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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

This story contains sexual descriptions.

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U-N-I - 6. PART 2 - Chapter 6

This is the first chapter to the second part of the story and it takes place four years after chapter 5.

The boys are now famous. They meet their idol after an award ceremony and then have a threesome at the after party.

"And the winner for best album of the year is … it can only be …. U-N-I" the presenter of the award loudly announced.

We all smiled at each other at bit amazed to have won this award, considering the competition. But I guess it was our night. We hugged and started making our way onto the stage, hearing the crowd scream and cheer and feeling so proud of ourselves.

While one of our latest songs was being played, a woman commentator’s voice resonated around the venue,

"After winning best song and best live act, this is U-N-I’s third award of the night, for their second album "A message". U-N-I have sold 10 million copies of this album worldwide. They will be playing four nights at the O2 Arena in London to conclude the European leg of their tour, and will start touring again in South America, and then a string of dates in the US "

We hugged the two presenters and Rob was handed the award. We would always let him talk because of being his usual confident self when he was in public like that, he would always deliver a good speech,

"Thank you so much everybody. Thanks for being so nice to us when we played." he said with the biggest smile, looking over at us. "We’d like to thank our producer, Nigel Smith, who has worked on this album with us and contributed to make it as good as we had hoped when we started recording. Thank you to Tom Wallace, our manager, who’s doing a great job putting up with us. This is only our second album, and we’re only 22, so you know, we’re Irish, and we don’t like to admit that we think we’re great, so tonight, we’d like to agree with you for giving us this award. We’re so grateful to be in this position, so thank you so much for giving us our job and for listening to our music, we appreciate it more than you can imagine! This is a dream come true for us! Thank you!"

After the ceremony, we did the usual interviews and photographs with the journalists and headed back to the hotel where a party was taking place with most of the celebrities present in the city that night. We knew we'd get to chat and party with a few of them.

We loved award ceremonies. When we had attended one for the first time I remember thinking how no one could teach you how to handle fame. No one could give you the tools to learn how to cope with it. There were no evening classes in being famous, there was no celebrity support group you could go to. But in fact, there were… and they were called award ceremonies.

When we came into the hotel, we walked by the bar and I stopped dead in my track. Damon bumped into me as I stopped walking and I grabbed his arm. He looked in the same direction as me and said,

"Oh man!"

Bono from U2 was standing at the bar, talking to someone. I couldn’t believe it. He wasn't even at the ceremony. We had been wanting to meet him for so long but it still felt like an unreachable dream. Even though we were now working in the same business, following in his footsteps, it still seemed to be unattainable. I had been waiting for that moment my whole life, or so it seemed.

U2 was our favourite band growing up, they were an inspiration to us. And since we had started becoming successful, there had been a lot of comparisons made between our music and theirs, because we did draw a lot of influence from them, and we were from Ireland, just like they were, which made the comparison even more evident. If I had wanted us to have a similar career to any band on this planet, that would have been U2, no doubt. To me, they were the greatest band in the world.

We kind of all stood there and watched him, trying to think of a good way to approach him, when he saw us, waved and smiled. He then told the person he was talking with that he would be right back, or that’s what it seemed like and he walked up to us. We couldn’t believe it. I knew I couldn’t. When he was within arm’s reach, he extended his arm for a handshake, saying, like we were old friends,

"Well, hello there, how are you?"

We shook his hand, not really sure what to say. It was so overwhelming. I was speechless. It’s quite something when you meet your idol. If it hadn’t been for fear of making a fool of myself, I might have just passed out!

"I’ve heard so much about you. So glad we finally get to meet. I’d love to have a chat with you. I really liked your albums, it’s quite something for kids your age."

We thanked him, trying to act as cool as possible,

"Let me ask the bartender for some drinks, it’s still quiet for now."

We all sat around a large table at the far end of the bar and he said,

"Congratulations, you deserved those awards tonight. How does it feel?"

I smiled and we were all silent for a few seconds, trying to get over the fact that Bono was right there, talking to us and I replied,

"To be honest, it feels amazing and surreal."

"Yeah," Jordan agreed, "jeez, I’m sorry but I can’t even believe we're sitting here, about to have a drink with you right now. I mean, we are huge fans. You’re such an inspiration, really. This, this is unbelievable," he was so thrilled and excited that Bono laughed.

