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Reggie: Matt's New Friend - 10. More Integrating Alistair and Sleepover/Pool Party

Tuesday October 3

It's lunchtime and the threesome that is now a foursome got together again.

"I'm good for a sleepover on Saturday night. I'm still not sure about swimming nude though."

"That's better than a no good, Al. Drew, Matt?"

"Good for both, especially if Candy is there."

"Thanks Drew, you perv. Hehe."

"Good for both here too."

"I figured that would be the case. So Al, what's your hangup about skinny dipping?"

"I'm afraid you guys will laugh at the size of my dick."

"It can't be smaller than mine, they don't laugh at me."

"It might be, Matt."

"We could always go take a piss and I can let you see."

"And that's a 'see with your eyes, not with your hands' proposition Al."

"I wouldn't use my hands, not without permission, anyway. But I get it Reggie, he's your boy toy. And I'm not sure I want to do that. What if we got caught?"

"Boy toy. Hmmmphff. And to think I described you to Matt as quiet. And really, we wouldn't laugh. Right guys?"

"Matt and Reggie might drool, but none of us will laugh."

"What do you think Matt, Drew will be drooling at Candy, but not from his mouth?"

"Wouldn't surprise me."

"See Al. You'll get picked on, but it's all in fun."

"Well, the other thing is being nude in front of his sister and/or parents."

"They've all seen naked boys before, one more won't phase them. I know they wouldn't say a word."

"That may be true, Reggie. I'll think it over some more, but I probably won't wimp out."

"Totally cool, Al."

"Thanks, Drew."

Satruday October 7

The rest of the week passes with similar conversations, usually with sexual undertones. Saturday comes and its weather is as expected, mid-80s and sunny. Good for later swimming, but not so good for me, working with my dad for half the day. They were working outside, so the lugging and cleaning up I had to do was sweaty work. Even though I rode my bike to the work site after lunch, I was fortunate enough to have dad put the bike in the back of the Dodge Ram 3500, and be able to ride home in a cool cab.

After a quick shower, dinner and packing up my backpack, with a swimsuit, just in case Al does wimp out, I'm off to Reggie's. I stop by Drew's on the way out so we can ride together. Al's house is only a little out of the way, so he joins us for the final leg of the trip. Reggie's waiting out front with a garage door open so we can put away our bikes. Drew and Al have very similar impressions of Reggie's house.

"It's fucking huge. You sure you're not Reggie Rich?"

"That a bastardization of the old Richie Rich comic, Drew?"


"Yeah, holy shit it's big."

"Yeah, it's big, but we're not rolling in money."

"OK. Well, at least if you are filthy rich, you're not snobby at all."

(In a fake British accent) "Well, don't tally, come in, the butler will take your sneaks and the maid will clean them for you. We'll have champagne in the library before retiring to the formal dining room where the chef will serve us snacks."

"He is kidding, right Matt?"

"Of course he is, Al. The maid doesn't work on Saturdays."

"Well, I know I'll be laughing a lot this sleepover."

"When does Candy get home? I want to get naked."

We all laugh at Drew's comment. Unfortunately, it wasn't said in jest. He really meant it.

"We can get naked any time we want, only for dinner are clothes absolutely required. But let me introduce you to my parents first, so you guys don't have to meet them nude."

"Thanks. That's a relief."

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln were in the living room watching TV.

"Hi mom and dad. These are the two friends I mentioned. Drew Pierce.

"Hello Drew, nice to finally meet you."

"Same here Mrs. Lincoln. Nice meeting you too Mr. Lincoln. I love your house."

"Hello to you too, and thank you. We like it too."

"And this is Al Simms."

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln. I echo Drew's comment about your house. It's awesome."

"Thank you too Al. Are you an Allen with an e or a? Or maybe an Albert?"

"Um, no Mr. Lincoln, it's actually Alistair."

"Alistair Simms. Your parents are very clever, but I bet not a lot of people can make the association from an over 70 year old movie."

"No, not many, sir. Actually my parents spelled it a little differently, a-l-i instead of a-l-a."

"No need to call me sir. Matt likes to call us Mr. and Mrs. L."

