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This story contains sexual descriptions.

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U-N-I - 3. Chapter 3

A career-defining gig and Mark gets to fuck Robbie.

We could have gone on playing for hours but after a couple more songs, we had to end the gig.

“Ok, guys,” Rob began saying to the people in the audience, “this is the last song that you requested. Thank you so much for being here. We’ve had the best time, and we hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves as much as we have.”

We played a U2 cover that everyone sang along to, giving us goosebumps, and then, we went into the pit to meet our growing fan base and engage with them. Everyone was super excited to be talking to us and for a long moment, we were surrounded by fans, which of course, was a real buzz. We signed a few autographs, shook hands with the boys, hugged the girls and took pictures with them.

Being the singer and frontman, Rob was, as always, getting the most female attention. He was literally surrounded by a bunch of giggling girls who wanted to touch him, hug him and even kiss him. He’d always seem to enjoy it but for the first time, I really focused all my attention on how he interacted with them. He was nothing but sweet but unlike Jordan and Damon who were single and looked pretty determined to make the most of their evening, Rob wasn’t acting flirtatiously. He was being nice and respectful but he clearly wasn’t trying to get some.

Jordan had been the first one to actually notice this. The past couple of months, he had joked about it several times, telling us that he suspected Rob to be - to quote him - more into dick than pussy. We would always laugh about it and he hadn’t really said anything in front of Rob, not in a serious way anyway.

After interacting with the fans for a long moment, I went back up onto the stage to unplug our instruments. Shortly after, the music began playing and the pit became a dancefloor again.

For a few seconds I looked for Rob, unsurprisingly, when I spotted him, he was talking with a bloke and clearly they were into each other. It was the first time I actually noticed Rob being flirtatious with a guy and it was a bit unsettling. I’m sure it had happened plenty of times before but, unlike Jordan, I just hadn’t seen it. The bloke had his hand on Rob’s lower back, he was leaning close to him and talking into his ear flirtatiously. Rob obviously knew him. I didn’t. They were both being subtle, but now that I knew, there was no doubt in my mind that he was gay and that Rob had probably had sex with him before.

Watching them, a wave of emotion came over me and completely destabilized me. I didn't want him to fuck around with anyone in that club. I wanted us to go back to his place and continue what we had started, and I fucking hoped he did too.

I wasn't sure how to make that happen though. I was supposed to take Rachel home and stay over at her place and I knew that if I did that, I’d have to have sex with her. For the first time, I wasn't looking forward to it. All I could think about was how to find an excuse, any excuse to go home with Rob instead of her, but at the same time, I felt really bad for wanting to do this. I couldn't help thinking that it was a pretty shitty thing to do to her and I seriously wondered what I was getting myself into.

I was about to join Rob on the dancefloor when I heard Dylan call my name.

"Mark," he said as I was zipping up my guitar case. "You’re not gonna believe this. I was just at the bar, and someone working from BMG started chatting to me!"

I stood up in a flash, realizing right away what it meant. "For real?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Yeah. Said he wants to talk with us backstage," he answered, with excitement in his voice, his hands reaching behind his neck and his lips forming a broad smile.

"Holy fuck, man !” I said, grabbing his arm, obviously thrilled. “This is happening!"

"It is, isn’t it!" he exclaimed, still smiling broadly.

"Where is he now? What’d he say to you exactly?" I asked him, talking a lot faster than usual.

"He’s still at the bar," he replied as he spun around and looked across the dancefloor.

"What do we do?" I asked, a bit freaked out.

"I dunno,” he responded, anxiety in his voice, “but we’ve gotta stay cool. Come with me, I’ll introduce you!"

We walked over to the bar and he introduced himself to me.

"Hello, Scott Darcy, I'm part of the A&R team at BMG," he said as he extended his hand.

"Mark, Mark Emery," I answered, shaking his hand.

"That was a great performance you’ve just delivered!" he said to me. "Would you two mind getting your bandmates, so we can have a chat backstage?"

"Yeah, of course," I told him.

They were all dancing with a few admirers. We gathered them together to tell them that a guy from a record company wanted to talk to us. They reacted as enthusiastically as I did and we all went backstage to our dressing room. The guy briefly introduced himself again and shook hands with Rob, Jordan and Dylan.

