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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way - 2. The Jock (Part 2)

It's a lot of firsts for Charlie Danner, and he gets to experience them with the school's star quarterback.

Well, that was probably the last thing I expected to hear, especially after the way I was greeted at the front door. Maybe Frankie is letting down his guard, after all?

I slowly kissed my way down Frankie’s amazing body, remembering the spots I had found that would drive him crazy with lust. By the time I reached his abs, his cock was already hard and leaking. Only this time, I made my way around it and paid no attention as it bounced up and down on his abs.

I began kissing and nibbling on the skin where Frankie’s balls and inner thigh met. Oh yes, definitely a new spot for my jock boy! When I started licking and sucking on his balls, he began to thrash on the bed. When I sucked and chewed on his taint, I’m sure they heard his screams in Boston!

The screams stopped when I pushed Frankie’s legs up to his chest and slid my tongue down to his tight hole. All I heard were audible gasps as my tongue flicked and poked around his rosebud. It was when I pushed my tongue through his tight sphincter that I heard an “Oh, fuck!” and felt the rhythmic pulsing around the tip of my tongue.

Holy fuck! The dude nutted a second time just from my apparent expert rimming. I didn’t stop my tongue-fucking, and soon my quarterback was moaning and begging me to fuck him.

Now, I may be a boy on the smallish side height-wise, but I have a pretty big cock. Before we started round two, Frankie had reached into his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. I grabbed it, poured a generous amount on my fingers, and began working one into his ass while I kissed and coddled his balls.

By the time I had worked up to three fingers, I was occasionally bumping his sweet spot, driving Frankie crazy. “Ooooh! Fuck me now, Charlie!”

“Are you sure, big boy?”

“Charlie,” he moaned, “I need you inside me now! Please fuck me!”

I pulled my fingers out of Frankie’s ass and added more lube to them. As I slicked up my cock, I looked at Frankie and gave him one last chance to back out. “I’m kinda big, Frankie. Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Yes! Do it now!”

Okay, so maybe I do have to be told twice! I really wanted this as bad as Frankie, but this is the one time where I get to be in control. I lined up with his twitching hole and eased in the head of my cock. Frankie gasped, and his eyes got huge, so I just held there until he was able to relax.

“Frankie, they say you should push out when I push in. They say it makes it easier.”

“Fuck, Charlie! You feel like a fucking baseball bat! Easier would be a good thing.” He took a few more seconds to get used to me being inside him and soon started to push out. I started easing into his tight, warm hole.

Holy fuck! It felt amazing! The silky-smooth walls of Frankie’s ass wrapped around my cock. The heat in his body was intense as Hell! After a couple of pushes, I was in to the hilt. I told Frankie that I would just stay there so he could get used to it.

“Jesus, Charlie! I feel so full!”

I leaned down and kissed my jock with an intensity I didn’t even know I had. Soon, Frankie began rocking his hips, causing me to start moving in and out of his amazing ass.

“Fuck me now, Charlie,” he gasped. “Fuck me now, but start off slow, okay?”

See? He told me twice, so that’s what I did. I began slowly easing out and pushing in, going a little further each time. After about six strokes, I was pushing out, so only the head of my cock was inside his ass.

I began long-dicking my jock at a nice, slow pace. I could feel the tight bump of Frankie’s prostate each time I bottomed out deep inside him. After just the third or fourth attack on his sweet spot, Frankie’s abs were covered with a puddle of precum.

I scooped some of it in my hand and used it as lube to stroke his cock in the same rhythm I was fucking him. As I got faster, my strokes got faster, and his moans got louder.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was lasting as long as I was. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, this being my first time fucking a boy—a hot as fuck boy at that. Before I knew it, I was pounding Frankie’s ass, and I could feel my balls tightening. I was getting close.

“Oh fuck, Frankie! I’m about to nut! Where do you want it?”

“Oh, Charlie! Cum inside me!”

