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;; " play that midnight song for me once more . " ;;



My heart swelled

as I brushed my fingers

againt the ink of his words,

as if I was slowly

deciphering a secret code.


I never knew,

never never never knew,

until now.




"I never knew if it was a coincident,

but every time he played the piano,

raindrops would always

fall from the sky.



All I could hear was a sad melody,

as it hugged the colorless sky,

like the sad cry of a morning dove.

I felt a stir in my heart each time,

and I helplessly clutched on to it,

as it devoured me completely.


The memory of when we first met was

permanently stained onto my heart.

When I came across him,

he was in my eyes,

stunningly beautiful.

As he turned around startled,

his face was bathed in the sun's ravishing light,

and his body glowed with streaks of radiant colors.


Time had stopped,

and had given me the opportunity

to stare into his lustrous eyes blazing with desire.

As occupied as my eyes were,

that fixed image of him

immediately perpetuated in my memories forever.

I was convinced that one glace from him,

a whole nation would fall.


As the days passed by,

I was determined to take him away,

to breakaway from our foolish lives.



I listened to him play each passing day,

with more pleasure in seeing his resplendent smile."









The story

of his heart was as forbidden

as it was fragile,

without it mysteries

it could not survive.

I never knew until the day

he was gone

that I was in fact loved

by someone I loved,

and the rest were in shadows,

and the rest were a secret.

It would be so beautiful

if the world could be blind,

if it could fall in love

with us.


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very beautiful

love your poetry - has happiness a bit but caries a sad note - I wonder if it takes to live somewhere accepting

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Very nice. Very moving. I really like the last bit... The story of his heart was as forbidden...

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