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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Timber Pack Chronicles - 19. Chapter 19

After Colton got dressed with the change of clothes he had in his trunk, the pack-mates drove to their new pack grounds.

Colton watched Jed and Parker build up a fire in the big firepit while Trey “supervised.” He looked around the abandoned campsite and cringed. What the hell had he just done? It was one thing to accept his own exile, but he had just ruined the lives of the three people he cared about the most.

“Your dad looked pissed,” Jed said to Trey as he pushed a log into the fire using a big stick.

“Yeah,” Trey said with a sigh. “My parents are all about appearances and social standing. The Forest View Wolf Pack is big and powerful. They have a lot of pull. I’m sure they look at my leaving as a blemish on their standing in the pack.”

Parker gave Trey a pointed look. “Well, the Timber Pack is going to be just as powerful some day. It may be just the four of us now, but we’re good people. Not homophobic assholes like Seth Forrest and TJ Carlyle.”

Trey held out his fist and Parker tapped it.

Squatting in front of the firepit, Jed dropped another log on the fire. “My parents don’t care much about that stuff… power and socializing. But they’re really big on loyalty and duty. I’m not sure if they approve of me leaving the pack.”

Parker shook his head and knelt down into a squat next to the big man. “Your mom and dad looked so proud of you, Jed.”

“What? Really?”

“I’m serious. They were ready to burst with pride. The way they were looking at you when we left… If my mom and dad ever looked at me like that, I’d wake up because I know I’d be dreaming.” Parker and Jed laughed together. “They were proud because you did the right thing.”

“Thanks.” Jed nodded. He gave Parker a little nudge with his shoulder, sending the smaller boy sprawling into the dirt.

Jed laughed. “Oops. My bad.”

“You are a really crappy bodyguard, you know that?” Parker said as he dusted off his jeans. “You’re supposed to protect me, not kill me.”

Colton couldn’t help but smile. His mate was simply amazing.

Trey sat down next to Colton. He spoke quietly, even though the others would still be able to hear if they cared to listen. “Hey. Whatever you’re thinking, don’t.”

Colton didn’t say anything.

“We came with you by our choice.”

Colton let out a sigh. “I can’t help but think I fucked up your lives. Look around, man. This is all I have to offer you guys. I really fucked up this time.”

“That’s bullshit.”

Parker sat down next to Colton and took his hand. “Colt, I don’t care where we are as long as I’m with you.”

Jed snorted. “That’s some totally corny shit, but yeah, what he said.”

Parker shot Jed a dirty look, then turned back to Colton. “You said this to me before, but it goes both ways. I’d follow you to the ends of the earth, Colton. We all would.”

“That’s right, man,” Trey said. “You’re our alpha.”

Colton drew in a deep breath and stood up. Fuck this self-doubt bullshit. He had people depending on him.

“Right. First order, if any of you refer to me by title, I’ll beat your ass.” He looked around the camp grounds. “So, it looks like we got six cabins that are salvageable. If we’re gonna be living here when school gets out, we should concentrate on repairing the three that are in the best shape. Parker and I will take number one. Hopefully there’s a working kitchen in the common building. I’ll work on getting the electricity turned on and I’ll get keys and paperwork and everything we need from Alph— from Forrest.”

“I can borrow some tools from my dad and brother’s business,” Jed said. “I’m sure they’ll help us with supplies at contractor pricing. We can have this place in shape in no time.”

“All right then. We’re gonna do this.”

“We’re Timber Pack,” Trey said. He stood up and held out his right hand. Jed put his hand on top, followed by Parker. All three turned and looked at Colton.

Colton laid his hand on his pack-mates’. “Timber Pack.”

“I’m hungry,” Jed mumbled with a frown, interrupting the significant moment. He suddenly perked up, and then turned to Colton. “Hey, now that you’re an alpha, does this mean we get to go to Conclave?”

“What’s Conclave?” Parker asked.

“It’s the annual gathering of packs,” Colton explained. “It happens once a year on the full moon closest to the summer solstice. I need to register our pack with the Council. I’ll find out about it then.”

“Conclaves and Councils?” Parker asked. “This is all too much. My head is going to explode.”

“We’ll all get to go,” Jed added, bouncing on his heels. “My dad goes with Forrest as his enforcer. He says it’s awesome.”

“The Council holds the Conclave in a private reserve in the Canadian Rockies,” Colton added. “Dad says the mountain forest is gorgeous.”

Trey nudged Jed with his elbow. “Maybe we can find you a mate.”

Jed scrunched his face. “Find one for yourself. I don’t want no stinking mate.” He turned to Parker. “No offense, little dude.”