"Thanks Mr. L."

"We're going to do a night swim. This will probably the last weekend it will be nice enough, so we're going to make the most of it."

"OK. Just keep it quiet if you're out there past 10. We'll leave you alone. If you swim like you and Matt normally do, we won't want to embarrass your friends."

"Thanks, dad. Al was a little worried about that."

Before we head out to the pool, we need to check if Al's swimming naked or we need to put on our swimsuits.

"No-one's going to laugh at me, right?"

"Right." "Nope." "We'll be cool."

"OK, since Reggie's parents said they won't bother us, I'll try."

"You'll see it's no big deal."

"I guess so, Matt."

We go into the cabana so we can turn on the lights to make sure our clothes aren't just scattered around the back yard. Nobody says anything to Al, mostly because he's probably only smaller than Reggie. Soft anyway.

"You had no reason to be afraid, Al. You're not small at all. Me and Matt both look smaller."

"Thanks Drew. It doesn't get much bigger when it's hard, though. And being close by 3 other naked boys, it probably will get hard."

"I'm sure you won't be alone there."

"If you say so, Matt."

With that, we grabbed a towel each, and headed out to the pool. It was nice and warm. The air temperature cooled a little, which actually made the heated pool feel nicer. We goofed around for a while. Like Al said, being around three other naked boys got us all hard, even Drew. Drew may have been hard just because he was outside naked for the first time in his life. Nobody mentioned the boners.

It was 10:30 when we finally quit swimming.

"We should show them the sauna, Reggie."

"You have a sauna? No fucking way."

"Yeah, it's in a huge bathroom upstairs, Al."

"Oh. Do we have to walk through the house naked?"

"I'll go check where my parents are. They may have moved into their bedroom to watch TV more comfortably."

Reggie came back in a minute with the news his parents were in their room. Al had enough courage to go naked.

"Whoa, this is an awesome bathroom. Double shower heads, a jacuzzi tub. And a sauna?"

"Right there, Al."

We went into the sauna. It fit four boys comfortably, maybe even two more if we got cozy. After about 15 minutes, Al had enough.

"Geez, I'm all sweaty now."

"Now we shower."

"All together?"

"We promise not to attack you, Drew."

"Thanks, Matt, but you probably won't be the one under the shower head with me. You'll be with Reggie. Hands off OK, Al?"

"Of course. I won't touch you unless you ask me to."

"That's probably not gonna happen."

It's a good thing Drew said probably. He may change his mind later. Reggie, Al, and I came up with a little plan to hopefully get Al some boy-on-boy action. We figured if Drew saw Reggie and I sucking each other, that'd get him horny enough to at least let Al give him a handjob.

We headed back to the cabana to get our clothes, then down to the family room. They had two pull-out couches that Mrs. L. made up for us. They both turned into queen sized beds. Drew was OK, sleeping in the same bed as Al. Same rule as the shower; no touching. After some snacks we put a movie on and all just relaxed.

"I could get used to being nude around the house all the time, Reggie. I can see why your family likes it. Just freedom. No wedgies, no constricting underwear."

"We all like it too, Drew. And after a couple minutes, you get more comfortable being in front of people nude."

"He's right. I don't know what I was do worried about. I probably wouldn't care now if your parents did see me."

"There you go, Al. I'll go get them."

"Huh? No, um..."

"Just kidding. Let's pick a movie."

"Have you guys seen 'John Wick 4,' yet?"

"Nope." "Not me." "Me neither, Al."

"It's supposed to be good, and I really like Keanu Reeves."

"Crushing on an older guy, huh?"

"No, Reggie. I really just like his movies. And I think the black guy in those movies is pretty good.."

"Lance Reddick. He's made some good stuff too. Prime's series Bosch was really good. Any complaints?"

Nobody had one.

"John Wick 4 it is."

We all enjoyed the movie. As the credits started rolling, we figured let the next movie prime chooses just go and we'd put our plan into action. Reggie and I started kissing. When we started jerking each other off, even Drew couldn't resist watching.

"Oh, sorry. I guess we shouldn't have started that."

"I was OK with it. Hehe."

"Al takes one more step to complete gayness."


