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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way - 6. The Musician (Part Four)

It's time to wrap up the story of Charlie and David. This was a fun chapter to write! There's a lot of something for everyone! There's also something different!
We are going to one of David and Parker's piano competition. I've added a link to the pieces they play. The video shows the sheet music as they play. If you read music you might find it fascinating (I did!). If you don't read music, just be in awe of how many notes the boys are playing.

I woke up the next morning with my phone buzzing. Who the fuck is texting me at 7:30 on a Saturday morning? Even though I was in the arms of my beautiful boy, I was able to reach my phone on the nightstand.


CHARDAN: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

PRKRMLLR: david tell you he loved you?

CHARDAN: oh yeah—showed me too


CHARDAN: scary how happy i am. what did you say to david?

PRKRMLLR: hehe. to stop being a pussy and tell you how he feels.

CHARDAN: ty parker. i owe you a big one!

PRKRMLLR: hmmmmmmm

CHARDAN: perv! i knew there was a reason i like you! hehe

CHARDAN: gotta go. have to pee bad.

PRKRMLLR: ttyl ❤️

I gently raised David’s arm and quietly rolled out of bed so that I could go to the bathroom. When I finished, I brushed my teeth, so I wouldn’t have to subject my boy to morning breath. I made it back into the bedroom, and David was awake, smiling at me.

“My turn!”

He hopped out of bed, led by that amazing hard cock that brought us both so much pleasure last night. After he peed, I heard him brushing his teeth after asking if he could use my toothbrush.

When he returned to bed, he gently caressed my face and kissed my forehead.

“Any regrets?”

“Just one.”

He got a worried look on his face. “What? What’s wrong?”

“My only regret is that you came into my life when you did. I wish we had met a long time ago.”

“Just remember this, Charlie—everything is perfect the way it is. I know I’ve never felt happier than I do this very moment, and that’s because you became a part of my life at the perfect time.”

“God, I love you, David.”

“I love you, boyfriend.”

That was the first time in my life I’ve ever been called “boyfriend,” and my heart melted. I leaned in and kissed my boyfriend and then proceeded to make sweet, slow love to him.

I found all his spots that drove him crazy. One of my favorites was right where his ball sac met his inner thigh. My absolute favorite came when I was on my knees and holding his leg up in front of my chest. I was running my hands up and down his leg, loving the feeling of the blond hairs when I took his big toe in my mouth and sucked on it like it was a second cock.

David’s entire body nearly left the bed as he was overcome with feelings he’d never experienced. His head was thrashing back and forth on the pillow, and his eyes practically rolled into the back of his head.

“Oh my God, Charlie! I had no idea! Holy fuck!”

I took David’s legs and pushed them back, exposing his ass to me. Damn, it looked good enough to eat, so to speak—so I leaned forward and did just that. I started flicking my tongue across his rosebud, causing it to twitch and quiver.

“Oh yes! Oh, fuck! Charlie! Yes!”

I loved getting that reaction from David, and the more pressure I applied, the more response I would get. By the time I was bobbing my head and plunging my tongue into his ass, he was out of control. Damn! My boyfriend definitely loves to be rimmed. I wonder what will happen with my cock inside?

Only one way to find out, right? I grabbed the bottle of lube, slicked up David’s ass, and started working fingers in so that I could loosen him up. Our cocks are about identical lengthwise, but I’m quite a bit thicker than he is.

It didn’t take long for him to relax and beg me to enter him. This time I didn’t have to be asked twice!

I reached down to his large puddle of precum and slicked my cock with it. I then added some lube, so my boy would be as comfortable as possible. I placed the head of my cock at his hole, and as I began to add pressure, David pushed forward, welcoming inside his beautiful body.

Just as he did with me last night, I would slowly push in a bit and then pull out, the whole time looking deep into each other’s eyes. The love we shared was palpable. Our connection was undeniably complete.

“I love you, David Chase—with my whole heart and soul.”

“Ooooooh! Charlie Danner, you feel amazing inside me!”

I kept pushing in deeper and deeper when I felt some resistance at his inner ring. I stayed still but applied a little pressure. When he finally relaxed, I found myself completely inside David.

“You okay, babe?

“Oh my God! You’re huge! It’s so fucking awesome!”

I began moving in and out. As I would pull out, David would squeeze his ass and apply pressure. When I would push in, he would relax and let me in all the way. We did that for several minutes, but David was getting me way too close, way too soon.

Now, I don’t have that much experience with boys, but I had an idea. I pulled out of David, lay on top of him, and kissed him. It was another of our now trademark soft, sensual, slow kisses that I have completely fallen in love with. David enjoyed it as well as he was moaning and grinding his cock into mine.

I lifted myself off David and stood on the floor at the side of the bed. I dragged him to the edge of the bed and lifted his legs to “V.” Damn! He sure looked fucking great! My cock was sticking straight out and was at the perfect height. I moved forward and slipped right back in to the tight, silky heat of David’s ass.

It took no time at all to get a nice and slow rhythm going. Only this time, when I was all the way in, I would arch my back and get in even further. When I arched and pushed, I would rotate my hips, pressing and rubbing his prostate to add to David's pleasure. So. Fucking. Hot!

David was losing it! Every time I pushed in deeper, he would let out a moan and lift his ass off the bed, increasing the pleasure he was feeling.

Before long, his cock started to bounce with the beat of his heart. I kept my pace, knowing he was going to have a hands-free nut any minute. After three or four more pushes, David’s cock exploded and sprayed his nut all over himself and the bed.

