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Do You Ship Us? - 80. Time To Leave

“What are you doing? Enjoying all the space we have now that Grace has left?” Jasper asks as he walks in and finds Ryan sitting on a chair in the middle of the otherwise quite empty dining area. Ryan smirks and gets up from the chair, he goes over to Jasper and takes his hand. Without a word to explain what he was doing, Ryan leads him to the chair, his eyes holding a steamy gaze on Jasper the whole time. As he gets him to the chair he takes Jasper by the hips and pulls him in close, sneaking a quick ass grope before stepping in so close Jasper had to stumble back, Ryan keeps the close proximity until Jasper’s legs are at the chair. With a gentle push Jasper falls into the seat. Ryan takes a few steps backwards, still eyeing Jasper off curiously. He calls out for the smart device to play a song and waits a few beats in before he starts dancing sexily along to it. He undoes every second button on his shirt as he approaches Jasper again. He takes Jasper’s hands and places them on his chest.

“Rip it open.” Ryan orders and puts his hands behind his head. Jasper didn’t need to be told twice, he grips the shirt and tears it open, laughing as buttons fly in all directions. Ryan smiles at Jasper’s enjoyment, then takes his hands again, moving them to his bare chest and running them down his body, he holds Jasper’s hands just out of reach of his crotch and thrusts into them a couple of times before letting go of his hands and moving a hand behind Jasper’s neck and putting a foot up on Jasper’s knee. Ryan tucks, Jaspers head forward and rolls his hips rhythmically. He puts his foot down and crouches before Jasper, taking his legs and raising them over his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Jasper asks, desperately trying not to nervously laugh.

“Just trust me, you’ll see. But you might want to hold onto your chair.” Ryan winks. He gives Jasper just a moment to prepare himself for the next action. The moment that his hands grip the sides of his chair, Ryan tilts the chair slightly back taking the weight off the front legs. And he starts dragging the chair back towards the table. “Oh my God.” Jasper gasps before once again, erupting into a giggle.

Ryan holds Jasper’s legs over his shoulders and start standing up. Forcing Jasper to slide forward in his chair. His legs now in the air over Ryan shoulders. Ryan holds Jasper’s eye contact, the smirk on his face widening as he watches the anticipation on Jasper’s. Ryan drops his head down into Jasper’s crotch, pretending to ravish him. He was struggling to keep himself composed for listening to laughter from his lover. He takes Jaspers ankles and spreads his legs apart, before lowering his feet to the ground again. As Jasper wriggles back into a proper seating position, Ryan twists the chair around so he’s facing the table. Ryan steps back from Jasper and again, he waits until he’s got his eye contact. He runs his hands down his own body, pausing at the zipper. Ryan slowly drags it down, Jasper’s eyes not once leaving his hand.

“Finally.” Jasper breathes then covers his mouth with a hand, embarrassed that he said it out loud. Ryan raises an eyebrow at him and smoothly slips out of his pants, kicking them out of the way. He makes his way to the opposite side of the table where he climbs up. And begins slowly and sexily crawling his way over to Jasper. On his knees before Jasper, he pulls his shirt off and slips it around behind Jasper‘s neck, pulling him forward and kissing him heatedly. Jasper, though caught off guard, reciprocates quickly with just as much excitement. Ryan breaks the kiss and moves the shirt up to cover Jasper’s eyes, quickly tying it as a blindfold. Getting down off the table, he then pulls Jasper’s chair out again. This time he takes Jasper by the hips and guide him to a standing position. He runs Jasper’s hands down his body, reaching his pants, but only briefly allowing his hands to travel lower before moving back up and placing his hands over his shoulders.

“Hold on.” Ryan orders and before Jasper could question why, Ryan lifts him up by the hips and places him on the table. He leaves Jasper sitting nervously on the edge of the table for a few moments He moves back around behind him and takes the opportunity to give Jasper quick shoulder rub. Before letting his hands slide down, the front of Jasper’s body. “I hope you’re enjoying this at least half as much as I am.” Ryan whispers in his ear sexily.

