stunning. The first thing I noticed was a high and pronounced arch, which I pressed my cheek into. From his moans, I could only assume that Jacob was totally into having his feet played with.

I planted soft kisses from his heel to his arch. What surprised me was how smooth the skin at the bottom of his feet was. I must have been doing something right because Jacob was moaning and hissing “Yessss!” now.

I kissed my way back down his foot, and this time worked my way from his heel to his big toe with my tongue.

‘Oh, fuuuuck! Yessss!”

When I wrapped my lips around his big toe and began to suck, his reactions turned into a series of whimpers, and I saw that his cock was flowing with precum.

I pulled my mouth off Jacob’s toe and looked down at him, smiling. “You like that, huh? Good?”

“Oh my God, Charlie. How did you know that was—oh, shit!”

“Your feet are oddly beautiful. I just had to—I don’t know—explore?”

“Thank God you did! That’s like my second favorite spot!”

“Oh? And your first-favorite spot is—

“I’m sure you’ll find it soon enough. Now I need to taste your awesome cock. Why don’t we do a little sixty-nine?”

“Oh, Hell yeah!”

We lay side-by-side, and I just took in the heady aroma of the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, touched, smelled—mmmmm—and tasted. This is so strange. I know, I know—most of my life is! But the taste of Jacob’s cock, his essence, was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. It was as if there was this perfect flavor that I had been missing my entire life but didn’t even know it existed until I tasted the sweet, savory honey that was coating the head of his cock as it entered my mouth.

And then, there was that cock! Oh. My. God! It filled my mouth perfectly. It wasn’t too big that I had to stretch to get my mouth around it. And when it hit the back of my throat, I just opened up, and it gently slid down.

I was so mesmerized by Jacob’s beautiful manhood that it wasn’t until he moaned that I realized he had my cock down his throat as well.

I reached to play with his smooth balls, and they were already drawn tight. This boy was gonna blow any minute—Hell, so was I.

And then it happened. Together there was a chorus of moans as we pumped jet after jet of scalding boy cream down each other’s throats.

As we came down from our first orgasmic high, I flipped around and kissed Jacob so we could taste each other on our tongues.

“You know, I’m glad that happened so quickly.”

“Oh yeah? And why would that be, sexy boy?”

“Stop calling me sexy! I’m really no—”

“I will call you what you are, so get used to it. You’ll be hearing it a lot!”

“Oh, Jacob. I hope you don’t mind if I never do get used to it!” I kissed him lightly.

“And as you were saying? You were glad that happened so quickly because—”

“Because you have the most stunning dick I’ve ever seen. And when I lower my skinny ass over it, I want you to last a long, long time!”

“And what if I had wanted you to fill me up with your amazing cock?”

“I seduced you. I get to choose. But don’t worry, I think we’ll both be filling each other up many, many times.”

“Oh! I like that a lot! Especially the ‘many, many times’ part!”

He leaned over and started kissing me, and I reached down and started playing with Jacob’s balls and taint. It didn’t take long for my horny boy to give me the desired results, and his cock was soon as hard as steel.

I reached into my nightstand, grabbed my lube, and set it on the bed. But first, I had some major rimming to do. It was the only thing I had yet to taste!

As I moved down, Jacob pulled his legs up to give me a view of the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen. Not a hair in sight. Hell, there was hardly even a wrinkle. It was the smoothest ass I’d ever dived into. And dive, I did.

One moment I was merciless as I would tease his hole with just the tip of my tongue. The next minute I was relentless as I would piston my tongue in and out of his hole—fucking and tasting his essence at the same time.

Jacob was thrashing around on top of the bed like a madman! Shit! What was he going to be like when I fucked him silly? Hehe! And I will be fucking him silly—very, very soon.

As much as I enjoyed giving my boy such pure anal pleasure, I needed some of my own. I kissed my way up his cock and grabbed the lube. Once I slathered it (and my ass) with the slickness, I straddled Jacob and lined his cock up with my hole.

As soon as the head slipped in, Jacob started blabbering incoherently. As soon as I began to lower myself down his steel-hard thickness, I started blabbering incoherently.

Oh my God! If that cock was the perfect fit for my mouth, it was even more so for my ass! If I leaned back just slightly, the head would stroke and torture my love nut deep inside me!

I don’t’ think my cock had ever been this hard before, and it was gushing streams of precum down on Jacob’s abs.

We were both blubbering idiots in the throes of sheer, unrestrained passion. Suddenly, Jacob pulled himself up, and I was sitting in his lap with my dripping cock sandwiched between us. We passionately kissed as I worked my tight ass around his perfect cock.

“Hold on, baby.”

And I did as my lover lowered me down on my back with my legs wrapped around his. He began a slow sensual rhythm in and out of me as he kissed me.

“So good, Charlie! This is so good!”