With each spray of cum, his ass contracted with a vice-like grip on my cock, milking my nut out of me. It took every ounce of concentration I had to keep moving, but I was able to. How the fuck did I have that much cum after last night?

I collapsed on top of David, and we kissed and cooed as we came down from our orgasmic high.

“I love you, David. You have given me so much life and taught me so much about it.”

“Baby, I never imagined how much I could love someone—and I’m so happy it’s you!”

“So, why don’t you get our shower ready? I’m going to run downstairs and put a breakfast casserole in the oven. It should be ready by the time we finish our shower.”

I didn’t bother putting on any clothes since we were all alone in the house and ran downstairs and put Ms. Henderson’s casserole in the oven. It was my all-time favorite breakfast. She layered bread, cheese, and sausage in a baking dish and then beat a bunch of eggs with some milk and poured that over the layers. It sat in the fridge overnight, and the bread soaked up the liquid. Once it’s baked and bubbly, you have the most amazing casserole in the world!

I ran back upstairs to join my beautiful boyfriend in the shower. When I opened the door, he was leaning against the shower wall and stroking. Damn! I love having a horny boyfriend!

“I hope that big cock is already lubed up—‘cause I want you to fuck me. Fuck me fast and hard. I love making love with you, David—but sometimes you just need a good fuck.”

“You read my mind, Charlie Danner.”

David pulled me to him and started kissing me—kissing me hard. While we were kissing, he reached around a smeared some Gun Oil on my ass. I turned around and put my foot on the ledge.

“Fuck me, David! Fuck me hard!”

Wow! Did he ever! I thought I could feel the end of his cock in my throat. Thank God David was holding me tightly, or I might have gone crashing through the glass shower wall from the force of his thrusts.

I was glad no one was home. We were shouting and moaning loudly through the entire fuck fest. This time David let me stroke my own cock. David knew he had to hold on to me with both arms. It didn’t take long for both of us to reach the point of no return.

We both came together, but there just wasn’t a lot of cum. I guess we had both reached the end of our supply. But hey, we’re both eighteen, and I don’t think it will take that long to recharge!

We finished our shower by cleaning each other, kissing, making sure there wasn’t any cum hanging around, and kissing some more. When we stepped out of the shower, we both commented on the wonderful smell wafting upstairs from the kitchen.

We dried our hair, well I guess I should say David dried mine, then his. He started to put on some clothes, and I stopped him.

“Nobody’s home. We don’t need clothes. Besides, I can’t think of anything I would like better than eating my favorite breakfast sitting next to a completely naked, beautiful boy!”

David giggled and just went with the flow. He insisted I lead the way down the stairs as he wanted to enjoy looking at my apparently hot ass. I don’t get it, but whatever floats his boat!

We were laughing as we hit the bottom of the stairs and headed into the kitchen.



Oh. Fuck. Me! What is Mom doing here? She’s not due back until tomorrow! In front of my mother, there we were completely bare-assed naked, sporting our impressive semi-hard cocks! I heard David gasp and run back upstairs. Me? Frozen in my tracks, with my mouth hanging open.

“Well, don’t just stand there, Charlie. Go follow that handsome boy before he jumps off your balcony!”

“Check the casserole!”

I turned and ran back upstairs. When I got to my room, I found David lying on the bed, laughing hysterically.

“Oh my God! I wanted to make a good impression on your mother, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind! Did you see the look on her face?”

“You should have seen the look on my face!”

David tried to catch his breath while he wiped tears from his eyes.

“This is one of those stories we’ll be telling for the rest of our lives, Charlie.”

“So, you’re not upset?”

“Why would I be upset? Life is too short to get upset over the funny things—and this is definitely one of those funny things!”

“I thought I was gonna die. And we still have to go back downstairs and face my mother!”

“Should we try clothes this time? Your idea for breakfast attire, as sexy as it was, ran into a bit of a snag, yes?”

“Oh, God. My mother saw my dick!”

“Charlie, she’s been seeing your dick before you even knew what one was—or that you would like them so much!”

There he goes again! David was able to make me laugh about the whole thing. The world would be a whole lot better if more people were like David Chase!

We threw on jeans, a tee-shirt, and of course, David put on the 2Q2BStr8 shirt.

“You can’t wear that! Mom hates that shirt.”

“I bet she doesn’t, really.”

“How can you say that?”

“Don’t you trust me anymore, Charlie Danner?”

“Oh, why not? Things couldn’t get any worse!”

David gave me another specialty kiss. It’s incredible how much better I felt after that!

“Now—let’s go back downstairs before your mother thinks we’re doing naughty things up here!”

We walked back downstairs, this time like normal human beings—clothed, normal human beings. When we walked back to the kitchen, Mom was plating up some breakfast casserole.

“Good morning, boys! It’s so nice to see you!” She turned back around to finish our plates, and I could see her shoulders bounce as she said in a half-voice, “—again.”

I just looked down to the floor, dying inside, and mumbled a good morning to Mom. David, on the other hand, acted like nothing at all unusual happened.

“Good morning, Mrs. Danner. So nice to see you—again!”

Mom, loving people with a smart-ass sense of humor, broke out in a hearty laugh as she turned around.

“Charlie, will you introduce me to your beautiful—and quite funny—friend?”

I was still mortified and looking down at the floor. “Mom, this is my new boyfriend, David Chase. David, this is my Mom.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, David. And please, you can call me Beverly.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Beverly.”