I think my eyes rolled to the back of my head when I started shooting my load into Frankie. Unlike Frankie, I cum quietly. “Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh, Fuck!”

About the time my seventh or eighth shot fired into Frankie’s ass, he yelled out and shot his third load in less than an hour. While it wasn’t as big a load as the others, he still covered his entire body and face.

When I started my return to the land of the living, I leaned forward and lay on top of Frankie’s muscular body. My still-hard cock was still more than halfway lodged inside that amazing ass. Frankie wrapped his arms around me, and we kissed with post-fuck passion.

“Sweet Jesus, Charlie! That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life.”

“You’re telling me? I can’t wait for you to feel what I felt! I mean, if you decide you want to fuck me, too!”

“Yeah, but let’s take a break. My balls need some recharge time.”

We hopped out of bed and into his bathroom for a quick shower. Hey, we needed to get rid of the sweat and cum, okay? Both of us were too beat to play, so the shower was all about cleaning up.

As we were drying off, Frankie’s stomach rumbled. “Let’s go downstairs and eat. I’ll whip something up for dinner, okay?”

“Sounds great!”

We pulled on our boxer briefs, and Frankie stopped me from putting anything else on. “We still have a couple of hours before my parents get home.”

We headed down to the kitchen, and Frankie opened the fridge. “Cool! There’s leftover lasagna from the last night. Sound good?”

“Love me some lasagna!”

Frankie pulled out the pan and sliced up a couple of portions. He put them on a cooking sheet and threw them in the convection oven.

“You don’t microwave?”

“Nah. It’ll taste so much better this way. It won’t take that long.”

“I wish my mom would make lasagna more often.”

“My mom can’t cook for shit. I made this.”


“Yeah, I do most of the cooking for the family.”

Damn! I could fall in love with this boy. But I know better than to tell him that. It would probably freak him out.

He sat next to me at the island, and we just talked. We were both so tired, and we didn’t even have the energy to kiss. So, we talked about school. We talked about cute boys. We spent a lot of time on the new boy, Ian Greenely. Damn! That boy is fucking hot. But we both agreed that he was probably already hooked up with Cam Franklin. They were always together, and—well, the way they looked at each other was a pretty solid giveaway. That surprised us, though—everyone knew Cam Franklin was straight.

The timer went off, and Frankie got up and pulled the lasagna out of the oven. He plated it up and brought dinner to the island. Holy shit! That was some excellent lasagna.

I asked him how he learned to cook, and he told me that when he was in the sixth grade, his grandmother was living with them. She was a fantastic cook, but she came to live with them because she had Parkinson’s.

“Her hands trembled too much for her to cook, so she would sit next to me and teach me how to make things step by step. She was an awesome woman. I still miss her a lot.”

Frankie’s eyes welled up with tears as he thought about his grandmother. I leaned over to him and took him in my arms. He started to cry a little, and I did everything I could to comfort him. I fell for him at that moment. It really touched me to see this side of the jock. I wanted him to be my boyfriend. I just hoped that someday he would think of me that way.

After a bit, I gathered up the plates and helped Frankie clean up dinner. After we finished cleaning, Frankie wrapped his arms around me.

“Thanks for understanding when I got a little emotional. You’re sexy and sweet.” He kissed me on the top of my head. “I wish you could stay the night. But the ‘rents will be home in a couple of hours, and they can’t find you here.”

“I understand. Why don’t you come over to my place? My folks are out of town, and we’d have the house to ourselves.”

“Damn, Charlie! Sexy, sweet, and home alone! Why don’t we get dressed, and I’ll just leave a note for my folks and tell them I’m spending the night with a friend from the show? We’ll just go to rehearsal together tomorrow afternoon.”

We went back upstairs and walked into Frankie’s bedroom. “Frankie, your room smells like sex!”

“Holy shit, it sure does!”

He went into his bathroom and got out a can of Febreeze. “I usually use this to cover up the smell of pot—guess I have another use now.”

