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  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Author
  • 12,137 Words

This story contains sexual descriptions.

You can now find the story on Amazon and purchase the Kindle book or a paperback book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087WKT398/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_LteREb9NTMCH4

U-N-I - 31. Chapter 31

Rob and Mark have sex with Nick and a rule is broken.

I felt someone pass a blindfold over my eyes. I didn’t object, I’d found that blindfolds could be the way to really good things, starting with our island home, although this felt different to normal.

I could hear Nick whispering to Rob but not the words although I did hear Rob giggle,

"That's awesome," he gasped, "let's go."

Chapter 30 continues


The two of them helped me to stand then walk and although I knew it couldn't have been far, being blindfolded made it seem quite a way. I felt carpet under my bare feet, so I knew we'd gone inside, then they told me to sit down when I had Rob swung my legs so that I was laying on another lounger and again, Rob put my hands above my head.

How did I know it was him? Because I felt the thin plaited-leather wristband that matched the one I wore and I knew Nick only wore a watch on his wrist.

“Open your eyes,” Nick said quietly and I realised that I was wearing a pair of 3D goggles and what was playing put me right in the middle of the action in a porno movie.

“Holy hell,” I cried, “that’s fucking awesome!”

Gradually, I realised that Nick and Rob were doing to me what I saw being enacted on my personal screen so I knew they were watching the same as me. We could have watched it all together as normal but doing it this way, sharing the film with them but not knowing who was doing what to me was one of the most erotic things I’d ever experienced. They didn’t copy the film exactly, every so often one of them would spend time kissing and licking my arms or my torso, sometimes licking my nipples, then gradually, I felt a change in the mood; only one mouth, one pair of hands teased my balls and my cock. Lips I knew must be Rob’s skimmed over mine on their way to my jawline then my ear,

“Suck me babe,” he murmured, moving on to flick his tongue along my clavicle, something he knew I loved.

“Oh yeah,” I sighed, thankful of finally being able to participate.

I began to move my hands to play with Rob's hard-on and his balls.

“No, leave them there,” he told me, putting them back above my head and holding them in place.

I moaned, as Rob fed his hard and delicious cock into my mouth; I had my man’s shaft sliding over my tongue and a handsome guy doing unspeakably wicked things with my own hard-on and balls. As Nick had said outside, he did take his time savouring my cock and the pressure he applied with his tongue felt amazing. After a short while, he pressed a finger against my hole and I felt it slide into my ass. This was a compromise we’d come to with Nick.

“Mmph,” I growled around Rob’s dick as Nick teased my prostate, my hips bucking off the chair.

Then everything stopped, no-one was touching me anywhere and Rob had taken away his cock.

“Fuuuck!” I yelled.

Before I could fully recover Rob was kissing me, his tongue invading my mouth. Nick started sucking me again, he applied more pressure with his tongue and bobbed faster up and down my hard pole. For the first time in years, I felt another man’s mouth taking me to the hilt, then it slowly withdrew.

I moaned again as Rob’s fingers played with my nipples and Nick's gently moved my balls around, stroking my sac at the same time. I had no idea how long they spent on me but every time they saw I was close to reaching my climax they’d stop or do something different.

“No, no more for fuck’s sake,” I begged eventually.

My whole body was on fire, this was so far beyond any threesome we’d ever had, it was a whole other experience. It was still sex and not making love, well weirdly it was both, Rob was making love to me, Nick and I were having sex and the combination was mind-blowing.

“You don’t want to watch him make you cum?” Rob asked.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” I gasped.

“Keep your eyes closed for a few,” Nick said as Rob removed the headset.

When I opened them, it was to see Nick swallowing my cock again and Rob slowly stroking his hard-on inches from my face,

“Let me touch you,” I pleaded and he nodded.

In fact, he offered himself to my mouth again as I moved one hand behind him to play with his ass and the other to stroke his balls; I copied Nick’s actions and Rob quickly caught on.

“Fuck, babe, yeah,” Rob whimpered as I teased his hole and slowly pushed a forefinger into him, feeling his warmth. He held a hand to the back of my neck and slid his cock into my throat, sending me over the edge; I heard Nick groan as my orgasm began with a wave so powerful my whole body shook.

It took a while but eventually I stopped trembling, although I’d kept Rob’s cock in my mouth and I’d been gently sucking and licking it as my climax calmed.

Rob moved away and flopped onto the lounger next to mine, he stroked his hand up and down his still hard cock a couple times – the back of his lounger was less upright than mine and the position showed off his body to perfection.

“Well that was something else,” Nick murmured as he freed my own flesh.

“That was something fucking unique,” I gasped, still watching Rob's hot body.

Nick moved to sit on the floor between the two chairs Rob and I occupied and leant against mine so he could look at us both,

“A fair start to the evening gentlemen,” he smirked.

I laughed, Rob joined in and so did Nick.

He rose and headed to what appeared to be the cupboard of a nightstand, it wasn’t,

“Water anyone?” he asked as he took three bottles from the mini-fridge.

This guy was well-prepared I’d give him that.

Then it dawned on me, he was the only one still clothed. I cast a swift glance at Rob’s then my own nakedness then back at Rob while Nick was still out of eye-line, my brows raised in a question, Rob shrugged once so I said nothing. We were already so incredibly easy in each other’s company, it made no difference that Rob and I were naked and he wasn’t as we relaxed. Nick came back to again rest his left side against my chair, his elbow on the edge, his head on his hand.

“Well, when do we get to play with you?" I said to Nick suggestively, my eyes briefly shifting up and down his well- toned body.

He smiled and held my gaze, he knew I was saying this because of what I knew about him and was eager to see Rob's reaction.

“All in good time, gentlemen, all in good time,” he chuckled.

“And you call me a tease!” Rob exclaimed, looking at me.

Rob and I began making light-hearted comments about why Nick had suddenly become so shy about being naked in front of us,

“Used up all his bravery in the pool,” Rob suggested.

“Yeah, probably,” I agreed.

“Can I just say that old habits die hard, if you’ll excuse the pun. For me there’s usually a lot of foreplay involved because the vast majority of my lovers have been women.”

“And you prefer to stay clothed for all of it?” Rob asked with some incredulity.

“Guys I could give you chapter and verse of what and why I used to do the things I did with ladies but suffice it to say that my younger, inexperienced self, very quickly learned that it was far better for both parties if I concentrated on their pleasure."

“It’s why you’re into the edging,” Rob giggled.

“That and it’s fun,” Nick retorted.

“You can say that again,” I chortled.

“It’s one of those things that can work for both parties I suppose,” he said.

“Or all three,” I smiled at Rob.

Nick looked at me and smirked - the dimple was back,

“We could show your man how it feels,” he chuckled.

“Not could,” I looked hungrily at Rob, “should.”

“Look at that hard dick, we could have him begging to blow a nice load real quick,” Nick laughed quietly, I felt him tense ever so slightly as if he was preparing to spring, but first he looked at me,

"Did he give you any warning about what just happened?”