Me? I’m just confused as fuck—expecting a bomb to fall any second.

“Why don’t you boys have a seat. I know Charlie would like his coffee with some French vanilla creamer. How about you, David? Would you like a cup?”

“Yes, Beverly. That would be awesome.”

Mom set our plates in front of us, as well as one for herself. Great. She was going to join us for breakfast.

She returned with our coffees and sat down. I still couldn’t look at her, though. David, however, didn’t have that problem. They looked at each other and just started giggling. What the fuck?

“Charlie, my darling boy. You need to relax! I got in last night. You had no idea I came in from the garage since you and this delightful boy were engaged in one of the most romantic kisses I’ve ever seen. So, I quietly made my way to my bedroom and let you proceed with your plans for the evening.”

“Mom? Were you here all night? What happened? You weren’t supposed to be back until tomorrow?”

“The resort was a disaster. And I was so looking forward to a weekend in the Caribbean. But when I found bedbugs in my suite, that was all it took for me to check out and book the next flight out.”

“What do you do, Beverly?”

“I’m a travel agent first and foremost. But I also have a travel blog, and I go to different locations most every weekend and review different destinations, cruises, hotels, and the like.”

“Very cool.”

“Mom? I have one more question. H-how long were you sitting down here before we came down the first time?”

“I heard you come down and put the casserole in the oven and saw you heading upstairs as I came into the kitchen—so I saw you naked twice!”


“Oh, relax, my darling boy! I knew how extraordinary David was to you when I saw that kiss in the foyer. And your exciting romp in the shower made me think back on the days when your father and I used to have fun like that.”

“Mom!! That’s a picture I really don’t need to have!”

David was giggling again. “Yep! And once you see it, you can never unsee it!”

Mom thought that was hilarious. “David, I like you a lot. I think you are going to be wonderful for Charlie.”

“Beverly, Charlie is wonderful for me. Like I told him last night, he has filled places in my heart that I never knew existed.”

“Charlie? What are your thoughts?”

“Wow. Where do I start? I was still hurting over Frankie when David came into the costume shop needing some emergency repair on his ripped pants. After the show, he ‘conveniently’ needed a ride to the cast party. David stayed with me the whole night, and we talked about everything. He even helped me deal with Frankie’s nonsense before we left the party.

“We came back to the house, and we kept talking until past 3:00 a.m. He slept in the guest room that night, by the way. We both knew I wasn’t ready for anything physical yet.

“The next afternoon, he took me over to his house, and I met his mom. Then, the most amazing thing happened. David took me on a date—to the freakin’ ice skating rink in South Dennis!”

“You? Ice Skating? How did you do?”

“He got the hang of it by the time we had finished.”

“Impressive! Go on, Charlie. I’m sorry I interrupted.”

“Well, David took me to his favorite restaurant in Hyannis for lunch, and then we went to the theatre for last night’s show. His best friend from Boston, Parker, came to the show last night with his mother, and we all went out to eat after at Bistro del Soliel.”

“Oh, your father and I love that place!”

“Yep! That’s what I told David, too. While we were at dinner, it hit me that I had learned more about David, and myself, in just 24 hours than I had learned about Frankie the whole time we were together.

“Before he left with his mom—" I looked over at David. “I haven’t even told you this part!”

“Parker hugged me and whispered in my ear that David was in love with me, and I should let him. And he said that David would take really good care of me. And then he went to David and whispered in his ear that he was a pu—uh, wuss—if he didn’t tell me that he loved me.

“As we were driving home, David told me how he felt. I pulled over into the next parking lot and told him how I felt. We got home, and well, I guess you know what happened.”

“Do you boys think you might have moved too quickly?”

“No, Beverly. I knew before Charlie and I could move into any kind of relationship, he would have to let go of his feelings about Frankie. When Charlie pulled over into that parking lot, he proved to me he had done just that.”

“I don’t need the details! I just wanted to make sure you are moving in the direction you both want to—and with your eyes wide open.”

“No worries there! You’ve seen and heard more than any mother should have to see or hear!”

“Mom, I’m so sorry about earlier. I just didn’t—"

“It’s okay, Charlie. It was funny as Hell—the look on your face! Talk about things you can never unsee! But, I think in the future, you boys should put something on before you come downstairs, don’t you think?”

“What do you think, Charlie Danner? Should we heed your mother’s advice, or should we give her a cheap thrill now and then?”


“Boys, I have plenty of excitement in my life, if you must know.”


“By the way, I was able to get two tickets for the show tonight. I hear you outdid yourself with the costumes, Charlie!”

“Two tickets? Who are you bringing with you?”

“Your father sent me a text this morning. He’ll be flying into Boston this afternoon.”

“No way! Dad’s coming home? Damn! If this weekend gets any more perfect, I think I might explode!”

“David, Charlie’s father has a job that keeps him out of town for weeks at a time.”

“What? Is he CIA or something?”

“Charlie! Did you tell him?”

“No! I swear! We never talked about you guys—hardly at all!”

“I swear, Beverly! Charlie didn’t tell me anything like that! Oh God, I hope I haven’t caused any problems! I won’t tell a soul! I swear!”

Mom and I started cracking up!

“David, we’re just playing with you. Charlie’s father works with transition teams for a company that specializes in acquisitions and mergers. He has to spend two to three weeks at a place to make sure the transitions go smoothly.”

David let go of a big sigh, “Thank God, I’m so relieved. I might have to kill you for that, Charlie!”

“David, are you in the show?”

“I’m playing the piano in the pit.”

