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  • 8,996 Words

This story contains sexual descriptions.

You can now find the story on Amazon and purchase the Kindle book or a paperback book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087WKT398/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_LteREb9NTMCH4

U-N-I - 11. Chapter 11

This story contains sexual descriptions.

It was 1pm and we were finishing rehearsing in our studio for the morning when my phone rang and Damien's name appeared on the screen. He was a sound engineeer, who had worked with us in the studio for about four months. He had done a great job on the album. He had a really good ear for music and was good at his job.

"Hey, Mark, how you doing?" he asked.

"Good, you?"

"Great! Look, I'm calling because I've started recording with a new band at 'Soho Sonic."

"Yeah? Do I know them?"

"I don't think so, but I think you'd really like 'em."

We talked about the band for a moment, until he said, "Listen, they're having trouble with one of their songs here, we're completely stuck and I immediately thought of you. I'm sure it's gonna take you five minutes when we've been at it for hours. D'you think you could maybe swing by today?" he asked me, with hope in his voice.

"Uh – well, " I hesitated as I thought that Rob might give me shit if I went, but he seemed like he really needed some help, so I quickly decided to agree. "We're rehearing, but, the guys actually want to stop for the day… so yeah, I guess I could do that. You're only like half an hour away."

"Yeah? That'd be so great!" he said, sounding very grateful. "Plus there's something I've been meaning to give you for a while."

"Alright, well, then, I guess I can be there in a couple of hours, is that alright?"

"Yeah, that's perfect! Thank you so much."

We had rehearsed all morning, starting pretty early. I still hadn't showered so I did and fixed myself a sandwich because I had barely eaten anything. While I was doing so, I told Rob that I would go help Damien in the studio where he was working for a little while. He obviously had something to say about that and wasn't too keen on me going to see him, even if it was to work.

"The band he's working with is having trouble recording a song or something. He just needs some help," I explained.

"Oh that poor bastard," Rob said sarcastically, "I bet that's just an excuse to get you alone."

I feigned a bit of laughter and told him,

"Don't be ridiculous, it's not!"

"Of course it is!" he exclaimed.

I shook my head at his wariness. I knew that he had made it pretty clear that he didn't like Damien and didn't want me to keep hanging out with him. It was the first time in our relationship that he was actually this jealous and watchful of someone. I might have given him a few reasons to be if I'm totally honest.

Indeed, Damien and I had talked a lot and we had many things in common. He was twenty-seven, American, but he had a French mother, so he could speak French pretty well, he was handsome, gay, and even if he hadn't openly told me, clearly interested in me. He had dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, cute dimples and I hadn't seen him without his shirt on, but I was pretty sure he had a nice build too. He was just very attractive and charming. He had that French energy, look and attitude that I thought was really sexy.

I wasn't really sure whether he was gay or not until when late one evening, Rob came back to the studio to see if we were done. I thought that I could use a break while Damien worked on the take I had just recorded, so I sat on a sofa with him and we chatted mindlessly for a moment.

He could see that I was tired so he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I snuggled up against him, kissed him softly a couple of times, and soon, we were making out a little. As usual, the intensity of his kisses and his hands touching me in all the right spots soon made my cock beg for some attention. I started getting way too horny for what I still had to do so I stopped him and he grinned at me.

"Don't be too long!" he just whispered as he stood up and leaned down to kiss me one last time, before leaving.

As I walked back to the studio desk, Damien asked,

"Ready for the riff?" We only had a couple a takes left to record but there was no way I was going to do that considering my state of arousal.

"Uh, no, we're done. You can go. We'll finish this tomorrow."

"But we're almost done!"

"I know, but it ain't gonna happen," I said, matter-of-factly.

I actually saw his eyes slowly move down to my crotch as he relaxed into his chair and smiled,

"He got you all worked up?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna go have sex now!" I said with a laugh.

I grabbed my sweatshirt on the chair and headed toward the door.

"Close the studio for me?" I asked him. I didn't feel like waiting for him or asking him to leave in a hurry.

"Sure, will do."

"Thanks, good night."

"May I join?" he asked boldly as I was opening the door to leave.

It didn't take me long to put two and two together, since I was suspecting that he was gay from some of his behaviours and comments, just like Rob did. I turned around as I raised an eyebrow,

"So Rob was right, you are gay," I said nonetheless.

"Yeah!" he confirmed seductively, "That was hot, got me a little horny."

"Oh," I just said and added playfully, "well, sorry!"

"You know, I wouldn't mind being the middle man," he suggested sexily.

I let out a small chuckle,

"That's presumptuous of you," I told him, "see you tomorrow!"

"Damn," I heard him say and I looked back at him with a small smile and walked out.

We hadn't talked about it much but Rob had definitely noticed that Damien was gay, which was probably the very reason why he had come to the studio and made out with me, knowing Damien could see us and would most likely watch. He obviously did not agree at all to having a threesome with him when I suggested it.

"You said you wouldn't see him again," Rob told me, hoping it would make me change my mind about going.

I sighed,

"Oh Rob, come on!"

"What?!" he exclaimed, "Now that we're not working with him anymore, why would you want to see him again?"

"Because he's a friend, asking for some help."

"Oh please, he's interested in you."

"He never said that. Look, he knows we're together, he got it, you've made your point," I said and he gave me a tight-lipped smile, knowing exactly what I meant by that, "he just wants us to be friends, and so do I. He's cool and if you had tried to get to know him a little, you would have seen that."

