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Oops it happened again



Life, no matter how much you might want it, can not be managed. Things sneak up and happen.


Dad has his capsulscopy next Wednesday. It is making him crazy and guess who the target is?


I have no internet until I can afford mifi. It might take a week or so but I will be back. In the meantime I am getting things done as I can. My greatest thanks to KC for picking up the slack I had to leave with with one of my authors by filling in and doing the beta reading. My thanks know no bounds. Also a great big thank you to KC for his work on my Anthology. That extends to Sharon who offered to edit for me. Unfortunately I couldn't do much with it once I lost the internet. A copy had been sent to Renee who did another beta and to Cia by her for an edit. My thanks to all of these wonderful people.




PS - to those whose addresses I have expect post cards, lots of them. I'm bored since I don't have an internet to play on but I'm also writing jonas and the special anthology. Oh well.

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At first, I thought you were channeling your inner Britney! :P Glad your time away has been productive. Now hurry up and get back here...I miss you! :D

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Tell your dad, capsuloscopy is a safe procedure. Nothing to be afraid of. It's gonna be fine. Life without internet sucks. But, may be you can think of it as a detox programe. Hope to see you back soon. The anthology entry shined through all this chaos. Will be praying for you and family. Just hang in there. Hugs and chocolates.

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Sorry I haven't been about Unc :) I'm a bit behind with everything right now. But I am always thinking of you, you know that anyway :hug: Hurry back please :hug:

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