"Well, of course I’m here, us Irish people gotta stick together but, hey, I like your excitement, you should never lose your sense of wonder."

"So how is it going?" he continued. "I know it’s not easy to be a new band these days, but you are so different, I like you. I just hope you won’t let the industry eat you alive," he told us with concern.

The bartender came over with our drinks, interrupting the conversation. We had a sip and we resumed talking.

"Yes, everything that’s happening is a bit overwhelming, this is a tough industry." I said "Now after two albums, I think the hardest part is promoting them."

"Ahh well, you know, that’s how it works. I’ve been there. You spend all this time and energy trying to get a record deal, writing songs, then you get to the end of this whole struggle and find out it’s only the beginning. You've got great talent and great potential, don’t waste it. Don’t lose yourselves in this industry. You are so like us, I have this feeling that you could just be the next U2."

It was so wonderful to hear that. Hearing Bono call us the next U2 is still to this day one of the greatest moments of my life. I tried to stay cool but inside, I was feeling completely ecstatic.

"You're alone out there. But I really think it’s important that you get to where you’re going, you get a chance to fulfill your potential. You know, U2 is still alive after twenty years of working together because what we do is rock music and we are not motivated by anything else but the music. And let me tell you, if U2 is on the radio, if you’re on the radio, if you get to number one, you’re doing all the people that make that crap factory-produced music out of a job. I think it’s important. You’ve got big talent, you’ve got a part to play."

We all looked at each other, convinced. Bono was talking to us as if our opinions were important to him. He was putting us in the middle of the conversation even though he was doing all the talking. Sort of like our involvement and agreement was vital and he was talking with such warmth, humour and humility. We were mesmerized.

"My God, you are really good for your age. It’s the first time in years that I’ve looked at a new band and been able to see you will still be around in twenty years. I can just see it and the audience will see it too. You have that quality. Don’t lose it. Never forget where you’re coming from and what you’ve got to say. I remember being that young, we formed U2 when we were 15,16. We were full of dreams, waiting to be discovered."

"Yeah, we started writing our first songs together around that age as well," I told him.

"Funny thing, I listened carefully to your lyrics and I just heard what was going on in my head when I was your age."

"Well, yeah, sure, you’re our inspiration!" Damon laughed.

"All I can tell you is that you have to give as much as you can to your public, in your lyrics, on stage…. I heard you were really good on stage!"

"That’s what they say!"Rob smiled a little shyly.

"You know, can I offer you a word of advice?" he asked Rob seriously.

"Please do." Rob encouraged him.

"As a singer, you have to give. You have to look like you belong up there. Your fans can’t all be at the front row. What you give to them can’t be about physical proximity. It’s something to do with generosity that makes for a great live event. It’s nothing to do with scale. You’ve just got to give."

"It’s hard though, to give all the time. Cause it’s not just on stage that I have to do it. I feel like I need to be someone else when I’m on stage or in public so I just sort of create different personalities and slip into the most appropriate one. But I’m afraid I might just end up forgetting who I really am."

Bono laughed,

"I know what you mean. To tell you the truth, I have no control over who I wake up as. I wish I did. But they are not enemies, these different sides to yourself. The thing is that it makes it hard to perform when you’re just not in the mood and not to perform when you are. Sometimes, I just go back home after a tour and want to climb on the table at 11o'clock every night and try to perform and I’m wondering where the 50,000 people are."

We all laughed.

"But no matter how you feel, the public always gives something back. Blind panic always sets in before a gig but then you set foot on stage and get completely intoxicated by the reception of the audience. It can be a very trippy experience, like you’re on the moon or something. They make you feel special and if you are trying to fill a hole music and being a performer is an obvious route."

"Yeah, that's true," Rob continued, "I think we’ve always had a bit of faith and we knew we could be successful, but now that we are, it’s a bit tough sometimes. I mean we feel very grateful to be in the position we’re in, but it comes with a lot of pressure."

"Of course. You know, people are always gonna think that your life is so much better than theirs. The media can be so powerful. People believe more of what they read than what they actually see. What you own, the money, that’s not what’s important. It’s never been important to me. It’s the family and the work. The people you love. They remind you who you are. That’s important. It’s the same things everyone cares about."

"Yes, sure," Rob said, "but I already feel like some people look at me like I’m better than them. Some of them see me as perfection. I mean I can see they feel a sense of admiration when they look at me and it’s very disturbing. I don’t feel that special."

