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Music From The Summer of 1995



Alright. So, it's (unofficially) summer, and I got the idea in my head to highlight a song from a particular summer every Monday and encourage people to share songs/memories from that year. I'm starting with the summer of 1995...this is my choice:


Kiss From A Rose by Seal


Kiss From A Rose. God, what a classic 90's pop track.


Summer '95 was the summer I moved to Delaware from Texas. I was 9 years old. My sisters were 12 and 13, and those lucky bitches got to spend the summer on the Jersey Shore with a family friend. They were supposedly getting watched by him, but it was basically, "Hi Bob, we're hanging out at the pier. Bye!" They got to do whatever they wanted- my older sister apparently learned to appreciate a cup of Joe that summer as late-night diners are big in Jersey. I was stuck hanging out with my mother's boyfriend's crazy children and playing with pogs, but on the other hand...being 9 years old and getting to walk around neighborhoods with no supervision...I feel like kids don't really get to do that now.


I think that summer was the first inkling of independence I had...the first summer where I wasn't constantly being watched or babysat. That was pretty cool.


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