We got dressed, and Frankie packed some clothes in his backpack. We were soon on our way to my place. I think I smiled the whole way home. I knew I was going to get fucked for the first time tonight. My cock was already hard and dripping, just thinking about it. I wondered if Frankie, who was following me in his car, was thinking about it as well.

We pulled up in front of the house, and Frankie parked behind me. He got out of the car and whispered in my ear as we climbed the steps to the front porch. “I thought about your cute ass and me having my way with it the whole way over here. God, what you do to me, Charlie!”

I opened the door, disabled the alarm, and found myself being pushed against the door and kissed by a horny quarterback.

“Are you going to caveman me again, Frankie?”

That caused both of us to laugh, and he pulled away. “Nah—I could never be that way with you again. After what we’ve done today, I have to say I’m embarrassed about the way I acted when you came over.”

“Don’t sweat it. It just surprised me, that’s all.”

I suggested we get something to drink, and we walked into the kitchen. I found a note on the island from the housekeeper, Mrs. Henderson.


I made some dishes for you to enjoy over the weekend. There’s some crab salad, a bowl of spaghetti sauce leftover from the pan of lasagna I made for you. You need to taste some real food that’s not that frozen stuff in your freezer.

Have a wonderful weekend. Call me if you need anything.


“Oooooh, it looks like I have some competition! Who’s Jane?”

“Mrs. Henderson. She’s our housekeeper, but when my folks are out of town, she cooks up some food for me and is there in case there’s an emergency or something.”


“Hey—I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere!”

Frankie looked at me and smiled. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I grabbed my stash of rolled joints out of my desk drawer and pulled out a couple. I grabbed my Bic and headed back down to the kitchen.

“It’s dark now. Let’s take a walk on the beach and get a little buzz on”


We put on our coats and hats so we could stay warm on our walk. I set the alarm and led Frankie out of the kitchen door. We headed out to the beach and lit the first joint. We talked more about school shit and the musical. He was having a blast already and told me that it was the best thing he had done all school year—especially since he found me there. Damn him! He’s making me fall hard!

We finished the last joint and decided to turn around. Then the big shocker. Frankie took my hand. I think I gasped out loud when Frankie stopped walking and looked at me.

“Relax, Charlie. We’re the only fools out on the beach in this weather. It’s nice that we can hold hands and not worry about it, right?” Then the bigger shocker. He kissed me!

So, we walked back to the house, holding hands and occasionally stopping for a brief kiss. I was in heaven!

Needless to say, we were both freezing our asses off when we got back to the house. We also had mega munchies from the pot. The first thing I did was go into the great room and started a fire. Okay, okay—I flipped a switch, and the gas fire ignited. I reached into the closet and pulled out a couple of comforters, laid them out on the floor, and added the sofa pillows to them.

I then met Frankie back in the kitchen and kissed him. “I think we should try out Mrs. Henderson’s lasagna and see how it compares.”

“Sounds good to me! How about I make some hot cocoa to go with it?”

“Ooooh, a man after my own heart!”

We both got to work and were soon sitting on the floor in the great room. I pulled up my Netflix on the television and found one of my favorite sappy gay movies. Frankie had never seen Going Down in La La Land, but I figured he would enjoy it. Which he did—especially that hottie Matthew Ludwinski.

When the movie ended, I leaned over to Frankie. “Why don’t you make us some more cocoa. I need to run upstairs and grab something. Frankie went to the kitchen, and I ran upstairs to grab my bottle of lube. My jock boy was going to take the last of my virginities in front of the fire.

As soon as I got back downstairs, I turned down the lights, took off my clothes, and started slowly stroking my cock. When Frankie returned with the cups of cocoa, I think he almost dropped them.

I was on the floor and moved my legs up and spread my cheeks, so I could play with my hole. “This is yours, Frankie. All yours.”

“What about the cocoa?”

“Really? Really? I just needed to get you out of the room so I could get ready for you. I want you, Frankie. I want you to be my first.” He just stood there with his mouth hanging open. “Frankie! Put down the fucking cocoa and get your clothes off!”