"Yeah, but that’s not a bad thing. It means you’re already making a difference. You’re lucky enough to have touched a few lives. In all modesty, I have probably touched millions. I hope I have. I hope you will, all of you. I can see you all have a tremendous energy inside you. I’m sure you feel you could go on all night when you’re on stage."

We all smiled and nodded. It was so true. "You know, Rock ‘n’ Roll can give you the power to change the world, use it, mobilize people as much as you can through your music."

"How do you do it?" Damon asked curiously. "I mean, how do you manage to find time to actually fit in your family and U2 and all the charitable causes?"

"I manage to find time because I am not in any way at peace. I think the world is a really unfair and often wicked place, and beauty is a consolation prize. And it’s not enough for me. It just isn’t. There’s always been a kind of rage in me and it does still bubble up. Debt relief is not a charity. Seven thousand Africans dying every day of a preventable, treatable disease is not a cause, it’s an emergency…and if you feel that rage, if you can give some of your time to make a change, any change, you’ve got to do it."

I couldn’t help but think that coming out was probably one of the first steps Rob and I would have to take if we wanted to try and make a change in society. We would surely do a big service to the gay community if we decided to be completely open about our true selves. I didn’t think I wanted to become a gay activist though, but if our coming out publlicly could help some people to be honest about themselves and others to be more open-minded and tolerant, I was starting to think I would be willing to do it.

"Yeah, fame definitely gives you that power, doesn’t it?" Dylan said.

"Fame is a weird thing. It can be quite tough. There’s some strong stuff out there, and I’m not talking about drink and drugs. I’m talking about other ways of seeing the world just through the prismof being a star and being so privileged you can get bent out of shape. The whole business of people thinking you’re important because you can write a song and sing it rather than being a nurse or a fireman, how absurd is that? You gotta stay humble."

"Yeah," I said, "we are relatively grounded people, and we have a sense of who we are but it’s easy to let the fame, the touring and the concerts get to your head and make you forget that you have to still focus as hard as ever on writing good music, you know. I think that’s why you’re so good ; because with every album, and we try to have the same philosophy as you, which is we have to treat it like it’s our first and last record, and we can’t rely on the fact that the last one did well, or that we’re really famous, we can’t rely on any of that stuff."

"You might never get another chance." Jordan added.

We grew a bit quiet and all of a sudden, Bono said to us,

"You know, I really like you boys. We might work together one of these days, what do you think? Let’s give you some time to get back into the studio, maybe on your next album."

I didn’t know if he could see it on my face, probably, since I couldn’t stop smiling, but inside I was jumping up and down exhilarated, and I could tell by the way we all looked at each other that I was not the only one to feel this way. Bono was actually offering to work with us. We were good enough to work with U2. That was insane! Hearing this instantly made my heart beat faster and my body temperature rise. I felt euphoric and there was more to come.

"I’d love to work with you. You remind me of Edge when he was younger, you have that quality as a musician. No one plays like Edge, his riffs can’t quite be replicated by another. Edge’s sound is so him. Take him away from U2 and U2 wouldn’t sound like U2 at all and as I listened to your album, that’s what I heard. U-N-I wouldn’t sound the same without you. As an original, you’re right up there! There are very few musicians who can do this, it’s an amazing gift and the fact that you already have that quality at your age is remarkable. I see so much potential in all of you."

I smiled and thanked him for the compliment, probably blushing a little. Rob and Jordan looked at me and smiled broadly. They knew what I was thinking and how it was making me feel to hear that. I’d had people compliment me on my playing but coming from Bono, it meant the world to me.

"You’re really not kidding about wanting to work with us?" Damon asked cheerfully, "oh that would be the dream. I actually had a dream about that. You’d make my dream come true if we did work together."

Bono laughed,

"Ah, well, in that case I’d be happy to!"

We talked for a few more minutes. We wanted him to tell us absolutely everything he could tell us. We had so many questions, we had been fans our whole lives, it felt like we knew him, his life, his work, there were so many things we wanted to know, so much advice we wanted him to give us. He had done everything we were preparing ourselves to do. We were so delighted and overjoyed to talk to him.

