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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way - 1. The Jock (Part One)

Here it is! Due to popular demand, I am thrilled to bring you the first chapter of Charlie Danner Finds His Way!
I can't thank you enough for your interest in my story and characters. Your feedback has been overwhelming!
I hope you enjoy Charlie's story!

February on Cape Cod is brutal. Totally and completely brutal. And just so you know, it’s only brutal because of one thing—the weather.

My bedroom is a converted attic in a rambling house on the beach. Not just any beach, mind you. It’s the beach on the North shore of the cape. Brutal. Just brutal. I don’t think there’s enough insulation on the entire Eastern seaboard to make this room warm.

The wind whips across the bay and picks up just enough moisture to make sure that when it hits you, the chill goes right down to your bones. The only thing keeping me warm is the body wrapped around me under three blankets, a comforter, and my Nana’s quilt.

That body wrapped around me? That would be Frankie Johnston, quarterback of the Barnstable Red Raiders. I guess you could call him my boyfriend, but I’m definitely not his. I mean, he has an image to uphold. I’m cool with that as long he wants me to fuck him, or he wants to fuck me.

I know I’m not good for his image. I’m the school’s resident enigma. Most of the kids think I’m some sort of Goth freak or one of those Emo quiet types. What’s ridiculous about that is it’s all about me wearing black clothes. I like black clothes. I also like colorful, sexy Andrew Christian underwear.

It’s kind of like the surprise you get when you unwrap a plain-looking package. When you unwrap me, you find a lean, trim, kinda sexy boy with hot-as-fuck underwear nearly bursting at the seams from a rather large cock. Not exactly what you would expect from a Goth or Emo.

What I am is an artist. No, not with paint or pen and ink—I’m an artist with fabric, scissors, and my high-tech Brother computerized sewing machine. Yeah, I design and build clothes. I make them for my friends, mom, or anyone who needs something they can’t find in a store.

How did a Senior in high school get into something like this? It started when I was eleven. I got hooked on Project Runway and that season’s winner Christian Siriano. I’ll get back to you on that. Right now, I have a hard quarterback cock poking me in the backside. Time for some morning fun!

My ass was stilled lubed from our fun before we fell asleep. I shifted a bit and let Frankie ease in. God, I loved feeling his hardness slide into me!

“Good morning Frankie! Find something you like?”

“I like your hot-as-fuck ass, Charlie! You like me filling it up?”

“Mmmmm. The perfect way to start the day!”

Frankie put his hand around my head and tilted it to him. He kissed me with a purpose and aggressiveness that can only make me hotter and hornier. I started pushing back and meeting Frankie’s thrusts. He was soon pounding me and grabbed my hard cock, stroking in the same rhythm he was fucking me.

“Oooooh, fuck me hard, Frankie! Fill me up, baby!”

“Shit! Shit! I love how you squeeze your ass around my cock, Charlie! You’re gonna milk my nut outta me!”

“I’m close, Frankie! I’m gonna—"

I was panting harder than a whore on a battleship. Frankie was grunting in a way that only jocks can—so fucking hot!

“Here it comes, Frankie!” I clamped my ass down on his cock as I added yet another load to the sheets!

“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna nut, Charlie! Gonna—” Frankie made one last thrust, and his entire body went stiff as I felt the warmth of his load fill my tight ass.

Frankie held me tight with his hard pecs pressed against my back. But the thing about morning sex before you pee, you gotta pee ten times more when you’re done. It wasn’t even three minutes before we both leaped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, and peed into the toilet together.

We hopped into the shower after the water started to steam, and I silently thanked God that we had the house (and the water heater) to ourselves. I loved showering with Frankie. We would clean each other, head to toe, making sure we cleaned every nook and cranny—if you know what I mean.

Of course, by the time we finished cleaning each other, we were both hard again. Hey, we’re seventeen! Teenage hormones are a beautiful thing!

I tell Frankie I want to watch him jerk off. He tells me he wants to see me do the same thing. So there I am, looking at this fucking hot quarterback in my shower. His hand slides up and down his fat eight inches of high school cock while his other hand caresses his pecs and six-pack.