“No, and I think he ought to know how that feels,” I smirked, swinging my legs from my seat.

Before Rob could move, I crossed the small space between us and threw my right leg across him straddling his torso and already holding his wrists to put his arms above his head as someone had mine outside and Rob had in here. The curves of the lounger were made for this, behind me Nick had enough room to tease Rob.

“Yes, or no?” Nick had the strap to the goggles looped over a couple of fingers as he offered them to me, “and in the interests of fairness, Rob said yes to having you wear them.”

“You snitch,” Rob chuckled.

“In that case he absolutely should have the full experience,” I smiled at Rob as I took hold of the headset.

Nick chose a different film and I knew the moment Rob was in the virtual action.

“We are definitely getting one of these!” Rob exclaimed.

“I’ll give you the details of where I got it, I could come guide you through the instruction manual, mind you I've got an even better version at home, if you're interested in having one, I'd be happy to install it for you myself,” Nick said winking at me before he licked across the tip of Rob’s shaft.

"Fuck, you taste as good as each other!"

“Shit!” Rob gasped, “that’s fucking good.”

Nick looked at me, pointed a thumb at the tv screen, to which he'd connected the device showing the film in the goggles, then flicked it between us and shook his head. I took that to mean he didn’t want us to do what was playing on the screen, I nodded in understanding. I leaned down and began kissing Rob's lips and teasing his nipples with my fingers or caressing his skin.

It quickly became obvious why Nick didn’t want me to follow what happened in the film when Rob muttered something about swapping places with one of the men in it, I looked and saw on-screen there was a seeming tangle of men and it took me a moment to work out what was happening.

One guy was laying on the floor holding the wrists of another who was kneeling astride him facing his feet and impaled on his cock. A third guy was kneeling low down to touch and mouth the kneeling guy's cock and balls whilst another stood in front of him fucking his mouth; I knew who Rob wanted to be and with whom.

“Play nice and he might just let you, let us,” I whispered, just before I kissed him, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth, demanding control.

Rob moaned and so did I. His hips rolled uncontrollably, which thrust his hardness further into Nick’s throat, he quickly took his mouth away,

“Whatever you did, do it again,” he growled before he took my man’s erection to the base.

I took my lips from Rob’s, smiled and pressed our mouths together again only this time I nibbled and sucked on his lower lip – it had the same effect, Rob bucked and this time it was Nick I heard moaning. He pulled back just enough to be able to say,

“Fuck that’s brilliant!”

I looked down at Nick and was surprised to see that he wasn’t playing with himself, the man had amazing self- control although I could make out that his erection was tenting the front of his shorts.

I changed to gently teasing Rob allowing Nick to do as he liked to him without interruption.

Then I raised myself up a little more and started rubbing my dick on Rob's upper torso, neck and chin before pressing the head against his lips.

"Mmm," he groaned and stuck his tongue out to lick and suck the tip of my cock. Watching and feeling his mouth on my half-hard member felt so good that a wave of pleasure overtook me and my dick continued to harden. I let Rob enjoy my cock in his mouth until I was fully hard again.

Then I checked to see if Nick was still sucking on Rob's shaft and saw that he was, his hands were also rubbing Rob's ass cheeks. I moved again to caress Rob's chest and nip or bite one of his sensitive spots. I hadn’t realised that Nick was waiting for the next time I did it to thrust a finger deep into Rob’s ass.

“Ohhh, yes,” Rob bellowed after a short moment, he had tilted his head back to enjoy my teeth nipping at his neck. I sucked harder on his skin and he moaned hard. I turned quickly to watch as wave after wave of jizz clearly gushed into Nick’s mouth which his throat worked hard to swallow.

“Fucking hell!” I exclaimed, as I felt my balls tighten again, not enough to make me orgasm but enough for it to shock me. I heard both Rob and Nick breathing hard and realised I was doing the same as I lifted the headset away from Rob’s eyes.

“You two could be the death of a man,” Nick chuckled, as he finished cleaning Rob’s cock with his tongue.

I looked down at Rob, he had his eyes closed and head back, a small smile played on his lips, then he opened his eyes and barely more than mouthed,

“I told you he wasn't just flirting,” and let his eyes close again.

I felt as much as heard Nick stand up and move away, he flopped onto the third lounger he'd brought from outside laying back as Rob was, his eyes were also closed,

“I need a moment to commit that one to memory,” he chuckled.

“Not the first one?” I asked, pretending to be hurt.

“Already done it,” he replied, his smile spreading.

I spotted the small remote Nick had been using on the floor and tilted my head towards it, Rob followed my action and grinned when he saw the small plastic rectangle, he nodded to me and I leaned over to retrieve it. I basically kept pressing the buttons until the screen showed yet another film.

“If we’re carrying on chaps, can I suggest we retire to the bed?” Nick said quietly without opening his eyes.

“There’s no if only a when,” Rob told him.

“Up to you guys,” Nick replied.

I kissed Rob again, passionately, then glanced across to where Nick was reclining and he nodded. As quietly as I could, I stood up and swung my left leg from across Rob, I leant to speak quietly to Nick,

“Come with us then,” I told him, I turned and offered my hand to Rob as he too stood up.

I walked with Rob to the foot of the bed and waited for Nick to join us there.

“More room to get comfortable,” Nick smiled and took the left side of the bed, he’d brought the water bottles and set them on the nightstand beside him.

When he was sitting back against the headboard I moved to sit to his right and spread my legs for Rob to sit between them; he leaned back against my chest and I wrapped my arms around him. I nuzzled his neck as he spoke,

“There was one question I never got to ask,” he told Nick.

“Which is?”

“What made you realise that you’re attracted to men?”

“Um, well, it really started with watching porn and realizing that I liked watching the dude just as much as I liked watching the girl. I remember the first time I got off watching gay porn," he said with a bit of a giggle.

"We've all been there!" Rob said, letting out a small laugh.

"Yeah, and then, well, as I've told you," he said looking at me, "I had a fuck buddy during my second year at uni but I just chalked it down to experience, a fun one but I didn't think I was gay, I was still attracted to girls, it was just a fun sexual experience. Another of my uni pals Phil, who you’ve met, his dad has a personal security company and we’d work for his company in the holidays, one night, one of his clients wanted to go clubbing, gay nightclub clubbing. Came as a bit of a shock, didn’t bother me, just never guessed he was. I was keeping an eye on him as he enjoyed himself and this guy comes up and propositions me. I declined, explained that I was working, but I took his number when he offered it."

“And did you call him?” Rob asked.

“Took a while, but yeah, I did," he nodded, "when he asked why I'd rung him, I told him that I hadn't turned him down because I wasn't interested, just because I was working. He asked if I had ever done anything with a guy so I told him about my fuck buddy at uni and he said he was surprised that hadn't been the turning point for me - but that’s what made me think hard about it - we talked a lot and he made me realise that I’m male-female orientated when it comes to relationships but bi as far as having fun’s concerned."

“And so the majority of your lovers have been women you said earlier,” Rob stated.

“By quite a large majority in fact,” Nick replied.