“I told you, don’t call me little,” Parker said before he punched Jed in the gut. “Ow!” he cried as he shook his fist. “What are you made of, rocks?”


* * * *


While Trey and Jed discussed repair plans, Parker scooted closer to Colton. He knew it was a little perverse, but watching Colton fight Seth earlier had made him really horny. All of that power Colton had was really sexy. He wasn’t the one who usually initiated sex, but he really wanted it right now.

Parker kissed the side of Colton’s neck, and whispered in his ear, “Can you get rid of them for a little while?”

Colton growled and grabbed Parker’s head, angling it, before he ferociously attacked his mouth. He broke the kiss and looked up at his friends. His voice was low and guttural. “Get lost.”

Jed looked at Trey and rolled his eyes. “Fine. I wanted to go for a run anyway.”

When Jed and Trey started to strip off their clothes, Colton snarled, turning Parker’s head away from their exposed cocks. Colton grabbed Parker and threw him over his shoulder, caveman style, carrying him off towards the cabins.

“Hey!” Parker squealed as he squirmed, trying to get down onto the ground.

“Quiet,” Colton barked. “Be still.”

Parker instantly stopped struggling at his alpha’s command. His whole body was one big nerve, with his aching dick at the center.

Holding onto Colton’s back for support, Parker let Colton carry him to the first cabin. They entered through the back door, and Colton kicked it shut behind them.

Colton tossed Parker onto the bed and he landed with a bounce. The cabin’s room was bathed in a soft light when Colton turned on an LED camping lantern.

Parker looked around and noted he was laying on a nest of blankets. The cabin looked like it had been cleaned up a little. All of the boards had been removed from the windows. Colton must have done all of this after he left Parker’s house this morning. Parker was impressed.

“You’ve been busy.”

Colton smirked, then became deadly serious. He moved around the foot of the bed, slowly stalking Parker like a predator. Parker could see his cock was hard, creating a big bulge in his jeans that pointed towards his hip.

Colton’s voice was deep and husky as he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, relieving some of the pressure. “I seem to recall a promise of sex.”

Parker gave him a seductive smile and whispered, “Yes, Alpha.”

“Fuck,” Colton grunted. His eyes flashed amber, then dilated. Taking a deep breath, he let it out and then pounced. He shoved Parker’s legs apart with his knees, covering him with his big body. Grabbed Parker’s wrists, he pinned them over his head.

Parker shuddered when Colton rolled his hips, grinding that hard cock against his own.

“Show me my mark,” Colton commanded, adding a low growl while bearing a hint of his fangs.

Parker closed his eyes, and tilted his head back and to the side in submission.

Colton swiped his tongue across the mark, then up Parker’s jugular. He pressed his lips against Parker’s ear. “You’re mine, little wolf.”

Parker’s ass twitched. He locked his legs around Colton, opened his eyes and stared into Colton’s. “Take what’s yours, Alpha.”

Colton pushed back and practically tore Parker’s clothes from his body. He quickly got rid of his boots and jeans, then grabbed a bottle of lube he had hidden.

“Hurry,” Parker begged. He was about to go up in flames. Colton had him so hot right now, being all aggressive and, well, alpha.

Colton swiped his lubed-up fingers through Parker’s crack, then pushed the two longest fingers into Parker’s ass. He pegged the prostate, then twisted and spread the fingers, stretching the ring of muscle.

Parker writhed on the bed, his hands trying to grab at Colton to pull him closer. “Oh god!”

Eager to get to the main event, Colton lined up the head of his lubed-up cock and pushed forward. His hands pinned Parker down onto the mattress, and he stared down at Parker, his dark brown eyes wild with lust.

Parker nodded desperately, giving Colton his consent.

Colton growled. “Take it.” He pulled back until the tip of his cock was just about to slip out, and then slammed forward, stabbing Parker’s prostate and burying his rod balls deep.

“Yes!” Parker cried. His legs tightened around Colton’s hips. His hands dug into Colton’s arms.

Colton began to move.

He was relentless, pounding Parker into the mattress. Parker loved every minute of it.

The headboard slammed against the wall repeatedly as Colton’s body slammed into Parker’s.

Look at me.”

Parker opened his eyes and looked into Colton’s. Parker could tell that the beast was just below the surface, ready to burst out, but this time Colton was in complete control. Colton’s eyes were wild, feral. His upper and lower canines had pushed through. Colton didn’t bother to try to hide the razor sharp teeth from Parker. He displayed them in a snarl, grunting like an animal with every thrust of his hips.

Parker’s back arched, desperate for more contact with his mate’s muscled, hair-covered body. He writhed on the bed, his head thrashing from side to side.