“Oh! You play the piano!”

“Mom, David is way more than just a piano player. He and Parker are competitive pianists and compete all over New England in the Spring.”

“Are you going to continue with it in college?”

“Yes, I haven’t decided where I’m going to go yet, but I’ll most likely end up teaching piano at some university and do recitals and concerts whenever I can.”

“You should just be a concert pianist and forget the teaching, David.”

“Charlie, that would be amazing. But less than 1% of competitive pianists on the New England circuit might get that opportunity.”

We finished up breakfast and decided to spend the afternoon at David’s. That way, Mom and Dad could have some alone time when he got home. But we promised Mom that we would be back for dinner before we had to go to the theatre for the last performance of Spamelot.

Ms. Henderson had made an excellent pork chop dinner for us, so we enjoyed that—Mom, Dad, David, and me all having dinner together! It was awesome.

Once the show closed, things settled down a bit. David was spending more time preparing for his last year of competition, so while we didn’t have quite as much time together as we would have liked, the times we were together just kept getting better and better.

David had his audition at Julliard and aced it. He now had three schools to choose from and was told he would have to decide in the next few weeks or be prepared to take a year off from school and enter a year later. Of course, I loved that idea, but it wasn’t my place to influence him one way or the other unless he asked me for my input.

Prom time was coming around, and I designed and built dresses for Liz and Janet. They had convinced Cam and Ian to take them to the prom, so they could get tickets. There was this colossal stink about same-sex couples attending the prom, so David and I decided to lay low and just get single tickets. Of course, we had to get them a couple of days apart so that bitch sponsor wouldn’t get her panties in a wad.

The actual prom was one of those nights I’ll never forget! We sat at the table with Liz, Janet, Cam, and Ian. Holy fuck, those boys were hot! David thought so too. But they were so into each other that they hardly even noticed we were there.

The coolest part of the night was watching the bitch teacher-sponsor lose her shit when the school voted Cam and Ian prom kings. I think half the people in the ballroom, well, most of the girls and the gay kids, were bawling their eyes out. When the guys started their traditional dance, texts were going out all over the place, telling us that to show support for the guys, everyone was to pick a partner of the same sex when told to join the kings on the dance floor.

David and I couldn’t believe our luck! We were going to be able to dance a slow dance with each other at our prom! It turned out to be incredibly romantic as we showed each other that night in my bed.

Several weeks later, David was preparing for his last competition, and he asked me if I wanted to go with them. It was the only competition that allowed an audience, and he really wanted me to be there. The competition was in Baltimore, and we would be staying in a hotel for the weekend.

David said that he and I would share the room with Parker while the moms would also share a room. I was a little concerned about sharing the room since David and I wouldn’t be able to do much more than cuddle.

That’s when David told me that while he and Parker hadn’t done a thing the entire season, not even cuddle, Parker threw out the idea that the three of us might have some fun together. I have to admit that the idea seemed kind of hot since none of us had ever done a three-way before.

We discussed it and decided to lay down some ground rules. The first was that if either of us started feeling uncomfortable, we would stop the whole thing. The other one was that the only fucking that would take place would be between David and I. There are just some things that I don’t want to share. The third thing was that the actual decision to do it would be made after the competition.

The time finally arrived for the competition. They usually drove to these things, but Mom thought it was crazy since Boston's drive to Baltimore was stupid long. She used a combination of her connections and airline points and got us all on a flight.

David was relieved that they wouldn’t be stressing with a long drive and felt optimistic about his chances. We left for the airport right after school and began our adventure.

We checked into the hotel and had a late dinner in the lobby restaurant. When we got into our rooms, the three of us chilled with some late-night television. Parker decided to hop in the shower before crashing for the night and stripped down right there in the room!

Well, of course, I had to take a look! He was about the same height as David, but damn! This boy was ripped! His cock was smaller than ours, but that’s okay. His body was hairless except for his pits, legs, and a small patch right above his cock.

When Parker went into the bathroom, I leaned into David and told him I didn’t blame him at all for playing around with Parker. He told me that Parker only started working out last year and was even more ripped than before.

When Parker came out of the shower, David hopped up and pulled me out of bed.

“Our turn!”

David started stripping down, but I went into the bathroom to do that. David joined me, having just removed his tee-shirt and let me finish taking off his clothes. Smart choice!

I turned the water on, and we stepped in. David immediately washed my hair and soaped me up. I returned the favor, and before I could rinse him off, David asked me to fuck him.

I soaped up my nine inches and eased into his incredible ass. David worked his muscles around me, and we were soon fucking at a rapid pace, moaning, grunting, swearing, and gasping with each hard thrust. David would push back as I would push in, milking my cock for all it’s worth.

We got more frantic (and louder) with every thrust, and before long, we were both yelling each other’s names and announcing to the entire hotel that we were cumming. Now I need to say that making love with my David—there’s no feeling on the whole earth that comes close to what we experience when that happens—and it’s truly better and better every time we do it. But when we just plain fuck, damn! It’s so fucking hot!

We quickly finished up in the shower, dried our hair, wrapped towels around our waists, and made our way back to the hotel room. As we walked out, there was Parker, lying on his bed and shooting streams of cum onto his face, chest, and awesome abs.

“Sorry, guys. I resisted as long as I could, but hearing you two fucking was more than I could even think about ignoring.”

I walked over to Parker’s bed, ran my finger through a puddle of his cum, and brought it to my mouth.

“Mmmmm, tasty!”

