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The Preacher's Kid: High School - 10. Spring Break Begins

Everyone loves Spring Break! Especially when you're with your hot boyfriend for 10 days of--well, whatever!

Ahhh, but just as the boys are heading out of the school parking lot to begin their adventure... well, you'll see!

I hope you enjoy this chapter! I don't think you'll be needing any tissues for tears this time around!



by Geoff Chassen



Chapter 10




Matty and I were both pretty psyched all day at school. We packed the 4Runner last night and were ready to hit the road as soon as the bell rang for the end of school.

Okay, we weren’t going to Pensacola—or Myrtle Beach—but we were going to Matty’s family lakehouse up on Lake Norman (just North of the City). We got into the car, and I swear to God, Just as I was turning the key in the ignition, there’s a text—from Dad! Shit!

REVCLAYHAM2: Soooo sorry to do this, you need to stop by the house before you leave for lake. DA needs to talk to us about a plea bargain for DHarper. You can leave right after.

<<EDDIENOTTREY>> nooooooo!

<<REVLAYHAM2>> Mom’s making stuffed pork chops for you boys to take to lake. Does that help?

<<EDDIENOTTREY>> be there in ten. yes it helps. 🙂

Eric texted Devyn to let him know we were gonna be delayed because of the legal shit I had to deal with. He was pretty cool about it. I looked over at Matty, and he was lookin’ super-pissed off.

“What’s up babe? You look like you’re about to explode.”

“There shouldn’t be a plea-bargain. Harmon tried to murder you. There were witnesses all over the place. He needs to be charged with a hate crime on top of attempted murder!”

“Hey! I get it. I want him to pay the price for what he did to me—to us, really. But there’s no need to get all worked up until we know what’s going on. I’m sorry we have to do this but try not to let it ruin the start of Spring Break.”

I took Matty’s hand in mine and brought it to my lips. I love my boy more than anything in the world. I love how he gets so invested in my well-being—how he takes care of me. But I think the thing I love the most is that because of Matty—there’s an us.

“Sorry I got carried away, babe. It’s just that when I think of you lying in that bed—in a fucking coma—I want to kill that fucking bastard.”

“Calm down, baby. I want him to do his time. And since I’m the one he beat up, I probably get to have more than a little say in the matter. Don’t worry—I’m not going to go soft on Harper.”

And with that—we were home. There was this ugly black car in the driveway. Jesus, why do government cars look like—I don’t know—government cars? Fucking ugly cars. The cars on their own are reason enough for me never to want to work for the government!

I pulled into the garage, and the three of us went inside. Damn! Mom’s pork chops smell soooo fucking good! Mom told me the dude from the DA’s office was in the study with Dad. They were waiting for me. Matty and Eric sat at the kitchen table and were going to keep Mom company while I was talking with Dad and the DA dude.

When I got to Dad’s study, the door was closed. I knocked and heard Dad say to come in. I opened the door and walked in. The DA dude stood up, walked over to me, and shook my hand.

“Hello, Eddie. I’m Jonathan Brashear, Assistant District Attorney for Mecklenburg County. It’s nice to meet you finally.”

“Nice to meet you as well.”

Dad motioned for me to sit next to him on the small sofa while Mr. Brashear sat in one of the chairs facing us.

“I’m sorry to delay the start of your Spring Break, but I want to fill you in on the criminal charges regarding your case.”

“It’s a hate crime, right?”

“Well, technically, it most definitely would be considered a hate crime—in most states. Unfortunately, the North Carolina hate crime statutes don’t protect a person based on sexual orientation.”

“What? Harper’s gonna get away with nearly killing me?”

“No, Donald Harper is not getting away with anything. The Grand Jury met and returned with a charge of first degree attempted murder. That is as serious a charge there can be, and it could result in a life sentence with a chance for parole after fifteen or twenty years.”

“Okay, but Dad said something about a plea bargain?”