“Did you come here to hear us play?” Damon asked.

“Sort of. I’m in Dublin for a few days,” he said with a nod. “I'd heard of this new Irish band making a buzz on the internet that was playing tonight, so I got curious. Glad I did," he smiled. “you boys owned the stage. Were those your songs? Have you written them yourselves?" he asked as we all sat down.

"Yeah, we have," Jordan told him proudly.

"Well, I gotta admit, I’m quite impressed with the quality of your playing. How old are you?" he asked all of us.

"We’re all eighteen," Dylan answered.

He just nodded and sort of stared at us for a moment.

"Damn!” he exclaimed loudly, “I fucking love when this happens! You," he said intensely, pointing his finger toward Rob, "you have something that I haven’t seen in a young artist in a while. There’s something about you that draws people’s attention. You’re very charismatic. You have star quality young man, a pretty darn good voice and stage presence, let me tell you."

We all looked at Rob with raised eyebrows. I could tell that he was pleased to hear this. It was probably one of the nicest compliments he had ever received about his singing and performing abilities.

"That’s a great advantage you've got here. You need someone like that in a band. And from what I’ve seen, you're all doing on quite well with your instruments. Despite your young age I was staggered during your performance, no mistakes, so much energy, passion, professionalism too…."

"Thanks," was all we could utter.

"You seem to have attracted quite a fan base already. I mean, you've sold out a venue tonight and the media don’t even know you."

Yeah, we had, and we couldn’t quite believe it ourselves.

“I’m so intrigued by the five of you," he said, still staring.

We didn’t know how to respond. Thankfully, he asked us,

"What do you boys expect from this band you’ve formed? What motivates you?"

We looked at each other. Damon was the first one to answer,

"We just want to have fun, play music together, we just love it. I mean, we’d love to take it further but right now, we just enjoy playing together whenever we can. Tonight's actually the first time we performed in a place where people had to pay to see us play. We’ve only played in pubs before."

Rob added,

"Yeah, tonight, we thought it'd only be people coming to the club, to like dance, but as it turned out they were coming for us, " he said, amazed.

"They were!" he confirmed with a nod. "How long've you been playing together?"

Damon continued,

"We live on the same street, we go to the same school, we’ve been friends forever. We started playing when we were…," he looked at us, "thirteen, fourteen?"

We all nodded, it was around that age.

“That’s astonishing! That you’ve got to this point already. Who writes the songs?"

They all turned to me.

"You?" he asked me.

I chuckled,

"Well, I don’t do it all by myself … but yeah, I guess I write most of the melodies," I said self-consciously.

"That song you played near the end, "Politik", was it?" he asked. "It’s an amazing tune, from start to finish. Absolutely brilliant! That should be released as a single, if you want my opinion. Did you write that song as well?" he asked me.

"He did," Jordan answered for me, punching my arm. "he pretty much writes all the songs. We just try to keep up with him."

"Astonishing!" he reapeated. "I can recognize talent when I see it and you all have a lot of it. You’re gonna go far," he stated with confidence. "A great song writer, a great front man, great musicians, a growing fan base… you’ve got everything. You’ve got everything you need to sign a record deal."

We all looked at each other, totally thrilled.

"You wanna sign us?" Jordan asked, with the biggest grin on his face.

Rob and I were sitting next to each other. He turned to me and whispered, "Have I been living in some kind of parallel universe since yesterday where all of my dreams come true?"

I laughed and pushed him playfully with my shoulder. I shook my head no,

"It’s real, all real!" I confirmed with a smile, he grinned at me and shook his head in amazement.

"Well, that’s definitely something that ought to be considered." he answered Jordan.

