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  • 13,750 Words

This story contains sexual descriptions.

You can now find the story on Amazon and purchase the Kindle book or a paperback book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087WKT398/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_LteREb9NTMCH4

U-N-I - 25. Chapter 25

Here it is! The last chapter... We've come to the end!

A big thank you if you're still here reading this, I love you!

I'd like to say that the song in the chapter is inspired by a famous French song by Patrick bruel called "Je t'le dis quand même" I used the melody and wrote the lyrics around it. Unfortunately, for the last song of the story, I had to be unfaithful to Coldplay.

“How’re you doing?” Rachel hissed under her breath.

“Um, ask me when it’s all over,” I chuckled, “I'm actually more relaxed than I thought I'd be," I told her, "I'm pretty sure this is gonna run smoothly. I've rehearsed the song three times this morning without any hiccups."

"And Rob will love it," she told me confidently again.

I breathed, suddenly feeling nervous.

"What if he doesn't though?" I asked and she stared at me sympathetically.

"How many times do we all have to keep telling you…"

"Kidding," I interrupted her and she laughed.

Because I was going to interrupt the gig, in the end I’d needed to bring the rest of the guys in on the secret. Plus I wanted them to know about the wedding reception because I knew for sure they'd want to be part of the preparation, especially Jordan. I couldn't wait to see the fun stuff he'd come up with, his speech I knew would be one to remember.

Jane had worked like a Trojan on my behalf, she’d sorted the license, the celebrant, the reception, all of it; and I was so grateful. I had given her all of my and Rob's ideas, the ones I had discussed with him anyway and she’d thrown herself into organising our wedding with gusto and had loved every minute of it.

So now here I was in the Green Room of the Bord gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin, about to dress to go on stage for our gig in support of the belongTo LGBT organization, after having had four meet-and-greets with fans.

Several things had come together since I had talked to Rachel about my wanting to get married on stage. Two of which Rob knew about – the first signal that tonight would be a great night to take the leap of faith was when a top designer at Cerutti, whom one of our publicists knew and had asked for help, had offered to design an item of stage-wear for us specifically for this night, and then there would be an ‘interruption’ right before I had to play the song I'd written to propose to Rob, from someone we admired and that we'd met a couple of times at awards ceremonies.

“Mum, dad, what’re you doing here and all dolled up?” Robbie called, laughing, when he saw his parents entering our dressing room.

“And why shouldn’t I be dressed up for such a landmark event?” Jane asked beaming.

They hugged then Jane came over to where Rachel and I were,

“You ok?” she asked as she wrapped her arms round me in a motherly way, as she’d always done whenever I needed it ; she'd always been the loving mother I wish I'd had.

I smiled,

"I'm fine. Just nervous."

“Yeah, he's as nervous as a nun in a brothel,” Rachel muttered.

“Nice,” I retorted.

“Pre-stage places lads, stage-time in five minutes,” we heard our tour manager’s voice over the back-stage PA.

“This is it,” Rachel whispered, suddenly throwing herself into my arms and kissing me, actually kissing me on the lips something we hadn’t done in a decade, “for luck. Not that you need it,” she whispered.

Then she was gone. Fortunately, besides Jane no-one had seen it, the guys were all pulling on their Cerutti coats from the rack in the corner of the room,

“Come on babe, shake a leg,” Rob called, holding out my own jacket.

"Thanks," I said.

I took it from him and slipped it on; they were all made of black incredibly supple calf-skin leather, fell to about mid-thigh and in vague terms were of the steam-punk variety, beneath we were all wearing our usual black jeans and for tonight the charity’s ‘official’ t-shirt. They were not our usual stage-wear by far but the designer had added touches to the coats to reflect the public reason for this particular gig.

All of them had some sort of rainbow embellishments, Dylan’s had broad turn-back rainbow cuffs, the collar of Jordan’s was trimmed with slim rainbow stripes, Damon’s, whose jacket was sleeveless for obvious reasons, had rainbow buttons but mine and Rob’s were mirror images, the right front of his and the left of mine were rainbow stripes from shoulder to hem.

Those of Jordan, Damon and Dylan would be auctioned off at a later charity event, Rob thought ours would be too but I’d decided to keep them – I’d make a suitably large donation instead.

“Alright, guys, huddle up!” Jordan called.

We got together for our pre-show huddle and then we went to the stage and waited to go on to play all the songs we loved so much.

“’Still’ instead of 'Ink'?,” Dylan asked as we all left the dressing room.

"‘Still’," I replied under my breath.


"Don't ask."

"Well, the piano's all yours when you need it, so glad you changed your mind."

Indeed, the song I’d sing to Rob, I had composed on the piano. At first, I'd thought I'd perform it on an acoustic guitar but Dylan had convinced me that playing the song on his acoustic piano would be so much better. Plus it was completely painted in a rainbow of colour and I loved playing it.

"Thanks," I responded. I was about to say something else but Jordan came up behind me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, speaking into my ear,

"You do realise this is the first day of the rest of your life?"

I laughed and didn't answer.

"How's your speech coming along?" I teased, I couldn't wait to hear all the fun stories he'd choose to share.

"It's coming along great."

"I can't believe you two are finally getting hitched," Dylan said with satisfaction.

I kew he had probably checked before saying this but I still looked around to make sure Rob couldn't hear us and saw that he was talking with our surprise guests.

"You know what, you two are like the roots of this family tree we've made for ourselves," he added, looking across to Rob too.

"Um, wow, that's some pretty deep stuff bro'," I replied sounding as surprised as I felt.

He shrugged.

"It's true," he paused, "well you know the opening lines of ‘Green Eyes’? Well you two are the rock this band stands on. As long as you two are good the rest of us can just relax and enjoy the ride," he said glancing at Jordan.

I smiled wholeheartedly and looked at Jordan with a tight-lipped nod.

"Dude, what're you doing? Save it for tomorrow!" Jordan complained.

Dylan laughed.

"And say that to me, not to him!" Jordan added.

"You can have it. I just wanna hear you say…'as Dylan once put it'...," Dylan laughed and warned him with a mock punch to his arm.

Jordan shook his head and threw his arm round my shoulders.

"Good luck," he said then kissed my cheek.

"Enjoy it," Dylan added, patting my back and then they both joined Damon.

After a short moment, Rob came closer to me and placed his hands over my shoulders.

"Looking good," he said sexily, rubbing his hands vigorously up and down my arms as we watched our bandmates walking on stage to rapturous applause.


Before walking on as well, he knelt down to kiss the stage's floor, which he'd always do, then took my hand in his and squeezed it. My other hand felt for what was in my right-hand pocket. I leaned to quickly kiss his cheek and we walked onto the stage, to even louder applause.

Rob kept hold of my hand, our fingers laced together. He released it as we passed my guitar racks, then he carried on to his mic at front and centre stage while I took up my Les Paul for the first song.

Rob took a quick look around the stage at the rest of us, we all nodded and he turned to speak to the crowd,

“You ready for this?” he asked them and two thousand people cheered loudly.

Jordan and I hit the opening chords of the first song and we were go. It took all of my concentration to focus on what I was doing, the adrenaline rush of performing on top of my ‘wedding nerves’ was one hell of a combination but I was soon into the music and thoroughly enjoying myself – I swear I could hear my happiness in every note I played.

We played our most successful tunes for about forty minutes and then, it was time to play an acoustic set, during which there'd be the ‘surprise appearance’ of a special guest – well it would be a surprise to the audience.

As the last chords of the song died away, the crowd erupted in wild applause and Rob said to the crowd,

"It's so good to be home Dublin," the crowd cheered loudly, "there's really nothing like playing in our home town, thank you so much."

We gathered round Dylan's piano and played three songs acoustically, the last one being "Magic," the song that Rob had written for me in L.A., the one that had made me jump onto a plane to be with him.

He kept looking at me tenderly while he sang the most meaningful lines and I thought it was a nice prelude to my proposal song.