“Yes. Mr. Harper’s attorney has asked that the charges be lowered to first-degree assault. That would probably result in a maximum sentence of eight to fourteen months, up to five years parole, and a restraining order keeping Mr. Harper away from you, your family, and Mr. Jordan.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Brashear. Donald Harper threatened my life while we were in the principal’s office. I’m sure you have a statement from the school verifying that. What he did was completely planned and thought out. What’s the phrase you guys use—premeditated? Personally, I think eight to fourteen months isn’t nearly enough time for what he did to me. Dad? What do you think?”

“Well, Eddie—that’s a difficult one. As a pastor, I want Donald to learn his lesson, do the appropriate amount of time, and move on with his life. As a father, I want him locked up as long as possible, so no other person ever has to be fearful that what happened to you could happen to them. But I have to agree with you, son. First-degree assault does not seem to be an appropriate charge for what he tried to do to you. Mr. Brashear, is there some kind of happy medium between that ridiculously light sentence and a possible life in prison?”

“Eddie, Reverend Hamilton—if we turn down their plea bargain, a court date will be set, and Mr. Harper will be charged with—and tried for—first degree attempted murder. If the jury finds Mr. Harper guilty of the charges—which I’m 99% certain they would—I can make sure that the two of you are allowed to meet with the judge regarding the sentencing portion of the trial. You can ask for any type of sentence that you would like to see imposed—and the judge may or may not consider your suggestion.”

“So what do we do now, Mr. Brashear?”

“I need a definitive answer from you and your father—well, your father—since you are only 17 and considered a minor in this case.”


“You may be a minor, but I won’t decide until I hear what you want.”

“I’m sorry, Dad. I think we need to go to trial. The lower charge just seems like Harper would be getting off too easy.”

“Okay then, I have to agree with my son 100%. What happens next?”

“I let Mr. Harper’s attorney know that we will not accept their offer and that a trial date will be set. I will ask that Mr. Harper not be released on bond as he has already shown that he is a danger to the public. Should he be released on bond, I will get a restraining order keeping him away from the family—and Mr. Jordan.”

“Thank you for coming by, Mr. Brashear. If that’s all you need from us, I know my son is ready to get on the road and start his Spring Break.”

“That’s all we need. I’ll be in touch, Rev. Hamilton. As soon as I have dates for the preliminary hearings, I’ll let you know. You’ll need to make arrangements with the school to make sure Eddie will be at the required court dates.”

Dad showed the DA dude out the front door while I went into the kitchen. Of course, everyone wanted to know what was going on, and I told them I’d let Dad explain—which he did. Everyone agreed that we made the right decision, and the three of us were soon on our way to pick up Devyn.

Of course, by the time we picked up Devyn and were headed out of the city, we were smack dab in the middle of Friday rush hour—which was ten times worse than usual because of all the construction happening on I-77. It took us an hour to get to the Lake Norman exit and about fifteen more minutes to get to the lakehouse.

Now, I should tell you that all these years Matty would go away with his parents to their lakehouse, I imagined this small rustic cabin in the woods. Let me tell you now—this is no cabin!

We pulled up to this amazing brick home that was larger than the one I was living in with the family! It was this gorgeous red-brick contemporary home that was surrounded by this massive wooden deck. The whole house was surrounded by trees and was set back on a hill.

“Damn, baby! This is awesome!”

Eric leaned forward and said, “Sure beats the Hell out of a hotel room!”

Matty smiled and looked wistfully at the house in front of us. “This was Mom’s favorite place. She wanted a vacation house that was nicer than our regular one so it would always feel special when we came out here. So—let’s go on in!”

I opened the hatch of the 4Runner, and we all grabbed our luggage and headed to the front door. Matty opened it and punched in the alarm code. We set our bags in the foyer and headed back out to grab the bags of groceries, along with Mom’s stuffed pork chops dinner.

We took the food into the kitchen and all pitched in putting stuff away. By the way, the kitchen was amazing. It was huge and had all these stainless steel appliances that looked like they came out of a restaurant kitchen. There was a big island that had a sink in the middle of it.

Mom said we should put the hot food in the oven for about fifteen minutes before we ate, so we did that and headed back out to the foyer for our bags.