He finally did as he was told and set down the cocoa. He then looked down at me with lust in his eyes and pulled off his sweatshirt. Holy Fuck! I will never get tired of looking at this boy’s body!

Frankie opened his jeans and slid them down along with his boxer briefs. As it was freed, his hard cock bounced up and slapped against his abs. All I could think about was that beautiful thing being inside me. It caused me to moan just from the sight.

My quarterback then moved forward and joined me on the floor in front of the fireplace. He took me in his strong arms and began kissing me, opening my mouth with his tongue. He worked his way down my neck, nibbling and kissing the moans of pleasure from deep down inside.

Frankie worked over my nipples to the point where I was thrashing underneath him. Damn! For a boy who has never done much of anything, he was sure doing this like a pro! I was so fucking horny for him!

When he worked his way lower, he licked up the puddle of precum that was building up on my tummy. He then rolled his tongue around the head of my cock to get whatever precum was there and then lowered himself even more.

I found my legs being pushed up to my chest, and I grabbed them as I felt Frankie’s precum-coated tongue working my tight, puckered hole. Oh, my God! Now, I love playing with my hole when I’m jerking off, but this was incredible! Now I understood how Frankie came from my tongue-fucking. I was about to do the same!

Frankie pulled off and lay down on the floor. He told me to bring my ass back to his face. Of course, I happily obeyed and then lowered myself so that I could take his cock into my mouth and throat.

The room was filled with the sounds of moaning boys and the flickering light from the fireplace. I could tell Frankie was getting close and decided to let him cum again, so he would last longer while he fucked me. Before long, my jock was pumping his fourth load of the day down my throat. Holy fuck! It was a nice, full load. Where does he store this stuff?

It was hard to do, but I pulled my ass off Frankie’s face and moved between his legs. Rolling my tongue around his balls and nibbling on his taint, I was able to keep his cock hard while he came down off the high of his orgasm.

I reached over, grabbed the lube, and began slicking up Frankie’s eight inches. I reached down and slicked my hole, which was still trembling from the rimming it had received.

“You ready, Frankie?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! Are you?”

“You have no idea!”

I was going to ride my quarterback! I got up on my knees and straddled him. I reached behind me and lined him up with my ass. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and started to lower myself. Thank God I had that dildo up in my room. I had just used it the other night, so I kind of knew what to expect and how to ease the real thing inside me.

The head popped in, and I just stayed there for a while to get used to it. I opened my eyes and looked down at Frankie and smiled.

“Wow! That feels amazing! Are you okay?”

“Fuck yeah! You feel awesome! Okay, I’m ready for more.”

I began to lower my ass. I’d take in an inch and then pause. I was about ¾ of the way down when Frankie couldn’t take any more delay. He thrust up and buried his eight inches to the hilt.

“Ow! Oh fuck, Frankie! Slow down, man. I wasn’t ready for that!”

“Oh my God, Charlie! I’m sorry! It just happened! Did I hurt you?”

“It hurts a bit, but just stay there. It’ll be okay.”

I stayed still for a bit until I got used to all that dick in my ass. Slowly, I started rocking back and forth, and the pain gave way to the most amazing feeling. My whole body tingled as I worked Frankie’s big cock against my sweet spot.

I started breathing heavily as I began moving up and down. I found if I leaned back a little, Frankie’s cock would rub against my prostate non-stop. Oh, Fuuuuuck! It was amazing!

I stayed up on the top of his cock and told him to fuck me. He didn’t have to be asked twice! I stayed in place, and Frankie started to hammer my ass. He got faster and faster, and I got crazier and crazier!

“Oh! Fuck me, Frankie! It feels so good! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

It didn’t take long before I could feel that point-of-no-return feeling. My cock was bouncing all over the place as I felt my balls draw up.

“I’m gonna nut, Frankie! Fuck me harder!”