I scooped up another fingerful and shared it with David. He agreed with me, of course. One more fingerful went to Parker’s mouth, and he tasted his nut and held my finger in his mouth, sucking on it like it was a miniature dick.

David and I laughed at Parker’s antics, and we both gave him a quick kiss goodnight.

“Parker, dude. We have to be up at 7:00. It’s time to go to sleep now. He threw the towel around his waist at his best friend and told him to clean up.

David and I crawled into bed, and Parker turned off the lights. Way too soon, the phone was ringing with our wake-up call. Dammit, 7:00 a.m. should not be allowed to exist on a Saturday morning!

We enjoyed a nice breakfast in the lobby and were soon headed off to the competition. While we were eating, David and Parker got excited when they saw one of the judges enjoying breakfast in the corner of the restaurant. David said her name was Svetlana Cherenkov, a teacher at a Russian conservatory. She’s judged this competition for over twenty years. In that time, she has selected just two pianists to study with her in St. Petersburg. Both of those students are still enjoying highly successful concert careers.

The competition was only a few blocks from the hotel, and we walked down. The boys got in line for the 9:00 registration. David and Parker came out to the lobby and told us their performance times. Parker was scheduled for 10:50, and David would go on at 12:20, the last competitor before lunch.

We entered the performance space at 10:40. We heard a young Korean girl who went on before Parker. She was phenomenal—well, at least I thought she was. David’s mom told me that her problem was that she spent all her time working on the technical aspect of her playing and paid little or no attention to the piece's heart and soul. She predicted that the girl would not even place.

Parker was the next to play. I had to admire his confidence. The first piece he played was Estampes by Claude Debussy. It was stunning. Parker ebbed and flowed with grace and amazing technical ability. I understood was Nancy was saying about the heart and soul of a piece. Parker seemed to capture it beautifully.

I was stunned by his second selection. It was the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Holy fuck! His fingers moved so quickly they blurred. But what blew me away is that Parker played it with all the drama of a full symphony orchestra. It was just clean. As fast as those notes were being played, you could hear each one individually.

Now, I’m just a total non-musician, so my opinion comes from that place. But I couldn’t believe with all the work his hands were doing, Parker hardly moved his upper body all except for the times he wanted his full body strength in a chord.

His performance was magnificent. It was so cool that I knew the hottie up there on stage! After Parker finished his pieces, he received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. It was totally awesome! We then went out to the lobby to wait for him. In just a few minutes, he and David came bounding out from backstage to meet us.

Parker was giddy like a 12-year-old schoolgirl. He was feeling confident. I could see in David’s eyes how proud he was of his best friend. There were a lot of hugs traded, and then Parker started shedding some tears.

David asked him what was wrong.

“David, we’ve been doing this for six years, and this is our very last competition. I’m really going to miss these things.”

“Yeah, I am too. But I’m going to miss them because of you. We’ve had so much fun and have learned so much from each other. But that’s all about that for now. What are you trying to do? Psych out your competition?”

That got a good laugh from everyone. I just thought how cool it was that these two best friends were also fierce competitors but never let that get in the way of their friendship. If anything, it made them closer.

After a while, David and Parker went backstage so David could get ready for his performance. I walked around the corner with them and kissed David for good luck. He smiled at me, telling me how happy he was that I would be in the audience.

Soon the moms and I went back into the auditorium and took our seats. The boy who played before David was good (Hell, in my eyes, they were all good) but seemed very nervous. He sweated a lot, and that’s all I could notice.

Then, it was the time we were waiting for. David walked out on stage in his tuxedo with an air of confidence that made the judges take notice. As he was taking his seat, Nancy leaned over to me and whispered, “David wanted me to tell you this was for you.”

And then he started to play. Oh my God! It was the Chopin Nocturne in Eb that he swore he would never play in competition because it was so personal. But up on that stage, there he was—playing my Nocturne—for me! Tears of joy and pure love were falling down my cheeks. I looked over at Nancy, and she had the same waterworks going.

I swear to God, as beautiful as he played it for me at the cast party, this was ten—no, a hundred times better. It was as if he was reaching into the body of the piano and literally pulling the emotion out of it. The cadenza was flawless, and the end of the piece was exquisitely tender.

I was blown away when the audience and the judges gave him a standing ovation after just the first piece. I was sobbing by now, and Nancy put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me to her. David stayed seated at the piano and nodded. That’s all he would break from his concentration.

I had heard him practicing his second piece at his house while Nancy and I would sit in the kitchen and just listen while we enjoyed a cup of coffee. Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 was an incredibly complicated piece, and I kept telling Nancy that I knew it from somewhere. That was strange as I was definitely not a follower of classical music.

When he finished playing the piece, Nancy took me into the living room and told David that I somehow knew the piece and wondered if he knew how I might know it. David got a twinkle in his eye and went to the bookshelf and pulled down a DVD.

He turned on the television and started the disc. That was it! Bugs Bunny! You see, Dad thought the cartoons of my generation sucked and made sure his kids were properly entertained with the Loony Tunes cartoons. I told David he should put a carrot on the piano and take a couple of bites just like that silly wabbit did. David looked at his mom and laughed.

“Could you imagine? I’d never be able to show my face on that stage again!”

I sat in the audience, marveling at my beautiful boy’s skill. As I said, I don’t know much about this kind of music, the control he had blew my mind. I mean, there are places in the piece where two of his fingers are moving so fast you could hardly tell what they were doing. At the same time, the other three fingers were playing a beautiful melodic melody line. How does a human being do that?