“At least.” Jasper grins leaning back against Ryan’s body. Ryan takes Jasper’s shirt and pulls it up, pressing a kiss on Jasper’s neck before taking the shirt off completely, along with the one that was covering his eyes. Ryan runs one hand down Jasper’s body into his pants. The other hand moving to his chin, turning his head to face Ryan so they could kiss. Ryan breaks the kiss just as Jasper is getting swept up in it, leaving him wanting more. Ryan moves beside Jasper gently pushes him down flat on the table then starts grinding against him. “God I love you.” Jasper laughs, sliding his hands up over Ryan shoulders. “Oh no.” Jasper smile fades.

“Something wrong?” Ryan frowns down at Jasper His eyes were filling with tears.

Yeah it just hit me, how much I’m gonna miss you. Sorry.” Jasper says quickly wiping away his tears.

“Here I was thinking my lap dance was so good it was bringing you to tears.” Ryan jokes.

“Can you imagine?” Jasper laughs as he wipes away tears. “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He says dramatically.

“Come on, you. I know what will cheer you up.” Ryan gets down from the table, reaching a hand out for Jasper to take as he helps him down too.

“You know me so well.” Jasper sighs as he stands in the shower under the warm water, with Ryan massaging his shoulders. “I love you.” Jasper turns his head to look over his shoulder back at Ryan. Ryan just smiles at him and leans forward, kissing his lips quickly, then his cheek then his neck before going back to just massaging his upper back.

“You’ve been stressing about this more than you’ve been letting on haven’t you?” Ryan asks.

“No.” Jasper lies.

“Mm, tell that to all the knots in your shoulders.” Ryan grins as he presses a bit harder against the muscle to try and loosen the tension Jasper was clearly carrying. Jasper arches his back and groans at the pressure on his sore muscle.

“Ok so maybe I’ve been a little stressed.” Jasper admits.

“Just a little.” Ryan smirks, working the muscle again while Jasper bites his lip through the pain. “Sorry.” Ryan apologizes, his hands moving a little lower and working their way back up along his spine, rounding over his shoulders again.

“What am I going to do without you?” Jasper asks rhetorically.

“Find another man to get in the shower with you and give you a massage, I guess.” Ryan answers sarcastically, but it was a bit too real for Jasper, who turns around and lean back against the shower wall. “I was joking.” Ryan tells him quickly, seeing the sadness on Jasper’s face.

Yeah but there’s an element of truth in it isn’t there? Even if you have convinced yourself not to believe it, you’re still going to wonder if I’ll cheat this time.” Jasper shakes his head and chews his lip.

“I swear I...” Ryan stops and looks over at the bathroom door as he hears a noise coming from the other side.

“Jasper~” Grace’s voice calls.

“I’ll be back, we will talk about this.” Jasper tells Ryan as he quickly gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist, heading out of the bathroom door to see why Grace had come back.

“What are you doing?” Jasper startles her, standing in the bathroom doorway watching his sister looking through his bedside table.

Oh Jasper hey.” Grace closes the drawer and steps away, giving Jasper an innocent smile. “Did you leave the shower running so you could sneak up on me?” She asks.

“Says the one rifling through my things while I’m in the shower?” Jasper narrows his eyes on her. “What were you looking for?” He asks suspiciously.

“Nothing. Just forget about it.”

“Grace. I want to know what you’re looking for, I am not going to just forget about it and turn a blind eye.” Jasper crosses his arms.

“It’s awkward.” Grace shakes her head, cringing at the thought of having to tell him.

“We went past awkward when I helped you give birth to Ellie. Now just tell me please.” Jasper demands.

“I was. I was looking for condoms.” She admits, looking embarrassed. Jasper stands there uncomfortably speechless, wishing he hadn’t asked. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have been going through your stuff. Can we just forget about it?”

“You came all the way over town, to steal some from me when you would have passed at least half a dozen shops that you could have just bought some from?”

“It’s stupid I just felt weird about buying them.” Grace admits.

“Did you find them?” Jasper asked.

“No, I swear I only just came in here, I haven’t been going through everything.” Grace assures him. Jasper just nods and walks around to the other side of the bed. He opens the top drawer of the bedside table and pulls out a box, throwing it to his Grace. “No it’s fine. Don’t worry about it, it’s all good.” Grace says quickly and she throws the box back.