"Um, it was OK with me too. I don't know why, maybe because you guys really like each other, it was kinda hot watching you make out. Only thing is, I kinda have a problem now."

He points down and we see his dick is sticking straight up, hard as a steel beam.

"I, um, could help you with that. You wouldn't have to do anything back."

"Shit, I'm so fucking horny, I don't think I could turn you down if I wanted to. OK."

Reggie and I pick up where we left off, but also watching Al touch the first dick that wasn't his own. It didn't take him long to get Drew moaning. Reggie and I quickly put step 2 into action. Or is that step 69?

"Oh, my God. Watching them do that, I'm gonna burst."

"You want me to suck you?"

"Oh, God, yes. Would you Al?"

Al answers by leaning down and taking Drew's cock into his mouth. They're both moaning now. It isn't long before Drew gets to the point of no return.

"You better stop, Al. Use your hand again, I'm about to explode."

Al shakes his head, grabs hold of Drew's hips, and speeds up.

"Aaaah, aaaaaah, urghgrrgh!!!"

Drew is practically bouncing off the bed in orgasmic spasms. Al is holding on tightly, so as to not spill a drop. Drew finally starts coming down from his high, Al is smiling like the cheshire cat.

"Oh. Guh, Ahh. Tha wa may-in."

Drew can't even put a whole sentence together.

"I thought it was pretty good too. For my first time."

"Tha... my... di... fir?"

Reggie and I are laughing at Drew's loss of all control over his body and mouth.

"Yeah, your dick was my first blowjob."

"I have (breath) nothing to (breath) compare (breath) it too. But I have to (breath) tell you, you're good."

"Thanks. You taste good, by the way."

"No, don't ruin it for me. Ick."

After another minute or so,

"Al, you turned him into a babbling idiot."

"Yeah. Cool."

"We had to stop so we could watch you two. What a show."

"Um, you won't say anything to anybody, will you?"

"Are you kidding? The recording I posted already has 75 likes."


"Hehe. Of course not. I guess you have to be extra nice to Matt and me from now on."

"Awww, come on, guys. You can't blackmail me."

"He's so gullible Reg. Drew, you practically saved my life. I'd never do anything to purposely hurt or embarrass you."

"Same here, for saving my, how did you put it, Al, my boy toy?"


"Oh, you guys suck."

"Yeah, I think that's what started this, us sucking. Should we finish, Reg?"

"Yeah, I don't think Drew would survive watching us actually make love."

"I think I would. I blasted so much cum into Al's mouth, I probably wouldn't get hard watching."

Reggie and I looked at each other and at the same time said

"Challenge accepted."

"I'll be right back down. Gotta get something from my room."

"You're not seriously gonna fuck?"

"No, we don't just fuck, Al. We make love."

Reggie's back with the lube.

"Who's first?"

"I need a slow gentle session after Marty. Think you can handle that?"
"I know I can."

Reggie lubes up my ass and his dick. I lie on my back with my legs pulled back and Reggie enters me. Like I requested, he takes a slow ride. At one point, he leans down to kiss me and whispers 'we got him hard again.' I crane my neck back and see him slowly jerking himself off. Al whispers something to him and Drew responds.


Al just nods and reaches for the lube.

"Just go slow."

They copy our position and when Drew enters Al, Reggie explodes inside me. Coating me with what felt like gallons of cum. That puts me over the edge, cumming with my dick squeezed between our bodies. He pulls out, which allows me to turn over and watch our two friends lose their virginity to each other. After Drew cums in Al's ass, he collapses and rolls off, completely spent. Somehow, we missed it, but there's a puddle of cum on Al's stomach and chest.

"Did you?"

"Yesssss, it was my best cum ever."

'No hands?"


"Drew, you stud!!!"

"Oh, man. You guys really, really, can't say anything to anybody. I lost control. I can't believe it. I just fucked another boy."

"Hey, chill out. Nobody will ever know, and it's not the worst thing in the world."

"But. I'm not gay."

"Nobody said you were. You were horny. A friend helped you out. Nothing gay about it. Now from Al's perspective..."

"Gay. All the way. I just hope I can find somebody as good as Drew. And have what you both have together."