Rob nodded and we were silent for a short moment.

“Can I ask something too, you don't have to answer if you don't want to...," Nick said.

"Go on," Rob said.

“How many times have you actually done this?"

"Not that many," Rob said with a small chuckle, "I'm sure you understand how constraining what we do can be. Why we stopped doing this for so long, well…," Rob paused. I knew he didn't want to reveal the real reason behind our decision.

"Well," I said, "one of the reasons, was because it sort of felt like we’d pushed our luck far enough."

“Whether you did it only once or once a week, every time was a risk so you clearly chose well,” Nick smiled.

“I think we have again,” Rob responded.

“Well I’m almost sure we have,” I said slowly, “but up to now somebody hasn’t exactly been a full participant."

“And we’re back to me not being clothed-off,” Nick laughed.

“That’s a new one on me,” Rob giggled.

“Satisfied?” Nick asked after he’d slid off his shorts, he smirked at Rob.

“Partly, we ought to have the chance to see if you can take it as well as give it,” Rob challenged him.

I noticed Nick's cock twitch but it hadn’t begun to harden or grow, not that it needed to do much of either – although I already knew it would.

“The difference being that, as I’ve never experienced what either of you do, or how you do it, I think I’d much rather watch you than any film,” he smirked.

“Well, that’s not entirely fair is it? So, I think you should wear the headset to begin with just so you get the same sort of experience we did,” I said, smirking at him too, “what do you think babe?”

I lowered my head to nibble along Rob’s right shoulder, knowing it would have him agreeing with me.

“Absolutely,” he sighed. I felt him grip my thighs and I gripped his bicep as he tilted his head to allow me better access.

“Have you any idea how fucking erotic that looks?” Nick asked, “It’s one of those something and nothing moments but it’s one hell of a turn-on. And it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve seen you do it, well naked on my bed it is!"

"Well, we don't usually make out in front of people, unless they're people we can trust."

"Most gay couples are the same but, in your case, it seems perfectly understandable."

"So why d'you like watching us so much?" I asked.

"Cause you're both fucking hot!" he said with a laugh and paused, "Or maybe it's because so few people get to see when you – do that!” I was back kissing and nibbling Rob’s neck and shoulder.

"And also, like I've told you, what made me realise I was bi was watching gay porn and getting off to it, I just love watching it, still is my guilty pleasure," he smiled naughtily, "so watching two naked gorgeous guys making out on my bed - it's like watching really good porn but right in front of my eyes, can't get any better than this!"

He’d half-turned towards us, his right arm resting on the pillows, his head propped on his loosely fisted hand, his cock was resting on his right thigh and we couldn’t deny that what he’d just said was true because there was definitely a change in its appearance. Unlike Rob and I, he was cut and it was definitely one of the largest I’d ever seen, including in porn.

“So have I cued this up for nothing after all?” I picked up the headset which I’d put on the nightstand beside me, “because just like with both of us there’s a majority vote in favour.”

“Alright already!” he laughed, holding out his hand, “did you bring the remote?”

“Yep,” I smiled holding it up.

“Pass it here, I know exactly what I want to watch if I can’t watch you in person,” he smirked.

He glanced into the goggles to see what it was I‘d put on pause,

“Good choice, I’ll let it run for you,” he murmured as he pressed buttons on the remote, “that’s better,” he added as he glanced into the lenses.

Clearly, he could watch one thing as we watched what played-out on screen, well sort of - I had a feeling that Rob and I wouldn't be taking much notice of what was playing on the tv. Nick made himself comfortable then put on the headset. Rob spun to kneel between my legs then leaned close to whisper in my ear,

“When he takes that off, let's make out again ‘cos it clearly does it for him.”

I nodded and Rob slid carefully from the bed then walked to the far side and sat on the edge,

“Move this way a little,” I said quietly, laying a hand on Nick’s right forearm to indicate what I meant.

He moved slowly until I told him to stop, we knelt to each side of him, looked at each other across Nick’s body and grinned – this was going to be <I>fun!</I>

“If I start thinking you two are making out again, I am very definitely ditching the headset,” he chortled.

“Nope, no making out happening, just choosing where to start,” Rob giggled.

Rob began by tracing his tongue over the lines of Nick’s tight torso, as he had with me and I sat back on my heels to watch but it wasn’t long before I joined in. Just as when we were on the chairs, I put Nick’s hands above his head, then I licked from the inside of his wrist along his forearm down his bicep to his shoulder, I skimmed my nose across his armpit and was surprised to find his personal aroma to be arousing – not as good as Rob’s but still damned good. I also loved feeling the bulge of his bicep against the palm of my hand, just like I did Rob's.

I moved my lips across his chest to lick and suck at his nipple as Rob chose that moment to do the same to his other, exactly as they had done to me.

“Fuck,” he hissed, “that does feel good.”

“I know,” I sniggered.

Rob and I didn’t always mirror each other’s actions, sometimes if he licked and nibbled at Nick’s body, I would stroke and kiss as we both made our way down his torso.

“What the f…!” I heard Rob gasp.

Rob's head was a little closer to Nick’s hips so I lifted my head to see what had made him say it. Nick was now fully hard – well I hoped that he was – and suddenly my own larger-than-average hard-on seemed utterly insignificant; Rob looked at me and his mouth was agape, it was even bigger than I remembered. It was at least ten inches long and had to be two or more across – from base to ridge.

"Damn, that dick's hot," I sighed, marvelling at how long and thick his cock was.

"But…," Rob said and looked at me wide-eyed, "you sucked him off in the dressing room!"

"I did!" I let out a laugh.

"You bastard! Rob exclaimed laughingly, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

"I had to see your face!" I laughed more.

Nick let out a giggle but didn't say anything.

"Priceless! Totally worth not telling you," I sniggered.

"Damn," Rob said and then he wrapped a finger and thumb around the base of Nick’s cock to hold it upright then almost made me laugh again as he mimed licking up one side of the shaft he held, then pointed to me to do the same when he did it for real.

The man’s dick seemed to go on forever, my tongue occasionally brushed against Rob’s as we covered every inch of it with our saliva and we were both moaning a little. This was undoubtedly the sexiest thing we’d ever done with another guy. Not just licking his cock, the whole night had been unbelievably sexual. I wrapped my lips around the tip and gave it a lick.

"How big is this thing?" I asked Nick.

He lifted his head up and just smiled almost self-consciously.

"Oh come on, I know you or somebody must've measured it!" I insisted.

He smiled again,

"It's eleven inches at its hardest!"

"Fuck me!" Rob exclaimed.

Nick laughed,

"Isn't that against your rules?"

“You were kidding right, about being the first for two people?” Rob asked.

“Absolutely not, I rose to the challenge quite well both times I like to think,” Nick replied.

“Well you sure as fuck wouldn’t have been mine,” Rob sniggered, as he finally stroked one finger along the length.

“I’ve gotta try this,” I heard Rob mutter as his tongue played with the hole at the tip and he wrapped his lips round Nick's cockhead.

