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  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
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  • 4,684 Words

This story contains sexual descriptions.

You can now find the story on Amazon and purchase the Kindle book or a paperback book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087WKT398/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_LteREb9NTMCH4

U-N-I - 24. Chapter 24

This story contains sexual descriptions.

Only one chapter left!

"Thank you so much for coming out and being with us tonight. We hope you had an amazing night. We love you all," Rob said to the crowd before we walked off stage, ending yet another amazing gig.

We were in Seoul, South Korea, playing the fourth gig of the tour that had started in Singapore two weeks before. We were heading to Tokyo next and totally thrilled to be getting such an amazing reception from the people in Asia.

Every gig was incredible. We were finally doing the mind-blowing gigs we had always dreamed of doing; colourful, entertaining, audience-engaging with laser lights, fireworks, confetti and the LED lit wristbands given to each member of the audience to create a colourful lightshow, which evidently, was a huge success and widely talked about in the media.

It was our best tour so far and it was only the beginning. We were still in warm-up mode. Rob sounded the best ever. He had worked so much on his voice that it was now stronger. There seemed to be even more emotion and character in his tone. He poured his heart and soul into everything he sang and his energy on stage was out of this world. I was so proud of him. He was delivering an amazing performance for the audience, keeping the energy flowing until the very last song, and every gig was just tremendously amazing.

Leaving the stadium after the Seoul concert, we were taken straight to the airport to fly to Tokyo in our private jet. It was a two-hour flight and we were expected to land in Tokyo at about 2am and go to the hotel there.

About an hour after we had taken off and after talking about the show and drinking champagne with everyone, I went to join Rob at the front of the jet. He had been sitting alone for about ten minutes or so.

"Hey, sleeping yet?" I asked him, although it was obvious that he wasn't.

"No," he stretched a bit and I looked at him slyly.

Seeing the look on my face, he smiled, raised his upper body and took a quick look behind him to see that everyone had settled down into their seats.

"You're not really sitting here cause you need some time to yourself, are you?"

He shrugged slightly,

"I do need time to myself. Tonight was intense," he smiled, gazing at me.

"It was," I agreed, remembering some of the incredibly overwhelming moments of the show, and I could tell he was too.

"I can't wait to do it all over again, especially in Tokyo," he said.

I let out a giggle and, never breaking eye contact, I slowly moved my hand underneath the blanket that he had laid across his lap.

"Um, Mark?"


"That's my zipper," he said playfully.

"Oh, my mistake," I said, pulling the fly to his jeans down and slipping my hand inside. His cock felt all twisted up inside, and I began to manipulate it through his underwear so that it pointed up toward his chest.

He sighed softly, then laid his head back and closed his eyes.

"You're going to get in trouble again," he whispered as I began to rub my hand against his cock.

"Wouldn't you like that ?" I whispered into his ear and looked behind our seats too.

Everyone seemed to be either asleep, listening to music or watching a movie, I seriously doubted they thought anything inappropriate was going on under our blanket.

"So, are you thinking of re-joining the Mile High Club?" Rob whispered.

"I might be persuadable."

"You got over what happened last time?" he asked with a smile.

Indeed, we had gotten caught by an Asian flight attendant on our way to Bangkok, giving her quite a shock, so I had told him that we probably shouldn't make an habit of having sex on the plane. He didn't agree with me and had tried to get me to do it again since then.

"It was mortifying," I said, feeling him start to harden, "but I guess after tonight's show, you deserve to relax a bit."

"So do you. Cause I don't fancy flying solo," he smiled.

He gave out another sigh and I saw his eyes close tighter as he pushed the back of his head into the seat. I watched his gorgeous face as I continued rubbing him. I was just loving the feeling of running my hand over his big pole.

Up and down I stroked him, eventually working him up to a full-blown erection. I could feel his cock head poking out of his underwear and squeezed it, feeling his thick precum coat my fingertips. I started pulling down his boxer-briefs until I was holding his hard flesh, with the denim of his jeans rubbing against the back of my hand.

"Mark," he sighed, placing his hand over his crotch so he could feel my movements.

I started to quicken the pace and I could tell that he was slowly starting to rock his hips back and forth, getting himself more and more lost in the sensations.

I leaned in very close to him and whispered into his ear. "I love your big cock, babe. I love feeling it hard and wet in my hand."

"Feels so good."

I then began to suck his earlobe with my lips, which I knew he loved.

"How about you take it in your mouth now?" he interrupted, a bit louder than he had wanted to.

I smiled and moved my lips down his neck, knowing how much he liked it.