When David finished his second piece, the audience went wild, and the judges were again on their feet. David was overwhelmed with the response. He took several bows and found us in the audience. He mouthed, “I love you” to me, and the dam burst once again. I have never been so proud even to breathe the same air as another human being as I was of David. My David. The love of my life.

We broke for lunch and went to a small café across the street from the auditorium. While we were sitting there, the Russian judge came in and took a seat two tables down from us. When she realized we were there, she came over to our table and spoke to us with a heavy accent.

“Gentlemen, you both were magnificent today. After ze awards ceremony, will you please come to see me? I would like to speak with each of you both. It was pure honor to hear both of you play. Thank you.”

And she went back to her seat. David and Parker were both so excited they could hardly finish eating. The moms commented on how impossible it would be to pick a winner between them—that is if one of them were to be selected. Nancy stressed to us that they didn’t want to jinx anything.

At three in the afternoon, the competitors were brought into the auditorium and seated in the front two rows. We waited for the judges to come to the stage to make their presentations. And we waited. And we waited.

Finally, at 3:20, the judges walked onto the stage to announce the winner of the competition. Madame Cherenkov, as the head judge, stood at the podium.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of ze Greater Baltimore Regional Piano Competition is—Master Parker Miller!”

Everyone stood up, and I saw David hug Parker before going up to the stage for his gold medal. As the applause died down, Madame Cherenkov returned to the podium.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention. Please have your seat. Please. As you can tell, the judging panel had difficult time coming up with just one winner. I must be honest—we weren’t able to. Therefore, you may understand that we have, for the first time in this competition, an even tie. Our other gold medalist is Master David Chase!”

The crowd went wild, cheering and yelling for David. The moms and I were sobbing with joy as David joined Parker on the stage. The boys hugged, and David lowered his head as his medal was placed around his neck.

As the crowd dispersed, Madame Cherenkov gathered the boys and their moms and led us to a conference room behind the stage. David insisted I be included as I was part of the family.

She sat us all down at the table and proceeded to tell us that she was thrilled watching David and Parker grow as pianists over the last several years. She then told us that she had never done anything like this before, but she offered both full scholarships to the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory.

Parker spoke up first. He explained that while he was honored with her generous offer, he had no desire to pursue a piano career. He told her his plans for CalArts, and while disappointed that he had turned down her offer, she was pleased that he would be pursuing a career in music.

David looked over at his mom with questioning eyes. She smiled at him and said that she would support him in any decision he made. He then looked at me with hopeful eyes. I smiled at him and nodded. He then looked at Madame Cherenkov and told her he would be honored to accept her offer, although he was concerned about the language barrier.

She told him that several American students were there, and most of the faculty spoke several languages. She got all of David’s contact information and told him that he would receive the official documents to sign and return as soon as he could in a day or two.

He would start in August. I was so happy for David. This was a dream come true for him. I hated that he would be so far away, but hey—it wouldn’t be that much different if he were to go to any of the American schools he was considering. We would still see each other during breaks. Still, my heart was breaking at the thought of separation. This was the first thing I would ever keep from David. He would never know how sad I was inside.

That night, the moms took us out for a celebratory dinner. It was amazing. On our way back to the hotel, I knew I had a decision to make. I decided that the three of us should have our fun. It would be nice to have a distraction from all the craziness of the day.

We said goodnight to the moms, and when we got into the room, I grabbed David and told him I needed to congratulate him properly. Yes, that was one of our trademark slow and erotic kisses. Parker got an eyeful as we continued to kiss.

“Guys, that’s the most amazing kiss I’ve ever seen! Jesus Christ!”

David broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, “Have you made a decision, baby? I’m 100% behind you, either way. You know that.”

I whispered back, “This is probably our only chance to do something like this. And if we’re going to do a three-way, I would like to do it with Parker.”

With that, we each held an arm out in Parker’s direction. I looked over at him and said, why don’t you experience it with us, Parker?”

“Are you sure?”

“Get your hottie ass over here, Parker. Charlie and I want you to join us.”

The three of us joined our mouths together and tried to show Parker what one of our special kisses felt like. It wasn’t even close to the real thing, but it was still hot as fuck. I was already leaking into my underwear.

David and I then took Parker’s jacket off, and I began opening the buttons on his tux shirt as David removed his tie. We got his shirt off, and I marveled at his tanned, toned body. I decided to follow David’s lead.

David started kissing Parker’s ear, and I immediately did the same thing on the other side of his face. Parker tilted his head back as he moaned. I noticed David kissing down the side of his neck, and I mirrored him.

Parker had a hand on each of our backs. I felt his fingers, the same fingers that just a few hours ago were flying across the piano keys, digging deeper into my back muscles with every moan.

David and I moved lower, and we each took a nipple in our mouths, driving Parker crazy. We eventually pulled away, and David started to undress me as Parker went to work on David’s tux shirt.

Once we were all shirtless, we joined in another three-way kiss, and I felt a hand feeling my hard cock through my pants.

“Jesus, guys! You have identical cocks! Fucking amazing!”

David broke the kiss and stepped back. “There are way too many clothes on us, boys.”

With that, he started to remove his pants and underwear. Parker and I did the same. Socks and shoes came off, and soon the three of us were completely naked. I looked down and saw three cocks bouncing in the air.

Parker's cock was really thick and had a slight upward curve. He looked to be about seven inches. After some quick addition, I had to comment. “Boys, we have about twenty-five inches of cock in here. I think we need to move over to the bed and get some of them in mouths!”

