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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way - 7. The Gap Year (Part One)

Charlie moves on. We all have to, don't we? He gets his parents to agree with him to put off college for a year, on the condition that he gets a job.
You won't believe what he ends up doing. He also takes a trip down a different path as far as sex is concerned.

The six weeks leading up to graduation were pretty surreal. David and I were technically still together, but as his preparations for Russia grew, our relationship dynamics changed.

We still loved each other. There was no mistake about that. But the physical part of our relationship became less frequent, and honestly, less important.

While we would talk about how badly we wanted to stay together, the more we talked about it, the more we realized that it was probably not one of those things that will happen.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a sad realization for both of us, but one of the things I had let David know was that he had to do this. He had to give his all to it. I realized that if he changed his mind—or changed his plans, no matter the reason, it would be likely that I would blame myself for that. Even worse, David could blame me.

We never really broke up. We never talked about anything ending, really. It’s just that when the reality of David’s leaving set in, we just drifted apart sexually but got closer emotionally. Don’t get me wrong! We still had some earth-shattering sex up until the night before he left.

But the wonderful thing was that when I went to the airport with David’s family to send him off, it didn’t feel like an ending, more like entering another phase of our lives. One thing I knew for sure—David will always be a part of my life, and I will be a part of his. We decided to see what happens when he finishes his studies.

We also decided that while neither would actively look for another relationship. But at the same time, we also realize that you never know when that person could show up in your life—so we gave each other permission to allow something to happen but promised each other we wouldn’t go out a try to make things happen.

While David and I were handling this relationship transition, we did get to graduate from high school. Okay, so how much of a perv am I for getting all hot and turned on while Ian Greenely stood up on the stage, delivering his Valedictorian speech? And how is it possible a boy can look so fucking sexy in a cap and gown, which is probably the most UNflattering garment ever designed for a human body? Well, he did, and I did!

After the ceremony, David, Liz, Janet, and I had to hang around with the parents and do the required pics with family, friends, etc. It was the typical post-graduation falderal. The cheerleaders were hugging each other and shedding tears as they promised to be best friends forever. The jocks were making plans to get plastered at their beer bash. The four of us were observing the silliness when there was a commotion at the other end of the lobby.

It turns out that Janet’s brother punched Cam out and was yelling at him about knocking up his sister. What the fuck? When did Cam fuck Janet? A gay boy and a lesbian? I looked at Liz just as Janet decided it would be best to leave the building. Liz ran after her and turned back to tell me to call her later.

So, it seems the girls took Cam and Ian to a hotel after the prom and somehow—God only knows how—convinced the hot gay boys to fuck them. Eeeeew! I sure as fuck know I could never do that. So, Janet ends up pregnant. Her summer is gonna truly suck. But the girls are pretty excited about it.

Janet’s parents, on the other hand, are totally not excited. They insisted that she have the baby but give it up for adoption. I’m not sure how it happened, but the solution was that Cam would get custody of the baby, and both he and Ian would raise it. Wow! At least Janet will be able to be a part of the kid’s life. It’s looking like a soap opera plot to me, but hey—at least it’s not me!

A few days after David left, I was moping around and half-heartedly getting ready to move to the city for school. I was so not into this and decided to have a sit-down with Mom and Dad. It was pretty obvious I was an emotional mess, and Dad suggested I take a gap year with a few conditions.

Of course, there were conditions. Dad is the ultimate negotiator. Dad insisted that I get a job. Not because I need the money, he wanted me to be productive while I was out of school. It didn’t thrill me, but I had to agree that he was right.

The other condition came from Mom. She wanted me to focus on myself and avoid getting into another relationship. That was something I could truly be down with. While the tiniest part of me still hoped that David and I would be back together when he returned to the states, five years is a long time. But I know my emotions are raw, and the last thing I want to do is set myself up for more heartache anytime soon.

Two days later, I began the great job search. After further negotiations with Dad, it was agreed that I could go for something part-time, so I would have time to work on some designs I had been thinking of.

I went downtown and applied to several places for office work. It was a frustrating afternoon, to say the least. No one wanted a kid right out of high school with zero practical experience. I needed a break, so I popped into a coffee shop for a nice café mocha. I ordered my drink and found a table in the corner.