"Oh come on, don't pretend you don't see it. He doesn't want to be your friend. No gay guy in his right mind would only want to be your friend, you're way too hot! He wants to fuck you Mark, that's what he wants."



I just shook my head and sighed,

"Ok maybe so. Does that mean he'll get to? Don't you trust me?" I asked even if I knew that he did, but I liked arguing with him about our relationship. I guess it was a way of making sure nothing had changed.

"Oh I trust you, I just don't trust him," he said resolutely.

"So what are you saying?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

"I'm saying that I'd rather you didn't go," he admitted.

"Are you serious?" I asked, knowing very well that he was.

"Yeah,” he confirmed.

"Jeez, do you see me tell you who you can be friends with and who you can't?" I asked even though I didn't expect him to tell me that I could spend as much time with Damien as I wanted to, he sighed and went to pick a coke out of the fridge.

"Well, I don't give you any reasons to tell me that, do I?" he asked, getting a bit upset.

"Hey, it's not my fault if I'm so gorgeous the guy's got the hots for me," I joked.

He laughed,

"The hots for you, uh? See, you just said it, right there, you said it! He wants you. So you can't spend time with someone who wants to have sex with you. I'm sorry, I win," he announced.

"No, you don't!"

"Oh god!" he said with a sigh, "You're not gonna listen to me anyway, are you? That'd be a first!" he complained.

Indeed, he knew I didn't really like people telling me what to do, even him. I guess that was because I had had very little freedom growing up and I was making up for it.

"Well, tell me something I agree with, and I'll listen!" I joked.

"Fine," he said, "do as you please!" he added with a very British accent, "But don't expect me to be cool with it."

"Come on, why does this worry you so much? If he tries something, I'll just turn him down. I'm getting pretty good at this!"

"Not as good as I am, obviously!"

"Look, so far he hasn't even tried anything. Now if he does, ok, I won't see him anymore. But for now, he's just a friend who needs some help, nothing more."

He just looked at me in disbelief and said, his eyes not leaving mine,

"Alright, just go then! We'll see who's right and who's wrong! 'Cause that move he still hasn't made on you, that's gonna happen today. I'd be very surprised if it didn't!"

I sighed and looked up a little,

"Well, now that I think of it," I said a bit thoughtfully, knowing he would not like what I was about to say, "he did say he had something to give me…" I slowly added.

"Oh God!" he said, shaking his head.

I laughed as I finished my sandwich. I took the bottle of coke from his hand and had a sip before giving it back to him. Then I pulled him close to me and pressed my lips against his cheek.

"See you tonight?"

"Yeah, whatever!" he mumbled, clearly frustrated that I would not listen to him.

I playfully placed several kisses all over his face, the last one on his lips before saying reassuringly,

"I love you."

Then I walked out of the kitchen and as I was getting closer to the front door, I heard him shout,

"Just don't let him suck your dick on the studio desk!"

I laughed to myself but he had got me worried. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into with this guy.

"I'll do my best!" I shouted back.

Alright, so if he made a pass at me, I would just shoot him down. I could do that! Rob did it all the time, it couldn't be so hard. I had to admit that he didn't give me any reason to worry about him cheating on me.

We had met a lot of guys who had hit on us and Rob didn't like anyone who seemed to take even the slightest interest in me. I thought it was cute and amusing when he started being watchful of someone. I mean, ninety eight percent of the time, he was the friendliest, nicest, sweetest guy with everyone but when someone showed too much interest in me, he could be spiteful and he had been with Damien. It's not like he was insanely jealous though, but he was very protective. Let's just say that guys had better keep off his patch.

As for me, well, I didn't really have to be jealous because most guys who fancied Rob were just too impressed and in awe to even talk to him. No kidding, we had been going out in gay clubs in London during the recording of the album and most guys practically shit themselves when they saw him.

But Rob being picky, the guys he could have been interested in were too impressed to even talk to him and the ones who did flirt with him were being so bold and aggressive that after a while, he just couldn't take it anymore. He had developed a real skill in turning them down, and since he usually didn't even fancy them that much, he would just shoot them down without mercy. He was beginning to have a reputation for being unapproachable and untouchable. And I gotta say, I found it pretty funny. On my part, I didn't really have to shoot them down, he would do it for me. Plus, we had kind of grown out of the threesome phase. It was not totally out of the question but since the one with Rihanna's dancer, we hadn't done it.

When I arrived at the studio, I was relieved to see that Damien was actually working with a band, and that they really were in need of some help. I worked with them for a couple of hours until two of their songs were completely ready to be recorded, and I could indeed see why they were so stuck, their song writing approach being totally wrong.

As I was about to leave, Damien told me,

"Thank-you so much for coming over. I know the band really appreciates it. And they were thrilled to meet you."

"You're welcome, I kind of had fun. I'm glad I could help!" I answered.

"You did a lot more than that." he smiled at me and suddenly gasped, "Oh, shit, I almost forgot," he said, snapping his fingers. "wait right here!"

"Ok." I said as he quickly walked away.

When he came back, he asked me to close my eyes, which I wasn't sure was a great idea, but I did.

"Alright, you can open your eyes," he told me excitedly.

I did and saw that he was holding one of The Edge's guitar that I had played to record 'Up And Up'with U2.