"I'm getting there," I whispered.

He opened his eyes and looked intensely into mine. "Please, babe, don't make me beg," he said, responding to my words and my rapidly moving hand.

"You just did," I teased with a grin, sliding from my seat onto my knees in front of him.

I took the blanket away and placed it on my seat. Then, slowly but surely, I took the head of his throbbing cock between my lips, first savouring the precum leaking out.

"Ohh," he moaned very quietly and I loved how turned on he was that I was about to blow him in the plane. I reached down again and grasped his smooth, loose sack, lightly rolling his balls around with my fingers. Unable to resist any longer, I took his penis by the base and took the full length inside my mouth until his cockhead was teasing my tonsils.

Slowly, I began an up and down motion, my tongue lashing around the entire time. He was rock hard and I could hear his breath quicken. I could have used some air as well, but was unwilling to let go at the moment, savoring his taste and scent, wanting to make him feel as good as possible and reminding myself how much I loved him and how lucky I was.

I eventually took his cock out of my mouth and rocked it back and forth a bit, making him give out another long sigh. Then I placed my hand behind the long shaft and let my tongue go from his ballsack to his head, then back down, then back up again.

"God, you're hot," he murmured, watching me.

I looked up at him. "So are you. Cum in my mouth, alright," I whispered while still licking his shaft up and down.

He nodded. I smiled and took him back inside my mouth. He moaned very quietly again and I felt his hands softly begin to run through my hair.

"Ohh, your mouth feels so fucking good," he said under his breath, slowly starting to rock his hips.

I took a deep breath and lowered my mouth down to his pelvis again and sucked, feeling his pubes press against my lips and his cockhead hit the back of my throat each time he pushed back in.

This went on for a moment until his entire body jerked and I could tell his upper body had briefly lifted off of the seat. I wanted to pull back but again, I decided against it and continued sucking, slowly massaging his shaft with my tongue without ever using my hands.

"Oh, I'm so close," he said, about to orgasm.

Hearing those words, I decided to play a little edging game and give him a stronger release. I pulled back and blew on his cockhead. Then I soaked it with my tongue and saliva. Before letting him reach his climax, I pressed my hands on each side of the seat and lifted my body up until my lips slid across his cheek.

My fingers wrapped around his cock. As I tightened my grip and began to stroke him, his hands moved to the back of my head. His tongue immediately dove into my mouth and we made out. I just loved how assertive and passionate his kisses were. They would always leave me wanting more. I couldn't get enough of him.

When he moved his hands down to my arms, I briefly looked over the seat. Once I was sure that no one paid us any mind, I went back to kissing him.

"I love you so much," he said, looking as beautiful as ever.

"I love you," I responded as he began sucking my earlobe between his lips.

"God," he gasped. "I wish I could fuck you. I want all of you," he whispered and clutched my arm tighter as we resumed kissing.

For a second, I considered it, but I knew it was a risky game to play.

"You know that's not a good idea right now but I'm gonna make you cum as hard as I can."

He nodded.

"Fuck I love that cock," I groaned, stroking him hard. "Come on, I want you to cum for me."

His mouth opened and he threw his head back, shivering and tensing up.

"You want to cum, now?"

He nodded again.

"Yes," he panted. I noticed perspiration developing on his forehead. His knees were starting to lift and I began to furiously pump his cock.

"Mark!" he groaned in such a way that it almost sounded like a cough.

I quickly lowered my mouth onto his cock again, knowing he was close. I didn't want him to cum all over my hand, I wanted his jizz in my mouth.

I massaged his shaft with my tongue while bobbing my head up and down vigorously. I slid my hand under his shirt and felt his abs clench. His whole body shuddered and tensed up. His breathing got louder as his hot cum pumped hard out of him. I kept my mouth tight around his head and immediately swallowed the first load before a second and third one filled my mouth.

He continued to breathe hard, though his expression turned back into a smile as he finished his orgasm.

I grinned at him before picking up a half-empty bottle of water and gulping it down.

"Thank you for that," he smiled.

"My pleasure," I said, giving him the blanket back and settling into the seat next to his.

"And what about you?" he asked.

My cock was definitely hard and begging for release, and god, I would have loved nothing more than to have him ravage my body right here and there but I thought I could hold back and let the hormones in my body build up a bit until we could be alone and do whatever we wanted to each other. I had all sorts of ideas in mind.

He put his hand over my crotch and felt my erection.

"It's fine," I whispered. "We should be landing soon; You can get me later, when we're really alone."

"Be sure I will," he said intensely. "You wanna know what's amazing about you?"