“Holy fuck!” Nick exclaimed, his hips jerking in response to whatever Rob’s tongue was still doing to him.

Not wanting to feel left out, I scooted to lay on my stomach between Nick’s legs and started using my mouth and fingers on his balls.

“Oh god!” he groaned when I sucked first one of his balls then swapped to repeat it with the other.

I put a hand under his right knee and lifted it at the same time moving it further to the side. It was a bit of a selfish move but I wanted freer access to the sensitive skin behind his sac and, ultimately, his hole but before I got a chance to take full advantage of the new position I’d put his leg in, Rob whispered,

“You have got to suck this cock.”

"I have already! But I do want to do it again!"

Once again, looking straight up its length, I wasn't sure how much of it I could take in my mouth. I knelt up and looked at Rob, he nodded and began stroking his finger and thumb up and down Nick’s length. I first licked away the clear pre-come which had gathered at the tip in the absence of Rob’s tongue, it tasted good, then I slowly opened my mouth and slid my lips over the head but stopped, as had Rob, when they slipped beyond the ridge.

I slowed my breathing as I thought about going further, even if I took as much of him into my mouth as I did when going down on Rob, there’d still be part of Nick’s cock beyond my lips.

For a few moments I did no more than glide my lips back and forth across the ridge, my tongue teasing the hole.

“Mmph!” I groaned when I felt Rob’s fingers following the crease between my ass cheeks heading for my sphincter.

The trouble was I’d also jerked forward and my mouth was now full of Nick; I swallowed instinctively against his cockhead as it touched the back of my throat and thankfully, he pulled back a little as he too groaned.

“Fellas give a bloke a fair chance,” he gasped, “you’re both one orgasm ahead of me.”

“Oh, we’re nowhere near finishing you off yet,” Rob chuckled as he continued to stroke both Nick’s cock and my hole; much as I tried pushing myself against it, Rob wasn’t going to let me feel his finger inside me.

Rob again whispered to me,

“Move over,” he gave me another wicked smile pointing to Nick's side, “I want to try something.”

I kept my mouth moving slowly up and down Nick’s pole as I moved to kneel beside him again; Rob took my place between his thighs then nodded at me to take my mouth away but indicated he now wanted me behind him.

He slid his body slowly up Nick’s, kissing and licking as he went. I on the other hand began stroking the backs of Rob’s thighs then his ass; he dipped his hips away from me just enough to slide a hand between us, he took hold of my dick and moved it down, I immediately understood what he wanted and pulled a little further back, holding my cock with him. When he took his hand away, it was to do the same with Nick's cock and he put his hand between him and our edging victim.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, yes!” Nick exclaimed.

I smiled, I knew that Rob had taken hold, as best he could, of both their cocks and was jerking both of them off as he also tormented Nick’s nipples with his mouth. Nick’s hips rose, trapping Rob between us and making my cock slide over their balls.

“Mm,” Rob groaned.

“Oh man, again,” Nick almost begged.

“You like being part of our making out?” Rob sniggered.

“Who the fuck wouldn’t?”

I kept the movements of my hard-on irregular so that neither of them could become fully accustomed to what I did as it rubbed over both their sacs at the same time, although I did carry on teasing Rob’s hole as he had mine. This was beyond anything I’d imagined would happen with the three of us. Turns out not one of us was the ‘victim’ in this edging game – we all were.

Nick’s body was shaking beneath us and I saw that he was gripping the pillows so hard his knuckles were white so I slid my hands under Rob’s shoulders and eased him up, pointing to Nick’s hands.

“Christ! That was close!” Nick gasped.

“Want to do something different?” I whispered in Rob’s ear.

He turned his head and looked at me quizzically,

“Kneel there,” I pointed to Nick’s left. He nodded and moved to do it as I did the same to Nick’s right.

I pulled Rob to me, over Nick’s body and kissed him not letting go of him when I pulled away to speak,

“Take off the headset,” I said but only after wrapping Rob’s hand around my cock and my own around his; we were kissing passionately again and stroking each other’s cocks by the time Nick looked up at us.

“Jesus H. Christ on a fucking bike!” he gasped.

He did nothing, he stayed exactly where he was, he didn’t try to join in – and that made the moment even more sensual.

Slowly Rob eased us both down until we were sort of laying on Nick as we faced each other, our cocks all rubbing together. Rob or I would sometimes turn to lick or bite his nipples but mostly we just carried on making out on him. Nick kept rolling his hips and I could feel his abs tense and relax beneath us, Rob was moaning into my mouth.

“Oh god, I'm so fucking horny, please fuck me, I fucking need a hard cock inside me,” Rob suddenly begged.

I knew he was talking to me but since he wasn't looking at me in the eye, I placed my lips next to his ear and whispered to him.

"Which cock do you want?"


He raised his head and looked at me.

"Which cock do you want to fuck your ass?" I repeated sensually.


“I know you wanna try –"

The expression on his face told me all I needed to know,

"Are you sure?" he asked.

I nodded,

"I've known about this," I said, taking Rob's hand and pressing it onto Nick's huge pole, "for quite a while. I've had time to think about it. But just one try, if it doesn’t happen first time that’s it,” I said quietly, noticing more lust in Rob’s eyes as he wrapped his fingers around Nick's cock and stroked him.

“Guys,” Nick said in a low, almost warning, voice, “you know I won’t object but you have rules I’m prepared to keep to.”

“If you’re brave enough to try it,” I went no further but simply looked from Rob to the immense hard-on he was still stroking then back to him; I’d seen how much pre-come was leaking from Rob's cock – a sure sign that my man was just about as turned on as he could be.

“I'm definitely brave enough,” he mouthed.

I smiled,

"I'm not!" I said beneath my breath under the guise of kissing my way from his ear to his shoulder.

“Wow, if this is happening," Nick began saying once he realised we were being serious, "and I hope to fuck it is, then it’s now my game, my rules. Rule number one, you pick a safe word and if you say it, I'll stop,” he said, "rule number two, if I think that either of you have any doubt at all, at any time, that this is working for both of you, I'm not playing.”

I could see pure lust in Rob’s eyes as he glanced at Nick’s pole but when he looked at me I saw only his love for me, this had become all sex the moment I’d asked which cock he wanted, none of what happened from now on would have anything to do with making love and I for one was good with that.

Rob’s face took on a kind of hesitant look similar to the one he’d had the moment before he’d kissed me for the first time but then there was also a hint of the adrenaline-fed nerves he got just before he stepped on stage.

“Your game, your rules, you said,” Rob stated, his eyes never leaving mine, “so tell us how to play it.”

“Alright, while I get a couple of bits and pieces, may I suggest that Mark lays back and you entertain him for a moment or two," Nick said as he manoeuvred himself carefully away from us, past Rob, to slide off the bed and crouch by the side of it.

I was more than happy to pull Rob onto me, full naked body contact with him, especially when he was on top, was one of my favourite things

He brought his lips to mine and our tongues gently played together. I reached around him to grope his ass. It was smooth and firm and I pulled him hard to me, making our cocks slide together again.