He then asked us plenty of music-related questions. What type of music we were into, how many songs we’d written, how many gigs we’d played… We were very enthusiastic and he seemed to enjoy that. If anyone started talking to us about music, it was almost impossible to stop us. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed. We chatted with him for a long time until he clasped his hand together and announced,

“Right lads, let’s get serious. You realise we don’t invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in a group, no matter how talented they may be just after seeing them live once. I, but more specifically the people who might consider investing in you, need to know you better. We need to hear demos of your songs. We need to see if it’s good enough to be marketed to a targeted audience. We want to know what motivates you, how hungry you are to make it, how well you get along. We don’t want to invest money in a group that is going to give up after a few months because they can’t stand each other anymore or because they get so big-headed right from the start that they start to live it up all the time and completely forget what their goals were in the first place. If you wanna make it, you need to throw yourselves one hundred percent into everything that you do. You need to work hard, it’s a tough industry. It’s not about just having fun. It requires commitment and dedication, because as soon as you stop working, it’s over, someone else takes your place. Is this clear in your minds? Are you ready for this? Are you all ready to give up a normal adolescence and going to college, or living every man’s life for this band? Do you think it’s worth it? Because if you do make it, your lives can change dramatically and you will have to deal with it."

We all looked at each other. He sure had done a good job of describing the harsh reality but of course we still wanted it. I knew I did, I had faith in us.

"I’m even more ready than I was before I stepped into this room," Dylan said and we all agreed.

He seemed happy with that answer.

"Alright then! Well, here’s my card," he said as he handed it to Rob.

"Can you tell me at what number I can reach you?"

"Sure," Rob answered and gave him a phone number.

"Alright. I’ll call you so we can meet again. We have an office here in Dublin. Please, make a demo of these songs," he begged.

We stood up as he added, "Well, if you don’t have any questions, I’ll let you get back to the dancefloor."

We thanked him, chatted some more and he left. We all were extremely silent after he'd closed the door behind him.

Dylan spoke first,

"This guy so wants to sign us," he giggled happily. "I didn’t know what to expect but that was beyond anything I'd hoped."

"I know! Fucking hell, this is huge, isn’t it?’’ Rob asked, "I mean this is it! If we record the songs and keep performing live like we did tonight, they’re gonna sign us. Did you hear him? He wouldn’t have told us all that if he didn’t hope to do something with us."

"We’re gonna be famous!" Jordan screamed and we all laughed and cheered, genuinely thrilled.

When we went back to the dancefloor, Rachel grasped my arm as soon as she saw me. I was about to tell her about our conversation backstage but she spoke before I could. She was cheerful, obviously a bit buzzed.

“Hon,” she said to me, almost laughing, “Lizzie’s completely wasted. I’ve never seen her like this. She puked all over the loo.”

“Lizzie?” I asked, surprised. She was Rachel’s best friend and she was a pretty well-behaved girl.

“Yes,” she nodded, her blue eyes still laughing a little.

“Shut up!”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Shit,” I said with a laugh, finding this pretty funny.

“She’s feeling better now that she's puked, but I can't let her go home like this. Her mum’s gonna freak if she sees that she’s been drinking.”

All of a sudden, Jordan came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her shoulders and said loudly, “can you believe this? We’re gonna be famous,” he yelled into her ear.

“What?” she exclaimed happily, trying to turn her head to look at him in the eye. “You are?”

“I haven’t told her yet,” I said to Jordan and then spoke to Rachel, “we've talked with a guy who works at BMG!”

She opened her mouth and gasped. Then she smiled broadly at me and then at Jordan, and back at me,

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD!” she screamed.

She literally jumped into my arms. She was so happy, she almost had tears in her eyes and her cheerfulness was infectious.

“Oh my god, you guys are serious?” she asked again.

" Pretty brilliant, isn't it? But who knows what's gonna happen? I said, hugging her.

"You know what's gonna happen! You're gonna get signed, how could you not?" she said and kissed my cheek.

I was about to respond but a friend of hers appeared and interrupted us.

“Oh shit, Lizzie!” Rachel said. “How’s she doing?” she asked her friend.

“I think we should go,” she answered, “and take her home.”

“We can’t do that. Her mum can’t know she’s been drinking.”

They continued talking about what to do about Lizzie and I very much liked where the conversation was going. They decided that they’d all sleep over at Rachel’s house … which meant that I couldn’t.

“We can see each other tomorrow, right?” she asked, feeling bad for dumping me on such an eventful night. She probably thought I wanted to end the night with sex… and I did…

I tried not to let it show but I was thrilled. It meant that Rob and I could be alone, I hoped so anyway.

I hung around with Rachel and her friends until she left the club with them.