"Be patient, you'll find someone."

"I hope so, now that I'm completely sure I'm gay."

"Um, Al."

"Yeah, Drew?"

"If you ever really want someone to..."

"You'd do it again?"

"Yes. Boy or not, you were awesome. At least until I find a girlfriend."

"Or I find a boyfriend."

"Or that."

All four of us are beat. Reggie and I cuddle in one sofa bed, Drew and Al are on the other, on opposite edges, facing away from each other. Not unexpected. Even though Drew offered to fuck Al again, not being horny anymore, closeness isn't in the cards. Al is facing me, smiling. I give him a thumbs up, he responds in kind. I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Sunday October 8

I wake up to heavy breathing, grunts, moans, and finally a loud aaaaah. Reggie's wrapped around me from behind, snoring quietly, but otherwise perfectly still. I'm still facing the other bed, but whatever they're doing, it's under the covers. I can only assume Drew is fucking Al again. Funny, just a little over a week ago, Al was asking about having some unknown friend fuck him, and here he is getting fucked for the sec...

"Holy shit!"

"Oh, good morning, Matt."

"Yeah, good morning, Al. That's not the way I was thinking you guys were doing it."

"Oh, shit."

"Drew, he wasn't fucking you, was he?"

"Y-you were s-supposed to b-be asleep."

"I would have been, if you guys were quieter."

"What's going on?"

"Good morning, Reg. Oh, just some sex in the other bed."

"Twice in less than 12 hours. You slut, Al. Hehe."

"Guess again, Reg."

"You mean..."

"Yeah. Al wasn't the bottom. That lump hiding under the covers was."

We hear sobs coming from the lump.

"Drew, it's OK. We don't care."

"Just shut up and let me die in peace."

"You're not gonna die."

"Yes I am, Matt. Of embarrassment."

"Drew, we're all friends here. We're not going to ridicule you or anything."

"I don't know why I did it Reggie. I'm not gay."

"You were just experimenting. Nothing wrong with being curious about, well, being on the receiving end."

"You don't understand. I liked it. I can't be gay."

"Just because you liked it doesn't necessarily mean you're gay. You were just having fun. It's OK to try something, like it, but not necessarily do it for the rest of your life."

"No. I mean I really liked it. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. And now I'm really going to be dead."

"No, you aren't."

"Yes, I am Reggie. My dad's gonna fuckin' kill me."

"He doesn't have to know. Don't tell him."

"It won't matter, he'll figure it out."


"I can't explain it, I just know he will. I could never hide anything from him. He can always tell when I'm lying, or not giving him the whole story. I'm dead."

"Your dad's not going to kill you."

"He won't have to actually kill me, Matt. He'll kick me out and in a couple months, I'll freeze to death living on the streets."

"Drew. One of us will help you. Shit, I'll beg my parents to take you in if anything happens. But he's not going to kick you out."

"He kicked Willie out, Matt."

"Who's Willie?"

"My half brother. Dad was married before. Willie was gay too. Dad kicked him out and I never saw him again."

"Maybe he's living with his mother."

"He was. He called once, well, lots of times, but dad always hung up on him. I answered the phone one time and it was him. I had to pretend it was somebody from school asking about homework. He's living on his own now. I call him every once in a while when I can get away with it. Luckily, dad doesn't look at the phone bills."

"You never said anything about him."

"I couldn't, we aren't supposed to talk about him. If I said something to you, you could have slipped and mentioned it. Dad would know I told you. God knows what he'd do to me."

"We need to put this on hold for a minute. I really need to pee."

It wasn't just Reggie. Apparently, we all did. We all took our turns in the bathroom, Drew taking a little longer to clean himself up. Then we decided it was time for breakfast. We were so caught up with what happened, nobody even thought to put clothes on. Mr. L. was in the living room, reading the paper on his tablet.

"Good morning, boys."

We all say good morning and head to the kitchen to get some food.

"See Al. I told you they wouldn't say anything."

"About what?"

"Us being naked."

"Oh, shit. I guess I got so used to it, it didn't even sink in that we still were."