"I'm gonna ask you this one last time…," Rob whispered.

"Babe, you don't have to," I answered in a low whisper as well, "we both want this to happen and we both know this is just a one-off. I can see it your eyes – how bad you want this – and it's ok, it's just sex," I said, my lips almost touching his.

"I do wanna try and I know we've discussed it before but I won't do it if you're not completely sure that you're ok with it."

"I'm ok with it. But just one time. Honest, right now, the thought of watching his cock slide in and out of you is such a huge turn on," I said with a sigh.

We looked intently at each other, as if to confirm that we were both on the same wavelength.

A naughty smile spread across his face,

"D'you think I can take that eleven-inch cock inside me?" he asked lustfully, making my cock twitch.

"Fuck," I breathed, "of course, you can," I said sensually.

He gazed at me and took a deep breath,

"So, he's fucking me and I'm not fucking him, I didn't that see that coming!"

We giggled,

"The night's still young. He's told you, he tried bottoming a couple times."

"Yeah, I don't think he's bottoming tonight and I'm not in the right mood to top anymore."

I chuckled,

"Looks like watching me getting fucked by someone else is one fantasy you'll soon be able to cross off your list!" Rob whispered before his tongue began playing with mine.

We were still kissing when I felt the mattress move and Nick re-joined us. I’d heard catches being flipped and things being moved around so I tried to look at what he’d been collecting but he’d already put down whatever it was out of sight.

“I am so going to enjoy running my tongue round his hole maybe even pushing it in a little,” Nick said as he smiled at me over Rob’s shoulder.

"Enjoy, it's fucking good!" I said to him.

Rob groaned at our words, rimming being something he loved, and because I could feel Nick’s fingers brushing past mine as he trailed them down the crease between Rob’s ass cheeks, I pulled them a little wider apart to make it easier for him.

“Oh fuck!” Rob gasped and I figured his hole was being fingered, “what’s that?”

Nick sniggered quietly before he spoke,

“Just lube, good huh?”

“Yeah, but it’s cold and kinda fizzing,” Rob looked at me as he described it.

I was holding Rob close so our dicks kept rubbing together as I slowly moved my hips and now Nick was teasing his sphincter with this unknown lube. Rob tensed for a moment as we kissed and I guessed Nick might have pushed a second finger into Rob’s ass. He whimpered into my mouth but then I moaned into his as I felt Nick stroking our balls.

Over Rob’s shoulder I watched as Nick lowered his head and I smiled sure of what was coming next for Rob, I again eased his ass cheeks apart. It didn’t take long before Nick’s tongue had Rob tensing all over.

“Oh yeah, I just love this!” Rob moaned.

Nick seemed to like the words of encouragement because he did something that made Rob want to kiss me hard. His tongue roughly played with mine and I pulled him into me harder.

I could only guess that Nick had pushed his tongue deeper into Rob's ass.

Even if this didn’t go all the way I was loving how Rob was so into it.

“Don’t stop, fuck!” Rob suddenly panted.

I wondered why he'd said that so I lifted my head to see Nick holding a small butt-plug silently asking for my permission, toys were something else we’d agreed to but I appreciated that Nick still wanted to be sure I was ok with it.

“Mmph,” Rob grunted as Nick breached his hole with the dildo.

I knew what rhythm Nick was using because Rob was rocking his hips against me in response as Nick stroked our balls again.

“Urrgh there!” he begged as he arched then bowed his back a few moments later.

“You bastard,” he panted as his hips moved erratically.

Whether Rob had realised it or not I couldn’t tell but I’d worked out that each time Nick brought Rob to the edge of orgasm by changing the way he was teasing him he was getting Rob there a little quicker.

“Sorry but I just had to get my fingers back inside your fabulous ass.”

Rob was soon riding Nick’s fingers for all he was worth with small whimpers and moans escaping him every now and again; Nick carried on stroking and rolling our balls, he even stroked from mine over the smooth skin behind them to my hole but he went no further.

“You want to finish yourself with this?” Nick asked quietly.

I was back to mauling Rob’s ass and felt Nick rub his dick over Rob’s hole so I eased Rob’s ass cheeks apart - that way Nick could slide his cock between them.

“Fuck, yeah, I do!” Rob quickly said, raising himself up a bit more onto all fours and at the same time, thrusting himself back onto Nick's cock.

I moved my hands to Rob’s chest where I could both support him and give my attention to his beautiful body.

I could tell as Rob closed his eyes and slightly opened his mouth that Nick had started pushing his length into him. I knew how much Rob loved being penetrated and I savoured every second of it as I watched the look on his face. Nick took his time feeding Rob his large member.

Every few seconds, I could see Rob's face tense a little but he didn't stop. He began slowly rocking his hips to make Nick push even more into him when he suddenly yelped, obviously feeling a shot of pain run through him, and Nick stopped moving.

"Sorry," Nick said. "Are you ok? I won't go all the way."

"Oh you can go all the way. I just wasn't expecting it. You're fucking huge!"

I saw Nick smile and there was a look of pride on his face. Gay, straight or bi, there wasn't a boy alive who didn't love his own cock.

"Just go slow so I can get used to it," Rob said.

Nick took hold of Rob’s hips and I could tell he was pulling out a little – and then he pushed back in.

"Ohhh," Rob groaned, pushing his lips against mine and then nuzzling his face into my neck.

"How does that feel?" I whispered sensually into his ear, I knew he probably wouldn't want to talk and just concentrate on what he was feeling but I couldn't help but ask.

"Good, but god, this cock keeps you on the verge of cumming and of begging him to stop."

"You want me to stop?" Nick asked, from his tone of voice not expecting Rob to say yes.

"Have you heard me say my safe word?" Rob said, adjusting himself to get ready for more.

Rob was evidently feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure as Nick pushed himself deeper into him so I grabbed his pecs and twisted his nipples to send some of the pain receptors in different directions. This of course only excited Rob more and soon he was rocking back and forth. I didn't know if he would ever be able to walk properly again but I could tell he was starting to enjoy himself and I was having an adrenaline rush thinking about Nick's cock inside his ass.

Nick stopped to reapply more lube and sighed at his own touch, seconds later he pushed himself into Rob making him groan.

"Fuck! I'm all the way in, ohhh you feel so fucking good, your ass is so hot."

Rob's breathing became deeper, heavier, as he enjoyed Nick's cock moving a bit faster inside him.

"I wanna suck your cock and I want you to suck mine," I murmured to Rob, seeing that he was now ready to do something else besides concentrating on taking all of Nick's length.

Rob just nodded enthusiastically and I moved myself so I was laying beneath him where I could take his cock in my mouth and watch Nick’s cock slide in and out of Rob's ass.

This was all we'd imagined - but with one hell of a twist! In all our fantasies, it had been Nick getting fucked as one of us lay below him to watch and even though I had thought that Rob might want to get fucked by a cock as big as Nick's, I didn't think it would actually happen.