I pulled out my laptop and connected to the internet to check my email, and there were about a dozen from Liz. Apparently, Janet was having a rough bout of morning sickness, and she was bored. She sent me a ton of stupid shit to make me smile—plus one wishing me luck with the job search.

I logged onto the Help Wanted page for the paper and tried to find something that would be a good fit for me. I ordered a second drink and started planning my next phase of the job search. I noticed a hot-as-fuck Asian boy come into the shop and go behind the counter to begin his shift.

He was about 5’8” and had this awesome long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had nice, broad shoulders. But you couldn’t tell much about his body with the polo shirt, but his ass was firm, round, and packed tightly in his jeans.

Hey! Don’t judge me! I see a hot guy, and I can appreciate the fuck out of him. I’m not going to fall in love. But damn, that ass was made for my big cock!

Cute Asian boy went to the back, and I went back to my classifieds. A few minutes later, he came out with a mop and cleaning supplies and headed in my direction. As he was making his way to the restrooms, he smiled at me and asked if I was doing okay.

What a cute smile! His beautiful brown eyes twinkled as I answered him with my best smile, “Awesome. Just awesome.”

Cute Asian boy just smiled and raised his eyebrows in response. “Nice!”

He went into one of the restrooms and propped the door open, leaving me with a full view of his sweet ass as he would bend over to clean and scrub. Maybe it was my imagination, but he sure seemed to be bending over more than necessary. Not that I was complaining. Every now and then, he would catch my eye and throw me a smile.

When he moved out of my view to work on another part of the small room, I had a sudden urge to pee. I got up and went to the other restroom, making my way to the toilet. Did I lock the door? Hmm.

Well, that question was answered when Cute Asian Boy opened it and entered with his cleaning supplies. I was already peeing (yes, I really did have to) and couldn’t do much but smile and say hi.

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll come back.”

“No, no. That’s okay. Come on in. I’ll be done in a minute.”

I turned to look at him again but couldn’t catch his sparkling eyes. He was looking directly at my cock, which was still semi-hard from his flirting. He had let go of his mop handle and was rubbing the growing bulge in his pants.

Well, that had the effect he apparently wanted as my cock started growing harder, making it more difficult to finish peeing. When I finally did finish, I managed to shake off the last drops of piss.

“Wow. A-a-amazing. It’s huge.”

I heard the click as he pushed the button on the door handle, locking it and giving us the privacy we would be needing. Cute Asian boy walked over to me as I turned to face him, stroking my now completely hard cock.

“Fucking amazing!”

Cute Asian boy pushed me up against the wall, attacked my mouth, and started moaning as our tongues became acquainted. He unbuttoned my shirt enough to work my nipples with one hand while the other worked its way through my hair and pushed my head into his. I bit his lower lip, and he moaned as he reached down and wrapped his slender fingers around my rock-hard cock.

As he lowered himself to his knees, Cute AsianBboy grabbed the top of my still open pants and yanked them down.

“Holy fuck! That’s an amazing cock!” He swirled his tongue around the head and looked up at me as he began swallowing—and swallowing—and swallowing!

Cute Asian boy had no trouble taking the whole thing down his throat. Holy shit! He had the swallowing action going on while he moaned around my cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! That’s good, dude! So. Fucking. Good!”

I looked down, and he was working his jeans open so he could pull his cock out. Nice! He had a good six inches or so. He started stroking his cock while working his mouth magic on mine. With his free hand, he started massaging and pulling on my hairless ball-sac.

I was splayed against the wall with my hands grasping for something to hold on to. My hips were pumping my throbbing cock in and out of his hot throat. How the fuck was he breathing? Fuck it. I didn’t care. He was giving me hot, dirty bathroom sex in a local coffee shop.

I looked down and saw he was pounding his cock, and I could tell by the moans around mine that he was getting pretty close. Fuck. I was, too! Hell, I couldn’t take much more!

As Cute Asian boy increased the moaning and vibrating around my cock, I looked down and told him I was ready to cum. He pushed down to the root and squeezed my tight balls, causing me to dump my nut down his throat. He gave out one final moan and saw his load explode all over the floor and wall behind me. Good thing he brought a mop in with him!

He began to pull off my cock, sucking and swallowing all the way. As he did, my legs started to tremble, and I had to grab hold of his head to keep my balance.