We all crawled over to Parker’s bed and started a three-person daisy chain. I was sucking on Parker’s cock, Parker had David’s, and David had mine. There was a lot of slurping and moaning as the three of us were in blowjob paradise.

David pulled off my cock and began to move towards my ass. I followed his lead and did the same to Parker, causing him to moan even louder. I’m guessing Parker was doing the same to David as I felt his moans as his tongue was opening my ass.

“David, please fuck me! I need you inside me, baby!”

He hopped off the bed and grabbed the lube out of his bag. I told Parker to stand at the foot of the bed as I got on my hands and knees in front of him. I started sucking his cock while David began filling me with his.

Before long, Parker announced he was about to blow his load. David shouted that he was close, too. I wasn’t really close, but I was dripping a nice amount of precum all over Parker’s bed.

“Ooooh, Fuuuuuck!” Parker began shooting his load down my throat as he and David leaned into each other and kissed.

“Oh fuck, Charlie! I’m cumming! Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!” I love the sounds of David shooting his load inside me. He’s so into it!

After the boys came down from their cum high, David laid me down on the bed with my ass on the edge of the mattress. Parker went down on his knees and began tongue-fucking me, tasting David’s load as it seeped out. David went down on my cock, and it was soon down his throat.

Oh, Fuck! Having both things done at the same time was getting me to the point of no return a lot faster than I wanted, but I yelled out that I was close.

Parker hopped up on the bed, and both he and David opened their mouths in anticipation of my cum shower. They got what they wanted. My load exploded all over their faces—while some may have gone into their mouths.

Parker went into the bathroom and wet a couple of washcloths, and he cleaned David and me up, planting kisses on each spot as it was cleaned.

We moved to the other bed, and we settled into a three-way spoon with me holding on to my beautiful boy and Parker holding on to me.

The wake-up call came at 8:30, followed by another call from Beverly telling us that we needed to be downstairs for breakfast at 9:00. We knew we smelled like sex and really didn’t want to bring that with us to breakfast.

David called for quick, sex-free showers to rinse off, which we did. We quickly got dressed and made our way down to the restaurant about five minutes late, which wasn’t too bad considering.

After breakfast, we packed, checked out, and headed to the airport to go back to Boston. During the flight, I started feeling sad again, which David caught right away.

“Whatcha thinking, Charlie Danner?”

“How hard it’s going to be with you halfway around the world. It just makes me hurt a little.”

‘I know—me too. We’ll work things out, baby.”

I sighed and looked into his eyes. “I love you, David Chase.”

“I love you, Charlie Danner.”

We got home, and for the first time in ages, we both went our separate ways. I told David I wasn’t feeling too well and that I didn’t want him to catch anything in case I was getting sick. Well, it was only a half-lie because I really wasn’t feeling well.

It was Sunday night, so I knew Mom would be home. Now, I’m a lot more independent than your average high school Senior, but sometimes—well, you just need your mom. When I walked in the door, she was sitting in the living room, reading a book.

“Charlie! Welcome home, Sweetheart. How was the competition?”

“Mom, it was incredible! David and Parker tied for the gold medal. First time ever for that competition.”

“That’s wonderful! Where is David, by the way?”

“He’s with his mom. It was a long weekend, and I think they wanted to have a little bit of family time.”

Mom could always read me like her damned book. “Okay, Charlie. Tell me what’s really wrong. Did you and David have a fight?”

“Oh no! Nothing like that. But—maybe something worse.”

“Put your bag down and have a seat, sweetheart. Let’s talk it out.”

I sat down on the opposite end of the sofa and turned to Mom. “There was a judge at the competition. She teaches at a conservatory in Russia. After the competition, she offered David a full scholarship. In all the years she’s been coming to America to judge, he’s only the third person she’s offered a scholarship to.”

“That absolutely marvelous for David—and scary as Hell for you, right?”

“Yeah. I’m eighteen years old, and I’ve just now found the person I love more than life. And now he’s going to be halfway around the world—in Russia, for God’s sake!”

“Sweetheart, I understand how you are sad, even hurt. But can I be frank with you?”

“When are you not frank with me?” I smiled at her the best I could.

“True. True. So—the first thing I want to say is that you boys have had a profound effect on each other’s lives. The changes in you and the emotional growth you’ve experienced have been phenomenal. You’ve always been a happy boy, but the happiness I’ve seen in you for the last several months is something most mothers only dream for their children.”

“I know. That’s what makes this so hard, Mom.”

“And I completely understand that. But one thing you may not realize is that all those wonderful things have begun to shape you into the man you will become. No matter what happens with you and David, your experience with him will be with you for the rest of your life. Do you realize David has given you a gift that most people never see in their lifetimes? Do you realize the gift you’ve given David is one that he will carry with him the rest of his days?”

“I never thought about that.”

“Of course you didn’t. You’re madly in love with a remarkable boy. You can hardly know what you’re going to be doing next week, let alone the rest of your life!

“But—and this is the part you may not like, but you really must think about it.”

“Okay—" This is the part of our talk I kinda knew was coming—and I was dreading it.

“While yours isn’t anywhere close to a typical high school romance—I mean, both of you have a great maturity far, far beyond your years—but the fact is that the vast majority of high school relationships rarely last more than a few months past graduation.”

“But this is different, Mom—"

“Charlie, I just said that. But the second thing that’s going against your chances for success is geography. Long-distance relationships—and yours will be just about as long-distance as it can be—but long-distance relationships rarely, if ever, work. It just has too many things working against it.”