"Are you sure you're gonna be alright?" I asked her.

"Yes, don't worry. We can't wait until you guys are ready to leave. We'll be fine. I just hope she doesn't puke again on the bus," she said with a laugh.

"Alright, text me when you get home," I insisted.

"Sure, I'll see you tomorrow," she said and gave me a quick kiss before leaving.

Then, I joined Rob, Damon and Dylan who had started tidying up.

As I climbed onto the stage, Damon looked at his drum kit and passed his hands over his face. "I can’t believe we have to take everything back tonight."

I shrugged,

"Do we? The owner didn't seem to mind if we came back tomorrow."

"Yeah? D'you reckon?" he asked, hopeful.

I nodded and then asked,

"Where's Jordan?"

"Useless. He’s snogging a girl," Damon informed us.

Rob laughed and leaned closer to me,

“Yeah, he wanted me to do that with him and her apparently, very hot friend.”

“And you said no to this?” I whispered jokingly, so Damon and Dylan wouldn't hear.

He chuckled and I couldn't help but ask,

“Who’s the bloke who keeps following you around?”

“Nobody," he answered.

"Did you have plans with him?” I asked.

He looked at the dancefloor, as if he was looking to see if he was still here.

“I did,” he admitted, “I don’t anymore,” he added immediately.

I smiled at him,

“Lizzie got shitfaced. She’s gonna stay at Rachel’s.”

He raised his eyebrows inquisitively,

"So, does that mean that you aren't?

I just smiled naughtily. He smiled back, clearly thinking about all the possibilities this new information offered.

“Fuck,” he huffed. “there's no way I'm gonna tidy this shit up now. Let's just go."

I couldn't agree more. Just the thought of spending the whole night with him made my heart skip a beat. I still couldn't think of the consequences. I knew I was behaving like a complete asshole by cheating on Rachel, but for some reason, the fact that I wasn't cheating on her with another girl made it less bad, as if it didn’t matter as much. It did… but I didn't want to admit it to myself.

“Fuck it,” he huffed. “Where's Connor." He asked me. "I'll tell him we'll meet him back here tomorrow to get the gear into his van."

"Must be at the bar," I answered. "I'll tell Dylan. We'll sort a time to get in with the venue."

He nodded and we looked at each other intensely. He smiled and brushed his hand against mine. Then he gave me a friendly hug that only lasted a couple of seconds.

"I can't fucking wait to be alone with you," he whispered before walking away to find Connor, who was Dylan's brother.

Once everything was arranged, Damon insisted on driving all of us back home, which didn't happen for another hour. The drive home was pretty fast and uneventful, we just talked about the gig and made a few bad jokes.

When we finally got to Rob's place, it was after 4am. His parents had their bedroom downstairs so we tried to make as little noise as possible when we came in. We immediately kicked off our shoes and climbed quietly upstairs.

Before we even reached his bedroom, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him, taking me to the bathroom. Once inside, he gently closed the door and we looked at each other, realizing we were now alone together and we could do whatever we wanted. Although one of us had to make the first move. I knew he probably would have liked it to be me but as much as I wanted to have sex with him again, I wasn't quite bold enough to go for it or tell him straightforwardly.

He gripped my shirt, and again, pulled me closer to him. When my face was an inch away from his, he whispered,

"Is it ok if I kiss you now?"

I didn't say anything but I must have nodded as I stared into his eyes. He clutched my shirt a bit tighter. For a couple of seconds, I felt his breath on my lips. He licked and bit his lower lip.

Fuck," I breathed before he pressed his lips against mine and his tongue went right inside my mouth.

The intensity was still very much there. It felt even stronger - because this time, I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me. Before I knew it, we were making out and there was no stopping us. Kissing him was just as exhilarating as earlier in the day, if not more.

I ran my hand roughly through his hair and drew him close to me. He did the same and we began to spin a little as we kissed, moaning a little with each breath.

He unzipped my sweat-shirt and we stopped kissing to take all of our clothes off.

Then we stepped into the shower. He turned the water on and then his lips slammed against mine again. He rubbed the back of my neck as he kissed me. We didn't speak as he ran his hands along my bare body.

I explored him too; his chest, his arms, his dick, which was as hard as it could be.