When "Magic" ended, the crowd cheered and then Rob announced,

"We have some surprise guests tonight. Please welcome on stage, Doctor Brian May and Mister Roger Taylor."

The crowd greeted them loudly, their appearance being a shock to them, as they walked on stage, waving.

“Why are two old fuddy-duddies like us interrupting you young things you may ask,” Brian began saying, “well it’s because we at The Freddie Mercury Trust wanted to show our support for belongTo.’’

‘‘The Freddie Mercury Trust was set up to fight AIDS, the prejudice that came with it and being gay so we decided long ago that supporting charities like belongTo had to be a big part of that,” Roger told everyone.

“And so we’re offering any help our team can give and making a donation of a quarter of a million pounds to belongTo,” Brian added, “this seemed the perfect time to do it and get to see you guys perform live at the same time." he continued as he patted Rob on the back, "A little bird tells us you used to cover some of our ditties many moons ago we just wanted to be sure you would’ve done them justice and I reckon Freddie would’ve been impressed,” he smiled.

Our audience began whooping and cheering again.

“Oh and Mark, good luck,” Roger chuckled.

I thanked him and looked at Rob. He smiled, thinking Roger had said that to me because we were about to play "INK" and I had agreed to sing it. Although, he was about to find out why he was able to persuade me, after all this time, to sing 'INK' on stage again – only I wouldn't be.

I walked over to Dylan's colourfully painted piano. Dylan was already in the wings, along with Damon and Jordan. Unseen by most, a tech had brought Rob a high stool and even a mic on a stand, in case he'd have something to say - such as yes.

He turned his head and I saw a look of confusion on his face.

"Wha – what are we doing?" he stammered, too low for the mics to pick up.

I smiled and sat at the piano about to sing and play in front of an audience without a guitar for the first time ever – and it was intimidating to say the least. I sucked in a deep breath as the stage-lights lowered leaving only Rob and I in pools of light.

I looked up at him and smiled. He was still confused, we were supposed to play ‘'INK’’ all together.

The audience was all of sudden unusually quiet, as if they had already understood that something special was happening. I wasn't sure Rob had, but the boyish smile that came across his face as my fingers moved to rest on top of the keys gave me a good indication that he knew what I was about to do.

"So, I'm gonna play a new song tonight," I turned to speak to the crowd. "a song that I will only play once."

Rob was standing on the right side of the piano so I had to very slightly turn my head if I wanted to look him in the eye. I could tell he was still confused but I started playing anyway.

At the same time, the wristbands we always gave out to each member of the audience lit the hall with rainbow colours. It began with those closest the stage and like a tidal wave of understanding spreading through the crowd arms were raised to show the wristbands.

Rob smiled at the sight and then frowned at me a little, unable to recognize the melody that I was playing. I decided to make the intro last longer than I’d intended to give him time to process what was happening, when he finally sat on the stool and I was sure all of his attention was focused on me, I began singing,

I could tell you what I feel - for you

Elsewhere than on this stage – tonight.

He stared at me. His jaw dropped when he realized what I was singing and then he was smiling.

That you're my everything

That I need you always

But at least one thing's sure

We'll remember this day

He smiled a broad smile and so did I. I saw him look around him, towards the crowd, and towards the wings, as if he was trying to find someone who could confirm to him that what he thought was happening actually was. He didn't have to wait for long as I sang,

I think we should marry – tonight

On this very stage right here – right now

He smiled and threw his head back with a laugh. He was even more gobsmacked as I continued. He brought both his hands to the back of his neck, staring at me again with a bright smile.

You've waited long enough

Now I'm as ready as you are

He laughed a little and then clenched his fists in a gesture of triumph as he mouthed 'Yes'.

It made me laugh and I had to stop for a second. I played the notes again and then continued,

And I've said so many times

Unique's what's meant for us.

I sang these lines to him, my eyes never leaving his. He took in a deep breath, his expression a mix of shock and complete happiness.

There's no right chorus for our story

All the words I find are never enough.

I know I've told you before

But I'll tell you again,

Je t'aime.

I stared into his eyes as I said 'I love you' to him in French, which I had almost never done, maybe just once or twice.

He put both his hands behind his head and looked intensely at me. I could tell from his breathing that he was trying not to cry and I tried to stay in control of my emotions to keep singing, given what I was about to sing.

Let me also tell you – thank you

For everything you've done – for me

I sang these lines, looking alternately at the piano keys and his eyes.

You've erased all the pain

You've made whole again

You gave me love and strength

You made me believe in myself

He looked at me lovingly and mouthed 'I love you' as his hands grabbed the stool on either side of him. He had tears in his eyes and he wasn't trying to wipe them away.

There's no right chorus for our story

All the words I find are never enough.

I know I've told you before

But I'll tell you again,

The crowd now knew what I was going to sing and they went insane before I could do it. They were being so loud that we both laughed. I turned slightly and stopped playing for a moment. I waited a few seconds for them to settle down before singing,

Je t'aime.

And I started playing again.

Come on, let's get married – tonight

Say yes before this crowd - right now

He took a few deep breaths and wiped away the tears that had spilled down his face.

And if some start to hate

Then let's just ignore what they'll say

He chuckled a little and I continued, looking him in the eye with a smile.

Our lives are way too perfect

Some people can't stand that.

He laughed, shaking his head, knowing I wasn't going to let any haters ruin our happiness.

There's no right chorus for our story

All the words I find are never enough

I know I've told you before

But I'll tell you again,

The same thing happened again. The crowd just went ballistic and we couldn't help but laugh. I had to wait longer than the first time before being able to say,

Je t'aime

I knew they'd do it again, so I repeated the second half of the chorus.

I know I've told you before

But I'll tell you again,

The same intense excitement took over the crowd.

Je t'aime.

I played the last note and waited for it to die away. The crowd was quiet again so in the pause before they reacted, I spoke softly into the mic.

"Will you marry me, now?"

For a short moment that seemed to me like an eternity, our eyes locked.

Not breaking eye contact, not even blinking, he grabbed the mic and pulled it close to his mouth.

“Yes,” he said in a whisper they heard at the back of the hall.

We grinned happily at each other and I stood up. We closed the distance between us and hugged, ours hearts racing with pure unadulterated joy.

The audience reaction during the song was nothing compared to how loud they were being now. Only because we held each other so close could I hear him speak, a solid wall of sound had hit us the instant after he’d said yes.

"Ok, I did not see this coming." he laughed. " You're awesome," he said and hugged me tighter, I knew he'd love it.

For a moment, it seemed like were in a bubble, as if there was only Rob and me there but we soon became aware of our friends and family who had now joined us on stage.

"Right now?" he asked, he knew but he still needed some sort of confirmation.

"Right now," I confirmed. "You gonna be ok?" I asked.

"I don't know if I'm ready," he said with a laugh.

"Get ready fast! Don't worry, you won't have to speak much."

We kept our arms around each other as we stepped closer to Rob’s parents. As the applause went on, he pulled away from me and he and his mum exchanged a long hug, rocking from side to side. Jane was crying, Rob had tears on his cheeks again, and now I was crying too.

“Well done Mark, that was incredible,” Rob’s dad said to me, his arm across my shoulders.

“Thanks,” I grinned.

"It's about time you two got married. Now it's gonna be your turn to take care of this pain in the arse," his dad said to me jokingly.

Rob and I laughed,

"I'm going to let that one slide, dad," Rob said sarcastically and they hugged.

Then Rachel launched herself at me and I staggered back when I caught her, she was laughing,

“That was friggin' beautiful!” she beamed with joy.

"I know, it felt so fucking good, I could do it all over again," I said hugging her.

"I'm so proud of you!" she said.

"Thanks for making me do this," I responded.

"I didn't make you do anything, I just gave you the push you needed," she smiled.

Then I looked to where Rob and his parents were, now in a three-way hug, and it hit me that in all of this I was alone. Well, not completely alone, I had some family members who had come. My cousins, my aunt and my sister were there and even my father and half brother and sister had made the trip, which was absolutely brilliant - but I didn't have what Rob had with his parents. Jane had asked my mother to come, she'd turned down the invitation. I wasn't sure I would have wanted her to be there anyway.