Colton’s hands tightened on Parker, his grip bruising Parker’s tender flesh. He jackhammered into him, pushing him up the bed, making Parker whimper with every thrust. Parker slapped his hand against the creaky headboard to steady himself.

Colton laid his full weight on top of Parker, completely covering his smaller body. He pushed his arms underneath, cradling his boy’s head and body, holding him so tight there was not even space for a molecule of air between their bodies. His hot breath wafted across the mating bite. Then he licked it and started sucking.

Parker cried out in pleasure as Colton held him and worked the scar with his mouth, tongue and teeth. Only the bigger teen’s hips moved, rocking and snapping back and forth, ruthlessly driving into Parker’s body.

He could feel his orgasm building up faster and faster with each thrust of his mate’s huge cock. Colton was going to make him come. “Don’t stop,” he panted. “Don’t stop. Just like that.”

“Come for me,” his mate commanded. “Now.”

Colton’s teeth clamped down, his fangs piercing Parker’s neck. Parker’s entire body went rigid, and his ass clamped down like a vise around Colton’s girth. He screamed as the muscles in his groin contracted, and then began pumping. Hot come spewed from the end of his cock, spraying between their bodies with the thick, white liquid.

With a feral roar, Colton shoved forward and erupted, shooting jet after jet of molten lava deep inside Parker’s guts.

Still thrusting his hips, Colton collapsed on top of Parker, the bulk of his entire weight pushing him down into the mattress. As he swiped his tongue across the fresh bite, his big body jerked one more time, and then went still.

They lay together in recovery. Parker stroked a hand through Colton’s hair while the other caressed his man’s muscular ass.

After a few minutes, their breathing finally evened out enough for Parker to whisper, “That was so hot… I think I like it when you go all ‘alpha’.”

Colton could only grunt in reply. His cock finally went soft enough to slip from Parker’s body. Parker felt wet and slimy between his ass cheeks. His ass was sore from the rough treatment. It was heaven.

“They’re gonna know what we were doing, aren’t they?” Parker asked. He knew he was blushing at the thought of Jed and Trey overhearing them. They’d both been really loud tonight.

Colton laughed, his voice still rough from his shouting. “Yeah. It’s no different than every other time we have sex.”

Parker’s eyes widened. “What?”

“They can smell me all over you, pup. All inside you, leaking out of you. They all can.”

The thought had never even crossed Parker’s mind. “Oh jeez, that is all kinds of embarrassing.”

“No. It’s fucking hot.”

Parker nodded his head. He understood exactly what Colton was feeling. “They know I’m yours.”

Colton growled possessively. “Yes. Mine.”

He pushed himself up onto his knees. He grabbed Parker’s ankles and spread them wide. With a push forward, his newly erect cock found its target, slid into his mate’s body, and proceeded to fuck another load out of him.


* * * *


After parking his car in the driveway, Colton walked Parker up to the front porch.

“You don’t have to walk me to the door,” Parker said.

Colton looked around. “That shifter is still out there. I’m not taking any chances. Not with you.”

Knowing he wasn’t going to win, Parker let it go. “Okay.”

“Promise me you’ll stay inside.”

“I will. Good night, Colton.”

“‘Night, pup. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

After kissing him goodnight, Parker unlocked the door and went inside. He walked over to the front window, pushed the curtain back, and watched Colton get into his car and drive off.

As he let go of the curtain, a movement in the shadows across the street caught his eye. Parker squinted in the dark, searching…

“What are you looking at?”

Parker gasped and spun around at the sound of the unexpected voice.

The living room’s overhead light came on. Parker’s dad was standing at the bottom of the stairway.

“You’re cutting it close, Parker.”

Parker glanced at the clock on the wall. “Yeah…”

“If you’re going to start missing your curfew, then we’re going to have to re-evaluate the freedoms we give you.”

“Okay. Well… Goodnight.”

Parker hurried past his father and went upstairs to his bedroom.


* * * *


Colton felt wrong leaving Parker behind. Somehow it was different this time. Parker should be with him, sleeping in his bed. Not at home—at his parents’ home—sleeping in his own bed.

The next few months were going to be long.

Colton found his dad sitting at the kitchen table. He was eating a bowl of cereal, reading a magazine, though Colton could tell that he wasn’t really paying attention to the words on the pages.

His father was waiting for Colton to get home.


“Sit down.” Colton raised an eyebrow. “Please,” Carlton added through gritted teeth.

Now that Colton was a pack alpha, he technically outranked his father. Yes, the man was his father, but Colton would no longer take orders from him. If he wanted Colton to do something, he would have to ask.

Colton pulled out a chair and sat down. “Okay. What did you want to say?”

His father let out an exasperated sigh. “Damn it, Colton. Stop being so damn difficult. Why didn’t you tell me about what was going on?”