Once Cute Asian boy released my cock, he stood up, and we got into one more passionate kiss. I have to say Asian boy is hot.

“We need to get back together so I can get that hot cock in my ass!”

“Dude, you’re hot as fuck, but the timing sucks. Probably won’t happen.”

“It’s Eric.”


I pulled up my pants, refastened them, and walked out the bathroom door. I knew that if I saw Eric again, I would be doomed to get into a rebound fling. Not fair to him. Absolutely the worst thing for me.

I gathered my laptop and stuff and headed for the door.

“Thanks a lot! Come again!”

Fuck me. Was she telling me she knew what just happened? Shit. I won’t be coming back here again anytime soon.

I had a mixed bag of emotions. I was proud I did something totally outside my box. I felt guilty for leaving Eric hanging. I was excited to have just been more than a little dirty. I was disappointed not to have a chance to fuck that hot boy. I was also hungry as fuck.

I grabbed my phone and found a couple of texts from Liz. She wanted to meet for lunch

I texted her back and got in the car to meet her. I headed down Main Street to the Blue Plate. She wanted French toast for lunch. Hey, whatever floats her boat, right?

We both pulled into the parking lot at the same time.


She ran over to me and gave me a big hug—a big ol’ lesbian hug. I think she squeezed the air out of me!

“Damn, Liz! I sure as fuck hope you don’t squeeze Janet like that! You’ll push that baby out of her way before it’s time!”

“You’re such a pussy, Charlie!” She threw her head back and gave her signature hearty laugh.

We went inside the diner and got seated after a short wait. Janet ordered her French toast, and I decided on the corned beef hash.

I leaned over the table and told Liz all about my dirty bathroom sex with the hot Asian boy.

“Oh, you mean Eric Nichols?”

“What the fuck? You know him?”

“Charlie, I know everybody. Eric is my next-door neighbor. He’s a boy-whore! And the two of you have something in common.”

“Oh Jesus, what?”

“Frankie. From what Eric has told me, Frankie used to visit the coffee shop many, many times.”

“Oh fuck. When did this happen?”

“Most of the summer, but it’s over now that Frankie’s off to school for football.”

“This town is just too fucking small.”

“You got that right!”

“So, how’s the job hunt going?”

“Liz, it’s horrible. Nobody wants a kid right out of high school. And every job I’ve interviewed for would be a living hell. Mostly grunt office work.”

“You know, I might know of something. The Nichols need a nanny for their three-year-old. They asked me last week, but I turned it down because I want to be with Janet as much as possible while the pregnancy moves along—and I really don’t need a job.”

“Yeah, like I would want to hang around there with Eric trying to get me in bed.”

“Eric won’t be there. He’ll be sucking random dicks at the coffee shop. And he actually lives in the apartment over the garage. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols will be at work. And their nine-year-old will be at school. The parents get home a little after five, and you go home. Plus, I’ll be next door and will get to hang out with you some.”

“Well, I don’t know. That’s something I’ll have to think about. Besides, I don’t even know if I like kids all that much. I mean, I’ve never hung around with them. It may not work at all.”

“Charlie. Be real. You get along with everyone. I don’t think age is important. And Lola is the sweetest kid. She’s precocious, smart, and a big ol’ flirt. She would adore you.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to find out if they still need someone—but I’m not making any promises. I already told Eric that there was no way I would hook up with him again, and it would be awfully hard to stay away with that hot boy hanging out over the garage.”

“True that, Charlie! But he does have a hot ass.”

“What are you looking at boy ass for?”

“Sweetheart, just because I don’t want to play with them, I can definitely appreciate a nice one.”

We finished laughing our way through lunch, and we both headed home. Liz texted me about two hours later and said the Nichols’ still needed a nanny, and Bonnie (Mrs. Nichols) thought it would be awesome to have a male nanny. Reluctantly, I made an appointment to see her the next morning to see what the job was all about.

Mom and I talked about it over dinner, and she thought it would be a great job. She couldn’t understand my reluctance, and I wasn’t going to tell her it was because I had dirty bathroom sex with their eldest, cute-Asian-boy son!

At 10:00 the next morning, I was ringing the doorbell at the Nichols. Mrs. Nichols answered and let me in. We went into the living room, and the interview began.