“Hey, don’t let them in, they closed that door a long time ago Mark, don’t try to open it again,” she was still smiling to cover the heavy moment.

She still knew and understood me so well that she’d immediately recognised where my thoughts had gone.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I smiled.

“Of course I’m right."

I looked again at Rob just as he looked at me, he waved us over then pointed to Jane’s hat a big silly grin on his face. She hadn’t been wearing it when she’d come to the Green Room.

“Jane your hat’s incredible,” Rachel beamed.

“It’s going into the auction with your coats,” she told us.

"Jane, what is that thing on your head?" I asked laughingly.

"I told you I'd have a hat made for the auction," she said innocently.

"Mum, but that thing's not a hat," Rob laughed. "it's like - a christmas tree!"

We all laughed, even Jane. Rob and I teasing her outfit choices was a pretty recurrent theme.

The thing was indeed a staggering affair of shamrock green and it represented Rob, myself and the band. There was a broad rainbow-ribbon all around where the top met the wide brim which had been made to appear as if it was music manuscript and on it I could see the opening notes and words of "Fix You". Above the brim it was as tall as a top hat and you could see U-N-I our two names and the date on the very top. All around it I could see small models of mine and Robbie's favourite guitars, a mic on a stand, as well as a bass guitar, a keyboard and a set of drums. Jordan, Damon and Dylan's names were all there beside their instruments.

"I'm seriously considering buying it back for you at the auction, ‘cause I don't see who's gonna want to buy this, let alone wear it!" I said to her with a laugh.

"Don't you be so sure," she smiled with a nod.

"Alright!" I chuckled just as Jordan came up behind me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

Then he moved in front of me and we hugged,

"Amazing, Mark."

"Thanks mate!"

"You fucking made me cry. Congratulations."

I giggled,

"Hope someone caught that on camera!"

"Spectacular man,” Damon said as he slapped my back and Dylan winked at me.

"Fuck, so you guys all knew about this?" Rob asked and we laughed.

"You know what," Dylan said to me, "you may not want to play the piano on stage but you sure did it justice."

Then Rob and I started hugging all our friends and family members who were on the stage with us.

Eventually things settled down and our celebrant stood at Rob’s mic which had been re-positioned for the three of us to use, Rob and I stood beside each other facing out so as many as possible could see us.

I barely heard the words the celebrant spoke but I heard Rob’s responses loud and clear and made my own.

“Robbie and Mark exchanged rings of commitment privately so, Mark, if you would please,” he held out the small book from which he’d been reading for me to place the rainbow ribbon from my pocket onto it.

“Many centuries ago a couple devoting themselves to each other would hold a hand-fasting. As part of that ceremony the couple would be bound together as they made their vows. Mark, Robbie, please hold your left hands together.” I held mine palm up for Rob to place his on, the celebrant draped the ribbon over our wrists.

“Gentlemen together repeat after me,

My hand is yours

Your hand is mine.”

We looked at each other as we spoke the words and I knew I wore the same joyous grin as Rob.

Do not hold my hand

To lead or to follow.”

I don’t think I blinked as I repeated the words, my eyes fixed on Rob’s lips as he did the same.

Take each step through life

With me at your side.”

This was getting tough, I had to keep taking deep breaths.

“I need not your name

“You need not mine.”

Suddenly I couldn’t see Rob’s mouth and when I looked up at his eyes I knew why, we were both crying – again.

The celebrant slipped his small book into his jacket pocket then took hold of the ribbon’s ends; he crossed them under my wrist, drew them up, crossed them between our wrists and brought them up to tie them off across Rob’s wrist.

Only then did he speak again,

“For we are bound

By love and devotion.”

My voice was starting to sound tight and croaky, Rob’s wasn’t much better. Fortunately I knew there were only two lines more to say.

“These are the words

That hold me fast to you.”

“Robbie, Mark I pronounce you to be married and hand-fasted, congratulations.”

Rob pulled me to him, our bound wrists trapped between us, to place his lips on mine and in a heartbeat, we were eighteen, we were in his bedroom and we were kissing for the first time.

The crowd clapped, cheered, whistled and stomped so loud we could feel it through the stage floor.

“How do you guys handle this ? It’s frightening!” the celebrant had to shout for us to hear him.

“Just enjoy it,” Rob called back, still grinning.

"Just one last thing," the celebrant said.

He untied the ribbon, unwrapped it from our wrists and gave each of us an end to hold. He cut it in half then told us to tie the piece we held around the other’s wrist and tie it off.

The confetti that was supposed to be poured over the crowd during the last song of the gig engulfed us.

We embraced each other happily again but soon parted to hug the people standing around us who were so dear to our hearts.

“This might be a good time to escape and have a moment to yourselves,” Jane told us after we had hugged everyone and we nodded in agreement.

We ran from the stage to our dressing-room.

I slammed and locked the door behind us when we got there. Neither of us spoke for a moment, we were both breathing hard and our eyes were still a little red.

“We’re married,” Rob said quietly, sounding more serious than I think I’d ever heard him.

“We are,” I replied in the same tone, suddenly realising how serious, how grown-up it was.

“Fucking hell we’re married!” he yelled, grinning.

“Sure are,” I yelled back.

"This was the greatest thing ever!" he exclaimed, gesturing towards the door.

"Yeah?" I asked with a huge grin, not that I really needed confirmation that he had indeed loved it.

"How did you…?" he began asking but interrupted himself, "No! I don't wanna know. This really was the greatest thing ever!" he exclaimed again, laughing a little.

"Sure was!" I laughed too.

Suddenly we were embracing and doing this mad, jumping, victory jig as we laughed. When we stopped Rob took my face in his hands looking at me intently.

“Thank you so much babe, I’m so happy I don’t have the words."

"I'm so glad you liked it."

"Liked it. I fucking loved it. It was everything I didn't know I wanted."

We hugged each other tight, rocking from side to side.

"I love you so much,” I said to him.

"I think you mean ‘je t'aime’," he responded.

I smiled,

"Yeah, you know that was just for the rhythm of the song, right?"

He chuckled,

"So that's it. I've got you!" he teased playfully.

My eyebrows raised and I smiled,

"You've always had me."

I placed my hand behind his head and brought my lips to his. We kissed sensuously, feeling the desire for each other rise.

"Now what do we do?" he murmured as we were kissing, his arm tightening around me. "Aren't we supposed to finish the concert?"

"Can you?" I asked, biting his lower lip.

"Hell yeah I can, I wanna go back on stage!"

"Alright, let's go then!" I said, smiling.

"Ok, I can do this," he said excitedly, but his lips were on mine again as we stepped closer to the door.

He backed me up against it and we continued kissing lustfully. He couldn't resist the urge to tease my cock through my jeans.

"So what d'you think married sex is like?" he asked teasingly.

"I wish we could find out right now," I teased back.

"But we can't," he pouted.

I shook my head no and he stopped teasing my cock, bringing his hand back up to caress my face.

"What a shame," I said.

He grinned,

"This is gonna be one hell of an encore!"

I nodded, trying to smother my desire for him. I could tell he was too as he reached for the lock with a smile on his face, his eyes still filled with lust.

"Which song should we play first?" he asked.

"Amazing day," I immediately answered without thinking twice about it and he grinned.

Seconds later, we were back in the green room, getting ready to go back on stage.


"Did I just get married ?" Rob said, dumfounded, "Were you there? Bloody hell, did that really happen?"

I laughed. We were back in our dressing room, the concert was over and he had just started a live stream on Instagram. We'd drunk champagne and cocktails backstage with everyone and he was a little buzzed. I moved behind him so our followers would see me too.

"It happened," I laughed and kissed his cheek, "Thank you to everyone here tonight for making the moment exceptional. We love you all," I said and then I grabbed the phone, said good night and ended the stream.

"Oh boy!" he breathed out and plonked himself into the sofa. "So, did you know that we should now change our last name to Myemers," he said with a laugh.