"Happy birthday," he told me.

I laughed,

"My birthday was six months ago!"

"Alright, well, whatever. Then consider it a late or early birthday present, or even better, a Christmas present!"

"How did you get your hands on this guitar?" I asked with curiosity, knowing that if it had to be valued, it'd probably be a very expensive guitar.

"Don't ask, it's a present. It totally adopted you during the recording, so can you imagine how sad it's gonna be if you don't take it home," he joked.

"Did Edge actually give it to you?" I asked, a bit surprised that he would.

He just looked at me, letting me know he was not going to say more and handed me the guitar. I checked it out like I had never seen it before.

"Well, it's an awesome guitar. I really can't ask you how you got it?" I smiled and he shook his head no, "Oh well, whatever it is, thank you, I love it."

"I know... and I also know that you'd love to take it with you on tour, so there you go," he smiled, "consider it as a thank you. I've learned a lot working with you and I loved it."

I smiled a bit self-consciously,

"Well, it's been great to work with you as well," I told him.

We smiled at each other, not really sure what to say next.

"Oh well, look at that! I think a hug is in order here," he said stepping closer to me.

I placed the guitar against the studio desk and we hugged each other. He rubbed his hand up and down my back and held me tightly against him for what seemed like forever. I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to let go when my phone, which was on the studio desk, made the message tone and vibrated.

"Ahh," he laughed, breaking the hug, "probably your boyfriend's ears burning," he told me in French.

"We weren't talking about him."

"You know what I mean," he said, knowing very well that Rob didn't like him.

I quickly looked at my phone and saw that I indeed had a text message from him and I laughed to myself, thinking that he really must have developed a sixth sense to know when someone was hitting on me. His timing was perfect.

I had a quick look at it and chuckled as I read his message "fucked him yet? Blow your load and come home. we're going out with Jord and his new gf tonight. ur not gonna believe who she is. And seriously keep you dick in your pants!"

"What's funny?" Damien asked.

"Ah, nothing. It's just Rob being Rob."

"You need to go?" he asked.

"Yeah, I should get going. Apparently I've got plans tonight!"

"Alright. Well, it was nice seeing you again. Look, I hope we can stay in touch. I know you'll be traveling a lot but maybe we can find some time to hang out once in a while. I should be working a lot in London during the year."

"Sure, that'd be cool. I'll call you, or you can call me, ok? Let me know what you're up to."

"I will, but you have to as well. I know you rock stars, you get so caught up in your lives. You always forget to let people know that you're still alive."

I laughed,

"Oh don't worry about that. I plan on living forever."

"So do I," he joked.

"Oh by the way, I've got the two backstage passes to the O2 that you asked for."

"Yeah? Thanks, that's great. I can't wait to see you guys live. I know you're gonna put on a great show with all those awesome new songs. And I wanna see if that boyfriend of yours is really as charismatic as they say he is!"

"Oh he is!" I confirmed as I reached for my bag and took out the passes. I handed them to him and he stepped closer to me.

"Okay, you take care of yourself, and don't be a stranger please," he said, as he wrapped his arms around me again and gave me another hug. It didn't feel like a regular friendly, goodbye hug though. He was holding me tight against him and again, he was showing no sign of letting go and I was pretty sure he had smelled my hair or something. Now, I was getting worried, and the worst thing was that it was only because I didn't want Rob to have been right! I didn't want to lose that argument to him.

"You too," I said.

He pulled back just a little so we were face to face. His arms were wrapped around my back. He looked deep into my eyes and I knew exactly what he was about to do, it was written all over his face. He was looking at me with a longing I had only seen in Rob's eyes before. He leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips against mine, closing his eyes. I didn't move and let him kiss me, as I almost rolled my eyes to myself, thinking that Rob had been right. His lips softly kissed mine and he opened his eyes again to see my reaction. I had a fixed expression and he apologized.

"Sorry," he said looking into my eyes.

"It’s - fine," I said, thinking the kiss was over. I probably should have broken the hug but for some reason, I didn't. I guess I wanted to make sure I didn't feel anything for this guy, but he took it as a clue that he could kiss me again. His hands moved to the sides of my head and his lips brushed against mine again.

He kissed me softly and I started kissing him back, embracing him a little. I didn't know why I was letting this happen but I wasn't really thinking, yet. He was a good kisser, the gentle pressure of his lips was perfect and he was softly caressing my cheek with his thumb. We gently kissed each other's lips, and I could feel his emotions in the kiss. I could tell how much he was enjoying this. It brought me back to reality and I broke the kiss, slightly moving my head backwards. I waited for him to look at me but he kept his eyes closed. His hands were on my neck and he gave a soft sigh of disappointment as he felt that I was stopping this.

He finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

I slowly raised an eyebrow as I asked him,

"What was that about?"

"Mark, I...," he started saying taking a step backward.

"Don't, I know but..."

"But you're with Robbie," he interrupted, sighing again.

We stood face to face for a few seconds, and I didn't really know what to tell him. He knew anyway. I looked at him apologetically. I didn't particularly enjoy hurting him. I reached for my jacket and put it on. I looked at him again and I was relieved that he decided to say something, except that what he said didn't make me feel any less bad and self-conscious.

"Look, I hope we can be friends. I don't want this to make things weird between us but now that I've started, I might as well tell you how I feel," he told me, self-assured.