Rob soon had his mouth round the tip of my erection, his tongue doing incredible things to my cockhead. Nick had stopped moving to let me get into position and I watched as he began to slowly withdraw again, further each time he pulled back, before sliding his full length back inside Rob, the speed at which he moved as he continued to fuck Rob this way didn’t change and it was crazy hot.

"Oh yeah, omigod, fuck," Rob groaned before swallowing my shaft and massaging it with his tongue.

"Yeah, take that cock," Nick said, moaning louder and louder, "Mark, you're a lucky bastard," he panted, "this has got to be the best ass I've ever fucked!"

"I know, don't break it please," I joked.

He chuckled but it was like a low growl,

"Ohh fuck yeah, this is awesome!"

I had no idea how many minutes had passed but I could feel Rob's sucking was becoming irregular. I watched as his balls tightened up, eager to feel his seed filling my mouth. After having Nick's cock work him over, he was ready to burst.

Nick continued to thrust in and out, really pounding into him now and Rob whimpered,

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum, fuuuck," he roared in the second before he swallowed my pole.

I sucked harder on his cock, taking in as much of him as I could and I was rewarded with the first spurt of his hot jizz, I swallowed it, my mouth already filling with the next wave of his orgasm. I took my time savouring his load and licked him clean for as long as I could.

When I opened my eyes, Nick was gone, well not entirely he was laying on his back across the foot of the bed.

I moved from under Rob and knelt on the bed.

"I thought I'd give you back what's rightfully yours," Nick said as he removed the empty condom from his erection.

After all that, he hadn't come!

Rob raised himself up and still had a horny look on his face. I knelt behind him and wrapped my arms around his body as I kissed his neck lustfully.

"Of fuck, I feel so empty, take me baby, I fucking need you," Rob begged.

I quickly lubed myself up and kissed him again passionately for a few seconds before speaking,

"Why don't you blow him, finish him off," I whispered.

"Come over here," Rob said to Nick.

He moved to kneel in front of Rob, who immediately lowered his mouth onto Nick's still rock-hard member. With Rob on all fours again, a different dick in his mouth and a different dick in his ass, I began thrusting in and out, all the while watching Rob as he worked his magic on Nick's cock, and watching Nick's face as he enjoyed Rob's talented mouth.

Nick was also focused on me. I couldn't help but think that it was what he had wanted to see all along, Rob and I making love and I thought that we might as well give him something worth watching.

I pulled out of Rob and letting go of Nick's shaft, he turned to look at me,

“No, don’t stop, please,” he begged.

"Lie down on your back," I told him.

"Alright," he said and did as I'd asked. He seemed to understand what I wanted to do.

We didn't take our eyes off each other. I lay next to him and raised his leg to fuck him sideways, to allow Nick to watch and maybe participate if he wanted to.

I kissed Rob's chest, pulling with my teeth at a short hair and he yelped in excitement.

I looked at Nick who was fisting his own hard on.

"Is this what you wanted to watch?" I asked naughtily.

He just gave me a wicked grin and nodded, keeping a tight grip on his cock.

I raised Rob's leg higher and pushed myself into him.

"Oh yeah, baby," he whimpered, "Your dick's fucking perfect! No offence Nick, but I wouldn't want to take this," he said pointing at his large member, "on a regular basis."

"None taken. I wouldn't want to either," he said and we all let out a giggle.

Rob moved his arm behind my shoulders to roughly run his hand through my hair and he crashed his lips onto mine. We made out passionately and I let out a few soft moans as his tongue explored my mouth. His hole, which had taken me with ease, gently squeezed my shaft and I made love to him and gave him long deep thrusts, making sure to tease his prostate and to give his body as much pleasure as I could. Rob groaned with each thrust and I sucked one of his nipples, massaging his pectoral muscle with my lips, inhaling the familiar scent of his skin that I loved so much.

Then I pressed my lips against Rob's and we softly moaned as our tongues danced together. I was still holding his leg up and caressing the hair on his thigh as I continued pumping into him. My hand made its way to his hardening cock and I ran my thumb over the head and stroked him, making him whimper into my mouth and murmur 'I love you' to me. Making love with him in front of someone was so mind-blowingly good that I had to force myself not to go over the edge too soon.

"You like watching that?" I said in a whisper.

"Oh fuck yes, that's just so hot to watch," Nick murmured, not missing a beat, his hand slid up and down his pole faster and faster, and soon I heard his breathing become heavier.

Rob and I couldn't quite take our eyes off each other as we carried on making love and making out in this position for a short while, Rob only slightly turning onto his side a little more.

"Oh my god," Nick growled and I watched as he jerked himself off hard and fast, clearly about to reach his climax.

"Come over here," I said to him, "we wouldn't want that load to go to waste."

"No, we don't want that," Rob breathed, wanting, just like I did, to see Nick cum, preferably all over us.

Nick got on his knees next to Rob who began staring at his ready-to-burst member.

"Come on, shoot your load dude," Rob said with a moan and reached up to play with his balls while Nick pounded his shaft even faster.

Then I heard Nick whimper and his orgasm hit. His cock seemed even bigger as it started to shoot ropes of white fluid over us, the first one landing on my cheek, the next hitting Rob on his chin, close to his mouth, and a few more going on Rob's upper chest.

I kept ploughing into Rob as Nick sprayed us with his spunk and whimpered as I felt my balls rise, my own climax had me shuddering and my eyes squeezed shut by the power of it. I buried myself balls deep into Rob, he tightened his sphincter and his ass milked my cock as I enjoyed emptying my load inside him, right where it belonged.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw that Nick was feeding his cock to Rob who was happily licking him clean. I smiled and licked my lips before taking the cum that was still on Rob's chest in my mouth.

"Fuck," Nick panted, "you guys are incredible!” he said between deep, heavy, breaths.

"Humm, you taste good." Rob said, "Doesn't he taste good?"

I just nodded with a moan and gently pulled out of Rob.

"That was fucking extraordinary!" Nick whispered as he continued gently stroking his well-spent cock.

“Are you ok?” I stroked Rob's face as I spoke quietly to him.

He kissed me gently and I used this opportunity to lick the drop of Nick's cum that was still on his chin.

“Couldn't be better," he said, kissing me back, tasting Nick in my mouth.

"I guess I should probably leave you two alone for a bit," Nick said as he watched us kiss.

He stood up to go to his bathroom, closing the door behind him. A moment later, we heard the shower running and only then did it occur to me that both Rob and I were covered in a light sheen of perspiration,

“I think we need to shower too,” I smiled at him.

“I don’t think I can move,” he said. "I can still feel him inside me – and you."

We didn't speak for a moment both of us relaxed, feeling almost high from the post-sex glow.

"Well," he chuckled, looking at the ceiling, "that's done!"

"Yeah, it is…," I nodded, "and let me tell you, it was crazy good to watch!"

"Well, it felt crazy good, with all of him in my ass, you giving me head and your cock in my mouth, it was brilliant – and then making love in front of him, that was so fucking intense."

“Yeah, so fucking intense,” I repeated.

"Happy birthday - again," I said with a giggle.