I asked him a few questions about some of U2’s lyrics I found intriguing and I got my answers. I wished we could have talked all night long. When he left, he wished us good luck for the future and said something I will always remember,

"Remember this. If you want an easy life, if you’re happy with your lot, if you see success as your goal, it’s over. I think there’s nothing sadder than people who think they have arrived. I know you’ve got a future. I know you can fill stadiums, never stop working and never stop giving. Keep dreaming and reinventing yourselves. Don’t lose your musical and intellectual curiosity, there’s always things to discover. Wear your heart on your sleeve and be real. And let your doubts and insecurities fuel your work. Don’t be scared of them. If you want to be the biggest rock band in the world, you will be, it’s as simple as that."

We stayed at the table for a while, stunned into silence for some time before we began talking. We still couldn’t believe we had just won three awards, met Bono and that we might work with him.

"He called us the next U2," Damon said in disbelief.

"He did," Dylan exclaimed. "How insane is that?"

"He said he wanted to work with us!" I exclaimed. "Guys, I mean…fuck, that's like my biggest dream."

"Because you're as good as Edge," Rob said to me with a grin.

I shook my head and laughed. I didn't think I was but I wasn't about to argue with Bono.

"Wah," Jordan sighed. "I’m gonna have to be extra serious if we work with him."

'D'you think that’s something you can do?" I asked him.

He shrugged,

"Let’s join the party? I need to release some energy right now! Plus, I heard Taylor Swift might be there," he wiggled his brows.

Damon laughed,

"You really think you can bang Taylor Swift?"

"Oh I think I’m gonna try!" Jord smirked.

He was the only one who was still single and enjoying sleeping around. He was not the kind to settle down. Damon and Dylan both had girlfriends, hot ones too.

We joined the party, which was already going strong. We drank, danced, and talked with many people. At some point, Rob started hanging out and partying with a few girls and I began chatting with Miles Kane, an English musician, whose music I loved. When Rob came over to me again, I was in an in-depth music discussion with him.

He placed his hand on my shoulder and leaned closer to me, "Hey, can I talk to you?" he asked.

"Hey man, how you doing?" he said to Miles, extending his hand for a handshake.

"Good. Congratulations on tonight’s awards. You scored quite a few!"


"Hold that thought," I said to Miles and walked away from him to talk with Rob.

"Have you seen the guy I was talking to?" he asked me with a grin on his face.

"No," I answered. I didn’t even know where he'd been.

He discreetly pointed at him,

"Black jacket, in Rihanna’s crew over there, he’s one of her dancers."

"Oh yeah," I said, checking him out.

I knew he was telling me about him because he had something in mind. He was a tall and muscular mix-raced boy, probably around 25.

"Fancy a threesome?" he asked seductively.

"Gay?" I said under my breath.

"Definitely flirting with me," he answered, sounding horny.

I stared discreetly at the guy for a few seconds. He was super hot.

"Alright, you go for it!"

Rob smiled.

"Cool, let’s bring on the charm!"

He walked away and I resumed my conversation with Miles. A few minutes later, he came back and whispered in my ear,

"Let’s go?"

I smiled at him,

"Ok." I turned to Miles again and ended the conversation, "Talk to you later?"

"Sure, it was great talking with you!" he answered.

"You too. Thanks for all the advice."

"You’re welcome."

We walked away and I raised my eyebrows in a question.


"He’s coming up to our room," he grinned, sounding pleased with himself.

Now, although I was not particularly in the mood before, I was starting to get horny and excited.

"He’s so hot," I told him, briefly looking over at the guy again.

"Tell me about it, can’t wait to see him without his clothes on. He’s all muscle."

I could tell that his large, muscular arms were straining under his leather jacket.

"He looks like he could break me in half," I joked.

"Is that a bad thing?” Rob laughed.

In general, it was so easy to hookup with guys in the business, and we’d had a couple threesomes already, for fun, and out of curiosity. We realized the first time it randomly happened that even though we didn't want an open relationship at all, we did enjoy playing together with another guy once in a while. They knew how to keep things quiet and uncomplicated, and we didn’t have to worry about them selling stories or threatening to out us. We had never brought a fan up to our room, even though we had been tempted a few times, but we felt like it was too risky.

We made our way up to our room and Rob started caressing and kissing the back of my neck lovingly as I tried to get the keycard to unlock the door. I smiled, opened the door and turned around to kiss him as we walked into the room. He kicked the door close with his foot and we made out a little.