I froze and thought about it as I stared at him wide-eyed.

He laughed,

"You like it, don't you!"

"I do," I replied, "but too many M's."

"You can never have too many M's in your name, you know A-I-M-E, cause you're so lovable."

I faked a bit of laughter.

"Come on, place your hand next to mine," I asked him after I dropped down on the sofa beside him.

I used his phone to take a few pictures of our wrists and ribbons, chose the best one, edited it and posted it on his Instagram with a simple caption that said "Married."

"I'm tagging myself. Just in case they're wondering exactly who you got married to," I said and we laughed.

"So what's happening now?" he asked.

"Ask your mum, she knows," I joked. "The revelry starts at three tomorrow, so we’ve got plenty of time," I informed.

He wiggled his brows and looked at me flirtatiously. He couldn't stop smiling and neither could I.

Then he moved closer to me, a playful expression on his face and pushed his body against mine, forcing me to lie down on the sofa. Straddling me, he placed an agressive and lustful kiss on my lips. I responded immediately and before I knew it, we were making out like teenagers.

I reached around his back and pulled him into me as his hand gripped my coat,

Our tongues played for a moment, and then his lips moved to the side of my face,

"I just can't get over how perfect the whole thing was," he said with amazement, as he kissed my jawline.

I giggled happily and he looked at me in the eye.

"Thanks for doing this, it was just – phenomenal."

"I needed to do this for you," I told him sincerely. "I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had to find some way to make it happen."

He smiled,

"I can't even begin to imagine all the preparation it must have taken. How did you get it all together. We've been bouncing all over for five months."

I nodded,

"Yeah, it's been a challenge but it was totally worth it."

He just shook his head in disbelief.

"I've had a lot of help," I added.

"Yeah, my mum told me. She was quite the wedding planner apparently! Jeez, tonight was already so spectacular, I can't wait to see what she has in store for tomorrow."

"Me too," I laughed. "I'm sure there's a few things I don't know about. I got so many people involved in the end. I can't believe you didn't find out considering how many people knew."

He shook his head with a shrug and laughed.

"You really didn't notice anything? I mean I was on the phone or on the computer, like all the time."

He thought about it,

"Yeah, I guess…"

We laughed.

"I really can't take all the credit babe. When I told Rachel about wanting to do this, she was so excited and willing to help and so sure you'd love it that I thought it might actually be doable. And then whenever I was having doubts, she was like a dog with a bone, she kept on about it until she was sure I wouldn't give up on the idea. And your mum, she didn't hesitate one second when we asked her for help, she’s been amazing."

He smiled.

"But then you’re her only child so I was never really surprised at what she wanted to do for you.”

“I'm sure she did it for you too - she loves you like she does me."

I nodded with a smile and we gazed contentedly into each other's eyes.

"You may have a family worth shit but see, you don't need them. You've got plenty of people who love you better than they ever will - most of all me." he said kissing my lips, "You're amazing and you've proven again that everything you do, you do it perfectly."

I let out a chuckle.

"I love you so much," he told me tenderly.

"I love you," I responded, "and you know what? I fucking love that you're my husband," I grinned and he looked at me with happy eyes before we began another snogging session.

Our kisses heated up pretty quickly and soon, I could feel our erections searching for space in our jeans. He had just started rubbing his hand against my cock when we heard a loud knock on the, thankfully locked, door.

"Guys, the celebrant needs you," Rachel called.

We didn't answer right away as he began kissing my jawline and throat, making my body tingle all over.

"Guys," she said louder. "You still need to sign the license and grab two witnesses to sign it too, Mark, you'd better pick me, if you pick Jordan, you'll never hear the end of it!"

I giggled.

"Well," he sighed and raised himself up, "maybe someday we'll get to have married sex," he joked.

He gripped my hand and I whined as he stood up, taking me with him. He wrapped his arms around my body and forced me to head out of the room.

The book we had to sign was on a long polished table that ran down the centre of the Green Room. We sat in the chairs set ready for us and I watched as Rob signed his name and all at once it hit me – he was mine, my husband and I’d never felt prouder in my life as I signed my name too.


"Where're we going? Is it a long drive?" he asked, shortly after we had left the venue.

We were in the limo Rachel had hired as our wedding present to take us to our hotel, some of our guests would be joining us there.

"It's not. And we're going to have married sex I hope," I wiggled my brows up and down.

"You sure? Let's not get carried away, they might not let us."

We were having the reception at the Carton House, about twenty minutes outside of Dublin. We had reserved the entire hotel for two nights and the vast majority of our guests would be staying there with us.

"Wow, nice," Rob said as we stepped out of the car and looked out across the immense formal garden.

Jane and I had selected a few hotels or castles in and outside Dublin but the Carton House was the only one that really stood out. It was gorgeous. It was said to be one of Ireland’s premier examples of Georgian architecture and it was easy to see why. The building was pale grey stone with white quoin-stones picking out the corners and it was vast. The interior was still as opulent as when the aristocratic family who’d had it built lived there.

We walked up to the main entrance. A small group of people were already there, waiting for us outside.

Some of Rob's family members had arrived before us, Jordan's and Dylan's parents were already there too but the people I first noticed, chatting with Jordan's mother were my biological father, his wife and their two children. His son, Clément, was seventeen and his daughter, Manon, was twenty-one.

They hadn't come backstage and had prefered going straight to the hotel after the concert. I had told them that they were welcome to join us in the Green Room at the theatre but they probably felt a bit out of place and they didn't want to intrude. They only knew Rachel who had accompanied me to meet them for the first time, and then Rob had met my father and his wife once when we were in Paris. He still hadn't met my half-siblings though.

We went over to them first and Rob hugged my father's wife and then shook my father’s hand, the hand shake turned into a quick man hug.

"I'm sorry we couldn't talk much on stage but I'm so glad you're here. You should have come backstage," he told them.

"That's what I was telling them," Jordan's mother said. "Jordan's told me so much about them and how he tracked them down that I feel like I know you already, it's just fantastic," she added.

We all agreed and then Rob hugged my siblings right after I had and said,

"It's so lovely to have the chance to get to know you at last."

My half-sister was beaming as Rob hugged her.

"We're really happy to be here," she said in English.

"Yeah," Rob said. "meeting for the first time on stage was a bit surreal."

They laughed and I felt so elated that he could finally get to know my half-siblings. We thanked them again for making the trip and chatted with them both in French and in English. Rob had spent enough time at my place growing up to understand French pretty well and he had learned it in school plus Manon and Clément spoke pretty good English. As we talked with them I just kept feeling so good to have a family who cared enough about me to want to be present on my wedding day. At that moment, everything was as it should be.

We knew we'd have more time to talk later so we went inside to the lounge with everyone else there. The hotel staff had set up a cocktail bar and we had a drink with our guests and enjoyed sharing their and our experience of the proposal and of the hand-fasting ceremony. Getting to hear how it had made them feel, how surprised they were and how much they had loved everything about it and hearing Rob share how stunned and elated he was made the stress of the past four months so fucking worth it.

"Um, excuse me, Mister Myers, Mister Emery," a young woman said as she approached us, "I'm Elaine, I'm your event manager for the weekend. I’d like to ask if you would tell me when you’re almost ready to go to your suite, we at Carlton House have a little something special we’d like to do for you so if you could give me about fifteen minutes notice that would be perfect. I will not be hard to find, if I’m not here I will only be as far away as the front desk."

"Yes, absolutely," I replied for both of us and turned to Rob, who raised his brows with a smile, wondering what the surprise was.

"Enjoy your soirée," she said as she took a step back.

"Thanks," we said together.


"Finally alone," Rob said with eagerness as he opened the door to the Presidential Suite and I was just as eager to see what surprise awaited us inside.

As we walked in, we noticed there were two glasses of Grand Cru champagne, some black grapes, strawberries and macaroons. The sitting room of the suite was all cream and ice blue, cream velvet curtains were hung at the windows, which must have been almost ten feet high. There was a long couch and two matching chairs, they were covered in thick velvet that had cream and blue stripes.