I gazed at him. "Tell me…"

"Even after I get off, I still want you just as bad, if not more. That's how hot and intoxicating you are."

"Right back at you, baby."

He rubbed my crotch some more and he had just slid his hand under my shirt to feel my bare skin when the landing lights were turned on.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed. "I'm so excited to be back in Tokyo!"

I let out a giggle

"Yeah. First we fuck, then we sleep, then we go out and explore!"

"Sounds like a plan! Oh, and I will speak in Japanese this time!"

I laughed. "Should be interesting to watch."


Early afternoon, a few hours before taking the stage of the Tokyo Dome, we were all sitting in the pit of the stadium, chilling together before sound-check while Rachel was painting a new amp we had to replace, Jordan and Damon helping her. Dylan and I were both strumming a guitar and Rob was on his phone.

Who’s the new guy?” I asked no one in particular as I watched a tall, sharply-dressed metrosexual guy walk past us, carrying equipment.

“Not gay, Mark!” Damon answered right away.

“Really?” I asked skeptically, and continued discreetly staring, “cause he totally sets off my gaydar.”

Damon laughed,

“He’s replacing Calvin. You know, he had to leave to be with his family.”

“Won’t he be back?” I asked.

“I don’t think so. His dad’s really ill. Like terminally ill,” Damon answered with a wince.

“Shit, I didn’t know,” I said sadly.

“Yeah, he didn’t want to tell anyone. I found out this morning. I thought you guys knew.”

I just shook my head no,

“We should send him something,” I said.

“Yeah, we should,” Damon agreed.

We all talked about Calvin for a moment and then, the new guy walked past us against and he smiled shyly at us.

“What makes you think he’s not gay?” I asked when he was far enough away.

Damon rolled his eyes and let out a laugh,

“The dude’s got a wife and kid.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean anything,” I said, “I’d probably have a wife and kid too if it weren’t for this one,” I pointed toward Rob.

“Rub it in,” Rachel said jokingly.

Damon stared at her and raised his eyebrows.

“I love you,” she smiled to Damon and he turned to me.

“He’s straight. 150% straight, alright!” he jokingly insisted.

“So?” Rob exclaimed with a slight shrug as he spoke to Damon too. “We can just fuck him 50%. He’s still 100% straight. I mean, that’s fair!”

I burst into laughter. He raised his hand and we high-fived.

“Classy guys, very classy,” Rachel said, shaking her head as she continued painting the amp.

“Come on, just kidding. We don’t do that!” I said casually.

Jordan snorted.

“Anymore!” I exclaimed.

Dylan and I continued playing the guitar when after a moment, I played a riff I had never played before.

“Woo-hoo,” Rob said excitedly. “That’s a good one!”

“That’s a real good one,” Dylan agreed.

“And that’s how he does it!” he said, turning to Matt who was filming us.

“Did you film it?” I asked him, realizing that I could take advantage of his presence.

He was the cameraman filming us on tour. We were so used to him hanging around with us that there were times when we hardly noticed him anymore.

“I did," he replied.

“Perfect. Send it to me alright or I'll forget it."

After playing for a few more minutes, I put the guitar down.

“So, are you almost done?” I asked Rachel impatiently.

“Yeah, but stop rushing me.”


Once the amp was painted, we all went backstage and I immediately asked Rachel if she wanted to have a snack with me.

She hesitated,

“Yeah sure, ok. But what is it with you today?" she asked, intrigued.

"Nothing," I replied nonchalantly. "I just want to hang out with my number one girl for a bit. Seems like we never hang out alone anymore."

“Oh, that’s sweet. Now, what’s the real reason?”

I let out a small laugh,

“Ok, I kinda need to talk to you about some crazy thing you said to me, like, three months ago…”

“I say a lot of crazy things. You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

"Alright. Let's just find some place private," I suggested.

She agreed, still intrigued. We got ourselves some snacks and sat on a sofa in a dressing room away from the backstage hustle and bustle.

"I'm really trying to remember what I could've said to you…but," she said, gently shaking her head and tying up her hair.

I gave her a sly smile that she returned.

"You really don't know what I could be referring to…," I said.

She opened a box a wasabi Kit-Kat and I looked at it strangely.

"We're in Japan," she shrugged, "they're actually quite good."

"Lemme try one," I said and tasted it. "yeah, there's a hint of wasabi I guess."

She agreed,

"But then they just taste like white chocolate, don't they?"

We ate another Kit-Kat bar and then I spoke,

"Alright," I paused taking a deep breath before diving into what I wanted to say.

She waited for me to continue and I looked at her with a huff.