“Well, Charlie. Liz just went on and on about how wonderful you are. She is definitely your biggest fan.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Mrs. Nichols. I love Liz like a sister, but she can be a little over-the-top at times.”

“First of all, please call me Bonnie. Glenn and I are everything but formal. So I guess the best place to start would be to tell you about the nanny position. We have three kids. All of them were adopted. There’s Eric, who is our oldest. We started as his foster parents when he was 13 and adopted him about eight months later. He lives in the garage apartment and is entirely independent of the family, except when he’s home for a meal. Then there’s Leo and Lola. They are brother and sister. We adopted them last year. Leo is 9, in the fourth grade, and Lola is 4. She’ll be starting preschool in January, so we won’t be needing a nanny after that.

“That’s been part of the reason we’ve been having so much trouble finding someone. No one wants to take on a position that only lasts four or five months.

“We would need you here at 8:15 in the morning and stay through 5:30 in the afternoon—or until one of us is home. You’ll need to fix lunch for Lola each day. Once or twice a week, you can take her out to lunch, and of course, we will supply you with an expense account to cover that or anything else you might need for her.”

Just then, the front door opened, and the cutest little girl came running into the living room and her mother’s arms. Of course, she was followed by Cute Asian boy Eric. Fuck me. Let’s get on with the awkward—

“Oh, Eric! This is Charlie Danner. He may be Lola’s new nanny.”

“Nice to meet you again, Charlie.” Damned twinkly smile.

“So, you boys know each other?”

“Not really, Mama. Just from the coffee shop.”

Little Lola looked at me, cocked her head, and asked me, “Are you Eric’s boyfriend?”

I actually blushed! “No, Lola. We barely know each other. We’re not boyfriends.”

“Well, I’ll leave you all to get acquainted. Charlie, why don’t you stop by my place when you’re done with Mom. I’m off today, and it would be great to get to know you a little better—that is, if you don’t have to be anywhere later.”

He smiled and twinkled his fucking gorgeous eyes at me as he walked to the back of the house and out the door. Oh. Fuck. Me. Why does he have to be so fucking hot?

“Lola, would you like to show Charlie around the house? You can go up and start in your bedroom!”

“C’mon, Charlie. Let’s go!” Lola hopped off her mom’s lap and took my hand, leading me to the steps in the foyer.

“Can you carry me up? It takes me too long by myself.”

“I would love to carry you. You want to go piggyback?”

“Yes! Mama! I get to go piggyback!”

“I see that, sweetheart! Hold on tight!”

I bent down so Lola could climb on my back. She wrapped her arms around my neck.

“You ready?”

“Let’s go, Charlie!”

“Up we go!!”

We started our trek up the stairs with Lola giggling all the way and Bonnie bringing up the rear.

“You have pretty hair, Charlie!”

“So do you, Lola. You’re such a pretty girl!”

“Mama! Charlie said I’m pretty! I like Charlie!”

I started to set Lola down, and she insisted I carry her into her room. She guided me down the hall and into a door halfway down.

“This is my room, Charlie. There’s my bed, and there’s my dresser. My dollies are over on the shelf, and that shelf has my books. Would you read me a story when I take my nap?”

“Well, if I become your nanny, I would love to read to you, and not just at nap time!”

“You have to be my nanny, Charlie! You’re nice—and you let me piggyback!”

“What’s through that door?”

“My clothes.”

“And that door?”

“My potty—but Leo uses it, too.”

“You have a very nice bedroom, Lola. Pink is a pretty color, don’t you think?”

“It’s my favorite! What’s yours?”


“Yuck! That’s an ugly color!”

“No, it’s not! Black goes with everything!”

“It does?”

“Sure! Don’t I look good in your pink room?”

Lola giggled and told me I looked silly in her room because it is a girl’s room.

We continued our tour, with Lola not wanting me to let her off my back until our final stop in the playroom. It was shockingly neat and tidy for a playroom.

“This is where I play with my toys, Charlie.”

“Lola’s pretty good about keeping things neat in here. She knows the rule is that she can’t leave the room until everything is put away.”

“Will you play a game with me, Charlie?”

“What would you like to play?”


“Oh, that’s a fun game. Well, if it’s okay with your mama, I would love to play a game with you!”