French impressionist prints – well I think they were prints – were dotted around the walls, I recognised them from our trips to see the family of my not-my-father. Two were definitely by Renoir and I was sure at least one of the others was a Degas.

We’d become used to high-end hotel living – or we thought we had; on a table beside on of the chairs was an envelope addressed to us, inside was a welcome note and it told us that should we require anything then a butler would be available to ensure our stay was perfect.

We'd already had more than enough food and alcohol for the night so we headed toward the bedroom next and as I opened the door, I felt the need to catch my breath. The lights were off, but what seemed like a hundred thick white candles in tall clear glass vases had been placed throughout the room, bathing it in an incredible warmth and perfectly reflecting the antique gold of the walls. The curtains were open letting in the moonlight and beyond the windows we could see the formal gardens lit by small lights. The thick pale carpet helped muffle the sounds in the room and on one wall was an enormous four-poster bed. The tall posts and cross-beams between them were a beautiful red-toned wood, it had white and golden velvet pillows and a golden-velvet covered duvet tossed on top of it.

I felt strong hands grasp my shoulders from behind and I placed my right hand on top of his left,

"It's beautiful," I said, hardly able to speak.

I turned around and looked into his sparkling eyes, I still couldn't believe we were married and that everything was going just as I'd planned.

"It was worth waiting for," he said, brushing his lips briefly against mine, his nose sliding across my own.

I brought my hands up to his face and kissed him back intently for a brief moment. Then I took another look around the candle-lit room.

"Mmm, pity you're not into tying me up," Rob chuckled, as the bed definitely allowed for that kind of kink.

I raised my brows, looking at the bed and then back at him,

"Who says I'm not?" I asked seriously.

He gave me a long look and smirked,

"Might make married sex that much more exciting."

"It just might," I responded.

"We may want to look for a few ropes tomorrow," he joked, ‘‘do you think our butler would be up for helping with that?’’ he giggled.

"Starfish?" I asked jokingly.

"Yeah, starfish. Just lay back and do nothing, I can do that," Rob giggled again.

"Let's say 'spread- eagled' then, cause believe me, you won't be doing nothing," I replied with a smirk.

He laughed and I just kissed him again, my arms slipping around his waist. It was a familiar feeling and yet, under the circumstances, it felt a bit like the first time.

"Come on," he said, walking toward the altar to sex the hotel staff had created, "before we start on the married sex stuff let's make love first," he added quietly.

He started to pull off his coat, but I told him to stop, stepping close to him.

"Let me," I said, reaching for his coat and slowly pulling it off of him.

"Um, about the auction…," he began saying.

"No, we're keeping them," I said with a nod.

"Right," he nodded, relieved.

We had showered at the venue and we could have changed into something else, but we loved the coats so much that we'd put them back on. Rob was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt underneath and I admired the stretch of his muscles. I brought my hand up to his chest but had to move it as he began to return the favour, helping me out of my coat and unbuttoning my shirt. We said nothing, warmed by the candlelight and basking in its glow, the look in our eyes enough to know how bad we wanted each other. I reached for the button of his jeans and undid them, slowly pushing them down to the ground. Rob slipped his shoes off and lifted his legs as I freed him, him taking his shirt off at the same time.

Then I quickly moved back up him to remove his underwear as well. He was half-hard, and responded to his own nakedness by quickly getting me naked as well, taking my open shirt off followed by removing the rest of my clothes in the same way I had with his attire.

Rob pressed his hands against my hard pectoral muscles. He leaned down, kissing them, brushing his lips over my nipples. I placed my hand under his chin, gently elevating him until we were face to face. I kissed him deeply, my tongue washing over his own.

After what seemed like hours, we moved up onto the bed. I moved the pillows away and Rob lay down on his back in the middle of it. I climbed on top of him, desperate to feel our naked bodies together, wishing I could just consume him.

We pressed against each other for some time until I felt wetness on my stomach and Rob pulled his lips away, looking at me intensely.

"Fuck the foreplay, just make love to me," he said urgently.

I smiled as I looked into his eyes, liking his assertiveness.

My fingers caressed his forehead and I moved them through his hair, gripping it slightly. I didn't say anything as I gazed at him lovingly. Feeling my stiff cock against his leg, I realized that it was what I wanted to do as well. It amazed me how every time we were together, we knew exactly what the other needed. He could always feel it, whenever I wanted to bottom.

"Hold on," I said, I came to a kneeling position and got off the bed in order to get the lube from my suitcase.

When I got back on the bed, Rob turned over so that he was lying on his side. Well lubricated, I turned to see his back. He was totally smooth from his neck down, his skin golden and glowing in the light. I came closer to him, kissing his back in different places, loving the taste of his skin. He raised his left leg, letting me know he was ready for me, our bodies heating up and a strong feeling of lust cursing through me.

"I love you," I said, kissing his shoulders.

Slowly I placed my cock between his ass cheeks, feeling the head brush up against his hole. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as I started pushing inside him, ever so slowly, more slowly than I ever had. He made a low grunt as I opened him up. His hole expanded around my cock, slowly taking me in to the base.

"Ohhh, this feels so fucking good," he moaned.

I didn't know if it was because of our surroundings and I couldn't quite explain it but feeling the heat of his body around my pole at that moment felt more intimate than ever before. It was like I was offering him a part of myself, and he was receiving it.

With one hand on top of the mattress, holding his right shoulder, and my other hand over his left hip, I slowly moved my cock inside him, listening to the slick sounds below. His lips were now parted, his eyes still closed tightly as we found a slow and steady rhythm. At one point, Rob's left hand slid behind me, grabbing my ass and driving me deeper into him. I let out a groan, my hand sliding up and down his arm as I began to turn him until he was face down on the bed, me on top of him, loving his hole with my cock.

"Baby, you're so tight and warm," I said, kissing the back of his neck, working my cock like a piston inside him, listening to him become more vocal even though he tried to control his whimpers.

"Ohh, go deeper," he said, working his legs until they were in between mine, allowing me to push into him harder.

I pulled my cock almost completely out of him before thrusting its full length back into him, making him squeal with delight. We settled into this position, moaning and whimpering sensuously the whole time, making each other feel as good as we possibly could, relishing the fact that we were making love as a married couple for the first time, until I felt Rob trying to move away.

I sat back on my knees and he rolled over onto his back, stretching, bending his legs, giving me an excellent view of his hard cock and open hole and I thought that seeing Rob naked and reclined on a giant bed was a scene that everyone should get to witness at least one time in their life. Lucky for me, I could enjoy this view of my husband as often as I wanted.

Then he brought his hand down to jerk himself off. I moved my right hand and placed it over his cock pushing away his hand that was happily pumping away at it. I stroked his long rod for a moment and his hand moved back up to wipe the sweat forming on his forehead.

My hand was soon covered in precum and I brought it up to his face, placing my wet fingers on his lips. His mouth opened and he hungrily sucked on them, as he brought his arm above his head again.

I looked at the posts of the four poster bed. Between the upright columns at the top of the bed was a fabulously carved fan-shape headboard which, I thought, could give me lots of places to put Rob's hands for him to hold on to.

I smiled mischievously and straddled him. Then I grabbed his wrists before he could bring his arms down and leaned down to brush my lips against his.

He giggled,

"I'm having a flashback to the the very first time you fucked me…remember?"

"How could I forget?" he asked, his eyes gazing into mine.

My eyes never leaving his I took hold of one of his hands and made him grasp the carved headboard, I did the same with his other hand and placing my hands behind his thighs, I raised his legs and pushed his body a bit closer to the head of the bed. Then I aimed my hard cock at his hole and teased it a bit. Before pushing myself into him, I leaned forward and kissed his jaw, then the hollow of his throat, my cock rubbing against his balls.

"Your ass is mine, baby." I told him assertively, "Always has been, always will be!"

"It is, it's fucking yours. Now just fuck me, I need that dick back inside me, fucking need it!"