“Fuck me, Jacob! Fuck me hard!”

But he didn’t. Instead, he made sweet and tender love to me with his body rubbing against my cock as he moved in and out.

“I don’t want to fuck you hard, Charlie. I want to make sweet love to you.”

The tears started flowing down my face as I smiled. At least this time, they were tears of pure joy. I held Jacob’s head in my hands and noticed that he also had tears.

“I’m getting close, Charlie. Cum with me, baby! Cum with me!” I felt Jacob’s body go rigid above me as he began yelling out that he was cumming. As I felt his perfect cock expand inside me, I started shooting ropes of cum between us.

We were both utterly exhausted as he lay on top of me. We didn’t say anything for the longest time—we really didn’t need to. We were both breathing heavily and kissing each other. Holy shit! No one has ever made love to me like that before! It was so—I don’t know—complete?

“Thank you, Charlie. That was amazing. It’s been months since I’ve had sex, but this was something so incredibly out of this world. Hell, this was so much more than just sex. I mean—Jesus! It was so fucking amazing it brought tears to my eyes! I didn’t even know that could happen!”

“Yeah, I know I’ve never been made love to like that before. You had me feeling things I didn’t even know were there to feel.”

We both sighed, his semi-hard cock still inside me, and dozed off with him on top of me.

When we woke up about twenty minutes later, we were glued together by my drying cum.

“Jacob? Why don’t we hop in the shower so we can grab a bite to eat and then watch the fireworks from the balcony?”

He peeled himself off me, and all I could think was how glad I was neither of us had any hair on our torsos, or it would have been ripped out faster than a Brazilian wax job!

While in the shower, we cleaned each other of the dried cum. Jacob asked if he could wash my hair. Oh, Hell yes! I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. I loved feeling his strong and slender fingers massaging my scalp!

As he held my head under the water to rinse my hair, he started kissing me again.

“Oh, Charlie. I hope I get to do that a lot. I love running my fingers through your hair! I mean, look what it did to me!”

I looked down, and sure enough, he was as hard as I was. We started kissing and stroking, and before long, we both came again all over each other.

After a second cleaning, we dried each other off. We pulled on our underwear and headed down to the kitchen on a quest for food. Hell, we both had just cum three times and had worked up quite an appetite!

Mrs. Henderson had made a chicken and spinach lasagna, so I portioned out a couple of plates and zapped them in the microwave while Jacob threw together a lovely Caesar Salad. We sat and ate in relative silence, but there were definitely glances and smiles throughout the meal.

When we finished and cleaned the dishes, I poured some more wine, and we headed upstairs to watch the fireworks over the bay.

“Do you want me to take you home? Or can you stay the night—with your arms around me?”

“Well, when you put it that way, it’s a no-brainer! I just have to get home in the morning, so I can get to work.”

“Me too. We’ll get up a little earlier, have some breakfast and start our day.”

Once the fireworks ended, we were both pretty beat. I mean, after an afternoon of flirting, three orgasms, dinner, wine, pot, and fireworks, I was pretty sure we both would be sleeping well.

As we lay in bed, Jacob spooned up against my back, and all I could do was sigh and smile. This was definitely going to be a Fourth of July I will never forget! After one last sigh and a smile that I couldn’t seem to get rid of, I soon fell into one of the most wonderful nights of sleep I had had in a very long time.

The next morning, we had a quick shower where we each came once, had a quick light breakfast, and got in the car so I could drop Jacob off at his house on my way downtown.

I parked the car behind the tailor shop and walked around to the front with a spring in my step. The door was already unlocked and bound into the shop.

“Cam! Cam! Oh my God! You won’t believe what happened last night!”

“Don’t tell me. You took Jacob home, seduced him, and he gave himself a gay pass so he would have an excuse to do things he never thought he wanted to do before.”

“Cam, the only thing straight about Jacob Anderson was him going straight to bed with me. Trust me, that boy didn’t need anything like a gay pass!”

“Jacob Anderson? Wow. I never saw that coming!”

I described as much about my night with Jacob as I could without giving away too much detail. I even told him that the best part of the night was when Jacob told me how hot I was. I was literally glowing as I told Cam about Jacob being so turned on by my skinny body. I was so happy that once again, tears started forming in my eyes. How fucking embarrassing!

Over the next few months, my relationship with Jacob definitely grew in leaps and bounds. He was the first to tell me that he was in love with me, although I’m pretty sure we were both feeling it long before it was said. He apologized for not saying anything sooner, but he never wanted me to think that I was some kind of rebound thing after his mom and sister had died.

I never felt like a rebound. Not with Jacob! Damn, that boy was an amazing lover. I don’t think we’ve made love the same way twice since that first time.