“That would be fine, sweetheart. I’ll go and get some snacks for everyone while you play. What would you like to drink, Charlie?”

“Water will be fine.”

What the fuck? Lola has me wrapped around her little finger. Good God. What does it say about me that I get along so well with a four-year-old? Oh, what the fuck. If I accept the job, I’ll just go up to see Eric and tell him that we can’t have a relationship. Easy. Right? Right???

Lola pulled the game off a shelf and set it up on the floor. I joined her, and we started playing the game with the little munchkin counting out loud as she moved her piece. Of course, she insisted I count out loud as well.

Bonnie brought in a tray with drinks and a plate of fresh fruit and set them down on the floor just as little Lola whipped my ass. Legit. I didn’t let her win, either.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you take your snack to your table and finish it there. Charlie and I will be in the living room so we can talk.”

We went into the living and sat down. Bonnie had a huge smile on her face.

“Oh my, Charlie. I have never seen Lola take to a stranger so quickly and thoroughly. If I don’t hire you, that child may never speak to me again! You certainly have a wonderful way with children!”

“Lola? She’s an amazing kid. Children in general? I don’t know. I’ve never spent a lot of time around children. Now that I think about it, I’ve spent more quality time with Lola than I have with any other kids—combined!”

“Well, she already adores you. And it seems you are taken with her, as well.”

“True. But then there’s Leo. I would have to win him over, too.”

“That will be no problem at all. Leo is Lola’s fierce protector. Whatever she wants, he backs her up 100%. Besides, he’s a wonderful boy. He gets home from school a little after 3:00. He and Lola have snack time, and then he will go to his room and do his homework until dinner. And you’ll be gone.”

We continued talking, and she added $100 a week to what she was intending on paying me so that I couldn’t turn it down. Hell, what she was planning to pay me was way more than those jobs I had interviewed for yesterday.

She went over the routine, which seemed pretty simple to me. I would come over in the morning, play with Lola, fix her lunch, read to her before naptime, and chill until Leo comes home. Fix them a snack and entertain Lola until the parents come home.

The thought of hanging out with that adorable little girl for a few months outweighed my need to avoid the hot Asian boy in the garage apartment. I accepted the job, and Bonnie took me into the kitchen. She showed me where everything was and handed me a key to the house. She told me that the woman I would be replacing would come by in the morning and help me get acquainted with everything.

Bonnie then got on the phone and called Eric. “Hi honey, I’m done with Charlie. Yes, he accepted the job. Do you still want him to come up? Okay. I’ll send him up, then.”

Bonnie hugged me and showed me the way up to Eric’s apartment. This should be easy. I’ll explain that I’m now his little sister’s nanny and that it would be totally wrong for us to do anything sexual. Right?

I made my way up the stairs on the side of the garage and knocked on the door. Before I even got the third knock in, the door opened, and Eric stuck his head around the side of the door.

“Come in, Charlie. I’m so glad you decided to come up.”

I walked in, and he shut the door, locking the deadbolt.

Oh, fuck me! I turned around, and Cute Asian boy turns out to be a totally ripped Cute Asian boy. How do I know this? Because he’s standing in front of me wearing nothing but the sexiest pair of Andrew Christian underwear I’ve ever seen. Besides taking note so that I could get a pair or two for myself, I also notice his cock growing and stretching the material.

I’m a dead man. I’m going to have to fuck him and then set the limits.

“So you’re Liz’s Charlie, huh? I’ve heard so much about you.”

“She exaggerates.”

“I highly doubt that”

Eric stepped toward me and wrapped his arms around me as he planted his lips to mine and began kissing me. Jesus! He was a fantastic kisser! My cock hardened in record time as he pressed his hips forward and began to slowly grind them into me.

While kissing me, he began taking off my clothes and dropping them to the floor. I was totally into that amazing tongue dancing in my mouth, and before I even realized what was happening, my pants dropped to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants.

My hands were moving up and down his smooth and muscular back. I slid them down inside his underwear and cupped his ass. All muscle, of course. All I could think was how great that was going to feel around my cock—which was being fished out of my underwear.

“You have an amazing cock, Charlie. It’s going to reach places that have never been reached before. I can’t wait. Can’t. Fucking. Wait!”