He was looking at me with complete and abandoned lust. I’ll never understand why—I’m just a skinny twink with great hair and a big cock. Yeah, just under ten inches, and I’m stroking away with my own look of lust.

I can always tell when Frankie is getting close. He takes his free hand and throws it between his legs, pressing against his taint. Me? I reach behind and play with my hole.

It was like having your own personal and hot solo video standing right in front of you. Frankie stepped forward and started moaning, and in no time at all, he was shooting his nut all over my chest and stomach. Enough of his hot load fell on my cock, and I used it as lube to finish myself off.

I started covering Frankie’s six-pack with my load as I closed the space between us. We kissed and held each other before we cleaned again and finished our shower. We dried off, brushed our teeth, and dressed.

I led Frankie into the kitchen and started breakfast, even though it was closer to lunchtime. Scrambled eggs with diced onions and cheddar cheese, link sausage, orange juice, and coffee. While I was cooking, Frankie rolled a joint and shared it with me. That always made breakfast taste even better!

By the time we finished eating and cleaning the kitchen, it was time to head to the school for our Saturday afternoon rehearsal. We were doing Spamelot, and Frankie was playing one of the knights of the Round Table. I was working in the costume shop with Liz, my bestie.

That’s how I met Frankie—working on the musical. The show needed a lot of guys, so Ms. Myerson asked the cast to convince their guy friends to try out for the show. Frankie’s “girlfriend,” Brenda Pilkington, convinced him to audition, and he got in.

Now, let’s discuss Miss Pilkington. She is the perfect girlfriend for Frankie since she goes to the conservative Baptist church over in Hyannis. She signed one of those stupid abstinence contract things, so all she’s “allowed” to do is kiss—apparently with no tongue. So that works great for Frankie, who is just a big old closeted fag. In fact, he’s a bigger fag than me—especially when I’m stuffing his hot football ass with my big cock! Ironic and sometimes laughable.

You might be wondering how the big football jock ended up with me—his complete and total opposite. It all began on the first day of rehearsal. Ms. Myerson sent everyone into the costume shop one at a time. She insisted that the girls get measured by Liz, and she sent the boys to me. She didn’t want any improper things happening with someone getting measured by the opposite sex.

Now, let me tell you about the irony of that decision. Liz and I are both gay. So yes, we love measurement day!

Liz’s girlfriend Janet (our stage manager) came in and handed me a sheet with Cam Franklin’s measurements. His dad is a tailor, and it made sense that he had all the measurements on hand. Damn! He’s a hottie that I was looking forward to getting my hands on!

My first boy was a new guy. Ian Greenely was cousins with one of the History teachers. Wow! This is one hot boy. Fuck me! My dick was getting hard just looking at him! But I was a good boy. When it came time to measure his inseam, I had him hold the tape measure to his crotch.

One by one, the boys all came to me, and I got to touch them wherever I needed to! Well, except for the crotch. I needed to be professional!

The last boy to come in was Frankie. Damn! He had the cutest smile and the hottest body! While I was getting his measurements (and getting hard, thank you), he told me he loved my hair. I get that a lot, but usually from girls. It’s shoulder-length and very wavy. It’s also black as night—well, this month, anyway!

The last measurement was Frankie’s inseam. I gave him the tape measure to hold to his crotch, and he winked at me and said, “You can do that.” What the fuck!?! I’d better hurry before he changed his mind!

I took the end of the tape measure and placed it on his crotch. Holy shit! Our star quarterback had a fat semi snaking down his leg. He bent over and whispered in my ear, “Sorry about that. I can’t help what it does when a sexy boy has his hands all over me. You might need to hold that tape measure in place with your whole hand, so it doesn’t shift.”

“A-a-are you sure?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!”

And I did—and Frankie moaned—and I nearly passed out. Okay, so maybe I moved my hand a little when I finished and made his legs tremble. I mean, I was pretty sure that was going to be the only time I would ever get to grope a hot quarterback!