He chuckled,

"Happy birthday to you too!" he slightly turned his head to look at me, "Did you really mean what you said about it, that you enjoyed watching it happen?”

“Knowing I’d given you the chance to be pleasured so well and not forgetting that I was right there with you, I mean, why wouldn’t I?”

Rob moved so that his face was against my chest and his body even closer to mine, our legs tangling together,

“I keep telling you, you’re perfect,” he murmured as I felt his lips on my skin.

"It was incredibly hot. Rob, fuck, I can’t see that I’ll ever regret it happening,"

"Well, neither will I, it was – satisfying to say the least. Thanks for letting me try it."

"You're welcome."

"You knew it might happen this way, didn't you?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"I thought about it a few times," I shrugged playfully and he shook his head with a smile, "but I also meant what I said before, that it was a one-off," I whispered.

Even though I knew he’d most likely be thinking the same, I still felt the need to verbalize it.

"Of course it was." he said and turned his head to make sure Nick was still in the bathroom, then he gently caressed my face, "Babe, it was definitely fun, fulfilling that one fantasy together, but it was nothing compared to how it is with you. With you it's hot, and it's intimate and it's emotional and it feels fucking amazing, nothing compares to that, not even an eleven-inch cock," he laughed and I did too.

"So?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Will it be happening again, or are we definitely leaving threesomes behind with our twenties?"

He brought his lips to mine and gave me soft kiss.

"I think you and I both know we're leaving them behind, don't we? -- but wasn't it just the best way to wave goodbye to both our twenties, and threesomes!"

I grinned, relieved that we were on the same page,

"It most certainly was!"

His hand ran down my stomach and gently touched my dick,

"You know, at the end of the day, this is the only dick I want, and it's the dick I got married to!" he said and we kissed lovingly for a long moment.

When Nick re-appeared, he was dressed in a cotton bath-robe,

"We should probably break the news to him that this won't be happening again," I whispered into Rob's ear, too low for Nick to hear me.

"I will tomorrow," Rob winked.

“Anyone need a drink, I’m on butler duty,” Nick said as he gathered up the half-empty water bottles from earlier.

“Just a glass of water would be good, cheers,” Rob replied.

“Make that two please,” I added, “hey, just curious but what did you choose to watch?” I asked, as he’d passed the bed, he’d moved the headset.

“There’s plenty of towels if you want to shower,” he told us as he left, having left us the asked-for water, I noticed he hadn’t answered my question.


When my eyes opened, I couldn’t immediately recall where we were, what hotel, in which city, what venue we had or were we about to play then my brain woke up properly and I remembered – everything!

We’d slept all night in what should've been Nick's bed but of the man himself there was neither sight nor sound. In the night Rob had turned away from me and we were spooned so perfectly that it felt as if he was sitting on my lap.

As soon as images of the previous night came to mind my morning boner, up to then only half-hard immediately sprung fully to life. Rob was so deeply asleep, he didn’t react in any way when I slid my arm from around his body then myself from under the duvet.

A quick glance round the room showed a tray on the low coffee table in front of the loungers, I saw it had two mugs, a caffetiéres, wrapped to keep it warm, and a note. This guy took 'hospitality' to a whole other level I thought. I looked at the clock on the nightstand, it was a few minutes before seven-thirty. I walked slowly to the bathroom thinking about all that had happened.

I stepped under the hot water, fully intending to deal with my hard-on before actually soaping myself. The walk-in shower was fronted by a wall of thick, water-green, glass bricks and was almost as impressive as the one I’d encountered during my sojourn in New York.

I put my left hand on the tiled wall then fisted my throbbing cock in my right and bowed my head beneath the water, its warmth on my skin adding to the good, really good, feelings as I remembered being taken care of by Rob and Nick but I quickly moved onto what we’d done to Rob, by the time I’d got to the moment Rob and I had agreed to break our own rules, my cock twitched and I felt my orgasm build. Here was one memory that I was going to use as jerk off material for life. It didn't take long before I was shooting a small load under the water which was quickly washed away.

When I walked back into the bedroom, Rob was still sound asleep. I sat on one of the loungers and opened Nick's note.

“Thought fresh coffee would be a good idea - Couldn’t see the point of turfing you out. I've ordered breakfast from room-service for 8:30 on the terrace hope that's ok. You asked what I had chosen to watch last night so press play if you're still interested ! It's a short film that I hope you 'll like. With apologies, it was rather irresistible. Don't worry, it's the only copy and no one's seen it but me.

The note instantly sparked my curiosity. 'The only copy', 'Don't worry' – why would we worry? - 'a short film', ‘with apologies’. Fuck, was it what I thought it was? It couldn't be… could it?

I pressed play on the remote and looked at the screen. My jaw dropped and I let out a short laugh. It was exactly what I thought it was.

He had filmed us.

I sat there and watched. I watched Rob fucking me, in the press box at the Rose Bowl. The image was a bit blurred, but not enough not to enjoy the action on the screen.

"Oh god, this is hot," I said in a whisper, my hand covering my mouth.

It seemed like it had only just started then it was already over. As I pressed play again, I noticed the film was only a little over two minutes long.

I watched it again and then just couldn't resist jumping on the bed next to Rob,

"Rob, Rob, wake up," I said as I shook his body.

"Wha…," he groaned and I shook him harder,

"Wake up, you're not gonna believe this."

"Fuck, what's going on?" he mumbled as he looked at me with sleepy eyes.

I turned my head to watch the screen again and he did the same for a few seconds.

"What the hell…," he gasped.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face and I immediately handed him the note from Nick.

He rubbed his face and began reading it his wide eyes swivelled to look at me,

“Yeah I know,” I sniggered and we carried on watching, not sure what to say or what to think.

"Nobody's gonna see us, huh?" I said with a hint of sarcasm just before the film ended, although I was smiling; I felt the need to remind him of what he'd said to convince me to have sex in the press box.

He let out a laugh and looked at me apologetically as I shook my head.

"Fuck, what if he'd been someone else?"

Rob didn't give me an answer.

"I mean, if something like this gets out," I said with apprehension in my voice, "Fuck," I said, moving my hands up to cover my face, "I don't even want to think about it."

"Babe, s'ok. Nothing happened. And if something like this ever gets out, well, we'll deal with it," he said, with a small shrug, turning his head toward the screen again, even though the film was over.

Rob sighed,

“You know, it's strange. I think I should be seriously pissed off with him for doing it,” he began.

“I know but…," I paused and let out a sigh.

"but weirdly I’m not,” he finished knowing what we were both thinking.

I softly shook my head,

“Yeah, neither am I.”

He looked at me with a smirk on his face,

"Kinda makes you waking me up at some ungodly hour worth it,” he smiled, “and I can prove it,” he told me, taking my hand to stroke it along his pole.

I smiled back at him.

"How about I make you cum and then you can go back to sleep, how does that sound?"

"Sounds perfect. But what about you?"

"I already took care of it in the shower."

"Wha… without me?" Rob complained playfully.

"Oh, you were there!" I giggled. "I can't get the image of that eleven-inch cock inside you out of my head, gets me so fucking hard."