“Grace just take them. You need them more than I do.” Jasper throws them back again and crosses his arms defiantly. “Next time though just ask Flynn to get them if you’re not comfortable.”

“Can we never talk about this again?” Grace asks embarrassed.

“After this.” Jasper nods. “I’m really happy that things are going well for you and Flynn, you know I love the guy. But you’re both adults, you both need to make sure that you’re not getting pregnant. Don’t forget I had to punch the last guy that got you pregnant. And I like Flynn, so I don’t want to punch him. Trust me no one is going to care if you’re buying condoms, but if it’s that much of a problem then ask Flynn to get them. I guarantee he would have bought them before.” Jasper states.

“Thanks for reminding me that I’m not his first.” Grace rolls her eyes.

“He’s not yours either, what’s it matter?” Jasper shrugs.

Yeah you’re right, you’re so much better than me because you have only been with Ryan.” She says bitterly.

Well no, I don’t think I’m better than anyone, that’s the purity culture bullshit we were conditioned to believe. You know I wasn’t Ryan’s first?” Jasper points out.

“Oh really?”

Of course not have you seen the guy? It’s amazing I’m not much further down the list. My point is I am not judging you or thinking of myself as better.” Jasper answers, glancing back into the bathroom as the shower turns off. Grace looks at Jasper confused for a moment then quickly puts the condom box behind her back as Ryan walks out with a towel around his waist too.

“Hi Grace, miss us already?” Ryan asks kindly, oblivious to what Jasper and her had been talking about.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry. You finally got rid of me and I come back and interrupt you.” She blushes.

“You’re welcome here whenever you need.” Jasper tells her with a smile. “I know we didn’t have the best example for it growing up. But I really want to make sure that Ellie knows that this is what family is supposed to be. Here for each other. No matter when, no matter what. Just, maybe next time text ahead.”

“Thanks. You have no idea how much you mean to me.” Grace tells him, with tears in her eyes. “You too Ryan.” Grace gives them a grateful smile, then turns and walks out quickly. As she leaves, Ryan catches a glimpse of the box in her hands. He turns to look at Jasper with a frown.

“Don’t ask.” Jasper sighs, shaking his head and walking to the bedroom door, watching as Grace hurries down the hallway and out the door.

“Wow. Nothing says moving in with your boyfriend quite like taking a box of condoms with you.” Ryan says amused. “Or is it more, nothing says going on tour and leaving your boyfriend behind for half a year. Like giving away a box of condoms.” He jokes.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Were you planning on using them while I was away?” Jasper asks with a cheeky grin.

“Why would I? I didn’t even use them while you were here.” Ryan winks.

“Exactly see? Priority goes to the one with the uterus. We're not going to get pregnant and I don't want to deliver another baby in my bathroom in nine months time.” Jasper shrugs

“Why not? Sounds like a fun experience?”

“Second most traumatic experience in my life, and I went to gay camp.”

“What did they teach you in gay camp?” Ryan asks as he takes a seat on the bed. Jasper gives a sigh and walks over to Ryan.

“Well, in summary, it was a lot of telling us that men like you would come into our lives and make us have sinful desires.” Jasper tells Ryan sensually, he leans in close to Ryan, as if about to kiss him. “And that we had to. Resist. Such desires.” He whispers with their lips just centimetres apart. “Or else risk spending an eternity in hell being tortured by the devil.” Jasper says with a smirk.

“That’s ironic, really. Because I’m pretty sure resisting is the real torture.” Ryan states, moving in for a kiss but Jasper was in a bratty mood now and kept moving back just slightly out of Ryan’s reach.

“Well, you would know, since I’ve now ruined two attempts at being intimate.” Jasper teases.

“Thank god you did or your sister would have walked in on us on the kitchen table.” Ryan laughs, Jasper gasps as he realizes how close they were to having that actually happen. “She’s definitely gone now though right?” Ryan asks.

“Definitely.” Jasper nods.