We all had some eggos and juice. We were just finishing, putting our dishes in the dishwasher when Candy came down for breakfast, too.

"These your two new friends Reggie?"

"Yeah. Al and Drew."

"Nice to meet you. It's always nice to see new faces. Not to mention the rest of your bodies. You all swimming later too?"

"Yeah. We did last night for a while too."

"Cool. I'll be looking forward to it."

"K. We're gonna go back downstairs now."

We all said so long, and headed down. I happened to look back. Candy was staring at us and mouthed 'nice butts.' I just smiled at her. Drew was pretty depressed. He hadn't said a word through breakfast. I tried to break through the mental shield he put up.

"Can we do anything to help, Drew?"

He just shakes his head.

"You know, nothing bad can possibly happen about this until you get home. And even then, there's no guarantee there will be a problem. Have fun while you’re still here."

Drew looks up and it seems like he starts to answer, but he doesn't.

"Try to put it aside. We can play ping-pong until it warms up a little and we can swim again. Candy's home. Maybe you'll feel different after seeing a real live naked girl."

"Maybe. But you're right, I should have fun while I can. Thanks, Matt."

"No problem. Gotta take care of the best friend."

"Isn't that Reggie?"

"No, Drew. I can have a best friend and a boyfriend. And a good friend. Can't leave Al out."

We played a few games of ping-pong, and watched another movie before lunch. After lunch settled, it was pool time!

We ran outside, nude, of course, grabbed towels from the cabana, dropped them on the grass and jumped in. We swam, dunked each other, played some grab ass, all the normal teen pool activities until Candy came out. Drew just happened to be facing the house and got a faceful of water from Al's splash. After he spit some water out, coughed up what was left, he could finally speak.

"That was not good timing, Al. You got me as Candy walked out."

Al and I were both facing away from the house, so we turned around.

"I know you've gotten an eyeful, Matt. If Drew and Al want a closer look, they're welcome to come look.

"I'll pass."

Al is cementing his gayness with heavy duty cement. Drew walks toward the house, and Candy.

"You ever see a naked girl before, Drew?"

"Uh uh."

Candy gives him the whole show. When Drew turns around to get back in the pool, he's sporting a rock-hard boner. Candy just lays on a lounge chair to sun herself. Drew can't keep himself from stealing glances at her.

"Don't worry about getting hard, Drew. Most boys that see me naked do."

"I think you can safely tell your dad you're not gay, Drew."

"No, I guess I’m not completely gay, Matt. But I am confused. I still liked what I did with Al. Both last night and this morning."

"Keep that to yourself, just tell him you like girls. If he'd be OK with it, tell him you swam naked with Reggie's sister and popped a boner."

"I can't say that to my dad!"

"Can you say you got hard? Anything to reaffirm your manliness."

"Yeah, I guess."

"If you were right this morning, it's that or get kicked out."

"Good point. I just hope he doesn't figure anything else out."

"If you don't tell him, and none of us tell him, he can't."

We continued with the fooling around, keeping our hands above our waists, well, above Drew's waist, anyway, for a couple more hours. Then it was time for the weekend to end. We went in, got dressed, said goodbye to Candy, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln, and hit the road. Like the ride over yesterday, we passed by Al's and then continued on to our houses.

"I know you're still worried, so if something does happen, and you need to escape, just come over."

"Thanks. I think I'll be OK. I kept telling myself I wasn't gay all the way home. I'm pretty convinced I can deny everything."

"OK. Later."


Monday October 9

Drew didn't call or come over, so apparently everything went OK with his father. I ask him about it at lunch.

"So everything was cool with your dad?"

"In the end, yeah. It was a little shaky there for a bit. He asked what we did, I told him watched movies, played ping-pong, went swimming, all the normal stuff we'd do on a sleepover. I guess I was a little nervous. He wanted to see my swimsuit. There was no hiding it was still dry. He asked again about swimming. I told him Reggie and his family are naturists and we swan naked. He started getting concerned so I mentioned it wasn't just us, but Reggie's 16-year-old sister came out to swim too. That relaxed him a little. Then I went in for the kill. I told him she was nude too and I couldn't help but get hard. He said something like it's only natural and dropped the subject."