That was the first time that amazing kiss was broken. I was gasping for air. Or was I gasping from being so fucking turned on by this boy?

Eric reached down with his muscular arms, wrapping one around my back and the other behind my shaky knees, and picked me up. He carried me to the bed in the corner of his studio apartment and lay me down, giving my throbbing cock a couple of strokes.

He crawled up on the bed, straddled my stomach, and pulled his underwear down, revealing his dripping six-inch cut cock. Eric bent down to kiss me again, rubbing his crack up and down my cock.

Holy shit! His tongue is unbelievable! He was driving me crazy! Eric’s hands went to the sides of my head as he forced my face even closer to his.

“Your hair is so fucking sexy!”

“Your tongue is driving me crazy!”

“Oh? You like my tongue?”

“Fuck, yeah!

Eric pulled off me and lay down on his back.

“Give me your ass, Charlie. Let me show you some more of what my tongue can do.”

I turned around and planted my smooth ass right on Eric’s face. Holy fucking shit! Not that I have a lot of experience, but I have never been rimmed like this before—and I have a feeling I may never be again.

I bent down and took Eric’s cock in my hand. I rubbed my other hand over his pubes. I’ve never seen or felt pubes that were straight and silky as shit.

I opened my mouth and took his cock in, swallowing it and easing it down my throat. That caused Eric to moan and push his tongue into my ass even deeper. What the fuck? This guy was amazing—well, his tongue was.

Of course, that caused me to moan, sending vibrations through Eric’s cock. It didn’t take long for our moan fest to put Eric over the edge and send his creamy load down my throat. Even while shooting his nut, his tongue never stopped assaulting my ass, and as he reached around to stroke me, Eric sent me into one hell of an orgasm.

He pulled me around and up to him. We kissed, and I let him have a taste of his load. Well, I didn’t let him—his tongue demanded it.

“You got it in you to fuck me with that monster?’

“Hehe, you got it in you to take it all?”

“Isn’t that why you came up here?”

“Actually, no. I came up here to tell you there couldn’t be anything between us.”

“Dude, there is no “us” beyond mouths, cocks, and ass. My mom and little sister are both in love with you. I’m in love with your cock, and that’s all I want. I admit I’m a boy whore. I love sex. But I don’t want all the bullshit that comes with a relationship.”

“Okay, but if things start to get out of hand with my job, the sex will have to end.”

“Dude, my mom will love it if you come to visit me after work. She’ll think I’ve made a new friend. She’ll love that.”

“Cool, so why don’t you wipe that cum off and get that amazing tongue on my cock. Get me hard again, and I’ll fuck the everliving shit out of you.”

He did—and I did. I pounded that hot ass so hard he was literally screaming. I had to cover his mouth with my hand so his mom wouldn’t end up calling 911.

For the next few months, I watched little Lola, and we became great friends. She loved it when I read Dr. Seuss to her. Leo was also a great kid. We hit it off right away when I agreed to play Xbox with him, and he ended up beating the shit out of me.

Eric and I would fuck once or twice a week. It was hot. It was sex for the sake of sex. It helped me get past the sadness of losing David. David and I will always be friends. He changed my life—and I changed his.

About a week after finishing with the Nichols, I was sitting up when I got a text. What the fuck? It was from Frankie.

FBFRANKIE: i’m back in town. can we talk?

Oh, fuck me!

Here's hoping you enjoyed Charlie and the beginning of his gap year! It's about time for this story to merge with the events in Stitcher!
As usual, let me know what you think! Your comments help me want to continue the story! Leave me your thoughts!
Thanks again for all your support and Happy New Year!
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So much for not being able to get over David....and eww, with the town slut who also fucked around with Frankie?! I kno its a small town, but geez Charlie, have some standards at least!! Is Charlie really that hard up that he's gonna meet with Frankie?? I kno who he ends up with, but I'm really having a difficult time respecting him in this chapter.

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This reminds me of the philosophy behind the great Crosby, Stills, and Nash hit:  “If you can’t be with the one you love..., love the one you’re with”.  Sometimes, torrid recreational sex helps one heal wounds from deep pain and heartache.   At least it’s an effective distraction.   Losing David hurt Charlie deeply, and sexy Eric may have been just the right medicine.  Not only that, it made for a very entertaining chapter.  Then again, I may be biased: I married a hot Asian boy. ;-)


But Frankie?!   Damn, that town is WAY too small. 