Frankie was going to fuck the cum right out of me. Before I knew what was happening, my bouncing cock was spraying cum all over Frankie and the comforter we were fucking on. I could feel my ass tighten on his cock with each spurt, and that drove Frankie over the edge as he filled me with his fucking fifth load of the day!

“Fuck, Charlie! I’m nutting in your hot ass! Oh, Fuck! Fuuuuuuuuuck, Charlie!”

I fell forward into Frankie’s arms. We kissed a bit as we slowly returned to earth.

“Thank you, Charlie.”

“I should thank you, Frankie.”

“No, I mean it. Today we shared a lot of firsts. No matter what happens for the rest of my life, you’ll always be the boy I gave my virginity to. I’m so glad it was you. You are amazing.”

“Hey, I can say the same about you, ya know. I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life. I never even dreamed that the big football star would be my first!”

We kissed a while more and then got up off the floor. I gathered up the comforters, keeping the top one for the washer. I would hate for Mrs. Henderson to find cum stains! After we finished cleaning up and returning the great room to its normal state, I led Frankie upstairs to my bedroom.

We smoked another joint and snuggled under the covers with my back spooning against him and his big arms wrapped around my much smaller body. I was in heaven!

After a round of morning sex and some shower fun, I threw the comforter in the washer and fixed breakfast. It was a great morning—the kind of which I could definitely get used to.

When we got to the school for rehearsal, things got a little weird. Frankie shifted into jock mode and hung around his friends. He would occasionally catch my eye and smile, but that was it for the contact.

It was starting to get me down, and Liz came up to me and took me into the costume shop.

“Charlie. I’m not going to ask what happened last night, but I have a pretty good idea from the glow in your face when you got here. But you have to realize, no matter how close you and Frankie got last night, he’s got an image to maintain with everyone else. He’s going to ignore you pretty much when he’s around other people. But I bet when you are alone together, you will be his entire world. It’s not personal. It’s just the way he is.”

I knew she was right, and that’s what’s great about having Liz as my best friend. She knows me better than anyone. So, we sat down at our machines and started work on the costumes for the show.

Liz was right. For the next two weeks, Frankie and I got together whenever we could. I was his entire world—and he was mine. I was falling in love with him, and I know he was falling for me big time. And that turned out to be a big problem.

After a couple of weeks, Frankie started having things to do, and our times together became fewer and farther between. I was beginning to worry but did my best not to let on to anyone, including Liz.

It was a Friday night when it happened. That was the one night we always had together. I was home waiting for Frankie, and he was more than an hour late. I texted him and got no reply. I called him, and he never answered.

About thirty minutes later, there was a knock on the front door. Finally! He was here!

I opened the door and was confused. It wasn’t Frankie at the door. It was Jayson Parker, his best friend.


“Yeah, your Frankie’s friend Jayson, right?”

“Can I come in?”

“Umm, sure.”

I let him in and offered him a drink, but he turned it down. I invited him into the living room, and we each took a seat on one of the sofas that faced each other.

“So, what brings you here, Jayson? Is Frankie okay?”

“He’s fine. Well, he’s not hurt or anything. No, that’s not right, either.”

“What’s going on?”

“Goddammit! I can’t believe I let him talk me into this. It’s not right!”

Now I was starting to panic. Tears began forming in my eyes as I realized why Jayson was sitting in my living room.

“He’s not coming back, is he?”

“No, Charlie. I’m so sorry.”

“But why? What did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything, Charlie. It was him. He fell in love with you. And I’m sure you know he couldn’t let that happen with all the pressure from his family, and the football scholarship and all.”

The tears were silently falling down my face by now. It took every bit of energy to speak.

“But why couldn’t he come over here and tell me? We were able to talk about anything.”

“That’s where the problem is. Frankie told me all about his feelings for you. It scared the Hell out of him. He told me there was something almost magical about you. That when he was with you, all his walls came down, and he was able to truly be himself. He told me he loved you—and it was killing him inside because he could never tell you. He could never tell you because he couldn’t have the kind of relationship with you that he knew you deserved.”