"Damien, come on, you don't have to say anything," I started saying uncomfortably, not sure I wanted him to pour his feelings out to me and not have me say them back, but he stopped me.

"No, I need to tell you this. I didn't want to risk losing an awesome job before, but now, I've got nothing to lose," he said, doing some serious eye contact.

I sighed and placed my hands on the studio desk as I leaned on it a little, getting ready to probably hear a few compliments, which was bound to make me feel ill-at-ease. He placed his hand next to mine on the studio desk, bringing his body closer to mine and he looked at me in the eye as he spoke,

"You're different from any other guy I've ever met. I've had the best time working with you. The more I spent time with you, the more I wanted to. I just love being around you. You fascinate me when you play. You're so talented. Everything you do just seems so effortless, and yet I know how hard it is… You're amazing. And you're so damn nice, sweet and fun, and …. so fuckin' attractive. If you weren't already with someone, I would date you in a heartbeat."

Oh boy! How was I supposed to respond to this? Thank God, he hadn't said that he loved me. I looked at him with a soft smile, touched by what he'd said.

He smiled back at me as I told him,

"Wow ! Damien, I don't know what to tell you…I consider you as a friend but I love Rob. He's the only one I wanna be with."

"Yeah, I can see that. There's no breaking you up, is there?" he said with a small chuckle, taking a step backward.

I pressed my lips together and slightly shook my head no.

"I'm sorry if I made you think that you had a shot with me," I said. "but, you don't. I mean, you're a great guy, but I don't want you to hope that something could happen between us because what Rob and I have is a real commitment."

He gave a slight nod,

"It was worth a try! Too bad for me. I hope he knows how lucky he is."

"He does," I nodded with a smile.

He let out a small laugh and said,

"You know... I'm a bit surprised that you guys have been together for that long. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite aware of his looks and personality. I can see why he gets all the attention, but he's so complicated. He must drive you nuts sometimes!"

I laughed to myself because I knew exactly why he was thinking this. He hadn't seen the Robbie I knew and loved. Rob hadn't spent any time talking to him. He hadn't revealed himself. When Damien spent time with Rob, it was to record the songs, it was when Rob sang or worked, and so, the guy he saw was the confident, self-assured rock star, funny, independent, strong but sensitive, putting on a show all the time. He had seen all of his different personalities except the one that was my boyfriend... although, my boyfriend was a lot of these things too.

And when he had seen us together, he had seen two friends most of the time, not two lovers. He hadn't really seen the guy who could spend hours holding me or looking at me, the guy who kissed me with such an intensity that it took my breath away, the guy who would do anything for me.

"What makes you think that?" I asked nonetheless.

"I dunno, he's not like you. He's not as accessible as you are. Actually, I find him a bit intimidating. I just don't know how to act when he's around. I don't understand him. He's always different. He's pretty difficult to get on with cause I just never know who I have in front of me. I mean that's fascinating but also very disturbing... "

"Yeah, I know, he does that to people." I stated.

"Yeah. One minute, he sings like he's the most sensitive guy on earth, and the next he acts with such charisma and confidence that he makes me feel kind of intimidated... so I just think, okay, this guy has a strong personality, I get it! But then, whenever he's around you, he acts … normal, even shy. And it's like, it's like it's another person again."

I laughed,

"Looks like you've figured him out pretty well. You know, the guy you worked with, he's not my boyfriend. He's not the guy you think he is. When you see him with me, that's him. Most people just don't get to meet the guy I'm with. He's pretty much like any other guy really. He's not that complicated."

He looked at me with a confused expression.

"Then, who did I meet?"

"The rock star side of him, I guess."

"Well, maybe if I got to meet the guy you date, he'd like me a little more," he said.

"Yeah, I don't think so. I'm not sure there's one single side of him who likes you!" I told him quietly, shaking my head, "I know he's been acting very distant, and yeah, he doesn't like you very much but don't take it personally. He's just protective of me," I explained.

He chuckled,

"That's the understatement of the year!"

"It's a defense mechanism," I said with a laugh, "but it's just, there's a history and it's not just six years, I've known him my whole life. There's a lot more to him than what he let you see."

He took a deep breath and asked,

"Do you really think you can be with the same person your whole life?"

That was a good question. I shrugged my shoulders,

"Most people would think it's not possible. Maybe it's because they have to look for the right person. I've never had to do that."

"How can you be so sure that he's the right person? You have your best years ahead of you. Things change, people change."

"Sure! But when you're in love with someone, you just know. And you know what, if we love each other now, that's fine. If we love each other forever, that's great. But even if things get tough, we have too much invested in each other to let it die."

He smiled, "I don't really know what that's like. Look, I just want you to know that I really like you and I don't want today to be the last time I see you. It probably won't be, but when I say 'see you', I don't mean once every six months for five minutes you know."

"Look, maybe, I don't know. For now, I think it'd be best if we didn't see each other for a while.

He sighed,

"Fine, I get it," he paused for a few seconds and looked at me with self-assurance, "but hey, when things go downhill with him, because they will at some point, inevitably. You have my number!" he said, overly confident.

"You're bold!" I said, looking at him straight in the eye.

"Well, I know what I want. And you're quite a challenge!" he said as he stepped very close to me and placed his hand on my thigh, "I told you. You've been with him for a long time, and you're only twenty-four. First love and all that doesn't usually last! So whenever things get tough, I'll be waiting for your call!" he said with a lot of confidence again, which I kinda liked. He almost showed as much confidence as Rob.