Matty told Eric and Devyn to take the guest suite, which was off one end of the great room. He said that we were going to take the master suite that was off the other end. He winked at me and said we should be able to fuck all night and not be heard by the others in the house.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! I was hard in an instant. No—not because Matty mentioned sex. It was because I knew that tonight was finally going to be the night that Matty was going to fuck me. Shit! I just leaked a little pre from just telling you that!

We walked into the master suite, and I couldn’t believe what I saw! One wall was floor-to-ceiling glass that overlooked the lake. You couldn’t see any other houses, and that made me smile, knowing we wouldn’t be having an audience while we fucked!

The bed was this massive king-sized thing just made for sex. There was an enormous bathroom off to one side with a party-sized walk-in shower, a big-assed tub with jacuzzi jets, and double sinks. I couldn’t see a toilet, though! What the fuck?

Matty opened a door, and there it was! Nice! A private place to take a dump!

“Let’s unpack later, Eddie. C’mere.” Matty opened his arms to me, and our lips soon met in one of the best kisses I could ever remember. Damn, what that boy can do with his tongue!”

We were soon moaning and grinding against each other. Matty pulled away and said, “You gotta see this, babe. I think you’re gonna love it better than anything else in the house.”

He opened the sliding door that led out to the deck and turned me to face the end. Holy shit! A totally private hot tub! “Matty! That’s awesome!”

“Tonight, baby. This is where I’m going to make love to you tonight. I want your first time to be something you won’t forget for the rest of your life!”

“You know, even if you fucked me for the first time in the back seat of the 4Runner, it would still be something I’d never forget. But this? Wow! Just wow!”

We went back inside the house and heard the oven’s buzzer going off. Yes! Dinner was ready, and I was starving! Well, to be honest, when it comes to Mom’s stuffed pork chops, I’m pretty much always starving. Sheesh!

We went out to the kitchen, and as I was pulling the dishes from the oven, Matty called out to Eric and Devyn to let them know dinner was ready.

Whoa! I wonder what Eric and Devyn had been doing? They came out of their bedroom wearing nothing but board shorts. Eric's cock was hard as a rock and sticking straight out. Devyn’s was—holy shit—it was huge! That monster was snaking down the left leg of his shorts and nearly reached his fucking knee! All I could do was stare. Idiot!

Eric broke my trance with, “Dude—get over it. We’re here for ten days with our boyfriends, and there’s going to be a shitload of sex happening. And yes, we were messing around when you called us. We threw on some shorts and came out of the room—even though I didn’t even want to do that!”

Matty had a shit-eating grin on his face. “Eric—the one thing I love about you is that you never beat around the bush. But I’m feeling way over-dressed right now!”

I’ll be damned if Matty didn’t strip down to his boxer briefs right there in the kitchen. I put the last dishes on the table, and before I could sit down, my boyfriend started taking off my clothes. I was soon down to my boxer briefs and sat down as fast as I could. Shit! I was already getting hard with three hot boys in front of me!

Dinner was amazing, and I had to make sure the guys knew that although I was a pretty decent cook, we wouldn’t be eating this well the rest of the week. They were all cool about it, thank God!

Eric—good ol’ Eric—commented that he was guessing that in two days or less, we wouldn’t even bother with shorts or briefs around the house. He figured we should make the house a clothes-free zone.

“Damn, Eric! I never thought you were the nudist type of dude!”

“Always have been, Eddie. I never wear clothes when I don’t have to. And let’s face it, none of us have anything to be embarrassed about when it comes to our bodies. You and Matty are hot as fuck with your jock bods. And Devyn is a dancer. I work out a lot. We’re all pretty hot—so I say we should be comfortable enough in our own skin to just be in our own skin!”

Devyn asked what was next on the agenda. Eric, Matty, and I all said, “Sex!” at the same time.

That got all of us laughing our asses off. Devyn asked if Matty and I smoked weed. Matty and I both have in the past, but I had to quit. It turns out weed made me way too horny. At the time, it made me way too horny for Matty. I thought he was straight at the time, so I figured it was best just to stop smoking and getting horny for what I thought I would never have.

