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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read Eric's story. I hope you enjoyed it.  :)


    1. yarameb


      Yes, very much so, and looking forward to every new chapter.

  2. yarameb


    Awesome chapter.
  3. yarameb

    Chapter 18

    Awesome chapter, and I agree with Wesley.
  4. yarameb


    A fantastic start, looking forward to much more.
  5. yarameb

    Home and Gone

    "What has been your favorite part? Your least favorite? And what would you like to see in this last book other than "Angus's head on a pike" I must say, this has been a wild ride and I can not think of anything I would like to see changed or added to the next book. Well done, keep up the awesome work.
  6. Just reread some of the comments about my story, Life Goes On.    Hope you are still enjoying the adventures of Peter, Tom and their many friends.

  7. yarameb

    Chapter 15

    AWESOME !!!!
  8. yarameb

    Black Jack

    Fantastic! I love when the writer is able to make me feel that I am one with the character 👍 So looking forward to the next chapter.
  9. yarameb

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Dodger

    Congrats Dodger, I have read all of your work "awesome"
  10. yarameb

    The Wedding

    Awesome! as with everything you have written. you have a gift and you share that gift with every word you put into your stories, Please never stop writing and sharing your gift with us.
  11. yarameb

    Chapter 10 - Never Enough

    Very Interesting
  12. yarameb

    Chapter 1

    Okay thats it for me, what a way to kill a good story. seems like you Fu*& up on this one, I will not continue reading it.
  13. yarameb


    Well I have read Let the Music Play and Changing Lanes and through it all I just had to keep going, just one word come to mind AWESOME.
  14. I must say that after reading all three of these stories, I feel that I am reading one of the better out of all I have read here on Gay Authors. Please continue with your fine writing, it is well written and a joy to read.
  15. yarameb

    Chapter 45

    Ok I must say that that this is a great story, this is my first post but I have read every chapter to this point and have not read one this good in quite some time. please continue bringing it all to life, thanks

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