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Just so you know ...



Hi all.


i know I have few people who try to keep with me. I do apologize. I have been without the internet for about 2 weeks nows regularly. In order to get anything sent I have had to take my laptop to work. It isn't fun sitting in the car emailing work out and hoping it will all get back to you in time to meet a deadline. That is what happened with Amber Prince and I have to thank KC, Renee, and Cia who did what they could with the author being MIA.


Dad has had a busy week. On Monday he had a growth removed from his leg.. The growth was large enough that the doctor couldn't give him stitches and the wound is slowly filling and healing. That was the start of the week. He had his Capsul Endoscopy on Wednesday. Considering the doctor has called yet with results I am not sure if I should be relieved or not.


Into this stressful week I did have two bright spots. I got a card from Mark and a letter from Russ. What it meant to get mail that wasn't a bill or junnk mail I can't tell you. The smile and good will was just what I needed.


I had hoped to try to get a mifi today but instead preorders for the Apple I-phone 5 started and you couldn't get near the mobile department at all. The internet will have wait tired of typing on my phone but oh well.


The only fun I did have was ordering all sorts of new postcards to terrorize my friends with. Beware. :lol: They should also be on the look out for Halloween cards. I send them early.


So hope that answers the questions of why I am not posting. I am trying to keep up (even post the prompts by phone), but can't do everything. Miss you all.



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Oh Wayne, your dad is having so many issues. i wish him the best. Your effort to keep your posts is admirable. i hope things get better. If you need an ear, I am here. Hugs, and support guy. You have had your share of problems.

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Joann - Doing my best to keep going.


Billy - Sorry I haven't been able to beta. Glad KC has been able to back fill and you are still getting it out.


Mark - I loved the card. It was great hearing from you. You should know by now that I look forward to your notes. I loved the fact the card was personalized with your photo.

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