"Why would you want it out of your head?" he asked with a smile, "C'mon, let it run, on repeat," he said mischievously as he sat up and moved his body closer to the head of the bed.

He placed a few pillows behind his back and moved both his hands behind his head as he began watching the screen, a slightly smug look on his face,

"Go on, I'm ready!" he said with a small laugh.

I giggled and put the film on repeat before moving between his open legs and grasping his dick. I immediately teased his cockhead with my tongue and slowly moved my hand up and down the base of his shaft. My tongue circled the tip and then I started sucking him, plunging his gorgeous dick into my mouth.

"Fuck, we did put on a good show!" he said in a sexy whisper, I briefly pulled my mouth off his cock to watch the screen, "You look so hot getting pounded like that," Rob said.

I looked back at him and smiled, licking his cockhead that was already dripping pre-cum.

"Yeah, well you look even hotter pounding me!"

"C'mon," he smiled, watching me with lustful eyes.

He placed his hands on the side of my head and made me swallow him again, slowly rocking his hips up and down. I resumed blowing him and after a short moment I took his whole shaft into my mouth and buried my nose in his pubes, stopping a few seconds to inhale his manly scent that turned me on so much. Even after twelve years, I couldn't get enough of smelling his essence.

Rob let out a gasp of pleasure from feeling his shaft so deeply buried in my mouth and I began moving again, sucking him harder and playing with his balls.

"Fuck, I love your cock," I moaned a moment later, kissing the tip.

"And I love all of you," he sighed.

As with most morning indulgences it didn’t last long and we both went back to sleep for about an hour after I'd made him cum and licked him clean with my tongue.

When we woke up again, Rob had a cup of coffee and we trotted to our own suite to dress for the day. As we were about to leave the bedroom, I stopped short of opening the door, my hand hovering over its handle.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by the same sort of feelings I’d had the morning after Rob and I had declared ourselves, unusually Rob had been the one to leave me in bed that day and I felt again as my eighteen-year-old-self had then, what the fuck did I, or now we, say when we faced Nick.

“What’s wrong?” Rob’s voice was full of concern.

I quickly told him that maybe we should discuss what to say to Nick before facing him.

Rob chuckled as he stroked my face with one hand,

"We’re fucking rock stars, we face thousands night after night, we can face one man,” he smiled at me lovingly, “but if you don't know what to tell him, then let me take care of it, I'll talk to him on our way to Munich."

I smiled,

"So, road trip then?"

"Definitely road trip!" he nodded.

“Alright, cool,” I smiled, opening the door, “you first,” I said to him and we shared a quick kiss before walking out.

The few members of hotel staff who were there to witness it had been more than slightly bemused to see Rob and I, the two rock-stars of the trio moving our kit, loading amps into flight cases and the flight cases into the back of the van along with our personal luggage. If we were ‘going back to basics’ as I’d suggested to Rob, then we’d agreed to throw ourselves fully into the déjà vu experience.

When Nick went to thank the manager for his staff’s excellent service, Rob and I sneaked into the van’s cab – due to how it was parked Nick didn’t see us do it. The surprised look on his face when he opened the driver’s door to climb in was almost as precious as the one on Rob’s face when he first saw Nick’s fully-hard cock!

“Wha . . .? he tried to ask through his astonishment.

“All part of getting back to our roots,” Rob quickly answered.

“Then consider me your head gardener,” Nick laughed as he fastened his seatbelt, “München hier kommen wir.”

We hit the road and listened to music for about two hours, talking about our favourite songs and artists, never mentioning the previous night nor the fact that he had filmed us having sex, although I knew Rob had briefly talked to him about the film while loading the van. After searching for a nice place where we could stop for lunch, we found one that we all agreed on.

We had almost finished our meal, Nick had ordered a cup of coffee and we were waiting for it to be served when he made a comment about what had happened between the three of us. Rob stared at me for a couple of seconds, suggesting that now would be a pretty good time to tell him.

"Uh, look," Rob began saying, "we had a great time with you last night."

"Yeah, you can say that…," Nick said suggestively and we smiled.

"But, uh…," Rob began saying.

"Oh," Nick said, looking at both of us with curiosity. "There's a but…"

"Yeah, there's a but…," Rob confirmed.

He waited for Rob to continue.

"The thing is," Rob said and looked at me, "we decided a while ago to stop having threesomes, for reasons that are - personal - and well, last night was sort of a final 30th birthday present you see, a pretty memorable one I'll give you that, my ass will remember your monster cock forever…," Rob said laughingly.

Nick let out a laugh.

"My monster cock will remember your fabulous ass too."

"If it can make you feel special, you're the only who's fucked my fabulous ass besides this guy," he said smirking as he looked at me.

"Really? That does make me feel pretty special – you're a very lucky man," he smiled at me.

"Yes, I am," I said.

"Well, that's too bad," he looked down for a moment. "I mean, I'm gonna be around for a few more months, so if you change your mind, me and my monster cock will still be here to keep you guys happy!"

Rob didn't say anything so I joined the conversation.

"I'm sure you'll continue to make us happy, but we'd prefer to keep it professional from now on…"

He seemed disappointed and raised his brows,

"Not even if I get you really drunk?" he chuckled.

Rob and I let out a laugh,

"You've known us for how long now? Have you ever seen him drunk?" he said pointing a finger at me.

He seemed to think about it,

"Come to think of it, I haven't, tipsy yes, drunk no," and then he stared at us to make sure we were not going to change our minds.

"Not happening again then…"

We didn't answer but just looked at him, our eyes pretty much doing the talking.

"Well, you two have a beautiful relationship and I'm glad you've let me in a little. It was a privilege and you know you can trust me with your secret."

"We know we can," I confirmed.

Much to Nick's disappointment, we kept our word. We finished the European leg in July and then went to tour Canada and the States until October 2020 and not once did we have sex with him again, although we remained close friends.

“Thank you for an amazing night San Diego! I can't believe this is the last one, you were amazing, we love you and we'll miss you so much! Have a safe journey home and see you again someday!"

Those were the words that Robbie had used to end the tour. We’d played the SDCCU Stadium and it had been so sad and emotional to say goodbye to the fans, knowing that it was the last gig of what had turned out to be the most incredible tour we had ever done.

Now we were heading home at last. As we were gathering in the dining room of the hotel for our pre-arranged brunch before we all flew back to London, I recalled the past two years of our lives and had a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and pride for a job well done. Beyond recording our new material, I couldn't know for sure what was coming next for us - but I was really looking forward to finding out.

Well that's it, this is the end of 'The New Guy' part. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I and my great editor and co-writer ShadowDweller have enjoyed writing it. Thanks so much for your help because we both know I wouldn't have written it without you - or it wouldn't have been as good!

I don't want to make any false promises but I might write a last part to the story. All I can promise right now is that there will be one more chapter soon.

Copyright 2017, unilive. All Rights Reserved
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3 minutes ago, heifel35 said:

HOT!! And with a little surprise for us 😁

Hope it was a good surprise!

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