Not breaking our lip lock, he reached for the shower gel that was on a built-in shelf. He poured some onto his hand and soaped up my body. I watched the water dripping down his smooth shoulders and when I looked down I could see the water running off of his cock.

I soaped him up as well, running one of my hands up his back while the other one rubbed his tight chest.

He looked down at our cocks, hard as rocks, then looked up at me with a sly grin before he rubbed them together, took them both in one hand and started jerking us off. I swear, I was so tuned on by what was happening that I could have cum just from doing that.

He kissed me again, his hand still massaging our hard-ons.

"Careful, you're gonna make me cum," I told him, breaking the silence.

He smiled and told me to turn around so that he could soap up my back. I did as requested and soon felt him massaging the soap into my shoulders. It didn't last long. He quickly moved lower until his hands were at the small of my back.

I felt his lips start kissing my shoulders and I closed my eyes to fully enjoy the feeling. His hands went lower, until they were soaping up my ass. I couldn't believe how much I loved the feeling of his hands rubbing my smooth, ass cheeks, something no girl had ever done.

Combined with the feeling of his lips descending further down my spine, I was overwhelmed with lust. He was soon kissing the small of my back, grabbing the back of my thighs. I looked down to see my own cock staring back at me. I was so fucking horny. I wanted to start stroking myself again, but felt momentarily paralyzed by the pleasure.

I felt his lips kissing my bottom, and then felt his hands slowly separating my cheeks. He was going for my ass again and I didn't want to stop him.

I felt a finger rub up against my smooth hole, but it was soon replaced with his tongue. I immediately sighed and slumped forward, holding myself up against the wall as he began probing my ass with his tongue.

He obvioulsy loved doing this and I thought that I would soon have to try doing the same to him. I fucking wanted to.

I felt his tongue wiping around my anus, then slowly pushing itself inside. I thought I could hear moaning, and told myself to stay quiet. Once he had gotten his tongue in he started wiggling it from side to side and I pushed back from the wall, hoping to get him to push it further inside. The pleasure was intense and I had to reach down with one hand and start pulling on my dick and I felt him grasp my balls in his hand and he started rolling them around.

"Oh fuck, Rob," I moaned as he started slightly tugging on my balls.

His tongue left my hole and traveled up the crack of my ass back to the small of my back. I didn't want him to stop but was also eager to see what might be next.

His hand moved to my dick and he continued kissing my back, slowly standing up until he was kissing my neck and biting my earlobe.

"Do you like that?" he whispered.

"Yes," I panted, as he stroked my cock.

"Good," he said and brought one of his hand down to massage my butt cheeks.

"You have the best ass," he said sensually. "I'm gonna want to eat you out all the time."

I turned my head around and said, "Fuck, I might wanna do the same to you!"

He looked mildly surprised but soon grinned at me as he wrapped both his arms around me and then roamed his hands over my pecs.

"Fuck, you're driving me crazy!" he said. "C'mon, let's go to bed!"

We hurried out of the shower and dried off our bodies before going into his room.

He plopped on the bed and I watched his naked body and his cock smack his tight skin as he exclaimed,

"I think tonight might just be the best night of my life!"

"Really, I thought yesterday was," I joked.

"It was pretty great too," he answered.

I crawled on top of him and I could feel how much he loved the fact that I wanted us to have sex just as bad as he did. We gazed into each other's eyes. He placed his hand on the sides of my face and his expression got more serious as he pulled me into him to kiss me again.

"This must be too good to be true," he said.

"It’s not, it's really not," I whispered and continued kissing him. I loved the gentle pressure of his lips on mine. He kissed me with a hunger and intensity that I had never experienced with anyone else, and all I could think about was that I wanted more. I could feel my whole body respond to him. He kept unlocking urges I didn't even know I had.

He held me tight and rubbed his body against mine. Our hands began roaming all over and I buried my face in the crook of his neck, smelling him, discovering how much his scent was turning me on.

Then I my lips began kissing his shoulders as I caressed his chest and pinched his nipples between my fingers.

For a second, I watched him. He looked gorgeous and I found myself wondering why I fancied him so much. I couldn't stop watching his strong chest and arms, his abs and I wanted him bad. I couldn’t believe how much my feelings for him had grown in such a short amount of time. But I couldn’t fight it.