"Let’s hope he’s not gonna want to fuck you, he doesn’t look like a bottom."

This was something we had decided we wouldn’t do with strangers. Rob didn’t want anyone but him to fuck me and I felt the same way, I didn’t ever want to see him being fucked by another guy. We still had some boundaries.

"If he does, I’ll convince him to get fucked instead!" he joked "I’m gonna grab a quick shower, I feel all sweaty."

I went with him and we showered together. We even douched quickly, not that we were planning on bottoming, but just to be safe.

Afterwards we each pulled on a pair of sweatpants and stayed shirtless.

We sat on the couch and talked a little about the party, when there was a knock on the door.

Rob smiled devilishly when we heard a quiet knock at the door,

"Time to have some fun!"

He eagerly headed toward the door. As I watched the guy walk in, he seemed even more muscular in the smaller space of the hotel room. As he came in, he eyed Rob up and down with lust and then looked at me, checking me out as well.

"Well this should be fun. I love what you guys do, you know, I’m a fan," he told me. "I had no idea! You two are really just into guys?"

I chuckled. Was he trying to start a conversation?

"Yeah, pretty much. We’re in a relationship." Rob told him.

"Wah, that’s cool! Do you ever plan on coming out publicly?"

Oh yeah, he was trying to a have a conversation.

"Maybe, we’re thinking about it." Rob replied.

" ‘Cause people are gonna be really surprised here," he said pointing at me and then at Rob. "I mean, maybe not you, but that you’re a couple, fuck, definitely!"

Rob laughed,

"Yeah, we’re aware of that - which is why we haven’t done it yet!"

"You guys are hot! Your fans are gonna love this," he said pulling off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. "You should!"

"You know," he added, "Rihanna really likes you guys. She told me tonight she’d love to do a duet with you, after she saw us chatting. Would you be interested? I can have her call you."

Rob turned to me, letting out a chuckle.

"Sure man, why not, you do that!" he said, walking a lot closer to him.

He was almost done unbuttoning his shirt. Rob placed his hands on his chest and caressed his pecs,

"You have such a gorgeous body!"

He smiled,

"Thank you. Lots of muscle-building exercises every day! You’re not bad yourself."

Rob’s hands slid to his trousers, grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, looking into the guy’s eyes.

"What’s your name by the way?"


"Well, hello Scott!" he said pulling the guy’s dick out of his underwear.

He stroked him as he kissed his broad shoulders. Then, he made him sit on the couch next to me before taking the head of his dick in his mouth.

Scott smiled and sighed,

"Oh fuck, I can’t believe I have my dick in Robbie Myers’s mouth!" this guy was funny, and obviously a little drunk.

I laughed and started taking off what I was wearing. Scott immediately reached for my cock and rapidly brought the head into his mouth. I moaned at the feeling as he sucked, licked and jerked me, roaming his hand all over my abs.

After a moment, Rob let go of Scott’s dick and kneeled on the couch on the other side of him. Scott immediately started blowing him, engulfing him to the base and Rob moaned as he grabbed my neck and smashed his lips against mine. We made out passionately, so fucking turned on by this stud, as Scott took turn sucking our dicks.

"Fuck my face," he asked me as he held my cock in his mouth.

Well, if he wanted it that way, I wasn’t going to argue.

He swallowed me down to the base, pulled off and repeated the action, burying my hardness to the back of his throat. I started moving my hips to fuck his face like he wanted it and he moaned. He began bobbing his head up and down and after a few seconds, he pressed his hand against my ass and forced me to slam my cock down his throat again, his hands moving to my balls. He kept this up until he moved his mouth over to Rob's dick and did the same to him, slapping his ass.

"This guy's good," I whispered into Rob's ear as we were kissing, licking each other lips and tongues and caressing each other's bodies.

I could feel Rob shiver as he slammed his cock inside Scott's mouth. He held the back of his head and fucked his face fast. He was being rough but judging by the noise Scott was making, he didn't seem to mind and he kept trying to take all of his eight-inch cock in his mouth, doing a great job of controlling his gag reflexes.

Rob then started blowing Scott again and got off the couch to kneel on the floor between his legs. He quickly slid his mouth down to his ball sack and took one into his mouth. Scott flinched as he rolled the smooth ball around in his mouth, then did the same to the other one. His tongue slid beneath his balls, to the soft skin between them and his ass.

