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Life Catch Up



So a bit of a catch up.


First - I missed the DC GA Get together. I have enjoyed reading the posts of those who went. At least I know those who attended had fun, just wished I could have been among them.


Second - Well I got the results back. From what I understand I have an irregular heart beat. It is something they will be keeping an eye on. I also was put on blood pressure medication. The joys of getting older. Seems nothing is as easy as it use to be, but at least I am still here and pushing on.


Third - Seems means I was sort of scared to do too much, so I did a hell of a lot of writing. Two prompt stories, a brand new fairy tale retold, a chapter of Jonas, and a few chapters of my Secrets Can Kill story as well were worked on. Life goes on but at least something came out of it.


Fourth - Been cooking like no tomorrow but at least my neighbors are enjoying it. I made a chocolate chip banana bread, sausage and cheese herb bread, apple cinnamon pork chops, my version of spiced fries, and a pot of French Onion Soup. God, if food is the way to a man's heart, where the hell is he hiding. :lol: The joy of being a nervous wreck and needing to find something to do. Thank god the temps have been in the low seventies the last few days. Tomorrow they are talking the nineties. UGH.


So been told to slow down, exercise more, and continue to lose weight. So that is all I have to tell you at the moment. Just remember, you only get one shot at life so enjoy it. Regret is a real pain.


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"The joys of getting older. Seems nothing is as easy as it use to be, but at least I am still here and pushing on".


As someone once said, "Getting old is not for wimps", and I can attest to that.

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Yep, getting old is something we have no say about, so hopefully we will keep getting that way for a lot longer. Can relate to the bp meds, and irregular heartbeat. I get heart palpitations at times. So, u are not alone with all the " old age" symptons. LOL But, the food sounds yummy,especially the sausage and cheese herb bread.:)

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