I didn’t know what part of his body to go for so I just pushed my face in his chest and licked, kissed and nibbled at everything my lips came in contact with. I sucked on his nipples and my tongue traveled all around his six-pack, loving how hard it felt.

His cock was leaking like a faucet so I wrapped my lips around his shaft and licked greedily all the precum that was easing out. I soaked his pole with my saliva before engulfing it in my mouth.

As I listened to his moans, my own cock was throbbing and I jerked myself, getting hornier and hornier as I kept sucking him up and down for a moment.

Then, I concentrated on the head and its sensitive area until I felt that I needed more. I took my mouth off of his cock and licked my way up his chest. I stopped to tease one of his nipples but as much as he seemed to enjoy it, it didn't last long. My cock was throbbing and begging for some action. I needed more of him, so much more.

When I reached his face, I kissed his cheek and moved my mouth up to his ear. I licked his earlobe sensually and I couldn’t help but whisper passionately,

"I wanna fuck you so bad!"

I really did. I wanted to know how it would feel to be inside of him and I was pretty sure that he was up for that. I was used to fucking a girl but I had to admit that fucking a guy in the ass, especially him, was a huge turn on. I was practically squirming at the idea of having my cock inside his ass.

Again, the thought crossed my mind that this had to be more than just sexual curiosity. I knew I was starting to realize that I was bi, possibly even gay but at that moment, I couldn't question my sexuality more than I already had in the last twenty fous hours.

I briefly looked into his eyes to see his reaction, and he looked right back at me with a passion I had not yet seen in his eyes.

"I wanna be inside of you," I said again.

He moaned,

"Oh fuck yeah!" and kissed me with ferocity, "do it!"

"Turn around," I urged him.

He did and I lowered myself down on the bed and took his ass cheeks in my hands, massaging them and pulling them apart, exposing his hole. I was so excited. I wanted to do to him what he had done to me and I slowly started licking his crack up and down, giving it a tongue bath, making him whimper with desire.

He buried his face into his pillow and moaned. He raised one of his legs on the side to let me access his hole more easily and I teased him with my tongue again, not pushing it in, just gently licking around, driving him crazy.

"Ohhh, yes!" he moaned, several times.

I continued rimming him, applying more and more pressure on his hole. With one firm push, my tongue pushed its way inside and entered his ass and he cried softly and moaned so hard at the intense pleasure of feeling my tongue inside him that you'd think he had cum.

I now knew how good this felt and giving him that pleasure was a huge turn on.

I slowly began pushing my tongue in deeper and then pulling it out, gently fucking and he went wild, grabbing the sheets.

"Oh yeah, feels so amazing, don't stop," he encouraged me.

I then wet my thumb and applied pressure until it popped into him. He groaned, enjoying the feeling, completely surrendering to me. I opened him up with my thumb, sliding it in and out and I couldn’t wait to feel my length inside him.

"There’s lube in the drawer," he said, breathing hard.

I kissed his lower back and stood up to get the lube. I then poured the lube into my hands and started working into his hole. He groaned as my fingers penetrated him. I used two and worked them both all around the inside of his ass. I slid them in and out, feeling his warmth, until I felt he was ready, which he confirmed,

“I want you Mark, do it!” he urgently told me.

I withdrew my fingers and started lubing up my pole before getting into position. I couldn't wait to enter him, my cock was hard as a rock. He raised his ass a little and I guided the head of my cock in with my hand. He gasped and his hole immediately resisted so I stopped for a second, letting him get used to me. I pushed again and my cock began sliding into him so slowly, opening him up and it felt exquisite.

"Oh God," I panted. "Oh, you feel so good," I could not believe what I was doing but I was enjoying every second of it. His ass was so tight and warm that it could have sent me over the edge quite quickly, but I wanted this to be good for him.

"Oh fuck," he sighed and remembered to breathe when he felt my pubes on his ass.

I didn’t move and he started to really get used to me, enjoying the feeling more and more. He turned around and smiled and I leaned down to kiss his lips.