“Would it have mattered?”

“Yes, damn it! All of this could have been prevented, but you are just so goddamned stubborn. I could have helped you.”

Colton watched his father with a careful eye. “Helped me how?”

“I had everything planned. Seth Forrest is weak. He’ll never be alpha. When Alpha Forrest stepped down, you were supposed to take his place. If you wanted a mate, we could have found you one. Someone you could’ve bred pups with. There are plenty of bitches out there wanting to breed with strong wolves. Hell, we could have found you a human girl if that’s what you wanted. Now you’ve been exiled and Alpha won’t back down on this. You’ve thrown away everything that we’ve worked for.”

Colton’s anger started to rise. “And what about Parker?”

His father didn’t speak. He knew he had gone too far as far as Colton was concerned.

Colton stood up swiftly, sending the wooden chair to the floor. He placed his hands on the table. His teeth dropped. Claws extended from his fingers to dig into the wood as he leaned in closer. His voice was deep and threatening, taking on a definitive alpha quality. “I am not interested in your power games. Parker is my mate, the mate of an alpha wolf. You will respect him. Don’t test me on this.”

Satisfied when his father dropped his eyes and subconsciously tipped his head in submission, Colton pushed from the table and went up to his room. He slammed the door shut behind him.

Feeling agitated, he stripped off his clothes and tossed himself onto his bed. He grabbed his phone, went to his favorite contacts and hit Parker’s name.


Colton closed his eyes and let out a soft breath. Just hearing Parker’s voice had a calming effect on him. “Hey, pup.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. I’m— Just a second.” Colton pulled back his phone and tapped the video chat button. After a couple of seconds, Parker’s face came into a view. “Much better,” Colton said.

Parker was snuggled up in bed, under the blankets. The lamp on his nightstand gave off enough light so that Colton could see him.

“Hi,” Parker said, flashing Colton a sleepy, adorable smile.

“Hi. Don’t you look all cute and cozy.”

“You look sexy.”

“What? This?”

Colton slowly swept his phone down his body, then back up to his face. He watched Parker swallow visibly.

“You’re hard,” Parker whispered.

“I got hard as soon as I heard your voice.”

“I like that I can do that to you. Makes me feel sexy.”

Parker covered his mouth as he yawned. He settled back in the blankets.

Colton could tell that Parker was tired. It irked him that his mate wasn’t in bed with him where he belonged. “You should be here with me,” he growled.

“I wish I was. But I probably wouldn’t get any sleep because you’d be poking at me with that big ol’ thing you got down there.”

“Maybe… probably… definitely.”

Parker laughed, then yawned again. “But I’m glad you called.”

“Let me see my mark before you fall asleep.”

Parker laughed again as he pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it aside. He moved his phone so that it captured the scar on the curve of his neck. When Parker ran his fingers over it, he shuddered visibly.

His voice quivered. “It’s sensitive.”

Colton licked his lips as he watched Parker sweep the phone down his chest and stomach, down to his bulging underwear, before moving back up to his flushed face.

He knew he could probably talk Parker into a video chat quickie, but he could tell that Parker was sleepy. It had been a long day for his mate, and he was pretty damned tired himself. “I’ll let you go to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay.” Parker’s eyes were already half closed. “If you save it for me, I promise I’ll take care of it in the morning.” His eyes drifted shut, then slowly opened halfway. “I love you.”

Colton would never get enough of hearing those words from Parker.

“I love you, too, pup. Goodnight.”

Copyright © 2014 Rob Colton; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Woooo!!! Now that was a roller coaster of a chapter :read: Tense, sexy, excited, and sweet. Damn I love this story. :worship:

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I just can't stop wondering how Seth is going to tell his Alpha, he made a human girl pregnant...


And who is that grauw wolf? 

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Colton is the kind of leader  I wish there were more of in my life.  He worries a bit because he is aware of the big picture and the stakes for his pack, yet that won't stop him trying his best.  Park was the heart and the encourager for our new family.  He cast a clear vision of who they were and who they could become together.  The conclave, another layer to worry about?  Carlton better get his head out of his butt, or he'll lose total contact with his son.  Great writing!  ~ Ms. V

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Carlton is looking at this all wrong.  Like Jed's father, Carlton should be extremely proud of Colton.  Colton is already an alpha with his own pack.  That has been coming for a long time.  Forrest will be around a long time before he retires and Colton would not have waited.  It seems the only one that controls alpha Colton is Parker.  It is going to be fun to see how the new pack changes their headquarters as well as grows in power. What a great trip this will be.  Awesome writing with great character development.

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I just can't stop wondering how Seth is going to tell his Alpha, he made a human girl pregnant...We will see what happens next!

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