Matty and I looked at each other and smiled, agreeing to give it a try. Matty then told Devyn that we would love to smoke some, but we couldn’t do it in the house. He suggested we all head back to the hot tub and do it back there.

Dammit!! Matty is supposed to fuck me back there! I didn’t want an audience! But hey, I guess a little time with friends, getting a buzz on would be fine. So, there it was—the four of us were heading back to the hot tub—after Devyn’s detour to their bedroom.

The four of us walked through the master suite and out to the deck. Matty and I took the cover off the hot tub as nudist Eric slid his shorts off. Devyn followed, and the two boys were standing naked in front of us. Well, I guess Devyn is a grower since his soft cock at least looked like a normal size!

Matty looked at me and gave me his “why not” look, and we slid out of our boxer briefs. I slipped into the water first since I was already chubbing up. Being a horny teen sometimes sucked.

Soon all four of us were in the tub, totally getting into the jets of hot water pounding into our bodies. Devyn had a small, wooden box thing in his hand, and he slid off the top. This brass thing popped up. He put one end back into the case and twisted it around. He handed it to Matty and asked if he’d ever used a pinch-hitter before.

Neither one of us had, so he showed us how to take a hit off it. Pretty simple. It worked like a pipe, but it was a tube. He warned us that the weed was super strong, and we probably didn’t want to take too big a hit at first.

Damn! That shit was strong! After just my second hit, I was already feeling a buzz. I didn’t take a third, explaining that I didn’t want to pass out before Matty had his way with me! Oh shit! Did I really tell them that?!?

I knew I was stoned because in less than three minutes, my cock started to fill out, and I was getting horny as fuck for my boy! I looked over and found Matty already looking at me. I couldn’t help it—I took his head into my hands and pulled him to me for a deep and lusty kiss. Ours weren’t the only moans coming from the hot tub! Eric and Devyn were going at it as well.

It hit me that I’d never seen two boys kissing—well, in person anyways—and it didn’t take long for me to realize it was hot as fuck! Matty and I leaned back into the jets, and he put his arm around me—pulling me in so that my head was resting on his shoulder.

Eric and Devyn finished kissing and leaned back as well when—holy fuck!! The head of Devyn’s cock was sticking up out of the water!

“Jesus, Devyn! How big is that thing!?!”

Eric looked at me and grinned. “It’s 10½ inches, Eddie. 10½ inches of heaven.”

Matty was also in shock. “How do you do anything with that much dick?”

Devyn grinned at Matty and said, “Quite nicely, actually.”

What happened next shocked the fuck out of me. I don’t know if it was because of the pot or not, but Devyn stood up—and that telephone pole slapped Eric’s face. “Go ahead, baby—show ‘em what you can do with this!”

Eric got a huge grin on his face before he opened his mouth and began blowing Devyn—right in front of us! Shit! And I thought kissing in front of us was hot!

Eric was bobbing his head on Devyn’s cock. After about the sixth time, he took a deep breath, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t go all the way down. Jesus fucking Christ! Eric had over ten inches of hard cock down his throat! He pulled away and looked up at Devyn. “How was that?”

Devyn looked over at Matty and me and said, “Sorry guys, that was more than I could handle and not continue. We’re gonna leave you boys alone now and get down to some nasty business in the bedroom!”

They each grabbed one of the towels Matty had set out and dried each other off before heading inside. Finally! I was alone with my boyfriend—in a hot tub—at a private lake house—Spring Break was about to get its game on!

I immediately shifted so that I was sitting on Matty’s lap. Our cocks were dancing around each other with the movement of the water. I put my arms around Matty’s neck and dove in for a kiss that was nothing but horny. I wanted to show my boy how badly I wanted him—oh yeah, he got the message!

“I love you, Eddie. I’ve been waiting for this night—I think for my whole life. You are the first person who’s giving me the greatest personal thing a human can give another. I always knew that someday, I would find the boy to do that—and deep down, I’m pretty sure I always knew it would be you.”