I raised my eyebrows as I spoke,

"Good thing he's not my first love then. You can wait if you've got nothing better to do, but it'll be a while. I'd find some other guy to chase after if I were you."

"It's gonna be hard to find one as special as you!" he responded by moving his hand closer to my crotch.

My hands shifted downward and I asked,

"You don't give up easy, do you ? What makes you think you can have me after what I've just told you?" I had to admit, he was ballsy.

"I don't know. You're still here, aren't you?" he spoke seductively.

"Yeah, I am. I'm kind of curious to see how far you're gonna go," I challenged him with my eyes.

He moved his hand up to my crotch and squeezed it a little but I wasn't hard. His other hand found its way under my shirt, and his lips returned to mine. I thought that I really ought to stop playing with fire as he pulled me closer to him.

"Alright," I hissed as I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him backward, "sorry to disappoint you, but I really don't want this to happen!"

I broke away from him and grabbed my shoulder bag.

As I began heading toward the exit, he spoke,

"You forgot the guitar!"

" Can't accept it!" I refused coldly without looking back at him.

"Come on, take it, it's yours!" he insisted.

I turned around and shook my head no, letting the slighty annoyed expression in my eyes tell him that I would not.

"I went through a lot of trouble getting it for you!"

"You shouldn't have bothered!" I told him icily as I opened the door and walked out.

I went home, thinking that this guy might be really hard to get rid of. When I came into the living room, Rob was playing a video game and seemed ready to leave for wherever it was we were going. I plopped down on the couch, my hands in my jacket pockets and we looked at each other without talking. I turned my head to the TV with a sly smile on my face.

"Well?" he asked, as he kept playing.

I just shrugged slightly as I said,

"You may have been right!"

"Why? What'd he do?" he asked, tight-lipped.

"He… kissed me!" I almost whispered while looking at the TV.

He paused his game and looked at me, with a resigned look in his eyes,

"Oh jeez! That's even worse than him sucking your dick!" he added with something between surprise and disappointment in his voice.

"He probably would have done that too," I whispered then gazed at him as I questioned, "How is that worse?"

He frowned,

"Trust me, in my head, it's worse."

He started the game again and cursed,

"Fucking hell! This guy’s trouble. I hate him! I'd better not run into him again!" he said, a bit mad.

I smirked as I thought about the fact that I had given him the backstage passes and regretted it now.

After a moment, he paused the game again and asked,

"What was that thing he had to give you then?"

I kept a straight face as I answered,

"The Edge's guitar I played to record 'Up and Up'!"

He opened his mouth in surprise and stared at me as he shook his head. He then grabbed the remote to turn the TV off and looked at me again.

"You're joking!" he said a bit dumbfounded.

I shook my head no with a laugh.

"Oh that little fucker! He got it for you?" he asked, wide-eyed. "Unbelievable. You know, I asked the Edge! Well, it was kind of a joke because I didn't think he would, but fuck! He actually got it for you?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," I nodded, still surprised that he had.

"Where is it?" he asked, since I didn't have it with me.

"I didn't take it!" I responded.

"What do you mean you didn't take it?"

"I couldn't, it wasn't right!"

"Oh c'mon, you should've taken it!" he said, the tone of his voice saying he thought I should have taken advantage of the situation.

I just shrugged.

"Oh never mind, he's probably gonna have it delivered here. I know that's what I'd do if I really wanted you to have it!"

I smiled at him.

"So that's it this time? You're not gonna see him anymore?" he asked insistently.

"Yeah, yeah!" I agreed, but timidly added, "he might show up backstage at the O2 though."

"What!" he exclaimed.

"Well, I may have given him backstage passes," I cringed.

"Oh come on Mark!" he sighed, exasperated.

"That was before he kissed me!" I exclaimed in an attempt to justify myself.

"Oh I swear, if he shows up backstage, he's gonna live to regret it!" he shook his head with a laugh.

I laughed. "I'm pretty sure he will!"

"Why didn't you just take them back!"

" I'd already refused the guitar. I'm not good at being nasty to people!"

"Oh, I know. And I love that about you! But come on, make a bloody effort!" he said, a bit resigned.

The doorbell rung and I turned my head to the door, glad this conversation might be over. I quickly seized this opportunity to change the subject.

"So, who's Jordan's new conquest?" I asked with curiosity.

"You're not gonna believe it, I told you. Wait until you see her!" he said as he stood up and walked toward the door.

"Not Taylor Swift, is it?" I asked standing up as well. "He was only joking, right?"

He turned around and grinned at me.

"Shut up!" I uttered as he opened the door and I could only see it for myself.

They both came in, Jordan asking us if we were ready to go. I wasn't, but I guess I didn't really need to change. I gave Taylor a quick hug and told her, quite impressed by her figure and the very sexy red dress she was wearing,

"You look stunning."

"Thank you," she smiled.

"Where are we going?" I asked them.

"The Shangri-La," Taylor answered.

Considering this was a five star luxury hotel, I told them I would quickly change before we left.

Once I was ready, the four of us proceeded to leave.