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On 12/25/2017 at 2:30 PM, NoSkis said:

hi Geoff,


very much enjoying your stitcher stories, though I do have to point out that "Call me Nancy. Mrs. Chase is my mother!" doesn't work for (most) married woman - married woman usually take their husbands name, so that would be their mother in law's name, not her mother's name ;-).


glad you are keeping up with the series and looking forward to the third one - though you have hinted it will be very sad at some points.....

Thank you NoSkis. I fixed the glitch!

2 hours ago, jaysalmn said:

So much for not being able to get over David....and eww, with the town slut who also fucked around with Frankie?! I kno its a small town, but geez Charlie, have some standards at least!! Is Charlie really that hard up that he's gonna meet with Frankie?? I kno who he ends up with, but I'm really having a difficult time respecting him in this chapter.

Jay, please don't forget that Charlie and the vast majority of these characters are just eighteen-year-old kids. 99% of their relationship and sexual activities are driven by hormones and lust. They make stupid choices and do stupid things without thinking about the consequences. If these kids related to each other and reacted to situations as adults who have years of life experience, they wouldn't be real and the story wouldn't make sense. I know when I was 18, I made a lot of choices and had a lot of experiences I wouldn't even consider now. Please try not to judge these kids while they make their mistakes (like most of us did) and grow and learn from them. 

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Eric was what Charlie needed, no emotions, just fun. What a hell does Frankie want again? Apologise?

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If Charlie can have hot sex with no strings with Eric, why not with Frankie too? As I remember Charlie was quite taken with Frankie's muscles, and they both enjoyed the sex. Still really enjoying this story and looking forward to the merge with "Stitcher."

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This was an unexpected chapter. No problem with the hookup. Fresh from breakup... Big fricken deal! That’s the age to get out of system. I was surprised by Hot Asian Boy every other word. Too funny, but shocked no remark from @droughtquake

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1 hour ago, BlindAmbition said:

I was surprised by Hot Asian Boy every other word. Too funny, but shocked no remark from @droughtquake

Sometimes I just get tired of complaining about the same thing. In the grand scheme of things, it’s less important than the political issues that bother me. But if it’d make you happy, I’m sure I could cut and paste rants from several other Comments I’ve made over the years here on GA…  ;-)


Or it could be that I forgot to mention it after I decided to tease that strapping young biker dude a bit!  ;-)

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This message is to be redirected to the editor of this series. 'falderal', do you mean folderol? I don't see falderal in any of my dictionaries.


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considering the word is not used much anymore and in my neck of the woods it is pronounce like falderal spelling. i am sure the word folderol was what the author was going for

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A hot Asian boy’s hot ass is exactly what Charlie needs at this point in his life. Hot sex distracts the emotional baggage leftover by David, what he does not need is any of Frankie’s b.s. I really hope that he can resist Frankie’s “charms”, hopefully Eric will intercede and stop Charlie from jumping back into the fire. Great story, excellent chapter.

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On 1/2/2018 at 4:45 AM, jaysalmn said:

So much for not being able to get over David....and eww, with the town slut who also fucked around with Frankie?! I kno its a small town, but geez Charlie, have some standards at least!! Is Charlie really that hard up that he's gonna meet with Frankie?? I kno who he ends up with, but I'm really having a difficult time respecting him in this chapter.

Eric is the local bike as any male will ride him. 

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What a bad time for a cliff hanger!  I'm starving, but I can't take time right now to find something to eat because I need to learn what that bitch Frankie wants!  As for hot Asian boys, some are pretty cute, but my weakness is hot Hispanic Boys! (and most Hispanic boys are hot! IMHO)  Great chapter, Geoff.

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Haha Im glad Charlie managed to lay down the law and straighten Eric out...well he certainly straightened one thing out. Think I mentioned after the Frankie breakup how resilient Charlie was, after all, it didnt take him long to hook up with David. Now hes found a bit of distraction in Eric and good on him, i mean is there meant to be a suitable mourning period between broken relationships and if so how long??? As for Frankie, Im actually hoping he wants to man up and apologize for the way he treated Charlie, not that Charlie needs it,but I think he deserves it. 

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