"Remember when you suggested that I surprise Rob on stage…?” I said, raising my brows and biting my lower lip.

She had done a great job of planting the idea in my mind and even though I has dismissed it at first, when I walked on stage the first night in Singapore, it was almost all I could think about.

It took her a second or two to remember. She gave me a long stare, her eyes and mouth opening wide.

“Yes, I do. I do remember,” her lips immediately turned into a wicked smile.

She grabbed my hand and stared at me more intensely, her eyes sparkling.

“Wait, have you thought about it?" she asked cautiously but with excitement in her voice.

“I have…” I smiled coyly.

“Has the idea grown on you?” she asked happily.

“It has….” I replied, my lips turning into a broader, happier smile.

She took her hand away to clap at my revelation,

“Oh my god, Mark, he’d love it so much,” she smiled broadly.

I laughed,

“He would love it, wouldn't he?”

“He’d never see it coming! You’re gonna blow his mind away!”

"Yeah," I smiled, "ever since we've added that charity gig in Dublin… I've been thinking about it…"

She placed her hand over her mouth as she gasped a little.

"Of course!" she exclaimed, "That'd be the best time to do it! Of course, why didn't I think of that?"

I laughed,

“I don't know, though. It's totally crazy, isn't it?" I asked, trying to convince myself that it was a wacky idea, "I can already hear all the homophobic shit from haters," I sighed.

"Since when do you care about them?"

"I don't… but Rob does a bit."

"Not anymore," she said, shaking her head. "He's done caring about all that shit. He just wants to be happy - And you guys getting married on stage will make him very happy!" she giggled. "I mean, it's your favourite place in the world, ain't it?"

I smiled. "Yeah. And I know we'll find a way to shut the haters up."

"Of course. Listen, you know you guys are a role model to so many young gay kids. It's a great way to show them that this is what they should be aiming for, and that it's possible."

I nodded,

"Plus, I've been writing this song… and it's really good…and now, I just can't get the idea outta my head. I can't stop thinking about it every time we're on stage."

"Oh my god, you're killing me! I’m smiling so much, my cheeks actually hurt. This is so exciting!”

I laughed. It was exciting as fuck.

"I just don't know if there's enough time."

"Of course, there's enough time," she immediately responded. "We know a bunch of people in Dublin that can help plan this out for us and get things done."

I nodded, relieved that she, too, thought it could be done.

"We'll have to make sure he doesn’t find out," I continued.

“He won’t find out. Trust me, he won’t find out. "You've done a great job convincing everybody you're not into the whole wedding thing. Rob's still waiting for you to settle on a date for after this tour, you keep leading him up the garden path with that, leave the rest to me."

I agreed with that. She wasn't totally wrong.

"You can't tell Damon," I told her.

"Why not?" she complained. "I have to tell Damon. How can I not tell him?"

"Please, Rach, not yet. For me, just this once don't. If Rob finds out, I'll have to call it off. Please."

"Oh this is gonna be so hard," she whined. "But ok, I'll keep my mouth shut. I can keep a secret, you know I can. Oh my God, I'm loving this, I'm so excited," she smiled and clapped cheerfully. "I can't believe you're gonna get married before me," she jokingly complained and punched my arm.

I chuckled,

"Yeah, neither can I."

We smiled keenly at each other.

"I guess in the end, everything worked out for the best," she said with a small shrug.

"I guess it did," I agreed, almost feeling remorseful.

She sensed it and spoke,

"Hey don't worry. I'm glad you dumped me. I'd probably still be waiting for you to propose to me," she joked.

I let out a laugh,

“How many kids d'you think we’d have by now?” I asked playfully.

"Umm," she thought. "I think three!"

"Three?" I laughingly exclaimed, shocked at the number.

"Yeah, two girls and a boy," she confirmed.

"Ok!" I said with a nod.

"And their names would be…," she looked up and thought.

"Yeah, alright," I interrupted. "you had everything planned, I get it."

We laughed.

"You're crazy," I teased.

"I am. Now aren't you glad you dumped me?"

"I feel so sorry for Damon. But I understand why he loves you," I told her and leaned in to give her a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Hey,” she said, pointing her finger toward me, “talking about kids, you do not get to have a kid first!”

I let out a soft chuckle.

“I can make babies,” she said, poking her chest. “I should go first!”

“Yes, you can definitely go first. I’ll settle for being the cool guncle.”

“Oh come on, you want kids, don’t you?”

“Yeah. I don't know. I’ll probably just fuck them up so bad," I said, shaking my head.