"You've kept your cards close to your chest, haven't you?" I whispered into Jordan's ear as I closed the door to the apartment. He grinned coyly before he caught up with Taylor who was talking with Rob on their way to the lift. He wrapped his arm around her waist and we went down to the garage. Jordan drove the SUV we used for the band, to the Shangri-La Hotel, where Taylor was staying, for a private party in the hotel bar.

When we got there, a few girls were hanging out in a chilled out atmosphere. Rob and I went to the hotel restaurant to have something to eat and when we joined the party again, more people had shown up. I honestly didn't even know any of them, except for Alana Haim and Ed Sheeran, but we mingled, partied and ended up having a great time with Taylor's friends, or her girl squad, should I say, as well as Ed Sheeran, who was a friend, and who we always had a good laugh with whenever we saw him.

Indeed, as the night progressed, the party became pretty wild, as there were way too many intoxicated girls in the same room, and not that many boys. A few items of clothing were discarded and we had never signed that many autographs on girls' bare skins, mostly bottoms and boobs, of course. We had obviously already experienced it quite often in the past year, but boy, did girls enjoy watching two guys make out!

When we left the hotel, Jordan stayed there with Taylor and when we asked the parking attendant for our car, It occurred to me that we could have booked a room, instead of me having to drive across London for half an hour with a few too many drinks in me, although I felt fine. I suggested it to Rob. "We stay in hotels often enough, I just wanna go home. But if you don't feel like driving, I guess we can stay here. There’s no way I can drive us home."

"No, forget it, I'm fine." He leaned heavily against me, resting his chest against my back, which made me stumble a little. "Unlike you!" I joked.

He laughed. "I'm okay, I've just had way too many shots with those girls. Man, can they drink!"

"Amateur," I joked. "how many of 'em have you kissed anyway?" I asked him with a laugh.

"Oh! Not as many as you have!" he exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around my stomach. I just smiled, knowing he was right. "I don't care, a mouth's a mouth, I'll have forgotten all about this tomorrow!" he joked and added playfully, "And what about that hot blonde who slipped her hand down to your crotch and tried to get you hard, uh! You wanna talk about that!" he grinned at me, not really expecting an answer, and I didn't give him one.

"We should really try having a threesome with a girl, that'd be fun!" I suggested playfully, as I placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

He frowned,

"Maybe for you! How is that fun for me?" he asked jokingly, "That'd end up being a twosome with me just watching gay porn or reading a book."

I couldn't stop from laughing as I pictured the scene.

"Think about it," I told him, only because I had a bet going on with Jordan about this.

He leaned into me a little more and said decisively,

"Babe, I don't give a flying fuck where Jordan sticks his dick, alright! I'm not putting my dick in a vagina!"

"Jesus, it won't kill you!!" I insisted, "I wanna see if he'd actually go through with it!"

"Don't you two have anything better to do than to bet on this?" he asked.

"Not really, no!"

"You know what, you go fuck a girl, I don't care!"

I would!" I exclaimed.

I know!"

"But he wants you to do it!" I told him with a laugh.

He laughed back,

"No way, no fuckin' way!"

"At least, I've tried!", knowing very well he wouldn't do it… and so did Jordan. I guess he would not be fucking a guy anytime soon.

"Well, I've kissed a bunch of girls tonight. You can totally try to make him kiss a guy!" he suggested.

"Oh yeah, I'm so using that next time!" I said snapping my fingers.

The parking attendant came back with our car and we quickly darted inside to escape the icy London weather. I sat in the driver's seat and we talked about the party for a good fifteen minutes. There were quite a few anecdotes to share, especially when it came to Jordan and all the gorgeous girls at the party.

"I cannot believe Jord's gonna have sex with Taylor Swift tonight, I mean, come on!" I exclaimed, quite impressed.

"Oh, I can believe it! He's scrubbing up quite well lately, he's hot!" Rob told me as he sank into the passenger's seat a little and closed his eyes.

"Yeah, but Taylor!" I repeated loudly. "He's been chasing after her for like over a year, and he finally got her! He'll never cease to amaze me!"

"Well, he knows what he wants and he goes for it, you gotta give him that," he responded with a yawn.

"Sounds like Damien," I said, saying out loud the first thought that popped into my head.

"Hey, don't talk about him! I'm drunk. I might say nasty things," he said, sitting straight up again in the seat.

"Yeah, what am I doing?"

"I dunno," he said before letting out a small chuckle, "Yeah, you've kissed an awful lot of people today. Haven't you noticed they didn't look like me!"

I laughed and stated proudly,

"Hey, what can I say, I'm popular today!"

He nodded with a smile,

"It's about time you notice that," then he leaned closer to me, placed his hand on my thigh and murmured, "you know, Jord might get to screw Taylor Swift tonight, but you get to fuck Robbie Myers, that's pretty hot too."

I raised my eyebrows at him and smiled,

"How about he fucks me for a change?"

He immediately whined and I just laughed,

"Oh, you're so damn gay!"

"Yeah, I'm gay as fuck!" he confirmed with a small chuckle.

He reached over more and bit my ear, as his hand slid to my thigh,

"I like it that way," he whispered sexily, he moved his hand to my cock, which was already expanding. "I love to feel this deep inside me. You fuck me so good."

He started rubbing me and I felt my erection press uncomfortably in my jeans.

"Rob, we're almost there," I said, placing my hand over his. He continued rubbing and I had to lift myself off the seat in an attempt to find a more comfortable position for my cock. Sensing my predicament, he unbuttoned my jeans, reaching in to grasp my cock through my underwear. I didn't know how far this was going to go, but I knew that I didn't want it to end in the emergency room.