“Good.” Ryan grabs Jasper quickly and rolls over so Jasper’s thrown against the bed below him. Ryan starts kissing him deeply, his hand gliding down Jasper’s body and tugging at the towel, quickly removing his too, and finally pressing their bodies against one another. Ryan breaks the kiss, moving his lips to Jasper’s neck, giving Jasper instant shivers. Somewhere between the interruptions and emotions and knowing this was the last night together before tour began, the desperation had become too much for Jasper to handle. He runs his fingers through Ryan’s hair and pulls it to guide Ryan’s lips back to his, kissing him with intensity and urgency.

"Can I not go? I don't want to go." Jasper breaks the kiss to tell Ryan quickly, looking deep into his eyes sadly.

"On tour? You have to go and it's going to be fine." Ryan assures him.

"Being away from you doesn't seem fine. I was trying to be calm about it but I'm really scared this is going to be it for us." Jasper bites his lip, trying to keep himself from getting overwhelmed about it again, and ruining the third moment in a short period of time that Ryan had been trying to enjoy with him. Ryan sighs and lies beside Jasper, bringing him in for a tight hug. "I'm sorry. My timing is awful today." Jasper shakes his head.

"Jasper can you promise me something?" Ryan asks. Jasper looks at him seriously and nods. "Can you promise to not hold all your emotions in? You don't have to always be strong and deny that anything is wrong. It will always catch up with you. You've been acting so fine about this, and it kinda breaks my heart to know that after all this time you still can't just be real with me about how something is making you feel, until it completely boils over and overwhelms you. It doesn't help you and it doesn't help us, to have you carry the emotional burdens on your own. Come to me, please."

"I know, I just felt like we needed to enjoy the time together instead of being sad about it." Jasper shrugs.

"How did that turn out for you?" Ryan asks, Jasper nods and wipes away his tears, taking a deep breath. "We can enjoy the rest of the night and still be sad that it's going to be a while before we see each other again. It doesn't have to be one or the other. You don't have to shut off your emotions and pretend you're fine, you do it too much and I understand, I know I do it too. But if there is one person you don't have to pretend anything to, it's me, so please. Please promise me you'll stop shutting me out when you're upset about something." Ryan pleads with him. Jasper sighs and kisses Ryan softly on the lips, ignoring the taste of his tears.

"I love you." He tells him.

"And you promise?" Ryan asks.

"I promise I will try." Jasper answers.

"Well that's at least a good start."


“Good morning. Did you get any sleep last night?” Blake asks with a grin as Jasper slumps into the passenger seat.

“Don’t fucking talk to me.” Jasper shakes his head and resists the urge to look out the window again as Blake starts the car. He’d been trying to pretend he was fine with leaving Ryan for so long but now that the moment had come he felt like he had to just rip off the band-aid and get as far away as he could before he had the chance to change his mind and cancel the tour.

“Oh, I’ll take that as a no for sleeping.” Blake teases. Jasper turns away from him looking out the window of the car as they drive away from his home. Blake glances over at him, noticing as Jasper wipes away tears. “I’m sorry. Are you alright?”

“Please don’t be nice to me.” Jasper sniffles back tears. “I promise I’m not gonna be the worst companion the whole time we’re away, I am just emotional and tired and right now I don’t really feel like good company.” Jasper takes a deep breath trying to calm himself. “Ever cried over a lap dance?” He asks.

“I am not going to laugh at you. I am not going to laugh at you. I am not going to laugh at you.” Blake chants in an attempt to convince himself.

“Please laugh at me. It’s fine Ryan and I laughed about it.”

“Cried over a lap dance? Ok give me the details.” Blake orders, holding back the urge to laugh.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Does Grace still have a key?Or did Jasper forget to lock the door?Jeez.Okay I would love to think Jasper goes on tour while Ryan stays behind and everything is going to be fine because they are in a good place but then it would't much of a story would it?I can't help but think what roadblock or BS is going to happen to them now?Sorry for being cynical.But whatever it is I'm sure it's going to be good.

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Just as Ryan and Jasper get to a good place in there relationship, they separate whilst Jasper goes on tour. Let's hope nothing goes wrong and our boys survive the separation with there relationship intact.

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