He never stopped telling me how sexy I was. Of course, I never was completely comfortable with hearing it, but as my workouts with Cam and Ian continued, I was also getting more comfortable with my body as it began to fill out a bit.

In addition to workouts with the guys, Jacob and I would run early in the morning on the beach. If he wasn’t spending the night with me, he would come over at 6:30, and we would run, shower, cum, shower some more, eat breakfast, and head to work. Not a bad routine if you ask me!

And then there’s Eli. That sweet, adorable baby! Okay, okay—I know it sounds weird, but that kid and I were completely bonding. The guys were now referring to me as Uncle Charlie, which I totally loved. It was so nice to feel part of that amazing family. I think a big part of that was my family really didn’t exist all that much since my parents were on the road so much.

One night, Jacob and I were over at Cam and Ian’s place, and Eli and I were playing. The kid loved to reach up and grab my hair. I would give him an overdramatic yelp each time, causing him to laugh this huge baby laugh. I was having the time of my life when I looked over to Jacob.

“Jacob, I want one. I want a baby. I’m going off the pill, so you can get me pregnant!”

Jacob just rolled his eyes and smile. “Okaaaaaaay. And I’ll happily keep trying as much as is humanly possible until it happens!”

I genuinely do want a child of my own, but I don’t know if Jacob and I are ready to take that next step in our relationship. We have time. Neither of us is going anywhere.

The summer went on beautifully. Mom and Dad met Jacob, and they both remembered him as an adorable eight-year-old boy.

One night late in August, Jacob was spending time with his Dad, working late on a project, and Mom was actually home. After dinner, she and I sat in the family room watching television. Mom pulled me to her and told me how happy she was to see me happy again—possibly even happier than she had ever seen me.

We talked about Jacob and how he was totally invested in our relationship. Mom thinks some of that has to do with losing his mother and sister, that he wasn’t going to do anything but give 110% to the relationship he and I had. She also commented that while I was always the type to give 110%, Jacob was the first to give as much (or more) back.

“I love him, Mom. When I know we’re both ready, I want us to take things to the next level. I’m going to ask him to marry me. I want to start a family with him.”

“Well, take your time. It’s nothing you have to rush into. You’ll know when the time is right. Wait a minute. Start a family? You want to make me a grandmother??”

“Yeah! Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“Charlie, I’m not old enough to be a grandmother!”

We just laughed, and we both went to bed. We had to get up to work the next morning. Mom had to head to the airport, while Cam had asked me to come in on Sunday morning since we had a large project that needed to be finished for Monday.

Even though it was Sunday, it started out as a typical busy workday. That is until the phone rang, and I saw a look of terror on Cam’s face. He hung up the phone, screamed out “Nooooooo!” and ran out the door. I saw him pull away, and I had no idea what had just happened.

I called Ian’s number, and it went right to voicemail. I called Cam’s parents, and there was no answer. I called Jacob and woke him up. He promised to see what he could find out.

And now we are at the major turning point in Stitcher. Ian's hospital stay was pretty intense in the other story, but this time we see it from another character who isn't even allowed to see his friend until he is out of the ICU.
I can promise you that Ian's situation has a profound effect on both Charlie and Jacob.
Again, thank you for reading and your remarkable (I'm still in shock over this) support.
I'm like a vampire... I feed off your comments and reviews. As some of you know, I will make minor changes in the story if your comments and suggestion lead me in that direction.
Copyright © 2017 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
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Why is there a gray line behind all the text in this chapter?  ;-)


It’s really good to visit with Eli again!  ;-)



And Charlie should know that I really like skinny guys!  ;-)

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23 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Do you know what you did to this asthmatic? I had to stop halfway throw and start a treatment! But it was worth it!!!!! I do have a question though what's up with the boxes around the text? But still they are cute together!!!

Got those blue boxes fixed... Thank you Cia, for your help! 

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I wanted to help your "inner vampire." Your characters are a lot of fun! And Charlie is a joy to know! I think each chapter makes me like this story a bit more! Now, if you could only learn to spell your name correctly... 😜

Thanks for sharing this story. Jeff

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Finally caught up with the stories, Pissed at myself that I fell behind.. Feeling so sad for Charlie, this is the second time when he was with a friend when they got horrible news about their loved one.  Charlie so deserves the happiness that Jacob will provide, can't wait to see their relationship blossom and flourish.


Thanks Geoff

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On 1/27/2018 at 7:24 PM, BlindAmbition said:

You know it’s true love when someone feeds you meat while you hold a baby. All the fun in practicing to get pregnant. I’m very, very adventurous, but feet just don’t do it for me. 😆😆

Feet can be very sexy to the right person. Charlie sucked on David's toes earlier, and sent him over the edge.

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It was always Jacob,now all is right with the world. I too enjoyed the scene where Jacob fed Charlie as he fed Eli.For me it was really intimate. Another great chapter.

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