I stood up when I finished, and Frankie leaned into me and asked me if I would like to get together for a cup of coffee after rehearsal. I just looked at him and said the most asinine thing, “Really?”


“Starbucks? Nirvana?”

“My parents will be at a dinner party ‘til about ten. Why don’t you come to my house? The address is on your measurement sheet.”


“And dude—"

“It’s Charlie.”

“Cool. And I’m Frankie”

“Oh, I know who you are!”

“Cool. Charlie, please don’t tell anyone. I’m totally not out—to anyone.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“I hope not permanently. I intend to kiss the fuck out of you later tonight.”

And with that, he turned and walked away.

Liz looked over at me and just started laughing. “I wish I had a camera so you could see the look on your face!”

“What, you heard all that?”

“Charlie, I didn’t have to hear everything to see that the school’s star football boy was seducing the Hell out of you!”

“Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Janet. I promised him I wouldn’t—"

“No worries, Charlie. I did hear that part of the conversation. But after you have sex with football boy, I want all the details!”


“You always tell me about the boys you have sex with!”

“Liz. You’re my best friend—and there have only been two. But this time, I’m keeping the details to myself!”

“You are just no fun!”

By the time Liz and I had entered all the measurements into the computer, the rehearsal was wrapping up. We closed up the shop and headed out to the theatre lobby to head out. I saw Frankie with his arm around that girl, but then he looked over to me and flashed his award-winning grin and winked.

Liz saw his little move and started to giggle as my knees when weak. I nearly ended up on the floor in one big gay boy heap, but she grabbed my waist and steadied me.

As we got to our cars, she stopped and turned me to face her. “Charlie, be careful.”

“I will be—”

“No, Charlie. I’m serious. You don’t know anything at all about this boy. You don’t know what his intentions really are. Just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Maybe he doesn’t know what my intentions are? Maybe you should be worried about him?”

“Charlie! Just what are your intentions?”

“I’ve done everything I can do with another boy except—well—”

“Oh, my God! You’re going to let him fuck you?”

“Or fuck him—whatever is going to float his boat tonight!”

“Details. I want details! I’ll call you tomorrow!”

With that, we hugged and got into our cars. I was on my way to God-knows-what!”

I pulled into Frankie’s big circular driveway and parked my little blue Honda Civic by the front door. Everyone would know Frankie had company because my car sure looked out of place in front of the big house.

I started making my way up the front stairs, and the door opened as I got up to it.

“Hi, sexy boy. Get in here!”

Before I knew it, he closed the door behind me, and I was pushed up against it as the quarterback leaned against me and began kissing me. I gasped, and that was all the invitation Frankie needed to push his tongue into my mouth.

Now, I’ve kissed more than a few boys in my young life, but this was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! It was strong and passionate all at the same time. Oh, fuck! I’ve never been so turned on so fast in my life!

I wrapped my arms around Frankie’s neck and lifted my legs around his waist, inviting the much stronger jock to carry me wherever he wanted.

“I’ve been so horny for you all day, Charlie! I don’t know what has come over me, but fuck! You are the sexiest boy I’ve ever laid my eyes on!”

I couldn’t find any words, so I just moaned as he began carrying me up the curved stairs in the foyer. We moved down the hall and through a door at the end. We were in Frankie’s room.

He lay me down on the bed and joined me, wrapping his arms around me. What the fuck just happened? Finally, words were coming to me. “I like a little cream and some sugar in mine, please.”

“What? What did you say?”

“Frankie, you invited me over for coffee, didn’t you?”

“Oh, that? You want coffee? I’ll make some. Anything you want. I’ll get you anything you want!”

“Frankie, calm down! I’m not going anywhere. But let’s just slow down a bit. I don’t know anything about you. And I’m pretty sure you don’t know anything about me!”

I leaned in and kissed him lightly. He looked down into his pillow and sighed. “Fuck. I’m sorry—” He paused. “I really wanted to say your name but realized I would sound like a tuna commercial.”

“Frankie, you know you’re not the first person to think that. It’s okay. It’s my name—and I kinda like it when I hear you say it.” I kissed him again.