"Oh god, you're so tight," I told him as I wrapped my arm around his stomach, the other around his shoulders and I started moving, holding him tight. I grabbed his pec and twisted his nipple, maybe to send of the pain in another direction.

He groaned and then moaned as I started fucking him gently, withdrawing a few inches and pushing back in. I wasn't sure if it was painful or pleasurable for him, it seemed to be a mixture of both. I started a rhythm and he shuddered almost violently when my cock poked against his prostate.

I must have managed to scrape his prostate again because the same incredible sensation overwhelmed him,

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” he almost whined, as I held him tight against me.

“Ohhh, fuck Rob,” I moaned, the sounds he was making were turning me on so bad, I wasn't sure how long I would be able to fuck him.

His ass gently massaged my cock. He felt so amazing. The pleasure was intense for the both of us. I was moaning sensually and he kept whining but I knew it was more pleasurable than painful for him.

After a moment, feeling I needed to give my cock some time to calm down, I pulled out of him and made him turn around. He lay on his back and as I watched his cock, still hard and ready to explode. I felt the need to take it into my mouth again. I sucked on the head, teasing him and he moaned, moving his hips a little to fuck my face.

When I stopped, I raised his legs and positioned my cock at his entrance again. I pushed myself easily deep into his ass, looking into his eyes. As he looked back into mine, he shuddered and grabbed the back of my neck to pull me for a sensuous kiss.

"Your ass feels so amazing," I moaned in his mouth.

"Oh god, Mark," he moaned, "you feel so fucking good!"

I kissed him deeply as he held me tight against him to increase the pleasure. I felt like he wanted to feel me against him as much as he possibly could.

My rhythm picked up and after a few minutes, I began to lose control. I was still gentle but there was an insistence to my thrusts now. I grabbed his legs, placed my hands under his knees and pistoned in and out of him, losing myself in the love making as my orgasm started to build up. I began breathing fast and gave him full, regular strokes. He kept roaming his hand up and down my back. For a moment, I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck. When I raised my head, he held my face in-between his hands and we kissed urgently.

My cock assaulted his prostate mercilessly and from the erratic sounds he was making, I knew he was going cum before me, or maybe at the same time as me. I closed my eyes and thrust deeper and harder into him as I listened to his moans.

"Ohh yeah, fuck me, ohh God," he moaned, "ohhh, I’m gonna cum, ahhh," he let out a stifled cry.

I quickly reached for his cock and his asshole tightened. He groaned with a look of pure bliss on his face and the cum started flying out of his cock and landed all over his chest and stomach, as well as my hand. I loved feeling him shake and whimper as he had his orgasm.

The intensity of his release was so hot that I felt my balls tightening. The need to unload was strong and I embedded myself into him. My body jerked as I let my orgasm overtake my body, moaning softly as I began exploding in his ass.

Once I stopped shaking and quivering, I collapsed on top of him. We lay like that for a few seconds until he said, smiling, his big green eyes wide. "Now, THAT was the best sex I’ve ever had, and the best night of my life!"

I let out a laugh and brought my lips over his. We kissed for a moment until I gently pulled out of him.

I cuddled up to him and he held me against his chest. "You okay, I didn’t hurt you?"

"Absolutely not! I had you exactly where I wanted you. Damn, this is getting better and better! You’re incredible, I love you so much."

I smiled, "I love you too," I said in a low whisper.

He took a deep breath,

"D'you know how much that means to me?"

"I do, and I mean it."


The next morning, I woke up before him and just watched him sleep for a bit. He looked so handsome. His dark hair was dishevelled, his lips were full, his skin was smooth and golden, his arms were strong, his black eyelashes looked perfect and I could just imagine how much his eyes, his beautiful eyes burned for me.

Again, I was astonished at how attracted I was to him. I was gonna have to admit to myself that I really wasn't as straight as I thought I was. I thought about how much I had wanted to fuck him and how much I had loved it. I got hard. I wanted to touch him but he was sleeping so peacefully that I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower.

When I came back into the room, I was only wearing my boxer briefs and using a towel to finish drying myself. He was awake, lying on his stomach.

He smiled at me,

"Hey gorgeous."

"Hey," I said.

"Am I still in a perfect parallel universe?" he joked.