She grimaced,

“Or you’ll give them everything you didn’t have."

“Or I’ll fuck them up so bad!” I repeated jokingly.

She laughed,

"You won't. Rob would love a kid!”

I rolled my eyes a little,

“Rob’s such a woman,” I joked, shaking my head, "one of these days, he's gonna tell me that his clock is ticking, and he won't even be kidding!"

She laughed,

"You know he will. And Jane? She'd be so thrilled!"

"I know, tell me about it."

"Oh, we have to call her. Call her right now!" she demanded.

"Hold on, I'm still not sure about this…."

"Oh please, of course you are," she interrupted me. " You already know you're gonna go through with this or you wouldn't have told me about it. I know you. You would've never told anyone unless you had made up your mind, not even me!"

I smirked at her and she looked at me with sassiness, knowing she was right.

I had to admit; she knew me well. I still felt so grateful to still have her in my life and to be able to share everything with her. Despite our history, we had no problem talking about our love lives. She was such a great friend, so empathetic, caring, quirky and intelligent.

"Call her!" she insisted.

"What about the time difference?"

"Uh, I think it's eight hours, so it should be," she looked at her phone. "about 7am."

I shrugged. "Well, if she's sleeping, this is a good enough reason to wake her."

I pulled my phone out and made the call.

Jane picked up, thankfully, already awake. After asking her how she was and apologizing for ringing her so early, telling her that I had a very good reason for doing so though, I went straight to the point.

"Jane, I've got a question for you."

"Fire away," she said.

"How would you feel about planning your son’s wedding?”

“Wha…?" she uttered, clearly taken aback. "Say that again?”

I did and she started asking me a bunch of questions all at once, confused.

“Jane, Jane…,” I stopped her.

“Yes, I’m calm…,” she breathed.

“You've got four months!”

“Mark!" she exclaimed very loudly.

“Come on, I know you can do it!”

“I can!" She exclaimed resolutely. "Tell me everything.”

I chuckled. "Aright, I don't know if Rob told you that we've added a date at the Bord gáis Energy Theatre on July 26th, after the Croke Park gigs."

"Yes. The charity event, isn’t it? He said the venue had to be kept secret."

"Yeah, that's the one. It's kind of a hidden gig. The venue will only be revealed, like- 24 hours before we play. Tickets only go on sale like a week before, and then, I think, 200 tickets will be auctioned. Anyway, it's for the LGBT organization, belongTo…"

"Mark…," she said my name, beginning to understand why I was telling her all this.

"Yeah, you're starting to see what I'm getting at, aren't you?"

"And it doesn't even surprise me. You two just can't do anything normal, can you?"

"You know it," I giggled.

"Go on, say it out loud, I'm ready!"

Rachel and I giggled and I spoke,

"Are you sure?"

After a short silence, she was the first one to talk,

"You want to say 'I do' on stage, don't you?"

I didn't answer right away and Rachel and I looked at each other with a smile.

"What d'you think?" I finally asked.

She let out a huff,

"I couldn't think of a better place."

"Jane, listen, I want this to be a total surprise for him. He can't find out."

"Holy Mary, are you serious? You mean, this isn't even his idea?"

"No, it's mine. And it's gotta be a surprise. We have to make sure he doesn't know anything. I'm not sure when yet but I want it to happen during the concert and have someone there who can marry us."

"Sweet Mother of God Mark, do you have any idea how much he's going to love this!"

I laughed. "I think I do, yeah," I smiled, more and more certain that I wanted to do it, suddenly realizing that what was just a crazy idea minutes before had now become something that might actually happen.

There was another silence.

"What do you need me to do?" she said excitedly.

"Do you think there's any chance we could have a wedding reception the day after?"

"Do I think we can have a wedding reception? Do I think we can have a wedding reception? "she repeated in a more inquisitive tone of voice. "I'll get to wear my hat sooner than I thought," she laughed happily.

We talked for a long moment, Rachel and I grinning the entire time at all of her questions and ideas for the reception. Since we only wanted our closest friends and family members to be there, it seemed doable, albeit complicated. We knew that even though it was short notice, they wouldn't want to miss it for the world – and they’d all be at the gig.

Now, all I had to do was manage to find time to plan everything with the people I was going to ask for help without raising any suspicion. I was both nervous and excited. I could only hope that I would be able to pull this off and make it as special as I imagined it to be.

Copyright 2017, unilive. All Rights Reserved
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Rob is so going to ugly cry on stage when he realizes what’s happening, lol.

I love his relationship with Mark, how the sexual spark is still strong after so much time.  I hope they do have children, a couple.


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