Then, Rob grabbed his legs and pulled him down towards him. Scott sank into the couch a little and Rob raised his legs and started kissing his ass cheeks. Scott not really being able to blow me anymore, I reached for his cock and lowered myself down to suck on the head. He was cut with a nice mushroom head, and quite thick. His pubes were well trimmed and I could see that he shaved his balls. I ran my tongue around the head, sucking lightly, before wrapping my lips around the tip and sinking down on it.

I heard a loud moan coming from him, followed by,

"Oh Fuck," and I knew Rob was playing with his hole.

I had been wrong. This boy apparently really liked having his ass played with.

"You like that?" Rob asked him seductively, teasing his hole.

"Oh, yeah, man, keep doing that." I took his balls in my hand and pulled them closer to his body to watch Rob lick his taint and his ass cheeks.

"Ohhh, fuck, feels good," he kept moaning.

I resumed bobbing my head up and down his dick, he was rock hard.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," he moaned again.

Rob was fingering him as he licked his balls and his tongue moved the the base of his cock. I wrapped my lips around his mushroom head and sucked. When I let go of it, I smiled at Rob, who brought his lips to mine and gave me a kiss, sucking on my tongue a little. Then we both licked Scott’s dick.

"Oh, that’s hot!" he moaned, watching us.

Rob took his cock in his mouth again and resumed blowing him and sliding a finger in his ass.

I concentrated on Scott’s taut chest. He was so tight and muscular, he was sculpted to perfection. I was happy I could give his chest the attention it deserved. I was soon licking down the line separating his hard pecs, going from side to side to suck on his nipples. Whenever I licked his nipples he groaned and tried to push his chest harder against me.

As I caressed his pecs, I was still watching Rob from time to time.

My lips traveled up to his face, and I whispered in his ear,

"You want him to fuck you?"

"Oh yes," he almost whined as Rob inserted two fingers deep into him, "oh fuck yeah." I guessed that was his answer.

I stood up and got a condom, I ripped it open and handed it over to Rob, who rolled it down his length.

Rob paid some attention to Scott's chest as well, licking and caressing this stud all over, before we made him turn around and I sat in front of him on the back of the couch. He took my cock in his mouth and gasped when Rob slid a few inches into him, pulled out and pushed back in until he was completely buried into his ass. He let go of my cock and breathed. He moaned again when Rob started fucking him harder, as he slid his hands up and down his muscular ass cheeks and caressed the small of his back.

"He's tight," Rob mouthed sexily as he gazed at me and let out a small moan.

I went to stand behind him, and caressed his chest from behind as well as his ass, feeling his strokes as he kept pounding the guy's ass. I pulled his head back and attacked his neck,

"Give it to him, you're hot as fuck," I groaned in his ear

He fucked him more roughly and Scott shuddered,

"Fuck, yeah, fuck me man," he cried out.

As Rob continued to pound into him, he became louder and louder.

I was tempted to ask Rob if he wanted me to fuck him so he could enjoy getting fucked at the same time, we had done that once before and it was tempting to do it again but Rob pulled out of Scott's ass before I could and asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I didn’t need to be asked twice. We changed position and he removed the condom.

He rested his back on the armrest of the couch and Scott straddled him. I stood behind him and rolled a condom on my shaft, which was throbbing. He started moaning wildly again as I eased my cock into him and I began to fuck him. His hole accepted me easily and as I watched the lips of his hole roll up and down when I pushed in and out, I knew I was gonna cum soon. This guy was hot as hell.

He started kissing Rob’s chest and jerking his dick as I fucked him. He caressed him, licked and kissed his pecs. Then he grabbed the back of his neck and brought his lips to his. He gave him a long sensual kiss before licking down his neck and down to his torso again.

Rob looked at me apologetically. He shrugged as if to say ‘sorry I didn’t see it coming!’

I let out a chuckle, he sure seemed to have liked it. We wouldn’t normally kiss them either.

Scott kept moaning as I fucked him. He wrapped his lips around Rob’s dick again and bobbed his head up and down. Rob moaned, gripping the back of the couch and I could tell he was about to cum.

"Man, I’m gonna cum," he warned him. Scott started stroking him with a lot of ferocity and the hot liquid splashed up against his stomach.