“Wow. This talking thing is kinda nice—especially when you use a kiss as a punctuation mark. I don’t remember that from English class.”

We lay in bed and talked and threw in an occasional kiss. I learned that Frankie was short for Frances. And I had to promise that no matter what, I would never call him that. It took a really, really nice kiss to get that promise!

Frankie also told me that he’s known he was gay since he was twelve. He’s never told a soul except for Jayson Parker, his best friend and teammate. It was last year, and Frankie had been going through a tough time. Being his best friend and the person who knew him better than anyone, Jayson just straight out asked him if he was into guys. Frankie completely lost it, and Jayson told him it was all chill. Frankie also said it was nice that he had someone he could talk to if he needed it.

“Well, now you have two people, right?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” Another kiss.

“So, I have a question, football boy.”

He giggled. “Ask away, stitcher boy!”

“Stitcher boy? Heh, I like that!” Another kiss.

“So, you had a question for me?”

“Right. For someone who needs to be so much on the down-low, you were sure in full seducing mode when I had to take your measurements. What was that about?”

“Oh, that. When Myerson had the crew standing up and introduced everyone to us, I think you were third in the line. I don’t remember any of the others. I couldn’t take my eyes off this sexy-as-fuck boy with an amazing smile and awesome hair. But what got me was the way you waved to everyone. You seemed so shy.”

“Oh, I hate being in front of a group of people. So yeah, you saw some major shyness.”

“It was adorable. And I completely fell for you. And I decided I had to be the last one to get measured so I could take a little longer than the others. And then it happened. I walked into the costume shop. For the first time in my life, I was standing in front of a boy I adored. I don’t know how to explain it, but I was able to let my defenses down for some reason. You let me be myself. And when you wrapped your hand around my dick without batting an eyelash, I was done. You had me. I wanted more. All I could think of was coffee.”

Another kiss, this one a bit more passionate. Frankie broke the kiss and smiled at me. I swear, his eyes were twinkling.

“So, stitcher boy, when did you realize that you liked boys?”

“I think I’ve always known. I mean, I liked girls plenty, but just as friends—and it seemed all the girls wanted me to be their friend. But when I was eleven, I was watching television with my mom. We were watching Project Runway. Mom loved that show, and I was getting into it as well.

“But there was a boy on the show that year. His name was Christian. Christian Siriano. He was a little guy, skinny like me, and funny as shit. But everything he made was incredible. In one episode, he talked about a boyfriend. I looked at Mom and asked if boys were allowed to have boyfriends.

“She explained that some boys liked girls and ended up having girlfriends. Some boys liked boys and ended up having boyfriends. It was an epiphany for me—well, as much as an eleven-year-old can have an epiphany. I told Mom that I hoped I would have a boyfriend someday, and my mom, who is the coolest mom ever, told me she was sure I would have a wonderful boyfriend someday. And just like Christian would say, you will be fierce!”

Frankie had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me how lucky I was to be myself with my family and friends.

“You can’t tell your parents?”

“God, no! I’m under so much pressure from my dad to be the star football player. You know how most parents pressure their kids about their grades? Mine are all about football, not so much grades. If they found out their son liked dick, it would be all over. Football players aren’t gay. And now that I got a scholarship to BU, I have four more years of secrets.”

“I’m so sorry, Frankie.”

“No need to be sorry. It’s how I’ve lived my life. I’m used to it. I’ve never had a boyfriend—too risky. But now, I don’t know where we’ll end up, but it just has to be kept secret. I can tell Jayson. Well, he’ll figure it out. It’s scary how he does that.”

“Don’t worry about me, Frankie. I won’t tell a soul about us.” Another kiss. “You know, If I were to make a list of the boys at school that I would never be lying in bed with, you would top that list.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Come on, have you looked in the mirror lately? You are beyond gorgeous. You have muscles on your muscles. You have a face that I could just melt in to. Your eyes are like deep pools—and then there’s me. Plain, skinny, okay-looking, but I have great hair, I’ll admit that. It just seems weird as shit that you even look at me twice.”