"Rob, come on stop, you're wasted! Just wait a few more minutes," I said.

"I don't think I can wait," he smiled, continuing to rub me.

Concentrating on an image of my grandmother, I was able to make it back to our place without crashing the car. As soon as the garage door closed behind us, he pulled my boxer-briefs down and lowered his face to my crotch. I pressed myself back into the seat as I felt my cock slide into his warm wet mouth. He seemed very hungry as he started to slide his mouth up and down on my dick, tonguing the area just under the head.

I ran my fingers through his soft hair, not applying any pressure, wanting to let him do whatever it was he wanted to do. He had tucked my underwear beneath my balls, and used his hand to play with and pull at them.

He was now kneeling on the passenger seat, fumbling with his own jeans while continuing to suck me. His cock appeared, and he started to stroke it. The sight of Rob touching himself was always such a turn on to me that I thrust my hips forward, causing him to gag slightly.

Before I could even apologize, he pulled my cock from his mouth and I seized this opportunity to recline his seat all the way back. I pushed him down into the seat and swung myself on top of him. It never would have worked if we hadn't been driving the large SUV.

He started to undress me and unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my chest and raising himself up to attack my nipples with his lips. His hand cupped my firm ass, and started to push my jeans off. I stopped for a moment, sat up on my knees, and pushed his jeans and underwear down to his knees, then did the same with my own. When I sat back down I could feel my ass against his cock, and thought to myself that this was a pretty wild thing to do. Sure we were in a closed garage with no chance of being caught, but it still felt pretty naughty.

I gave him my "I'm adorable" smile and started to kiss him. His hands slid up from my ass to my back under my shirt, at which point I realized I wanted to feel his chest too. I frantically started to remove what he was wearing and he helped me, pulling his clothes off of him and tossing them onto the driver's seat. His smooth chest made his muscles look pronounced and I ran my fingers all over them, soon replacing them with my lips. He felt so good. I kissed his smooth nipples and bit them softly, listening to him squeal with delight. I was slowly grinding my ass against his cock, quickening my pace as his cock brushed against my hole.

"I'm not kidding about you fucking me tonight. Please tell me you have lube with you, cause I don't." I said, a bit worried that he might say no. I knew he kept a few packets with him so that we were prepared for wherever the day took us, but he still reached for his jacket on the driver seat nervously, not sure if he had any.

"Ahah," he said, pulling a small packet out of his wallet.

I grabbed and opened it, pouring the lube into my hands before reaching behind me to stroke his pole with the liquid. He moaned in reaction to my tight grip, and once I was satisfied that he was well lubricated, I raised myself up, positioned his cock, and started to lower myself onto it.

"Ooohhhh," I moaned, closing my eyes as I took him down to the base.

I paused for a moment and then opened my eyes, leaning over to kiss him as I started to ride him. One of his hands roamed all over my body while the other one wrapped around my cock, incredibly taut against my stomach, the head weeping with precum. I watched him marvel at my tight body as I bounced up and down on him, making both of us groan with pleasure.

"Yeah," I moaned, feeling so full, as if he was not only fucking my ass, but my whole body.

I really needed to have this more often, but I thought that the fact that he didn't fuck me as often anymore made it even better when he did,

"Oh fuck me! Yeah fuck me," I encouraged him.

He was doing his best but it was really up to me to do the work. My hands moved to his shoulders and I decided that changing position would be a good idea. I reached for the door handle, and pushed it open as I raised myself off his cock.

"Come on, fuck me from behind," I said as I got out of the car.

He followed me but before he started fucking me again, he dropped to his knees and I felt him caress and kiss my ass cheeks as his tongue slowly made its way toward my center. As he began to rim me, I moaned and panted above him. He pushed my cheeks wide apart, allowing him to go deeper into my smooth hole.

"Fuck!" I yelled as his tongue darted in and out of me.

One of his hands grabbed my cock and pulled on it hard as he continued to lick me.

"Babe," I panted "fuck me again,"

He nodded his head affirmatively, he was too excited to even talk. Rob guided his throbbing cock to my hole and started entering me again.We both groaned as his cock slid across my insides. He sighed and pulled his cock almost completely out of me before thrusting its full length back into me, making me squeal with delight. I was ready for more. The feeling was so intense that I wondered how long I would be able to last.

I stretched my arms out in front of me, resting my hands on the car as he began to fuck me harder. I started rocking my ass back against him, encouraging him to go harder.Holding my hips tight, he fucked me hard.

I thought to myself that this could be the definition of 'make up sex.' Despite the fact that nothing had really happened with Damien; I knew we both needed to feel like we belonged to each other. He hadn't fucked me in a while, and despite the feelings we had to each other, our physical attraction to each other was undeniable and feverish.

He picked up the pace, listening to me make all sorts of different moans and groans.I raised myself up a little, his chest against my back and he stroked my shaft, while fucking my ass. We were both grunting and moaning, encouraging each other to do whatever we wanted, but I was much louder than he was.

He pressed his lips against my neck,

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "moan for me, so good to hear you moan, you make me so hard, I fucking love it!"