Seeing Rob cum, I felt a tightening in my balls and then I was unloading into the condom. I shook and quivered as I caressed Scott’s strong back and ass cheeks. He was the only one who hadn’t cum yet. When I pulled out of him, he raised himself to a kneeling position and jerked himself. In a matter of seconds, he was shooting spurts after spurts onto Rob’s chest.

"Damn!" Scott said, "that was incredible. Gotta do this again next time we run into each other!"

We agreed with him as Rob cleaned his cum-covered chest.

He actually stayed and hung out with us for a while, when he left, Rob said to him,

"We trust you’ll be discreet."

"Of course," he answered "it’s never occurred to me to be any other way in this business."

"Hey," I called as he was about to leave, "Were you serious about that duet with Rihanna? I'd have plenty of ideas for that!"

"Yeah, I think she’s really serious about it. Honest, give me your number and I’ll have her call you. And also, maybe I could call you," he giggled.

Rob gave him his number and he was gone.

"Damn! So basically tonight, we literally ended up meeting Bono, winning three awards, and having a threesome that might lead to a potential duet with Rihanna, I love my life!"

I laughed,

"Yeah, pretty amazing night!"

He came closer to me, placed his hands on my neck and gave me a kiss.

I pulled my head back and my mouth off of his,

"You fucking kissed the guy," I said as a joke, actually I didn’t care that much.

"Nooo," he stated, "he kissed me!" he said slyly, knowing very well he was still in the wrong.

"Same difference, you didn’t stop him.’

"But he was so hot," he whined

I frowned.

"Ok ok, I’m sorry," he apologized. "I shouldn't have let him. You know after that, I feel like I need to give you some love."

I laughed as he led the way to the bed and we climbed naked under the covers, snuggling close to each other. We lay in bed, the covers covering our bodies, and we began making out.

It had been four years already since our first kiss and we were still very much in love. We had faith in our ability to make it as a couple in the long run now and we trusted and respected each other. I loved our relationship. The chemistry between us was just perfect. I loved how I needed him to make me feel confident and how he needed me to make him feel "normal,” to remind him of who he really was. We were equals in the relationship, and when it came to sex, sometimes, he wanted to be more submissive or more dominant, sometimes I did. It just depended on the mood.

God, I was so in love with him. Just spending a few hours, or a day away from him was hard. I hated it when we couldn't be together. Every time I thought about him, I felt this warm, fuzzy feeling inside my body and I immediately wanted to see him, touch him, kiss him.

We held each other and kissed gently. Our feet played with each other and our fingers were intertwined. We lay on our sides and just wrapped our arms and legs around each other and kissed, long, short, slow, gentle, loving kisses. Our tongues slid, played and licked. I kissed his cheek, then after I’d sucked his earlobe into my mouth I flicked it with my tongue, he moaned and I whispered in his ear,

"You’re getting me hard again."

He smiled and pressed his lips against mine again. Our kisses and breathing became deeper, more heated and passionate and our hands began to wander. I caressed his body, his hair, his arms, his back, his chest, his ass, his legs, even his feet, and he did the same, but we didn’t break our lip lock. Our erections began rubbing against each other and we started moaning. He rolled a little so I was on my back and he was on top and we continued kissing. I could have done that for hours. I loved how he kissed me, firmly but softly, hungrily but lovingly. After a few minutes, he pulled me off his mouth and looked deep into my eyes. His eyes were filled with love, need, and desire as he said,

"Damn, I'm so horny tonight," he moaned. "I'm dying to make love to you."

He started licking my neck, sucking a little and probably giving me a small love-bite, I ran my fingers roughly through his hair, and applied pressure on his head to get him to suck harder, which he did.

He moaned quietly and took my nipple between his fingers and lightly pinched. He let his tongue travel down my chest and caressed my tight stomach. His mouth found my penis as he slid his body down and wrapped his lips around the head he held me there, sucking, forcing pre-cum out of my cock. He licked the pre-cum and ran his tongue up and down along my shaft, making it completely wet. He moved down to my balls and as he started licking, I asked with need,

"Ohhh, baby, come here," he looked up at me and saw me reach for the lube, ‘Come here, give me your cock."

I grabbed his arm and he slid his body up and sat on my stomach. I applied the lube onto his gorgeous manhood and looked into his eyes with desire,

"Fuck me now, forget the foreplay", I need that cock inside me right now."