“Because you are sexy as Hell.”

“But I’m not! You could have any hot boy on the cape. But me?”

“Charlie. Stop it. I find you sexy. I love that you and I are near opposites. I’m around hot boys all the time. Believe me, most of them are stupid, boring assholes. On the other hand, you are adorable, kind, funny, sweet—things I don’t see a lot of in the boys I spend time with. Why would I want to spend time with someone like me when I could wrap my arms around a beautiful, sexy boy that’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced?”

Well, that did it for me. One of the hottest boys in school thinks I’m sexy. I think I want to prove him right! I took his head in my hands and gave him the kiss of my life. Frankie moaned and put his arms around me, pressing his body into mine.

We kept kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. We were dry humping, feeling the other’s hardness against our own. There were way too many clothes keeping us apart, so I broke away just enough so I could start pulling Frankie’s tee-shirt up over his head. Okay, it was more like peeling it off his hot body!

I literally gasped when I saw Frankie’s naked torso. It was shaped like a triangle with his broad, muscular shoulders and firm, round pecs. He had a narrow waist and rippling abs. The only hair was a light wisp around each nipple, which I immediately latched onto.

“Oh, my God! What are—That’s so! I never knew—”

I pulled away from Frankie’s nipple and smiled. “Have you never done this with a boy before?”

“I—I’ve never done anything with anyone before. What were you doing just then? Shit, Charlie! I almost nutted!”

“Well, football boy. Since this is your first time, I guess I have no choice but to make this something you will never forget!”

I had Frankie lay down on the bed, and I climbed on top of him. Now, you should know that this hot boy is almost twice my size. I felt like I was on top of a mountain—a boy mountain!

I kissed him deeply to relax him and then started on my journey of discovery. I moved over to his left ear and started nibbling on his lobe. That generated a nice deep moan. My tongue moved inside his ear, and football boy squealed! Definitely remembering that!

I kissed and nibbled my way down his neck, and he started to moan and squirm underneath me. It seems my jock has a body full of hot spots. Nice!

I played some more with his left nipple and got the response I expected. Next, I moved over to the other one for good measure.

“What are you doing to me? Oh, fuck!”

I reached up and kissed him as he moaned into my mouth.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Fuck, no! You are amazing!”

I moved down and began tracing the ridges of his abs with my tongue. As I got lower, I felt his cock on the side of my neck. What a beautiful cock! It looked to be about 8” and was glistening with precum. Yum!

I slid down between Frankie’s muscular legs and took his throbbing cock in my hand. This boy wasn’t going to last long at all. I looked up and saw him watching me with his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide with anticipation.

I swirled my tongue around the head and lapped up the tasty precum as Frankie grabbed handfuls of sheets and almost roared. When I opened my throat and took his entire cock into my mouth on the first try, Frankie let out a gasp and started panting. I moaned around the head of his cock and started moving up and down.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this to the star quarterback—and that he loved it! It only took about twenty seconds for Frankie’s body to go rigid as he lifted his ass off the bed and pushed his cock down my throat.

I swallowed as fast as I could, but I couldn’t keep up with the rapid volleys of hot jock nut firing into my mouth. Streams of cum flowed down the side of his impressive cock. After releasing him from my mouth, I cleaned him up thoroughly.

I moved back up to Frankie, propped my head up on my elbow, and looked down at the football star. He looked like he had just played, and won, the state championship. He was covered in sweat and had the cutest smile on his face.

“Did you like that, football boy?”

“Holy shit, Charlie. That was—I couldn’t—you were—"

I had to giggle and then leaned down to kiss him. He moaned some more as he tasted what was left of hit nut on my tongue.

I lay my head on Frankie’s chest as he held me in his arms. He was making small circles on my back when I heard sniffling. I looked up to see Frankie crying.

“What’s wrong, Frankie? Are you having second thoughts about this?”

“Oh, God no! I was just thinking about how amazing you were and how I could never live up to that. I could never make you feel as good as you just made me feel!”

