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All ok on the eastern front :)



So first off Iwant to thank all of you have messaged me with your concerns. Given me good advice and just talked things over :D


Special thanks need to go to Viv :wub: who has listened my stilly worrys and concerns. and given super advice and made things a lot clearer :hug:


Chris was away from home last night visiting his dad and got stuck there due to a snow storm. He's back home and Ive sat him down and told him he has nothing to worry about. The only way he's getting rid of me is if he became abusive or really cheated on me (thanks for the words sweetie). Both of which I feel 100% sure would never happen. Cause in in the for the whole life term :):wub:


He seems to have accepted what Ive said and appears a lot more happy and content.


Two good things have come from this whole nasty experience...


1. Chris has seen that Im in this for life and will NOT leave him EVER.


2. He's orderd my Bday pressie to make me feel better :P ( I never asked him to!!)


Anyhoo I think some make up sex is called for, so im off to get naked :P


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Dave and Chris..


Hugs sent your way...and glad all is well and all are feeling better...and ready to snuggle (well you did that..hee hee:)





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Hey Sweetie,


What are giggly big sisters for, if not for listening and giving great advice :wub: Besides, you know I would do almost anything for you and C :hug:


Love you both lots! Viv

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