Then, he brought one hand to my ass and spread my ass cheeks, bu not toomuch. I bent over a little again, he pulled back and reentered only a few inches of his cock into my hole. He gave me quick thrusts with the top, speeding up his pace, making me moan loudly and wildly,

"Ohh fuck, yes, fuck me, ohhh"

He moved his hand from my ass to my mouth and placed his fingers on my lips, probably as an attempt to shut me up because I was turning him on too much and I opened my mouth and hungrily sucked on them, in between gritting my teeth in delight at the sensations coming from my hole. He wrapped his other hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze before stroking it in perfect rhythm with his thrusts in my ass and of course, his hand on me elicited soft cries of pleasure out of me.

"Ohh god, you're too much, you're gonna make me cum," he moaned, thrusting harder into me.

He let go of my cock and sped up his pace. He held my chest and kept up a fast, steady rhythm, "I'm gonna fill you up," he said sensually.

My hands were still on the car and he held them with his own.

"Oh God," I wailed as he fucked me harder and harder, "Yeah, give it to me!"

He jabbed at my prostate and I begged him to jerk me off again,

"I have to cum," I groaned.

But he didn't, continuing to pump into me, not letting my hands free.

"Please, Rob,", I begged again, "Oh God, oh God !" I looked down at my cock, leaking like crazy.

"Come on, do it!" he moaned, nearing his own climax.

"Rob, I don't think, I'm not, umm, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!" he started to drive his cock into me like a jackhammer.

I concentrated on the feeling and relaxed, letting out a high-pitched cry every few seconds.

"Oh fuuuck!" I finally shouted as I started to cum hard, a thick rope of white fluid shooting out of my cock and landing on the car.

He finally took one of his hands and squeezed my cock, as I felt the remaining jets of cum blast out of me, enjoying one of the fullest orgasms I had ever had. From the sounds he was making, I knew he had cum inside me, but I was too wrapped up in my own orgasm to really notice it. By the end, I begged him to release my cock, it had become so sensitive I couldn't bare to have it touched. He pulled out of me and I could feel his jizz leaking out of my asshole.

I turned around, kissing him hard and passionately, telling him how much I loved him.

"Oh man!" I said, rolling my eyes and wiping my wet eyes with my hand. "You can do things to me with that thing, I swear, you have to fuck me like that more often!"

"Wouldn't be as good if I did," he joked, "come on, you came without even touching yourself."

"You're a fucking tease," I laughed.

We eventually pulled ourselves together.

"Oh man, I made a mess," I said, seeing the cum on the car and the floor.

"I knew we weren't going to make it inside," he sighed.

"Oh we can make it inside," I winked, "you'll just have to give me a few minutes. I suppose you don't mind getting fucked now?"

He smiled at me, crushing his lips against mine,

"You know me so well," he said with a laugh.

Copyright 2017, unilive. All Rights Reserved
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ugh.. I'll just wait of the chapter/s when he and his family will be in. when he and his mom will talk and his half siblings.

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5 hours ago, danscott2018 said:

ugh.. I'll just wait of the chapter/s when he and his family will be in. when he and his mom will talk and his half siblings.

Next chapter... although i didn't write this story with readers' expectations in mind, I just wrote what came naturally and the story really focuses more on Rob and Mark's relationship...but everything else that happens has an impact on their lives and on their love. I hope you'll keep following them :)

Edited by unilive
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Wow! How so very selfish of Damien to pursue Mark when he himself has witnessed the relationship Mark has with Rob. But then to challenge Mark even beyond Mark’s declaration of his one love and true love for Rob is just way out of line. Mark allowed Damien, and himself, to go too far which was a very bad decision but for Damien to continue renewed seems more of trying to claim a prize just to say he got what Rob had. Damien is.very dangerous indeed.

Edited by Philippe
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19 minutes ago, Philippe said:

 Damien is.very dangerous indeed.

Yes he is, I agree... and he will cause some trouble...

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I just hope there no hidden cameras or hidden paparazzi that captured that loss of control. On the other hand, thy needed something to erase Damien’s intrusion. Unfortunately, I expect he has not yet given up. ...& I so want to know how he got that guitar. At least, Mark didn’t take it. 

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On 2/17/2020 at 10:16 AM, Dr. John NYC said:

I just hope there no hidden cameras or hidden paparazzi that captured that loss of control. 

I was so sure that they'd accidentally hit the remote on the garage door and provide The Sun with the morning's front page cover. 😎

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Great chapter. Interesting study of where they currently are, in terms of loyalty. I'm totally on board with @Philippe on this.

I guess Jordan really doesn't need to be a front man for interviews, if Taylor Swift is noticing him.

And a great make up session for a climax.

Only question now is what's going to happen backstage at the O2 Arena with Damien? Good Sound Engineers are hard to come by; or so my son tells me! 

Edited by Bard Simpson
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11 hours ago, Bard Simpson said:

Great chapter. Interesting study of where they currently are, in terms of loyalty. I'm totally on board with @Philippe on this.

I guess Jordan really doesn't need to be a front man for interviews, if Taylor Swift is noticing him.

And a great make up session for a climax.

Only question now is what's going to happen backstage at the O2 Arena with Damien? Good Sound Engineers are hard to come by; or so my son tells me! 

Thank you. I've often wanted to include Jordan in interviews but each time, I wanted to focus more on Rob and Mark so I didn't. I do say in chapter 7 that he does go to interviews as well, just not the ones I chose to write lol

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