“Stop it, Frankie! There will never be a time like your first time. And you have some more firsts in store. I promise you, when you decide to blow my cock, it’s going to feel amazing. Think about it—we’re teenagers, we’re always horny, and you have no idea how hot it is to be in bed with the sexiest boy in school!”

“Oh, yes I do—I most definitely know what it’s like to be in bed with the sexiest boy in school.”

“Are you ready for more?”

“Fuck yeah. Whatcha got in mind, stitcher boy?”

“We’re both going to experience a first.”


“Yeah, we’re going to fuck. But it’s your choice. Do you fuck me? Do I fuck you?”

“Charlie—please fuck me! I’ve been dreaming of it for years!”

“Wow. Just wow!”

So, there it is! Not much of a cliff-hanger, but hey... I'm sure I'll have one or two before we're done!
The big question is if there is enough interest to continue. It's up to you and your comments!
Copyright © 2017 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Well this is off to a good start. I love Frankie. Feel sorry for the guy. Hope he doesn’t break Charlie’s heart while it lasts. This is a cliche setup, but happens. My first BF was the football co-captain. Look forward to more.

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I was wondering how you’d get a separate story about Charlie since he seems so integrated into the main series.  ;-)



I would die from hypothermia even with all those blankets and things. People wonder why I live in California where we have earthquakes, but I wonder why they live where it feels like Siberia in the winter and the Amazon in the Summer! Besides, the region around St Louis is going to experience another huge earthquake and they’re not at all prepared for it! The previous one changed the course of the Mississippi and rung church bells in New England!  ;-)

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8 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

I was wondering how you’d get a separate story about Charlie since he seems so integrated into the main series.  ;-)



I would die from hypothermia even with all those blankets and things. People wonder why I live in California where we have earthquakes, but I wonder why they live where it feels like Siberia in the winter and the Amazon in the Summer! Besides, the region around St Louis is going to experience another huge earthquake and they’re not at all prepared for it! The previous one changed the course of the Mississippi and rung church bells in New England!  ;-)

Might want to reconsider. With all the horrific fires in Northern and Southern California this year. 

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44 minutes ago, BlindAmbition said:

Might want to reconsider. With all the horrific fires in Northern and Southern California this year. 

Nope. Not likely to happen where I live. Very urban and relatively flat. I don’t live where the suburbs meet nature.  ;-)


It is possible since one historical fire in Berkeley started in the hills and didn’t stop until it reached the Bay. But the geography in my city is different and there are more natural firebreaks here including a stretch of I-80 that’s not right along the East Bay shoreline. Firefighters have a lot more experienced in those sorts of fires these days too.  ;-)



No hurricanes. No blizzards. No tornadoes. No Lake Effects snow. No 90°F/90% humidity at midnight (as I experienced once in Chicago) for months on end. Few summer storms. I prefer my storms and disasters.  ;-)

Edited by droughtquake
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I am glad to see you continuing this story. You have a good head for plot and a good ear for dialogue as was clearly evident in Stitcher. The sex scenes were erotic, playful, and occasionally bordering on the delightfully sleazy. My feeling about the sex dialogue in this chapter is that it reads more like what you would hear in a cheap porn film -- fill me with your jock cock, etc -- does not ring true in light of how you have handled the language of sex in your previous work. I look forward to how you proceed with this story -- you do good work.

Edited by starboardtack
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Verry interesting beginning, looking forwards to more 

Charlie go boy and make Frankie happy as he is closeted and I surely know how it feels

Frankie love charlie to death!

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I'm sorry I waited so long to start this story. I loved Charlie in "Stitcher," and I can't wait to read more about him! Since you've posted chapter 7, it is too late to encourage you to continue. It seems like that's your plan. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.

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You have a wonderful balance between story sex.    The sense of joy and the happiness of your character is really thanks 

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What can I add, simply more of your finest work. Im pretty sure Im gonna love everything you write.

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You are a fantasticly creative author and I will enjoy this second book in the Barnstable Series just as much as I did the first. There are a couple of errors in grammar, but I as able to read through them. An Editor should have caught them but your pacing and charactizations are right on. Keep up the good work.

Mister Will

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