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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

Just your usual love story, with a slightly less than usual guy.


It's one thing to steal a car from a dark deserted street, quite another to steal a man's heart in front of his friends. 

Thanks to Parker Owens for the quote.


This story is a couple of years old, so you might have come across it on *cough* another site.  It was my first ever attempt at writing fiction.

Feel free to comment or get in touch, all (useful and/or constructive) feedback is most welcome.

As with most of my writing, Cal is informed by a real life person who I've known.  No, it's not me, and no, the other guy isn't me either.


There a forum discussion post here:


Copyright © 2017 Sam Wyer; All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 1,540 Words
  • 2. Chapter 2
    • 4,548 Words
  • 3. Chapter 3
    • 4,366 Words
  • 4. Chapter 4
    • 4,055 Words
  • 5. Chapter 5
    • 4,515 Words
  • 6. Chapter 6
    • 4,088 Words
  • 7. Chapter 7
    • 4,264 Words
  • 8. Chapter 8
    • 4,112 Words
  • 9. Chapter 9
    • 2,961 Words
  • 10. Chapter 10
    • 4,439 Words
  • 11. Chapter 11
    • 4,090 Words
  • 12. Chapter 12
    • 3,852 Words
  • 13. Chapter 13
    • 3,271 Words
  • 14. Chapter 14
    • 3,757 Words
  • 15. Chapter 15
    • 3,360 Words

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   9 of 9 members found this review helpful 9 / 9 members

I would like to encourage everyone to read this story! It has an opposites attract theme, but what sets it apart are the writing and the main characters. The story is very readable, with interesting, realistic dialogue and good descritions. Davy is a great guy with many characteristics that make him a good boyfriend/lover, but the star of the show is the title character, Cal! As Cal narrates we learn his life has not been "middle class and comfortable." He meets Davy and they begin to connect; interesting since Davy is quite well off. As we watch their relationship grow, the best part is getting to hear Cal's thoughts about what is happening. Sam Wyler has given Cal the most interesting and enjoyable voice! "Cal" is definitely worth reading.

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William King

   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

What you cannot fail to like about this book is how the author is telling you Cal's story through the voice of our protagonist, but he is also speaking directly to you, the reader. We learn how somewhat by accident Cal meets Davey, an event that is going to seriously impact his life. As their relationship develops so we get to see more of Cal, his thoughts, feelings, and inner struggles. Cal confides in us what he is going through, in a way that makes you a sort of silent witness.


The dialogue is brilliant, spot on, for example when Davey tells him:
“You look really cute when you’re concentrating. ...... You have this look, where you bite your bottom lip on one side, and sort of stare at stuff as if it’s going to be scared into doing something for you.”


The descriptions are just right, enough detail that you can conjure up a picture of places and people. There is emotional turmoil and Cal certainly has to struggle, but he seems to innately know his own weaknesses, though not necessarily how to overcome them.


You feel privileged when he addresses you, the reader directly:
I shuddered just a little bit remembering my mum yelling my full name at me when I was in trouble.  Not like serious trouble, she wasn't really around in my life by then, but like the time that I broke some stupid ugly glass-vase-bowl-dish thing, you know the sort of thing that costs enough so it really should have some sort of actual purpose, but it never fucking seems to ever get around to it.  I was probably only 6 or something, and I thought that if I just kept saying that I hadn't done it, then everyone was going to have to believe me.  Obviously that didn’t work, but I was a kid, it made perfect sense to me at the time. 


He shares what he's going through which draws you into the story and makes you like him, just as you would if you met him for real, he becomes your friend. This story is all about relationships, confronting and dealing with what life throws at you. It is not simply the burgeoning friendship between Cal and Davey, but the impact of others around them. It is a gentle story that at times cloaks dark and threatening forces. 


I highly recommend what I found to be a refreshing and well written novel. Read it, and enjoy it, you will come back wanting more!

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

I loved this intense, beautiful story.  Sad, moving, and ultimately joyful.  Two emotionally lost guys from different worlds connect in a sweet, though never cloying, romantic tale.  With high-quality, engrossing writing, this is a must-read!  An easy 5 stars.

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LD Stratton

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Although this story isn't new I finally got a chance to read it. What a fun and funny delightful story!  Couple of typos but the grammar was very good.  This story really made me smile.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I agree with every review before me on that Cal is an amazing story and you should definitely read it. 


It revolves around Cal, this young, rough-around-the-edges, car thief who gets rescued by Davey - an older, more settled man. Afterwards he wanderes around London looking for him, which he does. After that the story -which is narrated by Cal- centeres on their relationship and how they'll integrate their lives.


A well written, quirky, fun, and lovable story filled with swear words. I'll definitely reread some day.

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

I definitely recommend this story to everyone! Both Cal and Davey are great characters and it's heartwarming to see their relationship develop. The way Davey deals with Cal's insecurities and makes him a part of his world is so beautiful and encouraging. Thanks to Sam Wyer for writing such an amazing story!

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

A lovely story that is sad, moving and intriguing. Cal and Davey are great characters. I would recommend this story to anybody who fancies a good read from a fresh new author.

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Cal isn’t exactly a normal guy. After being caught stealing a car, he is put into prison for a short period of time. Upon his release, has absolutely no idea what to do with his life.

When he is assaulted by a group of people outside of a club one day, Cal is rescued by someone named Davey. And then Cal accidentally steals his heart.

But how will this fledgling relationship work out? Cal comes from a very different world than Davey, after all. Can he adapt to life in the “normal” world? And what exactly are these feelings that Cal has for his new boyfriend?

What I Loved

The quote from Parker Owens used in the story synopsis was perfectly chosen.

Cal’s inner thoughts and personality come across strong through the virtual paper. (Funny, though – his own way of speaking and his thought process remind me of myself sometimes, haha.)

Davey might seem like a tough guy on the outside, but he’s really just a big softie on the inside. Admittedly, that aspect of him is a bit trope-y, but it’s not really a problem for me.


Speaking of, thumbs up for the “reversal” scene where Cal had to comfort Davey instead of the other way around. He definitely did it in a very “Cal” way!

I found Nihal hilarious the few times he appeared. I was able to clearly hear and visualize all of his mannerisms in my head. Great character portrayal.

Some of the problems in Cal’s life were not perfectly resolved in the ending. For example, he walked away completely from both his parents because he was content with how his life was with Davey. I like that. Things don’t always work out perfectly in the real world, and that shouldn’t always happen in a story either. 

What Could’ve Been Better

One of my pet peeves is when a character introduces themselves in the first chapter by talking directly to the reader. To me, it just comes off as awkward and not immersive at all. I always feel there must be a more natural way to get the reader familiar with the main character than a self-introduction.


Jen sort of disappeared after Cal’s run-in with the police, which is a shame because I really liked her. I thought she could maybe become a sort of mother figure for Cal.

I would’ve liked to know even more about Davey. I mean, sure, we got a bit of backstory, but I wanted to know more. Like what makes him tick, what are his own inner thoughts about Cal - those types of things.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Cal chose to move in with Davey on something like their third day of knowing each other, and Davey just accepted it? Wow. He must really have a heart of gold or something.

Davey’s friends aren’t his parents. I get that they are worried about Cal not being right for him, but jeez, back off a bit, will ya? They’re like helicopter parents at times. Davey is perfectly capable of thinking for himself.


I had a great time getting to know Cal and following him on his journey to his new life. This is a very  sweet and unique love story that is well worth a read.

Highly recommended.

5 stars.

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