“Oh God, Matty! That was beautiful, but right now, if I don’t feel you inside my ass, I’m gonna fucking blow up!”

Matty pulled me off his lap and sat me on the edge of the hot tub. He pushed me back and told me to spread my legs. Bam! My boy dove right into my hairless pucker and started teasing it with these little flickers. Anytime my whimpering slowed down, he’d point his tongue and push it in my hole, tongue-fucking me.

Surprise! (Not) Matty’s tongue drove me to nut without touching my cock. So. Fucking. Hot!!

“How do you want this baby? Completely up to you.”

“Just like this. I want to see your face when you get inside me!”

“Awesome! Cuz I wanna see yours as my cock slides into you for the first time!”

Matty reached over the side of the hot tub and got a bottle of lube. I’d never seen this kind before. “What’s that?”

“Silicon lube. Waterproof. We can use it in the shower when we get back home, too.”


Matty covered three of his fingers with the slick liquid and began rubbing my pucker. I gasped when he pushed in one finger. “You okay?”

“Fuck yeah! Feels so good!”

“Good—you ready for another finger?”

“I’m ready for whatever you want to give me, Matty!”

My breathing was getting more and more ragged. Out of nowhere, I started making these whimpering noises. What the fuck? I don’t whimper!

“Oooooh, fuuuuuuuuck!!” Matty pushed a third finger in, stretching me farther than I’ve ever been stretched before. The whimpers soon turned into moans. “Goddammit, Matty! Fuck me already!”

As soon as he pulled his fingers out of my ass, I felt empty—and needed to be filled up again! Matty took the lube and slicked up his cock. His fucking amazing cock.

“Okay, baby—this is probably going to hurt at first, but just remember that as much as it might be painful in the beginning, it’s gonna feel awesome in no time at all.”

Matty rubbed the head of his cock over my hole, and all I could do was moan and beg him to put it in me. He lined up the head with my pucker and smiled as he looked into my eyes. “I love you, Eddie Hamilton! More than anyone has ever loved another person in the history of time.”

Well fuck! I didn’t want to start crying before he even started! Why the fuck did Matty have to be so dramatic? Oh, yeah—he does theatre. I guess that’s—WHOAH!

I started panting as Matty’s thick head broke through my pucker. He stopped moving and ran his hand across my cheek. “I’ll just wait right here until you’re ready to move on. Don’t forget, My cock is thicker at the top, so once I get inside you, it should start to hurt less.”

“Dude—I totally know the shape of your cock! Give me a sec, k?” I took a couple of deep breaths and nodded my head. “Okay, babe. Go slow at first.”

Matty began to push in little by little. I kept panting and pushing back. Once he got half his cock in, the stretch eased a bit, and then it happened—he hit my spot! I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him in as far as I could get him. Surprised the fuck outta Matty, going from the look on his face!

I looked up at the beautiful boy who just made me his and smiled, “You feel fucking amazing. I feel so full—but it also feels like you filled up something that’s been missing, and I never even knew it!”

“Oh my god, Eddie! It feels so hot! I love how you’re wrapped around my cock!”

“I love you, Matty Jordan—but can we cut the chit-chat and start fucking already?”

He started slowly, but within minutes, he was pounding my ass. Water was splashing all over the deck, and I was moaning like a whore at an orgy! I looked up at the gorgeous boy fucking me. His head was thrown back. His muscles glistened with a combination of sweat and water—flexing with each thrust into my very happy ass!

“I’m getting close, Matty! Soooo fucking close!”

“Me too, baby! Where do you want me to nut?”

“Inside me. Fucking full me up with your nut, babe!”

Just saying that got me past the point of no return, and I threw nut all over the padding around the hot tub, my hair, my face! Jesus-fucking-Christ! I’ve never nutted so hard in my life!

I know Matty was feeling the muscles in my ass pulsing around his cock every time I let loose a jet of cum. Whoa! Matty made this noise that was somewhere between a sob and a wolf’s howl. He made one final thrust inside me, and his entire body froze. I could feel his amazing cock expanding with each shot he planted inside me.