“He could have told me this himself. I can’t believe he sent you here to do his dirty work!”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I put my head in my hands and started sobbing.

“Charlie. I’m sorry. I know this sucks, and I feel like a total shit. But he couldn’t come over because whenever he’s with you, he could never hurt you. You made him happy. Happier than I’ve ever seen him. But when his friends on the team started asking where he’s been spending his time, he’d freak out and start lying to them. The lying freaked him out even more. But when he would come over to tell you himself, he could never do it. He could only love you.”

I pulled myself together and stood up.

“I’m sorry he made you do this. He’s a total bastard for that. You can tell him I won’t be bothering him again.”

Jayson stood up and walked to me. He put his arms around me and pulled me to his chest.

“I’m so sorry to have to tell you all this, Charlie. I can see how special you are. Frankie is a bastard—a chicken-shit bastard. You deserve so much better, and you’ll find him.”

I just cried into Jayson’s chest while he held me. “I’m sorry, Jayson. I ruined your shirt.”

“Nah, it’s all good. It was wet earlier from Frankie.”

“He was crying, too?”

“Yeah, for the last three days.”

“Sorry you had to deal with that.”

“You don’t need to apologize to me. I’m sorry you have to go through this when you did nothing wrong.”

There was really nothing more to say. I showed Jayson to the door, and he apologized to me one last time as he walked out.

So, here I was alone in the big house on a Friday night. I wanted to call Liz, but I knew she and Janet were doing whatever teenage lesbians do on a Friday night. Okay, that thought kinda grosses me out.

I went up to my room and undressed for the shower. I took a long, hot shower and finally had to get out when the hot water disappeared. I dried off, went back to my room, and smoked a joint, hoping it would help me sleep.

It was restless, but I did sleep. Over the next two weeks, Frankie avoided me as much as he could. I was thankful for that.

When it came time for the final costume fittings, I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid him. I called him into the costume shop first to do my work and be done with it. He didn’t say anything while trying on his costumes, and I was doing my job, making sure everything fit.

After he took off his last costume and changed back into his regular clothes, he walked up to me. I was dreading this.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t. Please, just go.” I heard him take a deep breath and sigh as he left the costume shop.

When tech week arrived, I made sure one of my helpers would be handling Frankie’s quick changes. I took care of a couple of the other boys in the show. For you guys not in theatre, tech week is universally known as Hell Week. At least it was a little less “Hellish” with other people helping Frankie change costumes.

By the time we got to the end of tech, we had a great show. It was hilarious, and the music sounded great. The sets and props were perfect, and Ms. Myerson was thrilled with the costumes.

It was Thursday—opening night. Liz and I were sitting in the costume shop, standing by if anyone needed an emergency repair.

Suddenly the door flew open, and David Chase, the pianist for the show, came running in wearing his winter coat tied around his waist.

“Charlie? I have an emergency. I was bent over working on my cables, and my pants ripped. Can you help me?”

I grinned at the panicked musician and told him to take off his pants. I could fix it in just a couple of minutes.

“Here? Take my pants off here?”

“Unless you want me to run your ass through the sewing machine, you need to take them off here. Trust me. I’ve seen all the boys in their underwear, and they all survived. As for Liz—what you got, she don’t want!”


“Oh shut up, Liz! You know it’s true.”

“Okay, it’s true. David, take your damned pants off. Charlie won’t bite—unless you want him to.”

We were all three laughing by now. Damn! It was nice to laugh for a change! David took off his pants and handed them to me. I pulled out his wallet and car keys and gave them to him.

Oh, fuck! Our hands had to touch. He just had to look at me—and I just had to smile at him.

I looked away and loaded my machine with black thread. It took less than a minute to sew up the ripped seam, and I handed the pants back to David. He pulled them back on and replaced his wallet and keys.