"Cool. The boner from a naked girl defense never fails."

We all got a laugh out of Reggie's comment. Drew's crisis averted.

Or so we thought.

Tuesday October 10

Drew had put his underwear on to go to the bathroom Sunday morning. He didn't want to leak all over Reggie's floors. His mom noticed the stains in the back when she did the laundry Tuesday evening, and asked him about it. That was one question he didn't prepare himself for. Obviously his mother knew the history between her husband and step-son Willie. She told Drew that while she didn't approve, she knows that boys experiment and she won't tell his father.

"Won't tell me what?"

She was caught off-guard, thinking Mr. Pierce was in another room and not the kitchen, which their laundry room was adjacent to. Just her delay got Mr. Pierce thinking.

"You're doing laundry, holding Drew's underpants. Was there something in them that there shouldn't have been?"

(Stammering) "I-I put them on after we went swimming. I had a wet dream Sunday night about Candy."

"Let me see those, Audrey."

"Henry, he had a wet dream. It's no big deal."

"Hand them over."

She does.

"What did you do Drew, cum out your asshole? I don't believe it works that way. Are you a rump-rider? You let another boy... I can't even say it. You had sex with those boys?!!?"

Drew then made his second mistake, the first being not getting rid of the stained underpants.

"Not all of them."

"Fuck!! But then at least one, then. How could you do that to me? Didn't you learn anything from your brother's mistake? One turns into two, two turns into many, and next, I have two gay sons. I can't look at you right now. Go to your room until I decide what to do."

(Sniffling) "Yes, sir."

Drew goes to his room, crying, but still thinking well enough to pack some clothes into his backpack and throw it under his bed. Audrey and Henry continue the discussion.

"Henry, you can't go blowing up at him like I assume you did with Willie."

"I can, and I will. After I calm down enough to not take his head off."

"Willie was older, he had his mother's house to go to when you kicked him out. You can't do that again, he lives with his mother too, you know."

"I know. Maybe I can find a home for wayward boys, or let him finish high school at some military academy, they'll straighten him out."

"We couldn't afford that. We can barely make ends meet now, with you jumping from job to job every few months."

"I don't want a fag living in my house."

"Whose house?"

"Our house."

“Guess again. It’s my house.”

“Yeah, before we were married. You added me to the deed when we got married.”

“You really didn’t understand what that document was, or you didn’t bother reading it. It wasn’t adding you, it was a pre-nuptial agreement. It said what assets I brought into the marriage were mine if the marriage broke up. You’re only entitled to the difference between the value of our assets at any potential divorce and what I had at the start.”

“So half if the increased equity in the house. It’s still part mine.”

“Minus what had to leave my savings account so we could maintain this high standard of living on the worst street in town.”

“So there’s still some piece that belongs to me.”

“Ha! I used way more of my savings to keep our heads above water than this piece of shit grew. You’d actually owe me about $5,000 if we divorced. Plus child support. So if Drew ends up gay, and you can’t live with him; it won’t be him that moves out. I wasn’t risking another Willie situation with you.”

“I’ll fight that pre-nup.”

“Good luck. You signed it saying you understood what it was, and the lawyer signed it witnessing you claimed to know.”

Next up - “Henry’s decision and a New Relationship”

Copyright © 2023 Lee Wilson; All Rights Reserved.
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Didn't think it was possible  Henry is almost as dumb as Marty's dad was especially since he didn't understand the document he signed. Have to admit I didn't see that happening with Drew

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7 hours ago, weinerdog said:

Have to admit I didn't see that happening with Drew

Good. I have to be a little unpredictable, otherwise you seem to know the story before I do 😁

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love  Drew's mom..Will she say sayonara Henry???

Good on Drew, here's hoping he turns out to be a happy bisexual!!!

Alistair, would love to have met a horndog like him when I was his age...

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Dang Drew’s dad is a real piece of… work but it looks like his mom has things somewhat handled for now.

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11 hours ago, NimirRaj said:

Dang Drew’s dad is a real piece of… work but it looks like his mom has things somewhat handled for now.

Not completely appropriate, but 'for now', and 


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