Wow. Just wow! I think I might have actually blacked out because the next thing I knew, my beautiful boy was licking my nut off my face. He kissed me, and I could taste my cum on his tongue. Jesus! I was still panting like I had just finished running a marathon.

“How was it, Eddie? Worth the wait?”

“Oh. My. God. I had no idea! I mean—I kinda figured it would be amazing, but Jesus! The things you made me feel were so far beyond my wildest dreams!”

“I get it! I’ve never felt anything as amazing as your fucking hot ass working the shit outta my cock! Heh—I guess that finishes off all the virgin shit left for both of us, huh?”

“Yeah, but dude—I’m thirsty as fuck!”

We got out of the tub, and I had to laugh. Matty’s legs looked like prunes. I guess he was in the hot water for a while. We dried each other off, dropped our towels on the deck, and walked back into the house stark-ass naked.

We walked into the kitchen for some bottled water and smiled at each other as we heard Eric and Devyn fucking—with their bedroom door open.

“Fuck me harder, Dev! Breed my ass!”

Ahhhhh—and it was just the first day of Spring Break!

So was it worth the wait? What kind of adventures might our four horny boys get themselves into over the next ten days? Some of you might be surprised! But am I the only one who was surprised by sweet, quite Eric? That boy's a little slut! hehe

Will Mom and Dad actually show up and put a damper on things?

And of course, it looks like I'm going to have to spend some time at the Google School of Law since we seem to be preparing for a big trial!

Once again, let me know what you think!

Copyright © 2019 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Is there was any possibility of a counter-offer for the plea agreement? An offer where Eddie gets to decide what level of punishment is appropriate? One where the defense has to decide whether they want to risk a trial with an even longer sentence.

I would think that Eddie would want to include a provision where Donald learns why his homophobia is so wrong. A way to educate Donald, not just hurt him. Something constructive rather than destructive. Something transformative and merciful rather than angry and vengeful…

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46 minutes ago, droughtquake said:

I would think that Eddie would want to include a provision where Donald learns why his homophobia is so wrong. A way to educate Donald, not just hurt him. Something constructive rather than destructive. Something transformative and merciful rather than angry and vengeful…

Wow...you are way ahead of me DQ! It's strange having you in my head! But I have some big surprises coming up! (One might be the plans for a second book that will go beyond high school...maybe?)

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2 minutes ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

Wow...you are way ahead of me DQ! It's strange having you in my head!

Well, Deuce left his church denomination because his interpretations of his holy book differ from theirs. Deuce seems more focused on the NT (ie transformative and merciful). Many churches are obsessed with the OT (ie angry and vengeful).

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Excellent chapter! The A.D.A. brought an insulting plea offer, thankfully Eddie and the Reverend refused to accept the offer. Quite frequently the victim and their families are not consulted about plea agreements until after the D.A. and defense attorneys reach an agreement. Generally much less prison time and a much lower charge which supposedly saves taxpayers money on the costs of the trial, not to mention the D.A.’s conviction percentage remains higher. Spring Break has officially begun and the four boys are off to a hot and horny start. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️

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Hot!!!   I’m glad they told the DA to shove that ridiculous plea.  It’s nice to see the boys have other piers to hang around and feel comfortable with.  —- also a great response from the church - wish that was the norm.

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Spring break sounds like it’s going to be fun, and hot, will the boys have a foursome? 

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Just wondering-Chapter 6 introduced us to Donald Harper, this chapter refers to him as Donald Harmon.  Has he undergone a name change?

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I too am glad they rejected the plea offer. I dont want to see Donald spend the rest of his life locked up but I am hoping for proper justice for what he did. Its one thing to hate gays, unfortunately even homophobes are entitled to their f****d up opinions, but  its not ok to act on those opinions and attack others verbally or physically. That of course applies to any kind of discrimination. Alas, theres always going to be haters, I just wish they would keep it to themselves. Of course the best possible outcome will be for Donald to see the light and change his ways, we live in hope.

On a lighter note, glad the boys are able to relax, have fun and enjoy their break. Maybe next break they can plan to have the whole squad along.

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