“Break a leg, David,” I smiled at him again! Dammit!

“Thanks, Charlie. Everyone said you were awesome. They were right.”

He went back to the pit, and in just ten minutes, the orchestra started the Overture. The show was fantastic—nearly flawless. The quick changes went off smoothly. The audience loved everything and was giving the cast and orchestra a well-deserved standing ovation.

After things calmed down in the theatre, Liz and I went back to the costume shop to close up for the night. Since the next day was a teacher workday, there was going to be a cast party at Cam Franklin’s house.

As Liz and I walked out of the costume shop, David came up to me and thanked me again.

“It was nothing, David. That’s what we do.”

“Well, you saved my life!”

“Really? I saved your life? Thank God you weren’t having chest pains or something really serious!”

David giggled. Oh fuck. He has an adorable giggle.

“Charlie? My parents already left. Could I bum a ride to the cast party?”

Why did he have to smile when he asked me? Why did he have to look in my eyes? Oh, fuck!

So things didn't work out with Frankie. And now there's this musician. I'm a musician. We can be a lot trouble! hehe
Let me know what you think! As always, your comments are what keep me writing.
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Going down in La La  Land is one of my faves! You started the chapter so nice and sweet then you got it hotter than hell, and then you made me cry! I wat to punch Frankie in the dick! I'm glad David is a pianist and not in the brass section so I don't have to make an indecent joke. Aw hell I bet David is good with his fingers. There out of my system now.

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Just heartbreaking about Frankie. Are you going to write his story maybe he can find himself on a summer trip after his senior year. He could take a trip not necessarily through Europe. Maybe a trip through the U. S. Or a trip to an aunt, Uncle or Grandmother for the summer and they can help him find himself and help him come out to the parents. And if they don't accept him then this aunt, Uncle or Grandmother can take him in while he goes to College where he finds the love of his life that he can give himself to.   Because I always love a happy ending. 

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I'm sorry for Charlie about the way things turned out with Frankie, but having read the other story I knew it wouldn't last. The sex was hot and well written, but I worried a bit about no condoms. I believe kids get a lot of safe sex info these days. It would seem the idea of needing condoms would be in Charlie's nature.  Oh well, enough hand wringing from the old man. It won't stop me from enjoying this story! You had me hooked about half way through chapter one! Thanks.

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On 12/19/2017 at 6:41 PM, Michaeleaton said:

Just heartbreaking about Frankie. Are you going to write his story maybe he can find himself on a summer trip after his senior year. He could take a trip not necessarily through Europe. Maybe a trip through the U. S. Or a trip to an aunt, Uncle or Grandmother for the summer and they can help him find himself and help him come out to the parents. And if they don't accept him then this aunt, Uncle or Grandmother can take him in while he goes to College where he finds the love of his life that he can give himself to.   Because I always love a happy ending. 

I like your thinking. And all of us fans of Ian, Cam, and Charlie could have another story to enjoy.

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Very sad about Frankie breaking Charlie’s heart, however most teenage romances are doomed to failure for a multitude of reasons. Frankie didn’t have the support system to come out to his family and teammates. There unfortunately are too many people who still see being gay as a choice that can be overcome. I’m not forgiving his cowardly methods, but living in the conservative south, I can understand his reluctance. As usual you’re playing with our emotions, and doing it very well. Great story and characters!

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I can't top what some of your readers have commented.  Somehow, I suspect Charlie is going to discover what David hides in his boxer-briefs, I'd like to see it also, LOL.  I can't help it, I'm gay and gay guys like to see cock!  Great chapter, now on to the next one.

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Charlies first heartbreak, Im gutted for him.Its easy to say,but knowing the score from the get go, they probably should have kept it to friends with benefits and not fallen in love. Ah well who can control the heart. I cant be too angry with Frankie cos I know from Stitcher that it was never meant to be, but that was still a totally gutless way to breakup...too bad,his loss. Great chapter, on to the next heartbreak. 

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