“I get that. But I know if anyone can make it work, it would be David and me.”

“And I might just have to agree with you there. But there’s one more thing you must think about, and this might be the hardest thing of all to realize.” Mom paused and looked me in the eyes. “If you could have your way, what would you like to see happening?”

“I’d want him to stay here so we could stay together, of course.”

“And if he did that, I don’t think you could survive the ‘what ifs’ that would haunt both of you.”

“What are you saying?”

“What I’m saying, my dear boy, is that this is an opportunity that only David can decide on. If he decides not to go to Russia, it must be 100% his decision. If David decides to go, you must let him go and offer up no resistance. But remember, if you think about it, he’s going off to college. He’ll be coming home for his breaks, for his summers, just as if he were going to school in North Carolina or New York.”

I just sat there, and Mom took me in her arms. I cried a bit, and she comforted me as only a mom can. We were interrupted when my phone rang with a call from David.


“Hi, baby. I know you’re not feeling well, but is there any way you can come over? We need to talk about this Russia thing. I got their email with all the information—and just spent a lot of time talking to Mom about it. She wants you to come over, too.”

“I just had a good talk with my mom, too. I’m feeling a little better now.”

“Great. I had a feeling that’s what was going on.”

“Okay, well, I’ll be on my way in a few.”

“Sweet. I love you, Charlie Danner.”

“I love you too, David Chase.”

On my way over to David’s, I mulled over the things Mom had said. It still didn’t feel very good, but I knew deep down that everything she said was totally right. It just sucked—big time.

When I walked in the door, I could tell David had been crying, too. He took me in his arms and just held me, telling me how much he loved me. We went up to his room, and he had me sit on his bed.

He handed me a hard copy of the email from the conservatory. The more I read, the more the silent tears fell from my eyes.

“It’s not like college at all. It’s a five-year program. Year-round. I will only be coming home for three weeks during Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I'm going miss David, too. But hey... it's time to incorporate Stitcher into Charlie's story! We'll be getting Charlie and Jacob together soon! Yay!
Please leave me your thoughts and comments. As always they mean so much to me and help me continue the story!
And, by all means, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!
Copyright © 2017 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
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Since we already knew Charlie in the future from your other story, it was clear this wouldn’t last forever. But it was an amazing experience with a wonderful guy. And they will remain friends!  ;-)


Maybe someday Charlie can design and make an outfit for David to wear to an awards ceremony (a Grammy maybe?) or other special presentation!  ;-)

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Well mixed feelings about this one. I'm happy for David but sad for charlie. This was (at the time) the love of his life. I am anxious for Jacob though. And little Eli!!!!!!

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This never truly felt like a true relationship. While I think they cared for each other, it was hormone based and would have fizzled.

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OMG! This so sad. What will happen, will he give it up or will they both go? I am crying over this... 

Thanks for posting it. I just hope this has a happy ending.

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On 12/22/2017 at 4:04 AM, Justleah said:

Merry Christmas Geoff, loving Charlie's story 🎄🎄🎉🎉

Thank you so much Justleah! And of course, the same to you!

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On 12/22/2017 at 8:24 AM, Wesley8890 said:

Well mixed feelings about this one. I'm happy for David but sad for charlie. This was (at the time) the love of his life. I am anxious for Jacob though. And little Eli!!!!!!

Of all the people who have followed these stories, I thought of you and how you would react... and your reaction was exactly what I thought it would be. Take a look at my reply to droughtquake's comment... i just might make you happy :)

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On 12/22/2017 at 5:06 PM, BlindAmbition said:

This never truly felt like a true relationship. While I think they cared for each other, it was hormone based and would have fizzled.

I can't totally disagree with you BA, but then again... these are high school boys. High school boys know nothing of what love really is like. But for 18 year-olds, it was as deep and honest as they possibly could be. Good God, I know I would NEVER want the type of relationships I had in high school... Hell, even college!

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28 minutes ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

A while back I started a story about a concert pianist. I only got one chapter written because I have had no idea what to do with it. I'm seriously thinking of changing the main character's name to David Chase and making it the fourth book in this Series. Whatcha think?

I don’t know if I’d be able to identify with someone like that…

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1 hour ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

A while back I started a story about a concert pianist. I only got one chapter written because I have had no idea what to do with it. I'm seriously thinking of changing the main character's name to David Chase and making it the fourth book in this Series. Whatcha think?

That would be awesome because like charlie David has became one of my favorites! Merry Christmas!!!!

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I feel bad for David and Charlie, but we know Charlie has some great things coming in his life. I assume the same can be said for David. 

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Damn, the other shoe just dropped 😭 I knew this was coming, but it made me cry for both of them. They fit together so perfectly and complement their strengths and weaknesses perfectly. You’ve manipulated my emotions again! You know what you’re doing! Great chapter even though it’s 😢 

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On 12/24/2017 at 4:04 AM, FlyOnTheWall said:

A while back I started a story about a concert pianist. I only got one chapter written because I have had no idea what to do with it. I'm seriously thinking of changing the main character's name to David Chase and making it the fourth book in this Series. Whatcha think?

That’s an excellent idea for a book on David’s adventures in Russia. 

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Oh so bittersweet and seeing that it was coming in no way made it any easier. And if your words werent enough to make me cry, those music links sure didnt help either. Beautifully and heartbreakingly moving. Still, if not for this, then we know that the good times ahead would not be possible, still sux though. The hot 3 way provided some consolation. Super super chapter.

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