He put his hands under my knees and lined up his cock with my smooth hole. He pressed the head against it and pushed a little, my hole contracted and relaxed and the head popped in. I pushed back, needing more and within seconds, he was buried inside me.

"Ohh yes, that's it. Fuck, I love you," I took hold of the covers and pulled them up, covering us up completely again.

We kissed deeply, our tongues fought as he thrust in and out of me lovingly. We were both moaning quietly in each others’ mouths. I started kissing his face and nibbling his earlobe as he pumped in and out of me. He made me raise my legs a little higher as he began giving me short and quick strokes, trying to find the best angle to hit my prostate with each stroke and I started moaning urgently,

"Uugghh, ohh Rob, yes, ughh"

We gasped, kissed and moaned and he continued working his dick like a piston inside me, feeling warmer and warmer under the covers ; sweat started forming on our bodies but still we didn’t throw them off. There was a feeling of security and togetherness as we made love under them. As if we were protected from the outside world, like nothing could touch us or harm us.

"Uggh your dick feels so good, I’m close, you’re so fucking deep," I moaned.

He raised my legs again, pushing my knees close to my shoulders and buried himself deeper into me, making me squeal with delight. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started stroking myself.

He knew I was close. He withdrew his cock almost completely and slammed it back inside me, thrusting into me, making me feel so good.

"Fuck, yeah," I groaned.

Pre-cum dribbled out of my cock and I think we both felt the urge to cum build inside us at the same time. He thrust hard in and out of me, poking my prostate and I felt my climax approach really quickly.

"Mark, ohhh, god, baby," he moaned as my asshole tightened. "I'm gonna cum in you."

"Yeah, let's cum together."

I stroked myself harder and he brought his lips down to my nipple. I was so ready to cum and so sensitive that the feeling immediately sent me over the edge. My eyes rolled inside my head. I gasped and tensed up as my orgasm overtook my body and a rope of cum shot across my chest. He buried himself deep inside me and began shooting his load as well.

He continued gently sliding in and out of me for a moment until he just lost his strength and pulled out of me. I felt his body relax and he snuggled close to me.

We kissed and he nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. We were quiet for a moment until I started laughing.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing," I smiled. "That was just so good. I think I’m gonna have to give an award to your cock soon."

"Wouldn’t that be fun!"

"Man, I really should have done that tonight! Next time I will!" I joked. "Yeah, imagine that! I’d like to thank Robbie’s cock without which none of this would have been possible."

"Please don’t," he begged with a chuckle.

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I really didn’t care for the threesome. It spoils the magic between Mark and Rob. On another note, the band is riding the wave of success now. Hopefully it doesn’t go to their heads.

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I'm aware some people don't like it, you're not the first to complain about this threesome lol maybe it comes too early in the story, but that's just how I happened to write it, and as I've said the story sort of wrote itself. I for one love threesomes and I've always imagined Rob and Mark experimenting and playing with other guys once in a while as soon as they get successful... because they're still young, they're famous, they're loaded and they're friends before they're boyfriends... don't wanna reveal too much but it will come back to bite them in the ass...

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That was an amazing evening spent with Bono after picking up three major awards.

Where did all that sage advice come from, about how to handle yourself in the music industry? I'm guessing you've read a lot of NME articles.

On the point of the threesome, I always prefer loyalty too. But the threesome seems more acceptable to me, in the context of bands on the road. Especially as they both agree to it and have very firm boundaries about what they will and will not share with others, such as intimate kissing on the lips and using their partner as a bottom. 

As for many in the Rock scene, it's so easy to imagine things getting unhinged, with all that fame, sex, alcohol and drugs.

How will their fans react to them announcing that the front men are a gay couple? Touring South America next is surely an opener to drugs.

Edited by Bard Simpson
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On 2/6/2020 at 10:22 PM, unilive said:

I'm aware some people don't like it, you're not the first to complain about this threesome lol maybe it comes too early in the story, but that's just how I happened to write it, and as I've said the story sort of wrote itself. I for one love threesomes and I've always imagined Rob and Mark experimenting and playing with other guys once in a while as soon as they get successful... because they're still young, they're famous, they're loaded and they're friends before they're boyfriends... don't wanna reveal too much but it will come back to bite them in the ass...

Hmm . . . .

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It was a fantastic night and it ended the right way, although some of the highlights getting there were pretty hot. 

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