I smiled,


I sat on the bed and he sat up behind me and kissed my shoulders as he wrapped his arm around my stomach.

"Last night was wonderful."

I turned my head and he placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"You know," he added, "I didn’t do that with Charlie. I wanted to and I almost did, but now, I’m glad I didn’t."

I smiled. I didn’t know what to tell him but I felt good knowing I was the only guy who had fucked him.

"You know, I’ve got news for you!" he announced. "You’re not straight!" he exclaimed with a laugh, teasing me.

"Shut up!" I laughed and shook my head. I wasn't ready to get into that with him.

"But I’ll let you pretend all you want," he added playfully.

I sighed. "Rachel left me a message. I’m gonna have to see her today."

"Why? Do you really have to go?"

"Well, yeah, cause I’m not gonna see her for a while." I smiled.

"How come?"

"You know, she’s leaving on Saturday with her parents for over a month. She’ll be back at the beginning of August."

"Awesome!" he grinned.

I laughed. "So I can’t exactly say no to seeing her today. I’m gonna have lunch with her and… I don’t know…"

"Alright, I’ll call the guys, see what they’re up to… Maybe you can join us later."

"Maybe. Damon or Dylan should be going back to the club."

I got ready and left. I spent the whole day with her, talking about the gig, about our music and the record deal, about our exams, about her leaving on holiday, about her friends... I really did enjoy her company and we always had something to talk about. She was a great girl and I really didn’t want to hurt her.

We ended up having sex. It was nice and comfortable, but nowhere close to the passionate sex that had occurred the previous night with Rob. And I just wanted to get back to him.

Thanks for reading.

Copyright 2017, unilive. All Rights Reserved
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Chapter Comments

Markie boy seems to know a lot about fucking a guy...prostate and all that jazz - and jizz....lol

A month separation makes a breakup easier. Potentially still a bit messy, but hey! True love is the prize!

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I agree with IBEX; Mark seems to know a lot about fucking a guy for someone has assumed that he is straight up to now. And yes, however he wants to spin it, he is cheating on Rachel.

Good chapter, unilive. U-N-I is on to better things!

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Well I believe Mark has finally admitted he's truly in love with Robbie. Now to deal with Rachel - the month's separation will help!!

Great chapter unilive

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On 2/5/2020 at 11:06 PM, KayDeeMac said:

Well I believe Mark has finally admitted he's truly in love with Robbie. Now to deal with Rachel - the month's separation will help!!

Great chapter unilive

Thank you! I'm taking the time to answer your comments tonight; Hopefully you still enjoy reading the story.

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On 2/2/2020 at 5:35 AM, Arran said:

I agree with IBEX; Mark seems to know a lot about fucking a guy for someone has assumed that he is straight up to now. And yes, however he wants to spin it, he is cheating on Rachel.

Good chapter, unilive. U-N-I is on to better things!

Yeah, he does, probably cause he wanted this more than he was willing to admit and had fantasized about it happening. Thanks for your feedback, hopefully you're still enjoying the story :)

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Parallel universe is right. The adrenalin rush from both their sexual discovery, plus everything about the record contract, would be enough to claim anyone's high.

Rachel being away for a month is great for the guys but I doubt it's going to make breaking up any easier, when she gets back. It might even make it worse because I expect that she will have missed Mark loads, while she was away.

Re all the other comments, I didn't have the internet to learn about the prostate, when i was younger but I'm pretty sure that most guys still discovered, at a young age, that there's something pleasurable in there, whatever it's called. And let's not forget that Robbie was pressing on Marks happy button, only the night before. 😉

Well written story Unilive. I like the fact that, the Rock band, was not just a bolted on vehicle for the romance but is a thoroughly detailed and convincing storyline, in its own right. Roll on 'n Rock guys!

Edited by Bard Simpson
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On 2/2/2020 at 4:35 AM, Arran said:

I agree with IBEX; Mark seems to know a lot about fucking a guy for someone has assumed that he is straight up to now. And yes, however he wants to spin it, he is cheating on Rachel.

Good chapter, unilive. U-N-I is on to better things!

Instinct chaps instinct!!

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Mark is at least more than a bit bent despite the good-bye sex with Rachel....Somehow I think that was a mistake.

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