I did as I was told and quickly slid my cock back up him. As gorgeous as his back was, I preferred being able to see his face and body, watching his abs clench, watching the sweat trickle down his slightly hairy chest. I watched my cock slide in and out of his hole, watching his skin roll back and forth around it as I made love to my man.

"It feels so good to be in you," I moaned, feeling my body tingle and my breathing become deeper and deeper, I put my arms on either side of him and pressed my face into his armpit, pulling at the tiny hair with my teeth.

"Uggg, fuck," he groaned as I fucked him harder and harder.

He kept his eyes closed and his head tilting back, his mouth slightly open in pure pleasure, "Oh, I love that cock inside me, fuck, it's incredible."

I pulled his legs wide apart and lifted them a bit higher as I searched for a new angle to get closer to his prostate. When he began moaning and breathing so hard that I almost thought he was cumming, I knew I had found the perfect angle and I continued jabbing at it.

"Oh, fuck, I just love this!" he moaned, still tightly gripping the headboard, completely at my mercy.

"Uhhh, Uhhh, fuck me," he moaned as I pounded him harder and faster. I kept watching his hole contract and expand around my throbbing cock.

"Mark, Mark, jerk me off, pleeease!" he wailed desperately.

I looked at him and smiled wickedly, continuing to pump into him, feeling the familiar urge building inside me. He tried to let go of the headboard to jerk his cock but I immediately grabbed it and brought it back up. Then I supported myself on my arms and he just let his legs hang in the air as I hammered into him.

"Come on, Rob, come for me babe," I moaned, nearing my own climax.

We had made each other cum many times without touching our cocks, and I definitely wanted tonight to be one of those times. It happened sooner than I thought. I pounded hard and fast into him and looked down to see that his abdomen was all wet and his pubes were slick.

"Oh, oh God," he yelled.

We locked eyes and I was transported to another place as I felt his anus tigthten around my cock. Our jaws locked simultaneously and we began to cum. I watched a thick rope of white fluid shoot out of Rob's cock, landing in the valley between his taught pecs.

Just as I was, he was cumming hard and it didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. I emptied a huge load inside him and I might have fallen unconscious were it not for all the noise Rob was making as he enjoyed his own orgasm.

Long after we had stopped moaning, cum continued to drip out of Rob's cock, and he shivered as I pulled out of him, moving down his body, licking up his juice. I sucked his pole into my mouth, finishing him off, licking him nice and clean before returning to lie next to him.

"That was amazing," Rob said, smiling, wiping at his face with his hands.

"So, you like married sex?" I asked playfully, feeling a bit woozy.

"Let me put it this way, I can’t imagine another cock ever being able to make me cum like that."

I leaned over and kissed him, feeling his tongue slide into my mouth.

We kissed longer, eventually cleaning our mess up a bit and settling in for the night, knowing we'd only have a few hours of sleep. I spooned myself against his chest and we laced our fingers together and drifted off to sleep.

There was nowhere else to be, there would be no knock on the door. It was just us, married and together forever.


I awoke first, as was typical, to see Rob sleeping soundly. He must have gotten warm at some point in the night because he was covered only in the thin white sheet. Feeling my own morning erection, and seeing Rob's tent out the sheet, I felt very hungry for some more action with the man who I could now call my husband.

Carefully, I slid the sheet down uncovering Rob's stomach and revealing his beautiful cock. I pressed my face against it, inhaling deeply, savouring his aroma and the feeling of his hard but still spongy cock against my face. He breathed rhythmically as I moved my index finger up and down his smooth shaft, endlessly impressed with its thickness and length, knowing it could get even thicker than it was now. Over his well-trimmed pubes, his cock stretched out toward his navel, moving up and down with his breathing.

Slowly, I shifted my body so that I could easily take him deep inside my mouth. I took his penis by the base and guided the head of it into my mouth, licking and wetting it with my saliva. I could feel my own cock swelling as his grew stiffer inside my mouth. As of yet he was still asleep, but I was hoping that the pleasure I was giving him would soon be his wake-up call.

As he wasn't fully hard yet, I easily took him deep into my throat, worshipping his cock with my lips and tongue. As I pulled back, I kissed his cockhead and licked the underside, then let my tongue play in his slit.

"Ohhh," I heard from above, looking up to see Rob's eyes flutter and then open slowly. "I thought I was dreaming," he said, closing his eyes again.

I took his cock out of my mouth and rocked it back and forth a bit, sliding my tongue against it and making him give out another long sigh.

"Morning hubby, I didn't think you'd mind," I smiled, taking him back down my throat.

He moaned again and I felt his hands softly begin to run through my hair. He giggled,

"You know that feeling when you wake up and need a few seconds to remember where you are?"

"Mmm," I mumbled, my mouth full.

"Well I love how I just realised where I am and what happened last night."

I pulled back and used my tongue to soak the head of his cock with my saliva. I tasted the first drop of precum and went back up to kiss his lips.

I smiled, our noses touching,

"No regrets?"

"Regrets? No." he said wholeheartedly, "None whatsoever. It was perfect."

We kissed tenderly and then he spoke,

"I know it wasn't easy for you to do this and I love that you did it anyway. You were so good. Just when I thought I couldn't love you more, you go and do this."

I chuckled,

"You knew I wasn't into getting married the conventional way."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you'd do this!"

I laughed,

"I know. Made the whole thing even more appealing for me."

He smiled lovingly,

"I love how you can always surprise me."

"I'm so fucking relieved I managed to pull it off, you have no idea; The only worry I had was that you'd be disappointed not being part of the preparation, as if you were a guest to your own wedding."

"Are you kidding? Don't worry about that. You saved me the trouble. And so far, I'm loving everything that's happening."

I smiled as I we gazed into each other's eyes.

"Listen, if we get up now, we can have breakfast and a massage at the spa before having to put on our Cerutti suits for the day."

"We've got Cerutti suits too?"

"We do. Designed just for our big day!"

"That's awesome. Where are they?"

"Um, I don't know," I said and we both cracked up.

Then I pushed my lips against his and we lay on our sides, our bodies intertwined, our erections rubbing together.

We made out for a long moment, happy, enjoying each other, gently caressing each other's skin.

"I knew this day would come. It feels so fucking good," he said eventually, sounding overwhelmingly happy and satisfied.

"It does," I responded softly. I had to admit, that feeling of belonging to him was pretty darn amazing and I didn't think I'd love it so much.

"Yeah?" he asked playfully.

I nodded, smiling.

"It feels even better than I thought it would," he said.

"Really?" I asked, gazing at him.

"Yeah. I love it. You wanna know why?" he smiled and pushed me onto my back. He caressed my face, his right leg moved between my legs and I could now feel his erection pressing against my side.

"Cause it's always been me?" I grinned, repeating what he had told me so many times before.

"Cause it's always been you," he confirmed lovingly. "Cause you and me, it was just meant to be!"

I smiled. "Yeah, it was. I can't imagine a world where we wouldn't be together. I don't wanna think about that. I mean, so much has happened because we've been together, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah. We're so much better together. I've never been able to picture my life without you in it and I don't ever want to. You're the only one for me, I truly believe that. I can never, ever, get bored of being with you," he said.

I giggled.

"Well, that's good, cause you're stuck with me now."

"That is fine. I'm very happy being stuck with my best friend for the rest of my life because life with you can never get boring," he said, kissing my cheek and drawing soft patterns over my tight chest.

I smiled,

"I never want to be without you either." I said, "Everything is a hundred times better with you."

"Yeah, we're just not good at being apart. I know some people enjoy time apart, but I hate it, fucking hate it. I never wanna be without you. It's like part of my soul is gone when we're not together."

"Babe. You don't have to be without me. You'll always come first. You know I've never been fooled by fame and fortune because it can never be more important than being with you, just chilling and having fun - and talking about the things we want to do and the songs we want to write and the people we want to work with and the movies we want to watch, just talking about our dreams and passions - nothing can ever be more important than that!"

