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Fall Anthology: Friends & Enemies Is Live!

Renee Stevens


Happy Saturday to all, and it is a very happy Saturday. Why you may ask, the 2012 Gay Authors Fall Anthology is now LIVE! That's right, you've been wanting to read the stories and the wait is finally over. I hope you enjoy the hard work that all of our authors put into their anthology pieces and after you've read, why not leave the author a review letting them know what you think about it! Remember to Read, Write, & REVIEW!









Amber Prince -- Comicfan


Cedric and the Scarred Man -- Michael9344


Dead Reckoning -- Bill W


I am In Venice -- carringtonrj




July Morning -- dariyo


Kyle & Derrick -- Mikelaing74


Murder in the City -- CassieQ


Royal Rewards -- Dark


Take me home tonight -- K.C.


Take...Me Out to the...Ball, Game... -- MJ85


The Change of Heart -- andy021278


The Mud Worm -- Dolores Esteban


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Evil Renee, releasing the antho whilst me is away :(


Oh well, now have a reason to phone in sick to work on Tuesday :lol:

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