He moved on top of me and gazed at me with a giggle,

"Are we practicing our vows?"

I laughed,

"Fuck, I should be writing this shit down," I joked.

His tongue teased my lips and I parted them to let it invade my mouth. We kissed passionately and he brought his hand down to grasp both our cocks in his hand,

"No," he shook his head, "what you should be doing now is finishing that blowjob you started."

I chuckled.

"I couldn't agree more," I said and rolled him onto his back.

In one swift motion, I took his cock back inside my mouth and began blowing him again. He lay flat on his back with, once again, his arms up above him.

Watching his chest rise and fall in that position while I sucked him off was making my own cock painfully hard and after a short while I heard Rob saying,

"Mark, give me your cock," as if he had just read my mind.

I swung my body around so that my own crotch loomed above his head. I lowered myself onto his face and immediately felt my balls fall into his mouth.

The sensation was incredible as he sucked them and rolled them around in his mouth. I continued sucking his pole and tried to think about nothing but how much I loved doing it.

My hands kneaded his thighs and twisted his balls around in their smooth sack.

I felt him grab my cock and guide it into his mouth. I grunted and we both fell over to our side, allowing ourselves better access to each other's cocks. He was sucking furiously now and I was majorly turned on by the sensation of his mouth, as well as the feeling of my head being lightly squeezed between his hard thighs. His hands pulled at my balls while he sucked and I soon felt the urge rising within me.

"Rob, slow down," I panted, forcing myself not to go over the edge.

"Not a chance," was all he said.

We released each other's cocks from our mouths and he started jerking me roughly.

"Oh, fuck," I yelled, feeling my balls rise and tighten before my jizz started spurting out of my dick.

I moaned and shuddered as I looked up to see my cum hit Rob's upper chest. He was watching too and the sight made me think I might cum again. He kept jerking me until I told him he had to stop, that my cockhead was becoming too sensitive.

We rolled off each other, laying side by side.

"That hit without warning," I laughed as I watched Rob wiping my cum off his chest.

"Always the best ones!"

He soon sat up and straddled me.

"You know," he began after having kissed me, "I haven't made love to my perfect husband yet," he smiled.

I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him tightly to me.

"And so you want to now?" I asked, feeling his erection press against me.

"Yes please, do you?" he asked seductively as he brushed his lips over mine and I smiled with a nod.

Rob pressed his body harder against mine and slowly our hips moved together, his cock wetting my stomach. He moved to kissing my neck, sighing softly, obviously enjoying the scent of my skin. One of his hands was in my hair while the other moved up and down my arm and then my tigh, finally caressing my ass cheek.

I whimpered as his head moved lower, biting my smooth, round nipples, licking up and down the faint line between my pecs before traveling back up him to kiss my neck once again and then my lips. We kissed hard, with increasing urgency. His cock was rock hard, poking me and I could tell he was dying to fuck me with it.

I made the quick decision that I would be riding him and seconds later, I had the lube in my hand and was on top of him, moving my body back and forth to tease his cock with my own. Then I moved my body up and teased him some more, letting his cockhead press against my taint.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to him to make out with me again.

"I fucking want you more than I can ever tell you," he said with passion, taking the lube from my hand and quickly smearing it on my hole and on himself.

"You don't have to tell me, I know. I want you too - so much," I responded with need in my voice.

I could tell my hole was slick and inviting and I was pretty sure that I would accept him easily so I didn't waste any time to position myself over his cock and guide it to my opening. I started lowering my body down onto his rock hard member, allowing his thick cock to open me up and to fill me up deliciously.

"Ohhh, you feel so good, fuck!" he groaned, feeling my warmth envelop him.

Once his thick cock was fully inside me and I was completely seated on top of him, my head fell backwards and I whimpered in ecstasy. It felt so good to be filled like that. He laid perfectly still as I began slowly moving up and down. My hands were on my thighs and I moved my head down to stare at the look of pure pleasure smoothing across his face. He started slowly rocking himself on the balls of his feet and propped himself up on his elbows so that he could watch me ride him.

The rays of sunlight filtered through the windows and I thought about how gorgeous Rob looked, marveling at how tight and defined his chest was. As I watched him, I could see he was having the same thoughts. Rob briefly brought a hand out to stroke my nipple but quickly had to go back to resting on both of his elbows as I grabbed onto his shoulders and started to ride him faster.

My hands slipped down to his pecs and I massaged his gorgeous torso. He collapsed down onto his back, in complete ecstasy.

Then I began alternating between moving up and down and rocking back and forth. That lasted for a long moment as we both enjoyed our lovemaking session, moaning and whimpering a lot.

I looked down to see my cock bobbing back and forth, fully hard again.

"Pull me, pull me," I begged and he grabbed my cock and practically started yanking on it.

I moved my hands behind me and placed them on his legs. Just as I did this, he lifted his upper body and wrapped his arms round my back.

Next thing I knew, I was on my back and he was fucking me missionary, holding my legs and thrusting in and out. From the sounds he was making, he was about to fill me up with his juices.

"Oh yeah!" I moaned as I felt his balls slapping against my skin, "Fuck, Rob, harder!" I said.

He let go of my legs and placed his hands on either side of me, I placed my feet over his shoulders and he started pistoning into me much harder than before.

"Like this?" he asked with raw passion, "Say that again!"

"Harder!" I demanded insistently, feeling like I belonged to him.

He withdrew and slammed his cock back into me several times so hard that our bodies moved up the bed.

"Ohh, yeah ohh," I gasped as he hit my prostate. It felt so fucking good.

I let my legs fall and his hands returned to the back of my thighs as he kept pounding my ass relentlessly. I threw my head back and just enjoyed the waves of pleasure that kept rolling over my body as he fucked my ass. I kept squeezing his cock with my sphincter to give both of us more pleasure and I could tell by his shortened breaths that his climax was just around the corner.

I lifted my head up to look at the fire in his eyes that I loved so fucking much.

"Kiss me," I begged.

He lowered himself and I grabbed the back of his head. We played with each other's lips and tongues, moaning a lot.

Then I began nibbling at his earlobe, and just as I suspected it would, the feeling set him off instantly. His thrusts became even more intense, he pistoned in and out hard and fast before pushing himself into me. He made a loud groan and our lips met just as he started shooting inside my ass.

"Oooh-oh yeah, fuck," he whimpered as I held him tight. I kept clenching my ass muscles together, milking the last drops of cum out of him, causing him to quiver.

"Fuck, that was good, I love you," he sighed.

He stayed on top of me for a moment as he enjoyed his post orgasmic bliss and I caressed him.

"Damn," I huffed. "As much as I love fucking you, I gotta say, getting a good pounding like that first thing in the morning is fucking awesome!"

"Tell me about it!"

Then he kissed my lips, pulled out of my ass and lowered his head onto my still hard cock.

"Come on, give me that cum," he ordered before he began sucking on the head.

He moved one of his hands to my balls and squeezed them, pressing hard against the flesh between them and my slick ass, ensuring that I would be receiving maximum pleasure.

I could feel his cum running out as he slipped two fingers up my ass. He searched for my prostate and jerked me vigorously.

"Mmm, so good," he moaned, wrapping his lips around my cockhead just I a stream of pre-cum escaped the tip.

"Oh fuck, I wanna cum in you," I said out loud, verbalizing my desire fo him as I watched his effort to get me off.

"You do?" he asked, sounding up for it.

"Yeah," I confirmed with a moan. It was all i could think about.

He took his fingers out of my ass and came back up to kiss me.

"Then, do it! My ass is yours, ain't it?" he said sexily. "You can get off in it as much as you want."

He lay on his stomach next to me and I climbed on top of him. Kissing the triangle of muscle between his shoulder blades, I began by rubbing my dick over and between his butt cheeks and we both moaned. Then I jerked myself off before applying some lube on my cock.

With one hand on his upper back, pushing him into the matress, and the other hand on my cock, I guided the head and searched for his hole between his cheeks.

"Ohhhhh," he whimpered as the tip of my cock started opening him up, my length quickly invading his insides.

"Oh yeah, baby," I groaned and pressed my chest against his back. I kissed the side of his face, thrusting in and out.

‘‘Oh, fuck, yeah," he wailed as I fucked his ass. I sped up my thrusts and we both moaned and groaned with pleasure as I pounded away.

I alternated between pressing my hands or my chest against his back, sometimes kissing him too but this didn't last very long. All the erractic sexy sounds he was making just increased my sensations and I soon felt the pleasure building up inside me. I edged myself and fucked him for a while longer but then the pleasure welled up again in my body and I let myself go over the edge.

"Oh yeah, Rob," I cried and shuddered. I pressed myself hard against him and my cock finally erupted, filling his ass with a smaller follow-up load.

"Oh, my god, fuck," he wailed as he felt me quivering and unloading inside him, a feeling he absolutely craved.

I enjoyed my orgasm for as long as possible and then I kissed his shoulder blades and rolled off him, once again feeling completely happy.

Lying on my back next to him, I massaged his butt cheeks and lower back with my hand and we lazed like that for a short while.

"Now let's go get that massage shall we?" he suggested.



Outside in the immaculate Italianate formal garden, our guests were now all dressed up, drinking cocktails and savouring amazing amuse bouches served by a French catering team.

"I wish I had that ribbon tied around my wrist," a gay friend of ours I was chatting with said as he took it gently between his fingers and looked at it closely.

I laughed.

"It's not just about the ribbon, Jeff."

"Still. You fucking married him!" he exclaimed and turned to look at Rob, "Do you have any idea how many of us envy you!"

I shrugged apologetically.

"Well, you've got this ribbon as a consolation prize," I said pointing at the slim rainbow ribbon pinned on his shirt that we had given every single one of our guests.

"Yeah, it doesn't grant me the same privileges as this one would," he joked, pointed at my hand.

"Well for my part, I'd rather have Rob's ribbon," Aaron, another friend said.

"Thank you!" I smiled.

"I've always had a soft spot for you, you handsome thing," he winked and clinked his glass against mine.

"Yeah, sure," Jeff said, waving me up and down. "I'd do you!"

Aaron and I just laughed.

"But Rob…," Jeff said with a low growl of desire. "I just want to jump his bones every time I see him."

"That's a married man you're talking about," Aaron retorted.

"And his husband's standing right in front of you," I said with a laugh, being used to Jeff lusting after Rob.

"How do you control yourself?" Jeff asked me.

I huffed,

"Years of practice!"

"Hon," he said, holding my forearm, "if you insist on getting me a consolation prize, Aaron and I still have an argument to settle."

Aaron laughed,

"You know I'm right," he said to Jeff.

"Not the top and bottom thing again?" I asked laughingly.

We'd had a good laugh with them the last time the subject had been broached. Jeff was sure that Rob enjoyed bottoming but Rob had tried to make him think that he wasn't into it. Jeff was sure he'd been lying but Aaron had believed him. We had decided a long time ago that we wouldn't talk too much about our sex life with our friends. Even if we thought we could trust them, we knew we could never be careful enough. People talked and that was how rumors were created. We’d definitely managed to keep the threesomes we'd had under the radar.

"Just give us a new percentage, cause 90/10 was obviously bull!"

"Jeff, let it go," Aaron started saying then turned to me, "No, actually, no, sorry, I really wanna know this too," he sighed desperately.

I laughed.

"Come on, we're dying to know!" Jeff begged.

I gave a slight shrug and took a sip from my glass. "I don't know, like 70/30," I answered, knowing telling them this was pretty harmless.

"70 being…?"

"Me," I grinned.

"No shit!" he exclaimed with a nod, raising his brows at Aaron, "He's such a bottom. How can you not see the bottom in him!"

Aaron frowned at me,

"Really? You're shitting me!"

I laughed too and looked over at Rob. He was chatting with another group of friends and he smiled at me, shaking his head, because he knew that if I was laughing with Jeff and Aaron then it meant we were talking sex.

At the same moment, Rob's cousin came over to him and he hugged her. She lived in the States and we hadn't seen her in ages. I told Aaron and Jeff that I'd be back and went over to them.

"Look at you," she said cheerfully, "you both look so handsome. These suits are so hot!"

"Yeah, don't we look grown up as fuck," I said.

"You do." she said, hugging me, "Last night was amazing Mark, congratulations."

"Thank you."

"I watched it on Youtube this morning and I bawled my eyes out again," she laughed.

"I still have to watch it," Rob told her, smiling.

"I wish someone would do this for me! I can't get over how fantastic it was. You deserve all the success and happiness in the world."

"Thanks," I smiled, "I saw you and your mum talking with my father before."

"We did. My french's still pretty good. Well, not as good as yours. Remember how you'd always help me with my french homework. It paid off!"

We both laughed.

"He's so nice. I can't begin to imagine what that must mean to you," she smiled keenly.

"It does mean a lot. And it makes my mother's absence a bit less disappointing."

"How awkward would that be if she was here though?" Rob said.

"I know, I hope she won't decide to show up at the last minute," I joked.

We chatted with her for a while longer and then we were talking with another group of people, and then another.

"So proud of you two. I'm so happy I get to be a part of your big day," our manager's wife said.

Rob began talking about the auction with she and Tom and I listened, my thoughts drifting for a moment.

"Here we are," I thought, we were twenty-nine and now married, we were two of the most successful musicians in the world and as gay artists we were becoming more and more influential. We were rich, famous and beautiful and the reality was almost too much to comprehend.

I was married to Robbie Myers, but to me, I was just married to my best friend who also happened to be the love of my life and I'd never undertand how and why that happened but I’d never question it.

I loved him more than anything and I knew that no matter what the future held, we'd always be there to support each other through everything. I thought about how perfectly we complemented each other. I kept him grounded and he gave me self-confidence. We made each other the best people that we could be. I realized at that moment that I was truly happy. I had everything I could want and more, I had no doubt or regret whatsoever and it felt wonderful.

It wasn’t all about the ribbon – or maybe it was.




The end

Thank you again for reading this story, I hope it was as much fun to read as it was for me to write!

Making Rob, Mark and the band exist outside of my own head is something I had already attempted to do a few years ago... This time around, being older, I managed to take the story as far as I had originally wanted to take it - but writing about them was a year long process and then it took another year to edit the story and to write this epilogue,

so I'd realIy love to know what you think, please leave me a comment if you don' t mind! :)

This last chapter was written in collaboration with a reader (and writer) who's really encouraged me to write the wedding (which is not something I had intented to do) So a big thank you for motivating me to keep the story going. Whatever I write next will also be a collaborative work for sure!

Indeed, this might not be good bye, there are a couple more chapters in the making and ideas that still need to be

check out the kindle and paperback book I've created on Amazon :


do you like it?



Copyright 2017, unilive. All Rights Reserved
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On 3/15/2020 at 1:01 AM, drsawzall said:

Well done and thank you for sharing an amazing tale. 😁

👍Thank you for reading and for commenting 👍

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“Indeed, this might not be good bye, there are a couple more chapters in the making and ideas that still need to be developed so you might get to read more in the future, if you're interested of course! 

Would you be interested?”


Only one thing to say about that:


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Absolutely the best story!  From the very beginning to the last it has been compelling!  Can't wait for more!


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Thanks for telling me! That made my day :) 

We're under quarantine here in France and I have to work from home so I might spend some time with Rob and Mark!

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7 hours ago, Blanno said:

This was such an amazing story to read, thank you so much. I am not crying, you are!

Haha I almost made Rob say this to the crowd in this chapter 😅

Thanks for telling me that you've enjoyed reading the story, I love it!

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10 hours ago, Buz said:

Thank you so much. That was awesome.

Hehe thanks, I'm glad you liked it! You did read it super fast, impressive! 👍

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17 hours ago, FanLit said:

Would always love to hear about Rob, Mark & Co. again.

Thanks for always commenting, that's awesome to know what readers think ☺️

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